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Devil King From The Otherworldly Dimension - Chapter 8


Chapter 008 Departure

Translated by Yorasu, edited by Kai

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After confirming that Wu Lingfeng had magical abilities, Xian Niya requested to bring him back to the Wolf Corp's headquarters. After all, it is not that suitable for a magician to stay in such place.

’’I think it is better if we leave immediately. The representative from the royal faction should be arriving soon to honor you.....’’ Xian Niya said so while facing Wu Lingfeng.

’’No problem, but I will bring one person along....’’ Wu Lingfeng replied.

’’Who?’’ Xian Niya asked with a puzzled tone. This was because before she came to get Wu Lingefeng, she already did some enquiries. From the information she obtained, Wu Lingfeng did not have any relatives. His parents were dead in the war two years ago.

With a red face, Wu Lingfeng told her, ’’....a girl.’’

’’Commoner?’’ Xian Niya frowned.

Wu Lingfeng nodded. He then continued, ’’When I was about to awaken my magic power, Uncle Xiu Kesi did save my little life. Then, he entrusted his daughter to me, so.....’’

’’Fine. This matter you do not need to elaborate further. Just bring her along. We need to go now.....’’ Xian Niya casually spoke.

Wu Lingfeng nodded again. He then walked out from the tent and headed towards the direction of mess tent. Wen Ni and Xiu Kesi should be there.

Entering the mess tent, Wu Lingfeng spoke with Xiu Kesi. ’’Uncle Xiu Kesi, I am going to the corps headquarter.’’

’’See, I have guessed correctly. You are destined to be someone big. This place is not suitable for you. I will entrust Wen Ni to you. Finally, my dream can be considered fulfilled.’’

Wen Ni looking at Xiu Kesi with tears dropping from her eyes. ’’Dad......’’

’’You cry for what....Following Lingfeng is definitely zillion times better than being by my side. Plus, I am strong. To live for several more decades is not a problem for me. Remember then. From now on, you've got to listen to Lingfeng. I know since young, you are a well behaved child.....’’ Xiu Kesi patted her shoulder. (1)

Although he was not the true father of Wen Ni, after he had taken care of her for more than 10 years he had become used to being her father. All of sudden, his daughter was going to leave him. Of course, his heart was sad. But for her future happiness, this was the only way.

Wen Ni nodded. She stood up and walked toward Wu Lingfeng while carrying her wrapping cloth (luggage).

’’Then we are going off then, Uncle Xiu Kesi...’’

’’En, go faster. I wish you two happiness....’’ Xiu Kesi patted both their shoulders. When he saw their back, he continued, ’’Go! I do not want to watch you two leave.’’

Wu Lingfeng nodded. Even though he just reached this world not long ago, Xiu Kesi could be considered someone who was closer to him. Furthermore, Xiu Kesi always took care of his wellbeing. To repay his kindness, he would treat Wen Ni well.

Wen Ni quietly followed Wu Lingfeng and walked out from the tent. These past two years, Xiu Kesi had kept mentioning Wu Lingfeng to her. To her, Wu Lingfeng was not a stranger. After all, listening to the story of the same person for two years made her understand him better. Thus, there was a modicum of trust towards him.

And now, Wu Lingfeng had the identity of magician. Wen Ni could accept him from the bottom of her heart. Besides, being the woman of a magician was every girl's dream.

Wu Lingfeng brought Wen Ni to the side of Xian Niya and asked, ’’How do we go then? Riding a horse? I do not know how to ride a horse.’’

Xian Niya observed the girl besides Wu Lingfeng. Unknowingly, she pursed her lips and thought. Indeed she is pretty. This magician seems to be lucky. At such place, he can get himself a beauty. this could be said a miracle.

’’No, we are not riding. Allow me to show you the real world, master magician....’’

Xian Niya slowly inhaled, her beautiful pink lips were a mesmerising contrast to her creamy white skin. Her cheeks ballooned out ever so slightly. Wu Lingfeng had to suppress his urge to poke and squeeze her cute cheeks. She then took out a golden whistle from a pocket and gently blew it.


From the sky, a huge beast slowly landed down near them. It had the majestic body of a lion and a head and wings of an eagle. As it landed it created a slight tremor and left impressions in the ground. For a beast this size to barely leave traces, its control over its body should've reached a high level. As it extended it wings to break its fall, it created a large wing pressure buffeting Wu Lingfeng and poor little Wen Ni, who had to take a few steps backwards.

’’Although a knight can never be royalty, but from a golden knight onwards, it is no longer considered an ordinary existence. Don't think that a magician is always the strongest. You are just a bunch of spoiled brats with the title of nobility.

This is my mount. Only a talented person could be a strong existence. Unlike the commoners, who think that only magicians are always the strongest and highest level of existence. Let me tell you that our Light Empire's 4 main corps chief are all knights and swordsmen.

You know why? Because the whole empire only had a total of one thousand plus magicians. You think they can control an empire? A magician is just a high level soldier. Well, we can't really belittle you guys.

After all, a magician is the symbol of the empire's strength. As long as it can change the condition of a war, it is then an important existence. Thus, look at the world around you with your own eyes, Magician Wu Lingfeng!’’ Xian Niya curled her lips again.

Wu Lingfeng just smiled and said. ’’En, I know. But even though it is like what you said, magicians are still highly privileged. But people like you could train hard and struggle for strength. So no matter for what purpose this strength is achieved, power can indeed measure anything. You are stronger than me so you can be proud even though you are no magician.

But if I am stronger than you, even if I made you a property of mine, nobody is going object (2). They would praise me instead. No matter what kind of origins you have, strength is everything. The so-called aristocrats are just mere titles with benefits. If not, why would magicians work for the empire?’’

Xian Niya was surprised at his replied. ’’Well said! I have a better opinion towards you now. You apparently have a good brain. Even if you want to own me, I would have no objection. As long as you have the strength to do so, even I am willing to serve you with my body. I, Xian Niya like strong men. (3)

But let me tell you a fact. In the entire Light Empire, there is never a male magician who dare to provoke me. Those old ones you don't have to mention. They are not interested in me although they have the capability. Those young brats, they are not even worth to be looked at. Although you can naturally obtained magic skills, I can kill you in just a single blow!’’

Wu Lingfeng nodded slowly. ’’Then I must thank you for turning a blind eye on my vulgarity. From the way you act, you should kill me or at worst, beat the crap out of me.’’

’’En, today I will just pretend not to hear it. Since you are from the Wolf Corps, I will give you some face then. You have even counter attacked the enemy and minimised the lose. However, there is no next time.’’

Wu Lingfeng curled his mouth and replied, ’’Rest assured. There won't be a next time. I still prefer girls like Wen Ni. As a girl, she is so much better than you. If you insist on such attitude, I am scared that you won't be able to marry in a lifetime....’’

Hearing Wu Lingfeng mentioned her, Wen Ni could not help but to look down with redness on her face.

’’Hmmphh, that's good then. Come follow me and get on the back of this griffin. Hold on tight to its feathers (4). If you fall, I will not care about it. Let us start our departure....’’ Xian Niya snorted.

Wu Lingfeng helped Wen Ni up before climbing up himself on the back of griffin. As for Xian Niya, she just effortlessly leaped up onto the back of the griffin. Compared to Wu Lingfeng, the difference between them is too far apart.

(1) Yorasu: Kesi oh kesi, you just told your daughter to listen every request of this wolf....

(2) Yorasu: It's a sign.......

(3) Yorasu: Love declared.

(4) Kai: Hold the feathers? What if they were accidently pulled out? Not exactly the strongest hand hold... There should be a harness/ saddle or something, right? I have a feeling, Xian Niya hasn't completely forgiven/ overlooked what he said. Poor Lingfeng


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