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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 140


Chapter 140: An Unexpected Encounter (1)

The festival was held for quite some time.

Kang-jun had 20 round trips to reality and Hwanmong.

For more than two months in real time, there was a holiday filled with festivals and parties at Kang-jun's base.

Until now, he had only been focused on getting stronger, but he didn't have to do that now that he was a chaos being.

To be honest, increasing the number of members and troops by hundreds of times didn't matter when Kang-jun was so powerful. It was because all their powers combined couldn't cope with a transcendent being. It was meaningless for Kang-jun, a chaos being, to increase the number of troops.

However, after the festival was over, Kang-jun would continue to gain power as usual and summon more troops.

As a dimensional sovereign, Kang-jun wanted to expand his worlds. It was like a fate given to a dimensional sovereign.

'I will start with the unknown small worlds of Pavalia Station and then expand to other stations.'

This was Kang-jun's plan.

Of course, during the festival, Kang-jun also rested with his household members and enjoyed the party.

Shakan and Keljark, who had been sleeping in the wings, woke up and participated in the festival.

They returned to reality and Hwanmong whenever Kang-jun did.

Reality became interesting from the moment they sat down in Kang-jun's home in the Delta building. It was their intention to turn into ordinary humans and enjoy an ordinary life on Earth. It was more interesting to them than exploring new unknown worlds in the dimensional sea.

At first, they only sat in the Delta building and didn't come out of the house except to eat.

Kang-jun then found out that Shakan had built a big pork belly store near a university and Keljark was the owner of a chicken house. When they were in a good mood, they not only paid for food and drinks but also played with the customers. Their stores soon became famous and people would line up to enter.

In addition to that, Shakan built an odeng bar as well. He would head straight to the odeng bar once the pork belly store closed at 10 p.m. He had infinite stamina and sleep didn't matter, so the official business hours were until 5 a.m., but sometimes, he extended it until 10 in the morning.

He would talk and drink with guests at the odeng bar. The odeng bar had a narrow bar and only one table, so it was a place where people came and drank with strangers. Of course, it was only focused on the owner, Shakan.

In fact, Shakan was originally a very wise and dignified dragon, but that interest had disappeared.

However, as he listened to the troubles of the people who came to drink everyday, his sense of justice was revived.

From then on, strange things started happening on Earth. No, it started from South Korea, not Earth.

The salaries of hired employees rose, presidents were forced to apologize and pay for missing salaries as well as give bonuses. Additionally, terminally ill cancer patients suddenly became better.

That wasn't all.

The politicians who had lied and deceived the people apologized and retired. Suddenly, large corporations and rich people were donating everywhere. It wasn't just a show and tell donation but ones that truly helped to eliminate social inequality.

Some perpetrators of violent incidents admitted to it and committed suicide while parents miraculously found their missing children.

These things were going on but people didn't realize that Shakan was doing it. They just marvelled at the incidents.

However, Shakan tried not to intervene in national-scale events as much as possible. He just thought of it as a minor helping hand here and there.

He was worried that Kang-jun would become angry if he did anything too significant.

However, Keljark was different.

A sense of justice was non-existent for her as she was originally a demon king. She reveled in slaughter and destruction. However, as she as she became transcendent, she realized that killing and destruction were impractical.

Of course, she didn't do anything for justice. Her hands and feet would shrivel if she did such work.

She was just satisfied with not going as far as slaughter and destruction.

So far, the only justice she did was fight with the destruction monsters who wanted to destroyed Pavalia Station.

However, she became vaguely annoyed when she realized there were bad people on earth. It was disgusting to see humans, who weren't sovereigns, live in silence while being exploited.

Of course, she tried to make sure that Kang-jun was as unaware of her work as possible.

She got rid of it according to her nature, but she just did it quietly.

From that point on, the notorious people in the newspapers joined her household.

She was famous for being very harsh on her members. She didn't make them join in order to use them, but to harass them without them being able to doing anything.

Although she was a transcendent, she didn't know she would have to go back to the drawing board.

'Annoying. Too many of them are joining my household.

She decided to screen her targets carefully.

The screening was simple, she just read the memories of the subject. She concentrated on those who were in a position to commit more bad acts in the world.

Since then, she spend half the day running her chicken house and the other half abusing her household members.

She never killed. There was no harm to their life, but there was daily mental education through thorough control and restraint! Naturally, a beating was a basic part of it.

It was a demon king teaching humans. Those who were educated went through such terrible times that they couldn't speak.

They had to try and do good on a voluntary basis, then she would release them.

All types of bizarre things started to take place all over the world.

The authorities with their own power and properties started stepping down. There were rumours that Korea would soon be unified.

Once the original power was withdraw, a new power would appear again which often added to the confusion. However, strangely, there were no such cases of this occurring.

Thus, after strange things occurred on Earth for a few months, Kang-jun eventually found out that Shakan and Keljark were getting involved in Earth's affairs.

However, Kang-jun didn't stop them.

He didn't want to touch reality itself, but he saw no need to prevent this.

He didn't want to become the ruler of Earth and Shakan and Keljark didn't either.

Both sides of light and darkness were very efficient.

Still, he did say something to them.

’’Take it easy.’’

’’Haha! Of course. Don't worry.’’

’’I am very gentle, so don't worry.’’

Keljark and Shakan were pleased when Kang-jun allowed them to intervene.

On the other hand, Kang-jun was comfortable that the two transcendents were playing well.

Until then, it had been quite inconvenient since they were always stuck to Kang-jun.

Thanks to this, he could spend some quality time in reality with Hayun and explore the knowledge about water spirits with Aquana in Hwanmong.

Naturally, he didn't have any more knowledge to obtain since he had already gotten the highest level. Despite that, Kang-jun still spent a lot of time on Freya Island.

However, even though he spent a happy time with two lovers, Kang-jun didn't stop studying.

He sought enlightenment toward one step higher.

However, there was no progress since he was tightly blocked. Sometimes, he tried to return to the dark space to get inspiration, but it was useless.

’’It can't be helped. I won't rush and will just wait for the time.’’

If he tried hard without giving up, then one day he would break through the wall.

Before he knew it, the festival was over and Kang-jun started exploring Pavalia Station with the Rotas Battleship.

The Rotas Battleship remembered a lot of warp spots, so it was easier than flying alone.

He remembered worlds that already had defenders, so he searched around for newly emerged small worlds like Freya Island.

Then he found a world filled with the energy of fire.


It was Sarmandia Continent that was dozens of times larger than Freya Island.

There were volcanoes everywhere and lava rivers flowed instead of water!

It was unsuitable for humans to live, but it was the best place for fire spirits.

Not surprisingly, Klater the fire spirit queen showed up after hiding in his wings for a while.

Hwaaak! Hwaruruk!

A red light spilled from his wings and took the shape of a beautiful female.

She hadn't even come out when the festival was occurring.

Aquana had entered the wings and tried to call her out, but she had failed. Even Shakan had tried, but Klater had pretended she was sleeping.

’’Oh, this?’’

She looked around with an expression of wonder.

Her depressed eyes came alive again.

Then she saw Kang-jun standing to one side and said with a mixed expression,

’’Thank you for the help. I haven't been able to say it since I hadn't come out of the wings.’’

She hadn't always been sleeping in the wings and also looked outside.

Therefore, she knew that Kang-jun had become transcendent and a dimensional sovereign.

Unlike when she first met Kang-jun, she showed a very polite attitude.

Kang-jun just smiled.

’’The war in Pavalia Station has ceased, so forget about the past. The two transcendents have become my friends and the water spirits are reborn.’’

’’Yes, I am aware of that.’’

She had heard it directly from Shakan and Keljark. Therefore, she forgot everything about the past.

She just didn't have the motivation to live a new life.

However, it seemed like she gained new motivation after discovering a world full of fire energy.

There was anticipation in her eyes as she gazed at Kang-jun.

’’Can you give me this world?’’

’’Of course, Klater. In return, allow me to make a base on this world.’’

Kang-jun had already built a base by consuming one Dimensional Piece.

He had intended to drag Klater out if she didn't come, but he was glad that she came out voluntarily.

Then Klater approached with an impressed expression and knelt before Kang-jun.

’’I, fire spirit queen, Klater, want to become your strength in the dimensional system by creating a new world of fire. Can you please take me into your household?’’


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