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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 35


Chapter 35: Way of the Sovereign (2)

Keirun just smiled.

’’Therefore, you must select a difficult mission. Of course, I'm not asking you to be reckless. You should choose the most difficult missions that you can realistically accomplish.’’

’’I also want to do that.’’

Kang-jun simply nodded. Keirun was better than he thought.

Sovereigns born with gold spoons would be reluctant to perform dangerous missions! He would be able to push back those sovereigns.

’’Then what is the best place to raise my level? Should I just attack and occupy the buildings nearby?’’

Then Keirun touched a crystal ball in Room 406 and a 3D map was displayed. The 3D map showed a 100 hundred metre radius around the Dafeng building.

’’In order to ensure the survival of the sovereigns, the early threats are very easy to overcome. However, the other buildings are different. It isn't easy to gain knowledge about the monsters.’’

’’It is destroying doors like the Dafeng building. The monsters will also be quite challenging.’’

’’Of course. Generally, the more dangerous monsters are in the high rise buildings.’’

’’High rise buildings? Then skyscrapers with dozens of floors will be extremely scary.’’

At that moment, Keirun replied with an anxious expression.

’’There is no guarantee that even a dragon won't emerge.’’

’’Dragon? There is really such a thing?’’

’’Demons, evil spirits, dragons! There might be even worse monsters. This is the world of Hwanmong, Lord.’’

’’Damn! I have to be careful.’’

It wouldn't be easy taking over another building. Dangerous missions were good, but they needed to match his capabilities.

’’Therefore, I recommend you target buildings with four floors for the moment.’’

’’I understand. I will take note.’’

’’However, dangerous monsters can also be found in ordinary homes, in parks or on the streets. You should always be alert.’’

’’Don't worry, I will be vigilant.’’

Every day was a struggle for survival. How could he be careless?

He didn't have the luxury to be careless. There was no room for Kang-jun to let his guard down. He was committed to doing his best.

’’Then shall we try attacking the Sungkwang building?’’

Sungkwang was a building with four floors, facing the Dafeng building. According to the realtor, the price of the Sungkwang building was 3.7 billion.

’’Yes, Lord. This building has the base of a sovereign, so it is likely that monsters in the area will come to plunder it. Some troops should be left behind for defense.’’

’’I will do that.’’

This was the current status of his troops.

Two ratian infantry.

Three ratian archers.

Three giant ratians.

Two golem ratigers.

He decided to leave two ratian archers, two giant ratians and one ratigers behind as defense.

’’How about upgrading the barrack to stage 2 and building a research institute in Room 401 before leaving?’’

’’I thought of that as well.’’

It cost 100 nodes to upgrade the barrack in Room 403 to stage 2.

200 nodes were spent to build the research institute in Room 401.

[Upgrade to a stage 2 barrack: 1%]

Construction of the research institute: 1%]

The 300 nodes he received from Mission 5 were exhausted.

’’I need quite a bit of money to summon more troops.’’

’’Occupying the Sungkwang building will get you money and treasure.’’

’’Then shall we go?’’

’’Yes, Lord. Kuhuk! Somehow my heart is pounding. This is how we can raise our levels.’’

Kang-jun and Keirun immediately left the Dafeng building, and they arrived in front of Sungkwang.

At that moment, a black cloud wrapped around the Sungkwang building.

Ku ku ku ku!

Strange sounds were heard as the Sungkwang building changed to an enormous size. The four storey building changed dramatically into what looked like a castle.

At the same time, some messages appeared.

[This is the area of the gnomes.]

[The gnomes have sent a warning to you and your subordinates.]

[Would you like to ignore the warning and enter?]

’’Gnomes? I don't know what they are but they are sending a warning not to enter.’’

Kang-jun's eyes shone as he spoke to Keirun.

’’The gnomes are inferior spirits of the earth. They can change their features in order to attack.’’

’’Their combat power?’’

’’The inferior gnomes aren't that strong. They are weak compared to the ratians. However, you should become nervous starting from the intermediate grade. They are the same grade as the ratigers.’’


’’This is a gnome building so there is likely to be a mine inside.’’

’’A mine?’’

’’Precious materials can be mined, including the Essence of Earth. If you are lucky then even rarer materials can be obtained.’’

Essence of Earth? He needed them to continue summoning strong subordinates like the ratigers.

’’Okay, I will ignore the warning. Crack that barrier!’’

’’Yes, Lord.’’

In the meantime, a thick barrier had formed in front of Sungkwang building.

[Sungkwang building's barrier: 100%]

However, it was the target of the destructive power of the two golem ratigers.


The strong attacks of the golem ratigers! The giant ratigers furiously struck at the barrier with huge logs.

Kwa kwa kwang! Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Syuok! Syuok!

The ratian archers diligently shot their bows.

[Sungkwang building's barrier: 78%]

The durability of the barrier quickly plummeted.


At that moment, shadows appeared in front of the barrier.

There were approximately 10 shadows. The shadows transformed into various beasts.

’’Kwaaang! How dare you defy our warning!’’

’’Grrr! Get rid of the intruders!’’

Keirun's gaze met Kang-jun's eyes. They both nodded.

’’Sweep all of them up.’’

’’Yes, Lord.’’

Kang-jun instantly used a skill.

'Aura of the Wind!'

Unlike Aura of Earth, this skill increased his attack speed and movement speed. This meant he would have a faster offensive.

Kang-jun quickly shot forward.


The gnome that looked like a lion rushed towards him with an open mouth. Kang-jun easily avoided it and used the wooden stick.

Bam bam!


The stick hit the gnome twice before it died. Despite the outward appearance, its physical attack power was low.

[Experience has been gained.]

[2 nodes have been gained.]

The gnome was so weak that not a lot of experience and money was gained. However, two nodes was still better than nothing.

Keirun also perfectly dealt with the gnomes. Keirun used his daggers and also easily killed them.

He displayed the characteristic agility of a dark elf! It was like he had a passive Aura of the Wind skill.

[1 node has been gained.]

[2 nodes have been gained.]

These messages appeared every time Keirun killed a gnome. The experience that Keirun acquired belonged to Kang-jun.

Kang-jun killed eight gnomes and Keirun killed four of them.

The 12 gnomes were instantly turned to powder.

Meanwhile, the ratigers and ratians were still focused on the barrier.

[The barrier of Sungkwang building has been destroyed.]

[A gnome treasure chest has been obtained.]

’’Oh! A treasure chest!’’

He acquired one treasure chest after the barrier broke. Kang-jun opened it to find blue coins and an axe.

[30 nodes have been gained.]

[Solid Iron Axe has been obtained.]

'Huhuhu, this is pretty good.'

This was only the beginning of the occupation of Sungkwang building and he had already obtained this.

Kang-jun changed weapons to the Solid Iron Axe.

'A strong weapon is necessary.'

The axe had several times the destructive power of a piece of wood, so he could occupy the rooms more quickly.

It was right at that moment.

Mission 6 - Occupy the Sungkwang building and find the gnome boss Rodiam living on the roof.

-Compensation: Experience, 500 nodes and the skill Soul Exploitation.

A mission appeared. It asked him to occupy the Sungkwang building!

'It is like Keirun said.'

Kang-jun was given the mission that he desired. Kang-jun turned to Keirun and said.

’’It is a mission. It told me to occupy the Sungkwang building and mentioned the gnome boss Rodiam.’’

’’As expected. Rodiam is probably the boss of this building.’’

’’I guess so.’’

Kang-jun nodded.

Rodiam wasn't important.

He wouldn't let Rodiam obstruct him from completing his mission.

They entered the 1st floor of the building where gnomes were waiting with deadly eyes. Among them were a few larger gnomes.

Keirun said with a nervous expression.

’’They are intermediate gnomes. Lord, you must be careful.’’

Kang-jun's hands clenched tightly while staring at the intermediate gnomes.

’’We will occupy the 1st floor, then go to the basement before heading back up to the 2nd floor.’’

’’Yes, Lord.’’


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