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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 39


Chapter 39: Trampling those with Gold Spoons (2)

Jung Kwang-hyeon couldn't destroy Kang-jun's base at the Dafeng building immediately.

The goshiwon rooms would be maintained as Kang-jun's territory for the remainder of the contract period. But once the contract was over and the areas belonged to Jung Kwang-hyeon, Kang-jun would receive a severe disadvantage.

All of this was due to the power of money!

He owned a seven billion won building so it wouldn't be a problem for Jung Kwang-hyeon to purchase the Dafeng building.

However, Kang-jun also had money. 12.5 million won.

Of course, it was petty cash to Jung Kwang-hyeon. Still, if Kang-jun used it correctly then it would be a powerful weapon against Jung Kwang-hyeon.

'Jung Kwang-hyeon! You must think that you are quite powerful. Don't get so carried away with thoughts of victory.'

Kang-jun had a sly smile on his face.

'It is nonsense! Even if you buy the Dafeng building, the fight isn't over.'

Kang-jun had no intention of giving up his base in the Dafeng building. His base, barrack and research institute were there.

Still, he decided to prepare for the worst.

A new base!

It was possible for a sovereign to have more than one base. There could be thousands of bases if the sovereign had enough money in reality.

However, creating a new base was a somewhat cumbersome procedure.

A period of time to gather the money to rent or buy the base in reality was needed. Then he would need to wait until the door to Hwanmong opened. The base could only be built once he entered Hwanmong.

The problem was that the sovereign needed to fight the monsters near the new base alone! That could be a dangerous thing.

Of course, those with a lot of money like Jung Kwang-hyeon could create new bases with very favourable conditions. There was no risk if they owned the building, and the large resources meant they could easily build barracks or research institutes.

Kang-jun's case was entirely different. Even if he had 12.5 million won, that would only allow him to rent a studio apartment with good facilities.

Even if it was just one room, it was still better than a goshiwon. If the room was empty then he could move in the same day that the contract was signed.

Eco Studio Apartments.

It was newly opened and the facilities were fantastic compared to the Dafeng goshiwon. There was a bathroom space with a spacious shower and sink included. The bed looked very comfortable to sleep in.

Now Kang-jun was earning money, so there was no need to sign a contract with a cheap goshiwon. Anyway, there weren't many cheap places around the goshiwon.

’’Hoho! A very handsome man. This place is clean and has very good facilities. Are you an office worker?’’

The owner of the studio apartment, a woman in her 30s welcomed Kang-jun.

’’Yes. Is there an empty room?’’

’’Even though it hasn't been long since we've opened, many rooms are already gone. How about Room 307? It costs 520,000 won a month, but I will give you a discount of 20,000 won for your first month. When can you move in?’’

Most of the rooms were booked. There didn't seem to be a lot of vacancies. In fact, this was one reason why he selected this place.

’’I'll move in the day after tomorrow. I will pay the rest at that time.’’

Kang-jun put down a deposit of 50,000 won and signed a contract for Room 307 of the Eco Studio Apartments.

It wasn't intended, but the Eco Studio Apartments was located in the middle of the Yugang and the Dafeng buildings. There was a distance of 50 meters between each building. Once Kang-jun successfully created a new base, it would be a very advantageous location to strategically surrounded the Yugang building.

'I can't let him know about this.'

He didn't know what would happen if Jung Kwang-hyeon found out. It was necessary to use a different method to block the mouths of the ghosts.

Kang-jun immediately returned to Room 406. Hayun was waiting for him.

’’Now what should we do? If it stays this way then Jung Kwang-hyeon will win.’’

’’Don't worry. I will make a new base.’’

’’A new base?’’

’’It is just in case. Hayun, you will have to go there with me. Watch over me while I'm sleeping.’’


’’The problem are the ghosts. It will be annoying if he discovers the other location.’’

Then Hayun spoke with coldly shining eyes.

’’Don't worry. I will take care of him.’’

’’You will? Who?’’

’’The person who took Seo-young! He is also a ghost.’’

’’A ghost?’’

’’Yes. If that guy comes out of the Yugang building then I will catch him properly.’’

’’Is he an opponent you can beat? If he is a senior ghost then you have to be careful.’’

Hayun gave Kang-jun a confident look.

’’I have grasped his abilities to a certain extent through the other ghosts. I will win no matter the conditions. He is only an intermediate ghost in the world of Hwanmong.’’

An intermediate ghost. If so, he wouldn't be a match for Hayun.

'Is that so?'

Kang-jun smiled widely.

The intermediate ghost would know the size and scale of Jung Kwang-hyeon's troops in Hwanmong.

’’Catch him if possible. I want to see that person.’’

’’Then will you buy me something delicious?’’

Kang-jun laughed. Ghosts seemed to be full of gluttony. It didn't matter how much they ate.

’’I will buy you anything you want.’’

’’Awesome. Hohoho!’’

Hayun disappeared with a childlike smile.

It was nine in the evening.

Jung Kwang-hyeon entered the Yugang building. He rode on the elevator with a cheerful expression.

'Huhu, now it is over for him. He wasn't my opponent from the beginning.'

The owner of the Dafeng building was willing to sell for 2.8 billion won.

There was a one billion won loan on the building so a deposit of 1.4 billion was required.

Currently, the amount of cash he held was two billion won. Even if he didn't have enough cash, a bank loan would solve the problem. So the owner had agreed to sign the contract tomorrow.

Things would progress from there.

-This is the 4th floor.

Meanwhile, the elevator door opened.

'This! I pressed the button for the wrong floor.'

He had pressed the button for the 4th floor instead of the 5th. He instantly tried to close the elevator doors when he saw a woman standing in front of him.

She was a slim woman in her 20s wearing a nurse's outfit. She worked in the plastic surgery clinic.

The woman backed out of the elevator.

’’Ah, this is going up.’’

Her voice was also cute. At that moment, a light flashed in Jung Kwang-hyeon's eyes. He pressed the button to keep the elevator door open.

’’Ah, why am I so dizzy?’’

The nurse Choi Mi-young suddenly shivered and lost strength in her legs.

However, that wasn't all. She was suddenly moved to a dark space.

The man she just saw in the elevator was standing in front of her. At the same time, grotesque monsters appeared around him!

’’Aaack! W-where is this?’’

Choi Mi-young screamed and fled, but she was immediately caught by the monsters. Her shoulders, arms and thighs were carefully bitten by the monsters.

’’Ack! S-spare me! Please!’’

Jung Kwang-hyeon came up to her and said.

’’From now on, you are my slave. Do you understand?’’


Choi Mi-young couldn't answer. However, she felt an eerie feeling from Jung Kwang-hyeon and unconsciously nodded.

’’Yes. Please spare me...’’

’’Huhuhuhu! I will spare you. However, you must die once. I hope you remember what happened today if you ever decide to betray me.’’

Jung Kwang-hyeon sent a signal to the orcs. The orcs ripped apart Choi Mi-young's body, starting with her feet.


Thus, Choi Mi-young died.

However, she opened her eyes like it was a dream. She was standing in front of the elevator on the 4th floor of the Yugang building.

Jung Kwang-hyeon gave her a wicked smile from inside the elevator and beckoned.


’’Huh? What?’’

Choi Mi-young's eyes were full of tears. She instinctively shook her head.

Jung Kwang-hyeon just coldly laughed and said.

’’It seems you should experience it once more.’’

Choi Mi-young was once again trapped in the dark space and killed by the terrible monsters. And once again, she was in front of the elevator.

Jung Kwang-hyeon called out.



Choi Mi-young couldn't refuse. She was engulfed in fear.

-The door is closing. Going up.

Inside the elevator, Jung Kwang-hyeon whispered into Choi Mi-young's ear.

’’Who are you?’’

Choi Mi-young flinched and replied.

’’Your slave...’’

’’Huhu, don't forget it. You have voluntarily become my slave.’’


Choi Mi-young entered Jung Kwang-hyeon's place on the 5th floor.

’’Wait in bed after having a shower.’’

’’Yes, Master-nim.’’

Choi Mi-young couldn't say anything else. She was paralyzed by fear.


Jung Kwang-hyeon sat on the couch and stared in the direction of Choi Mi-young, who was having a shower, with sinister eyes.

'Huhu, why didn't I think of this sooner?'

He could turn all the women in this world into his slaves. He looked at the latest fashion magazines spread out on his table. The pages were filled with se*y models and celebrities.

'Should I make all of them my slaves?'

At that moment, a man in a black hood appeared before him.


’’What is it Colt? Why did you show up when I didn't even call you?’’

Jung Kwang-hyeon said with an unpleasant expression. He didn't want anyone else watching his private life. Even if that person was his subordinate.

Colt lay flat on the ground and said.

’’I-I beg your forgiveness Lord. However, if black magic energy is abused in such a manner then your charisma might fall.’’

Jung Kwang-hyeon was startled by the words.

He had four charisma points. It was a fixed stat so it didn't increase when he levelled up.


’’Of course. Your charisma will fall after a few more uses. I was concerned and decided to warn you. It won't be easy to get subordinates if your charisma falls. I also can't be a subordinate of someone with less than four charisma...’’

Jung Kwang-hyeon waved his hand and interrupted Colt.

’’Shut up! Did I ask you to speak so much?’’

’’I-I'm really sorry, Lord.’’

’’It doesn't matter if I enjoy it occasionally as a hobby.’’

’’Yes, of course. Though you should be careful...’’

In the meantime, Choi Mi-young had exited the shower. Jung Kwang-hyeon turned towards her as he said to Colt.

’’Stop. Go to your fellow guests and check what that guy is doing.’’

’’Yes, Lord.’’

Colt bowed and left Jung Kwang-hyeon's residence.

The expression inside the deep hood turned indifferent. He looked around the Yugang building for ghosts. He had to carry out the orders of his lord.

But strangely, he couldn't see any inferior ghosts this time.

'Where is everybody today?'

He finally found one inferior ghost in the alley between buildings.

'Over there.'

He immediately tried to grab the neck of the ghost, only to be startled.

There was another ghost present.

A female ghost wearing a white dress was sitting cross-legged.


Colt's body trembled the moment he met her eyes.


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