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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 141


Chapter 141: An Unexpected Encounter (2)

Kang-jun smiled and nodded.

’’Klater. From now on, you will be a part of my household.’’

He stretched out his hand and Klater kissed it with a bright smile.

’’I will dedicate my permanent loyalty to Lord.’’

[Fire Spirit Queen Klater has joined your household.]

[Klater is now your faithful subordinate.]

’’I look forward to your work in the future, Klater. I have put essences in the base warehouse, so make lots of fire spirits.’’

Just like the water spirits, Kang-jun thought that fire spirits could be created using the Essence of Fire.

This place was wider than Freya Island, so he brought 50,000 Essence of Fire.

Klater was touched and said emotionally,

’’Lord, thank you for your consideration, but...’’

She stopped abruptly and stared at Kang-jun.

’’It will take me a long time to handle so many fire spirits alone. Besides, I also don't have much luck. If it is a spirit world of this size, it should have many supreme spirits.’’

’’Do you want me to help?’’


’’But I don't have any knowledge about fire spirits.’’

’’You can learn the knowledge.’’

After saying that, Klater avoided his gaze like she was ashamed. However, she soon regained her courage and gazed at Kang-jun.

’’Do with me what you did to Aquana. I want to see fire spirits born through Lord's hands.’’

’’Did you see all of it?’’

Kang-jun asked with surprise and Klater nodded.

’’I couldn't miss such an interesting scene.’’

She saw it all while pretending to be sleeping.

Kang-jun was dumbfounded.

There was no privacy protection. In that case, it was better not to put someone in his wings in the future.

Anyway, that was a separate thing.

Kang-jun decided to listen to Klater's request. He had a lot of time, so there was no need to hurry and find other worlds.

Kang-jun instantly embraced Klater.

A normal human would turn to ashes the moment they embraced her, but after becoming transcendent, Kang-jun wasn't bothered.

Even now, he was a chaos being that was beyond transcendent, so the fire spirit queen was no different from an ordinary woman to him.

[You have received knowledge about supreme fire spirits.]

Kang-jun succeeded in acquiring low, intermediate, advanced and supreme knowledge about fire spirits.

Surprisingly, one single time led to supreme knowledge about fire spirits.

It was much faster than when he had acquired knowledge about water spirits because his stats had increased, so his speed in acquiring new things was faster.

Kang-jun immediately started making fire spirits from the essences.

Unlike the water spirits, the fire spirits were created by placing the Essence of Fire in a place where lava flowed.

The essence then turned into a fire bird and flew into the sky.

In that way, 50,000 Essence of Fire were consumed to create fire spirits. Among them, 28 were supreme fire spirits.

This was due to the fact that Kang-jun's good luck stat had grown sharply compared to when he made the water spirits.

’’Amazing! It is unprecedented to have such an amazing fire spirit world in the dimensional system.’’

Klater exclaimed excitedly from within Kang-jun's arms. Kang-jun spent a few more days encouraging her before returning to the Rotas Battleship.

From then on, his exploration trip for new worlds began.

Originally, Shakan and Keljark had wanted to join Kang-jun's trip, but they decided not to due to their lives on Earth.

Thus, Kang-jun sailed around Pavalia Station with the demon kings.

If he found a new world without guardians, he would appoint one.

Naga Queen Melinad became the protector of a world, followed by Dark Mage Driana, Heksia and Grania. Even the ogre, Germuz, Rodiam and Kajel became guardians of a world.

However, most of the bases were built without guardians. He would appoint a guardian when he found a suitable talent.

The demon kings were left as combat troops, rather than guardians.

They would act as support troops when problems arose in one of the small worlds.

The eight demon kings, including Rotas, would defend Lucan's base on Earth Hwanmong and wait there for instructions from Keirun.

'Now, there are no more new worlds in Pavalia Station, so I will have to go to another station.'

From now on, it would be more comfortable to ride on the anomalous phoenix.

Then Kang-jun suddenly felt something was strange.

'What is this? Somewhere in Pavalia Station, the energy of destruction is forming.'

As a chaos being, he could feel it.

Even a transcendent wouldn't know unless they were near it.

Kang-jun focused his mind.

He could warp to any place he had visited once. It was the ability of the anomalous phoenix, but it was also possible with the chaos ability.

'This way.'

He quickly found the place where he could feel the energy of destruction was coming from.

Surprisingly, it wasn't far from Earth Hwanmong.

If Kang-jun had left Pavalia Station without knowing this place, then Earth Hwanmong might have been in danger.

Of course, Shakan and Keljark were on Earth, so they wouldn't let it fall.

Indeed, Shakan and Keljark were staring at it with a surprised look when Kang-jun arrived.


’’How is a Hall of Destruction here?’’

Then they welcomed Lucan.


’’You're here as well.’’

Kang-jun nodded.

’’I don't know why the Hall of Destruction appeared here. I will enter it. Wait for me on Earth Hwanmong and protect it.’’

’’I understand. Don't worry about Earth.’’

Shakan nodded. Earth had become a very valuable place to them, so they would surely protect it.

He wasn't worried since he had already witnessed Kang-jun entering the Hall of Destruction once.

However, Keljark became somewhat stiff.

’’In the past, the energy of destruction that came from the Hall of Destruction wasn't so dark. You should be careful, Lucan.’’

’’I also think that it is strange. Don't worry.’’

Kang-jun had already realized that this Hall of Destruction was different from the ones he had seen before. That's why he wanted to go inside and take a look.

He immediately entered the Hall of Destruction alone.

'There aren't any destruction creatures.'

There were no signs of destruction even when he entered.

'Someone must have created this place deliberately. Perhaps they wanted to invite me to the dark space?'

Kang-jun suddenly had that thought.

Then he wouldn't avoid it. It was impossible to avoid it anyway. Even if Kang-jun tried to avoid them, they would find him.

The creation of a Hall of Destruction near Earth Hwanmong was a warning to Kang-jun.

It would be wise to meet the person as soon as possible and hear their purpose.

'Then I will get rid of it.'

Kang-jun got rid of the Hall of Destruction.

He was worried since it was near Earth Hwanmong.

He could create a chaos portal to go back to the dark space, so it wasn't necessary to allow the Hall of Destruction to exist.

'There's someone here.'

As soon as Kang-jun entered the dark space, someone approached from a distance like they had been waiting.

'No, he is?'

Kang-jun was startled by the unexpected presence in front of him.

A middle aged man with black hair who gave off a strong impression...

He was the same person that Kang-jun had seen in the Guardian Hall.

The one who had given Kang-jun the path to chaos! He had appeared in front of Kang-jun.

Of course, the energy flowing from him was that of chaos.

However, the poisonous energy of destruction was embedded very deeply in the chaos energy.

There was a significant incompatibility, so Kang-jun couldn't understand his condition.

It was like he was being shackled by the energy of destruction.

Kang-jun was surprised.

How was all of this visible?

It couldn't be seen unless Kang-jun was equal or slightly stronger than the man.

He decided to set the questions aside and talk to the man.

’’You came?’’

The man spoke first. He was watching Kang-jun with an indifferent expression. Kang-jun nodded.

’’Didn't you call me here?’’

’’That's right. After confirming that the Hall of Destruction in Pavalia Station had disappeared, I sensed that you would be a chaos being. The time it took was a lot faster than I had expected.’’

Even so, the man's expression didn't change. Kang-jun asked,

’’You are the one who made the arrangements in the Guardian Hall.’’

’’That's right. I am also the founder of the Heaven's Blood Sword Style.

The man didn't deny it. Kang-jun bowed respectfully towards the man.

’’I wanted to meet you. Can I ask for your name?’’

Kang-jun had received a lot of instruction from the man.

Almost everything Kang-jun had, including the Heaven's Blood Sword Style, had come from this man. In other words, he was like his teacher.

However, the man was still expressionless.

’’My name doesn't make sense, but I will give it because you asked. My name is Shadowless.’’

Shadowless, an existence that didn't have a shadow.

He looked at Kang-jun coldly.

’’Lucan! Now that you are a chaos being, I will tell you about what she intends to do.’’


Kang-jun was startled. His mentor, Shadowless, mentioned a 'she'.


Shadowless seemed to smile as he spoke,

’’She is Karosio.’’


It was the first time he had heard that name. Yet, somehow, goose bumps started to form all over his body.

His subconscious was sending him a danger signal!

Who was Karosio?

Then Shadowless opened his mouth again,

’’She is the lord that controls all chaos beings like us.’’


An existence that governed chaos! Who was she?

’’In other words, she is also called the Goddess of Destruction.’’

Unbelievable! The Goddess of Destruction!

Kang-jun's heart thumped in his chest.

A goddess? Not an ordinary goddess but a Goddess of Destruction?

Kang-jun was anxious after learning about an unknown entity.

He had never thought there would be a goddess involved.

The name also implied that she wasn't a good goddess.

She was probably a demonic god.

Kang-jun asked with a worried expression,

’’What does that mean?’’

Shadowless replied bluntly,

’’All of you came from me. If you rebel against me, everything you have will disappear.’’

’’What does that mean?’’

’’This is the warning given by Karosio. She wants you to join in her work.’’

’’What is she trying to do, specifically?’’

’’Karosio doesn't like the current dimensional system. She wants to destroy it and make a new one.’’

Kang-jun stiffened at these words.

’’She wants me to participate in the destruction of the dimensional world?’’

’’Of course. Naturally, Pavalia Station, which you control, will be excluded. However, if you refuse, Pavalia Station will be the first one destroyed.’’

Shadowless smiled at Kang-jun.

’’You might have believed they were all coincidences. However, it was my intention to make you a chaos being ever since I conveyed the power of Hwanmong to you when you were a poor person living in a goshiwon. So, I believe that you won't make a stupid choice.’’

Kang-jun had goose bumps just thinking about it. Everything had been arranged? It hadn't been a coincidence?

He thought he had been lucky when he received Heaven's Blood Sword Style.

Kang-jun didn't want to believe it. However, it was really scary if it was true.

’’So, you gave me the Heaven's Blood Sword Style in order to make me a chaos being?’’

’’You have understood correctly.’’

’’Then why choose me? There must have been many people you could've given it to.’’

Then Shadowless' mouth twisted into a strange smile.

’’It is because you looked the most desperate. Only those who are desperate can see the end of Heaven's Blood Sword Style.’’

Kang-jun laughed.

’’What happens if I don't follow Karosio?’’

Shadowless smiled coldly like he knew he would be asked that question.

’’Then you will die by my hands right now and all of Pavalia Station will be destroyed.’’

If Kang-jun didn't follow, he would die. If he didn't want to die, he had to submit unconditionally.

This was what Shadowless meant, which was the message from his lord, the Goddess of Destruction Karosio.

Kang-jun stared at Shadowless with derision.

’’Then I must die. But I won't die easily.’’

A brilliant light shone in Kang-jun's eyes as he pulled out his sword.


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