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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 159


hapter 159: Celestial World's Chief Gods (2)

’’From now on, you guys will stay here.’’

The demonic gods received shabby huts.

However, it was a new world compared to the Punishment of Time.

’’Thank you.’’

’’I'll be quiet.’’

Hatunia and the others responded politely to Kang-jun before quickly moving to the huts.

Kang-jun turned and looked at the celestial gods, including Lius.

They also spoke with the utmost politeness.

’’We will be quiet as well so please stop the Punishment of Time.’’

’’Okay. You also have the right mindset.’’

Kang-jun made another three huts near Luminael's.

They received huts unless they were very special like Shaoniel.

Still, Lius and the others rushed eagerly towards the huts.

Shaoniel and Luminael greeted them.

’’Did you suffer a lot?’’

’’No. It is nothing compared to Shaoniel's hardships in this place.’’

Shaoniel was above Lius in the Celestial World so they treated her very politely.

Shaoniel smiled.

’’As you can see, you don't need to worry about me. I just hope the day will come when we can return to the Celestial World.’’

Lius' eyes widened as he stared at the mansion where she lived.

’’I'm glad that Shaoniel is staying in a place like this.’’

Shaoniel sighed.

’’But let's hope to be released. We can't be sealed away forever.’’

Then Lius glanced at Kang-jun who was far away and spoke to Shaoniel.

’’Sooner or later, won't one of the chief gods come?’’

In other words, Kang-jun would be unconditionally defeated by one of the chief gods and they would be released from the seal.

The celestial gods Kuroksu and Tarub seemed to also think this way.

Thus, they decided that they would stay silent and not disobey Kang-jun until that time.

However, Shaoniel just laughed.

She was a celestial goddess but she didn't want the chiefs to kill Kang-jun just to save them.

Instead, she thought that he had enough abilities to rival the chiefs.

Of course, it wasn't something that she had previously thought.

Instead of the chiefs, she was thinking that they couldn't become an enemy of Kang-jun.

'The power of Hwanmong makes Lucan an absolute being in that system. If they continue to oppose him then the Celestial World will end up suffering enormous damage.'

She hadn't thought of his until she met Kang-jun in person.

He shouldn't be underestimated as a mere human being.

He was lucky to get the power of Hwanmong and grow stronger to reach his current state.

She sensed that soon, no one would be able to beat him in Hwanmong.

If he ever fell victim to the temptation of Karosio, then she feared that the Celestial World might be erased.

If she hadn't felt like this then she wouldn't have given Kang-jun her tears.

It was in order to prevent the worst case scenario.

Fortunately, the tears worked to prevent Kang-jun from becoming a demonic god. The problem was now the Celestial World.

The Celestial World should no longer persecute Hwanmong.

'I hope the chief gods will make a wise choice.'

So that all her anxiety would disappear.

However, the situation flowed in the exact opposite direction of Shaoniel's expectations.

[The Celestial World has invaded Pavalia Station.]

[A celestial army is attacking the guardian ward.]

[If you don't defend immediately then the guardian ward will disappear within 10 minutes.]

Messages suddenly popped up.

Kang-jun was able to see the army attacking the guardian ward.

Hundreds of thousands of angels had appeared on the border of the station.

'In the end, they chose war?'

Kang-jun's expression became determined.

He thought that the Celestial World might accept his offer after the letter from Shaoniel but it was a futile hope.

If they were thinking of peace then they wouldn't show up with so many troops to attack the guardian ward.

It was clear that the Celestial World had sent a large army in order to strike Kang-jun.

Moreover, one of them gave off such a strong aura that Kang-jun was shocked.

'Who is he?'

This war really wouldn't be easy. It wasn't possible to fight against this enormous strength alone as well as protect the guardian ward.

Kang-jun had a feeling that there would be huge damages in this war.

This couldn't be avoided.

Kang-jun knew that if he avoided it then the guardian ward of Pavalia Station would be broken and all his bases would be occupied by the Celestial World.

Kang-jun instantly moved to the border of Pavalia Station.

’’Are you Lucan? I am the chief god of the south, Notos.’’

A man with a thunderous voice. A celestial god with long black hair that reached his waist. e gave off a strong impression.

The chief god Notos.

He had the strongest presence among everyone that Kang-jun had met.

And the divine abilities behind him was no less than Shaoniel.

But Kang-jun didn't hesitate to speak to Notos.

’’Notos, chief god of the south, it is an honour to meet you. I know that Goddess Shaoniel sent a letter to the Celestial World so what does this response mean?’’

Lightning flashed in Notos' eyes.

’’A mere human dares to go against the will of the Celestial World and seal the gods. Your evil actions can't be accepted. Your sin won't be forgiven and from today onwards, you and the Hwanmong system won't exist in this dimension anymore.’’

He smiled coldly and continued.

’’In particular, Goddess Shaoniel! It is not even worthy of discussion. The wicked Hwanmong has no reason to exist in this dimensional world. The same goes for the power you received from it. Therefore, Shaoniel will be stripped of her position as a celestial goddess for writing a letter that sympathizes with evil. I will punish you first and then also give Shaoniel a corresponding punishment.’’

Kang-jun sneered.

'In the end, it turned out like this?'

Punishing him and Shaoniel as well as destroying Hwanmong.

Then there was nothing else to talk about.

It would be useless to talk anymore with the Celestial World.

There was no other way.


Would they be open to communication after they felt helplessness?

Indeed. It was just like how Shaoniel was uncooperative at first.

Kang-jun stared at Notos.

’’Then I'll be forced to fight.’’

A mocking smile appeared on Notos' face.

’’You dare try to resist? Indeed, a real beggar. Foolish fellow! I will let you know how helpless the power of Hwanmong that you believe in is.’’

With those words, Notos swung the blue sword held in his right hand.


Brilliant lights formed in every direction and flew towards Kang-jun.


It was enormous. However, there was no time for admiration.

Each one of the rays was as powerful as Shaoniel's full-on attack so Kang-jun desperately focused on defending.

Kwang! Kwang! Kwaang!


Yet he still received damage. It had been a long time since his health had been reduced this much continuously.

It dropped below 50% in the blink of an eye and Will of Attack was triggered.

Then it fell below 30% and Will of Survival was activated.

Fortunately, the increase in defense slowed down the decline of his health but Kang-jun still couldn't fight back properly.

He had risen to Lv400 and realized the essence of destruction. In addition, he was an existence beyond a chaos being, yet this fight was so one-sided.

The fighting power of a chief god from the Celestial World!

In front of that power, Kang-jun's entire body turned bloody.

His head was cracked, his forearms burst and blood flowed from his sides and chest.

The sweat and blood flowing from his face made him look like he was shedding tears of blood.

In fact, he actually was shedding tears of blood.

It was because of the messages he just saw.

[The celestial gods have struck the guardian ward. It can't hold out any longer.]

[The guardian ward around Pavalia Station has been destroyed.]

[Your headquarters at the Delta Building has been occupied by the Celestial World.]

While Kang-jun had been focused on his battle with Notos, the other gods attacked the guardian ward and captured Pavalia Station.

It was the same for Kang-jun's Delta building.

Although Keirun tried to resist, the celestial gods were too powerful.

This was by far the worst situation he had ever been in.

Of course, the fact that the Delta building had been occupied had little impact on Kang-jun's abilities.

After becoming transcendent, he could exist regardless of the base.

Even now, his abilities as a sovereign remained the same. However, the effects that were due to the base declined.

[The Guard Tower has been occupied and your defense is reduced.

[The Lucky Tower has been occupied and the good luck stat has dropped by three.]

[Your military adviser Keirun has been captured by the Celestial World and the charisma stat has dropped by one.]


There was a decline in his stats, defense, and combat power but the impact on his overall combat strength was minimal.

However, all his household members, except for Sud, became captives of the Celestial World.

Notos coldly shouted.

’’Lucan! Now I have made you realise how helpless you really are. The power of Hwanmong is nothing but a delusion. Any more resistance is futile. if you repent and surrender then I will spare your household members from your sins.’’

’’Shut up! I will never surrender as long as I am still breathing. And today, I will make you return to the Celestial World.

A light flashed on Kang-jun's bloody face.

Even with his body like this, the light in Kang-jun's eyes didn't diminish.

Notos just snorted.

’’You still don't repent until the end. Foolish fellow! You don't know how many demonic gods I have sealed with my hands. You will also be one of them. Now let's end this, Lucan.’’

Notos' attacks became even rougher. Moreover, he called Kang-jun a demonic god and was determined to end this.

However, Kang-jun didn't give up and kept blocking Notos' attacks.

Kwaang! Kwang! Kwaang!

Blood poured from Kang-jun's body whenever the lights from their swords collided.

Was there any more blood left to come out?

But the light in Kang-jun's eyes still didn't die.

There was a miracle occurring!

His health, that had been steadily declining, stopped at 15% and didn't fall any further.

This was due to the effects of Will of Survival, but also because he had identified the pattern of Notos' strikes.

Notos' weapon was more like a whip than a sword.

A whip of light that split apart the dimensional space!

Furthermore, the divine power in it caused tremendous havoc.

It attacked Kang-jun with a myriad of changes.

It was due to the divine power that Kang-jun's body had been torn like this.

However, Kang-jun started to be able to block all of Notos' attacks and even scattered the divine power with chaos power.

Kwang! Kwaang! Kwaang!

Kang-jun's health, that had fallen to 15%, started to climb and quickly exceeded 50% before finally recovering to 100%.

Notos' attacks no longer damaged Kang-jun. His counterattack towards the shocked Notos began.


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