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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 134


Chapter 134: Hall of Destruction (1)

Something popped out from the Hall of Destruction. It was the form of a huge monster completely covered in darkness.



It wasn't just one as more continued to pop out. Then Shakan's bow shone brilliantly and hit one of them.


The brilliant arrow hit the body of a monster, causing it to turn transparent and disappear.

Meanwhile, more than a dozen monsters appeared from the Hall of Destruction.

’’Bah! You infernal bastards!’’

Keljark moved and wielded her pair of swords.

Kwang! Kwaang!

Every time her swords hit, there was a bang and the monsters vanished.


Keljark's pair of swords flew in every direction. The monsters also used their weapons to fight back roughly.

Kwarurung! Kakang! Kwaang!

Effortlessly, Keljark avoided or blocked the attacks of the monsters.

Kwang! Kwaang!

Her swords flashed, destroying a pair of monsters every time.

The weapons of the monsters varied from swords to shields, spears, bows, greatsword and even a staff!

Kang-jun was very surprised by their extraordinary combat power.

'Some of them are similar or even stronger than Rainkar and Colladikus. What is their identity?'

The monsters weren't able to reach the transcendent level, but they would be called an absolute presence in a small world!

Therefore, it would be difficult to win against them without being transcendent.

Monsters with such great combat power were pouring endlessly out from the Hall of Destruction.

Shakan and Keljark were attacking like crazy, but compared to those that were disappearing, far more monsters were popping out.

Soon, the number of monsters reached over 100.

Then Keljark glanced at Kang-jun.

’’Lucan! Are you just going to watch blankly? If even one of them escapes from here, it will be a pain.’’

Shakan also snapped at Kang-jun,

’’Lucan! Hurry. You are now obliged to protect Pavalia Station. If they leave this zone, a disaster will happen to the small worlds.’’


’’That's right. The worlds they enter will perish due to them.’’

’’Perish? Are you saying it will be gone?’’

’’The small world itself will literally disappear. Their purpose is to destroy all the worlds in Pavalia Station.’’


Kang-jun was amazed and this time it was Keljark who cried out,

’’Lucan, you despise demon kings because they like slaughtering and destroying, but these guys don't have any other purpose. Their only goal is destruction itself.’’

Kang-jun was dumbfounded. She made it seem like slaughtering and destruction was normal for the demon kings.

’’Are you comparing them to demon kings?’’

’’I guess so. At least demon kings can be controlled but these guys can't. Anyway, we absolutely have to kill these guys.’’

What was Keljark expecting?

However, their words made a lot of sense.

Demon kings could join a household. Kang-jun already had eight demon kings under him.

At that time, a monster appeared in front of Kang-jun.

It was a monster with the body of a human and the head of a goat. Its whole body was black. A transparent but destructive energy flashed in both of its eyes.


It grew bigger and aimed its greatsword at Kang-jun.

Paaaat! Pa pa pa pa!

It was a large sword that flew at the speed of light! The greatsword caused countless changes as it swept through the area.


However, Kang-jun moved his hand once and not only was the greatsword broken, but all the monsters around him were gone.

[An Unknown Piece has been acquired.]

He didn't get any experience, only an Unknown Piece.

'What is this?'

It was his first time seeing the item.

Unknown Piece

-Rating: Unknown.

-An item obtained after defeating monsters from the Hall of Destruction. The use is unknown.


This was the first time that an item description like this had come out.

The item rating didn't appear and he couldn't tell what it was used for.

However, he couldn't ask Shakan and Keljark since they were immersed in battle.

Kang-jun suddenly recalled the demon alchemist Sud who was in his shadow.

’’That's right. Sud, do you know the item that just went into the inventory?’’

(It is the first time I've seen it. Leave it to me and I'll try to find out.)

Sud's voice was filled with curiosity.

’’Tell me if you find out. Ask me if you need anything.’’

(Yes, Lord.)

Sud replied and soon became quiet. He was looking at the Unknown Piece without any hesitation in the space lab attached to Kang-jun's shadow.

Meanwhile, the number of monsters had increased. There were hundreds of them now.

Kang-jun's eyes shone coldly.

Flash! Paaaat!

Rays of light emerged from Kang-jun's sword and dozens of monsters were destroyed at once.

[An Unknown Piece has been acquired.]

[An Unknown Piece has been acquired.]

It wasn't every time, but the drop rate was about one in a dozen.

They didn't give any experience or chaos power.

Then Kang-jun started to get angry.

'Where do these guys come from?'

There were many of them and they didn't even give Kang-jun anything.

However, if he didn't kill them, the small worlds in Pavalia Station would become extinct.

'Both of them have been doing such annoying work for so long?'

Suddenly, Shakan and Keljark's words made sense to Kang-jun.

He couldn't understand how hard they lived as transcendents.

That's right.

If Shakan and Keljark hadn't destroyed the monsters coming out of the Hall of Destruction, many of Pavalia Station's small worlds would have disappeared.

Was there any guarantee that Earth Hwanmong wasn't included in that?

In other words, it wasn't possible to deny that Earth Hwanmong was safe due to Shakan and Keljark.

They had defended Pavalia Station until now.

Obviously, it was bad to support a war between small worlds from behind, but he couldn't kill them for that reason alone.

If he killed them, then Kang-jun would be guarding Pavalia Station alone.

He would have to fight against these unknown monsters forever.

There wasn't even any compensation.

It was also lonely.

Shakan and Keljark had been doing this for an extremely long time.

'They really aren't bad people at all.'

Kang-jun decided not to hold that matter against Shakan and Keljark anymore. He was willing to accept their promise about not encouraging wars again in the future.

Flash! Papapat!

Kang-jun destroyed the darkness in front of him relentlessly.

'Heavenly Unyielding Slash! Heavenly Unyielding Slash!'

He used the wide area skill that was filled with dimensional power.


The monsters were instantly wiped out once he decided to do his best.

’’It is over quicker today.’’

’’It is definitely more comfortable.’’

Shakan and Keljark gazed at Kang-jun. Looking at the smiles on their faces, Kang-jun realized that they really welcomed his presence.

’’Do you know what this piece is?’’

Kang-jun held out an Unknown Piece to them. Shakan and Keljark shook their heads.

’’That? I don't know what they are used for, but they rarely drop.’’

’’I've tried everything, but I have yet to figure out what it is. I just throw it away, so tell me if you need it.’’

A mysterious fragment that even the transcendents didn't know about!

If so, it would be hard for Sud to figure it out.

Then Shakan asked,

’’Lucan, how about it? Do you have an idea of how we live now?’’

Keljark glanced at Kang-jun and asked,

’’Surely, you're not still thinking of killing us?’’

Kang-jun answered with a smile.

’’I roughly understand what type of life you have lived. Therefore, I will no longer pursue you about the past.’’

’’Huhu, that's right.’’

’’Now you understand some of our pain.’’

Shakan and Keljark sent him gratified smiles. Kang-jun stared at them and said,

’’Instead, I hope that you won't encourage any wars in the future. No matter how bored you are, doing such things as a transcendent isn't good.’’

Shakan nodded.

’’I understand your concerns. Things will be a little different now that we've thought about it.’’

Did anything else matter?

However, a message appeared in front of Kang-jun then.

[After a short time, the door to Hwanmong will close.]

[Do you want to specify this destination as the location for the door to Hwanmong?]


'Yes! Specify.'

In addition to remembering this as the gate location for Hwanmong, he set it as a warp point as well.

It was surprisingly simple.

He didn't even have to consume a Dimensional Piece.

The anomalous phoenix never forgot a place it had been to.

The anomalous phoenix, Sajitia reminded Kang-jun of this fact.

'It is very easy.'

He understood why transcendents like Shakan and Keljark were so obsessed with obtaining an anomalous phoenix.

Kang-jun watched them and said,

’’I have to go to my world now. Then I will talk to you next time.’’

Shakan's eyes lit up.

’’Are you going back to another world?’’

’’That's right. I have another life.’’

It was the real Earth, not Earth Hwanmong.

At that time, Keljark asked with an interested expression,

’’Then can I come along?’’

’’Come along? Is that possible?’’

’’Of course, if you allow it.’’

Was this possible? In the cases of ghosts like Hayun, they could enter reality and Hwanmong.

Therefore, maybe it was possible for transcendents like Shakan and Keljark.

’’But why do you want to go with me?’’

’’Just because. I am bored.’’

Keljark spoke like it was natural. Kang-jun was dumbfounded.

’’You are bored?’’

’’Lucan, you won't let us play. Then you are responsible.’’

’’Responsible for what?’’

Keljark spoke with an expression that reminded him of a money lender coming for a debtor's money.

’’You are obliged to relieve my boredom.’’

Shakan also spoke to Kang-jun with a similar expression.

’’You have to take responsibility for your words. Lucan, you have to entertain me so that I won't be bored.’’

’’What am I supposed to do?’’

Kang-jun wasn't confident that he could stop the two transcendents from becoming bored. This happened because he asked them not to play around any more.

’’Don't worry. The place called earth seems to be interesting.’’

’’I have the same thoughts. Please allow us to come along.’’

Kang-jun nodded. There was no reason not to allow it.


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