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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 143


Chapter 143: Heaven's Blood Sword (2)

[The Chaos Knowledge Script (Chaos) has been acquired.]

[The Heaven's Blood Sword (Chaos) has been acquired.

Meanwhile, items were also dropped.

Shadowless had left them behind when he died.

Both were chaos items at one step higher than transcendence.

[Chaos Knowledge Script]

-Rating: Chaos

-The Chaos Knowledge Script is an object possessed by chaos beings.

-If you collect three Chaos Knowledge Scripts, you can get a glimpse of a new world.

The Chaos Knowledge Script looked like a broken blade. A mysterious energy could be felt from it.

One alone had no function, but he would be able to glimpse a new state if he gathered two more.

Kang-jun stored it in his space.

[Heaven's Blood Sword]

-Rating: Chaos

-A sword that Shadowless created by refining chaos power. Only chaos items can be mounted on it.

-The power of Heaven's Blood Sword Style will be enhanced when used with this sword.

-Capable of attacks that ignore the target's defense.

-Absorbs chaos power when attacking.

-Power Jewel that can be mounted 0/2

-Level restriction of 305.

A sword that Shadowless created...

He given it to Kang-jun despite Kang-jun being the one that killed him.

It had a level restriction of 305.

If he hadn't raised the level limit today, it would have been impossible for him to use it.


He got a feeling of unprecedented power from the moment he held the sword!

It condensed Kang-jun's chaos power.

He didn't need to use the energy separately as he could just swing the sword and it would deal a critical attack that ignored defense.

It would also amplify the damage of Heaven's Blood Sword Style.

In addition to that, he could absorb chaos power when striking the opponent, so he could virtually use his skills with no limit. There was no need to worry about chaos power consumption.

The unusual thing was the power jewels.

'It is possible to mount two of them, but what are they?'

So far, Kang-jun had yet to hear about a power jewel.

Then he saw that there were two rounded parts at the bottom of the blade.

'It seems like there will be an effect if I attach the power jewels here.'

Perhaps it was similar to the hearts that were attached to legend or myth grade weapons.

Of course, the power was incomparable. He knew about it now, so he would eventually get it in the future.

Kang-jun equipped the Heaven's Blood Sword and exited the dark space.

He wanted to know if anything had happened to Earth Hwanmong and moved there immediately. Fortunately, there didn't seem to be anything unusual.

'I don't know when the attack from the demonic gods will come, so I should refrain from travelling.'

The enemy was a person called the Goddess of Destruction.

According to Shadowless' words, Kang-jun would fight the demonic gods in the future. There was a possibility that the Goddess of Destruction and demonic gods would attack in large quantities.

Therefore, it was now forbidden to leave Pavalia Station.

At present, not only Kang-jun's household members but the two transcendents as well wouldn't be able to exert any power against the demonic gods.

There was also a possibility of chaos beings who were lured.

He had to be prepared for attacks.

There was another contrast.

Kang-jun would have to face them alone.

He could fight against other chaos beings, but the problem was the demonic gods.

Would he be victorious in a fight against the demonic gods?

Shadowless said he wouldn't be defeated, but Kang-jun still couldn't feel relieved.

Thus, Kang-jun's heart was in a very heavy state.

(Lord! It is me. Grania.)

Someone sent a message to Kang-jun;it was the angel Grania.

Kang-jun asked her what she wanted from him.

(Do you have something to say to me?)

(Yes, please come and see me. I'm currently at headquarters.)

Grania was a protector for one of the small worlds.

Yet she was currently waiting for Kang-jun at the Delta building headquarters.

Kang-jun headed straight to headquarters where Keirun, Aniel and Grania were waiting.

’’It is great to see Lord.’’

They greeted Kang-jun instantly. Keirun seemed to already know why Grania had come to headquarters.

Kang-jun sat on the throne and spoke,

’’You must have something important to say if you came all the way to headquarters. Please tell me what it is, Grania.’’

Grania replied with a bright smile,

’’Actually, I received a revelation.’’


Grania nodded.

’’It was from the Celestial World. It was the first time since I regained the power of an angel, so I was also surprised.’’

A revelation from the Celestial World... Kang-jun wondered about why it had been given.

’’What is it?’’

’’You who have the power of chaos! The Celestial World has been fighting the demonic gods for a long time and the war is still continuing. Now, the Goddess of Destruction has stretched her arms out to the dimensional worlds, including Pavalia Station, so the Celestial World will send reinforcements.’’

Grania repeated the revelation exactly as she had received it.

It was a message to Kang-jun since Grania said it was for the person with the power of chaos.

’’Oh! Support of the Celestial World?’’

Kang-jun was surprised at the unexpected reinforcements. As he would get reinforcements from the Celestial World, he wouldn't need to fight the demonic gods alone.

If so, it would be very powerful.

On the other hand, he doubted that this would be a trick from a demonic god.

It wouldn't be easy for a demonic god to fake a revelation or even know that Grania was an angel.

Then Aniel spoke up,

’’Amongst them, the Goddess of Destruction is a particularly powerful demonic god. She is also referred to as the great demonic god. If she is aiming for this place, you won't be able to stop her without the help of the Celestial World. Moreover, a demonic god can never bewitch an angel.’’

She had a soft smile on her face like she had read Kang-jun's mind. Kang-jun's eyes widened as he stared at Aniel.

’’Did you read my thoughts?’’

’’I just guessed based on Lord's expression. Additionally, I was already thinking about it.’’

Kang-jun smiled.

’’I see. The Goddess of Destruction has already tried to trick me, so there is a chance that she is behind the revelation.’’

Kang-jun explained what happened with the Goddess of Destruction. In fact, Kang-jun would be fighting alone, but it was necessary to inform Keirun and Aniel so that they could prepare.

Grania spoke with a surprised expression like she knew what Kang-jun's concerns were.

’’This was after my power as an angel was restored, so they can kill me, but they can't fool me. It must have come down from the Celestial World.’’

’’I'm glad to hear that.’’

At that moment, Grania closed her eyes. Then she opened them again with a bright expression.

’’Lord! I just received another revelation. The reinforcements from the Celestial World should arrive here soon.’’


Kang-jun was delighted. He wondered how many would come.

'Aren't they existences capable of fighting against a demonic god?'

If so, they should be very powerful.

After a while, there was a brilliant light above Earth Hwanmong as a group of people with sacred wings appeared.

They flew towards the roof of the Delta building where Kang-jun and the military advisers were waiting for them.

There were exactly five people from the Celestial World.

One of them was a young man with blue hair who gave off a gentle impression. The mere sight of him reminded Kang-jun of an angel.

’’I'm an advanced angel, Luminael. I came with the angels to support Lucan.’’

A powerful atmosphere could be felt from Luminael and Kang-jun determined that Luminael had the combat power of a chaos being.

Additionally, the four angels behind him...

Surprisingly, they were transcendent.

One was equivalent to a chaos being and four equivalent to a transcendent...

A mighty power had indeed joined Kang-jun's camp. Of course, the opponents were demonic gods, so the transcendents might not be a big help.

’’We welcome you coming here from the Celestial World.’’

Kang-jun greeted Luminael, but Luminael scratched his head and sighed.

’’Thank you for your hospitality but I have to apologize.’’

’’What does that mean?’’

’’There is an emergency in the Celestial World these days due to the demonic gods running around. There are many demonic gods, so we are lacking angels to deal with them.’’

Luminael spoke with a solemn and regretful expression.

’’In particular, Karosio the Goddess of Destruction is a very demanding opponent. Originally, there should have been much more reinforcements.’’

Kang-jun sighed after hearing that.

Still, having some angel supporters was better than nothing.

Kang-jun smiled.

’’We'll have to work together. It is a lot more reassuring than fighting alone.’’

Luminael smiled like he was impressed.

’’That's what I was thinking, hahaha.’’

He immediately handed a box to Kang-jun.

’’Take this, Lucan.’’

’’What is this?’’

’’A gift from the Celestial World. Open it.’’

Kang-jun opened it to see an amulet shining brightly.

[Holy Amulet of Resurrection]

-Rating: Celestial

-If you possess one of the treasures of the Celestial World, you will be resurrected immediately at the moment of death.

-After resurrection, you will receive the Wrath of the Heavens for 10 seconds. When Wrath of the Heavens is active, you won't receive any damage and your combat power will increase significantly.

-It is possible to use it once.

’’Oh! This is?’’

Kang-jun was startled. A celestial grade item.

He was intuitively aware that it was of a higher grade than chaos ranked items.

Not only would he be resurrected in his best state at the moment of death, he would receive Wrath of the Heavens and become invincible for 10 seconds.

It was the perfect item to reverse a situation at the worst moment!

Resurrection was the same as having an extra life.

'Huhu, amazing.'

It was a huge support item. The Celestial World truly was different.

Kang-jun spoke with a smile on his face,

’’Even if the opponents are powerful, I don't know if I can accept this treasure. But I truly appreciate it.’’

Luminael shook his head.

’’I'm sorry that it is too weak. I actually tried to get one of the power jewels, but the materials are insufficient, so I came with this.’’

’’What is a power jewel?’’

Kang-jun had been wondering what it was. Luminael smiled and explained,

’’A power jewel is a special jewel that can only be used by those with, at least, the power of chaos. In particular, it can deal real damage when attacked to equipment.’’

’’Is the power that useful?’’

’’It is very powerful. Some of the power jewels can weaken the demonic gods or even seal them.’’

So, it was like that. Kang-jun hadn't known about it.

’’It will be hard to fight the demonic gods without them. Are there other methods of gaining the power jewels apart from the Celestial World?’’

Kang-jun asked, but Luminael scratched his head again.

’’I'll try to find a way.’’

His eyes suddenly lit up.

’’I think the first demonic god has appeared.’’

At that moment, Kang-jun also felt the presence of a demonic god.

The evil presence that appeared in Pavalia Station!

There was no doubt it was a demonic god. Kang-jun's eyes shone coldly.

'Has it started?'

Kang-jun and Luminael instantly disappeared.


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