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Demon King’s Pampered Wife: The Ghost Doctor Is A Prodigal Imperial Concubine - Chapter 508


Chapter 508

Chapter 508 I Have Never Made A Loss Trading!

’’Nonsense, that is impossible!’’

Baili Hong Zhuang shrugged. ’’Whether you believe or not, it is your own business, but later it will get more and more painful for you, and you will start bleeding until you die.’’

Baili Hong Zhuang gestured lazily, a bit of ridicule in her words, not the least bit worried for Ji Yun'er.

’’Master, what are you going to do?’’ Xiao Hei asked doubtfully.

Others may not know it, but they understood their own master, this kind of a strange poison could only have been developed by her.

’’Fool her.’’ Baili Hong Zhuang raised a delicate brow, light flashing through her beautiful eyes, sly as a fox.

’’Why should you fool her?’’

Xiao Hei had some doubts. Now that Ji Yun'er's life was in their hands, there was no need to play around anymore.

Baili Hong Zhuang blinked, her eyes full of wisdom. ’’I want her to accept giving me the demonic core of the Qing Tian Mo Alligator, and give it to me with gratitude.’’

With her current strength, she could simply not compete with the Ji family. They previously had a conflict, so she can't let Ji Yun'er die.

What's more, with Ji Yun'er's attitude, she (JY) would try her best to kill her (BHZ) after she went back. Therefore, she must come up with a way to make the Ji family unable to do anything to her later.

Sure enough, listening to the confident and determined judgment of Baili Hong Zhuang, even Ji Yun'er's Yun'er's heart was swayed in confusion.

In the Ji family, there were quite a few other competitive children who had strength similar to her. There were many people who would fight her for her position.

She was no stranger to poison, and it was not impossible for someone to use it on her.

For some time, Ji Yun'er's mind was overwhelmed and she could no longer determine what to do.

Doubtful thoughts flashed through the minds of Lin Yi Rou and the others, Baili Hong Zhuang's conviction in her words had even made them doubt the truth of the matter.

’’Baili Hong Zhuang, you have to detoxify me!’’

Ji Yun'er was unable to think of other things at the moment, the pain in her body almost causing her to collapse, she collapse, she had fallen into a state of weakness.

If it went on like this, she would lose consciousness.

’’Why should I detoxify you?’’

Baili Hong Zhuang crossed her hands over her chest, her posture proud as she looked at Ji Yun'er, she and Ji Yun'er had no good feelings, on the contrary, they had had so many conflicts. Why would she ever help Ji Yun'er?

Hearing Baili Hong Zhuang's words, Ji Yun'er felt herself going crazy, this woman... was really abominable!

Di Bei Chen's eyes showed his appreciation and amusement, his wifey was really smart.

The originally difficult situation had been completely changed with his wifey's words. Now Ji Yun'er was even asking for her help.

With just a few simple words, the situation had been completely reversed, and Baili Hong Zhuang Baili Hong Zhuang may now even become the benefactor of Ji Yun'er.

’’Miss Baili, we will have to trouble you to help our Young Miss in detoxification.’’ The leader of the Ji family cultivators said.

Although he was not a doctor, he could see that Ji Yun'er's situation was very bad. It was very likely that Baili Hong Zhuang's words were true, and if they continued this way, Ji Yun'er would suffer.

’’I will save her, even after she tried to kill me?’’ Baili Hong Zhuang sneered. ’’I will never suffer a loss trading!’’(1)

(1) This line sounds really awkward, but the author uses the character which (literally) means 'business transaction', which I have translated to 'trade'. If someone thinks of a great replacement word(s) for this, comment.


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