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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 121


Chapter 121: Creating Spirits (2)

Kang-jun was curious, but he wasn't going to stop the kiss to ask what she was doing.

Kang-jun immediately embraced Aquana gently with both hands.

And he responded actively to the kiss.

Kang-jun's tongue slipped into Aquana's mouth and wrapped around Aquana's tongue.


Aquana flinched and her body trembled. Her eyes widened with surprise. However, she closed her eyes and threw herself into the kiss.

So, after a while...

[You have received knowledge about lower grade spirits.]

Unbelievable! He had suddenly received knowledge?

Did he have to kiss the queen to gain knowledge about water spirits?

However, that wasn't the end.

Meanwhile, they were both still kissing passionately.

[You have received knowledge about intermediate spirits.]

This time, it was intermediate grade. Then again, after a while...

[You have learned Aura of Water.]

[Aura of Water]

-Additional water property damage will be added to all attacks.

-Magic defense will increase when using Aura of Water.

-Consumes five black magic energy.

-Duration is 10 minutes

-Wind, fire, water and earth can't be used simultaneously.

Additionally, he received the Aura of Water skill.

Kang-jun learnt Aura of Water after Aura of Earth, Wind and Darkness.

While Aura of Darkness could be used with any type other than light, Aura of Water couldn't be used with the fire, earth and wind types.

The best ability of Aura of Water was magic defense.

Of course, Kang-jun could scatter magic through Heavenly Flow, so he didn't have to rely on Aura of Water.

Still, it was always good to receive new skills.

However, he was confused that he could gain it just by kissing the spirit queen.

In fact, Kang-jun found it strange.

It wasn't because of Aura of Water which could be acquired from a skillbook.

The true feat was the knowledge about water spirits!

Although it was only intermediate level, it was extremely rare that knowledge about intermediate water spirits could be gained through voluntary physical contact with the spirit queen.

Then Aquana stopped kissing him and took in deep breaths.


She said immediately with an embarrassed expression,

’’I had just intended to touch my lips with yours for a moment. Then I would give Lord the Aura of Water temporarily.’’

Yet, Kang-jun had suddenly initiated a deep kiss.

Although Aquana responded, she was embarrassed because she couldn't understand Kang-jun's intentions.

Of course, Kang-jun did it deliberately.

A woman had kissed him first.

She was a beauty who was actually the water spirit queen!

As a man, it didn't make sense to remain silent in that situation.

Kang-jun replied with an apologetic expression,

’’I see. Then you should have told me in advance.’’

Even if she had told him, it wouldn't have ended so easily.

’’I was only able to try it once before. Now, Lord can use the Essence of Water to create water spirits at any time.’’

’’I acquired intermediate knowledge, so I can only make up to intermediate spirits.’’

’’That's right.’’

Aquana nodded.

The atmosphere was a bit awkward.

If that was the case...

Kang-jun used an arm to draw Aquana toward him again. Aquana was shocked.


’’I'm not satisfied with intermediate level. I would prefer advanced or supreme knowledge about water spirits.’’

It wouldn't be bad if he formed a deeper relationship with Aquana.

Was it dream courage?

As a sovereign, it was natural to have beautiful water spirits as subordinates. It was also important for them to be strong.

However, it was somewhat unfair that he had to fight monsters in Hwanmong and risk dying.

Hadn't it been a lot of work to reach this point? It would be absurd if he was to lose it to someone else.

So today, he decided to make some beautiful memories.

Aquana didn't refuse.

After a while, Kang-jun sat next to Aquana on one side of the lake.


A blue fish with a bright light emerged from Aquana's hand.

’’An intermediate spirit was born.’’

’’Oh! Congratulations.’’

The awkwardness between the two of them had disappeared. Aquana spoke with glittering eyes,

’’Lord should try it.’’

’’Shall I?’’

Kang-jun now had advanced knowledge about water spirits.

Unfortunately, he didn't get supreme knowledge. However, he was likely to get it if he continued developing his relationship with Aquana.


Kang-jun immersed an Essence of Water into the lake with both hands.


There was a bright light and the Essence of Water turned into a big fish.

[An advanced water spirit has been created from an Esesnce of Water.]

’’Oh! Advanced spirit?’’

He hadn't expected much, but it was an advanced spirit.

Aquana cheered.

’’To get an advanced spirit on the first try! Amazing.’’

’’I was just lucky.’’

Kang-jun laughed. It was good that he had built the Lucky Tower. It would be great if he could built a lot of Lucky Towers, but they were rare.

Still, Keirun was looking for another place on Earth Hwanmong where a Lucky Tower could be built. Keirun was able to do these things well, so Kang-jun was comfortable.

'If I have this much luck, I can try to strengthen the wings to Stage 8.'

Once he was finished here, he would have to find a world full of monsters.

He had to hunt monsters to fill his chaos power quickly.

[A low grade water spirit has been created from an Esesnce of Water.]

[An intermediate water spirit has been created from an Esesnce of Water.]

[An advanced water spirit has been created from an Esesnce of Water.]

He tried again and another advanced spirit emerged on his fourth attempt.

Aquana seemed more upset than celebratory now.

’’How can this be? I still haven't done it even once.’’

The highest she had managed to create was an intermediate spirit. Yet Kang-jun had created a second advanced spirit in his fourth attempt, so she couldn't help feeling slightly empty.

’’I should leave this to Lord. I'll just watch.’’

She then leaned back against a rock and watched Kang-jun like a spectator. Kang-jun laughed.

’’Do you intend to give up on supreme spirits? Even if it is low, just continue trying.’’

Kang-jun had heard from Aquana about the combat power of the water spirits.

Low grade spirits were usually used for non-combat missions.

They did things like clearing contaminated water or producing wells. They formed alliances with other species and provided them with drinking water.

Of course, in cases of need, low grade spirits also participated in battle. However, combat was normally left to spirits of the intermediate level or above.

Advanced spirits were commanders in charge of intermediate ones.

The very rare supreme spirits were at the top.

Advanced spirits were on par with advanced demons, while a supreme spirit had the brute force equivalent to a dragon.

It was literally possible to create military officers like Melinad, Driana and Heksia through the Essence of Water.

Of course, a newborn supreme spirit couldn't exert such force immediately. The water spirit ruler had to take care of it steadily until it was fully grown.

On the other hand, Aquana thought that Kang-jun's words were correct and grabbed the Essence of Water again.

’’It would truly be great if you are a supreme spirit, but the odds are so slim that I should just give up.’’

From a spirit ruler's point of view, having a supreme spirit was very reassuring and relaxing.

It was because a supreme spirit could do almost everything a spirit ruler could do, except for creating spirits.

It was typical to nurture the spirits.


As she placed the Essence of Water into the lake, Aquana prayed to be lucky.


However, a transparent fish emerged from her hand. It was a low grade spirit.

’’Nice to meet you. It is okay that you are a low grade spirit.’’

She was disappointed that it wasn't a supreme spirit, but she still stroked the low grade spirit kindly.

She had been trapped alone in an Aok for long years.

So, even a low grade spirit was very important to her.

In that way, she kept creating low or intermediate spirits while Kang-jun created another advanced spirit.

’’Hahat! An advanced spirit.’’


’’Thank you.’’

In the meantime, Kang-jun received a mission to create three advanced spirits.

[Mission 23] Create three advanced spirits.

[Compensation] Experience, 50,000 nodes, 1 Dimensional Piece

This kind of mission was welcome.

'Don't I only have two more left?'

It was much trickier than a mission to destroy advanced lords.

This mission couldn't be completed with just one finger.

Kang-jun used the hundreds of essences from the warehouse and started to create spirits earnestly.

Then after 40 attempts, he finally succeeded in creating two more advanced spirits.

’’Huhu, another advanced spirit.’’

His level rose by one to Lv133 and one Dimensional Piece was acquired.


Aquana was glad, but she also wondered about Kang-jun's immense luck.

Then she suddenly said,

’’Why don't you get more knowledge?’’

’’What does that mean?’’

’’For some reason, I think that you will be able to create a supreme spirit.’’

’’Haven't I only been making advanced spirits?’’

Did she mean to give him supreme knowledge?

Kang-jun glanced at Aquana. She was pretty cute and se*y as she avoided his gaze.

[After a short time, the door to Hwanmong will close.]

[If you keep on waiting here, the door will be changed from Earth Hwanmong to Freya Island.]

It was already time for Hwanmong to close?

When he thought about it, he didn't have to be in the Delta building when entering Hwanmong.

If necessary, he could move through the portal at any time.

Rather, something else was more urgent.

The statement about gaining supreme knowledge had come just before Hwanmong closed.

Unfortunately, he didn't have the time to acquire the supreme knowledge.

[The door to Hwanmong is closed.]

The surrounding space started to distort.

’’It is time for me to go back. Let's succeed next time then.’’


Aquana looked disappointed as she said goodbye to Kang-jun.

[Your time in the world of Hwanmong is over.]

After returning to reality, Kang-jun sat quietly on the rooftop of the Delta building and meditated for three days.

The method of meditation was simple.

He created virtual enemies with the same abilities as himself and kept fighting them.

In the beginning, it was just like playing around, but surprisingly, he gained a lot from it.

Every time he finished a long meditation, he woke up in a slightly different state.

[The door to Hwanmong is open.]

Then Hwanmong opened again and Kang-jun showed up at the base on Freya Island, not the Delta building.

Meanwhile, the base had turned into a huge fortress.

Aquana had established various defense facilties. She was waiting alone since the spirits hadn't grown yet.

Kang-jun headed toward where she was, near the lake.



Aquana was taking care of the spirits swimming in the lake and flashed a bright smile when she saw Kang-jun.

Kang-jun smiled.

Today, he was going to gain supreme knowledge.

After a while, the message he had really wanted finally appeared.

[You have received knowledge about supreme spirits.]

’’Finally! Supreme!’’

’’Congratulations, Lord.’’

’’Now let's go make the spirits.’’

Aquana's expression was also filled with expectation. Kang-jun brought all the Essence of Water in the warehouse out to the lake and started to create spirits.

Aquana watched from beside Kang-jun.

Higher ranked spirits were better for a more powerful spirit world.

So, she left it all to the lucky Kang-jun.

Kang-jun created an advanced spirit at least once in every 20 times. The rest that came out were low or intermediate spirits.

Even with Kang-jun's high luck, a supreme spirit did not come out easily. After 10,000 attempts, there were only two supreme spirits.

However, Aquana was delighted with that alone.

Two supreme water spirits.

522 advanced water spirits.

4,455 intermediate water spirits.

5,021 low grade water spirits.

’’I have many Essence of Water, so do you want to make more spirits?’’

’’The current number is reasonable for this world. It is a fairly big spirit world.’’

’’That's right. Now, the spirits have to grow up safely.’’

’’I can do it well, so leave it to me.’’

Aquana smiled confidently.

The first small world that Kang-jun had acquired in the dimensional system had become a new world with 10,000 spirits.


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