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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 137


Chapter 137: Will of Chaos (2)

Wings of Chaos: MAX!

Level: MAX!

Could he surpass this? For a while, the answer was no.

This wall was different from any limitations that he had encountered before. Maybe it was something that he wouldn't be able to overcome forever.

Of course, it might not matter much.

He was in a great state just from becoming chaotic.

Had there been people who had reached new heights after becoming chaotic?

It was Kang-jun's question.

Maybe not. But what if there was?Would they be a god?

Kang-jun wanted to see if there was anyone else who had managed to become chaotic like him.

How many chaos beings existed in this vast world?

It was clear that the Wings of Chaos were made from the will of chaos.

The black-haired man who had given him enlightenment in the Guardian Hall was a representative.

Was he still alive?

It was natural.

A chaos being wouldn't die unless they had tried to destroy themselves.

Therefore, he couldn't be dead.

He might have vanished to another place.

'Somewhere, I hope to meet you.'

There were probably many transcendents. Just as there were various dimensional stations, there would be transcendents present in them.

Each station should have at least one or two.

However, how many chaos beings were there?

He didn't know.


Kang-jun, who was in a state of contemplation, looked around.

Just where was this place?

He had been moving through the Hall of Destruction.

The surroundings were all dark.

'There is no dimensional cloud.'

It was a strange space where dimensional power didn't exist.

At the same time, there was the energy of destruction everywhere!

It was one of the many energies that made up chaos power, so Kang-jun wasn't damaged. However, an ordinary transcendent wouldn't last long in here.

'That's right. This place is like a grave.'

It was a space like a black hole which had caused stations to be destroyed.

If there were any living beings in here, they would have to be chaos beings.

A transcendent with some special fortune might be able to enter it alive, but they wouldn't survive unless they awakened as a chaos being like Kang-jun.

'Shall I take a look?'

It wasn't difficult to create a portal to return to Pavalia Station.

He just had to consume a bit of chaos power.

No one taught him, but he knew it instinctively, like how a spider knows how to make webs.

It was just one of the many things that could be done with chaos power.

He also realized these facts intuitively.

Therefore, figuring out what he could do with chaos power would be Kang-jun's main work in the future.


Kang-jun flew quickly.

This was a realm of death that even the anomalous phoenix Sajitia couldn't enter.

Therefore, Kang-jun needed to fly through here himself.

Still, there was no significant discomfort.

His normal speed could be compared to an anomaloria, which was still fast even if the anomalous phoenix was far superior.

'There is a portal over here.'

Kang-jun finally discovered something.

A space movement portal!

However, it wasn't a portal but a Hall of Destruction.

It was filled with the aura of chaos.

Kang-jun moved toward it.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa!

It was a tunnel full of chaos power.

Even transcendents would be turned to dust by the changing pressure!

However, Kang-jun felt no discomfort.

Rather than discomfort, it was a place that gave him strength.

His chaos power would be restored just be coming here.

Kang-jun flew along the tunnel like he was walking.

The end of the tunnel was connected to another world where something very strange was happening.

There were shadows of humans, elves, orcs and other species at the end of the tunnel.

Then the chaos power transformed them into giant monsters or, more precisely, the energy of destruction that was a part of the chaos power...

And they exited the tunnel.



Five beings outside the tunnel started charging at the monsters.

’’They came out again. Infernal bastards!’’

’’Come on, get rid of them. If we miss any, the small worlds will be in danger.’’

Kang-jun instantly knew that they were transcendent.

This was one of the stations in the vast dimensional system.

It was somewhere other than Pavalia Station.

Surprisingly, there were five transcendent beings.

Two dragons, two demon kings and one elf.

They were the guardians of this station and were trying to protect the small worlds here.

'I'm glad to see them.'

Kang-jun was watching them, but they weren't aware of it.

It was because no one could recognize Kang-jun if he concealed himself in the chaos power.

Then Kang-jun headed back into the Hall of Destruction.

Getting rid of this Hall of Destruction was a very easy task for him.

However, it wasn't difficult to realize that he shouldn't do that.

'Those shadows were those who came close to transcendence in their world but couldn't reach it.'

Kang-jun knew this through the chaos power.

'They are turned into monsters through the energy of destruction and attack so that the transcendents will fight against them.'

The monsters were loathed by transcendents.

However, the monsters were absolutely necessary to prevent the transcendents from taking advantage of their power.

It created a sense of crisis where their world may be destroyed!

This stopped them from fighting in order to join together.

Otherwise, it wouldn't be easy for transcendents to know each other. Rather, they were likely to kill each other. This could be very deadly to the sub-dimensional worlds.

Shakan and Keljark had welcomed Kang-jun because they had another ally who could fight against the destruction monsters.

However, there was a greater meaning behind the Hall of Destruction!

It allowed a transcendent person to become a chaos being! A method to break the limits of transcendents!

That was the Hall of Destruction.

Of course, it was impossible to enter the area. There were any roads but only a few could enter.

Kang-jun had entered the realm of the impossible.

Kang-jun flew for a while and saw many such Halls of Destruction.

They were all connected to other stations where transcendents were waiting.

What about the stations that didn't have any transcendents?

There were none. If there was such a place, it would already be incorporated into this dark space after being dominated by the power of destruction.

'It is really amazing.'

Surely, all of this couldn't be created by chance?

It couldn't be.

It wasn't a coincidence that this tremendous arrangement made it possible to control the transcendents belonging to the dimensional system as well as allow some to enter the path of chaos.

Someone must have done this.

Who was the person? Would they be a god? Or a higher level chaos being?

'I hope to meet them someday.'

He would either come on his own or Kang-jun would find him after reaching a higher level.


Kang-jun returned to Pavalia Station.

A chaos portal was created in the dark space without another Hall of Destruction.

Even Kang-jun couldn't recreate the Hall of Destruction if he wanted to.

In other words, the fearsome place known as the Hall of Destruction could no longer exist in Pavalia Station.

’’Oh! Lucan!’’

’’You came back safely.’’

Shakan and Keljark, who had been gazing at the place where the Hall of Destruction had been, welcomed Kang-jun eagerly.

They breathed out sighs of relief and their eyes were filled with joy.

Looking at their expressions, Kang-jun felt that they were sincerely looking forward to his safe return.

After confirming that Kang-jun was safe, they asked out of curiosity,

’’What was in the Hall of Destruction, Lucan?’’

’’Was it connected to another world?’’

Kang-jun just smiled.

’’It was a dark space. It was filled with the energy of destruction.’’

’’Euh! It was like that.’’

’’It is great that you survived such a place.’’

’’I nearly died. Anyway, you don't have to worry about the Hall of Destruction appearing here any longer.’’

Looking at Kang-jun's relaxed appeared, Shakan and Keljark once again felt that Kang-jun was stronger than them.

However, Kang-jun never revealed his chaos ability, so he only seemed a little stronger as a transcendent.

It was because Kang-jun's power was incompatible with Shakan and Keljark.

He finally found people who could be friends in this vast dimensional system, but they wouldn't feel comfortable with him if they discovered the difference in skills.

On the other hand, Shakan and Keljark cheered after hearing that the Hall of Destruction was gone forever.

’’Really? We no longer need to see those damn monsters.’’

’’Ha! Now, I can relax my feet and sleep well. I don't know the last time I rested properly.’’

Keljark really did look weary. However, she smiled brightly like she felt much better.

’’What are you going to do now, Lucan?’’

’’I am thinking of travelling a little bit.’’

’’Travel? To where?’’

Keljark and Shakan became interested. Kang-jun didn't have any special destination yet.

’’I'm going to visit other stations. It will be a little cramped if I stay here.’’

Shakan nodded.

’’The Hall of Destruction is gone, so it won't be a problem if we leave Pavalia Station for a bit.’’

’’That's right, I'm bored.’’

They acted like they would naturally go on the trip with Kang-jun. Kang-jun was dumbfounded.

’’Are you thinking of following me?’’

’’Of course.’’

’’I want to have fun with you. Are you leaving right now?’’

They once again seemed like puppies. Kang-jun waved his hand.

’’Not right now. I should look at my household before leaving.’’

’’Then I'll be sleeping until you call. Can I enter your wings for a while?’’

Keljark asked with a yawn as she pointed to Kang-jun's wings. As Kang-jun nodded involuntarily, she entered his wings.

Shakan thought it was a good idea and said the same thing,

’’I will rest inside your wings, so call me when you will leave for your travels.’’

’’Wait! Don't you have a house?’’

Kang-jun was dumbfounded. It was a little strange to know that his wings were being used as portable hotel.

Of course, Kang-jun knew that there was a resting place in his wings.

For most wings, only special beings such as spirits or transcendents could enter. However, Kang-jun's wings had no such restrictions.

If he allowed it, anyone could stay.

Shakan explained with a smile,

’’After becoming transcendent, I have lived without a home. I also released all my household members. It was annoying. There are those who followed me, but it is their freedom to do so and I didn't really care.’’

There was no such thing as Shakan's headquarters. It was the same for Keljark.

Kang-jun felt sorry after hearing those words.

They were transcendent, yet they were wandering around without a home.

Indeed, what need did a transcendent have for a house?

They could just stay anywhere and it would soon be a home.

’’Then you can go in there and rest.’’

’’Thank you.’’

Shakan entered Kang-jun's wings after permission was given.

'Now, shall I return to headquarters?'

Kang-jun returned to Earth Hwanmong through warp movement.

After taking the portal in the Bloody Battlefield, he moved to his headquarters at the Delta building.

’’Keirun, it has been a while.’’

’’Oh! Lord!’’

Keirun welcomed him. It was the first time Kang-jun had visited the base since becoming transcendent.

’’I heard that you became a dimensional sovereign, Lord.’’

Keirun bowed with an expression full of turmoil.


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