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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 147


Chapter 147: Sealing Power Jewel (2)

It was a celestial ranked item that would allow him to resurrect at the moment of death.

...To be able to survive in the worst situation!

That was very reassuring to Kang-jun.

However, that wasn't always a good thing.

'I became reliant on it.'

...Being glad at the thought of resurrection at the moment of death!

That meant Kang-jun's mind had weakened.

Dying once was the end!

It was the reason why Kang-jun had tried so desperately to survive and had been able to become as strong as he was now. If he depended on the resurrection item, his mind would weaken and he wouldn't become stronger.

Kang-jun suddenly felt some doubts as he held the Holy Amulet of Resurrection in his hands.

'Maybe the Celestial World had such intentions when they gave me this amulet.'

Anyway, it was certainly a waste to disassemble.

However, Kang-jun needed the power jewel more than the Holy Amulet of Resurrection, so he decided to give it up.

Kang-jun asked the alchemist Sud, who was in his shadow,

’’Sud, please come out as your synthesis alchemy is required. Disassemble this Holy Amulet of Resurrection.’’

Kang-jun remembered that synthesis alchemy had the ability to disassemble as well as synthesize.

(Lord, the rating is so high that it is impossible for me.)

Sud's power meant he could only disassemble items that were up to myth grade.

He needed to be at least transcendent in order to disassemble items of the celestial rank.

’’This is certainly troublesome. I need to disassemble this to make the power jewel.’’

While he was worrying, Sud asked suddenly,

(What if i give Lord the synthesis alchemy? In particular, Lord's luck is high, so more than one Essence of Power might appear.)

’’That's a good idea.’’

Sometimes, he made everything so complicated that he couldn't see the simple things.

Kang-jun was able to comprehend even the most complicated of magics because his intelligence had risen to 309.

it was the same for skills.

It was possible for him to transcend the occupation and learn any skill.

[You have learnt Synthesis Alchemy.]

[Synthesis has been learnt.]

[Disassembly has been learnt.]

As expected, Kang-jun instantly learned synthesis alchemy from Sud.

He immediately tried disassembling.

'Disassemble, the Holy Amulet of Resurrection!'

[The Holy Amulet of Resurrection is a celestial grade item.]

[The disassembly can't be reversed.]

[Are you sure you want to disassemble it?]


'Yes! Disassemble.'

Kang-jun didn't hesitate.

The amulet in his hands disappeared. At the same time, messages appeared.

[The disassembly of the Holy Amulet of Resurrection has succeeded.

[Three Essence of Power have been acquired.]

[1,200 Dimensional Pieces have been acquired.]


He got three Essence of Power. There was also 1,200 Dimensional Pieces.

In the past, he had only gotten one Dimensional Piece at a time.

Yet, he had just gained 1,200 all at once.

However, this much was expected after disassembling a celestial grade item.

He now needed to get the rest of the materials.

'10 Sealing Pieces and 3,000 Destruction Pieces... It will be over soon.'

Kang-jun opened Aoks on Agand Continent and other small worlds.

If any demons, dragons or spirits were trapped inside the Aoks, they were released after swearing allegiance to Kang-jun.

Then one or two Sealing Pieces emerged when the Aoks were destroyed. Getting rid of Aoks was a very easy task for Kang-jun.

After gathering 10 Sealing Pieces, Kang-jun immediately flew into the dark space and slaughtered the destroyers around the Halls of Destruction.

When he swung his sword, thousands of destroyers were killed, so he collected 3,000 Destruction Pieces very quickly.

'Huhu, that's it.'

He finally gathered all the materials necessary to create the power jewel.

Kang-jun took out one Essence of Power and placed it on the floor.

The other two were kept in his inventory. They would be useful for creating other power jewels later.

He continued with the other materials.

10 Sealing Pieces, 3,000 Destruction Pieces and 100 Essence of Chaos.

It was now the moment he had been waiting for.

Kang-jun gathered them together and used a skill.


At that moment, the materials shone brightly.

[The Sealing Power Jewel has been successfully created.]

[Sealing Power Jewel]

-Rating: Hwanmong

-You can seal the target in a Hwanmong world.

-It will be effective when mounting on a weapon.

’’Ohh! It's a success!’’

Kang-jun cheered and immediately attached the Sealing Jewel to Heaven's Blood Sword.

[The Sealing Power Jewel has been attached to the Heaven's Blood Sword.

[A Hwanmong ranked item has been attached, so the Heaven's Blood Sword has been upgraded from chaos to Hwanmong.]

[The attack power of Heaven's Blood Sword is greatly increased when in Hwanmong.]

[Heaven's Blood Sword]

-Rating: Hwanmong

-A sword that Shadowless created by refining chaos power. Only chaos items can be mounted on it.

The power of Heaven's Blood Sword Style will be enhanced when used with this sword.

-Capable of attacks that ignore the target's defense.

-Absorbs chaos power when attacking.

-Damage greatly increases when in Hwanmong.

-Power Jewel that can be mounted 1/2

-Sealing Power Jewel: Seals the target within a Hwanmong world.

-Level restriction of 305.

Kang-jun attached a power jewel to the Heaven's Blood Sword.

The power to seal targets into Hwanmong!

In the future, if Kang-jun killed a demonic god just once, they would be sealed in a Hwanmong world.

This meant Kang-jun no longer had to worry about their power of immortality.

Of course, in addition to demonic gods, it was also possible to seal chaos or transcendent beings.

Kang-jun could even seal angels or celestial gods that he defeated.

However, if he used was a power jewel from the Celestial World, it wouldn't be effective against the angels and celestial gods.

Of course, Kang-jun didn't think that he would need to seal an angel or celestial god. Even if he refused the help of the Celestial World, he didn't intend to become enemies with them.

Therefore, the target of his seals would be the demonic gods.

’’I wonder who will be the target of the first seal.’’

Kang-jun put the Heaven's Blood Sword away in his space.

However, Luminael, who had gone to the Celestial World, returned just then. He smiled bitterly at Kang-jun and said,

’’Lucan, unfortunately, I didn't receive a power jewel. But don't be too disappointed. I have comforting news instead.’’

’’What is it?’’

Luminael relaxed and gave a big smile.

’’The Celestial World wants to spread a blessing with the Delta building as the heart.’’

’’Oh! Really?’’

’’It is a very good thing. All your bases will be connected and the demonic gods won't be able to attack.’’

’’That is good.’’

It was very difficult for Kang-jun to prevent his bases from being attacked.

Of course, the base would be restored if he won against the demonic god, but it was better to prevent it from the beginning

Then Luminael said suddenly,

’’Lucan, there is just one condition.’’

’’What is the condition?’’

’’The blessing of the heart is burdensome because it consumes a lot of the Celestial World's power. In particular, it is more difficult in Hwanmong where the flow of dimensional power is irregular.’’

’’I see.’’

’’Yes, the only way is to designate Pavalia Station, which contains Lucan's base, as a Celestial World area.’’

Kang-jun's expression hardened.

’’What does that mean?’’

’’Literally, this area will be affiliated with the Celestial World, rather than Hwanmong. This will make it very easy to protect.’’

Kang-jun laughed bitterly. It was certainly very good, but the main point was that he would become subordinate to the Celestial World.

If Kang-jun was a normal human, instead of a chaos being and sovereign, he might have accepted this offer.

After all, the station would become very peaceful under the Celestial World's rule.

However, it was absolutely unacceptable as a Hwanmong sovereign.

As the shadows had said, it was clear that the Celestial World was thinking of eliminating Hwanmong under the pretext of helping Kang-jun.

Then Luminael asked,

’’Do you accept the Celestial World's offer? This is very beneficial to Lucan.’’

’’Is it truly beneficial?’’

Kang-jun glared at Luminael sharply. Luminael made a sound of surprise.


’’I asked if it would truly benefit me.’’

’’Of course. If Lucan receives the protection of the Celestial World, you won't have to battle the demonic gods yourself...’’

’’After the Celestial World absorbs Hwanmong, the power of Hwanmong will be scattered and lost. So, it won't be possible for me to fight the demonic gods.’’


Luminael was very startled. With a cynical expression, Kang-jun continued speaking,

’’Of course, I appreciate that you will take on the burden of fighting for me. However, I will lose everything and will return to my original world as an ordinary human. Is that truly beneficial for me?’’

Luminael sighed and replied,

’’Lucan, this can't be helped. I didn't know how to say this, but it is something that you should definitely know.’’

Kang-jun remained silent as Luminael continued,

’’Hwanmong is a dream. It isn't reality. Everything is a virtual image created from a dream.’’

’’So, breaking the dream will mean returning to reality?’’

’’Technically speaking, yes. Hwanmong shouldn't exist in the world. It is a very dangerous place that breaks the rules of the dimensions.’’

In the end, the truth came out. It was really good that Kang-jun had met the shadows under the Queen's Palace.

Otherwise, he would have been very confused by Luminael's current attitude.

However, Kang-jun accepted the situation pretty well because he had expected something like this from the Celestial World. The time came quickly as well.

On the other hand, while Kang-jun remained silent, Luminael tried to soothe him,

’’However, the Celestial World recognizes your merits and has decided to leave what you achieved in reality. Originally, you would be living in the small goshiwon in the Dafeng building, but you will now live comfortably as the owner of the Delta building. Of course, all the 16 trillion won will be yours.’’

He continued talking with a smile,

’’So, it is time to forget about Hwanmong and return to reality. If you stay here, you won't be able to live comfortably due to the demonic gods.’’

Kang Jun laughed, then he smiled at Luminael.

’’I see. I understand what the Celestial World is thinking, but unfortunately, I don't think I can obey. Thanks for the help you've provided so far, but please return. I will no longer receive help in the battle against the demonic gods.’’

Luminael frowned like he was outraged.

’’Lucan, do you truly think you can win against the demonic gods alone? If you are defeated by the demonic gods, everything will be destroyed not just in Hwanmong but in reality as well.’’

’’I'll take care of them. I can handle the demonic gods on my own.’’

Kang-jun thought that Luminael's proposal was ridiculous in many ways, but he didn't get angry.

He simply declined the help of the Celestial World.

Additionally, he decided not to become an enemy of the Celestial World.

Yet Kang-jun suddenly noticed a strange sight.


Surprisingly, reality was right in front of him.

The door of Hwanmong hadn't closed, he was just seeing a preview of reality.

Hayun gazed at the sleeping Kang-jun with sweet eyes.

Colt was looking over the expenses of the Delta building.

Additionally, he saw Shakan drinking at the odeng bar with people.

Keljark had just finished her business at the chicken house and was educating her household members mentally.

The four figures could clearly be seen in front of him.

Luminael spoke in a cold and firm tone,

’’It is a pity, Lucan. You are still dreaming, so I want to remind you of one reality. They are beings that shouldn't exist in reality. At this moment, their existences will be erased from reality.’’

As he said that, Hayun literally disappeared into smoke. It was the same for Colt. Shakan and Keljark faded away without a trace as well.

However, no one knew that they were gone. The moment they disappeared, all memories of them had been erased.


Kang-jun's eyes widened and he stared straight at Luminael.

’’That is a real situation that is occurring right now?’’

’’That's right.’’

’’If you are lying to intimidate me, then tell me honestly.’’

Luminael smiled coldly and shook his head.

’’Would an advanced angel lie? This is a real situation. Now, give up on Hwanmong and return to reality. Otherwise, you will lose all your properties including the Delta building.’’

At that moment, a light flashed in Kang-jun's eyes. He took out the Heaven's Blood Sword with a creepy sneer.

’’I hadn't expected that the target of the first seal would be an advanced angel.’’

The Heaven's Blood Sword sliced apart the space in front of him.


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