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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 32


Chapter 32: Person Who Wins Everything (2)

’’I don't know that.’’

’’You don't know? What about your old days as a sovereign?’’

’’To tell you the truth, it really isn't that important. This place is literally an infinite world.’’

’’Infinite world?’’

’’That's right, Lord. I am a native dark elf warlock from the continent of Icaida. I have been a sovereign dozens of times but I still don't know much about Hwanmong.’’

’’It is possible to become a sovereign dozens of times?’’

’’Whenever a sovereign is defeated and becomes a shadow sovereign, they will go to a different world. Once they give someone the power of Hwanmong, there is a second chance.’’

’’So you aren't destroyed if you die?’’

Keirun just smiled.

’’I will now describe it in detail. In fact, a shadow sovereign doesn't completely disappear even if they die. They will spend some long years in hell before being resurrected as a shadow sovereign.’’


’’It is a little different from the commonly known hell. Rather than for sin, it is a place to go after losing the war.’’

’’So those defeated are sinners.’’

’’Kukuk! That's correct. Therefore, I absolutely recommend never going to hell. After being defeated, you will have to spend unimaginably long years in agony. Of course, I've been to hell a lot so I have methods to quickly escape. However, I will tell you those later.’’

Kang-jun shook his head.

’’It doesn't matter.’’

Right now there was no need to know about hell;it only mattered if he was defeated. He only needed to think about winning.

’’Just tell me what I need to do to survive.’’

’’I selected quite a few people on earth to receive the power of Hwanmong.’’

’’There was such a thing?’’

’’Their start time is the same. In addition, they have the same capacity as a sovereign for management and war.’’

’’So why did you throw the dice?’’

At the time, he had thrown the dice of fate and received a coin with the word 'management' written on it.

’’It is also the fate of the lord. The power of Hwanmong chose those with identical fates in order to make it fair.’’

Fair rules! Kang-jun thought it was fortunate and nodded.

He still had many questions, but he couldn't know everything. The important thing now was to survive! If so, he needed to remove the immediate threat first.

’’Tell me the locations of the other sovereigns in the area.’’

’’Right over there. Sovereign Herod is in that building.’’

Keirun raised his hand and pointed to one side.

A five storey building a distance away.

'That close?'

Surprisingly, it was only 50 metres away from the Dafeng building.

Kang-jun always passed it when going back and forth to the convenience store.

Yugang building. The 1st floor was a pub, the 2nd floor a hair salon, 3rd and 4th floors a plastic surgery clinic and the 5th floor was housing.

But there was another sovereign over there.

’’There was a fellow shadow sovereign wandering around the building. Of course, I sent him to hell.’’

If so, the dead shadow sovereign must have been the one to give the power of Hwanmong to Herod. Naturally, the shadow sovereign was also aiming for Herod's sovereign token like Keirun.

However, he died early on due to Keirun. As a result, Keirun had two choices.

Kang-jun or Sovereign Herod from the Yugang building. He could snatch the sovereign token from one of them.

Kang-jun was somewhat curious.

’’Why did you pick me over Herod?’’

Keirun made an expression like he was troubled.


’’Why did you deliberately aim for me? Did I look weaker?’’

It was unavoidable, so Keirun scratched his head and said.

’’Herod! He is the owner of the building.’’


He understood what was meant by the word owner.

Rent! Kang-jun lived in a goshiwon, so the owner of a building was in a completely different dimension. And wasn't he a landlord in Gangnam?

Someone said this.

If he was born again, he would want to be the cat of a property owner in Gangnam! A cat meeting an owner like that would be the best fortune in the world. It was comparable to being the cat of a building owner in the Han River area.

Kang-jun stared at Keirun.

’’That landlord is the reason why you aimed at me?’’

’’That's right. I'm not sure if you know, but being the landlord of the building can amplify the effect of your territory. The amount of resources received will also vary. Having enormous resources will make your forces more powerful. On the other hand, a poor lord paying monthly rent...’’

’’Didn't you say that the starting point is the same? Aren't there rules for fairness?’’

’’In this world, everyone is born the same as a newborn baby. Unfortunately, the fairness ends here. After that, fairness moves far away.’’

’’Shit! What are you trying to say?’’

’’In other words, all newborn babies have different parents. Their parents could have a lot of money or they could be poor. The sovereigns in Hwanmong also differ like this. Those sovereigns with money will find it easier to grow stronger in Hwanmong. If you still don't understand this explanation then I can...’’

’’Stop. I have heard enough.’’

Kang-jun was in a lot of pain.

In reality, they were people who were born with a golden spoon. Now it was suggested that they also had an advantage here.

Damn! In the world of sovereigns, he would eventually feel some grief from not having a building.

’’I won't think about it too much. I just have to make money. Sooner or later, I will own a building.’’

’’I hope that day comes quickly. I don't want to see you dying to other sovereigns. Being a landlord will change everything.’’

’’Anyway, I am currently at an overwhelming disadvantage.’’

’’It was originally like that. But now it is different.’’

’’It is different?’’

’’Lord has two advantages.’’

’’What are they?’’

’’One is the senior ghost.’’


’’That's right. It is fortunate that you got such a powerful ghost in the early days. Such good luck isn't normally given, even to the sovereigns with money.’’

’’It is reassuring that I have Hayun.’’

Keirun nodded in agreement.

Hayun had been sent back to the real world. Unless there was a particularly pressing situation here, her main priority was to protect Kang-jun in Room 406.

’’So what is the other one?’’

Keirun just laughed.

’’It is me.’’


’’Of course. Kuhuk! Compared to the senior ghost, you are even luckier to obtain me.’’

Kang-jun thought it was absurd that Keirun was praising himself.

’’Are you that great?’’

’’I have been a sovereign dozens of times and gone through countless wars. Resources are beneficial in war, but they aren't an absolute thing. Those who are strong will win.’’

Those who were strong would win.

That saying resonated in his chest.

Keirun just smiled.

’’Now it is almost time for Lord to return to reality. Kuhuk! Please earn a lot of money. Quickly become a landlord.’’

[A ratigers has been summoned.]

He received a message that a ratigers had been summoned to the barrack.

At the same time.

[Your time in the world of Hwanmong is over.]

[The door to Hwanmong is closed.]

'He asked me to earn a lot of money. Quickly become a landlord.'

Quickly become a landlord! Quickly become...

Keirun's last words rang in his ears. Kang-jun screamed as he woke up.

’’I understand! I will do it. I will!’’

Hayun stared down at Kang-jun with wide eyes.

’’Do what? What is it?’’

Kang-jun laughed and said.

’’A landlord! I need to earn enough money to become a landlord and get more benefits in the war.’’

Hayun sighed.

’’Yes, it is like that. This building will be very expensive. This is Gangnam.’’

’’I guess so. Anyway, I will go visit the realtor's office to learn more.’’

In fact, he didn't want to learn more. He knew he would feel more desperate after hearing the amount.

’’Then I will lend a hand.’’


’’At the very least, I can look around.’’

Kang-jun's chest heated up. He was thankful that Hayun was willing to help him.

’’Thank you for worrying.’’

’’Then shall I go play in the 3rd floor PC Room? Or I can get a part time job at the coffee shop on the 2nd floor. No. There is a lot more money working at the karaoke bar...’’

’’Hey! It's okay. I will earn the money. You don't have to worry about money.’’

Kang-jun snapped out. No matter how much money she could earn, he didn't want Hayun to work at the karaoke bar. It was a karaoke bar that also had room salons.

’’Don't worry, I can do it.’’

’’You don't know what troubles can happen in the karaoke bar. Don't you know what type of place it is?’’

’’Are you concerned that I will be molested? It isn't a concern. I will break the wrists of anyone who lays a hand on my body. Is that okay?’’

Hayun asked like she expected something.

He didn't know what she expected.

Come to think of it, there was no need to worry about Hayun. Rather, he should be worried about the customers. And Hayun would beat up anyone who tried to pull her into a room.

’’Anyway, you can go and earn money whenever I'm not sleeping.’’

’’I will work hard, and I don't need sleep.’’

Hayun didn't require any sleep.

If he left it like this, she really might go and work at the karaoke bar. He had occupied the entire Dafeng building last night, so now Hayun could move around it in a human state.

'I don't know what incident might occur. I would rather let her work in the PC Room.'

At night she needed to protect Kang-jun, so a daytime part time job would be ideal.

’’Go get a part time job at the PC Room during the day. Got it?’’


It was 6.30 a.m. when he checked his watch.

Kang-jun took a shower before heading to his stall.

It was just a quick wash and he headed towards K Traditional Market after eating breakfast.

At that location, he used his power to sell socks.

A profit of 1.32 million. The average profit had dropped by 200,000 won compared to the last three days. This was because he offered the socks at reduced prices.

Instead, he managed to finish selling at 5.30 p.m. Usually the earliest he would close was 8 p.m. and sometimes he continued until 10 p.m.

Shortly afterwards, Kang-jun arrived in front of the Dafeng building. Instead of heading to the 4th floor, he entered the real estate office on the 1st floor.


The realtor Kim Seok-cheol, a man in his late 40s and wearing a black suit, greeted Kang-jun.

’’Please sit on this couch. Hahaha, is it hot? Is iced coffee okay?’’


Why was he so friendly? Kim Seok-cheol's attitude had completely changed from when he came to check the rent of a studio near here.

He was treating Kang-jun like a VIP. Did it have something to do with capturing the realtor's office last night? There was no doubt. Otherwise, his attitude wouldn't have completely changed overnight.

Anyway, this was great. It would be easier to get the information he wanted.

Kang-jun sipped the coffee and asked.

’’Can I know the price for the Dafeng building?’’

Kim Seok-cheol instantly checked his monitor and said.

’’The selling price for this building is approximately 2.8 billion won.’’


2.8 billion! 2.8 billion won.


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