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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 152


Chapter 152: Celestial Goddess Shaoniel (1)

(Lord! That is the celestial goddess, Shaoniel.)

Once Kang-jun appeared, Grania, who had received a revelation in advance, sent him a message hurriedly.

(If possible, I wish that Lord won't become an enemy of the Celestial World, but I will follow Lord's will.)

Kang-jun smiled at Grania.

(Leave it to me, Grania. Just return to your base.)

(Yes, Lord.)

He didn't think it would be good if Grania was here.

Of course, Kang-jun had no intention of simply starting a fight with Shaoniel, who was staring at him from above.

It would be good if he could resolve it through conversation.

If the Celestial World returned Hayun and the others and would make no future interferences, Kang-jun would maintain a good relationship with them in the future.

Of course, he would release the advanced angel, Luminael, immediately as well.

However, if the celestial goddess, Shaoniel, ignored his request and continued to adhere to the position of the Celestial World, then Kang-jun wouldn't tolerate it.

Kang-jun should also consider the demands of the Celestial World.

'Give up on Hwanmong and return to reality! '

However, that was telling Kang-jun to just die.

Although he got angry when he thought about it, Kang-jun smiled silently and spoke politely to Shaoniel,

’’You are the celestial goddess, Shaoniel. It is great since I wanted to have a conversation with someone like you.’’

Her beauty was comparable to the Goddess of Destruction, who had made Kang-jun lose control temporarily.

His heart thumped even when he had only seen half of Karosio.

However, it was impossible to feel nothing when seeing Shaoniel.

She was literally the culmination of beauty!

It was the moment when Kang-jun realized the difference between a beautiful girl and a goddess-like beauty.

He was now seeing a real goddess!

She was the beginning of all beauty! And the origin of women!

The golden ratio that men were so crazy about! It must have come from Shaoniel in front of him.

However, unlike when he saw Karosio, she possessed a divine sense of dignity that didn't make him want to possess her.

When looking at Shaoniel from the viewpoint of a human, he would be filled with the desire to bow and worship her.

That was the difference between Shaoniel and Karosio.

Kang-jun thought that this was a good thing.

In fact, it was easier to deal with.

The Goddess of Destruction Karosio would be frighteningly attractive if he ever met her face to face.

Karosio's appearance was similar to Shaoniel, but her temperament was in the exact opposite direction.

Everything about her flowed towards tempting a man. Karosio exuded seduction.

Kang-jun struggled with how he would endure the temptation when he met her.

If he wasn't prepared in advance, he might get hit. It was a terrifying temptation that had broken down even the will of chaos.

Kang-jun wasn't even sure that his willpower had surpassed Shadowless as of yet.

On the other hand, Shaoniel had no idea what he was thinking. She opened up after a while,

’’You wanted to talk to me, Lucan? But why don't you release Luminael first? Then I will have a conversation with you.’’

It was obvious that she felt angry about the advanced angel, Luminael, being sealed.

Kang-jun laughed.

’’Then won't you release my friends and household members that have been captured? If you let them go, I have no reason to hold on to Luminael.’’

However, Shaoniel just looked over Kang-jun with a disbelieving expression.

’’Lucan! You are unaware of what you are doing right now. I'm not asking but commanding you.’’

’’I am a person. Why are you giving me a command when I don't have to follow it?’’

’’You are indeed impudent. A person with merely the power of dreams dares to fight against the gods?’’

Kang-jun's expression gradually began to harden.

It was the Celestial World, but there were so many disappointing things that he decided to give up on being polite.

Shaoniel continued,

’’This is just a figment of a dream. Why are you so obsessed with a dream that you forget about reality? Don't you realize that the gods of the Celestial World, including me, are greatly angry with your attitude?’’

She scolded Kang-jun. The silent Kang-jun suddenly opened his mouth,

’’I'm curious about one thing. If I hadn't moved, would you have tried to stop the aliens from destroying Earth? Surely, it wasn't a delusion that I blocked them with the power of Hwanmong?’’

Shaoniel stiffened. Anger filled her eyes as she said,

’’That is an area that the gods can't know about. Why should we try to intervene with the affairs of the world?’’

Kang-jun sighed.

’’It is like talking to a wall. Finally, please- no, I am warning you. It isn't too late. If you return Hayun and the others, I will maintain a good relationship with you.’’

Kang-jun truly meant his words. He had some expectations for a celestial goddess.

Kang-jun was a man.

Although the blood of a celestial god was necessary, he didn't want to cut the body of a true goddess that all men would admire.

However, if she continued this way, then he would no longer treat her as a goddess.

Unfortunately, Shaoniel simply rebuked Kang-jun with even more anger.

’’Lucan, you don't know how to turn around. You have committed terrible sins against the Celestial World and the angel you sealed.’’

’’Are you asking for my sins?’’

’’Of course. This dream world will disappear as well as everything that belongs to you in reality. Once you have spend a long time screaming, the price of your sins will be death.’’


Kang-jun was silent for a moment, then he sneered at Shaoniel.

’’Try it if you have the ability to do so, Shaoniel.’’

The look in Kang-jun's eyes and his tone changed. He had shown a polite attitude to the celestial goddess but now that politeness had disappeared.

’’I warned you but you didn't accept it. Now, you will feel how helpless you are.’’

The outraged Shaoniel shouted,

’’Indeed, a terrible existence! I will make you feel the wrath of the celestial gods.’’

At that moment, the space around him changed.

It had become a space filled with light, not the dimensional sea.

However, the light gave off an eerie power that wasn't favourable toward Kang-jun.

Hwaaak! Hwaaaaack!

A flock of light came from everywhere.

It was more intense that the experience in the Hall of Destruction which had reminded him of the Big Bang.

'Indeed, a celestial goddess!'

Kang-jun exclaimed inwardly.

She was on a different class from the advanced angel and demonic gods he had dealt with before.

'I have to focus and do my best.'

Even after defeating Shadowless, Kang-jun had continued to grow stronger.

Moreover, he had just equipped himself with the Destruction Power Jewel.

Therefore, he wondered how strong he truly was. He was now facing an opponent strong enough to force him to his limits!

So, Kang-jun focused everything he had on the battle.

Flash! Flash flash!

His sword collided with Shaoniel's ray of light and destroyed them.


In response to Shaoniel's expression of amazement, Kang-jun came aiming the Heaven's Blood Sword at her.


Shaoniel escaped Kang-jun's attacks using space movement.

However, her face was stiff.

'I can't believe it. No matter how much power he gained from Hwanmong, he shouldn't be able to prevent my attacks. Too scary.'

She couldn't let Kang-jun grow even further.

A human shouldn't have this power.

'I will overthrow you with all my strength.'

A glorious light emerged from her eyes.

Hwakak! Hwaaack!

Using all her abilities, Shaoniel activated her Shackles of Light.

Kang-jun's body was surrounded by an infinite net of light.

Then they all rushed toward Kang-jun.


Kang-jun's body was hidden by the shroud of light and couldn't be seen anymore.

The net of light became smaller, reaching the size of a fist, then a few millimeters.

'The sealing is a success.'

Shaoniel sighed with an expression of relief.

It was too dangerous.

She had to pour out all her power.

However, now that he was sealed, everything was resolved.

Shaoniel was going to take this bead back the Celestial World and discuss how to deal with him.

However, at that moment...


A sword was stuck in her chest.

Then a surprising presence appeared in front of her.

It was Kang-jun. He wore a derisive smile as he pulled the Heaven's Blood Sword out of her chest.


Blood spurted out like a fountain.

’’How...? Weren't you sealed in this bead?’’

Shaoniel questioned as she felt the power escaping from her body. She couldn't understand the situation.

Kang-jun replied with a serious expression,

’’Did you think you could put me in a net in Hwanmong? You only captured my illusion.’’

He took out a dimensional bottle and received Shaoniel's blood.

’’And you let your guard down when you thought I was sealed. Thanks to that, I was able to beat you more easily than I had thought.’’

’’W-what did you do?’’

Shaoniel quivered at his actions that seemed so natural, it was like he was taking milk from a cow.

She could only stare blankly as he took her blood.

Then she realized something...

The space around them was completely different. This wasn't the space that she had created, but a Hwanmong world created by Kang-jun.

'D-did he seal me?'

She had never even imagined it. That could never happen.

An advanced angel was occasionally sealed by a demonic god, but there was no precedence of a celestial god being sealed.

Of course, it might have happened in the myriad of dimensions that existed, but it had never occurred in the Celestial World that Shaoniel belonged to.

Therefore, it was the first time she had ever experienced a seal.

'No. Something is wrong...'

However, she could feel that it was reality after seeing an advanced angel staring at her with astonishment and despair.

’’Ahh, Shaoniel! Even you...’’

Luminael sighed at the situation and tears of despair flowed from his eyes.


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