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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 144


Chapter 144: Demonic God Heldas (1)

Kwa kwa kwa kwa!

It felt like a gigantic tsunami was occurring as the sea of clouds shook. Sometimes, unusual weather phenomena would occur, but this was different.

The dimensional power and small worlds were being swallowed up.

Usually, small worlds, which were caught up in abnormal weather, were either moved to other areas of the dimensional system or were unable to withstand the pressure and were destroyed.

However, they were now being sucked into the mouth of a demonic god.

It was hard to imagine the small worlds being absorbed.

Yet, such a terrible thing was now occurring in Pavalia Station.

By the time Kang-jun and Luminael appeared, dozens of small worlds had already disappeared without a trace.

One of them included a place where Kang-jun had created a base. It was also where one of his household members was.

'Unbelievable! Melinad...'

Agand Continent, which Naga Queen Melinad was protecting, had disappeared without a trace.

'Melinad died like this.'

Not just Melinad but many of his subordinates had disappeared.

’’Lord! I'm really grateful. I hadn't known that I would experience such a delightful day. It is truly a dream.'

Melinad had cried with happiness when Kang-jun gave her the continent. She had been so happy that there was a new world out there.

Kang-jun promised to go see the world she made once he had time.

However, he couldn't keep his promise now. Forever.

And all of this was due to the demonic god.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang! Kwa kwa kwa kwa!

Meanwhile, the demonic god was still swallowing the small worlds.


Kang-jun declared furiously.


The intense flash that emerged from him cut the tsunami in half.

The tsunami, which felt like a living thing, became silent.

Chu chu chu chu.

Some of the dimensional sea was removed, revealing part of a body.

It was a huge dragon with hundreds of heads.

Luminael saw it and laughed coldly.

’’Demonic God Heldas! Even you have joined Karosio, the Goddess of Destruction?’’

’’Annoying celestial people! This isn't the place for you.’’

Heldas' giant body emerged from the top of the dimensional sea.

Countless dragons appeared behind him.

All of them were Heldas' subordinates and there were transcendents among them.


In the meantime, the other four angels appeared behind Kang-jun and Luminael.

Heldas laughed like it was ridiculous.

’’Are you going to block my troops with only four angels? Kukukuku! I know about the circumstances of the Celestial World. Don't waste your strength and just go back to the Heavenly World. There won't be any great damage to the Celestial World just because this dimensional system disappeared.

Kang-jun glared at him.

’’Demonic God Heldas! I am the one you should be worrying about.’’

Kang-jun's sword glowed again after his words.


A long line of light appeared on Heldas' body and he was cut in two according to the light.

Flash flash!

That wasn't the end. Hundreds of rays of light emerged and cut off Heldas' heads.

Luminael made a shocked expression at the astounding sight.

Of course, simply cutting the body didn't mean that Heldas would die. It just slowed him down for a while before he recovered his original form.

However, it wasn't easy for someone to reach the chaos stage, let alone slice apart a demonic god's body for a while.

Yet Kang-jun had done it so casually.

The separated parts of Heldas' body joined back together again.

’’It is useless. Do you think you can keep attacking me like this?’’

It was at that moment...

A flash of light emerged from Kang-jun's sword once again and flew toward Heldas.




Screams burst out. They came from the mouths of Heldas' subordinates.

The moment the incensed Heldas was going to attack, Kang-jun sliced him in half again. Luminael shouted,


Kang-jun looked back and asked,

’’Is there any way to completely eliminate him without him reviving?’’

’’Although you can't seal a demonic god without a power jewel, you can weaken it through repeated killings.’’

They would retreat once they were in a weakened state. Then they wouldn't be able to appear for a while until their power was restored.

'There isn't a way to kill him?'

Demonic gods were immortal existences that couldn't be killed.

That's why they were called gods.

However, Kang-jun was a chaos being, not a god, so it would over once he died. Of course, he could revive with the Holy Amulet of Resurrection but that was only once.

'Shit! It is really unfair.'

However, there was no use grumbling. It was nonsense to argue about fairness while fighting a demonic god.

'Okay, then I will keep on killing him.'

From then on, Kang-jun only focused his attacks on Heldas. His anger was blazing due to Melinad's death.

’’I will take the demonic god. Luminael, you and the other angels will kill his men.’’

’’I understand.’’

Luminael agreed to Kang-jun's plan.

He had already witnessed that Kang-jun's battle power was superior to Heldas.


Pa pa pa pa!

Blue streaks emerged from the staffs Luminael and the angels held, immediately turning Heldas' subordinates into dust.

Meanwhile, Kang-jun was killing Heldas continuously.

Kill, kill and kill again.

However, Kang-jun had to use his best attack every time.

This was because the opponent was a demonic god! Simple skills wouldn't be able to damage him.

He used the energy of Heavenly Cut with Heaven's Blood Sword on Heldas, consuming chaos power every time.

Therefore, originally, his chaos power would have already been exhausted.

However, the Heaven's Blood Sword had the ability to absorb chaos power, so Kang-jun's chaos power was rising constantly.

He had unlimited power!

Kang-jun was also surprised by this situation and suddenly recalled Shadowless' words,

'From now on, you will be fighting with demonic gods. But if you are as strong as you are now, you won't be defeated so easily...'

He wouldn't be defeated so easily by a demonic god!

Kang-jun finally understood the meaning of Shadowless' words.

As long as Heaven's Blood Sword gave him infinite chaos power, he wouldn't be defeated even if he couldn't kill the demonic god.

'Shadowless, is this your revenge?'

That's right, it was Shadowless' revenge shining through the Heaven's Blood Sword;

The strongest weapon against a demonic god!

If he could get a power jewel, Kang-jun would be able to wipe out the demonic gods.

Unfortunately, he didn't get any experience because Heldas revived again.

Still, Kang-jun's sword never stopped moving.

As a result, Heldas' body was cut up.


Heldas was frustrated.

'This is ridiculous...!'

He didn't feel any pain from dying and he could survive forever due to the power of a demonic god.

Therefore, the opponent would eventually become tired and reveal their limits.

However, he was confused.

A person who defied common sense had appeared.

'My strength is weakening.'

This meant that it would take a long time for him to recover.

However, he was even more frightened of the possibility of meeting an angel with a power jewel in his current state.

'It can't be helped.'

In the end, Heldas disappeared somewhere with his broken body.

He had retreated.


At that moment, the dimensional sea, which had been shaking roughly, started to calm down.

The remnants of Heldas' men disappeared without a trace.

'In the end, I didn't get revenge.'

He didn't even get any experience. Additionally, none of Heldas' men had dropped any japtem.

This was because Heldas' men didn't actually die but were summoned to his world at the moment of death.

In fact, no one had been killed.

Rather, Kang-jun was the one who suffered tremendous damage.

It was because dozens of small worlds in Pavalia Station had disappeared.

In particular, the loss of Melinad was painful.

Originally, Kang-jun's household members were supposed to be resurrected at the base immediately after death. However, that base had been destroyed.

If would be nice if she was resurrected at a nearby base, but he couldn't feel Melinad's presence at all.

Then that had to mean she was be dead.

At that time, Luminael approached Kang-jun.

’’Lucan. You're much stronger than the rumors say. It was an easy win thanks to you.’’

Kang-jun shook his head with a bitter expression.

’’I didn't lose, but it is also hard to say that I won. I have lost precious household members and troops.’’

Luminael smiled.

’’Haha, don't worry about it. As Heldas escaped and his subordinates returned to his world, the small worlds he swallowed will return to their original state.’’

’’Oh! Is that true?’’

Kang-jun was delighted. Luminael nodded.

’’The war against the demonic gods seems to be a type of fantasy. However, it will become reality only at the moment of defeat.’’

’’I see.’’

’’Since you weren't defeated by the demonic god, all the small worlds and your household members will be safe.’’

It was as he said.

After a while, the small worlds popped out in their original locations.

Among them included Agand Continent that Melinad was the guardian of. It was in such a calm state that it was like nothing had happened.

'It's fortunate.'

Kang-jun smiled with relief, then his expression stiffened.

'It still isn't safe. Demonic god Heldas! He can appear again when he recovers his strength.'

That wasn't all. He didn't know how many demonic gods were under Karosio. Even the number of chaos beings who fell for her seduction wouldn't be few.

Maybe in the future, Pavalia Station wouldn't have any quiet days.

There was only one way.

He had to end the war as soon as possible.

’’A power jewel is necessary.’’

Kang-jun told Luminael bluntly. Luminael nodded.

’’The power jewel is very rare in the Celestial World, so there are no spares. However, I will go and explain the situation here.’’

After Luminael headed to the Celestial World, Kang-jun decided to go to Agand Continent:

The home of the nagas.

Queen Melinad was the protector of this place.

He had promised to see it once but had almost forgotten about it. Now that the world was right before his eyes, he couldn't just pass by.

Moreover, it was necessary to confirm that Melinad was okay after almost losing her to Heldas.


Kang-jun appeared in the sky above Agand Continent.


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