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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 150


Chapter 150: Power of Destruction (1)

Luminael had blue hair and gave off an endlessly good impression. Even if he didn't have glittering wings, anyone who saw his face would think he was an angel.

However, that was an old story, of course.

At present, Luminael was staring at Kang-jun with dead eyes.

His skin was all dried up like a land that had experienced a long drought. His face had literally stiffened, so no emotions could be seen.

Kang-jun was amazed to see Luminael looking like that.

He had been punished for 100 years, but he was still an advanced angel.

'The Punishment of Time must be more severe than I thought.'

In fact, it was a really terrible punishment for Kang-jun who was a human.

If Kang-jun had been punished, it was obvious that he wouldn't be able to bear it if he was still an ordinary human.

However, Luminael was an advanced angel, so he thought the effects would be lessened.

Kang-jun had never imagined he would be so broken.


Luminael finally opened his mouth.

’’You don't even recognize my face?’’

Luminael made a bizarre expression and laughed wildly. His eyes flashed as he spoke,

’’Y-you bastard! You are the real Lucan. Damn scum.’’


’’Ugh! I'd rather die! This X bastard. I will kill this piece of shit! I will pull you to hell with me.’’

Curses emerged from an angel's mouth.

Kang-jun stared at Luminael with a bemused expression, then laughed suddenly.

'That's right. I forgot.'

Once Luminael was in the sealed world, he didn't have the mentality of an advanced angel but merely that of a human.

Even a punishment of one year would be awful.

Yet, he had to spent 100 years in this empty space!

It was natural that Luminael would lose his spirit.

Kang-jun clicked his tongue and said,

’’It wouldn't have been like this if you had listened to my words sooner. It isn't too late even now. Return Hayun and the others to their original states.’’

Luminael's body shook like he had been struck by lightning. He recalled the terrible swearing that had just emerged from his mouth and spoke with a miserable expression,

’’H-how much time has passed?’’

His mind was slowly returning.

’’It was only a moment outside but in here, 100 years have passed.’’

’’Hah... Was that the case?’’

Luminael's expression worsened.

’’I hadn't expected that I would have a mental collapse in just 100 years.’’

’’It is because you spent that time as a human, not an angel. If you want, you can experience it one more time.’’

Luminael's body shook as he pleaded,


He finally moaned and said,

’’I have gained a sense of humanity, so I understand it. I know why Lucan is so angry.’’

He looked at Kang-jun with pathetic eyes.

’’I am really sorry. I will accept any punishment.’’

After swearing, he had now returned to angel mode. Kang-jun's cold expression hardened even further.

’’I don't want to hear apologies. Just return Hayun and the others.’’

Luminael sighed again.

’’I would do it unconditionally if I could. If I can escape a cursed place like this, there is no reason to hesitate.’’

’’Then that means it is impossible?’’

’’It isn't impossible. It is possible if you negotiate with the celestial gods, but I don't know if they will do you a favour.’’

Negotiating with the celestial gods...

Luminael said they could do it, but it wouldn't be easy to convince them.

Kang-jun stared straight at Luminael.

’’Do you really mean it? Luminael, you can't do anything with your power?’’

’’Unfortunately, that is correct.’’

Luminael nodded without any strength.

It meant that he had no power.

If he was in a company, he would only be a low-ranking employee.

The condition that Kang-jun wanted needed to be judged by the executives.

He thought an advanced angel was great, but they didn't have as much authority as he had originally thought.

If so, he needed to add more kindling.

Kang-jun was silent for a while before speaking.

’’Then you can't get out of here. Wait here until the negotiation with the Celestial World is over. However, I will no longer give you the Punishment of Time.’’

Kang-jun waved his hand as he spoke.

At that moment, the empty space turned into a lush forest. There was a humble hut in the middle. Trees grew densely and there was a small lake.

It was an ordinary forest scenery.


Luminael shouted excitedly. It was frustrating to remain trapped, but a forest was a million times better than empty space.

Furthermore, it might be sloppy, but there was a hut. There was also a lake next to it.

Kang-jun stared at Luminael grimly.

’’Whether you leave or not depends on the celestial gods. If they are wise, you can exit sooner.’’

’’Thank you for the consideration, Lucan.’’

Luminael knew that Kang-jun wouldn't release him while the negotiation with the celestial gods was still ongoing. He was grateful for this much consideration as he knew Kang-jun could make a very rough environment for him to suffer in.

Kang-jun then emerged from the sealed world and was troubled for a moment.

If he couldn't regain Hayun and the others with Luminael's power, then it was going to be harder than he had thought.

He didn't know if the celestial gods would allow it so easily.

'But they won't just discard an advanced angel.'

Just based on his combat power, Luminael was a talented person. Losing Luminael would be a great loss to the Celestial World.

However, if they weren't idiots, they wouldn't give up Hayun and the others just for Luminael.

Thus, Kang-jun had to convince the Celestial World in the negotiation.

He shouldn't overdo it.

However, he needed to be in a favourable position for the negotiation.

He should be the one holding the hilt.

Kang-jun's heart became heavy at the thought that it would take longer than expected to recover Hayun and the others.

It might even be necessary to fight the celestial gods.

If Kang-jun defeated them, he would give them no choice in the negotiation.

They would only negotiate if they couldn't do anything against Kang-jun.

Could he win against a celestial god?

Luminael had a similar combat power to the demonic god, Heldas, that he had seen previously. This meant the upper ranks must be stronger than the demonic gods.

Originally, it would be impossible for Kang-jun to deal with the celestial gods. However, he was now the guardian of Hwanmong.

Most of the celestial gods' fraudulent powers wouldn't work.

Still, Kang-jun decided to raise his combat power in preparation for the battles ahead.

'I need to create more power jewels.'

Two power jewels could be attached to the Heaven's Blood Sword. There was already one jewel attached while the other spot was vacant.

Guardian, Destruction and Survival!

Kang-jun intended to make the Destruction Power Jewel to increase his attack power.

'The Destruction Jewel will raise my attack power.'

At that moment, the contents of the Book of Power and the related recipe rose up before him.

[The power of destruction will increase your attack power in Hwanmong greatly. In particular, it will deal lethal damage to immortal creatures such as the celestial gods and demonic gods.

[Destruction Power Jewel Recipe]

-Two bottles of blood from demonic gods, one Essence of Power, 100 Dimensional Pieces and 100 synthesized Essence of Chaos.

[The blood of a demonic god can be obtained using a destruction bottle created from a Destruction Piece melted by chaos power.]

[Only one bottle of blood can be acquired from a demonic god.]

'I need the blood of a demonic god.'

The other materials were in his inventory. The only one he needed was the blood of a demonic god.

[Mission] Obtain the Destruction Power Jewel

[Performance Conditions] Created Destruction Power Jewel 0/1

[Compensation] Three levels, one Chaos Knowledge Script

[Would you like to accept the mission?]


'Oh! Mission!'

Surprisingly, there was a related mission.

If he created the Destruction Power Jewel, he could gain three levels as well as another Chaos Knowledge Script!

'Enormous rewards.'

Kang-jun's eyes widened with surprise.

He had been feeling regret that he hadn't gotten any experience from sealing Luminael.

If he didn't kill them, he couldn't get experience. So, sealing advanced angels wasn't much use in this area.

This was why it wasn't good to fight the gods.

Winning wasn't worth it.

However, it was a different story if there was a mission.

Of course, if he wanted to create the Destruction Power Jewel, he needed to fight two demonic gods and obtain their blood.

However, this wouldn't be too difficult for Kang-jun.

'Yes! I accept.'

[The mission was accepted.]

[Create a Destruction Power Jewel to complete the mission.]

'I don't know when a demonic god will appear, so let's make a destruction bottle quickly.'

He needed a Destruction Piece to create the bottle. The last time, he had consumed all the Destruction Pieces to make the Sealing Jewel, so he didn't have any left.

'It is better to keep a bunch of Destruction Pieces.'

Kang-jun moved to the dark space directly.

He swept away all the halls he saw.

The transcendents fighting in front of each Hall of Destruction were stunned as the creatures suddenly disappeared.

However, they thought there was merely an anomaly in the Hall of Destruction. They never imagined that Kang-jun had appeared and destroyed the creatures.

In the blink of an eye, hundreds of Halls of Destruction were broken and Kang-jun acquired 32,972 Destruction Pieces.

'This should be enough.'

For the moment, there weren't anymore Destruction Pieces in the dark space.

Kang-jun left the dark space and immediately melted a Destruction Piece with chaos power.

Chu chu chu.

The Destruction Piece was melted and a piece of dough the size of a nail emerged.

'Hundreds of Destruction Pieces are needed to create one bottle.'

The size for the bottle was floating in front of Kang-jun like a hologram.

In order to make a bottle of that size, Kang-jun had to melt the Destruction Pieces and shape the dough.

He finally made one.

It was transparent, just like ordinary glass.

All he needed to do now was add the blood of a demonic god.

Chu chu chu chu.

Kang-jun continued melting Destruction Pieces and another bottle was soon finished.

He completed the preparations by making two bottles to contain the demonic gods' blood.

’’I wish that two demonic gods would appear.’’

However, there were no signs of that yet.

Kang-jun would feel it immediately if a demonic god entered Pavalia Station.

'When will they come?'

He didn't know where they were, so he had to wait for the demonic gods to come.

However, he couldn't just wait patiently.

Kang-jun decided to make the materials for the other power jewels in the meantime. He would need them someday anyway.


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