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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 122


Chapter 122: Top Demon King Scolaris (1)

TL Note: I've decided to change Second Demon King to Top Demon King

When he returned to Hwanmong, Kang-jun appeared on Freya Island.

Thanks to Aquana, the spirits in the lake were growing well. Kang-jun was having a fun time when he suddenly asked Aquana.

’’By the way, why were you fighting Colladikus?’’

’’For a long time, the relationship between spirit rulers and demon kings haven't been good. Then a war broke out between the Top Dragon Shakan and the Top Demon King Keljark over Pavalia Station. Some of the spirit kings joined Shakan's camp and some demon kings joined Keljark's camp.’’

’’Pavalia Station?’’

’’The dimensional worlds connected with the dimensional sea of clouds were divided into a myriad of stations. Right now, we are in Pavalia Station.’’

’’I see.’’

This was the first time Kang-jun had heard of it.

’’Then how big is Pavalia Station?’’

’’I don't know how big it is. I've never left Pavalia Station. If you want to move to another station, you'll need the assistance of a special creature such as the anomaloria or anomalous phoenix.’’

Kang-jun had heard of an anomaloria before, but what was an anomalous phoenix?

’’Anomalous phoenix?’’

’’The speed is several times faster than an anomaloria, but it is violent and aggressive, so it is almost impossible to ride it. It has a mysterious combat power used in self-defense, so even transcendents often fail to catch it.’’

There was such a great creature.

Kang-jun, who thought he wanted an anomaloria, suddenly had a new goal.

However, even those who were transcendent had failed, so Kang-jun needed to be at least transcendent before trying.

Moreover, it had strong combat power in self-defense, so one slip could cause something irreparable.

’’By the way, what is the Top Dragon?’’

’’Among the dragons, those who experienced an extraordinary awakening similar to transcendence are called Top Dragons.’’


Kang-jun's eyes widened. It was the first time he had heard of an existence that actually reached transcendence.

’’Likewise, a demon king who reaches the same stage is called the Top Demon King.’’

Kang-jun was puzzled.

’’No way. Then the Top Demon King Colladikus can't be transcendent.’’

If Colladikus was transcendent, then Kang-jun. who had surpassed him, should be transcendent. However, Kang-jun knew that he wasn't transcendent.

’’Those who aren't transcendent but are close to transcendent have called themselves by such names. In particular, the demon kings like the title a lot. But as far as I know, the only one worthy of being called the Top Demon King in Pavaria Station is Keljark who opposes the Top Dragon Shakan.’’

’’I see.’’

As Aquana said, there were were such presences in Pavalia.

In other words, there were two walls that Kang-jun couldn't beat with his skills.

He became somewhat tense as he thought about it.

’’Anyway, that doesn't explain why you are fighting Colladikus.’’

’’When I first met him, he was a little stronger than me. However, Klater fell for his schemes and I was defeated. Then Klater was also captured.’’

’’Such a thing!’’

’’Colladikus was praised by the Top Demon King Keljark for destroying two spirit worlds that belonged to Shakan's camp. After that, Keljark awarded him with an anomalorian and made his power stronger.’’

Since then, Colladikus had proclaimed himself as the Top Demon King. Kang-jun could feel Aquana's deep pain in her words.

’’From then on, I had been trapped in the Aok and was constantly threatened.’’

’’I didn't give in until the end, but Klater succumbed and joined Colladikus. It is miraculous that I am released now.’’

Aquana was tearful as she thought of that time.

Kang-jun was also unhappy. When he had first seen Aquana, her limbs had been severed.

It was obvious with just one look.

Colladikus had inflicted a tremendous amount of pain on Aquana.

Kang-jun also didn't like that Colladikus had gone to Earth Hwanmong and caused a frenzy.

However, there was another reason to be angry at Colladikus after becoming closer to Aquana.

Kang-jun wiped away Aquana's tears and said,

’’I'll take care of Colladikus, so don't cry.’’

Then Aquana shook her head.

’’if that happens, you will incite the anger of Keljark who is behind Colladikus.’’

’’It can't be helped. Colladikus won't give up on Earth Hwanmong and will be back. I have to take care of him before that.’’

Kang-jun didn't intend to fight a reckless battle, but he wasn't going to hide and avoid one.

He would fight and become stronger.

He couldn't become transcendent unless he faced crises where he could die.

Aquana paused for a moment before saying,

’’If Lord means to take that path, then you should join the Top Dragon Shakan's camp first. Then Lord won't have to fight the Top Demon King Keljark directly.’’

The two transcendents would keep each other in check. Most wars occurred between those two camps.

Kang-jun nodded.

’’I'll consider that as well.’’

’’Be careful and stop by occasionally.’’

Aquana knew that Kang-jun was about to leave. Kang-jun smiled.

’’Of course. Don't worry about me.’’

Kang-jun kissed Aquana and hugged her gently before flying up to the sea of clouds.

Cerato's black sailboat was waiting nearby.

’’Lord! Where are we going now?’’

As soon as Kang-jun had landed on the deck, Cerato noticed and left the Shelter of Pleasure.

’’I intend to remove all threats around this world.’’


’’I will sweep away the nearby piratas.’’

’’Huhu, leave that to me. I know all the piratas very well.’’

’’Really? Then tell me what you know about Colladikus.’’

Cerato stiffed at those words.

’’Are you talking about the Top Demon King Colladikus?’’

’’Yes, it is him.’’

Kang-jun's eyes shone coldly.

’’He belongs to Keljark's camp but he is so famous that there are few in Pavalia Station who doesn't know him.’’

’’That reminds me, are you part of Keljark's camp like Colladikus is?’’

Kang-jun asked suddenly. Cerato shook his head and said,

’’I always have the policy not to get involved in big wars. It is the secret behind how I managed to live so long as a pirata.’’

’’So, Shakan and Keljark are still at war.’’

’’That's correct. I don't know when the war will end, so it is better not to get involved.’’

’’I understand. Now, move to the nearby piratas. Lead me to where they pop up frequently.’’

’’Yes, Lord.’’

Cerato moved the sailboat immediately. Then Kang-jun asked,

’’What are the skills of the piratas?’’

’’There are very few piratas near here that Lord needs to worry about. Just watch out for the Top Demon King Scolaris.’’

’’He calls himself the Top Demon King, so he must be pretty strong.’’

’’He is the same as Colladikus. If you meet him, it is wiser to give up on fighting. Fortunately, we can escape on this ship.’’

Just as Cerato's sailboat was about to leave Freya Island...


There was a blast of wind and a huge boat appeared in front of Cerato's sailboat.

It was a red ship that looked 10 times bigger at the first glance! Before it, Cerato's sailboat looked like a small boat.


Cerato was shocked and stopped the ship. He stiffened and quickly said to Kang-jun,

’’Euh! This?’’

’’Do you know this person?’’

Kang-jun asked calmly. Cerato made a long face.

’’Yes. He is someone we should never meet. Sob! Today is unlucky. All the property I collected...’’

’’Is he the Top Demon King Scolaris?’’

’’Lord, I'll take care of it, so please stay here for a while.’’

Cerato was worried that Kang-jun might try and fight Scolaris.

At that time, a demon king flew from Scolaris' ship and landed on Kang-jun's sailboat.

Unlike the minotaur, Cerato, he had a human body with the head of a deer, but his eyes shone like a demon.

One of his hands grasped a staff like it was a long spear.

It was at least a legend grade weapon and Kang-jun could feel an extraordinary energy from the blue sapphire like gem.

A demon king wouldn't hold a legend ranked weapon, so it was probably myth rank.

’’It has been a while, Cerato. You aren't dead yet?’’

’’Turun! You also haven't died yet.’’

Cerato stared at Turun. Turun was the right hand of the Top Demon King Scolaris. Turun took care of anything that Scolaris didn't want to do.

’’Kukukuk, Cerato! In the meantime, you've gathered quite a lot of assets. Take out everything except for the ship.’’

Cerato made a long face.

’’Are you truly saying this? Do you want me to die?’’

Then Turun stared fiercely at Cerato.

’’Yes, I want to take away all your power today. That reminds me, I heard rumours that you were collecting pretty demons. Are they below the deck?’’

’’W-wait a minute!’’

Cerato flinched. It would be the end if Turun found his Shelter of Pleasure.

Even if he was a demon king, he would be robbed. Cerato would have to release all his household members and they would immediately become slaves of the Top Demon King Scolaris.

It was at that moment...


The head of Turun, who had been threatening Cerato, was separated from his body.


The separated head screamed and scattered into dust.


Then his body was also broken.

In front of him, Kang-jun was holding a scythe in his hand.

'The energy of destruction is really comforting.'

Kang-jun had wanted to try out the Destruction Scythe that was a myth grade weapon.

Turun was destroyed the moment his head was separated from his body and the body also disappeared in the same way after a moment.

[Experience has risen.]

Despite removing a demon king, he didn't level up and only gained some experience.

[Two Dimensional Pieces have been acquired.]

[Turun's Heart (Myth) has been acquired.]

[Turun's Heavy Armour (Myth) has been acquired.]

[Jekadis Magic Spear (Myth) has been acquired.]

Still, the japtem profits were good.

Of course, myth grade items couldn't really be considered japtem.

Additionally, he gained two Dimensional Pieces.


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