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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 155


Chapter 155: A New Perspective (2)

’’Kuaaah! N-no! Oduduk! You will see soon! I will kill you!’’

’’You bastard! Killlll!’’

The calls of the two demonic gods echoed as they disappeared. They had been moved to their punishment spaces again.

Then the bodies of the celestial gods, including Lius, trembled.

They became nervous after seeing that the demonic gods were punished for another 100 years.

’’I'm sorry.’’

’’I didn't understand what I was doing when I cursed at you.’’

’’I've reflected fully, so can you please stop the Punishment of Time?’’

Lius and the others tried to smile as much as possible. However, their eyes were still full of hostility.

However, their words and expressions were better than the demonic gods.

Kang-jun stared at them and said.

’’You still don't understand the situation. Don't forget that you are not gods but just prisoners here.’’

The faces of Lius and the others distorted at the word 'prisoner.' Celestial gods being treated as prisoners? It was impossible.

However, they endured it with patience. They felt bad but didn't show it in their expressions.

At that time, Kang-jun spoke,

’’Keep in mind that if you truly reflect over the next 100 years, you will be able to stay there.’’

Kang-jun pointed toward Luminael. Lius and the others stiffened as they heard his words.

’’W-wait a minute! Another hundred years?’’

’’This bastard! I won't forgive you.’’

’’The wrath of the chief gods will fall upon you!’’

They immediately tried to grab at Kang-jun, but they disappeared quickly without a trace.

They had been moved to their punishment spaces once again.

Finally, Kang-jun looked at Shaoniel.

She also felt uneasy.

However, she bowed her head and didn't say anything.

She didn't ask to be let off from the Punishment of Time because she didn't want to sound like the demonic gods.

’’Why aren't you saying anything?’’

Shaoniel finally looked up at Kang-jun.

Her eyes were full of despair and sadness, but she didn't grovel.

’’I know that you will punish me no matter what you say.’’

She was sure that she would receive another Punishment of Time.

Kang-jun smiled coldly.

’’You understand. I gave you a warning, but you didn't listen. At that time, you never imagined that you would be so helpless.’’

She was the one who had ignored Kang-jun's offer of good faith.

Thus, Kang-jun was more angry at Shaoniel than anyone else.

Then Shaoniel sighed.

’’Go ahead. I didn't do anything good and will receive the punishment.’’

Kang-jun was puzzled. He was curious about the meaning of Shaoniel's last words.

It was obvious that she was regretting something.

In a sense, wasn't that reflection?

’’What did you do that wasn't good?’’

Shaoniel hesitated before replying to Kang-jun's question,

’’Once I became human, I became aware of the human heart. Lucan, I understand why you're so angry with me.’’

This was similar to how it had been with Luminael. Shaoniel had the same thoughts he did.

However, Kang-jun's expression was still hard.

’’You have now realized a small portion of your mistakes. If you had shown such an attitude from the beginning, then my relationship with the Celestial World wouldn't be so harsh.’’

Shaoniel nodded without any strength.

’’I admit that your words are correct. If the Celestial had recognized Hwanmong, this wouldn't have happened.’’

’’I was wondering about that. Why do they disapprove of Hwanmong?’’

Shaoniel smiled faintly and replied,

’’It is a new world that violates the existing order. How can the Celestial World welcome a new world that it can't control?’’

’’It is so irritating that they can't control the world? We lived quietly without damaging the Celestial World. Rather, I was helping the Celestial World by fighting the demonic gods.’’

’’Even if you didn't do any damage, it is unbearable for something outside the control of the Celestial World to exist. However, it isn't just about the Celestial World trying to destroy Hwanmong.’’

’’What is the other reason?’’

’’They feared that you would misuse the power of Hwanmong to disturb the higher order. In particular, a very serious situation could arise if you became one with the demonic gods.

Kang-jun smiled coldly.

’’That is a lame excuse. I've tried to reach out to you many times.’’

’’There aren't many in the Celestial World who think you can withstand the direct temptation of Karosio, the Goddess of Destruction.’’

’’They're sure that I can't withstand Karosio's temptation.’’

Shaoniel nodded like she took it for granted.

’’I think so as well and that still hasn't change anything. But after becoming human, I've learned a little bit about the one-sided attitude of the Celestial World. In particular, the pain of precious people being taken away. I'm sorry about that.’’

Kang-jun could see the sorrow in her eyes and was silent for a moment before asking,

’’Do you really think so?’’

Shaoniel nodded.

’’Hwanmong is a new system that has arisen in the dimensional system, but we rejected the new power and committed sins instead. It is obviously the Celestial World's mistake. I truly mean it although the other celestial gods may disagree.’’

Kang-jun just smiled. It would have been good if it had been like this before.

’’Now, we are finally talking. Shaoniel! If you truly think this way, I can return you to the Celestial World. Are you confident about convincing the other celestial gods?’’

’’You will free me?’’

Shaoniel's eyes widened at the expected words. Kang-jun nodded.

’’In exchange, return my household members and friends immediately and the Celestial World will no longer interfere with Hwanmong. Then I will seal Karosio and the other demonic gods. They are my enemies anyway.’’

Shaoniel was silent for a while, then she shook her head.

’’There is no point.’’

’’What does that mean?’’

’’Unfortunately, anything I do won't make a difference.’’

’’It is impossible even with your strength?’’

’’On the contrary, I will be directed by the chief gods to go against you again. So, if you are releasing me for that purpose, it is better not to. It doesn't matter if you let me go without any conditions.’’

The angel Luminael and the celestial goddess Shaoniel...

They were too honest. It would have been wiser for them to not say anything and be released.

Therefore, Kang-jun liked both Shaoniel and Luminael. At least, they didn't lie.

’’Then I can't release you. Instead, it seems like you've reflected, so I won't give you the Punishment of Time. You can stay there from now on.’’

Kang-jun made another hut near Luminael's.

’’That is nice to hear.’’

Shaoniel's complexion brightened. She was a goddess of the Celestial World, but right now, she couldn't even make a hut for herself.

She was grateful to Kang-jun for making the hut.

She couldn't be killed due to having the power of immortality, but her physical state was that of a human's, so she was tired.

If there was a hut, then she could rest there from time to time.

Besides, she didn't have to be alone now.

There was also the advanced angel, Luminael.

Luminael also seemed glad about the situation. He spoke through his tears,

’’Ah, has Shaoniel suffered a lot?’’

’’Luminael, there is no point in speaking like that here. Haven't you also suffered?’’

He sobbed,’’I'm fine. However, my heart is tearing up from seeing the honourable Shaoniel get locked up.’’

’’Don't worry. I will endure it.’’

Shaoniel then turned and looked at Kang-jun.

’’Lucan, if you allow me to, I will send a letter to the Celestial World. It might be useless, but it is better than doing nothing.’’


’’This situation will be more effective than if I'm released.’’

Kang-jun must have one celestial god as a prisoner for the Celestial World to consider negotiations

’’Then try it.’’

It couldn't hurt to try. Kang-jun nodded easily, thinking it would be better if the situation was somehow resolved peacefully.

Then Shaoniel's eyes shone as she spoke,

’’Then can you release my power for a while?’’

’’That won't be hard.’’

Kang-jun waved his hand and moved Shaoniel to another space.

It was also a sealed space.

However, the difference was that Shaoniel could use all her powers as a celestial goddess.

However, no harm could be done to Kang-jun. After all, she was in Kang-jun's home.

Seuk seuk.

Shaoniel immediately used her power to write on a scroll.

The contents of the scroll were the same as what she had said to Kang-jun.

'Release Hayun and the others. Additionally, the Celestial World should no longer interfere with Kang-jun and Hwanmong.'

She wrote in the scroll carefully and handed it to Kang-jun.

’’Just throw it anywhere once you're outside and it will be passed on to the Celestial World.’’

So, it was a scroll for the Celestial World. Kang-jun just smiled.

’’If this turns out well, I won't forget your merits, Shaoniel.’’

Then Shaoniel gave a bittersweet laugh.

’’I also hope it goes well, so that I can get out of here.’’

’’Do you want to go out?’’

’’Of course.’’

Her expression showed that she really wanted to be released. She was hoping that Kang-jun would feel sorry for her and release her.

However, Kang-jun didn't give her what she wanted.

’’Everything depends on how the Celestial World responds. If they are hostile, then you will never leave here.’’

’’I'm prepared for that.’’

’’Instead, I'll let you live more comfortably since you cooperated with me.’’

Kang-jun changed the rough forest into a large, more stylish space.

There was a clear lake with all types of beautiful flowers blooming.

The shabby hut was turned into a decent mansion.

Shaoniel was impressed when she saw it.

She hadn't moved yet, but she could tell through her divine powers that Kang-jun had changed the forest.

Sudenly, Shaoniel looked at Kang-jun, who then said,

’’It seems like you have something else to say.’’

’’Frankly, I was especially vigilant because I thought you would fall prey to Karosio. I'm afraid my thoughts still haven't changed.’’

Kang-jun had a cynical smile on his face.

’’Why do you think that? Is my willpower so weak? I won't budge under the temptation of a demonic god.’’

’’It isn't a matter of willpower.’’

Shaoniel suddenly burst into tears.

'Why is she crying all of a sudden?'

As Kang-jun made an absurd expression, Shaoniel wiped her tears with her fingers and approached Kang-jun, then she placed the tears on Kang-jun's eyes.

’’What are you doing?

’’I want to prevent the worst situation.’’

Shaoniel just smiled.

’’If you are lucky, you will see the truth when the Goddess of Destruction tempts you. I don't know if this will be a big help.’’

’’Is that so? If it does help, I won't forget it.’’

Kang-jun then pushed with his hands and Shaoniel faded away.

She was back in the forest area with Luminael.

After watching Shaoniel walk into the mansion with a sad expression, Kang-jun exited the sealed world.


After exiting, he immediately threw out the scroll Shaoniel had written on.

It turned into a sparkling bird and warped away.

Did it go to the Celestial World?

'I hope they make the wise choice.'

It was an area in which Kang-jun could do nothing but wait.

[The door to Hwanmong is closed.]

Before he knew it, it was time to return to reality. The surrounding space started to distort.

’’You woke up.’’

Kang-jun heard a familiar voice as he opened his eyes.

A woman was smiling brightly at him from her seat next to the bed.

She was Hayun. Kang-jun was startled.

’’Are you back?’’


Hayun smiled and jumped into Kang-jun's arms.


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