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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 128


Chapter 128: Will of the Dimension (1)

’’Yay! Finally!’’

As a result of Kang-jun's dogged pursuit, he finally succeeded in strengthening the Wings of Chaos to Stage 8.


The bitter feelings caused by failing 14 times instantly disappeared.

[Your damage has greatly increased.]

[Health has increased by 20,000 points.]

[Black magic energy has increased by 20,000 points.]

His health and black magic energy increased by 20,000 points!

Health: 45970/45970

Black Magic Energy: 44800/44800

When his health increased, not only was his maximum health greater but the overall durability of his body also increased.

An endless vitality!

The surge in vitality meant he wouldn't become tired even if he spent all night in the clouds with Hayun.

[You have awakened the Will of Speed.]

[Your flying speed has greatly increased.]

[Evasion while flying will surge.]

The ability from his Wings of Chaos reaching Stage 8 was Will of Speed!

His speed and evasive ability while flying would greatly increase!

'Flying speed has also greatly increased?'

Kang-jun's eyes shone. If so, he needed to verify how fast he was now.

'Is it faster than the lutra?'

It was an ability he gained from reaching Stage 8.

It was called Will of Speed so the speed couldn't be that slow.

'Maybe it is a match for Rotas' speed.'

Kang-jun immediately unfolded his wings and followed the caterpillars escaping in front of him.


The caterpillar object appeared right in front of him. It was like he had warped through the dimensional space.

'This is great!'

He was surprisingly quicker than Rotas.

Now Kang-jun was positioned between the anomaloria and Rotas.

Anomalous Phoenix >>>Anomaloria >>>Kang-jun >Rotas Battleship >Demon King Cerato's Sailboat >Caterpillar-shaped Objects >Lutra.

This meant that Kang-jun wouldn't have to rely on a dimensional ship to move through the dimensional sea.

Of course, if he was travelling a long distance then it would be more comfortable using Rotas.

Rotas took care of Kang-jun and also remembered hundreds of warp spots in the Pavalia Station.

However, it was more efficient for Kang-jun to move alone during battle.

’’You should go back to Shakan's base and wait for me.’’

’’Yes, Lord.’’

Rotas and the others didn't ask why Kang-jun gave such an order.

He just followed it.

Rotas immediately turned in the direction of Shakan's base and disappeared.

Kang-jun moved to the other side and attacked the caterpillars.

Flash! Sususu.

Everytime a light flashed from his sword, an escaping caterpillar-shaped object melted down.

Naturally, it was the same for the insects on top of it.

In some cases, they decided to aim for Kang-jun.

While the caterpillar-shaped object rushed, thousands of insects also flew towards Kang-jun.

'Heavenly Unyielding Slash!'

An area of effect skill!

Everything that came into the area controlled by Kang-jun turned into dust.

His damage was significantly increased due to the strengthening of his wings!

This wasn't merely an increase in damage, but his overall combat power had risen one step.

Therefore, his chaos power also filled up quickly.

-Chaos power needed to upgrade to Stage 9: 5120000/5120000

[The wings' chaos power is full.]

[Do you want to strengthen it to the next stage?]


It was unusual but after Stage 7, the amount of chaos power needed didn't increase anymore.

Stage 9 also required 5.12 million!

Thus he was also greedy for the next stage.

The probability of success was likely to be lower than Stage 8 but he was still going to try it.

'Yes! Strengthen.'

[You have failed to strengthen the Wings of Chaos to Stage 9.]

It was natural.

It would be strange if he succeeded.

Kang-jun indifferently accepted the failure.

'If I kill all of them then I can try at least 20 times.'

Right now, 200 of the caterpillars were escaping.

But the unusual thing was that they scattered in every direction and didn't flee.

'Do they have a place to go back to?'

Kang-jun suddenly thought that the dimensional objects might have a base.

Anyway, it was very easy to hunt them.

Flash! Kwaang!

Sususu. Sususu.

Kang-jun finished them easily.

The strengthening continued to fail!

Still, it was comforting that Dimensional Pieces occasionally emerged.

'It doesn't matter how many times I fail. I just have to somehow succeed.'

He didn't want to give up even if he failed 100 times since strengthening the wings would lead to an enormous increase in combat capabilities.

[You have failed to strengthen the Wings of Chaos to Stage 9.]

[You have failed to strengthen the Wings of Chaos to Stage 9.]

[You have failed to strengthen the Wings of Chaos to Stage 9.]

But of course, strengthening to Stage 9 wasn't easy.

23 failures!

Now there were only three caterpillars left in front of him.

Even if he killed them, he wouldn't get enough chaos power to attempt another strengthening.

'I'll get rid of them before going back.'

It was somewhat disappointing. When was the next time he would be able to meet objects that gave so much chaos power?

There were many weird creatures but they might not be easy to find.

It was because the dimensional sea was vast.

Kang-jun shook his head and stopped moving towards the three remaining caterpillars.

'There is a chance that they might have a base somewhere.'

There might not be, but he decided to follow them at a distance.

Then after a while?

He started seeing a group of creatures in front of him.

There weren't just caterpillars, but some huge fish-shaped and jellyfishshaped creatures.

Giant creatures! There were more and more of them.

Of course, all of them were dimensional creatures.

Kang-jun smiled widely. As expected.

'Indeed! This is their base.'

The dimensional creatures discovered Kang-jun and struck.

Kwaah! Kwaaaah!

Hwaaaaack! Puaaaah!

All types of masses came flying.

They were similar to the caterpillar attacks, but the sizes and colours varied.

It was hard for Kang-jun to be safe no matter how strong he was.

It was because they contained dimensional power.

Kang-jun avoided them as carefully as possible.

'There are plenty of strong enemies here.'

There were some dimensional objects with terrible shapes.

Some of them seemed a lot stronger than the caterpillar-shaped objects.

However, Kang-jun felt more thrilled than afraid.

A tension he hadn't felt for a long time!

He wanted to feel this tension.

Kang-jun continued avoiding the masses of dimensional power flying towards him.

Before he knew it, the caterpillars Kang-jun pursued had disappeared somewhere.

Kang-jun was completely surrounded by incomparable powerful objects.

Left and right, up and down!

There were dimensional creatures on all sides. Some of them looked like blazing fireballs.

Any human would feel fear in this situation but Kang-jun just looked detached.

Seuk. Susuk.

Kang-jun pulled out seven myth grade weapons from his inventory, including the Destruction Scythe, the Leon Magic Sword, the Jekadis Magic Spear and the Scolaris' One-Handed Axe.

They were all equipped with a heart that contained an ego.

’’Go and get rid of them.’’

The seven weapons started attacking the fish-like creatures.

Kang-jun held the Havel Magic Sword in his hand. This was a myth grade weapon that one of the dead piratas had dropped.

'That one looks a bit stronger. It will be my opponent.'

Kang-jun rushed towards a giant shark-shaped creature ahead of him.

Then it opened its mouth.


'What is this?'

Kang-jun's eyes widened.

A new dimensional space formed inside the creature's mouth and started to suck Kang-jun in.

The dimensional power given to the shark was to swallow the opponent in front of it.

Kang-jun didn't know what would happen if he was swallowed by that dimensional space.

His body would probably be crushed by the pressure of the dimensional power, a fatal injury that would be difficult to recover from.

'I have to succeed instantly.'

Kang-jun swung his sword with his full power.

'Heavenly Cut!'

The power of the heavenly sword that broke down everything.

Invincible One Sword!

By continuously exceeding his limits, the strength of Heavenly Sword had become like this.

The power expanded.

A ray of light spread out in the space.


The light went on endlessly. It felt like the huge space ahead of him was being separated by the light.


The dimensional space about to swallow Kang-jun disappeared. The body of the dimensional shark creature was cut in half.


It disappeared without a trace.

[Two Dimensional Pieces have been acquired.]

[327,000 chaos points has been acquired.]

327,000 points at once. In addition, he gained two Dimensional Pieces.

A smile formed on Kang-jun's face.

There was a sense of tension in the battle and the chaos power gained was also great.

Today he would either become a transcendent or reach Stage 9.

He sensed it.

Of course, the former would be much better.

Meanwhile, the weapons with egos dwelling in them succeeded in destroying a large number of creatures.

They joined forces when strong opponents appeared and took care of the weaker ones on their own.

Therefore, the necessary chaos power for the wings was soon gathered.

He immediately tried strengthening.

[You have failed to strengthen the Wings of Chaos to Stage 9.]

'Not yet.'

Kang-jun continued battling the dimensional creatures.

There was a lot of chaos power here so he would succeed in the end.

But he couldn't relax for even a moment or something irreversible might happen.

Flash! Paaaat!


Every time he attacked, Kang-jun unleashed his most powerful attack.

He fought with fictional enemies during meditation but the current situation was different.

A tension where he might die at any moment!

It brought out an endless amount of his potential.

Kang-jun devoted everything to the battle.

Of course, he tried to strengthen the wings whenever the chaos power was filled.

[You have failed to strengthen the Wings of Chaos to Stage 9.]

[You have failed to strengthen the Wings of Chaos to Stage 9.]

[You have failed to strengthen the Wings of Chaos to Stage 9.]


[You have failed to strengthen the Wings of Chaos to Stage 9.]

The messages that he failed repeatedly appeared.

Kang-jun just kept killing the dimensional creatures.


Then his wings shone with a brilliant light. The light from his wings lit up the nearby sea of clouds.

[The Wings of Chaos have been strengthened to Stage 9.]


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