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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 148


Chapter 148: Punishment of Time (1)


The light from Kang-jun's sword struck Luminael's body.


Luminael's body then turned into dust. However, it had only been a clone as the real Luminael frowned at Kang-jun from a distant place.

’’Do you really want to be stubborn, Lucan? You might regret it.’’

’’This is the final warning. Return Hayun and the others intact.’’

Kang-jun hadn't used the power jewel yet. He thought about trying to seal Luminael but decided to give him one last chance.

The illusion wasn't a welcome thing.

It was obvious that Hayun and the others had been summoned to the Celestial World. Therefore, he thought the advanced angel Luminael would be able to return them like nothing had happened.

However, Luminael ignored Kang-jun's warning and said with a sigh,

’’Whatever you do, they won't be able to return. The Celestial World has already decided to send you back to reality. If you insist on being stubborn...’’

Luminael didn't finish speaking.

Suddenly, a gleaming light split his chest apart.


Kang-jun's attack was so fast that he only noticed after his heart was struck.


Luminael made a surprised expression. He knew that Kang-jun was strong, but he hadn't expected him to be so powerful that Luminael couldn't even touch him.

’’You're crazy. Do you know what you are doing right now?’’

’’I'm very normal. Rather, you are the one who doesn't understand the situation.’’

Luminael groaned.

’’Ha! Then it can't be helped. You are now on an irreversible path.’’


His body blurred and disappeared.

As an advanced angel, he had a fighting power similar to a demonic god. In other words, he also had the ability of immortality that didn't allow him to die.

However, Kang-jun was so strong that there was no way to beat him.

'I will go back to the Celestial World and check the situation.'

But he soon fell into shock as he felt his power suddenly escaping from his body.

That wasn't all.

Before him was a strange place! The moment Kang-jun sliced his chest, he had appeared in a strange place that definitely wasn't the Celestial World.

'Where is this place?'

It was a space of unknown darkness.

Although everywhere was dark, he was able to see.

'Unbelievable! My divine power has been exhausted.'

He was in a state where his ability as an advanced angel had been lost.

This state meant he was no different from an ordinary human and he couldn't return to the Celestial World either.


Kang-jun appeared in front of him.

In fact, this was another world that Kang-jun had created using the power of the Sealing Jewel.

Therefore, Kang-jun could use all his strength but the sealed Luminael couldn't use his.

It was similar to the battle field and punishment field, but the difference was that there was no time limit and the opponent's ability was sealed.

The most important point was that there was no time limit!

Unless Kang-jun released him, Luminael would be stuck in this world forever.

’’How did this....?’’

Luminael realized he couldn't return to the Celestial World and that he was trapped in a seal.

...Sealing an advanced angel of the Celestial World!

Only a small number of demonic gods had the power jewels that were able to do this.

’’Don't tell me that you have the power jewel of a demonic god?’’

Kang-jun laughed coldly.

’’You don't need to know. If you are wise, you should only be thinking of one thing a method to return Hayun, Colt, Shakan and Keljark.’’

Luminael laughed bitterly.

’’You are greater than I had thought, but even so, it is foolish to fight against the Celestial World.’’

Kang-jun smiled coldly.

’’I don't want to hear that. Restore Hayun and the others right now, then I will release you.’’

’’Once again, those who disappeared from Earth are now out of my hands and I can't return them even if I want to.’’

’’Are you saying this again? It seems like you still don't know the predicament you're in. I can't believe the words of an angel.’’

At that moment, the punishment seal appeared in front of Kang-jun.

[As master of this world, you can punish the prisoners trapped here with the Punishment of Time.]

[Punishment of Time]

-The target will be trapped in time and made to feel loneliness and despair.

The Sealing Jewel with the formidable power of Hwanmong...

It didn't just lock up the target, a punishment was also added.

It wasn't anything other than time.

[Please determine the length of punishment.]

[You can choose freely from a minimum of one year to a maximum of 100 years.]

Somehow, the punishment seemed harsh.

It was 100 human years, so that was nothing to angels.

However, Kang-jun had sealed Luminael's abilities, so Luminael's mentality had dropped to a the level of a human's.

'It can't be helped. I will use 100 years which is the maximum punishment time.'

This meant the flow of time would be distorted to 100 years when Kang-jun entered and left.

It was a long time for a human.

Luminael, with the mentality of a human, needed to spend that long in the punishment.

It was an empty space where he couldn't do anything and was powerless.

Of course, Luminael was still unaware of what would happen to him. Kang-jun watched Luminael with a cold expression and declared,

’’Please answer wisely the next time I enter.’’

[The Punishment of Time has begun. A countdown to 100 years has begun.]

After seeing those messages, Kang-jun left the sealed world.

Before he knew it, the door to Hwanmong had closed.

It was time to return to reality.

[The door to Hwanmong is closed.]

Kang-jun made a devastated expression as he woke up in the bedroom on the top floor of the Delta building.

He had always woken up to Hayun's bright smile.

However, he wasn't able to see it today.

Once he returned to reality from the dream, his strange state disappeared with Hayun's smile. Now, that she wasn't here, Kang-jun felt a deep emptiness.

This emptiness wasn't the problem.

It was the thought of never seeing Hayun again that he couldn't stand.

'I can't lose Hayun.'

It was the same for Colt, Shakan and Keljark.

'I will get them back even if I have to negotiate with the Celestial World.'

It would certainly be possible.

One way to get them back was releasing Luminael in exchange for them.

However, that was impossible in reality.

He would only be able to get in touch with the Celestial World in Hwanmong.

'I don't have time anymore.'

He wanted to return to the world of Hwanmong as soon as possible, so the three days felt like a long time.

It had only been one hour in reality, but it felt like years had passed.

Even without Hayun, it was likely that no harm would happen to his body while he slept.

Kang-jun had already spread a variety of magics and wards around the house and bedroom that would trigger when hostile presences appeared.

As a result, even transcendents wouldn't be able to enter here.

Moreover, even if a chaos being had appeared and destroyed Kang-jun's body, the Kang-jun in Hwanmong wouldn't die.

It was because once he had reached transcendence, he was no longer bound to his body.

In other words, his body in Earth was the passageway from Hwanmong to Earth, but his life wasn't influenced by the body.

Kang-jun could even recreate his flesh.

The chaos ability could be used on Earth as well as in Hwanmong.

In extreme terms, even the destruction of Earth wouldn't affect Kang-jun's abilities.

However, if Earth disappeared, he would suffer a psychological loss.

After that, he would live forward in Hwanmong without going back and forth between reality and Hwanmong.

Even so, Kang-jun hadn't told Hayun this. It was because Hayun was proud about protecting Kang-jun.

Kang-jun didn't want to take away Hayun's joy.

This was also Kang-jun's joy. There was only one thing he wanted to see first when he returned to reality and that was Hayun's bright smile.

It wasn't an exaggeration to say that the reason why he returned to reality was Hayun.

However, Hayun had been caught by the Celestial World. If she was a human, she would be dead.

'She is surely alive.'

Kang-jun would give a warning to the Celestial World to make sure this wouldn't happen twice in the future. It would be the same for the demonic gods as well.

Kang-jun sat on the roof of the Delta building and stared at the clouds, waiting for time to pass.

He had no thoughts about eating or doing anything.

After some time passed...


The Skia rang.

-Lord, it is me, Han Yeon-soo.

In fact, she was Crodin, the black dragon who was in charge of the Black Dragon Law Firm that influenced Earth from the shadows.

Of course, she was also one of Kang-jun's household members.

Fortunately, the Celestial World hadn't caught Crodin as well.

’’What's going on?’’

Kang-jun was very glad to hear from Han Yeon-soo.

Other than Kang-jun, she was the only other alien being on this earth.

-There is something strange regarding the aliens.

'Aliens. What's going on?'

Kang-jun summoned Han Yeon-soo immediately.

Han Yeon-soo panicked as she suddenly appeared on top of the Delta building, but she then smiled carefully.

She knew of Kang-jun's abilities, so summoning an awakened dragon, who was part of his household, was nothing to him.

’’I greet Lord.’’

She fell to one knee in front of Kang-jun. Kang-jun nodded and asked,

’’Aliens. Are there aliens coming for Earth?’’

’’That is my guess. Actually, I activated a magic called Watcher's Eye around the earth and solar system. That way I can handle any annoying enemies before they get close to Earth.’’

She had set up hundreds of warp points in this solar system.

Each of those warp points contained a wide-range detection magic called Watcher's Eye, allowing her to know when enemies approached.

’’Suddenly, they all disappeared yesterday.’’

’’The hundreds of Watcher's Eyes are gone?’’

’’Yes. So, I have to think that something is aiming for Earth.’’

’’I think so as well.’’

Kang-jun nodded. Someone had released the magic of Han Yeon-soo, who was an awakened dragon.

What type of power was coming from outer space?

Furthermore, why so suddenly?

It could be a coincidence, but Kang-jun didn't think so.

It was obviously related to the Celestial World or demonic gods.

Setting the demonic gods aside...

Would the Celestial World do such a thing?

In the past, he would have thought it was ridiculous, but Kang-jun could no longer trust anything in this world.

The advanced angel, Luminael, had done such an unscrupulous thing to Hayun and the others.

Anyway, it didn't matter who it was.

The war had already started with both sides.

'I just want some quiet time in reality, but even in here, they won't leave me alone. Do they really want to try it?'

He didn't need to guess who was behind this.

It would come out when he grabbed and questioned the ones attacking.


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