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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 145


Chapter 145: Demonic God Heldas (2)

The sky was clear with a few sparse clouds. There were forests, swamps and beautiful grasslands.

The dimensional sea was a mess, but Agand Continent was very calm.

Even Naga Queen Melinad didn't know that the continent had just been swallowed by a demonic god.

’’Something like that happened? I didn't know at all.’’

Melinad was surprised by Kang-jun's visit and even more surprised to hear that he had fought with a demonic god.

Kang-jun laughed.

He would rather that she didn't know.

However, she was a guardian, so she should have some idea of what was happening in the dimensional sea.

’’You don't have to worry. I defeated the demonic god.’’

Kang-jun smiled as brightly as possible and Melinad looked relieved.

’’Why don't you take a break in this place for a while?’’

’’Shall I?’’

Kang-jun nodded and Melinad led him to the Queen's Palace.

’’There are many strange things on the Agand Continent. I was going to tell Lord when you came someday.’’

’’Strange things? What is it?’’

’’You will know if you enter the palace.’’

The beautiful palace was made of a transparent material like glass.

It was built around Kang-jun's base. The base absorbed the mana prevalent on the continent to power its defenses. Additionally, a huge palace and other buildings were created around it.

By the way, it was interesting that Melinad's half monster body became completely human as soon as she entered the palace.

It was the same for the other nagas as well.

Fortunately, Melinad wore underwear reminiscent of a golden bikini that covered her important parts or she would have been literally naked.

However, there were naked male and female nagas walking around the palace.

Kang-jun was a little embarrassed, but it seemed natural here, so he decided to accept it.

’’Strange. What is going on?’’

’’I haven't figured it out yet. There seems to be something secret about this glass palace.’’

’’I see.’’

Kang-jun was vaguely curious. If he wasn't busy with the war against the demonic gods, he would be interested in discovering the secrets of this palace.

However, that wasn't all.

Come to think of it, strange or unusual things didn't only exist on Agand Continent but in almost every small world.

For example, Aquana had found a mysterious dungeon on Freya Island. After going through one dungeon, a new one would emerge and it was endless.

Therefore, it might be very exciting to explore the hidden secrets in each small world.

Melinad spoke,

’’In particular, there is a very strange dungeon in the basement of the palace.’’

’’Strange dungeon?’’

’’Yes. I couldn't enter because I was blocked by an unknown aura.’’


Kang felt fine, but there was some strange chaos energy underneath him.

There was a dungeon there, so he was vaguely curious.

'Should I go and see it?'

Kang-jun had nothing to do until a demonic god emerged.

’’Guide me. I will go examine it once.’’

’’Yes, follow me.’’

He descended the spiral staircase after Melinad and a large circular space appeared underground.

There was a dungeon entrance in the corner that, surprisingly, had a film of chaos power over the entrance.


Kang-jun's eyes shone. It was a dungeon that only chaos beings could enter. Without chaos power, they wouldn't be able to figure it out. It was no wonder that Melinad said she couldn't figure it out.

However, the even more unusual thing was that he couldn't go through simply because he was a chaos being.

Another restriction existed:

The person had to be a sovereign.

Kang-jun sensed it intuitively.

'This is a place that only I can enter.'


Kang-jun passed through the entrance of the dungeon.

Melinad couldn't enter, so she could only watch from outside.

'Where is this place?'

Once he entered the dungeon, there was a big room.


People in cloaks surrounded him immediately.


They looked similar to the shadows that enforced the rules of Hwanmong.

However, surprisingly, the atmosphere around these shadows was different to the ones he had seen in the past.

They had the atmosphere of a transcendent.

’’Arriving here means that you are a sovereign who has reached the chaos level.’’

’’That's right.’’

Kang-jun didn't deny it. Then the shadows bowed in unison toward Kang-jun.

’’Ohh! We have been hiding in the darkness dreaming that you would arrive and that day has finally come.’’

Kang-jun was shocked. The people had dreamt that he would come here. According to them, Kang-jun hadn't come here accidentally.

’’Who are you? Why are you hiding in a place like this?’’

’’We don't know who we are. We just know what we have to do.’’

It was the same answer as the previous shadows he'd met.

However, these ones sounded a little more human.

But did they really not know who they were?

They only existed to perform a given mission! Kang-jun thought of them as created existences. They were not humans but golems.

Kang-jun asked,

’’Then what are you supposed to do?’’

’’A sovereign who reaches the chaos level... It is to meet you.’’

’’You waited here to meet me?’’

’’That's right.’’

Then one of the shadows said,

’’Now, I will tell you the background of Hwanmong.’’

’’You can tell me that?’’

Kang-jun was startled. Kang-jun had asked the previous shadows, but they couldn't answer.

’’Of course. As a chaos sovereign, you are qualified to know. However, we don't know a lot. We can tell you a few things.’’

’’Tell me.’’

’’We don't know who created Hwanmong. There are some who say that it happened on its own, but that is impossible to confirm. There is only one thing that's for sure - Hwanmong are worlds that are made up of dream fantasies.’’

’’Dream fantasies.’’

’’That's correct. If there are no dreamers, Hwanmong can't exist.’’

’’I guess so.’’

Kang-jun was in a dream right now, so the words weren't wrong.

’’Hwanmong is a new dimension created by the fantasies. It is a place represented by the dimensional sea. However, it is connected to other worlds and have started receiving the intervention of the beings in those worlds.’’

’’Other beings?’’

’’Gods. In particular, the demonic gods started to crawl into Hwanmong.’’


’’Then the Celestial World started to move. Originally the Celestial World didn't pay much attention to Hwanmong. However, they are worried that the worlds will fall into chaos if Hwanmong is taken over by demonic gods and have started trying to take control of Hwanmong.’’

’’So, the war between the Celestial World and the demonic gods will be done in Hwanmong?’’

’’The war between the Celestial World and demonic gods has always been going on. Hwanmong just became an added battlefield. That's all we know.’’

Kang-jun nodded.

’’That's right. Then what do you want from me?’’

’’We don't want Hwanmong to be controlled by the demonic gods or the Celestial World. We want it to exist on an independent level as a neutral zone. Dreams shouldn't depend on anything.’’

They didn't want Hwanmong to be controlled by either the Celestial World or the demonic gods.

’’In Hwanmong, demons and angels can be friends while different species of monsters can live together in harmony. It is a world where humans can drink excessively or love a demon. What constraints are there in a fantasy? That is Hwanmong.’’

A fantasy should be free. If it was constrained by one side, it could no longer be called Hwanmong.

’’I understand what you mean, but why are you telling me this? I won't be able to fight a war with the Celestial World and the demonic gods for the independence of Hwanmong.’’

Then the shadows shouted in unison,

’’That's exactly it. You are a sovereign who has reached the chaos level! So, it is possible.’’

Kang-jun was dumbfounded by the outrageous words.

’’Right now, I am at war with the demonic gods. I am receiving the support of the Celestial World. Yet you want me to fight the Celestial World as well?’’

’’You don't have to be enemies. It is just necessary to establish Hwanmong as a neutral zone where the two sides can't fight.’’

’’How can I do that? I don't have the ability to seal a demonic god right now. In order to deal with them, the power of the Celestial World is necessary.’’

One of the shadow sighed and said,

’’It is likely that the Celestial World won't give you the power jewel right away. They will use excuses such as having an insufficient supply.’’

’’Then that isn't true?’’

’’It might be true, but as the Celestial World gradually increases its support, it is certain that Hwanmong will become subordinate to the Celestial World.’’

It meant that Kang-jun would be tamed by the Celestial World. It seemed unbelievable, but what if it was true?

Kang-jun couldn't help but feel disappointed towards the Celestial World.

It would be different if he had a power jewel.

Kang-jun asked suddenly,

’’Are you sure it isn't good for Hwanmong to be controlled by the demonic gods or Celestial World?’’

’’The power of Hwanmong will disperse after it is controlled. This actually happened to another Hwanmong. Then the same thing will happen to you. You will lose everything you've gained from Hwanmong and return to the original world without any memories.’’

It meant Kang-jun would return to the time when he was living in the goshiwon.

Just like the illusion he had seen previously, he would be lame, balding and urgently trying to find work.

They were extreme words.

Kang-jun didn't like the shadows' words, but he kept in mind that it could happen.

’’However, right now, it is impossible to win against the demonic gods without the help of the Celestial World.’’

’’There is a way.’’

’’What is it?’’

’’We don't know. However, a chaos sovereign will be able to find the way.’’

’’In order words, I can find my own power jewel to seal the demonic gods?’’

’’Perhaps even more than that. Look in the mysterious places on small worlds, just like you found us here. The true power of Hwanmong exists in those small worlds.’’

The true power of Hwanmong existed in the small worlds!

Perhaps, more than a power jewel would be hidden.

If that was truly the case, he would be able to seal a demonic god without relying on the Celestial World.


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