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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 146


Chapter 146: Sealing Power Jewel (1)

'Then I should go to the dungeon that Aquana told me about.'

Kang-jun immediately decided to check if the shadows' words were true.

'If I can find a power jewel, I won't need to submit to the angels' authority.'

At that moment, one of the shadows called out to Kang-jun,

’’Dimensional sovereign! We have delivered our message. Now, it depends on your choice.’’

Kang-jun was silent, then he nodded.

’’If your words are true, then I will ensure that Hwanmong won't be controlled by the demonic gods or the Celestial World.’’

The shadows cheered in unison:

’’We believe in you.’’

’’Now, we will be your strength.’’

’’You have the same will, so the power of Hwanmong will help you.’’

The bodies of the shadows faded away.

At the same time, an unknown light appeared around Kang-jun.

Messages popped up!

[The power of Hwanmong has recognized you as the guardian of Hwanmong.]

[Now, the power of Hwanmong will guide you using the missions to ensure that you get what you need most.]


More related messages appeared.

[The power of Hwanmong will create the mission you need now.]

[Mission] Melinad's Dream

[Performance Conditions] The mysterious phenomenon that appeared in the Queen's Palace on Agand Continent is due to Melinad's dream. Ask her about the dream and release her from it.

[Compensation] One level, the Book of Power

[Do you want to accept the mission?]


[The mission can be abandoned at any time without a penalty.]

[However, once abandoned, the mission can't be accepted again.]

It was the first time he could choose whether or not to accept a mission. After becoming transcendent, it was possible to make deals with the shadows.

However, he hadn't accept the missions because he hadn't liked the compensation.

However, the rewards for this mission were truly astonishing.

Right now, just gaining one level was incredible. It was because such a huge amount of experience was required for one level that even defeating a transcendent wouldn't make him level up.

However, the level up was nothing compared to the next reward.

'Book of Power? Then perhaps?'

Kang-jun was convinced that the reward had something to do with the power jewel.

'It must tell of a way to get the power jewel.'

The rewards for the mission had changed from the past.

Additionally, the description of the mission had changed as well.

'Yes! I accept.'

Then another message appeared immediately.

[You've accepted the mission, Melinad's Dream.]

[Fulfilling Melinad's dream will accomplish the mission.]

Furthermore, the contents of the mission had now disappeared.

The mission requirements for Kang-jun were changed automatically.

'That's it. Now, I just need to go out and ask Melinad.'

She would be waiting outside the dungeon. Kang-jun exited the dungeon immediately.

Chu chu chu.

At that moment, all traces of the dungeon faded away like it had never been there in the first place.

However, that was only to ordinary people as the entrance to the dungeon was clear in Kang-jun's eyes.

'The dungeon is completely concealed.'

One of the shadows probably did it. Now that Kang-jun had figured out the location, it wasn't necessary for others to know that there was a dungeon here.

’’Lord! What was inside?’’


’’Who are they?’’

’’Those who control the rules of Hwanmong. They told me things about Hwanmong.’’

The meeting with the shadows.

It was an important event that changed Kang-jun's destiny.

If it hadn't been for Melinad, Kang-jun would never have entered the dungeon here. Therefore, Kang-jun had a lot of warmth in his eyes as he gazed at her.

’’I'm glad to help Lord.’’

’’So, if you want a reward, tell me and I will give it to you.’’

’’All I did was let you know that there was a dungeon here.’’

’’It was a very big help to me. Don't feel burdened and tell me.’’

Kang-jun wanted to know Melinad's wish so he could complete the mission.

’’There must be some dream or fantasy that you want to achieve.’’

Melinad tilted her head to the side.

’’Let's see. There should be something.’’

’’Think carefully. It might be related to the mysterious phenomenon occurring at the palace here.’’

Melinad looked startled as she suddenly thought of something.

’’That reminds me...’’

’’Did you think of something?’’

’’I actually wished that I could become a human like Lord, but it is amazing that the power of this dream turned me into a human being in the palace.’’

Kang-jun was also amazed. He hadn't known that Melinad wanted to be a human.

’’Why do you want to be a human?’’


Melinad suddenly blushed as she bowed her head and didn't speak.

Kang-jun grasped her shoulders with his hands and stared at her.

’’Please speak. Tell me what it is. It is very important to me.’’

Once Kang-jun spoke so passionately, Melinad replied like it couldn't be helped.

’’Do I honestly have to say it?’’

’’Yes. What is the reason?’’

’’I want to become Lord's lover.’’


Kang-jun finally knew what Melinad's dream was.

She wanted to be human!

This was because Kang-jun was a human. She wanted to be a human and his lover.

'A romance with the naga queen.'

He hadn't thought about it, but Kang-jun didn't feel any resistance toward taking a beautiful woman as a lover.

It was an impossible love in reality.

However, it was possible in Hwanmong.

Apart from accomplishing the mission, Melinad was a woman who deserved to be loved.

’’Your fantasy. It will now become a reality.’’

Kang-jun smiled fondly as he stared into Melinad's eyes.

’’Lord, are you serious?’’

Melinad thought this was a dream. Kang-jun gently embraced her and declared,

’’I'm serious.’’


A smile of joy bloomed on Meliand's face.

Kang-jun immediately moved to her bedroom and they spent time together. He also went out on walks with her.

The unusual thing was that this time, Melinad kept the appearance of a human even after leaving the palace.

This was also her dream.

Then he found a dungeon by accident. The entrance to the dungeon was visible behind a waterfall.

’’Lord, there is a dungeon here.’’

’’Wait, I'll go in.’’

There were no threats in the dungeon. One of the Aoks without a master had harmonized itself, transforming the Aok into a dungeon that settled on Agand Continent.

The treasure obtained was a silver harp that was unusually small. It was like a palm-sized toy.

It was a myth grade item.

A hand wasn't needed as it played by itself with the help of emotional thoughts.

It was only possible for women to wear it. The harp could be mounted in the shape of a bracelet and the magic defense increased when it was equipped.

Kang-jun handed it to Melinad.

’’Take this. It is a gift.’’

’’Thank you Lord.’’

A beautiful melody played the moment she took the harp.

A sweet but fun melody that made his heart feel joy.

The melody that rang out was according to Melinad's feelings.

However, if there was any emotional dissonance, it would emerge in the music.

It was pleasant and calm music when the person was pleased or terrible when they were angry.

In particular, there was a fantastic melody when she was in bed with Kang-jun. The joy was amplified by several times.

'This music is addictive.'

In fact, the harp had the effect of filling health or black magic energy very quickly. However, that was meaningless to Kang-jun, so he just thought that the music itself was good.

Kang-jun was eager to continue hearing the music.

It showed that she was very happy.

Kang-jun closed his eyes and could see Melinad's bright smile from the melody.

Her dream was to see Kang-jun. She kept on thinking it was a dream, but at this point, she realized that it was no longer a dream.

Like Kang-jun said, he had turned it into reality.

Then finally, the messages that Kang-jun wanted to see popped up.

[You have fulfilled Melinad's fantasy.]

[The mission has been accomplished.]

He received messages stating that the mission was complete.

He had merely spent a fun time with Melinad, yet the mission had been completed.

'It would be nice if all missions were like this.'

Kang-jun glanced at the messages with a large grin.

[As a reward, enough experience will be given to increase your level.]

[The Book of Power (Hwanmong) has been given as compensation.]

He gained one level and reached Lv311.

He also acquired the Book of Power.

[Book of Power]

-Rating: Hwanmong

-A book about power jewels that can only be read by the guardian of Hwanmong.


As expected, the Book of Power contained information about the power jewels.

Moreover, it was Hwanmong ranked.

It was an unusual rank that was different from the items that went from transcendent to chaos and then to Celestial or Demonic.

He was certain that the Hwanmong rating was the best!

Kang-jun sensed it intuitively.

'Shall I read the book?'

Kang-jun opened the Book of Power.

A bright light emerged and penetrated Kang-jun's head.

[Through the Book of Power, you can get the recipe for the jewels of Sealing, Guardian, Destruction or Endurance. Please choose what you want.]

[Sealing] Seal the target.

[Guardian] Defense ability will rise.

[Destruction] Attack power will rise.

[Endurance] Survival capacity will rise.

'I will select Sealing.'

All of them seemed useful, but Sealing was the one he needed most when dealing with the demonic gods.

Then new messages appeared.

[You have obtained the recipe for the Sealing Jewel.]

[Sealing Power Jewel Recipe]

- 10 sealing pieces, one Essence of Power, 3,000 Destruction Pieces and 100 synthesized Essence of Chaos.

-Sealing pieces can be obtained by destroying Aoks.

-An Essence of Power can be obtained by disassembling items of the celestial, demonic or Hwanmong rank.

-A Destruction Piece have a certain probability of being obtained from the destroyers at the Hall of Destruction.

-You must know the art of alchemy in order to make the Sealing Jewel.

'Materials are necessary.'

Thanks to the Book of Power, Kang-jun learnt how to create the Sealing Jewel.

There were many materials, but they weren't hard to find except for the Essence of Power.

The Aoks were easy to find and it would be easy to collect 3,000 Destruction Pieces if he travelled through the dark space to other Halls of Destruction.

Furthermore, thousands of Essence of Chaos had accumulated in his space due to Sud's work.

The only problem was the Essence of Power.

It could be obtained from disassembling an item with a celestial, demonic or Hwanmong rank.

Fortunately, Kang-jun had received a new item with the celestial rank.

'The Holy Amulet of Resurrection! I can disassemble it.'


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