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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 133


Chapter 133: Anomalous Phoenix (2)

Kang-jun asked suddenly,

’’I was wondering about one thing. The two of you are at war with each other, but I don't see it.’’

Shakan and Keljark looked surprised like it was an unexpected question. Shakan nodded and said,

’’It is true that we are in some type of war. We have been fighting for a long time. However, the war is different from what you think.’’


’’If I had to put it in an easy to understand way, we are just enjoying a game.’’

’’A game?’’

’’It is a game where we build bases and destroy the opponent's base. We don't do much direct fighting, so we have a type of friendship.’’


Kang-jun was stunned. Then they were just enjoying a type of territory game over small worlds?

It was the same as a real-time combat simulation game.

'These damn people! It is really scary because it makes no sense.'

These people who reached transcendence were playing such a joke against those who lived in the small worlds?

Kang-jun recalled the despair of his lover, Aquana, when she had been released from the Aok prison.

It had been carried out by the self-proclaimed Top Demon King Colladikus, but technically speaking, the two transcendents were behind the war.

The great battle between the spirit worlds and demon worlds!

Kang-jun had thought there was a big reason behind it.

Yet there was no special justification and it came from a game between the two transcendents.

How foolish was that?

Aquana was just one of the many victims.

How many, apart from her, had disappeared as sacrifices of this game?

’’Shit! The two of you aren't worth leaving alive.’’

Even though Kang-jun was also a transcendent, he had been thinking of leaving them alone.

He gained the rare anomalous phoenix but couldn't risk a mistake that might flip the situation.

Being a transcendent didn't mean absolute victory.

He couldn't guess how much the demon king and dragon had trained until they became transcendent.

He wasn't willing to kill these transcendents.

However, Kang-jun couldn't forgive them the moment he heard that they were playing a game with the small worlds.

The game had lasted thousands of years and hearing the word 'friendship' provoked his rage even further.

There were other things for friends to do, so why a war?

Who was going to release those who had died?

The answer was to kill them.

Chu chu chu chu.

Kang-jun immediately sealed off the surrounding area.

This was a new type of battlefield.

In the meantime, a question would pop up asking if he wanted to create it. Now, he could create the field using his will.

A dimensional field!

Unless Kang-jun released it himself, they absolutely couldn't escape.

It wouldn't happen unless they killed Kang-jun and Kang-jun intended to kill them first.

’’It would be better to throw away any ideas of survival.’’

An eerie will sprang out from his eyes.

’’W-wait a minute!’’

Shakan and Keljark panicked as they were suddenly locked in the ward Kang-jun created.

Now, they had to choose between being killed by him or fighting and dying anyway.

However, they already had no intentions of fighting with Kang-jun. Shakan hurriedly asked,

’’Why do you want to kill us?’’

Kang-jun replied coldly,

’’Are you asking because you truly don't know? Driving the whole dimensional system into war without any justification! Is that cause for your deaths?’’

Keljark looked at Kang-jun like she was unhappy with something.

’’You're misunderstanding something. We have never been directly involved with the war. We just stayed behind those who wanted to fight. It is true that we enjoyed anticipating the results.’’

Shakan nodded immediately.

’’Keljark's words are correct. And we restrained those on our sides. Otherwise, a bigger war would have occurred. Without us, the Pavalia Station might have been ruined by the war between small worlds.’’

Kang-jun just snorted.

’’Don't talk nonsense. For the sake of your game, you herded the small worlds into a war but prevented a big war. Do you expect me to believe that?’’

Keljark nodded.

’’You have to believe it. It is the truth.’’

’’If you want an excuse, it should be something more plausible. Keljark! A demon king who loves slaughter and destruction, like you, tried to stop a big war? That doesn't make sense.’’

Keljark shrugged.

’’I used to do terrible things when I was a demon king, but after becoming transcendent, trivial things like slaughter and destruction disappeared. Rather, I am trying to prevent the demon kings from causing bigger accidents.’’

’’Then what about Colladikus? Earth Hwanmong was in a crisis because of him.’’

Keljark then looked embarrassed.

’’That couldn't be helped. It is a common occurrence because I have many demon kings under me, not just Colladikus, and frankly, I've turned a blind eye to some demon kings.’’

Basically, she didn't care if Earth Hwanmong was destroyed by the plundering of a demon king.

’’Is that an excuse?’’

Once Kang-jun's expression became ice cold, Keljark lamented,

’’Anyway, I have nothing else to say about it. Obviously you think that I am an evil being.’’

She immediately continued,

’’But from now on, I will thoroughly prevent the demon kings from going near Earth Hwanmong. I will also give Colladikus to you, so will that be enough to stop your anger?’’

Shakan also spoke,

’’It is true that I threatened you because I was upset over the anomalous phoenix, but I truly didn't intend to kill you. I was just trying to scare you. I'll apologize for that, so let's stop the fight here. Frankly, the appearance of another transcendent is very welcome for us.’’


Kang-jun was silent for a moment.

There were no signs that they were lying. As transcendents, they had no reason to lie.

Kang-jun stared at them and said,

’’The two of you could have prevented the war. You subtly encouraged the war game and consistently used excuses.’’

Shakan and Keljark were silent for a moment, then Shakan opened his mouth.

’’I admit that I was wrong, but we haven't only committed mistakes. It is nothing compared to what we have been doing for Pavalia Station.’’

Keljark gazed at Kang-jun and declared.

’’It is like Shakan said. We have been protecting Pavalia Station for a very long time. Once you understand that, the idea of killing us will disappear.’’

’’You are protecting it from destruction?’’

What was this? Keljark nodded.

’’Yes, it is something that only the transcendents of Pavalia Station can do.’’


’’The Hall of Destruction! Go there and you'll be able to understand our words. ’’

What was the Hall of Destruction? Shakan spoke while Kang-jun was still wondering over it.

’’Lucan! It will be very hard for you in the future if you kill us. You will have to do a very hard task by yourself.’’

What was the task?

Kang-jun was silent for a moment before nodding. He released the field and said,

’’Then guide me there.’’

’’Now we are communicating.’’

Keljark summoned something.

It was an anomaloria!

It emitted a much more brilliant light than the one Radius was riding.

’’We have to move through warp movement, so get behind me.’’

The anomalous phoenix was the fastest in the dimensional world, but it didn't know where the warp point was.

Therefore, Kang-jun climbed onto Keljark's anomaloria. She turned and gazed at Kang-jun.

’’It is the first time I've had someone else on here. Be sure to hold onto me tightly, or else you may fly away during the warp. You won't die but it will be tiring having to find your position again.’’

’’Don't worry.’’

Kang-jun nodded and hugged Keljark from behind. A mysterious aroma flowed from her black hair but she didn't feel like a person.

In particular, Kang-jun was still feeling sour toward her.

He was going to check out the task required for Pavalia Station, but he hadn't forgiven her yet.


Meanwhile, Shakan had also summoned his anomaloria.


The bodies of the two anomalorias shone and they disappeared.


The anomaloria warp wasn't moving from place to place like a space movement.

It was like moving through a tunnel of light at a fast pace.

It was similar to the warp scenes in science fiction movies, but the level of splendour was different.


'It is surprisingly spectacular.'

Kang-jun was inspired by the different experience. It just felt a little ridiculous to be hugging the waist of a demon king. As the speed got faster, the strength in his arms increased.


After a while, the warp tunnel disappeared and they appeared at the Hall of Destruction, one of the hidden spaces of Pavalia Station.


There was a huge, dark hole. It had an eerie appearance, reminiscent of a black hole.

'It is unique to see such a thing in the dimensional sea.'

Kang-jun could feel a very threatening energy from the Hall of Destruction.

It felt like he shouldn't approach carelessly.

His subconscious sent him a danger signal.

'Strange. Why do I feel a familiar energy coming from that dark hole?'

There was something curious but for that reason, it was a very dangerous place to approach.

’’You can release your arms, or do you intend to keep hugging me?'

Kang-jun was so distracted by the Hall of Destruction that he forgot he was still hugging Keljark. He had tightened his arms so that he wouldn't fall during the warp.

’’This! I forgot.’’

Kang-jun quickly released his arms, moved to another area and gazed at the Hall of Destruction.

However, a very strange thing happened then.

The Hall of Destruction suddenly started swirling.

Shakan and Keljark became tense as they saw it.

’’This! Is it already that time? It would have been a big problem if we hadn't come here.’’

Shakan grumbled as he took out a silver bow.

Meanwhile, Keljark also stared at the Hall of Destruction with black swords in both hands.

’’This is good. We can let Lucan understand directly.’’

What did they have to be so nervous about?

Kang-jun took out a sword from his inventory and watched the Hall of Destruction.


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