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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 139


Chapter 139: Encouraging the Household Members (2)

However, Grania couldn't remember what she did wrong or the location of the Celestial World.

All memories of the Celestial World had been erased.

She just remembered faintly that she was an angel.


It was at that moment that suddenly, a mysterious but sacred light started to emerge from Grania.

The power of an angel!

The momentum coming from her was equivalent to that of a demon king.


Grania was also baffled by such a situation.

Kang-jun was amazed.

’’What is going on? You must have been quite strong as an angel.’’

’’I still can't remember the Celestial World. Only my power as an angel was restored after joining Lord's household.’’

’’I'm glad to hear that.’’

Then Grania approached with an inspired expression and knelt down, kissing Kang-jun's hand.

’’I'm really glad that you accepted. I was worried that you wouldn't need me anymore.’’

Grania was regretful that she hadn't joined Kang-jun sooner due to her pride.

’’That's why you should've joined earlier.’’

Kang-jun smiled and stroked her head.

At that time, the merchant, Papillio, entered his headquarters.

’’Dimensional Sovereign! Crodin is here to visit you right now.’’

Crodin, the dark dragon... In reality, they were the boss of the Black Dragon Law Firm.

Kang-jun nodded.


Then a moment later, a familiar black-haired woman in a black dress entered.

To his surprise, she was Han Yeon-soo.

Han Yeon-soo, a lawyer from the Black Dragon Law Firm.

However, unlike the last time he saw her in reality, she now had something magic and bewitching around her.

Even more amazingly, the momentum coming from her was no less than Rainkar.

In other words, she had to be an awakened dragon, not an ordinary dragon.

The boss of the Black Dragon Law Firm, that was said to be a neutral power, was one of the strongest in Earth Hwanmong.

’’I am the dark dragon, Crodin. It is a pleasure to see Dimensional Sovereign Lucan.’’

Crodin bowed politely to Kang-jun.

Kang-jun smiled at her.

’’Han Yeon-soo, I didn't know that you were the dark dragon, Crodin.’’

Crodin looked up carefully at Kang-jun.

’’At first, I was just curious because you had the weakest base among the sovereigns, but you've now reached a much higher position that it is awkward. Please forgive me for my rudeness.’’

’’Rudeness? Have you ever been rude to me?’’

Crodin scratched her head and muttered,

’’Every time I stopped by your house early in the morning to have a meal... I think I was being rude.’’

’’It was a little bit disruptive.’’

Kang-jun remembered when Han Yeon-soo came in the mornings to eat breakfast.

Even when Kang-jun wasn't home, she came over and asked Hayun to boil ramyun noodles.

Crodin flinched at Kang-jun's response and tears welled up in her eyes.

’’I won't do it again in the future. Hayun's dishes are so delicious, but I will stop...’’

’’Don't worry about it.’’

Kang-jun waved his hand with a smile. He had only been joking. He hadn't realized that she would panic so much.

’’Feel free to come and eat at any time. It is more delicious to eat with many people. Hayun also likes it.’’


Crodin's expression brightened and Kang-jun nodded.

’’In the meantime, you have helped me in many ways, so I am thankful. I didn't have to think about the complicated legal matters in reality, so let's continue to eat together.’’

’’Then I'll visit you often, hoho.’’

Crodin laughed loudly then flinched when Keirun stared at her.

-How dare you show such an attitude to Lord in front of me?

-I'm sorry. I was too short-sighted.

-Don't disrespect Lord. I will be watching.

-I understand.

Crodin's combat power was much stronger than Keirun's.

However, Keirun was the military adviser that would represent Kang-jun in the infinite worlds.

Most of the work would be handled by Keirun instead of Kang-jun.

This was the reality of the world!

She had to be careful in front of Keirun in Earth Hwanmong.

Crodin spoke politely to Kang-jun with a somewhat crestfallen expression.

’’Lucan, there is one thing that I want to ask. It is actually the reason why I came here today.’’

’’Don't feel burdened and tell me.’’

Kang-jun wondered about Crodin's request. Crodin watched Kang-jun with an awed expression and said,

’’I am a neutral force in Earth Hwanmong and have been working with the Earth Defense Army to support the sovereigns of Earth. However, now, I would like to break that agreement.’’

’’Break the agreement? Then you will no longer support the sovereigns? Surely you don't intend to become their enemies.’’

Kang-jun was surprised by the unexpected words. Keirun also looked at Crodin with surprised and sharp eyes.

Crodin explained hurriedly,

’’How can that be? I will continue to support the sovereigns. However, I don't want to deal with the army. I just want to accept your will as a dimensional sovereign.’’

Crodin asked desperately,

’’I have been waiting for a transcendent person to come out of Earth Hwanmong. Can you please take me into your household? I am asking you this.’’

This was unexpected. Kang-jun had a grave expression on his face.

The presence of an awakened being had asked to join his household.

His increase in charisma was a reason, but it was also due to her closeness with Kang-jun.

Kang-jun got up from his throne and reached out to Crodin with a gentle smile.

’’Crodin, I would like for you to join my household.’’

Crodin's face lit up. She immediately kissed Kang-jun's hand and said,

’’Thank you for accepting, Lord. I will swear my allegiance to you forever.’’

[The awakened dragon, Crodin, has joined your household.]

[Crodin is now your faithful subordinate.]

[An awakened dragon has joined your household for the first time, so charisma has increased by one.]

Crodin raised her head and told Kang-jun her story,

’’I landed on Earth 400 years ago. At the time, I was helping the spirits that belonged to Shakan's camp during the great battle between the demon kings and spirits in Pavalia Station. After losing most of my troops, I was defeated but I discovered Earth Hwanmong and escaped here.’’

Something like that had happened. He wondered what Crodin would think if she knew the two people behind that war were sleeping in Kang-jun's wings.

Nevertheless, ignorance was bliss.

Kang-jun nodded.

’’You have been living on earth since then.’’

’’Yes. I haven't always participated in the work involving Earth, but I've built up a foundation from the shadows. All of that will now move according to Lord's will.’’

’’It will move according to my will?’’

Kang-jun suddenly wondered about the foundation of the Black Dragon Law Firm. Then Crodin smiled,

’’If Lord would like to become an emperor that unifies the planet, it would be possible.’’

Kang-jun laughed at the words. She wasn't a normal dragon but an awakened one. She could have conquered the Earth at least 10 times in the hundreds of years she had been here.

However, she didn't get involved because it was the work of humans.

She just defended Earth from several hostile alien attacks. The humans of Earth didn't know this fact.

’’Hostile aliens? They attacked Earth?’’

’’There's nothing special about the hostile aliens. They are just piratas. There are vast piratas surrounding Earth as well as Hwanmong. I just call them aliens.’’


It was natural. It would be surprising for normal people, but not for Kang-jun who had experienced Hwanmong and bigger worlds.

’’Anyway, I won't become an emperor. I don't want to get involved in reality. Just leave the people there to take care of the job.’’

Then Crodin spoke carefully,

’’However, Lord, some of Earth's sovereigns want to get involved in the world. They want to prevent unnecessary war and change the absurd world.’’

Kang-jun nodded.

’’It is a good idea, but there needs to be a consensus among the sovereigns. Otherwise, it will be troublesome.’’

The sovereigns had the ability to get involved in many of the political and economic problems of the planet.

Of course, they might have different ideas and conflicts of interest.

However, they were conscious of Kang-jun's existence as the absolute sovereign, so they wouldn't do something so extreme.

He would interfere if anything happened.

Kang-jun didn't want to be directly involved in ruling Earth, but he would allow the sovereigns to get involved.

There was no special reason. He just wanted to live an ordinary life on Earth.

He would separate reality and Hwanmong.

'I will leave reality alone.'

In the dream world, he was beyond transcendent and became a chaos being.

There was literally nothing he couldn't do on Earth.

However, if he tried to control reality, all the fun of living might disappear.

He was a landlord of buildings with total assets of over 16 trillion won, so he was already far from normal.

Still, if Kang-jun wore a hat and sunglasses, he would pass off as an ordinary person.

It was fun to play games in the PC room, have beer and chicken and go on dates with Hayun.

That wasn't all.

He would curse at politicians like normal, vote on election days and help the poor people.

Sometimes he would act as a landlord and cheer for teams during baseball games. He would curse if his team lost and cheer if they won.

If all the joys of everyday life were gone then what would be fun?

Crodin noticed Kang-jun's intentions.

’’Yes, Lord. I won't get involved in Earth's affairs unless there is an emergency or an alien attack. I will convey Lord's will to the sovereigns.’’

’’Okay, good work.’’

Crodin was full of relief after Kang-jun accepted her as a member of the household.

Kang-jun called all his household members.

’’In the meantime, everyone has suffered. Today, I will have a festival party, so please enjoy it. Those who want to take a vacation should go. Keirun! Aniel! The two of you should rest as much as possible. In the future, you will be busy again.’’


’’Lord! Thank you.’’

’’Hahat! A festival!’’

Everybody cheered. A festival was joyful for everyone.

At that time, Kajel ran over with a tense expression.

’’Lord, a large number of demon kings have appeared at Lucan's base.’’

A huge battleship had also appeared in the Bloody Battlefield, but Kang-jun just smiled.

’’I called them. They are all household members.’’

Aboard the Rotas Battleship, the eight demon kings, including Rotas, had been summoned by Kang-jun to Earth Hwanmong.

Not only that, Aquana had also appeared at Lucan's base.

Kang-jun didn't want to alienate any of his members from the festival.


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