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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 53


Chapter 53: Red Moon Rising (3)

’’Commander Heksia?’’

Keirun shook his head at Kang-jun's question.

’’If my prediction is correct, Heksia is probably one of the strongest in Earth Hwanmong. Lord has been assigned to their command.’’

’’That means I will be Heksia's subordinate.’’

He was a sovereign so it wasn't satisfying to be under someone else. He didn't like taking orders.

Keirun nodded like he knew Kang-jun's heart.

’’Even if you feel bad, it can't be helped. If you become a stronger sovereign with a higher level then you can get rid of presences like dragons. Until then, you have to follow the instructions and be focused on getting stronger.’’

’’Don't worry. I don't have interest in anything other than becoming stronger.’’

No matter whose order Kang-jun was following, he was just going to fight monsters.

Sovereigns who weren't afraid of fighting monsters could rise by leaps and bounds during this red moon.

Sovereign Hardis who had threatened Kang-jun with 500 orcs!

Kang-jun pledged to be strong enough not to be afraid of tycoon-class sovereigns.

’’Then I will be going.’’

Kang-jun stepped into the portal in front of him.


A bright light wrapped around Kang-jun's entire body.

'This place is?'

The light was gone and the surroundings were revealed.

Kang-jun was standing on a circle of bizarre patterns and there was a big palace in front of him.

A golden, sparking palace!

[439th Army Headquarters]

The letters were displayed at the entrance to the palace like a signboard.

'Do I go inside?'

Kang-jun entered the palace.

Something like the emperor's throne was on the far end of the palace and someone was sitting there.

Just before the throne, a pink curtain was placed and only blurred shadows could be seen, making it difficult to recognize the identity.

Who would be sitting on the throne?

In addition, 20 people seemed to be lined up on both sides of the throne.

The unusual thing was that he couldn't even see their faces or distinguish their gender!

There were just glittering letters that told their names.

Sovereign Avia, Sovereign Paros, Sovereign Caper...

Kang-jun could see that they were all sovereigns.

In addition, he couldn't see anything other than the names of the sovereigns.

’’Speak your sovereign name.’’

The presence on the throne spoke at that moment.

’’Lucan. You are?

’’I am the 439th commander, Heksia.’’

Strangely, the familiar voice of a woman was heard. However, he couldn't remember who it was. Anyway, it wasn't that important.

’’Where am I to fight?’’

’’I will let you know once all the sovereigns belonging to this army are gathered. Go to the place where the light is and wait.’’

A light flashed on one side of the palace and the word 'Lucan' appeared. Kang-jun moved to his position and stood there. He looked at the glittered word 'Lucan' that appeared on his clothes.

Kang-jun waited for a while until someone else showed up.

However, that person's appearance was also veiled by something and he couldn't grasp their identity.

The presence on the throne asked.

’’Your sovereign name?’’


Unbelievable! Hardis! Kang-jun was startled.

Hardis was the one who attack Kang-jun today with the orc army.

He had bumped into the enemy here.

'He must have also been assigned to this army.'

Kang-jun's eyes shone coldly as he stared at Hardis.

’’Hardis! Go wait at the place where the light is.’’

The word 'Hardis' appeared next to Kang-jun. Hardis walked forward and stood beside Kang-jun. His clothes and sovereign name became shiny.

Kang-jun inwardly laughed.

A hostile monarch was right next to him.

Yet all he could do was watch.

Thanks to the red moon, there was a ban on fighting between sovereigns, otherwise he would have killed Hardis right now.

He was filled with regret.

'An opportunity will come.'

Kang-jun suppressed his anger.

At that time, Hardis looked at Kang-jun's name with astonishment.

’’No, are you Lucan?’’

’’I didn't expect to see you in such a place, Hardis!’’

’’You brat! Today you were lucky. If it wasn't for the red moon, you would have met your end today.’’

’’You were the lucky one. If it wasn't for the red moon then your head would have gone flying.’’

Heksia stared at Kang-jun and Hardis before growling at them.

’’Stop being so loud. I don't have a lot of patience. Do you understand?’’

Kang-jun and Hardis nodded.

In the meantime, more sovereigns kept appearing. The doors of the palace only closed when 40 people were gathered.

’’I will introduce myself once again. I am the commander of the 439th army. My full name is Lotuna Heksia. You would do well to remember my name as I will be your direct superior.’’

At the end of her words, the curtain around the throne disappeared. The existence that was revealed.

A dream-like woman with mysterious blue hair. On her back were transparent wings that shone with a red light.

’’Y-you are?’’

Kang-jun's eyes widened with surprise.

Everything was exactly the same except for the glamour on the wings.

She was the succubus that Kang-jun fought with at the entrance to Kwangho building a short while ago!

However, Lotuna was the commander of this army!

Lotuna Heksia!

She said that was her name just a moment again.

Kang-jun's chest felt tight.

As Kajel had said, she was a horrifying existence that lived in 15 storey or higher buildings.

Heksia turned and gazed at Kang-jun after he cried out. She sneered.

’’Lucan! It seems like you have just noticed. I remember well your bold actions against my clone. However, I will suspend your punishment until the red moon is over. After that, I will make you pay for it.’’


Kang-jun stiffened.

'Then that was just a clone?'

No matter how powerful Heavenly Cut was, it was ridiculous that it would work on an army commander.

It was possible because it was just a clone, not the main body.

Kang-jun's question was answered. He stared straight at Heksia and said.

’’If you hadn't done something first then I wouldn't have attacked.’’

Kang-jun didn't hesitate to tell Heksia that her actions were wrong.

She had tried a strange attack on Kang-jun that obscured his mind.

On the other hand, Heksia was looking at Kang-jun strangely.

At the time, her clone was on patrol when she ran across Kang-jun and felt some curiosity.

It was because Kang-jun gave off a strange charm.

She thought there was no harm in playing for a while.

Yet Kang-jun was powerful enough to injure her clone.

However, the more surprising thing was that Kang-jun resisted her bewitchment!

Most demons couldn't even resist it.

A fledgling sovereign shouldn't have that power.

Of course, if he had a sovereign token that granted resistance to mental magic like bewitchment or deception then it would be a different story.

'Anyway, he is a scandalous guy.'

Everyone else was looking at Heksia with awe while Kang-jun was showing an attitude.

She just laughed and said.

’’You don't show any signs of repentance so it is difficult to forgive you. I will act after the red moon. There are more urgent things right now.’’

She immediately yelled loudly.

’’Everybody listen! We are here because the Second Demon King Colladikus invaded this Hwamong. From now on, we will be fighting the Second Demon King and his army. Today will be a simple training exercise before the battles.’’

Training. What type of training?

Everybody gazed at Heksia.

Heksia gave an unknown smile and waved one hand.


At that moment, the scenery around them changed.

It was an enclosed room instead of the palace.

One corner of the stone chamber contained a gem emitting red light.

Heksia pointed to the gem and explained.

’’This is a resurrection gem that is filled with the mysterious aura of the red moon.’’

She continued.

’’While the red moon is up, you will be resurrected to the nearest resurrection gem when you die.’’

Resurrecting after dying? Then it wasn't the end once they died?

Of course, that was only when the red moon was floating but it was hard to believe. Heksia shrugged.

’’Even so, don't be too relieved. The power of the red moon won't be given so freely. Every time you use the power of the red moon for resurrection, your achievement points will be reduced in exchange.’’

At that moment, achievement points appeared in front of everyone including Kang-jun.

[Red Moon Achievement Points: 100]

’’In the world of the red moon, everything is fair. No matter your power in reality, all sovereigns will be given 100 points equally.’’

Heksia swept her gaze over each sovereign.

’’10 points will be lost for every resurrection. Once all the achievement points are gone, you will no longer be protected by the red moon. Do you know what that means? You will really die.’’

The sovereigns all tensed up. They had been relieved that they couldn't die while the red moon was present. However, it was impossible without any achievement points.

In other words, they could really die!

They had to pay attention.


Heksia spread her arms open and exclaimed.

’’Then should we begin the training? Please note that the purpose of this training is to prepare your mind for the war with the Second Demon King's army. At the same time, it will be testing who is the strongest among you.’’

Her eyes sparkled. At that moment, the red gem on one side of the room started to shine brightly.

’’There is only one winner. The one to survive until the end will be awarded 50 bonus points. Then let's get started.’’

Starting? Perhaps?

’’Regardless of the rules of the red moon, you can attack each other in this training room. If you die and are resurrected, points won't be lost.’’

As soon as this was said, one sovereign pulled out an axe and struck the person next to them.



The body of the sovereign disappeared like smoke and reappeared completely fine next to the red gem.

’’The losers will have to wait there. Other sovereigns, keep training.’’

’’Ohh! Shit!’’

The person who just died flopped down at Heksia's words. He glared poisonously at the sovereign with the axe who struck him.

Meanwhile, the other sovereigns had pulled out their weapons.



From then on, people kept dying.

Huhu, don't blame me since your achievement points won't be reduced even if you die.’’


’’Sorry! This is training so please understand.’’


In an instant, 10 out of 40 sovereigns were moved to the resurrection gem.

There was a fierce battle between the remaining 30 sovereigns. Among them were several sovereigns who showed outstanding abilities.

Sovereigns Avia, Zenith and unexpectedly Hardis were among them.

’’Kuhuh, this training is always welcome.’’

Hardis wielded a red sword and slaughtered the surrounding sovereigns. He had agile movements and the red line that sometimes extended seemed to be a combat skill. Those targeted by Hardis had their neck slashed and collapsed.



Before they knew it, three, no four people were left.

One sovereign watching the situation from the side was Kang-jun.

Kang-jun stayed in the background and only attacked those who aimed for him. Of course, he wasn't frightened or confused by this situation. He was observing the other sovereigns.

However, there were only a few remaining so he could no longer just watch.

’’Bah! Kill!’’

The spear wielding Sovereign Avia rushed towards Kang-jun. The voice seemed to belong to a female.

Syuok! Syuook!

The spear aimed at Kang-jun's neck then chest.

Kakang! Kang!

Kang-jun nonchalantly blocked the spear and cut Avia's neck.



Sovereign Avia was destroyed without mercy. Her body moved to the resurrection gem and was restored to its original shape.

'T-that is ridiculous! Lucan! Who the hell is he?'

Avia couldn't believe she was defeated and stared at Kang-jun with a devastated expression.

Then Hardis rushed towards Kang-jun.

’’Huhu, you stupid boy! You are still alive.’’

The red sword aimed at Kang-jun's neck.


Kang-jun blocked the sword and stabbed Hardis's neck.



Blood spurted out as Hardis's neck was penetrated.

Now there was one left.

Kang-jun didn't hesitate and ran forward.

’’Heok! Wait!’’

Zenith watched Kang-jun with an expression filled with tension.


Kang-jun ran to him and cut off his head.

39 out of 40 sovereigns were moved to the resurrection gem, with only one person standing in the centre of the room.


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