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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 52


Chapter 52: Red Moon Rising (2)


It was silent.

The berserk minotaur that dealt with the ogre Germuz was killed instantly!

Everybody seemed to find it unbelievable.

Along with the orcs, Kang-jun's military adviser Keirun was also amazed.

'He did it!'

In fact, Keirun had heard that Kang-jun acquired a powerful skill, but this was the first time he witnessed its power.

The only one who took it for granted was Kajel.

'I know this guy is strong. I didn't believe it either.'

Kang-jun had destroyed his source of power. Kajel's 10 metre tall body was cut in half. He wouldn't even be standing here right now if it wasn't for his mysterious health.

Then Keirun hurriedly asked Kajel.

’’Kajel, can you use recovery magic?’’

’’Yes. Although it is only once a day...’’

’’Then what are you doing? Go and heal Germuz.’’


Kajel left the base and ran straight towards Germuz. In the meantime, Rodiam was pouring potions and using heal on Germuz, but the recovery rate of the critical injury was slow.

Kajel hesitated for a moment.

'I can use it. It is my only recovery magic.'

Agony Heal was a dark recovery magic. It was a horrible magic that Kajel didn't like using unless his life was at risk.

However, there was no choice since the military adviser ordered it. He immediately used Agony Heal.

’’Kukukuku! This weak bastard! An ogre can't win over a minotaur? Yihihihit! An ogre should just take care of the weak ocs. Go and support from the rear, you sloppy bastard.’’

Agony Heal caused tremendous pain to the target but the recovery was excellent.

If the subject was angered then the healing power would be amplified.

The bigger the anger, the faster the recovery speed.

It wasn't surprising that Germuz tried to get up.

’’K-Kuoook! Kuook! I-I will kill you! What did you say to me? Kwaaaack!’’

Pained screams emerged from his mouth. As Germuz was dying, he was pulled back by Kajel's words.

This was the power of Agony Heal. Of course, the caster was also at risk.


Kajel thought he might be killed by Germuz so he rushed towards the base.

Meanwhile, Keirun spoke to Kang-jun.

(Lord! Really good work. The enemy is shaken. If possible, please do the same thing for the other minotaur. Then the enemy will lose their momentum. Although our troops are inferior, we can somehow succeed in defense.)

Kang-jun nodded.

(I thought of that as well.)

In fact, Kang-jun was also very surprised. He was sure that Heavenly Cut would injure the minotaur.

But he hadn't expected the minotaur to be split in half at once.

It wasn't an ordinary monster but a berserk minotaur.

'It is frightening.'

Was this due to the level up?

Every level up also increased the power of Heaven's Blood Sword Style.

The question was whether he could survive.

For now, he needed to hold off the incoming enemy.


At that moment, the other minotaur shouted loudly. At the same time, his body swelled up and his height grew to over two metres.

’’Kukakaka! I don't know what you did but those little tricks won't work on me.’’

The minotaur stared at Kang-jun like he was prey to be eaten.


Kang-jun laughed and raised the Warrior's Sword. Like Keirun said, he needed to take care of the other minotaur. His black magic energy had filled up enough.

Then Germuz roared.


A roar that was stronger than usual. He felt tremendous anger.

’’Lord! Please leave this to me.’’

His ego had been dented by his previous defeat.

However, the opponent was a berserk minotaur.

’’Your body is okay?’’

’’Thanks to that cat, I am recovered.’’

’’I'm glad. However, you should move back. I will deal with him.’’

’’Lord! I was careless before. Please believe in Germuz just once.’’

Germuz cried out anxiously.

His two eyes were wide.

The bloodshot eyes were burning with willpower.

No matter how berserk, Germuz was certain he could take care of it. Germuz had been careless because he thought he had won.

Kang-jun was silent before nodding.

’’Okay. Show me your strength.’’

’’As you command, Lord!’’

Germuz was thrilled by the thought of Kang-jun believing in him and bowed. He immediately ran towards the minotaur.


The minotaur roared and wielded his battle axe.

Hwing! Hwing hwing! Hwing hwing hwing!

The battle axe moved in a frenzy. Germuz calmly avoided the attacks and punched the minotaur one or two times.

Bam bam!

The minotaur didn't budge. Rather, it seemed to provoke his fighting spirit even more.

’’Kukuk! Such attacks can't stop me. Ogre! I'll split your brains apart.’’

Sswiing! Sswing!

The speed of the battle axe became faster. Inevitably, Germuz needed to block the battle axe with his gauntlets.

Kwang! Kakang!

With every clash of the battle axe and gauntlets, Germuz was pushed back. The minotaur became more violent and cornered Germuz.

’’Kakakat! Drop dead!’’

Swing! Swing swing! Swing swing swing!

The battle axe's offensive was like a storm! However, Germuz's fist moved through a gap and hit the minotaur's face.

Bam! Bam bam!

Three punches hit in the blink of an eye.

The ogre followed up with aggressive attacks and no matter how berserk the minotaur was, he ended up falling.


Germuz moved like the wind and got on top of the minotaur. He grabbed both of the minotaur's horns and broken them.

Dduok! Dduk.

He broke the steel-like horns with one hand. Indeed, he really was strong. However, it wasn't the end.


The minotaur struggled as his horns were broken and Germuz used that moment to beat his head against the ground.


It was an astonishing scene.


Germuz cried out loudly and grabbed the minotaur's neck.

Wooduk! Oduduk!

The head of the minotaur was torn off the body.

At that moment, light emerged from Germuz's body.


It was a sign that he levelled up. After defeating the berserk minotaur, he gained a large amount of experience and his combat power rose to the next level.


Germuz laughed, held up the minotaur's head and roared again.


Then the giant ratian warriors raised their axes and shouted.



The morale of their allies skyrocketed. On the other hand, the orc warriors and orc spearmen fell back.

They had already been made despondent by Kang-jun killing the first berserk minotaur.

Now the ogre Germuz had destroyed another minotaur so it was natural for morale to fall.

Their fear was amplified after watching Germuz. If they needed to be defeated in battle, they would rather die neatly from a sword. It was horrible to imagine an ignorant ogre tearing off their heads.

Sovereign Hardis stared at his subordinates.

’’Um! This isn't good.’’

The number of troops was still overwhelming. However, the strongest minotaurs had both lost their lives.

’’What is this, Anas?’’

He stared at the red-haired young man next to him. Anas hurriedly replied.

’’Please forgive me for failing to inspect the enemy's troops, Lord.’’

’’That isn't the problem now. They are agitated. Even if we win in this state, the sacrifices will just increase.’’

’’Why does that matter? We can receive quite a lot of loot if we get rid of Lucan. It will be enough to recover from today's sacrifices.’’

’’That's right.’’

’’Then I will have the troops attack.’’

’’Yes. Sweep all the enemies away and bring Lucan's body to me.’’

’’Yes, Lord.’’

Anas bowed to Hardis and shouted.

’’There are few enemies. We have overwhelming numbers so there is no need to be afraid.’’

’’Chwiiik! Chwik!’’



The orcs shouted in unison. First, the 100 orc spearmen threw their spears.

Kang-jun immediately had the giant ratian warriors form a barrier to block them.

More than 100 spears! If they poured down then it would be a disaster to his allies.

(Keirun, have the troops concentrate on defense only.)

(I understand. Lord should go back to the base as soon as possible. It is dangerous.)

Kang-jun shook his head. He didn't know if Keirun would succeed in the defense or not. But in the meantime, most of his troops would be sacrificed.

If so, there might be another external attack.

He needed to defeat the enemy while minimizing the damage to his troops.

Kang-jun cried out towards Germuz.

’’You will rush towards the enemy sovereign with me. Are you confident?’’

’’Kukuk! Isn't this my specialty?’’

Germuz grinned as he held up the minotaur's head.

Kang-jun grinned.

It might be impossible if he was along, but he had Germuz.

Kang-jun's eyes penetrated through numerous orc soldiers and stared at once place.

Hardis jumped with shock as he met Kang-jun's eerie eyes. He gestured nervously and shouted.

’’What are you doing? Wipe them out straight away!’’

The military adviser Anas cried out loudly.

’’The spearmen are...’’

At that moment, Kang-jun and Germuz rushed towards the orc greatsword warriors.

No, they were just about to rush.


Suddenly, there was a loud noise from the sky.

’’Kukakakakaka! Is this the Earth Hwanmong? I will accept this place from now on.’’

The voice rang out like thunder.

The sky started to redden. Then a red moon appeared.

Everyone looked up at the sky with a shocked expression. It was the same for Kang-jun.

'A red moon? What is that?'

At that moment, a desperate voice was heard from somewhere.

[A dark portal has been created in the Earth Hwanmong.]

[The Second Demon King Colladikus and his army have entered the Earth Hwanmong.]

What did that mean? While Kang-jun was puzzled, another voice appeared.

[Earth Hwanmong is facing a crisis.]

[Sovereigns, fight against Colladikus and his army.]

[Compensation will be given if meritorious deeds are performed in the war.]

After the words, Hardis and his soldiers that had been advancing towards Kang-jun's buildings disappeared without a trace.

Kang-jun was also automatically returned to the base at Yugang building.

Keirun spoke with a flushed complexion.

’’Lord! A red moon has risen.’’

’’A red moon?’’

’’That's correct. Kuahahahat!’’

Keirun laughed out loud like he was delighted. Kang-jun was puzzled.

’’Is this a good thing? Why are you laughing?’’

Keirun spoke with a firm expression.

’’Hwanmong has two moons. A red moon and a blue moon. But these moons will never rise unless something special happens.’’

’’Red moon and blue moon?’’

’’The red moon rises when powerful external beings invade Hwanmong. At this time, war between sovereigns is completely forbidden.’’

’’That is why Hardis' army withdrew.’’

’’That's correct. Now all the sovereigns must stand together against the Second Demon King.’’

Kang-jun was surprised by this unexpected situation.

’’The Second Demon King. He seems quite strong so can the sovereigns beat him?’’

’’The Second Demon King is a powerful being. But don't worry. Not only are the sovereigns here, but all beings in Hwanmong will be gathered together. That includes the creatures that belong to the high buildings.’’

’’The ones that exist in the high buildings? Dragons and demons? Demon kings?’’

’’I don't specifically know who they are. I just presumed that there are dragons. There will be commanders to fight against the Second Demon King, and sovereigns will be assigned to different armies.

Kang-jun nodded. He got the general gist of what was happening.

’’Then why is it a good thing?’’

Keirun explained with a meaningful smile.

’’You still don't know? I've become a sovereign dozens of times and have only seen the red moon five times. It is great luck for Lord that the red moon has appeared.’’


’’Sovereigns like Lord who aren't afraid to fight monsters can raise their levels tremendously in this event. Your achievements will pile up and you can get big rewards.’’

Like Keirun said, it was good luck. It meant he could hunt monsters without paying attention to powerful sovereigns such as Yoo Seung-hwan.

Kang-jun was better at raising levels through hunting monsters.

’’What are the rewards for the achievements?’’

’’The compensation will vary. If you receive a lot of rewards, even a sovereign lacking a foundation could emerge as a powerful sovereign after the red moon disappears.’’


Kang-jun now fully understood Keirun's words.

The red moon rising!

Although he didn't know about other sovereigns, it was a great opportunity for Kang-jun.

An opportunity to become incredibly strong!

Of course, he needed to defeat many monsters first.


At that time, a scroll appeared in front of Kang-jun.

The scroll immediately opened to reveal text.

[A command to Sovereign Lucan.

I am Heksia, the commander of the 439th army.

You have been assigned to this army, so take the portal and come to the headquarters immediately.]

A small portal was created in front of Kang-jun.


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