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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 169


Chapter 169: Conditions for the Seal (2)

’’Then it can't be helped. Go back to dying.’’

When Kang-jun decided to begin the infinite slaughter again, Cardia frowned and cried out.

’’Wait! What kind of master kills their servant?’’

’’I don't need a servant who doesn't listen to their master.’’

Kang-jun swung his sword once again. Cardia moved back to avoid it and stared at Kang-jun. She had a mournful expression on her face.

’’This is really crazy. How long will you do this? Take a look at me. I will definitely live quietly without any incidents.’’

’’A top demonic god can live quietly without any incidents? Do you really expect me to believe that?’’

Cardia shrugged. She didn't reply so it meant she also thought it was ridiculous.

’’Why don't we split the control of the dimensional system in half? We won't interfere with each other and you can rule your half as you like.’’

’’My answer is this.’’

If he was going to accept such a ridiculous proposal then he would have negotiated from the beginning.

It was impossible to hand over half of the dimensional system to the top demonic god.


Kang-jun rushed forward and cut off Cardia's head.

’’What type of negotiation can there be between a top demonic god and a Hwanmong Ruler? Our relationship is one where we have to kill each other.’’

Cardia ran as he tried to kill her again and she cried out with a tired expression.

’’I understand. I'll do whatever you want so just stop.’’

Kang-jun stopped.

’’You will let yourself be sealed?’’

’’I will let myself be sealed or anything else. However, I have a condition.’’

’’What is it?’’

If she was willing to be sealed then he would listen to her conditions. Kang-jun looked at her expectantly.

Cardia was staring at Kang-jun. Her expression showed that she was being serious now.

’’First of all, the world that you seal me in must be the size of a station and I have to be in control of it.’’

Making the sealed world the size of a station.

It was possible to connect a seal to a station.

It was annoying since he would have to move the other species in the station, but it wasn't a difficult task.

Moreover, it was a chance to seal a top demonic god instead of killing her a billion times.

’’Okay. I'll do so. Any other conditions?’’

Kang-jun easily nodded. Cardia opened her mouth again.

’’The second is to put as many demonic gods as possible in it in the future. Even demons, demon kings and top demon kings. The more monsters there are, the better. I am going to make a demon world there.

’’Okay. As much as you want.’’

If Cardia could control the troublesome ones then it would be good for Kang-jun.

’’And the third.’’

What? Another one? In fact, the two conditions above were barely enough to seal her. It would be better to listen as long as it wasn't too troublesome.

’’What is the third condition?’’

Cardia gazed at Kang-jun with a strange expression and said.

’’This condition is the most important one. The first two don't really matter. If you listen to this one then I will do whatever you want.’’

’’Tell me.’’

How great was it that she didn't care about the first two conditions? Kang-jun looked at her nervously.

Then she opened her mouth.

’’It is to become my lover.’’


Kang-jun doubted his ears.

A lover.

The word 'lover' suddenly came out.

’’I think I might have heard it wrong. What does that mean?’’

Cardia replied with a strange smile.

’’Literally. It means to become my lover.’’

She shrugged at Kang-jun's shocked expression.

’’Do you like me or something?’’

’’No. I hate you so much that I want to kill you.’’

That was true. Fortunately, Cardia was still insane like he thought she was.

’’Then why do you want to become my lover?’’

’’Because you are stronger than me. I am only attracted to those who are stronger than me.

’’You want to kill me but you can't, so you want me to become your lover?’’

’’Yes. You have understood correctly.’’

It was ridiculous logic to humans but it was very logical to demonic gods.

Kang-jun had already received the passionate gazes of Shilenda and Thanatos who he had defeated.

They were afraid of Kang-jun but they also desired him.

He didn't know if the other gods were like that, but the demonic gods were obviously se*ually attracted to those stronger than them.

However, Kang-jun was mistaken.

The reason they were attracted to Kang-jun wasn't merely due to his strength, but because of his Hwanmong power.

The mysterious attraction was given by the power of Hwanmong!

Even before becoming a Hwanmong Ruler, the charm given to Kang-jun by the power of Hwanmong already existed.

If combined with enough strength then she would have willingly become Kang-jun's slave.

Needless to say, it wasn't disappointing now.

It was enough to make Cardia, who hated Kang-jun, to crave his arms.

But it was Kang-jun's freedom to accept or not.

There was no need to take things by force.

He had Hayun on Earth and there was no need to be confined in Hwanmong.

Anyway, Kang-jun still hadn't realized such a thing.

'Honestly, having one more lover in Hwanmong isn't such a big deal.'

Cardia could be called the best beauty in the dimensional system so he welcomed it.

Come to think of it, he had accepted quite a few household members after fighting them.

Naga Queen Melinad had fought hard to kill Kang-jun at first and she later became his lover.

Therefore, it didn't seem strange to accept Cardia as a lover after he had just killed her.

Rather than being strange, it was more natural.

Kang-jun easily nodded.

’’Okay. I will do so.’’

Cardia's eyes shone.


’’Of course. I will accept all three conditions.’’

’’Okay. Then prove it now.’’


’’You have to prove that you will become my lover.’’

Kang-jun quickly realised what Cardia's proof meant.

’’Okay. I'll prove it to you.’’

He wanted to exit the Abyss and save his people right now, but the negotiations might be completely over if he couldn't get Cardia's heart.

And he didn't know how long it would take to grab her heart.

Maybe the door to her heart would never open.

So it was best to focus on Cardia.


Kang-jun grabbed the white strings covering Cardia's body and she became naked all at once.

There were no constraints in this place.

Floating up into a sky filled with snow.

From then on, Kang-jun proved to Cardia that he could be her lover.

Cardia was endlessly demanding and Kang-jun fulfilled all those demands.

A long time passed.

After spending some time on a transparent bed in the sky, Kang-jun finally came down to the snowy fields. Cardia also landed on him.

’’I will be sealed as promised.’’

Unlike before, she gazed at Kang-jun with warm eyes. Kang-jun smiled.

’’Thank you for keeping your promise, Cardia.’’

’’Instead, don't forget about me. I won't forgive you if you turn off your interest.’’

’’Don't worry about it. I will visit you often enough to annoy you.’’

It wasn't flattery. In fact, Kang-jun always had to be careful with Hayun.

His body was so strong that he could hurt her.

Even a demon king or spirit ruler was only an ordinary woman in front of Kang-jun.

Kang-jun always had to restrain himself.

He had to be as careful as holding an egg in his hand.

So it was impossible to feel full satisfaction when holding them.

It was more spiritual than physical.

Now he had met someone with an incomparably strong body so it was possible to feel extreme satisfaction.

Kang-jun's body was strengthened due to the power of Hwanmong.

Cardia was the only one in the world who could accept it freely.

At least when he was holding her, Kang-jun didn't have to control his own power.

Therefore, Cardia was an indispensable being for Kang-jun.

Kang-jun smiled at her and said.

’’As soon as the work in the Celestial World is over, I will select a station and connect it to your sealed world. If you control yourself well and don't emit a huge power then I won't relocate the species living there.’’

Cardia just laughed.

’’That isn't a concern. You'll be surprised by how livable it will be.’’

If so, there was no reason to seal Cardia.

However, Kang-jun still meant to keep Cardia sealed. Cardia also wanted it.

After being locked in Kang-jun's seal, she could live as she wished. But the moment she left the seal, she couldn't be assured how things could change.

’’Wake them all up. Now it is time to go to a new world.’’

Cardia waved her hands towards the petrified great demonic gods. They were immediately freed from the curse and returned to normal.



They sighed in relief at the thought of living again.

Cardia declared.

’’If you have something to take care of then do it. It won't be easy to come back here later.’’

’’Yes. I understand.’’

The great demonic gods all had their belongings. Of course, they were mostly golems made using destruction power but they still wanted to keep them.

Then Kang-jun smiled at them.

’’There is no need to do it separately. All your castles will be moved as well.’’

As Kang-jun waved his hand, a gigantic gap appeared in the sky and the castles built by the great demonic gods were sucked up.

Cardia also made a beautiful palace so she was delighted when Kang-jun moved it as well.

’’That's great. Now I don't need a separate house.’’

She smiled at Kang-jun and disappeared into the gap.

The other great demonic gods bowed to Kang-jun and flew towards the gap as well.

Shilenda and Thanatos didn't forget to wink at Kang-jun.

It meant they would find him later.

Kang-jun didn't care and just nodded.

Ku kwa kwa kwa!

They all disappeared into the crack and it faded away.

It was a seal created by the power of Hwanmong.

As a result, four great demonic gods and one top demonic god from the Abyss were permanently isolated from the dimensional system.

'I have a few things of my own.'

As they disappeared, Kang-jun used the snow to make weapons and equipment.

It was because weapons made here were stronger than the celestial ranked items.

In fact, Kang-jun no longer needed a weapon but it had its own charms.

'These are rough. Should I make extra?'

He made two swords and an extra armour before moving to a bigger space.

After that, he immediately left the Abyss.

He flew towards the area where the white snow became the darkness of space.


And there was a swirl at the entrance to the Abyss.

The entrance was the exit.

No other exit existed for the Abyss.

However, people could only move down from the entrance.

It was designed like a one-way street so that no one could get out.

However, that was useless against Kang-jun who had the power of Hwanmong.


He turned into a ray of light and escaped the Abyss.


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