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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 125


Chapter 125: Rotas Battleship (2)

It was a woman with white skin and brilliant golden hair.

She was approximately two meters tall.

Her eyes gleamed like diamonds and a blue cloak with a mysterious glow was wrapped around her neck.

’’This is the base of the Top Dragon Shakan. It isn't a place for a pirata. If you have gone the wrong way, leave now.’’

Her warning was calm, yet dignified.

She meant that if they left, she wouldn't attack.

After seeing the horrifying appearance of the Rotas Battleship, she misunderstood and thought that Kang-jun was a pirata.

’’I'm not a pirata. I am Sovereign Lucan from Earth Hwanmong. I am here to lead my people into Top Dragon Shakan's camp.’’

Kang-jun's voice echoed clearly across the wide area. Then the woman in the sky shouted like she was surprised,

’’You are a sovereign from Earth Hwanmong?’’

’’That's right.’’

Kang-jun nodded and a transparent light appeared in the woman's eyes.

The Light of Truth.

She used it to decide that Kang-jun's words were true.

'It is like he said. It is amazing that there is such a strong person among the sovereigns.'

In fact, she had been somewhat tense.

The enormous size of the battleship and the combat power she sensed from it made it hard to be sure of her victory.

In a situation where they were fighting the troops of the Top Demon King Keljark, it was a burden to face a pirata with a strong combat power.

So, she had tried to send them back without any conflicts.

However, he wasn't a pirata. Furthermore, he had come to join Shakan's camp, so she couldn't help but welcome it.

Suddenly, she recalled someone who had recently joined Shakan's camp.

'Was his name Rainkar? I heard he also came from Earth Hwanmong.'

After taking care of one of the pirata demon kings, he had joined Shakan's camp.

She heard rumours that his skills were close enough to become a base commander.

Anyway, the fact that two powerful being had come out from a small world meant that the power of Earth Hwanmong was great.

She smiled at Kang-jun.

’’Sovereign Lucan! The Light of Truth proves that your words are true. I am Radius, the commander of Shakan's 39th Base. I sincerely welcome you.’’

Radius immediately allowed Rotas to enter.

Of course, there was no harbour to dock the boats like with normal seas.

Shakan's base was located on a sub-dimensional world which meant he could enter the dimensional sea around it.

[You will enter Drobi Continent shortly.]

[The awakened elf, Radius, is the protector of Drobi Continent.]

[You have received the permission of the protector to enter.]

'Radius is an awakened elf.'

After moving for a while through the dimensional sea, Rotas arrived at Drobi Continent.

Kang-jun spoke to all his subordinates.

’’Wait here while I go to Shakan's base.’’

’’Yes, Lord.’’

Until then, the demon kings would rest in their Shelter of Pleasure.

Kang-jun flew straight down through the dimensional sea.

The sea of clouds disappeared without a trace and a huge continent under a blue sky could be seen.

It was a large land that was hundreds of times more spacious than the island of the small world Kang-jun had discovered.

However, there weren't many fertile lands and there were wastelands everywhere.

Shakan's base was built on fertile land.

It was an area filled with beautiful lakes and forests.

There was a defense circle with a radius of several kilometres.

The outskirts were surrounded by fortresses while the inside contained a number of high-rise buildings, reminiscent of a large city.

The base headquarters were located in the central building that was several times higher than the surrounding buildings.

Kang-jun sat down with Radius in the conference room on the top floor.

Dozens of strong people were behind Radius, watching Kang-jun with sharp eyes.

There were the army commanders belonging to Shakan's 39th Base.

The unusual thing was that they all looked good, regardless if they were men or women!

It was because they were elves.

Radius smiled gently at Kang-jun and said,

’’The elves on Drobi Continent have joined Shakan's camp from the beginning to fight again Kaljark's camp. The elves of Drobi Continent are all brave warriors.’’

The brave elves weren't afraid of war and had gathered here on Drobi Continent.

’’The large and small wars have made the soil barren, but Drobi Continent used to be a very beautiful place. Now, only this city that contains the base retains its former beauty.’’

While explaining the Drobi Continent, she suddenly asked,

’’Sovereign Lucan, can I ask why you came to Shakan's camp?’’

Kang-jun replied honestly,

’’Earth Hwanmong was in a long war with Colladikus. He recently retreated but he might attack again, so I came out to kill him. However, I discovered that he belongs to the Top Demon King Keljark's camp, so I decided to join your side.’’

Then Radius exclaimed,

’’Colladikus is strong enough to call himself the Top Demon King, so it is amazing that you defeated him in Earth Hwanmong.’’

’’It was just luck.’’

Kang-jun smiled. Radius extended a hand and said,

’’I sincerely welcome you joining us, Sovereign Lucan. In the future, Earth Hwanmong will be safe under the protection of Shakan.’’

The other commanders all gave him admiring smiles.

’’You really thought well, Sovereign Lucan.’’

’’Hahaha! If you are Colladikus' enemy, then we are friends. Welcome to Shakan's camp.’’


’’Lucan! It is really great that your strength is with us.’’

The elven commanders applauded and welcomed Kang-jun simultaneously.

Kang-jun hadn't chosen Shakan for a particularly good reason.

There was only one reason: Shakan was the enemy of Colladikus.

However, Earth Hwanmong was now being protected by a transcendent being.

In other words, if Colladikus attacked Earth Hwanmong, Shakan's camp would instantly come to help.

There were both good and bad points about joining Shakan's camp.

The great thing was being protected by Shakan.

The bad thing was that he was now enemies with the Top Demon King Keljark.

Thus, there was a possibility that Keljark would send a large army to strike Earth Hwanmong.

Of course, Shakan's camp would be there, but there was a possibility that Earth Hwanmong would be caught up in the confusion.

To avoid such a situation, he had to become transcendent as soon as possible.

If Kang-jun became a transcendent, no one would dare go to Earth Hwanmong.

At that time, Kang-jun would no longer have to remain in Shakan's camp.

’’Lucan, if you don't mind then there will be a banquet to welcome you today.’’

’’That is good.’’

There was no reason for Kang-jun to refuse a banquet held by the elves.

[After a short time, the door to Hwanmong will close.]

[If you keep waiting here, the Hwanmong door location will change from Freya Island to Drobi Continent.]

Before he knew it, it was time to return to reality.

Kang-jun looked at Radius and said.

’’But I guess it will be hard today. It is time for me to go back.’’

Radius nodded.

’’I heard that there are two times for a sovereign. You are going to a world other than Earth Hwanmong. Then there will be a banquet next time we meet.’’

’’Thank you for your consideration.’’

The surrounding space started to distort.

[The door to Hwanmong is closed.]

’’Good morning.’’

When he opened his eyes, Hayun greeted him with a bright smile.

Seeing Hayun's smile, Kang-jun realized that he had returned from Hwanmong to reality.

Of course, Hwanmong was connected to reality but he felt a strange disconnect when he woke up.

At the same time, the reality in front of him became clearer.

Recently, his life wasn't much different from his time in the Yugang building.

He ate a meal cooked by Hayun and spent time in meditation. The only difference was that the house was gorgeous and at a high altitude.

Today, Hayun had prepared breakfast carefully. As always, Colt was Hayun's assistant when it came to food preparation.

’’Hand me the spinach, Colt.’’

’’Yes, Hayun-nim.’’

This morning's menu was spinach soup and fried cutlass.

[Hayun's Spinach Soup]

-Speed increased by 10%.

-The duration is eight hours.

[Hayun's Fried Cutlass]

-Black magic energy recovery +10

-The duration is eight hours.

Of course, these type of buffs existed and he didn't forget to store them in his space.

In fact, reality was peaceful, so there was no need for such things. However, he never knew when he would need to use them.

Hayun knew this and always cooked an ample amount.

Anyway, the menu was very simple for someone whose assets were over 16 trillion but Kang-jun enjoyed it.

It was burdensome to eat greasy food in the morning.

He used to think that tycoons ate a feast for breakfast every morning, but the food wasn't much different from what he normally ate.

Of course, lunch or dinner might be different.

Kang-jun wanted to sometimes enjoy spending his money.

He didn't always meditate on the rooftop.

He could go for a walk, watch a movie, eat food or drink alcohol.

'I should spend a little bit of money.'

However, there was nothing special that he wanted. He already had a car and a home.

It was the same for traveling. He wandered to all types of bizarre places in Hwanmong, so he had no desire to travel.

Freya Island was much more spectacular than resorts like the Maldives and Aquana was also there.

In the end, Kang-jun decided to go watch a movie.

’’Do you want to go to the movies?’’


Hayun asked with a bright expression. Kang-jun laughed.

’’I'm sorry that I'm always busy. Colt, you should come as well. Go prepare.’’

Colt shook his head with a meaningful smile.

’’Lord, I'm not much of a movie watcher. If you are ever eating meat, call me. Huhu, I won't go if it isn't meat.’’

Colt didn't want to interfere with Kang-jun and Hayun's date.

Hayun was wearing a white dress like always.

Of course, she didn't sweat or get dust on her clothes due to her unique ability, meaning she didn't have to change clothes. It was a short, se*y dress that reached her thighs.

Still, it was the same clothes as always.

'I can't allow that. Today, I will buy her some new clothes.'

Kang-jun had given Hayun a special card with a monthly limit of 20 million won to buy whatever she needed. However, Hayun only spent it on household goods or cooking ingredients.

After booking one of the latest movies showing at the theatre in Cheongdam-dong, Kang-jun decided to go shopping with Hayun.


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