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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 136


Chapter 136: Will of Chaos (1)

The Hall of Destruction stopped swirling.

At the same time, countless monsters poured out of the hole like it was the entrance of a dungeon.



Shakan and Keljark attacked them from the left and right.

Kang-jun also killed them as he moved forward.

Rather than rushing into an unidentified place, it would be better to enter through a gap after monsters were destroyed.


After a while, the crack Kang-jun had been waiting for appeared and he didn't hesitate to rush into it.

However, at that moment, something strange happened.

As soon as Kang-jun entered inside, the Hall of Destruction shook and disappeared without a trace.

Naturally, the unidentified monsters were no longer pouring out.

Shakan searched around with confusion.

’’Unbelievable! The Hall of Destruction is gone!’’

They had been fighting the monsters from the Hall of Destruction for many years.

Keljark sighed.

’’It is good that the Hall of Destruction is gone, but I am worried about Lucan's safety.’’

Shakan nodded.

’’The Hall of Destruction disappeared the moment he entered. Obviously, something must have happened.’’

’’We couldn't even approach it, so how did he go in?’’

It wasn't that they hadn't tried to enter the Hall of Destruction over the past centuries.

They had known it was dangerous, but they wondered about the identity of the Hall of Destruction.

However, cracks started forming on their bodies when they got close to it one day and they didn't dare dream of investigating after that.

An unprecedented energy that even transcendents couldn't endure...

That was the Hall of Destruction.

Yet Kang-jun had succeeded in entering the Hall of Destruction, so they didn't know what was going on.

The Hall of Destruction had disappeared forever, so they no longer needed to worry about the worlds being destroyed.

However, they didn't want it to happen because of Kang-jun's sacrifice.

’’Lucan will come back safely.’’

’’That's right. He is very mysterious, so he won't die easily.’’

Shakan and Keljark said, but they couldn't hide their feelings of unease.

It was like time had stopped as they stared motionlessly at the place where the Hall of Destruction had disappeared.

On the other hand, Kang-jun was in an extreme situation.

Although it seemed like he had entered the Hall of Destruction very easily to Shakan and Keljark, Kang-jun was almost turned to dust by the tremendous pressure on his whole body.

The energy filling the Hall of Destruction was definitely chaos power.

However, even though Kang-jun could use chaos power through the Wings of Chaos, it wasn't something he could operate freely like dimensional power.

The Wings of Chaos were a tool that allowed him to use chaos power.

It was similar to the magic staff that allowed a magician to create blazing lava.

Of course, he would be killed in the lava.

It was the same for Kang-jun.

No, the situation was tens of thousands times more dangerous.

When compared to fire, the chaos power in the Hall of Destruction wasn't at the level of lava. It was more like the sun.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa!


In order to overcome the pressure on his entire body, Kang-jun raised his dimensional power to the maximum, but it was useless.

Dimensional power 0/96860

Rather, his dimensional power fell to the bottom in the blink of an eye.

Kang-jun could no longer operate dimensional power.

If it was black magic energy, he could refill it through a potion, but that was impossible for dimensional power.

Dimensional power was refilled from the dimensional sea.

After becoming a transcendent, Kang-jun never had to worry about dimensional power.

However, this was a place where dimensional power was non-existent.

Once dimensional power fell to the bottom, it stayed at zero points.

Nevertheless, Kang-jun was still alive thanks to his Wings of Chaos.

Chu chu chu chu.

A strange shield formed from the Wings of Chaos and protected Kang-jun's body from the pressure.

However, after a short time, cracks started forming on the shield.


Kang-jun sensed that everything would be over the moment the shield broke.

'Ugh! Was I too reckless?'

He hadn't entered due to a simple impulse but a cry that felt like fate.

'Enter the Hall of Destruction! So that you can overcome your limits!'

It was this call.

The voice resembled the black-haired man that he had seen in the Guardian Hall.

However, that person had never said those words to Kang-jun.

He just unconsciously felt it.

It really felt like fate.

However, he was going to die instead of overcoming his limits.


The shield disappeared completely and Kang-jun's body was exposed to the pressure of the chaos power.

He was going to die at any moment.

One memory from his time in Hwanmong flowed in his head.

It was that last attack that he saw in the Guardian Hall.

Kang-jun didn't know why it popped into his head at this moment.

However, his mind felt strangely calm after remembering it.


His body was melting. The durability of Kadiana's Demonic Scaly Armour couldn't last.

Once he was naked, bubbles formed all over his body as it melted down.

The only thing unaffected was his wings.

However, they also appeared to be tearing.

Even in this extreme situation, Kang-jun's mind was strangely calm.

The terrible energy flowing around him started to feel familiar.

Chaos power didn't move irregularly like the name implied.

It had a flow.

The flow of chaos!

It was somewhat similar to the flow of that last attack.

As soon as he realized it, Kang-jun's head cleared.

His body was still melting and feeling tremendous pain. However, it was like his head and body were separate as Kang-jun's head started spinning faster than ever before.

An astonishing thing occurred in the middle of this.

'Unbelievable! I am gaining chaos power so quickly.'

-Chaos power needed to upgrade to Stage 10: 373521/5120000

-Chaos power needed to upgrade to Stage 10: 1421422/5120000


-Chaos power needed to upgrade to Stage 10: 4345211/5120000

-Chaos power needed to upgrade to Stage 10: 5120000/5120000

As the chaos power around him permeated into his wings, the chaos power rose to the maximum in the blink of an eye.

[The wings' chaos power is full.]

[Do you want to strengthen it to the next stage?]


'Yes! Strengthen.'

Could he really strengthen his wings to Stage 10 at this moment?

Kang-jun devoted himself to it.

He ignored his melting body and the enormous pain as he strengthened the wings every time the chaos power was full.

[You have failed to strengthen the Wings of Chaos to Stage 10.]

However, immediately after failure, the chaos power just rose again.

There was no need to kill monsters and the chaos power everywhere around him entered his wings.

[You have failed to strengthen the Wings of Chaos to Stage 10.]

[You have failed to strengthen the Wings of Chaos to Stage 10.]

[You have failed to strengthen the Wings of Chaos to Stage 10.]


After becoming a dimensional sovereign, his good luck stat had increased greatly, but he still failed to reach Stage 10.

However, in the midst of one more strengthening attempt...

All the formidable pressure from his surroundings suddenly vanished.

The chaotic storm subsided.

At the same time, a brilliant splendor emerged from Kang-jun's wings.


Could it be called a feast of mysterious lights?

The storm of chaos power that seemed as horrifying as hell, now looked beautiful due to the light from the wings.

A message surfaced.

[The Wings of Chaos have been strengthened to Stage 10.]

[You can't strengthen the Wings of Chaos anymore.]

[Your damage has increased greatly.]

[Health has increased by 100,000 points.]

[Dimensional Power has increased by 100,000 points.]

[You have awakened the Will of Chaos.]

[Chaos power will be present in all your attacks.]

[You can to understand and operate chaos power.]

[Dimensional power has been turned into chaos power.]

[Your war ability has increased to the chaos level.]

[Reaching chaos warfare has increased charisma by 20.]

[Reaching chaos warfare has increased good luck by 5.]

Continuous messages appeared. The Wings of Chaos had reached Stage 10 and Will of Chaos manifested.

At the same time, his power of war rose from dimensional level to chaos!

[Your level will rise to suit your war ability, which is at the chaos level.]

[Your level has increased by 100.]

Lv.300 (MAX)

[War] Chaos

Health: 201070/201070

Chaos Power: 198110/198110

Strength: 304 (+100)

Agility: 305 (+100)

Intelligence: 298 (+100)

Good Luck: 21 (+13)

Charisma: 63 (+21)

Kang-jun reached this state after facing destruction in the Hall of Destruction.

The Hall of Chaos formed from chaos power disappeared.

Even the transcendents Shakan and Keljark had no idea about what happened.

They just felt like the Hall of Destruction had disappeared after Kang-jun entered it.

However, that moment felt like millions of years to Kang-jun.

And after a long moment of pain, Kang-jun's body was completely restored.

It was the same for his wings.

'I survived.'

Kang-jun had a stunned look on his face for a while.

Then he suddenly smiled.

'I finally reached that point.'

The last attack that he had seen in the Guardian Hall.

Kang-jun was now able to use it freely.

He had reached the state of true transcendence that he had longed for.

Of course, it was on a different level from ordinary transcendence.

Kang-jun intuitively knew that he was a chaos being.

'Now, dimensional power feels like a joke.'

The Wings of Chaos couldn't be strengthened anymore. The last Stage 10 was reached.

His level also had 'MAX' next to it.

It could be said that he had reached the maximum level and his limits.

Reaching the extremes of his strength!

That was such a tremendous gap that it felt like he had been a child before entering the Hall of Destruction and now, he was an adult.

So, Kang-jun felt fulfilled but also somewhat lost. It was an unfamiliar loneliness that came with being the absolute being in this vast dimension.

However, that loneliness only lasted a brief moment.

Kang-jun soon realized that he was just standing at the beginning of a new staircase.

An absolute strength that didn't allow for further growth was just an illusion! There was a region beyond chaos that couldn't be seen.

There was a new world that couldn't be seen unless he became a star in the sky.

Another sky existed above the sky.

Chaos was just the beginning.

After becoming aware of this, the discouragement vanished and a new fighting spirit entered him.


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