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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 129


Chapter 129: Will of the Dimension (2)


Kang-jun was delighted.

’’Hahaha! It is finally a success!’’

He didn't count but he must have failed at least 100 times. Thus, all the big dimensional creatures scattered around there were almost gone.

If he had failed this time, he might not have received another opportunity.

Finally, he reached Stage 9.

[Your damage has increased greatly.]

[Health has increased by 50,000 points.]

[Black magic energy has increased by 50,000 points.]

As the stages got higher, the increases became bigger.

Stage 8 gave him 20,000 points but Stage 9 was a huge 50,000 points!

[You have awakened the Will of the Dimension.]

[All your abilities are filled with dimensional power.]

[You can understand and operate dimensional power.]

[Black magic energy is converted to dimensional power.]

At that moment, Kang-jun felt the strange sensation of all the power leaving his body and new energy entering.

The surroundings suddenly brightened.

His field of vision became many times wider.

It wasn't disturbing or confusing at all, even when he could see things that were far away.

That wasn't all.

The space that Kang-jun could control was also increased greatly.

it meant he could attack regardless of distance within this space.

Now, an opponent might collapse without even knowing why they had died.

What was this feeling?

Kang-jun knew that a new aura had entered his body.


His whole body shuddered.

It was a power that he knew vaguely.

He wanted to grab it, but he couldn't hold on to it.

It was a fundamental power that made up the dimensional system!

It was stronger than anything else that existed!

Dimensional power!

Previously, he had been resisting it.

However, he was now able to hold it in his hands.

Kang-jun now had dimensional power instead of black magic energy.

Lv.135 (Exp 20.12%)

[War] Dimensional

Health: 95970/95970

Dimension Power: 94800/94800

Strength: 139 (+10)

Agility: 140 (+10)

Intelligence: 133

Good Luck: 13 (+3)

Charisma: 32 (+4)

Wings of Chaos (Stage 9)

-Rating: Myth

-Wings with a chaotic will.

-Free flight is possible.

-Health +93000, Dimensional Power +93000.

-As the stage rises, attack power will increase significantly.

-Resistance to all properties will increase greatly.

-Will of Survival will activate automatically when health drops below 30%.

-You can summon a clone.

-Can use Will of Attack.

-Will of Attack will activate automatically when health drops below 50%.

-Your attack power in the air will increase greatly.

-Resistance to dimensional power will rise significantly.

-Can use Will of Strengthening.

-Flying speed has greatly increased.

-Evasion while flying will surge.

-Can understand and operate dimensional power.

-Starting from Stage 2, a unique skill will be gained at every stage.

-From Stage 4, the probability of failure will rise.

-Chaos power needed to upgrade to Stage 10: 0/5120000

'There is also a Stage 10.'

Kang-jun had hoped that he became a transcendent the moment he saw Will of the Dimension.

However, he was mistaken.

The fact that a next stage in his wings existed meant that he hadn't transcended yet.

'I can still become many times stronger.'

In fact, it wasn't many times.

As he realized the dimensional power, it wasn't unreasonable to think that his attack power would increase by dozens of times.

It was like he was a young child using black magic energy and now, he was an adult.

He was at a level where he didn't have to avoid the dimensional chunks and could get rid of them with his sword or fist.

Nevertheless, he wasn't transcendent yet.

Kang-jun hadn't seen a transcendent being, but he was sure that he wasn't one.

There was definitely a stronger place than this.

It was vague in the past but now he was convinced.

However, after realizing this fact, he discovered that the realm of transcendence was much further away than he thought.

Once Kang-jun reached Rainkar's level, he thought that he was close to transcendence. Rainkar had also thought so.

He didn't know everything.

Rainkar and Kang-jun were mistaken.

When he thought about it closely, it was similar to the stage where a child became an adult.

He didn't know how many limits he had exceeded.

He had become dozens of times stronger.

Even today, he surpassed his limits again by gaining Will of the Dimension.

He could be said to be on a completely different level from his previous self.

Now, even if hundreds of enemies with the same level as Rainkar and Colladikus gathered, they wouldn't be Kang-jun's opponent.

However, even hundreds of Kang-juns wouldn't be able to beat a transcendent being.

It was wider than the gap between Rainkar and Kang-jun.

An enormous wall existed between Kang-jun's present self and transcendence.

He had to cross that wall in order to reach transcendence.

Would he be able to cross it?

However, he didn't feel desperate. He was proud of his determination even before he gained Will of the Dimension.

In the meantime, the dimensional creatures were throwing masses of dimensional power at Kang-jun.



'Huhu, did you come to fill my chaos power again?'

Kang-jun was delighted.


He wielded his sword and three dimensional creatures turned to dust and disappeared.

[121 chaos power has been acquired.]

[189 chaos power has been acquired.]


'This! The chaos power has decreased.'

The dimensional creatures used to give thousands of chaos power but this had fallen to the hundreds.

It happened when the Wings of Chaos reached Stage 9.

So, even though he had destroyed hundreds of them, he only gained 60,000 chaos power.

-Chaos power needed to upgrade to Stage 10: 60122/5120000

It wouldn't be easy to reach Stage 10.

He decided to be satisfied with just filling up the chaos power when he could.

Then something unusual caught Kang-jun's eyes.

It wasn't something he saw but felt.

'What is that? A dimensional object?'

All the dimensional creatures around Kang-jun had disappeared.

Strangely, there was only one left.

It was hidden by a number of dimensional objects and Kang-jun wouldn't have found it if he hadn't cleared most of them.

He gazed at it and it gradually came into view.

He saw it using dimensional power.

It was a massive sphere with an immense sense of dimensional power.

'It looks unique.'

However, it wasn't a dimensional object.

'Doesn't it look like a small dimensional world?'

Through the intuition given by Will of the Dimension, Kang-jun could see that it was a mysterious small world like Freya Island.

'A hidden world?'

It was a hidden world that no one could see.

If Kang-jun hadn't gained the Will of the Dimension, he wouldn't have noticed the world even if he destroyed all the creatures.

Why would the world be hidden? It might be a world where dimensional creatures came from.

'I'll see soon.'

Kang-jun moved towards it.

At that moment...

Kwa kwa kwa kwa!

Suddenly, the energy around the world shook and something popped out of it.

It was a big bird with a red dimensional power wrapped around its body.

The mysteries of the universe seemed to be contained in its eyes and an unprecedented strength was coming from its body.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa!

The bird flapped its wings and the space twisted.

'What is this?'

Kang-jun was startled.

It was a mysterious bird that he had never even imagined!

He wasn't surprised by its appearance but by the transcendental power felt from the bird.

'It is hard to believe. I can feel such a great energy coming from a bird!'

Kang-jun watched it nervously.

He had met an unexpectedly powerful opponent.


At that time, the bird also looked at Kang-jun.

He felt a strong hostility in its eyes.

Kang-jun's eyes also shone coldly.

This was the moment when he might have to engage in a life and death battle with the bird.

At that moment, another bizarre thing happened.



The space suddenly twisted and two people showed up.

One was a young man with red hair and distinctive features.

The other person was a fantastic beauty with black hair.

Both of them seemed to be in their early 20s.

However, Kang-jun noticed that they weren't humans despite their appearances.

The same mysterious aura as the bird was also around the man and woman.

Who were they?

They also watched Kang-jun with confusion.

The unusual thing was that they were holding a golden shaped insect in their hands that was very familiar to Kang-jun.

'That is the Anomaloria Golden Scale Insect?'

There was no doubt about it.

Kang-jun's heart pounded.

He didn't know who the mysterious man and woman were, but they were holding out the Anomaloria Golden Scale Insect towards the bird?

'Then that bird?'

It was the mysterious creature that had a much higher speed than an anomaloria in the dimensional sea.

An anomalous phoenix!

It was obvious.

'They must be trying to appeal to the anomalous phoenix in order to try and tame it.'

They were pretending to be nice. Then Kang-jun couldn't miss this opportunity either.

His Wings of Chaos had reached Stage 9 but the flying speed didn't vary greatly from Stage 8.

He was still faster than Rotas but slower than an anomaloria.

However, he had met an anomalous phoenix, not an anomaloria.

He also had an Anomaloria Golden Scale Insect.

This was an opportunity!

'I don't know when I will meet it again.'

Today might be the first and last time.

Kang-jun had found the anomalous phoenix first, so he could claim the priority in taming it.

Of course, he said that but the man and woman wouldn't give it up to him.

Still, Kang-jun had to give it a go.

It wasn't important who they were. The most significant thing was obtaining the anomalous phoenix.

Both of them had the same idea as Kang-jun and they extended the Anomaloria Golden Scale Insect with bright smiles.


Kang-jun pulled out the Anomaloria Golden Scale Insect.

Kumul kumul.

It was an insect with a beautiful golden glow!

There was no comparison as Kang-jun had the largest and brightest one.

'Huhu, I would choose mine if I was the bird.'

Kang-jun gloated inwardly. This was its food, so it should pick the most desirable one.


Not surprisingly, the anomalous phoenix's head turned toward Kang-jun.

It fixed its gaze on the Anomaloria Golden Scale Insect that Kang-jun was holding.

However, the anomalous phoenix started alternating its gaze between the three insects.

Who would it like?

Perhaps it didn't like Anomaloria Golden Scale Insects that were big and shiny?

That couldn't be.

Kang-jun was tense.

There were also signs of nervousness on the faces of the man and woman.


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