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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 156


hapter 156: The Temptation of Destruction (1)

Hayun's lips bumped naturally against his. Her tongue slipped into Kang-jun's mouth and his hands touched her chest gently.

She immediately climbed on top of Kang-jun and started kissing him fiercely.

The stimulation was enough to make him lose his mind.

Kang-jun touched her soft body eagerly.

Kang-jun's body had an extremely excited reaction.

He had no thoughts about leaving her.

Was it possible that Hayun had been returned as soon as he sent a letter to the Celestial World?

In reality, meetings took a long time, but it might be different for the Celestial World.

They might have agreed with Shaoniel's will and released Kang-jun's household members and friends.

So, it wasn't strange that Hayun appeared on his bed. He was glad to see her.

Hayun had been summoned forcibly by the Celestial World.

If she was a human, she would be dead.

His deceased lover was back again.

Any normal guy in this situation would hold her, rather than try and calm down.

Moreover, his lover was so eager for physical contact after her return.

Meanwhile, Hayun's mouth moved down slowly until it reached the most excited part of Kang-jun's body.

So, regardless of the situation, it wasn't easy to overcome his desire...

Even if there was something fishy.

However, Kang-jun pushed Hayun away gently.

It was clearly Hayun. Her bright eyes, flushed cheeks and even her breathing against Kang-jun's body felt the same.

However, Kang-jun perceived intuitively that the present Hayun was an illusion, rather than the real thing.

That wasn't all.

The bed here wasn't real either.

It looked like his bedroom in the Delta building, but this was also an illusion.

Who could make an illusion that would trick a chaos being and guardian of Hwanmong so perfectly?

The more surprising thing was that Kang-jun couldn't feel any chaos power in his body.

He couldn't use his abilities at all, like something had sealed them.

Was this a nightmare?

However, that wasn't it either.

He couldn't use chaos power, but his gut instincts still remained.

This whole situation was created by someone pretending to be Hayun in order to seduce him.

It was a virtual space...

A gap in the moment when he left Hwanmong to return to reality.

An advanced mental attack was used at that time.

Just as Kang-jun couldn't use his abilities, the powers of his seducer were restricted as well.

So, only seduction was possible.

However, Kang-jun would lose everything the moment he gave into the seduction.

He would immediately become a slave of the seducer.

He had to endure this murderous temptation.

Who the hell set up such a treacherous trap?

’’Who are you?’’

He had already guessed it, but still, he asked.

At this moment, Kang-jun was extremely nervous.

If Hayun was who he expected it to be, then this was the worst situation.

Hayun huffed angrily.

Then her appearance changed.

Everything from her head to her toes was designed to stimulate a man's desire.

She had the beauty of Goddess Shaoniel and a fatal charm.

He didn't know what to do.

Despite what he knew, it was a destructive bewitchment!

She was Karosio, the Goddess of Destruction.

Previously, he had only seen half of her, but he now saw her whole body.

Kang-jun's heart sank the moment he saw such extreme beauty.

’’It has been a while.’’

Karosio smiled sweetly.

Her behaviour was natural, as though Kang-jun had been her lover for a long time.

There was no evil atmosphere coming from her.

Moreover, she didn't panic once her identity was noticed. Rather, she smiled like she was pleased.

’’You may have guessed it already, but we can't attack each other here. So. just enjoy the moment.’’

’’Stop talking nonsense and get out now.’’

Kang-jun shouted while looking at her.

However, despite his words, his right hand had grasped at her breasts unknowingly.

'T-this is crazy!'

Kang-jun panicked. His body wasn't responding to his will at all.

Regardless of what he tried, his body refused to listen to his mind.

His willpower was beyond that of a transcendent as well as a chaos being.

Yet, right now, he couldn't control his body.

'What am I doing? My hands, get off her chest!'

Kang-jun ordered.

However, the hand that grabbed Karosio's breast started fondling he activelyr.

At that moment, she approached and licked Kang-jun's ear.

His whole body shuddered.

His spirit was beyond the physical pleasure.

The moment her tongue poked his ear, Kang-jun's willpower crumbled.

’’I came to seduce you. I will make you my slave.’’

Karosio whispered. She was saying it openly now. She had even said that she would make him her slave.

If he was sane, he would stop this situation.

Yet his mental state wasn't so bad that he wouldn't refuse.

’’Shut up! Do you think I will be tempted by you?’’

Kang-jun shouted. However, unlike his words, he pulled Karosio over and captured her moist lips.

Karosio responded to the kiss for a while before pulled away and smiling enchantingly.

’’Now, why don't you use the power of Hwanmong against the Celestial World? You can change Earth as well as the other worlds.’’

’’Stop talking nonsense.’’

’’With the power of Hwanmong, you can get rid of all offensive things in the dimensional system and recreate it. Can you do that for me?’’

’’I won't ever do such a thing.’’

Despite this, Kang-jun's hands were indulging in her body. Her smooth voice over the rhythmical movements of both hands was enough to make him go crazy.

'No! This can't be. Regain your spirit.'

His spirit was already gone. This wasn't cause by the inability of the mind but by the fact that he couldn't control his body at all.

Kang-jun was literally out of his mind.

His willpower didn't work.

Moreover, his movements with Karosio continued.

Kang-jun finally understood Shadowless.

Despite being a chaos being, he had ended up as Karosio's slave!

He had truly doubted it at the time.

Karosio was so attractive that it had made Kang-jun nervous, but he never thought he would fall for the temptation.

Kang-jun was confident that he could win against it.

However, all that confidence had disappeared now.

A temptation that stimulated the subconscious instincts!

It wasn't any trick or magic.

Karosio had such a fatal attractiveness that she took control of the subconscious instincts and secured the flesh.

Therefore, no man could resist no matter how strong-willed.

'Frankly, I was especially vigilant because I thought you would fall prey to Karosio. I'm afraid my thoughts still haven't changed.'

'Is my willpower so weak?'

'It isn't a matter of willpower.'

The conversation with Shaoniel suddenly popped into his head. As a celestial goddess, she knew how terrible Karosio's ability was.

That reminded him that Shaoniel had given Kang-jun her tears.

'If you are lucky, you will see the truth when the Goddess of Destruction tempts you.'

'The truth!'

He didn't know what the truth was, but he could escape his temptation if he saw it.

However, why did he still not see the truth?

He was confident that he wouldn't fall behind anyone when it came to luck.

However, unlike Kang-jun's thoughts, his body was now pressed roughly against Karosio's.

The foreplay was over.

The only thing left was to take Karosio.

Kang-jun know he would become her slave but his body couldn't stop moving.

At that moment...

It was like a dream, a vision that Kang-jun's eyes could see.

All of a sudden, Karosio's body turned into a shadow.

Although it looked like a shadow, it was actually the embodiment of one that existed in the dimensional system.

It was the energy of destruction.

The eerie aura that he had felled in the Hall of Destruction!

It was the energy of death that destroyed everything.

The shadow that Kang-jun could see was the condensed energy of destruction.

It gave Kang-jun the eerie feeling of holding a black hole.

'Is this the truth?'

The truth was that Karosio was the Goddess of Destruction.

He was just showed what destruction was...

That's what Shaoniel's tears were capable of.

However, at this moment, Kang-jun found something more important than the truth.

He felt the unprecedented power of destruction.

In the meantime, destruction power had been a part of chaos power.

Now, it turned out that power was just a shell and not the real destructive power.

The power of destruction was no less than chaos power.

No, it surpassed chaos power.

'This is?'

Kang-jun's heart started beating wildly.

He had recently peeked into a new world thanks to the Chaos Knowledge Scripts.

The vague universe he peeked at became slightly clearer after seeing the energy of destruction.

'Then does this mean it's related to the energy of destruction?'

Everybody was afraid and reluctant.

However, this was the most powerful aura!

Kang-jun focused more on it.

However, the moment was too short.

It was literally an illusion.

Then the uncontrollable instinct that dominated his body disappeared.

His physical body also cooled.

Naturally, Kang-jun pushed Karosio away and escaped from the bed.

Karosio sent him a startled glance.

’’Shaoniel gave you her tears?’’

’’That's right.’’

Kang-jun nodded and Karosio made an upset expression like she had never imagined it.

’’Bah! How far are you going to interfere with me, Shaoniel? I will take care of you.’’

There was anger in her eyes. She sent Kang-jun a challenging look and said,

’’Today is your lucky day, Lucan. But you won't always be so lucky. You can never beat me.’’

Then Karosio's body vanished like it was just an illusion.

At the same time, Kang-jun's bedroom space appeared.


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