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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 130


Chapter 130 - Ring of a Dimensional Sovereign (1)

Just then, the anomalous phoenix flapped its wings and cried out,


Then it returned to the world it came out from.

Did it like none of them?

However, Kang-jun felt like the anomalous phoenix was telling them to enter its world.

The gazes of the man and woman moved toward Kang-jun.

They both seemed uncomfortable as they frowned. The young man said,

’’I don't know how long I have been waiting for the anomalous phoenix to wake up. I've waited so long for this moment, yet another competitor has showed up.’’

This time the woman was the one who spoke.

’’Normally, it is said that the anomalous phoenix will call to those who have an Anomaloria Golden Scale Insect. Maybe that is why I came.’’

Kang-jun was surprised by her words.

If that was true, then it wasn't a coincidence that Kang-jun came to this place today.

It could be said that the Anomaloria Golden Scale Insect lead Kang-jun here to where the anomalous phoenix had emerged.

Was it due to this that the dimensional creatures appeared?

It seemed unbelievable to Kang-jun but the man nodded like it was true.

’’It seems so. Once we enter, the anomalous phoenix will choose one of us.’’

The woman also nodded and turned to stare coldly at Kang-jun.

’’Nobody knows who the anomalous phoenix will choose. However, please don't have any hope.’’

Kang-jun felt that the two people weren't very favourable towards him. So, he asked coldly,

’’I don't know who are you but why shouldn't the anomalous phoenix choose my golden insect?’’

The woman laughed with ridicule.

’’Think closely. Tell me what you would feel if you have been waiting for a treasure for many years only to have an unexpected presence show up at the decisive moment.’’

Of course, he would feel very dirty.

Kang-jun had a rough understanding of their feelings.

However, just because he understood didn't mean that he would give up.

’’Anyway, isn't the choice up to the anomalous phoenix?’’

’’That's right. The anomalous phoenix called all three of us, so we will know the results once we enter.’’

The young man and woman gazed at Kang-jun's Anomaloria Golden Scale Insect before sending him a glare.

Then the young man said with a strange smile,

’’You have been invited by the anomalous phoenix, but I don't know if you have the ability to go inside.’’

The woman also gave him a smile of ridicule.

’’Indeed. That golden insect is useless if you can't enter.’’

After seeing that, the man and woman entered the small world after the anomalous phoenix.

'Is there something that will prevent me from entering?'

Kang-jun placed the golden insect into his inventory and entered the small world of the anomalous phoenix.


Kang-jun opened his eyes and saw the ceiling of a cramped room.

There was a single bed with a bag of sweets and a half-read fantasy novel.

'W-where is this place?'

Kang-jun stared with bemusement before realizing that this was Room 406 of the Dafeng goshiwon.

He was working at a convenience story and today was Saturday, his day off.

He had been reading a fantasy book he borrowed and eating snacks when he fell asleep.

It was a fantasy novel about dimensional sovereigns.

The main character of the novel was a young man who lived in a goshiwon, like Kang-jun, and he gained the power of Hwanmong. Not only was he incredibly powerful but he was also rich in reality.

He was completely envious of that wealth.

He had fallen asleep wishing he could be that main character.

'What? The whole thing was a dream?'

Kang-jun tried to use his dimensional power.

However, there was no reaction.

The status window?

Naturally, he should be Lv135.

However, nothing popped up no matter how many times he tried.

That wasn't all.

He tried to stand up and look in the mirror, but there wasn't any strength in his right leg.


Only one leg was working properly. He looked in the mirror and saw a head with severe hair loss.

’’T-this! This is nonsense!’’

Kang-jun couldn't accept the situation.

He absolutely couldn't accept it.

He was Sovereign Lucan, the strongest person on Earth Hwanmong who had strengthened the Wings of Chaos to Stage 9. He was now trying to tame an anomalous phoenix.

It was a right that had been given to Kang-jun.

He had continuously become stronger and was looking at the realm of transcendence.

Everything couldn't be because he had fallen asleep while eating snacks.

’’No. It can't be.’’

Kang-jun was convinced that he was Sovereign Lucan.

Perhaps someone had used a confusion magic?

He didn't know what the two unidentified people could have done.

The Wyvern Ring protected him against confusion but it might not have an effect in front of such absolute beings.

Even Kang-jun had the ability to neutralize it to some degree.

However, now he was just being delusional.

Whether it be the sovereign token or transcendent state, everything was just a dream.

Kang-jun had nothing to prove that he was Sovereign Lucan.

His body didn't contain dimensional power or black magic energy.

Nothing happened when he tried to spread open his wings.


Kang-jun sat down on the bed with a frown.

Was Sovereign Lucan really just a dream?

Everything in reality proved that Kang-jun was just an ordinary Korean youth.

Lee Kang-jun who worked at the convenience store and lived in a 250,000 goshiwon.

Was there anything else?

The memories of the dream were already beginning to fade.

He couldn't recall the face of his beautiful household member Hayun or his competent military adviser Keirun.

He remembered his dream after waking up. However, it was common for the memories to disappear after a few minutes.

So, Kang-jun only remembered that he was a sovereign with great ability in his dream, but the details gradually faded from his memory.

'Damn! It was just a dream. Wake up, Lee Kang-jun.'

He had to acknowledge the reality.

He didn't know what happened in the ridiculous dream but this was reality.

However, no matter how he thought about it, something was strange.

Was this really reality?

Was this the real him?

Who was he?

Kang-jun's expression suddenly changed.

And he closed his eyes.

Just like in his dream, he started meditating.

The fact that he was just Sovereign Lucan in his dream wasn't intentionally injected by someone, but an idea he already had unknowingly.

He feared that everything that happened was just a dream and that he would return to his original self when it broke.

It was so deep in his heart that he wasn't aware of it.

In the end, this was a situation that he created.

He willingly sealed his own abilities.

This was also done through the Will of the Dimension.

'This is an illusion, but not an illusion. If I don't wake up here, this really will become my reality. Once I reach the end of my life here, I truly will die.'

It was through his own will, not anyone else's.

It was a type of suicide.

He could die even if he reached the transcendent stage.

Kang-jun's most terrifying enemy was himself.

Strictly speaking, it was his own fear.

He just couldn't understand why he had suddenly confined himself in this illusion.

He had just entered the small world of the anomalous phoenix.

At that moment, he had fallen into the illusion.

'A test from the anomalous phoenix? Or maybe that man and woman?'

If he went there, he would know.

Kang-jun opened his eyes and there was a flash of light in his eyes.


The small room started to distort.

The single bed, the bag of sweets and the fantasy novel he was reading were just illusions.

The illusions disappeared and a dark space was left.

It was a mysterious place where it was dark but he could see clearly.

It was familiar.

This was the battle field.

Why did he come here when he didn't open the battle field?

However, Kang-jun's expression was calm.

It was because he confirmed that all his powers had returned.

The Wings of Chaos were Stage 9 and he had all the abilities of the Lv135 Sovereign Lucan.

He also had the ability to use dimensional power, the most fundamental and powerful force in the dimensional system.

Thus, the shadows flowing towards him were trivial.


There are numerous unexplained shadows.

Kang-jun had seen them once before.

They were the ones who showed up with Sovereign Herod, Jung Kwang-hyeon, who had been defeated by Kang-jun.

The shadows appeared endlessly.

The space of the battle field kept expanding and the number of shadows increased.

Then the shadows started to take on clear shapes.

Surprising, they were his household members, including Keirun, Hayun, Germuz, Heksia and the others.

They also included all his troops, including the ratian warriors.

However, they revealed their hostility toward Kang-jun by attacking.

What was even more surprising was that their skills were incredibly strong.

All of them had a similar level to Kang-jun.

'Is this another trick?'

Kang-jun knew that this was also an illusion.

However, this time, it was an illusion created by someone else.

In other words, the Keirun and Hayun over there weren't real.

However, this was the battle field, so he had to get rid of all of them.

He had to fight a number of beings with abilities similar to himself.

Even if Kang-jun did win, it would take a long time.

Kang-jun sneered and his eyes shone coldly.

’’I don't know who you are but you can keep on testing me.’’

Kang-jun moved forward and wielded his sword.


Heavenly Cut emerged from his sword.

It didn't separate the enemies in front but the space in front of him.

The battle field was split apart.


The shapes of those surrounding Kang-jun blurred and they faded away.

Then an empty space with nothing in it appeared.

At that time, dozens of shadows gathered before Kang-jun.

'More shadows?'

Was the test still unfinished?

’’It is useless.’’

Kang-jun was about to move his sword again when a shadow suddenly cried out,

’’Wait a minute.’’


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