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Death March Kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku (LN) - Volume 2 - Chapter 6


Chapter 6: Torasayuya's Cradle

-Translator: MiaoMix

-Translator: Options

-Editor: Alex

>>Satou here. Information often becomes distorted when passing from person to person. This has nothing to do with intent;distortion is inevitable as long as it goes through 'someone else'. <<

 I dove into a pitch black void.

 Without any light or sound, it's like being submerged in shadow. Of course, there's no air either.

 ...This isn't gonna be good. Both my Health and Mana are decreasing slowly but surely, but likely thanks to my 「Self Healing」 skill, they jump back up every now and then.

 ...I don't think I can even die from suffocation anymore.

 Even if there was air, staying in a place like this for too long could make someone insane.

 The feeling of hypoxia is keeping me from focusing on my thoughts.

  Right, Mia.

 I can't even see my own body;so naturally, Mia's silhouette is nowhere to be found. Even if I try to reach out and feel around, it's fruitless in a place where I can't even tell up from down .

 I took out the 「Tinder Rod」 from 「Storage」 and pressed the ignition. I thought this would let me see myself, but I still couldn't.

 The 「Radar」is also only displaying me.

 I try to use 「Full Map Exploration」 for the first time in a while. Unfortunately, the Radar remains unchanged. I seem to really be the only one here.

 I open up the Map.

 One line is written on top 「No Map Available for this Area」.

’’What kind of game is this?!’’ 

 I yell with all my strength.

 Then, as if reacting to my roar, the soundless void of shadow shatters, and its glass-like shards slowly fade away.


 It was a place called the 「Audience Chamber」and was filled with a lot of symbols.

 The deep, spacious hall is as large as several school gymnasiums placed end-to-end. Under my feet is a stone floor, while giant columns stand along the walls. The lampstands on the columns sport LED-like magical lights that illuminate the whole room.

 Atop a more elevated section, a throne sits with a two-meter wide pulsing red gem floating near it at knee-level. It looks just like a magic core that has been enlarged.


 Mia can be seen sleeping on the throne.

 An unknown blonde beauty is tending to Mia. Her appearance is quite similar to Mia's. I suppose that's what she will look like when she's older.

 Still, that body has quite outrageous breasts. About D, or even E cups.

 Wait, that's not important at all right now.

 Before I am able to run up, Zen, while endlessly tapping on some music stand-like device near the throne, notices my presence.

 ’’But how?!’’

 Despite his shock, the man's hand operating the music stand does not slow down.

 ’’Not bad! But how?' How did you escape from my prison of shadow? A lowly commoner like you, your hands should be tied against this!’’

 Is that shock, boasting, or mockery? Just pick one.

 Perhaps due to the 「Shadow Void」 just now, my two legs are still a bit weak.

 ’’I have a Medallion of Light, so Shadow Magic is useless against me.’’

 Shit, I wasn't going to tell the truth, but this excuse is too ridiculous. Has my Deception skill gone haywire?

 ’’The trial must be done fairly. Cheating cannot be tolerated. This chamber is reserved for people who have conquered the 「Cradle」. That is the rule.’’

 Having said that, Zen pauses to nod in agreement with himself.

 ’’You think you are a Game Master?’’

 If he wanted a death game, I wish he would make his own VR game himself.

 ’’A shame you'd take this to be a game! Indeed, no one will die in this Cradle, but it's no game.’’

  No one will die? What's that about?

 ’’Only the Hero who has come here after a successful conquest has the right to slay I, the Null-Life King.’’

 This guy, what the heck is he saying?

 He wants someone to conquer the 「Cradle」 and kill him?

 This guy is pissing me off. He caused trouble for Mia and my kids while injuring the Manager for a reason like that?

 ’’Go kill yourself if you want to die. Don't drag others into it.’’

 ’’Huahahaha, as long as I have 「God's Blessing」, I'll always be immortal.’’

 For some reason, Zen's words seem to contain quite a bit of nuance. As if the ’’blessing’’ is actually a ’’curse’’ to him.

 It was unpleasant listening to him, but his long rambling has allowed me to steady my two legs.

 I cover around forty meters in mere moments, arriving in front of Mia. Rescuing Mia is the priority right now.

 Just as my hand nearly reaches Mia's clothes, Zen's hands that have been busy operating the console stop.

 ’’Now, isn't it about time you leave the master chamber?’’


 The feeling under my feet has changed.

 What's more important is that the view in front of my eyes has changed even more.

 I barely stop myself at the edge of the cliff that suddenly appeared. The ground beneath my feet start to crumble from me digging up the dirt, but I quickly jump backward slightly outside of range.

 ’’Where's this place?’’

 I mumble to myself as no one replied.

 Apparently, I have been teleported by magic or something. It seems to be different from Zen's ability to move through shadows. Where have I been sent to?

Looking at the vast scenery around me, this seems to be the summit of a mountain.

Under the cliff in front of my eyes, there is a basin the size of Sieryuu City, with a group of mountains surrounding it.

The Basin is full of fog, I can't see clearly. The distant tall tree almost has no leaves, only long withered branches.

There is a Bright Light outside the surrounding mountains, doesn't look like there are monsters inside either.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes  

I opened my eyes to see the view.

  Yeah, still there.

This time, I closed my eyes and started counting, to let my heart calm down.

And opened my eyes with determination, but the scenery is the same.

  So, it really wasn't an illusion, huh.


I look at the gigantic tree in the middle of the basin.

It looks better than the other giant tree.

Strangest thing is that the tree is as tall as the surrounding mountains.  

 ’’Isn't that the so-called Yggdrasil?’’

In spite the size of the tree, it doesn't have any sign of toppling over. Still, it's better to let the next generation of researchers to unlock the mystery, I have things I need to do.

Looking at the side of the Yggdrasil, there is an AR displaying 「Torasayuya's Cradle」.

The Large tree has spider-web like silk on it. Although the branches are hiding the web below, the silk definitely looks like a path.

I need to head to where Mia is and rescue her, the place must be inside the tree.

I opened the map, looks like this is a place called 「Grey Rat Village」. Luckily, it's near Seiryuu City, but after rescuing Mia I don't think we can come back here.

I used ’’Search All Map’’ to investigate 「Grey Rat Village」, the first thing to do is to find a good path to return to.

The distance to the near the nearest Ratmen town is over two mountains, so even if I use Meteor it would do too much damage.

In front of my eyes are the stairs to the 「Cradle」. It's a few steps by the cliff side from before.

This set of stairs is floating in the air, made out of glass panels linked together, mostly by magic. But there isn't anything to hold on to in the air and it's approximately 3 meters high. Due to the lack of handles, one strong wind can make you fall to the bottom of the valley.

The normal me would never take a step forward, but activating the ability 「Resist Fear」 stopped my feeling of fear and helped me hold on.

This sure is dangerous.

I might forget to turn 「Resist Fear」 off after finishing this.

While going up the straight glass staircase, I suddenly hear sounds of wings flapping.

I turn my head to the origin of the noise to discover a bee monster near my location

Since it's still a bit far, the radar didn't display it.

I opened the Map, this place is no longer 「Grey Rat Village」 but it's in 「Torasayuya's Cradle」 area now.

I hurried and used 「Search All Map」 to find out every detail and information about 「Torasayuya's Cradle」.

The AR is now displaying information about the nearby monster bee.

This Species is called 「Red Needle Bee」, the level is a bit low, though it is poisonous. I went to my Storage to bring out a magic gun and take them down before they get closer to me.

The usual Magic gun is kept in the All Function House, so this one is a spare.

I quickly skimmed over the intel about the tree on the map display.

If Zen finds out, there's big chance he'll say I'm cheating.

Even though I can just climb the tree and be done with it, and the teleport ability by the 「Cradle」 deemed it meaningless.

Guess I can only follow the rules and go in.

If the Objective is something else, one Meteor can end this in one go, but in exchange for Mia's safety, a little hardship is unavoidable.

’’What is that?’’

I know the entrance is going to have an epic door.

But the sign next to the entrance got me confused.

On top, there are words in elf language written the place's name and walkthrough. The bottom has precautions in bolded words in a 5 languages.

It says on top

This is a training facility designed for elves, any other race than elf will need to notice that the protection device will not activate.

Training Facility will not limit anyone's usage, please be responsible for your own actions.

If the Training Facility destroyed or damaged your items, there will be no compensation.

is what's written on it.

Looks like this is a wood style maze for training elves.

Although there is something like a life protection device, I still shouldn't destroy the 「Cradle」 with this together. If the facility is destroyed, the life protection device can't protect Mia.

Zen said that this is a Null-death facility, but right now there is no way to know if he will expand the protection to lives other than the elves.

from the looks of the map, the tree truck's inside is the maze. and the man-made spider web things are the training facility's main body.

There is some erosion on the bark and the tree truck, but it's only a very little percentage of it.

Through the big door, there is a magic being waiting in front of me.

There is a title saying「Monster of the Wandering Tunnel」, so it is probably not an ambush, but a single encounter battle.

The magic being is a meter tall and looks like an imp.

I first thought it was a wannabe Goblin, but the AR display shows a different name 「Weed Imp」 from the looks of it, it's a group of weed imitating the body of a goblin.

I went up and kicked it. The weed fell apart with a very light swoosh sound. Its level is probably just one. I'm too lazy to pick up the white magic core it dropped, so I just left it there.

The 「Cradle」 has a total of two hundred floors, every ten floors is a unit, with twenty massive spiral staircases connected to the next level.

In front of me is the first spiral staircase, in front of the stairs are eight doors connected the other floor's entrance.

There is a monument before the stairs written 「Number 1 Big Staircase」

The walls of the roofless massive room that the stairs were placed in have countless amounts of branches sticking out, growing out glowing lanterns shaped things.

Not only does the branch have a light source, it's also growing all kinds of fruit.

But there are apples, oranges and pears growing on the same branch, it might not be very natural. It's as if a researcher from a Sci-fi Film designed this with DNA manipulation.

If it was not for this event, I really want to let my kids train here.

Arriving at the end of the stairs, the level 10 door opened up a ninth hole.

According to the black lithograph's explanation, the door can be opened by defeating each floor's boss to get a jewel called 「Key Pearl」 and inserting it into the door.

Even though Zen didn't agree, no matter how you look at it, it looks like an RPG game.

In a situation where there is no inserted jewel, the 「Door's Guardian」 will appear and challenge the trainee.

Since I need to defeat the 「Door's Guardian」, I decided to quickly challenge it.

After knocking on the door, the empty place in front of the door generated a magic field of light and a knight in full armor appeared.

According to the AR display, this is a magic being call 「Living Armor」.Its level is 10, even though it's stronger than the other magic beings nearby, in my eyes it isn't much different from the imp earlier.

After dodging the 「Living Armor」's one-handed axe, I kicked the center of the armor

If I kicked with my toes it would hurt, so I added hip movement and kicked using my heels.


I used too much power. The idea of defeat opponent with 1 hit is not a bad idea, but I didn't think the armor would be weaker than I thought. Now my leg is sticking out of the armor's back

Almost falling over, I put the remains of the 「Living Armor」 n my inventory before I left.

’’.......Fooo, that scared me.’’

I mumbled to myself hiding my embarrassment, and went straight through the now opened door.

Next is at the back of the tree, now I can go towards floor 20's staircase. Really, this kind of config is like a PC game.

This kind...

of game...?

I was ready to give up, but I stopped.

This is mostly a misconception. Both 「Demon Maze」 under the 「Seiryuu City」 and the 「Cradle」 have a very rich game style.

Like it's created by someone who's tired of home console RPG games.

If this is the case...

I opened the map and limited the search range to the 10th floor, searching for magic beings.

I found it.

On this floor, there is a something with an outrageous level here.

Through the hidden door in the wall, I walked through a water tunnel-like corridor formed by vines.

At the end, there is a 2-meter long vine cocoon.

I need to find the guy and he's inside that cocoon.

If I beat this guy, I can probably get a shortcut straight to the top floor.

Since the designer likes classic maze games, there is definitely a mechanism like this.

With this kind of strong being as a Guardian, a novice player is unable to use the shortcut, but can come back and defeat the guardian after he gets stronger and then use the shortcut to get deeper in the maze with ease. This type of design is cliché.

’’Stop hiding and get the hell out here’’

Reacting to my voice, the cocoon opens and in the middle there is a glowing green light.

I waited for the Guardian to appear.

’’Shut up I don't have enough mana, too lazy to move. Let's fight next time.’’

’’Sorry, but I can't wait’’

’’God damn it I need to report to Toya. I won't hold back’’

From the green light out comes a green-skinned little girl at the age of 4 or 5, she's dragging green hair that's twice as long as she is along the floor.

Strong Being?

The AR display appear and shows that this is a level 21 「Dryad」, as for the exact age, there are too many digits. Compared to Mia, the dryad is much older.

The dryad showed a sleepy expression like she doesn't seem to know what's piercing her eyes, she quickly looked at me.

I don't feel anything hostile, so I went and caught her.

’’Human?! Become mine!’’


I stupidly replied, due to the surprise from at her words.

But why is there a question mark added to 「Human」? Is level 310 wrong?

’’I'm sorry, if you want to propose, let's wait fourteen of or fifteen years, okay?’’

Why am I always loved by these type of kids and younger girls?

I want to be pursued by se*y big sister type beauties too.

’’I'm hungry, give me something to eat.’’

’’I only have jerky, is that okay?’’

All my other food is being kept by Lisa.

Once I get back to 「Seiryuu City」, I am going to replenish all kinds of food and snacks.

’’I don't want human food. Give me Mana’’

From the AR display , it looks like Dryad's have 「Enchant」, 「Absorb mana」,「Absorb magic」 and other powers.

A permanent decrease in MP could be bad. but when I said okay, she says ’’It will only hurt for a bit. You'll feel okay right away.’’

After asking multiple times, I finally found out that it's like using magic, after a while it will be restored.

Oh, so it's like that huh. I don't use magic much anyway, so it doesn't really matter.

’’Hey, I can't?’’

’’It's okay, what do I do?’’

’’Just like this.’’

The little girl puts her hand on my face.

I thought she was going to absorb using her hands, but then she put her lips against mine for a kiss, and stuck her tongue inside my mouth and spun it like a fan.

I completely forgot that, even though her appearance is like a child, she is actually very old.

After 10 or so minutes, I was finally released.

’’Woo, I am full.’’

The little girl smiles and puffs up her flat chest.

Forget it. Sigh, it's like getting bitten by a small dog.

’’As thanks, I'll help you open up the corridor! You want to use it, right?’’

’’Yes, thank you.’’

This is great, finding the shortcut through my misunderstanding. I can't be too sad about this.

I lost about 300ish Mana, it'll take a few minutes to recover so it doesn't matter, but my heart is pumping quite violently.

I step into the corridor opened by the dryad.

>>>Title received 「Dryad's captive」

I didn't mean to get this title, I wish I could reject it.


The inside is like a research lab.

It says 「Torasayuya's room」 on top of the entrance's door.

It might have been a long time since this room was last used, this area smells like rotten egg. The floor isn't stone but made with wood resin.

I think it's made out of tree sap, like that linen wood floor.

The room has a kitchen, bathroom, and a bedroom prepared inside. I don't know how many decades have passed, the books have terribly eroded, except for some grimoires. The others will probably crumble if I touch it.

I guess I'll just put them in the inventory and read it from there.

Moreover, I can just search for them using the menu's function.

I know it is not the time to read books, but there might a way to hinder that forced release skill, so I decided to start browsing the books.

As you can guess from the facility's name, the one who made the 「Cradle」 is actually called Torasayuya. he is just like Mia, an elf, I think the ’’Toya’’ the dryad was talking about is the man in question.

The books are all in 「Elf Tongue」, and without Mia's 「Elf Tongue」ability, I can't understand the books.

The ink in the books is all over the place, so I can only roughly read it.

Looks like this 「Cradle」 is made by Torasayuya and it's a ’’Safe area’’ to nurture elves, so he made it like a maze to protect them.

The journal records his hardship, it talks about his worries for his fellow elves.

『 Ee the elves are not keen on life. This world is dead-end for us, surprisingly, we didn't have to struggle as hard the other species. A lot of young people sacrifice themselves in the maze, there is a function in the 「Cradle」 that make a safe route if there is a life threatening situation.』

Other than that, the core of the maze is also the core of the 「Cradle」, so it's not like the maze know how to grow itself, but it can absorb magic from the land around to refill the core.

During this time, I found an attention grabbing passage.

『 and just like that, I finished changing the nurture room into a man-made magic being factory using the creatures inside.』

Magic beings were normal creatures?

Of course, to this day the magic beings I defeated feel like an enlarged or deformed version of their counterpart.

No, there were moving skeletons and other null-death magic items, so this can't be the only explanation.

I stop brainstorming away from the topic and will continue to think about it after this event.

Torasayuya made 3 types of trial assist facilities, a nurturing facility, a productive facility used by giant magic beings, and a servant doll production facility for the normal life style.

Even though he received help from the nearby ratmen, the last couple facilities are abandoned before completion.

According to the information, the food that the magic being are eating is the fruit and sap of the ’’Cradle's’’ main tree, so the 「Cradle」's magic beings do not go outside of the surrounding area to do any hunting.

However after the 「Cradle」 was completed, it seems that no other elves visited the place.

The last thing written in his Journal is:

『 In these short hundred years, everyone still hasn't forgotten about my failure. My short human life is coming to an end. I need to seal the「Cradle」, even though my brethren need it. I believe that one day elves will return to the world Torasayuya Bornean』

His family name is Bornean, as in Mia and the shop keeper's tribe?

I'm afraid this is the reason why Mia is needed here. Anyways, does Zen know the way to unseal the「Cradle」without reading the journal?

In the end, I got a lot of intel, but I still haven't found the way to turn off the forced release.

I noticed a rough sketch that says ’’Explosion is a type of romance’’. But there is no moron that would add a self destruct button in a place pursuing safety and nurture.

Seems like I can't go higher from this area, I decided to return to the Dryad's location,


’’Ah? You have returned?’’

’’Ya, I'm back’’

I lay down on a bed made of vines, the Dryad rolls to the edge of the bed, and then lazily stretches out both arms.

’’So quick. Perhaps you want to kiss again?’’

’’No, that's not necessary. Anyways, I want to go to another floor, is there a trap door or something like that here?’’

The Dryad turned over with no trace of interest and nods at the corner of the room: ’’There.’’

Where she pointed to has a mushroom planted in a circle, it looks like a there's a flower bed there.

’’Step on top of that magic circle.’’

I followed the Dryad's instruction and stood in the center of the circle.

’’To which floor?’’

’’If you can, to the master of the 「Cradle」 please.’’

’’That's a no-no.’’

The dryad nodding her head nonstop is pissing me off, but I ask her to sent me to the highest floor available.

’’Okay, then let's go to floor 100's 「Guardian Rider's Hall」, the Guardian there is strong so be careful.’’

’’Yeah yeah, no problem.’’

After hearing my reply, she hunched her small shoulders and said: ’’Haaaa, need to be taught a lesson first before being good, huh.’’ But she did what I asked anyway.

’’Then, let's go. ■■■ moving target, towards floor 100 「Guardian Rider's Hall」.

The Dryad said a spell and the magic circle start emitting a green light and swirls into a tube of light.

When the light disappears, I have arrived on floor 100.

But, appearing in the main room is a bit much, right?

In front of my eyes sits a giant stationary metal magic being, as well as a round table on the side with three playful beauties piling up a pyramid using wooden blocks.

Perhaps my sudden appearance was kinda scary, because the busty beauty toppled over the wooden block pyramid, with a stunned expression.

Subconsciously I wanted to say ’’Sorry’’ with an expression of regret.

In short, I coughed a couple times to cover up.

’’Just a moment how do I announce this?’’

One of the beauties is speaking a strange language and pointed with her arm to the other side, so I nodded to show my agreement.

The excellent student with long straight hair has a calm vibe, but her speech pattern is completely destroyed, this is such a shame.

Even though I want to leave them behind and keep going, there is only one way to go down.

With this kind of design, I'm afraid I have to defeat the opponent to advance to the next floor.

When playing games you wouldn't care, but in reality, if I am being restricted by this requirement, I just want to blast a hole in the ceiling and open a path to the top

If I throw a temper tantrum here and get thrown back to the beginning by 「Force Release」 it will do more harm than good, so I unwillingly decide to wait patiently.

All three of the Beauties are wearing a mini skirt size hoodie with a sword sheath carrying a short rapier. The hilt of the sword looks like a rose, the texture is quite high class.

They are also equipped with steel gauntlets and steel greaves, but why is there no chestpiece or helmet? Unless there is no need to protect the heart and the head?

There's no reason for me to question it, two of them moved the table to the corner and the remaining one moved the giant magic being.

The AR display says that they are level 7 Golems. Each one has a race capacity called 「Manage Technique」, they also all have a skill called 「Magic Control」, and each of them have the title 「Zen's Doll」.

The strange thing is that, even though they all have short swords, only one person has the 「 One-Handed Sword」 skill, the second one has the 「Spear」 skill and the last one has the 「Polearm」skill.

Their appearance looks like the one attending Mia in the master chamber.

I'm recalling that Golems are created from alchemy using magic to create life.

Since it's still a type of human cloning, there will be several people with the same face. The face alone, is it taken from Mia?

The giant metal Golem finally stood up after being activated. Its massive body is near 4 meters tall. The being has quite a lot nails in it, the model looks like it's from before the last war.

Or maybe it's already in battle mode. The girl standing in the front flashed her sword.

She coughs cutely and says:

’’It's really impressive for you to come here Mr. Adventurer.’’

Even if you are reading off a script, it shouldn't sound so exaggerated.

In this situation the beautiful music and the atmosphere are both gone now.

’’But I am a merchant.’’

’’A merchant?’’

The beauties looked a bit afraid, and looked at each other.

After staring at themselves for a while, they seem to have reach an understanding and continue:

’’ Adventurer! You came at a good time Praises to you.’’

So I am forced to be an adventurer now, eh?

Even though their way of speaking is strange, it's still better than reading a script.

’’Given you are to battle with the guardian so announced. After defeating the boss, you will have permission to continue so admitted. The victor will win the master's treasures so assured.’’

Although it's better than reading from a script, this is like watching a grade school play.

Not noticing my cold expression, the beauties continue speaking according to the script:

’’Come, begin battle. The giant Golem will not show any mercy.’’

After reading the long speech, the beauty looked at me with satisfaction. That really pissed me off.

The giant Golem starts coming towards me with mechanical noise at full force, too bad that the movement is slow and has a little bit of problem.

’’No. 6, No. 7, after strengthening body scatter to the left and right, attack in a Z-formation.’’

At first I thought translating the ancient tongue was enough, but the beauties are now speaking messed up english.

Since Torasayuya has given up on starting a Golem facility, they were probably taught by Arisa and Zen.

The beauties that spread out into three directions, their foreheads start glowing. Looking more clearly at it, their forehead has a 500 yen coin sized glowing magic circle appear, next moment their status became 「Strengthen Body」. Could this be 「Manage Technique」?

Having said that, it looks like there's not much strengthening, it's only a little bit stronger than a normal human being.

I paid full attention on their location.

Not wearing a bra huh? That's outrageous.

I have no choice but to be attracted. It's full of bounciness.

Maybe it's punishment for forgetting about refusing Mia, and while having such shameful thoughts, the giant metal Golem got close and pulls back his fist.

At this kind of distance you should roll towards the enemy's knees to dodge, but I decided not to do that.

I use 「Raise Strength」 and shot through a symbol on the Golem's forehead using a magic gun.

On the Magic giant's forehead there are English letters spelling ’’EMETH’’, because I destroyed an ’’E’’ the word became ’’METH’’.

It might actually be three Hebrew letters, but this does not seem to be a counterfeit. The magic metal Golem stops moving. Yup, it's our world's trivia.

’’How come it's so dumb’’

’’That's why I suggested to cover up the weak point it's so old.’’

’’With that said, we need to decide to fight or run so I conclude.’’

Maybe they didn't think they would be defeated so easily, the beauties don't know what to do.

Can't blame them. The main power force, the level 30 giant Golem, was defeated easily, leaving only the three level 7 themselves.

Their voices came back, and they still sound loud and clear.

’’No. 5, No. 6, leave this to me, you guys go first! so I announce.’’

’’No. 7! We won't forget you flee immediately.’’

’’This is not called leaving, but let's retreat first telling No.7.’’

Like the expression on her face, her personality has slightly changed.

The No. 7 that just got a death flag focused on me, but I have never killed anyone for the sake of it, so never mind that.

The beauties wearing the same face are looking this way, their forehead is showing a glowing magic circle.

The magic circle shows a crystal clear 「Magic Arrow」.

’’Fire !’’

They matched No. 5's command and fired.I;m not sure if it's to kill or to stun the enmy, but No.5 and No.6 have already started to run away.

The two used ropes on the wall and were pulled to the upper floor.

The high speed magic arrow has no homing ability, so my body used 「Evasive Maneuvers」, and easily dodged the attack.

Facing No. 7's short sword attack, I swiftly pulled back my head and dodged her attack, and then grabbed her extended arm and knocked her out.

To not commit any se*ual harassment, don't forget to point your 'thing' down.

I am now holding the fainted No. 7.

The soft feeling almost made me dizzy, but I can't just leave a fainted beauty alone, so I didn't have a choice. Thats right, I didn't have a choice.

Alright, that's enough holding. I lay her down on a fur hide and put her in the corner.

They used places in their underwear to hide weapons and magic potions. I was hoping for magic scrolls but there were none.

There are 10 magic potions. three medium grade, six low grade, the remaining two are 「Cure Paralysis: Universal Use」 and a medium grade 「Magic Recovery Potion」.

Each weapon has an elegant craving, the 「Market Pricing」 skill showed me a price that proves that these aren't plain weapons.

But all of them look the same as a normal bronze weapons, but there are axes, naginata, gun blades, spears, large blades and war hammers, I decided to randomly take some.

The storage also has 「Holy」 or 「God」 level equipment, but unless I meet a high level enemy, I'll still be too lazy to change my title.

I use magic guns or close combat on most enemies, but if I meet a cockroach type monster by chance. I would need to throw away some of my less beloved weapons at it.

There was a weak sound behind me. I turned and looked, in the center of the room a spiral staircase dropped down from the ceiling.

Looks like I completed the victory requirement.

I quickly put the potions and weapons in my storage, and I went over there.

Retrieving the magic core of the Golem is too much trouble, so I put the Magic Golem in my storage too, and I stepped onto the spiral staircase.

The magic circle in the other end of the room is like the one in the the Dryad's room that's made with vines but this is different.

although there is also a cocoon made of vines, the vines have already withered. The cocoon hatches something that looks like the remains of a brown mannequin.

I gave the remains a prayer, and and took out a 「Bottomless Water Bag」 from the storage and poured water as an offering.

Hoping that this will give the other a little bit of peace

’’Water !’’


The pale white hand of the mannequin grabbed my arm that has the water bag and, started drinking.

The brown mannequin started slowly changing while drinking water. A few minute later, it turned into a little girl, she looks the same as the Dryad downstairs.

’’Now, give me Mana ’’

I see that this one is not a Dryad, maybe a Succubus.......

After taking a couple hundred points of mana, the Dryad shows a satisfied face, like a geezer drink beer letting out a ’’Hoo wa’’

’’Ah, aren't you the one that gave the me Mana downstairs?’’

The me downstairs?

Feeling suspicious, I tried to questioned Dryad No. 2.

’’All of them are me? Humans becoming different people is more strange. Because we are a forest type elf, we are linked together, but we can't communicate without mana.’’

Is this a type of Earth's subspecies?

It's mostly a network created using magic.

Being not very interested in the subject I asked Dryad No. 2 if she can bring me to a higher floor.

’’Hee~, okay. Just wait a bit hee~ the line's been cut.We need an elf that can use wood magic, then we can transport you to all kinds of places. Right now looks like the highest is floor 180.’’

’’That would be great. Sorry for the trouble.’’

’’Leave it on me~!’’

The child announced with a puffed up chest.

I stepped onto the magic circle, and was transported to floor 180.


’’Bug's nest?’’

I can't help but say it out loud. I look around floor 180, the wood and vines on the wall have been eaten, turning it into a nasty state.

The reason for the line being cut off is probably the bug' nest's fault.

Facing the monster bugs surrounding me, I shot at them using the magic gun in my left hand.

There are too much, if I keep this up I will be surrounded to the point of death in spite of being high level, my body is covered in bug guts.

I used my right hand to bring out an axe from my storage.

It's a heavy axe, but my strength is high so I can use it with one hand.

Even though I don't have a skill using axes, after attacking like a madman, I got the 「Polearms」skill

In a 3 meter wide corridor, I jumped around killing magic beings using my axe.

This is not because I enjoy battle, but because I have super high strength and a light body weight, using the axe maes my movement look like I'm dancing.

After fighting half of them I got lazy and took out the 「Volcanic Rock」 in my storage and change my approach. I took the 「Volcanic Rock」 and kicked it at them and shot down the ones that are running away with my magic gun.

Because I don't want to be covered in bug guts, I didn't retrieve the magic cores. When I reach the staircase, I have killed over a hundred of those things.

Infront of the stairs, there are even more of those monsters on guard.


Perhaps this is the reaction from using the 「Volcanic Rock」, but the monsters became a little more fierce.

After the monsters shatter, The 「Volcanic Rock」 that's been smacked into the wall made a ’’pa pa’’ sound, and a hole was formed.

Looks like the wall has been corroded by the bug's nest.

Due to the difference of the air pressure it create a vacuum, sucking the air out. I grabbed onto the vine near the wall.

The air current quickly settles, and I continue to finish off the remaining enemies, climbing out of the hole in the wall.

’’The scenery is so impressive ’’

If I didn't have something important to do, I would've enjoy this beautiful view. It makes me feel a bit wrong.

This is the entrance I first came from, the branches outside the hole has lost it's colour.

I can't see the top because of the clouds covering it and when I look down, I can't see the bottom either.

This doesn't match Torasayuya's information.

The design here shouldn't let the magic beings destroy the tree.

The bugs that have evaded the air current continue moving my way, so I used my magic gun and sprayed them while heading for the massive staircase.

The guardian on the 190 floor is a sea anemone like magic being that can fire ice shots using tentacles. I defeated it easily, so it didn't leave much of an impression.

The other side of the door doesn't have any monster bugs, but it looks like the wood Golems workers that are used for maintenance are slowly repairing the damage done by the bug monsters.

They didn't have any interest in me, and wouldn't attack me or block my path, so I ignored them and continued moving.


After that, I didn't face much trouble until I reached the Master chamber. It's been 30 minutes or so.

Of course the path is going to have traps, but beside the fact that the wood Golem workers have stopped working, I don't what it is.

Zen is waiting deep inside the master chamber.

Mia is on the throne, but still unconscious. Mia's HP recovered 3% but quickly diminished again.

’’You got here surprisingly fast, I didn't think that could happen.’’


I shrugged at the surprised Zen.

To prevent him from being alarmed, I talked while slowly walking closer.

’’If it's okay, can I have Mia back without fighting?’’

Zen laughed.

’’No, that wouldn't do. You have proved your qualifications when you defeated the giant Metal Golem.’’

Zen continued his personal speech.

’’But, the title itself is not enough. Next will be an unwinnable battle between you and a formidable enemy. And as reward, you will get the Holy Sword 「Gjallarhorn」.

Zen held up an sheathed sword, the sword is placed in a conical scabbard.

The sword showed on the AR display, it says it's called 「Gjallarhorn」, so it must be real.

I remember that Arisa mentioned this sword before. It was made by the king that created the 「Mariyoshi Kingdom」.

Even though it's not as good as my other Holy Swords, but it's definitely better than any normal sword.

Speaking of which, how did he get a national class Holy Sword?

’’Are trying to bait me with that carrot?’’

’’Of course! By giving back the 「Gjallarhorn」 to the king, your name will reach the heavens. If you wish, even becoming 'Royalty' will be in your hands.’’

I know these words are suppose to encourage me, but the way Zen said 'Royalty' sound like he was saying 'Dog shit'.

Speaking of which, I still don't know what this guy's objective is. When I asked before being forced out of the 「Cradle」 maybe he really wants to kill himself?

’’Your opponents will be them.’’

When Zen finished talking, his shadow extended to the middle of the room and three giant iron Golems appeared, but there are no words on their forehead. Maybe it's so that I don't find it's weakness.

Also, seven beauties from behind the pillars stood behind the giant Golems.

I can see the escaped No. 5 and No. 6, they all looked the same, but they have different hairstyles so I can tell it's them.

Because there are seven of them, I thought the No. 7 that I left at the 「Guardian Rider Chamber」 is here, but she was replaced by No. 8. Unlike the other girls, she is flat as a board.

’’But if you are killed by your opponents, the Hero title will be forever lost to you.’’

In this guy's eyes, I am just level 10. He thinks that I can't defeat three level 30 iron giants.

Zen unfolds his arms, looked at the sky and said:

’’So, let me give everyone the Blessing of God 「Limit Break」.’’


Zen's body released a purple aura, engulfing the beauties, the Golems and me.

From what he just said, this is an enhancement magic. But I don't dare thank a clearly hostile person.

As if it reflected by my feelings, the purple aura on me disappeared.

The log shows that I resisted the 「Limit Break」 effect.

Because I didn't use any skills, this must be a unique skill.

’’Now then, I hope you have an enjoyable death match.’’

After he finished talking, Zen starts using the 「Cradle」's music stand-like control panel.

Then, a wall appeared between the room and the throne. After checking the map to see that it is not a normal wall, and the throne start moving up like a elevator moving to the top of the tree.

I dodged the 「Magic Arrows」 that come at me while I was checking the map.

Facing multiple magic arrows, I used 「Lighting Step」 to dodge them all.

Is this too much?

I look at the direction where the arrow flew from, and found the beauties with a horrified expression.

But, it's not just the expression.

Why are the tears dripping from their faces red?

Why are they not speaking in their strange ways but roaring like an injured wild beast.

like how the status says, aren't their limits broken?

Although their power has increased, breaking the body's safety limit and forcing it to move will only lead them to destruction.

Like how Zen says, are they just tools?

While my mind was occupied with these thoughts, the iron giant Golems and the beauties start moving, and their speed is unlike the time at the 「Guardian Rider's Chamber」.

Looking closely, their hands and feet have several magic circles spinning around them.

Does Zen's earlier 「Limit break」 effect have a visual effect?

The iron giants also have the same light circles on their hands and feet.

However, if the control system can't keep up with the enhanced speed, the iron giants' movement has become unnatural, it looks like it might trip.

I chose to fight the nearest iron giant first.

Although I wanted to test out Zen' powers that are affecting the iron Golems, compared to a level 30 dragon, I still haven't gotten hurt. So there's no point comparing.

The iron Golem that lost its balance threw a punch, and I gave him a shoulder throw. It was a very simple task.

Using the iron giant's body I protected myself from the magic arrows shot by the beauties.

They fired 3 shots each, so 21 shots in total.

I used 「Evasive Maneuvers」 to move my body and dodged the arrows that are as fast as bullets.

Even if I am fired upon with an automatic rifle, I could still dodge it.

Perhaps everything is going according to plan, after I dodged the arrows the second iron Golem came at me.

Like a mad wind it came with a punch, I dodged with a back step.

Keeping the distance like this, I used the strongest gun and concentrated fire on the iron Golem's leg, 3 shots from the gun destroyed it's knee, and the iron Golem fell head first and slides across the floor.

While the third iron Golem came near I grabbed a short spear from my storage and stabbed the second iron giant's leg.

>>>Obtain skill 「Spear」

I immediately put points in the 「Spear」 skill. Removing the spear from the second iron giant's leg, and I threw it at the third iron Golem.

After hearing the rod snap, the short spear broke and disappeared.

A hole opens in the iron Golem's chest and, like it was hit by a giant fist, the iron Golem is sent flying.

The wall behind the iron giant also has a giant hole opened in it.

Did my spear do that?

That's a frightening power.

Aiming at both the first and the second Golem, I took out another short spear and threw it, the result was the same.

I caught a glimpse of a light disappear from my radar, and I focus on another light coming from behind me.

Three Golems attacked in a line.

It made me remember the old squad formations, looking at their equipment, you can tell Zen is not letting them play around. The one in front is carrying a shield and short sword, second is carrying a naginata, and third is using a long axe.

I'm afraid that after the first person blocks my attack and the two in the back will attack me with long range attacks.

The two beauties hiding behind a large shield attacks with two times the speed compared to the time at the 「Guardian Rider's Chamber」.

When arriving into my attack range, I lightly kicked the shield in front of me.

After losing her balance she landed on her ass, the other 2 really did attacked from the left and right.

At first I thought making the shielded beauty lose attack power but, the other two are a lot faster than I thought.

I used my hand to push away the one using the axe onto the one with a naginata.

And then pulled the axe, and knocked out the beauty who got pulled in by hitting her with my knee. Perhaps I used to much power, because I hear bone breaking.

If I don't carefully control my power, I could heavily injure them.

Using the axe from the fainted beauty, I sweep it under the beauty with the naginata that just stood back up and knocked her out. To keep her knocked out, I used the hilt of the axe to lightly hit her once.

Five left.

Using the iron Golem's scraps as a cover, four of the members came closer.

To stop the shielded beauty from taking action, I swung the axe at the shield to make her lose balance Strange?

The plan has failed.

It seems that the axe is too sharp, it easily cut the shield in half.

I then dodged the short sword that emerged from the shield.

At this distance, polearm weapons are hard to use.

Putting the beauty with the shield for later, I focused on the other four.

I can't see them, so I use the radar to follow their movements.

During this time, using quick movements like in a fighting game, another shielded beauty jumped in with a warhammer.

While paying attention to the radar, I didn't think that there would be a frontal attack, so my reaction is slowed.

Because of this, I quickly used the axe to block the warhammer, leaving a opening, and a beauty with a claymore jump in from the side.

Because their faces is the same I get confused, good thing they have different weapons.

The beauty with the claymore is going for a horizontal cut.

If this continues, this defenceless body of mine is in danger.

Is what normal people would say.

I quickly stomped the ground, creating a hole, and kick the floor board up to use as a cover.

At first it was to contain the opponent, but the surface area of the floor board was too big, even the claymore beauty is launched in the air.

Is this the other world version of tatami flip?

As my mind was thinking about this stupid thought, the next attack came.

The shield beauty jumped and the short spear beauty slid down her shield, and tried to stab me from below.

After dodging, I lost my balance.

I used my ankle's power to bring myself back up, but I grabbed the shielded beauty's shoulder because I didn't have enough power.

The warhammer beauty stood back up and attacked me from the air.

The hand that I have on the shield beauty's shoulder pushed and sent her flying, barely letting her dodge the warhammer attack, and getting her stuck in the ceiling.

The slow moving scimitar beauty fired magic arrows at me.

Really, this is too much work.

I grabbed onto the ceiling to dodge the 「Magic Arrow」, using both hands to land, like the old hip hop dances. I helicopter kicked both the short spear beauty and the warhammer beauty, knocking them out.

After using the helicopter kick I used the shield to catch myself. High defence enemies are a pain.

Only three left.

The claymore beauty came out of the ground and roared at me.

Not only are her eye dripping red, but her nose and ears are dripping blood as well. The body is in danger. Her HP has dropped to half already.

The purple magic circle on her forehead is getting bigger.

It's expanding to the width of a basketball, making an abnormal amount of magic arrows, five times as many.

Her mana is clearly zero, so how can she keep on firing arrows?

Maybe the impact on her body is heavy, you can clearly see the blood veins on her arms and hands.

I dodged the first wave by zig zagging across, and then used my hand to grab the second iron giant's leg and used it as a shield. So I am blocking one side of unlimited arrows while getting near the claymore beauty.

Using the temporary shield to receive the attack, the beauty waved her sword.

I then released the iron giant's leg and grabbed an axe with my other hand to catch the opponent's claymore.

A bad premonition came.

I don't know if I used a 「Polearm」 skill or some other skill.

But because of this premonition, I dodged sacrificing both the axe and claymore.

>>>Obtained skill 「Sense Danger」

Using two hands to grab the axe that's been cut in half, I jumped back.

Behind me, the shield beauty who returned to battle is coming in close.

In spite of watching, I thought the opponent would attack with her short sword, so I didn't completely dodge her shield attack.

Like a car, I crashed into the air, the claymore beauty came swinging together with the scimitar beauty.

With that said, there's nowhere to dodge, but if I give up everything is over.

According to my current position and actions, I thought of a couple plans the take away their fighting ability without killing them.

Did I really think of this many plans in a span of a second? Of course it's thanks to the abnormally high intelligence.

I destroyed the claymore using the broken two handed axe, and I destroyed the scimitar with the piece on my other hand.

>>>Obtained skill 「Weapon Destruction」

Like a lost balanced spin top, the scimitar beauty rolls on to the floor.

Facing the beauty with now broken claymore, I used the hand axe handle and knocked her out.

Only 2 left.

I first threw aside the scimitar beauty and focused on the shield beauty.

As if the body's blood vein has already ruptured, the girl's skin and clothes are all red.

The more important thing is that, her HP is critically low. If I try to knock her out, I might kill her with the force.

I don't have a choice, I threw aside the axe handle in my left hand and focused on the opponent's short sword.

I watched the high speed stab and grab the blade using 2 fingers, and used my abnormally high strength to take away her weapon.

>>>Obtained skill 「Empty Handed Disarm」

After taking her weapon, the shield beauty is confused. I grabbed her shield and created a space between her and the shield.

The shield beauty tried to block the attack with her other hand, but it's too late.

The light punch has knocked her out.

I turned to take care of the scimitar beauty, but she is already knocked out from spinning too much.

After confirming the battle to be over, the way to the throne has opened.

Since the beauties are about to die, I used the potions from the 「Guardians Rider's Chamber」 and restore their health.

I was going to save one for Mia, but if a person dies because I was being cheap then I would feel uneasy, so I generously used them all.

Not willing to let the large breasted beauty die is one of the reasons, but it's more because of sympathy, because of their master abandoning them.

I stepped into the hallway, setting the title that Zen wanted.


Zen's applause echoes in the large room.

’’That was amazing. I welcome you, new Hero.’’

The shadow, controlled by Zen, gave me 「Gjallarhorn」.

’’Your objective is a hero?’’

’’Of course.’’

’’Why go through all this trouble? Why not go to the 「Saga Kingdom」?’’

I loudly asked.

The scene of the beauties covered in blood made me shake, even my heart is in fury.

’’Hee, Parian's hero? When I visited, he already kicked the bucket.’’

’’There has to be a second generation?’’

’’Is it that season already? But no, the timing isn't right.’’

’’What does that mean?’’

’’You wouldn't understand even if I explained.’’

Looks like I won't get an answer to what it means.

As I was asking questions, my heart calmed down.

’’I ask magician, or is null-death king better? Are you really searching for death?

’’The answer is yes and no.’’

’’I don't want to play 21 questions with you.’’

Hearing this, Zen started laughing like a maniac.

Under his hood, two purple flames start shaking like crazy.

’’Wahahaha, really, so it's like this. You're not the hero's descendant, but a guy summoned by the 「God Kingdom」’’

’’I haven't heard of this kingdom.’’

Hmm, I remember that Japan was called this before the war.

’’Heehahaha, there's no point in acting stupid. What were you praying for to the cruel god? What are you chasing? What are you wishing for!’’

’’I didn't wish for anything.’’

Really, I don't get what he is saying.

’’To be honest, I wished for a vacation?’’

This is what I am always praying for.

’’Hoo hahaha, A good desire. it really matches the hero's name.’’

’’Then what did you pray for? And why aren't you human?’’

’’You want me to be clear? Can't you see already? That's right, I am the king of the night, a null-death being. I prayed to god for an undying body, a life without hunger, the power to fight unjust violence.

’’So your body turned into this......’’

Zen opened up his arms, shaking his head while laughing.

’’This, you guessed wrong. God let me reincarnate into a healthy baby. And I was raised by respectable parents, and even found a strong and beautiful wife in life.’’

So it's like that, then why

’’I completely integrated into this new life. Even though my previous life was taken from me by violence, I lived a peaceful and quiet life.’’

Zen took off his hood.

His skeletal face has two purple flames burning where he's eye is suppose to be, inside his eye sockets.

’’I watched my wife and her noble parents sent to jail, and was executed under false charges. After being resurrected like this by 「God's Blessing」, I saw heads placed on the city walls, my parents included. And at the city gate, my wife's corpse after being ravaged and abandoned.’’

But there are no tear on his pale face.

Except, the purple flames erupt in his eye sockets.

’’No need for pity. My race turned into 「Null-Death Monster」. I executed whoever executed my family, and went on a killing spree killing any nobles who aided in the death of my family. I killed of them.’’

He can't shed tears, because his face is just bones.

’’After reviving, I was going to go to where my wife is waiting, in the afterlife. But because of 「God's blessing」 I was not allowed to do that. Even with 「God's Messenger's Holy Sword」, I still couldn't die.’’

He says that: ’’It really is 「God's Blessing」’’.

’’Hero, you are very strong. Yet you still have untapped power in you. But don't forget, mortals are weak. If you truly treasure the girl who is with you, make sure that she doesn't abuse God's given power.’’

In the 「All Purpose House」, I think I was given the same warning.

’’This type of power is too strong for humans. Don't go down the road of no return, like me......’’

’’ Thanks for your warning. I will keep your word in my heart’’

’’Alright hero. Everything that needed saying is said. Give me the final strike! At least destroy me before my heart also turns into demon king.’’

Thats right, like magician Zen No, Null-death king Zen said.

Following his order, I pulled out the 「Gjallarhorn」.

The blade spirals like a screw, an unimaginable sword.

I prayed while holding the sword up, and stab the Null-death king with all my might.

’’Waha......wahahaha. Ena, my other wing Ena. I can finally come to your side.’’ after Zen said that, his body fell apart like sand.

His robe slowly fell to the ground, with a *pa* sound.

You could hear a final ’’Thank you’’.

>>>Obtained title 「Null-death King Slayer」

>>>Obtained title 「Conquearer of the Cradle」


’’Hahaha, I am defeated .’’

’’I am defeated .’’

From Zen's remains came two floating purple lights.

’’Goodbye, Hero.’’  

’’It's your victory.’’

Feeling evil in them, I slashed at them with the holy sword. The light scattered, but returned to its shape flying towards the sky.

’’See you next time.’’

’’See ya.’’

Then, the light disappeared into the ceiling.


Maybe it were angels? But I felt evil slashing them.

However, this isn't the time to be thinking about this.


’’System Notice, the 「Cradle」's self destruction sequence has been activated. Staff and trainees please escape at once. I repeat .’’

Thats right, because of that announcement.

I hurried to Mia's side and gave the unconscious her a Mana restoration potion, since this potion has not yet been tested, I made her drink one thirds of the potion each time exactly one potion later she woke up.

’’Mia, can you recognize me?’’


Thats right.

Mia's eye slowly opened

Since she has not fully recovery, her eyes are still cloudy.

’’This is?’’

’’「Torasayuya's cradle」's throne room.’’

After hearing what I said, Mia tried to look for Zen's shadow.

’’It's okay, he's gone. And will never appear again.’’



Right now is not a good time to be chatting.

Self destruction sequence has been activated. Staff and Trainees please leav

I need to stop it as quickly as possible.

’’Mia, do you know a way to stop the 「Cradle」's self destruction?’’

’’Let me try.’’

I carried Mia to the control panel.

After some tinkering with the control panel, Mia shakes her head:


That was fast.

No wonder Torasayuya... sigh.

I took over for Mia. Of course it's in 「Elf Tongue」, but there's no problem.

I used the touch screen to find the right target 

Got it.

After confirming the details, a certain detail made me ’’Tsh’’.


’’Yes, sorry. Don't worry. Mia you are definitely going to get out of here.’’

Looks like Zen doesn't want Mia to die, this is set for Mia and her partner to escape.

But, everything except this function is locked.

Just following Mia closely you can be transported, but the beauties downstairs can't, even the No. 7 I left on the 「Guardian Rider's Chamber」 can't be saved.

After trying so hard to keep them alive, I can't let those large breasted beauty be sacrificed.

It seem that the timer can still be changed, so I reset it to 1 minute, carried Mia, and ran down the stairs.

The menu's timer also matches the timer for the machine.

This type of control system supporting restarting, this kind of convenience is often praised by game developers.

’’Okay Mia, listen.’’


I gathered the beauties and made Mia hold their hands.

Then use a belt to tie Mia and the beauties together to prevent any slip-ups.

’’I must save one more person.’’


Mia pull some weak movement even so she tried to stop me.

After confirming the timer, I patted Mia in the head:

’’Don't worrying, I wouldn't die.’’

15 seconds left.

’’I promise.’’

’’Promise, promise for real! Promise we'll meet again? Okay?’’

Mia said with a trembling tongue.

3 seconds left.

’’Yes yes, I'll definitely live to return.’’

I nodded at the disappearing Mia.

I don't have an interest in killing myself. So I will definitely return.


My hand grabbed the holy sword 「Gjallarhorn」, I ran at full speed to the 「Audience Hall」.

Mia's escape might've been a signal, because the moment she escaped, the 「Cradle」's self destruction started.

The walls and vines turned white and became very weak.

Because of the 「Find Trap」 skill, I dodged some broken floor and continued going down the hallway.

After running down the first large staircase the ceiling became white.

Facing white obstruction blocking the road, I used a kick to remove it.

’’So salty!’’

Is this white stuff 「Salt」?

I spit out the salt in my mouth.

I know that's a little gross, but no one can blame me.

Going down the stairs is too long, I grabbed and slided down a pillar.

Normally I wouldn't dare do that but my fear is stronger than my cowardice, I stabbed my sword in the pillar to slow me down.

The holy sword didn't even scratch. I successfully go down 8 floors quickly.

Running towards the giant hole in the hole, slowly getting closer to the edge.

Then the thing I did was a bit ...... yes, was a little bit hesitant.

I took a deep breath, I was scared of the height. Fighting the fear is not something easy to do.

Then I finally, took a step forward..

Before I continued falling.

If someone from the outside saw, I would look like someone who wants to kill himself. But this is my action after carefully assessing the situation.

I used the cracks that are appearing in the tree bark as a foot stand and quickly moved down.

I need to escape the the tree's trunk, it seem there's a possibility that I will fall straight down to the ground, but I don't have to worry about that. The scale's difference is prevent it a little.

Because the cracks and raises have different sizes, just a little farther there are some of landings.

Normally this danger level is very high, but I was tested in the 「Seiryuu City」, so there's no problem.

Enjoying the thrill of skydiving, I arrived at floor 100's 「Guardian Rider's Chamber」.

’’Is this real or not ’’

Due to the salt platforms holding on, I still have some time before I fall down through the floor.

’’ The root is also going to collapse.’’

Earlier, when I was jumping, I didn't notice that the tree roots was shaking while sinking into the earth, the roots have probably salivated tree saps.

I don't think it's a good idea to continue what I was doing.

But this is not that big of a problem.

I used the holy sword to open up the wall of the 「Guardian Rider's Chamber」. This time not with the 「Gjallarhorn」 but with the sword of the 「Holy Sword King」. Because the 「Gjallarhorn」 isn't good for chopping, so I changed it.

When killing high level demons, the holy sword is amazing, but the sword of the 「Holy Sword King」 doesn't work out either, it's scarily sharp.

I slightly opened up the wall, and successfully entered the chamber.

Then I carried No. 7 on my shoulder and I ran for it.

But, I didn't run down stairs.

’’ is there anyone here?’’

’’I'm here~’’

Hearing my call, Dryad No. 2 responded.

The sound seems stable, I guess the tree collapsing, isn't life threatening to her.

’’Can you bring us outside the tree?’’


The response was clean.

Don't worry I knew this is going to happen

’’But, you only need to give me a seed I touched with my my magic, then I can send you to plant the seed.’’

however, dryad No. 2's smiling face says that this isn't a necessary.

There no problem with mana. But the seed

’’What kind of seed is needed?’’

’’Yes, because I just need to repair the line, so any plant seed is good~’’

If I knew earlier I would've pick a couple fruits.

I couldn't find anything in the chamber, but there should be something on the upper floor.

No, I have just the thing.

’’Is this seed okay? Let's start.’’

’’Wait...... there's no problem with this seed, but I need 3 times the mana? Do you not care about me withering?’’

Three times of mana is a thousand points.

My mana's already restored, losing one third of my mana is okay.

’’No problem. I'll leave it to you.’’


I went to my storage and took out a fruit that was given to me by my kids.

The Dryad ate the fruit, then held out her hands.

Paired with a chirp sound, touched my lips, and was violently drained of mana.

After the draining, I feel a like I lost a lot of blood. It's like I used 「Meteor」.

After leaving a pop sound, Dryad No.2 moved her face away.

’’I finally connected.’’

Face full of satisfaction, Dryad No. 2 dragged me by the hand to the magic circle.

’’Then let's go~’’

Dryad No. 2 lights up the ground and said a command, the green light circle formed a gate.

After a strange feeling, we have moved to a tree that's at least 1000 years old.

’’Thanks for your help, Dryad.’’

’’Yes~ you're welcome. Anyways I ate so much mana and I'm full.’’

The Dryad responded laughing, then tilted her head and asked:

’’Right, don't you guys need to escape?’’



I didn't ask any more after seeing what Dryad No. 2 pointed at, my entire face lost colour.

To be honest, compared to facing high level demon and falling without rope, the situation is making feel even more goosebumps.

I held No. 7 on my shoulders, then I held out my hand to Dryad No.2.

’’Don't worry. As long as there is a forest, I wouldn't die.’’

Believing what the little girl said, I held No. 7 tightly and charged out of here.

With the low thundering sounds, it's a massive wave of 「Salt」.

Getting caught by the wave would definitely suffocate us. No, we would get crushed before that.

But after what I have been through in the shadow, I think I wouldn't die here. But being buried by salt for several years would be a pain.

Pushing open the dry wood, I rolled on the soft ground and continued running.

>>>Obtained skill 「All-Terrain Movement」

I feel the pressure on my shaking vision, after getting the 「All-Terrain Movement」 skill, I put a point in the 「Carry」 skill that I didn't care for at all.

Running suddenly became much lighter.

I dodged the roots on the ground and running in a line that I speculated.

My speed is as fast as a car.

Behind me is a violent white wave, slowly getting closer with every step I take.

Hmm, I am about to be caught.


Quicky, think.

Why else would I have such high intelligence.

If I can't even have a skill to get out of this.

What new skill can I use?

I already used the 「Run」 skill already.

Then, what else is there?

The air became damp.

No time.

In front of my eyes there is some light.

Is it water? A pond or swamp?

No matter what it, is there is no difference. I can't think about useless things like that.

What to do to stop a tsunami?

Yes, a wall.


Take the debris out of the storage?

No, it would just be washed away. It would increase the danger.

Salt landing next to me like a volcanic eruption, stopping me from thinking, the salt that landed in the water made a water pillar.

This scene gave me an idea.


Pochi and Tama's crying faces flashed before my eyes. What is this memory?

’’The water boiling pot is angry~?’’

’’Help! The person in the water boiling pot is angry.’’

Don't run with the lantern.

The salty water flashing on made me feel uncomfortable, need to focus all on running.

I don't need a useless fire spell like small fire bullet, if I only had earth magic to make a wall


No, that's not right.

The memory of Pochi and Tama made me remember something.

For not interfering my road choices, I open the map in a small window to confirm the right way.

Good, this can work.

I go slightly off the road I am on, I have never ran so seriously before.

I can't rely on my leg power, there a hole in my boots. My feet are in massive pain.

A couple second before I reach the destination, I opened the menu to prepare.

Now, create a bulwark

I used 「Think Control」 on the menu and used magic.

Of course, I chose just the small fire bullet.

The high temperature fire flies in the air.

At a critical time, all the heat heated a massive water tower.

Of course not just 1 shot. I shot 3 times into the water pillar, creating hot steam.

’’When water become steam it, expands 1000 times.’’

I think it was Arisa that said this.

After the last shot, the most of the water became steam, giving the steam a push.

The salt tsunami, stopped after violently smashing into the wall of steam.

However, it only stopped it for a moment. The two masses are almost the same.

The second wave punched through the steam wall.

The salt tsunami also came in through the steam wall from the side, forcing me to cover down.

In this situation, a lot of people would lost hope.

If No. 7 is awake she would be screaming too.

But I have to say it's is according to plan.

This short amount of time is all I needed.

This short amount of time is all I needed to reach the second place.

In front of me is a plain, a wetland that looks like a plain.

I am running through the wetland just like they do in mangas.

There is plenty of water in this zone, so I started the next step.

So I keep on blasting the fireballs.

At the target area, I used the 「Calculation」 and 「Fire Magic」 skill to instruct me.

The thick steam wall blocked the salt tsunami, and I safely reach the foot of the mountain.

>>>Obtained skill 「Walking on water」

>>>Obtained skill 「Survivor」

>>>Obtained title 「Arsonist」

>>>Obtained title 「Fire Tyrant」

>>>Obtained title 「Dispeller of Despair」


After climbing to the top, I put No. 7 on the soft ground.

According to the map, I am between the 「Cradle」 and the 「Grey Rat Kingdom」.

Mia and the other beauties are on the other side of the mountains, looks like everyone is okay.

For safety I planned to go there as fast as possible, but my kids and the shop owner are there by her side. When did they get here?

If I had a cell phone I would tell them that I am safe, but there's no such thing here so there's nothing I can do. I'll see if I have any with that function from the kingdom or in the maze city.

With no hurry to return, I stood here and watch the end of 「Torasayaya's Cradle」.

From the plains to the cliff is all the 「Cradle」's zone.

I looked at the fog of salt that's been raised as high as the trees.

There's a one special salt tower as if it's Zen's tombstone.

As the salt pillars fall, every magic being on the map disappears.

At that time the record begin moving in a insane speed.

It's just like what happened at 「Dragon's Valley」.

I slowly looked through the record, and find that i got a ’’Defeated all enemies on the map’’ message.

Like in the maze, automatically picks up all the loot.

This time there is no 「Fountain」 type.

I put all my loot is a folder called 「Torasayuya's Cradle」.

I will start moving after I clean my storage. most of the stuff are just magic being corpses and broken tools. Others are 「Zen's Grimoire」 and 「Torasayuya's Room's Bookshelf」.

Under the salt fog, trees and roots are being torn and moved around.

After praying, I turned away.


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