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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 127


Chapter 127: Will of Strengthening (2)

Flash! Shuuuuok!

A blue storm-shaped arrow once again emerged from Radius' bow.



A caterpillar-shaped objected exploded. Some of the insects on the caterpillars flapped their wings and flew onto the decks of nearby ships.

’’The enemy!’’

’’Kill them!’’

The elven warriors waiting on the deck started to engage in fierce battles with the insects.


Another caterpillar was destroyed by Radius.

Shakan's base was still intact because Radius was harming the life forms.

However, they were being pushed back against the defenders of Shakan's base. Even if they protected the base, the sacrifices of their allies would be tremendous.

In such a state, they would be slaughtered by Keljark's army.

At that time, Kang-jun and the Rotas Battleship finally arrived at the front.


A caterpillar shot a purple lump at them but Rotas moved sideways and lightly avoided it.



A few chunks flew in succession but Rotas avoided all of them like he was playing around.

Rotas was slower than an anomaloria but he showed extraordinary agility.

Kang-jun knew Rotas' ability which allowed him to boldly come to the front.

If not, he would have flown here alone even if it was slower.

However, Kang-jun's flight speed made it difficult to catch up with the caterpillar-shaped objects.

Even the lutra, the small means of transportation provided by the Black Dragon Law Firm, was faster than Kang-jun.

Cerato's sailboat was faster than the lutra.

But Rotas' movement speed was several times faster than that.

Of course, the anomaloria was fast enough to make Rotas seem like a turtle.

At present, the speed of the caterpillars were faster than the lutra and slower than Cerato's sailboat.

Therefore, if he wanted to organize it by order of speed,

Anomaloria >>>Rotas Battleship >Demon King Cerato's Sailboat >Caterpillar-shaped Objects >Lutra >Kang-jun >>>Demon King Cerato.

Therefore, it was very difficult for Kang-jun to catch up with the caterpillars by flying alone.

There was only one thing missing from that chart.

Anomalous Phoenix >>>Anomaloria.

According to Aquana, the anomalous phoenix was several times faster than the anomaloria.

'Anomalous phoenix! Please show up in front of me.'

Kang-jun had the Anomalous Golden Scale Insects that could tame it.

If Kang-jun could ride the anomalous phoenix then he could easily get rid of the caterpillars.

Anyway, that was for later and it was good that he currently had Rotas.

Bam! Sususu.

As soon as Kang-jun swung his sword from aboard Rotas, one caterpillar-shaped object dissolved and scattered.

Kang-jun had the ability to achieve the same damage as a melee attack from a distance as long as the enemy entered his range.

That distance was much longer than Radius' bow so it was possible to counterattack immediately when the caterpillars struck.

’’What the, this is?’’

However, Kang-jun had a deep frown on his face.

[Nothing has been acquired.]

Of course, this message didn't appear.

Yet it was the same to Kang-jun even if the message didn't appear.

He destroyed the caterpillar and the thousands of insects on it yet he received nothing.

'Something terrible like this!'

He realized just why the demon kings avoided these creatures.

There was no experience and not even a common essence fell.

There was a rare chance of a Dimensional Piece dropping, but if even Kang-jun with his high luck didn't get one then it was impossible for others.

Moreover, they weren't strong enough to cause tension in Kang-jun.

Even if they didn't give experience, if they were strong then they would help with his enlightenment.

However, it wasn't difficult to avoid the dimensional chunks that the caterpillars shot out.

'This is too much.'

But he couldn't give up fighting just because there was nothing to gain.

’’Continue approaching the caterpillars, Rotas.’’

’’Yes, Lord.’’

Rotas approached the caterpillars while avoiding their attacks.

’’I don't know if I can get chaos power but I'll try using the Will of Strengthening.’’

The Will of Strengthening allowed him to receive chaos power instead of experience from the enemy. If he couldn't get experience then he would try the Will of Strengthening to get chaos power.

Bam! Sususu.

Another caterpillar died under Kang-jun's sword. It was the same for the insects on top.

But at that moment, an unexpected message appeared.

[128,000 chaos points has been acquired.]

[982 chaos points has been acquired.]

[1,002 chaos points has been acquired.]


[889 chaos points has been acquired.]

[1,021 chaos points has been acquired.]

Surprisingly, an enormous amount of chaos power came pouring in.

One caterpillar gave him a huge 128,000 points.

It was amazing but the insects also gave almost 1,000 points and there were thousands of them!

Altogether, it was close to 500,000~600,000 points!

-Chaos power needed to upgrade to Stage 8: 723022/5120000

This meant that he could attempt to strengthen the wings if he killed 10 more caterpillars.

'It is a jackpot.'

If so, it didn't matter if he didn't get experience or items.

An opportunity to get chaos power like this was rare.

’’Rotas! Move to where there is a crowd of enemies.’’

’’Yes, Lord.’’

Rotas headed to a place where dozens of caterpillars were gathered together.




The dimensional chunks came flying but Rotas expertly avoided them and approached.

However, there were dozens gathered so it was harder to avoid the flying masses as they got closer.

Bam! Bam bam! Sususu. Sususu.

At that moment, the caterpillars started to disappear like balloons popping.

Kang-jun had entered within striking distance.

Kwang! Papang! Sususu.

Kang-jun used his full power to take care of the caterpillars. In an instant, eight caterpillars and the insects on top of them were killed.

[One Dimensional Piece has been acquired.]

He also fortunately got one Dimensional Piece.

However, it was imperative that he focused on strengthening his wings.

-Chaos power needed to upgrade to Stage 8: 5120000/5120000

[The wings' chaos power is full.]

[Do you want to strengthen it to the next stage?]


'Please succeed!'

He knew it wouldn't be easy. He sincerely prayed that his high luck would have an effect.

'Yes! Strengthen.'

[You have failed to strengthen the Wings of Chaos to Stage 8.]

'Come on!

It wasn't enough.

-Chaos power needed to upgrade to Stage 8: 0/5120000

5,120,000 chaos power flew away. If he hadn't been strengthening his mentality while focusing on becoming transcendent then he might have torn his wings and thrown them into the dimensional sea below him.

'It is okay. I still have a chance.'

Kang-jun thought it was very fortunate that there were many dimensional objects.

Kwang! Pasusu - Kwakwang! Sususu.

Meanwhile, his sword turned the dimensional objects into dust.

Kang-jun's disappointment at his wings failing to strengthen only lasted for a fleeting moment.

He didn't stop moving his sword despite being disappointed.

As a result, nine more caterpillar-shaped objects turned into dust.

-Chaos power needed to upgrade to Stage 8: 5120000/5120000

[The wings' chaos power is full.]

[Do you want to strengthen it to the next stage?]


'Yes! Strengthen.'

[You have failed to strengthen the Wings of Chaos to Stage 8.]


Another failure. Once again, 5.12 million chaos power was lost.

'It is okay... There is another opportunity.'

He tried to deceive himself.

Once again, flashes of light emerged from his sword. Before he knew it, the caterpillar-shaped objects near him had almost disappeared and it was time to try again.


[You have failed to strengthen the Wings of Chaos to Stage 8.]

'Ah! Damn!'

No one was immune to the pain of investing so much and then failing.

Rather, the greater the failure, the more likely that a mental collapse would occur.

In the end, he had no choice but to suffer!

But what could he do?

He couldn't give up on strengthening the wings.

Kang-jun restored his mentality and went looking for more dimensional objects.

Kwang! Pasususu.

Kwa kwang! Pak! Susu. Sususu.

Every time Kang-jun's sword flashed, objects were destroyed.

[One Dimensional Piece has been acquired.]

[One Dimensional Piece has been acquired.]

Now he was having good luck with this instead of boosting his success rate.

Still, Dimensional Pieces were steadily coming out.


[You have failed to strengthen the Wings of Chaos to Stage 8.]

'Yes. Another failure? It can't be helped.'

Kang-jun no longer chose to be disappointed.

'Let's not get impatient. One day I can do it.'

It was similar to his thoughts about reaching transcendence.

Otherwise, his heart might fall into a deep hole.

But he didn't give up.

If he failed then he would keep trying.

Whether it was strengthening his wings, becoming transcendent or anything else.

Never give up.

He calmed his mind.

Kwang! Pasususu.

Kang-jun aimed his sword at all the dimensional objects within distance.

As Kang-jun kept turning them into dust, Rotas rushed towards where many were gathered.

’’Huhu, there are dozens of them on that side. I will go there.’’

’’Okay. You should be careful to avoid any damage.’’

’’Don't worry, Lord.’’

The elves watched as Rotas moved and the dimensional creatures were crushed by Kang-jun.

In particular, the awakened elf Radius, commander of Shakan's 39th Base, was shocked.

’’This is impossible!’’

When she first saw Kang-jun, she thought that he was on a similar level as her.

However, Kang-jun killed dozens of caterpillars in the time it took for her to kill one.

Moreover, he rushed to a place where dozens of caterpillars were and turned them all to dust.

It was an ability that she was currently unable to imitate!

She had no choice but to admit that Kang-jun's abilities were beyond her.

She felt both bitter and relieved.

It was because the situation was reversed all at once.

Even the strange giant creatures were surprised by Kang-jun's skills and started escaping in one direction.

'It is a good thing. But why did those dimensional creatures suddenly attack this base? It must be a coincidence.'

Radius thought that it was just a coincidence.

If someone navigated through the dimensional sea then they would see many such creatures.

However, most of the dimensional ships were faster so they could avoid being hit by the creatures.

But it was a different story if the creatures flocked to a world.

If they weren't stopped then there could be a terrible disaster, resulting in a small world disappearing.

The Drobi Continent, that had survived numerous battles with Keljark's army, had almost become ruined by an unexpected disaster.

In the meantime, Kang-jun was persistently attacking the dimensional objects on Rotas.

’’They are running away? Should we chase?’’

’’Chase them. Don't miss even one of those guys.’’

Kang-jun had failed 14 times to strengthen his wings to Stage 8.

He had killed approximately 150 of the caterpillars.

His good luck had a surprising effect on the number of Dimensional Pieces dropping, but it did nothing for the success rate of strengthening to Stage 8.

[The wings' chaos power is full.]

[Do you want to strengthen it to the next stage?]


This was the 15th attempt.

'Yes! Strengthen.'

At that moment, his wings shone with a brilliant light.

[The Wings of Chaos have been strengthened to Stage 8.]


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