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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 151


Chapter 151: Power of Destruction (2)

[The Guardian Power Jewel gives you a powerful defense ability in Hwanmong. In particular, it creates defenses that prevent external beings from entering the area you are defending.]

[Guardian Power Jewel]

-Two bottles of blood from celestial gods, one Essence of Power, 100 Dimensional Pieces and 100 synthesized Essence of Chaos.

[The blood of a celestial god can be obtained using a destruction bottle created from a Destruction Piece that was melted by chaos power.]

[Only one bottle of blood can be gained from a celestial angel.]

The Guardian Power Jewel required the blood of a celestial god, rather than a demonic god.

It wouldn't be difficult to obtain the blood of the gods since he would be fighting them soon.

[Mission] Create a Guardian Power Jewel

[Performance Conditions] Guardian Power Jewel created: 0/1

[Compensation] Three levels, one Chaos Knowledge Script

[Do you want to accept the mission?]


Surprisingly, another mission appeared. It might be because he wasn't limited to only one mission like before.

Kang-jun accepted it instantly.

If he completed these two missions, he would gain six levels. However, the greater reward was the Chaos Knowledge Script.

If he gathered three of them, he could get a glimpse into another world.

He had already obtained one from Shadowless. Once these missions were completed, he would have three Chaos Knowledge Scripts.

Hopefully, opening it would allow him to go one step higher.

'These missions are really helping me.'

It was like the shadows had said. He didn't know about anywhere else, but Kang-jun would be able to defeat anyone if he was in Hwanmong.

'Then shall I see the power of the last jewel?'

[The Survival Power Jewel gives you the power of immortality in Hwanmong. You can survive even if you die, but dying will lower your abilities.]

[Survival Power Jewel]

-Three bottles of blood from celestial gods, three bottles of blood from demonic gods, three Essence of Power, 1000 Dimensional Pieces, 1000 Dimensional Pieces and and 100 synthesized Essence of Chaos.

The Survival Power Jewel required the greatest amount of materials.

'The amount of materials required is enormous.'

Apart from the essences, he required three bottles of blood from the demonic gods and celestial gods.

However, it was necessary to become immortal so that Kang-jun wouldn't die like the demonic gods or celestial gods.

[Mission] Create the Survival Power Jewel

[Performance Conditions] Created Survival Power Jewel: 0/1

[Compensation] Five levels, Hwanmong Protector's Necklace (Hwanmong)

[Do you want to accept the mission?]


Kang-jun accepted it instantly. The amount of ingredients required for the Survival Power Jewel was huge, so the rewards were enormous as well.

He would gain five levels and a Hwanmong ranked necklace.

To complete all missions, he needed five bottles of blood from the celestial gods and five from the demonic gods.

'Then I should make all the bottles at once.'

Kang-jun immediately melted down Dimensional Pieces and Destruction Pieces and formed them into bottles.

After a while, three destruction and five dimensional bottles were completed. Kang-jun put them all in his inventory.

He was ready!

Then Kang-jun felt a different and powerful energy appear in Pavalia Station.

It was a demonic god.

'It's been quiet and one finally showed up.'

However, Kang-jun welcomed it at this moment.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa!

The dimensional sea swirled like it was caught in a huge typhoon. The small worlds in its radius were hidden without a trace.

Dozens of small worlds disappeared in the blink of an eye.

'Are the small worlds comfortable?'

In the end, this was all an illusion.

If he won, the demonic god would have no effect on Pavalia Station. However, if he lost, this situation would become real.

Therefore, he needed to win.

'He is stronger than the one I saw last time.'

Kang-jun frowned as he looked around.

This time, the demonic god attacking Kang-jun was a huge storm! The momentum was incomparable to Heldas.

He was Tonnach, the storm demonic god.

Once Kang-jun appeared, Tonnach turned into a warrior holding a pair of swords.

’’Are you the one called Lucan? As a human who has just reached the level of chaos, it is stupid to walk into the realm of the gods. But if you now surrender to Karosio, I won't do anything to you.’’

Kang-jun laughed coldly.

’’There is no such thing. You will regret visiting me today.’’

Kang-jun's sword glowed as his words finished.


At the moment, the storm, which had been turning the dimensional sea into chaos, disappeared as the line of light flew toward Tonnach's chest.

Kwaang! Kwaang!

Surprisingly, Tonnach received Kang-jun's strike. He had to step back, but he was definitely on a different level from Heldas who had been cut in two.

Flash! Flash!

So, Kang-jun cornered him without giving him any room.

Once he made a certain number of attacks, he would be able to tell how much combat power his opponent had.

Tonnach was an opponent that Kang-jun could beat. However, if Kang-jun gave room for a counterattack, Tonnach would be more tricky.

Kwang! Kwaang!

It was better to push Tonnach without pausing for breath.

'Euh! This type of ability.'

Tonnach panicked as a flash emerged from Kang-jun's sword.

Tonnach was pushed back from the impact of the strike.

He couldn't dream of a counterattack as he could barely defend.

Then he realized why Heldas had been defeated in such a terrible state.

(Hatunia! What are you doing? Are you just going to watch?)

Tonnach hurriedly called out to someone.

He hadn't come here alone.

Due to Karosio's order, he had come here today with Hatunia, who was a snake demonic god.

(You were so confident that you could win by yourself, yet you eventually asked for help.)

At that moment, a gigantic snake appeared behind Kang-jun.

It was Hatunia!

He aimed a long whip at Kang-jun.


The speed of the whip ripped through the dimensional space. Kang-jun, who had been driving Tonnach back, had to move his body to avoid the whip.

'He's out now.'

Outwardly, Kang-jun looked confused, but he was smiling on the inside.

From the very beginning, Kang-jun had known that another demonic god had been watching them from somewhere nearby.

So, he hadn't revealed his ability on purpose as he only used enough power to push Tonnach.

It was so that the other demonic god wouldn't escape.

'Okay, two bottles of blood!'

Although it was a slight mockery, to Kang-jun, they weren't much different from blood banks.

He would seal both of them without fail.

'Thanks to you, I can get the Destruction Power Jewel today.'

Hatunia and Tonnach started a fierce offensive.

Kwarururung! Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Sswik! Swiiik!

A storm emerged from Tonnach's double swords! Hatunia's whip moved all over the space!

In particular, the length of Hatunia's whip was infinitely long and could stretch out to destroy a small world.

As a result, the worlds protected by Heksia and Klater disappeared.

It was Hatunia's intention to cause Kang-jun to become furious and expose a gap, but he didn't even blink.

He calmly defended against the attacks from the two demonic gods.

Disaster came to Hatunia first.


A ray of light flew through the whip that had been winding around Kang-jun persistently.

It pierced Hatunia's head.

That happened in the blink of an eye.

Once the snake head turned into dust, Tonnach's throat was sliced by Kang-jun as he stared in astonishment.


That was the end.

Hatunia and Tonnach felt uneasy and tried to escape, but they had been moved to an unknown space.

It was a clearing in a dense forest.

There was a shabby hut situated in it and a small lake could be seen through the trees.

That was the entire world.

There was an angel with a scruffy face sitting idly by the lake.

Even though Luminael had been transformed into a gruesome state, Hatunia and Tonnach still recognized him as an advanced angel.

They had been fighting for a very long time, so they knew his name. The unusual thing was that they couldn't feel any divine power from Luminael!

However, that didn't matter right now. It wasn't the time to worry about someone else.

Hatunia and Tonnach were dismayed that they couldn't feel any magic in their bodies.

They still had the immortal ability of a demonic god but nothing else remained.

’’W-what is going on here?’’

’’Unbelievable! A seal?’’

They soon realized that they had been sealed by Kang-jun.

At that time, Luminael finally discovered Hatunia and Tonnach.

'They are?'

He was also able to recognize their identities.

His expression changed then.

A gleeful expression that said 'this situation is great' appeared on his face.

’’Hahaha! It is so nice to see both of you here. It is the first time I've laughed in 100 years.’’

He was delighted that the demonic gods had been captured.

’’Shut up.’’

’’You have lost your fear.’’

Hatunia and Tonnach seemed like they wanted to eat Luminael.

Then they flinched and turned their heads with surprise.

At that moment, Kang-jun had extended his hand and blood burst from Hatunia's body.


Kang-jun captured it in a destruction bottle with an indifferent expression.

’’W-what did you do?’’

However, this time Kang-jun burst open Tonnach's chest.


And another destruction bottle was filled with blood.


Kang-jun grinned at the two bottles of blood.

Hatunia and Tonnach started cursing at Kang-jun.

’’How dare a human devour a god! Do you think you will be spared?’’

’’Kukuku! If Karosio knows about this, you will fall into her curse.’’

In the midst of all this, they were still threatening him.

Kang-jun gazed at them with an indifferent expression and muttered,

’’I'm busy, so I will see you in 100 years.’’

Kang-jun waved his hand and Hatunia and Tonnach disappeared from the forest.

They reappeared again in an empty space.

However, they were thrown there separately.

This was the solitary prison that Kang-jun had created.

Of course, each solitary prison would receive the Punishment of Time.

The first target had been the advanced angel, Luminael, and there were now two demonic gods.

[The Punishment of Time has begun. A countdown to 100 years has begun.]

The demon gods also had to endure a long time with the mentality of a human.

Kang-jun was still standing in the forest with Luminael and he pulled out the alchemy ingredients instantly.


There was a momentary flash and all the materials disappeared.

[The Destruction Power Jewel has been successfully created.]

[Destruction Power Jewel]

-Rating: Hwanmong

-Damage will increase significantly. In particular, lethal damage will be dealt to immortal beings such as celestial gods and demonic gods in Hwanmong.

-It will be effective when mounting on a weapon.

'Huhuhu, it is a success.'

Kang-jun was delighted.

[The mission has been accomplished.]

[You have gained enough experience to increase your level by three as a reward.]

[A Chaos Knowledge Script has been acquired as compensation.]

Kang-jun rose to Lv314 and gained his second Chaos Knowledge Script.

He immediately attached the Destruction Power Jewel to Heaven's Blood Sword.

[The attack power of Heaven's Blood Sword has greatly increased.]

[You can cause fatal damage to celestial gods, demonic gods, etc. in Hwanmong.]

The Heaven's Blood Sword shone intensely.

A power that seemed to be able to destroy the world rose from the blade!

Luminael quivered as he saw it from a distance.

'Ahh, that is the Destruction Power Jewel! What to do?'

Lucan was already terribly strong, but he had now obtained the Destruction Power Jewel!

Luminael moaned inwardly.

'It would be wise to give Lucan what he wants, but they will never make such a choice. It is a big deal.'

Luminael knew better than anyone how knowledgeable and inflexible the celestial gods were.

They would press Lucan to carry out their will.

However, Lucan wasn't an easy opponent.

He didn't know about anywhere else, but it was true in Hwanmong.

So, he had been uneasy thinking about what would happen in the future.

However, the situation he had been worried about was happening now.


Kang-jun was stroking the Heaven's Blood Sword when his expression changed suddenly.

In the skies of Pavalia Station...

A woman with brilliant wings looked down with a cold smile.

Kang-jun sensed it the moment he saw her.

She was a celestial goddess!

At last, a celestial god had come to Kang-jun.


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