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Date A Live - Volume 9 - Chapter 3


Chapter 8: MakeupTransform[edit]

Part 1[edit]

’’-------I heard Natsumi woke up!?’’

The door opened and Shidou raised his voice.

It was in a corner of an underground facility in the city owned by <Ratatoskr>. Inside the room, it was made just like the <Fraxinus>bridge;there were many gauges and giant monitor installed in it.

’’Aah, that was fast, Shidou’’

And as if to respond to Shidou's voice, a chair placed in the center of the room turned around and the girl sitting on it faced towards him.--------it's Kotori. When Natsumi lost consciousness, <Haniel>'s transformation ability was released and Kotori turned back to the appearance just like the one inside Shidou's memories.

No----If it were to be said more specifically, it is a little different. Shidou tilted his head in confusion.

’’Hn.......? Kotori, what's with that face?’’

When he looked carefully, he saw pale red lines on Kotori's face. Yes, it was like she was scratched by a cat.

Kotori [Ahh.............] scratched her cheek before, [............well, Shidou please be careful] saying that.

’’No, from what...........whatever, more importantly where is Natsumi? She woke up right?’’

’’Yes, follow me.---------over here’’

Shidou left the room while being urged by Kotori and *Kaka* systematic footsteps sounds echoed in the corridor which has a wider width than <Fraxinus>.

This was the first time he came here but, the facility looks like it was made like the place he used during the time he pinned down Natsumi's identity a few days ago. It seems <Ratatoksr>possess several facilities like this in order to prepare for various situations.

A few days ago, after Kotori and the girls picked up Natsumi with the <Fraxinus>, she was immediately moved to this facility and went through examinations and treatment. It was hard to say that the wound she got from Ellen was light by any standard but, luckily it was not something life-threatening.

’’------There's that problem with Ellen and we really want to keep her in the <Fraxinus> expected, there is no way we can leave a Spirit that has not gotten sealed yet there’’

While walking through the corridor, Kotori said that while taking a glance at Shidou.

That was only normal. If a full powered Spirit went on a rampage inside, no matter how quarantined the area was, it would not last a second.


Kotori suddenly stopped. Right in front of them, he saw a solid door there.

Kotori then input the number on the terminal installed beside the door with familiar movements and hit her hand on it. When she did that, a digital rhythmical tone was produced and the door slid open.

’’Go on, Shidou.’’


Kotori urged him and he entered.

There was a wide space behind the door. There were several types of machines lined up inside the dim room and inside the middle, a solid looking glass dividing the room could be seen there. It's made quite similarly to the quarantine space Kotori was in when she had her powers back inside <Fraxinus>.

And on top of the bed placed inside, there was one girl distorting her face unhappily and playing with a doll while sitting down.


Shidou quietly called her name.

Her head was covered with bed hair, and has unhealthy pale white skin. Her back was low and her arms and legs were thin like branches.

That girl was sitting on the bed while wearing a hospital gown. For an instant, Shidou saw Natsumi as a patient who has a serious disease and has little time left to live with.

She looks like, but at the same time does not look like the Spirit-Natsumi, Shidou and the girls saved yesterday. But, Shidou knew about this. That appearance he is seeing through the glass is Natsumi's real form.

’’------------I think you know this but’’

Kotori moved the Chupa chups inside her mouth around while saying that.

’’Please be careful. It seems she temporarily can't use her angel because of the damage she got from Ellen but, the opponent is a spirit. What's more, at the current point her impression value towards Shidou is at its worst.’’

’’aah..............but, there won't be any meaning if I don't talk right?’’

’’Just like you say. Unless Natsumi opens her heart to Shidou, it would be impossible to seal Natsumi's powers. I won't ask you to make her fall for you, but please get some kind of clue. That's because this is a big chance.’’

’’Big chance?’’

When Shidou asked in wonder, Kotori unnaturally shrugged her shoulders.

’’Well it's obvious isn't it? She is heavily injured and can't use her power freely. What's more, she is now being confined in a place she doesn't know. Even if she acts brave, she would at least feel a little anxious. If Shidou fixes that then the possibility of her affection point increasing is high.’’

’’I wonder if it would go that well...........I would be cautious if it was me.’’

’’Well yeah. But, tentatively, you are the hero who risked your life to save Natsumi. She probably won't be that hard-hearted.’’

’’It'll be nice if that is the case.’’

After lightly arranging his breathing, Shidou [I'm going now] said that to Kotori and placed his hands on the entrance of the room which was separated with a glass.

He slowly opened the door and entered inside. The transparent wall seen from the outside, looks like a normal white from the interior side. Other than a bed, there were also cupboards and a table placed inside the room. Incidentally, there were various entertainment goods prepared and it could be inferred that <Ratatoskr>has put in a lot of painful hard-work to not let Natsumi get bored.


The moment Shidou entered the room, Natsumi who was on the bed twitched her shoulders.


Shidou tried his best to make a smiling face and greeted her. However, rather than replying back to the greeting, Natsumi immediately started throwing objects near her hands like the toys, pillow and cushion on her bed.

’’..............! ...............!’’

’’Wah............wait! That's dangerous Natsumi!’’



No matter what Natsumi said, it could not be heard properly. He raised his eyebrows and asked back.


’’Eh, no, why...............’’

After Shidou tilted his head, a panda doll flew to him and took a clean hit on his face.



But, that panda doll was the last ammo. Realizing that she has nothing on the bed to throw, Natsumi panicked for a while before, crawling into the bed cover.

She squirmed around for a few seconds before, bringing only her eyes out and glared at Shidou. It's as if she was a sniper wearing a Ghillie suit lurking in the thicket.

’’Wha..........what do you want..........!’’

While glaring at Shidou with a sight filled with hostility, Natsumi said that.

’’No, I just want to talk with you a little...........’’

’’I have nothing to talk about.........! Ge-get out!’’

’’Do-don't say something like that. Is your wound okay?’’


When Shidou said that, Natsumi hesitated to talk awkwardly.

And after a few seconds of silence, she continued her words.

’’............why......did you help. Me’’

’’You ask why...........well that's because, you were beaten up by Ellen..........’’

’’I don't mean that!’’

When Shidou replied her, Natsumi interrupted Shidou's words by shouting.

’’I-i..............didn't I disguised myself as you, erased your comrades........and did only bad things to you! Why.........why did you save me?! You! And your comrades too...........!’’

After saying that, Natsumi *pii* pointed at Shidou with her finger. Shidou folded his arms before making a tired sigh.

’’Aah........I seriously give up to that. As expected even my innards got cold. Will you stop that?’’

’’Like I said..........!’’

Natsumi said that in irritation. Shidou was in thoughts for an instant but, he immediately *pon* hit his hand.

’’Ah, I see. You have to apologize to everyone properly okay?’’

’’Aaah, Moouu.............!’’

Natsumi swung her hands around inside the bed cover. Dust flew out nearby. It seems she wasn't that happy with Shidou's reply.

But to Shidou, he would only get troubled if he was asked something like [Why did you save me?]. He scratched the back of his head while, replying back:

’’Even if you tell me that...........if I come across an event like that, I have no choice but to save you right?’’

’’Do.........don't joke with me! There is no way that is right! Just say it! What is your goal!? Just what kind of self-interest do you have until you would save the criminal that was causing trouble to yourself?!’’

’’, well, how should I say this? It's true that I received a lot of pain but...........when I talk to spirits, although the level is different, I would usually face the same kind of thing. Look, there's Tohka and Yoshino right? I think you would know this already but, they are spirits just like you. Honestly speaking, I was close to dying several times already you know?’’


’’Aah. I would be shot with beams without any reservation, and the city was almost close to being frozen’’


’’I seriously was close to being eaten and there was a time I was almost close to becoming cinders.’’


’’Next there was a time I was almost blown away by an attacking typhoon.........aah, speaking about a recent event, as expected it was a close call when everyone in the city got brainwashed and came attacking me all at once.’’


Coming from the gap of the bed cover, Natsumi opened her eyes wide as if she heard something unbelievable. Shidou made a wry smile while continuing.

’’ should I say this, as long there is someone getting hurt, although I can't say don't worry about it, Tohka and the girls would reflect on those actions, overcome it, and is living like that right now. If that is the case, there is no reason you can't do that too right?’’

After Shidou said that, Natsumi became silent for a while before, snorting roughly.

’’Wha-what is with thought you said something cool?’’

’’No, It's............’’

Not like that, he could not finish that line. He scratched his cheeks while talking to Natsumi again.

’’More importantly, I have one question, are you okay with that?’’


After taking enough time, Natsumi replied back. Nonetheless, it's great itself that she didn't refuse point-blank. Shidou made a small nod before asking his question.

’’The reason why you disguised as me and erased everyone. Why did you do something like that?’’


When Shidou asked, Natsumi glared back at him from the gap of the bed.

’’That's because............isn't it obvious that you saw my secret during that time............!’’

’’ that you mean?’’

’’I-Isn't it obvious..............that it's my real appearance!’’

’’Huh...................? Wai-wait a second. Why would you have motives once your appearance is seen!?’’

Natsumi replied back by shouting while having tearful eyes. When she did that, Natsumi gritted her teeth before continuing.

’’What.........did you say..............? Ha-have a limit even for jokes! Isn't it obvious from looking! After looking at a shabby appearance like this...............there is no way you can remain calm!? Or what is it? Is it your goal to make me say that with my mouth!?’’

Natsumi shouted hysterically, and *Pofu**pofu* hit the top of the bed. Shidou did not really get it but, it seems that event was something lethal to Natsumi. While getting blood-shot eyes, she continued on her agitated manner.

’’The atmosphere was quite good when I first met you right? You said I was beautiful right? But why is that? That's because I was in that Onee-san appearance right!? If I was like this in the beginning, would you have that reaction? You won't right? There is no way you would be nervous right? If that is the case then, you would just ignore me even if I talk to you right!?’’

’’Som-something like that................’’

’’Thaaaaaatt issssssss impossssibleeeeeeeee! Currently------the people over here, if [I] remain as [I], then no one would bother about me.............!’’


For an instant, Shidou felt the tone of her words turned sadder suddenly and brought his eyebrows together.

But immediately, Natsumi once again sharpened her sights.

’’Anyway! I, i will not forgive anyone in this world who knows my real appearance................!’’

After saying that, she once again put the disarranged bed cover back on.

As if he was overpowered by Natsumi's vigor, Shidou took one step back and collected Natsumi's words in his head.

The thing is...............Natsumi seems to hate her real appearance very much. Because of that, she transformed her own body using <Haniel>'s ability into her idealistic onee-san..................that's it then.

Looking only at that composition, it was no difference from an old-fashion witch heroine. ............well, for Natsumi's case, it seems her disgust towards her real appearance has a remarkable difference.

But, even when he understood that, Shidou has yet points he did not understand.

The problem was simple. That's-----------

’’Uuuuun..............but Natsumi. Is your current appearance really that disappointing?’’

It's true that her hair is messy and although it is hard to call it flattery or healthy but, he felt that Natsumi does not look that bad until self-depreciation. If she would neaten up a bit then her level would be cute enough.

However, Natsumi sent back her sights baring hostility towards Shidou's words.

’’Saying something like that.............! I will not get fooled! I will not get fooled!’’

’’No, I am not fooling you. Let me see your face clearly a bit.’’

After saying that, Shidou slowly walked over the bed and placed his hands on the bed cover covering Natsumi.

’’! Hnnn! Hnnnnnn!’’

Natsumi struggled, and tried resisting but--------maybe because the wounds hurt her, she immediately turned quiet and Shidou pulled off the bed cover.


Natsumi's face turned red while closing her eyes tightly, and shrank her body.

It's true that she does not have the sensual and se*y charm of the adult version Natsumi but, if she were to clean up her appearance then, she would probably change into a wonderful lady.

’’Hn, like I guessed. Don't talk bad about yourself. The current you properly has the charms that the current you only has.’’

’’What...........! Don't say it like you know............!’’

Natsumi made a face full with hatred but, *Jiii* she stared back at Shidou's face. Natsumi stopped her words and averted her eyes in a troubled manner.

And after a while of silence, Natsumi opened her small mouth.

’’...........Really? it really okay for me to remain like this?’’

’’Aah, really.’’

After Shidou made a strong nod, he extended his hands towards Natsumi as if he was reaching out to her.

’’That's why;apologize to everyone properly with that appearance, and with your words. It's okay. Everyone will understand. If you do that------you should be able to be friends with everyone.’’



Natsumi looked downwards in a manner as if she has no idea what to do but, soon in a timid manner, she extended her hand towards Shidou's hand. But, the moment when both of their hands were about to touch.

Natsumi turned her palms around and *Piii* erected her middle finger.

’’-------wait, I won't be fooled by those words! Iddiooooot!’’

She then said that with a loud voice.


’’Frieeeeend? You are just going to say that and once I'm fooled, you'll make me as a target of ridicule right!? Uwah, she really took those words seriously, what an idiot! Something like that.. you'll say that and cackle right!? You probably have a panel with the word [Shock] written on it right!? I get it! I get it so!’’


He took a step back as if he was over-pressured by Natsumi. But rather than calming down, Natsumi was heating up.

’’This ugly girl getting all that confident after wearing the skin of a beautiful Onee-san, how disgusting! You are thinking something like that right!? I get it even if you didn't say shit! In this whole world, I know myself the best that I am a hopeless trash! But, I can't help it! What the hell can I do?!’’

’’Ca-calm down, Natsumi! No one is thinking like-------------’’

’’Shut uppppppppppppppp! For a nice guy like you it's obvious that you would secretively say bad things about others behind their backs and post vilification in the SNS! You would post with a photo attached and it would be like, I saw this ugly girl today and I seriously felt sick. Am I right?! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh! Just die die die die die die die dieeeeeeeeeeeee! I will get you flooded with spamss! I will put a GyotakuI [9C 1] on you and expose you in a giant BBS and corner you until you get kicked out of schoooooolllll!’’

’’Aren't you a little too clear about modern day society!?’’

Shidou made a comeback in reflex but, now wasn't the time for that. He then tried to calm Natsumi who was raging.

’’An-anyway, just calm down. Wha!? Come on, take one big breath..........’’


However, it was useless. The agitated Natsumi swung both her hands around and-------she then prepared her fingernails and, *gariii* scratched Shidou's face.


’’That's why I told you to be careful’’

After Shidou exited Natsumi's room, Kotori who has the same scratch mark made on her face like Shidou said that while shrugging her shoulders. It seems, Kotori was also scratched by Natsumi just like him.

’’....................I'll ask just in case but, how is the mental state?’’

’’There were some ups and downs but, it's not in a level that a seal can be placed.’’


Shidou was patting his scratched face which was still in pain while looking over to the quarantine room divided by an invisible wall. Maybe she calmed down a little thanks to Shidou leaving;Natsumi arranged her breathing and got off her bed slowly before collecting the pillows and doll she threw just now.

From what could be seen, it was a normal action. However in Shidou's perspective, the aim for picking them up wasn't to keep things tidy but rather, it looked like she was replenishing her ammo for intercepting another person if they entered the room.

’’It seems she does not have any confidence in her real appearance. We have to fix that complex somehow or else, even if we manage to seal her Reiryoku, a counter-flow would occur.’’

Kotori said that difficultly while placing her hands on her chin.

Actually, it was just as Kotori says. By some chance Natsumi's power was sealed, Natsumi would not be able to use her transformation ability. Of course------------not only would she be unable to become that onee-san, she will have to live her life using her real appearance like that. Judging from Natsumi's current state.......................that would be extremely hard for her.

’’But, we can't take our time with this. We have a time limit.’’

’’Time limit?’’

When Shidou asked, Kotori nodded and [Isn't it obvious] said that.

’’Right now, the reason why Natsumi is keeping quiet is because the damage she received from Ellen is not healed yet. If her body is healed up to the point she is able to use her angel freely, then she would probably run away immediately.’’

’’Ah................I see. If you think about it that way, how long is the postponement?’’

When he said that, Kotori made two fingers stand making a peace sign.

’’From Reine's diagnosis, the longest we have is around 2 days. We have to somehow make Natsumi open up within that 2 days interval.’’


Shidou folded his arms while bringing his eyebrows together and immersed himself in thoughts.

There is no time. On top of that, Natsumi was currently in a situation where she hates having even a decent conversation with them. As expected, first off, they have to somehow soften that strong complex of hers------


At that moment, Shidou thought of a certain idea, and *pon* hit his hands.

’’Hey Kotori. I don't know if this would work well but, how about this?’’

’’..What kind?’’

Kotori raised one eye brow while tilting her head. Shidou gave a brief explanation of his idea to her.

’’Fumu..............I see.’’

After he did that, Kotori placed her hand on her chin and made the rod of the Chupa chups she was eating stand up.

’’Okay. We don't have any other effective methods anyway so let's try that. We<Ratatoskr>will prepare everything you need’’

’’Aah, I am counting on you. I'll ask everyone if I can have them help out.’’

’’Yes, I'll ask you for that.-----------We'll carry out the plan tomorrow. We will commence the next plan after Natsumi finished her breakfast.’’

’’Ou. Don't over sleep.’’

’’You too.’’

After Kotori said that, she interposed the chupa chups with her fingers and *nii* raised the side of her lips.

’’Well then-------Let our Datewar begin’’

Part 2[edit]


Next morning. After Natsumi woke up, she found out there was a nice smell floating in the room.

She immediately knew where the smell was coming from. A part of the wall changed and turned into something like a table, with breakfast being placed on top of it. Grouped together was bacon, eggs, 2 bread rolls and soup along with a salad. There was steam coming out from the soup and the bacon was still giving out *crackle* sounds. She found out it was not something ready-made but something that was just cooked.

It seems a part of the wall is convertible into opening and closing, and was made to allow putting the food into the room through that. Yesterday for lunch and dinner, they were prepared in the room before Natsumi noticed.


After Natsumi moved towards the tray, she cautiously took a deep sniff of the food placed on the plate before timidly starting to move it into her mouth.

The delicious grease from the juicy bacon and the mild taste of the egg mixed together complexly in her mouth. Natsumi relaxed her cheeks-------and *puun**puun* swung her head to resist.

’’Damn...............why is it so delicious...........’’

She muttered that in regret while eating the food.

Natsumi stuffed her cheeks with the bread filled with jam on top while looking around at the room she was trapped in once again.

There was a bed, table, and television. Almost every other thing necessary for living was present there. What's more, food or sweets would be automatically rationed without even meeting with anyone else. In a way, this is the best environment.

But--------She cannot stay here forever. Natsumi stroke the wound on her stomach while grinding her teeth.

She has no idea what kind of goals Shidou and Kotori has but, it was not hard to imagine that it would be something not beneficial to Natsumi. Using some kind of method, it has to be revenge towards Natsumi. It might be they were trying to fatten her up before eating her. If that was the case then, there is no reason why they would give such delicious food to Natsumi.

’’I won't let it go your way.............!’’

The wound she got from Ellen was healing all right. If things go well, she would probably heal enough until she is able to manifest <Haniel>in a few days' time. If that happens then, the wall of this room would be exactly like the term paper-thin. It's better to escape as fast as possible.

Tentatively, she can choose to run to the neighbor world by getting lost but;not only was will her body be burdened when moving between worlds-------there is a possibility that she would get pulled back to this world right after she returned back to the neighbor world. If possible, that's something she does not want to do.

Even though the likelihood is low, if by any chance she was pulled over here and during that time, she bumped into the Wizard called Ellen, she would definitely be killed this time.

Anyways, right now her highest priority is to think about healing her body and acquiring some energy. Thinking like that, Natsumi took the remaining food and threw it in her mouth.

And, at that moment.

When the room door suddenly opened, several human shadows entered the room and surrounded Natsumi in an instant.


She was surprised by the sudden event and leaked out a hysteric voice out from her throat.

When she looked at her surroundings in panic, she found out every one of them were familiar faces.

Shidou and Kotori. And also, Tohka, Yoshino who were chosen as her suspect candidates.

Obviously for Kotori;Tohka too who was full with pride while blessed with that appearance and Yoshino who pulls in the intentions of male with that timid behavior were the type of girls Natsumi hated.

But, that wasn't the problem now. Every one of them surrounding Natsumi was, for some reason, carrying ropes and a big sack with them.


Being surrounded in four sides, when Natsumi released a voice filled with confusion, Kotori *Pii*! Pointed her fingers towards Natsumi.

’’Capture her!’’


Matching with Kotori's orders, Shidou, Tohka, and Yoshino moved at the same time.

*Bassaa*she was made to wear the sack from behind and her sights turned pure black. Next off, at the same time with Kotori's order echoing, this time coming from the top of the sack, her body was coiled up with the rope.

’’Hnn! Hnnnnnnnnnn!?’’

Even though she struggled, it was useless. Her hands and legs were tied with the rope tightly and she could not even move it. The only thing Natsumi could do was to twist and turn her body like an earless seal that was just washed ashore on the beach.

And immediately, her body was elevated and carried up by someone.

’’So, Kotori. What should we do next?’’

’’Yeah, bring her over here like that.’’

’’Umu, I get it!’’

After hearing that conversation through the thick sack, Tohka who was carrying Natsumi started to move.

---I am being brought somewhere!? The worst of imaginations ran wild in Natsumi's mind. Will I be on top of a chopping board once the sack is taken off...........!? Or maybe, I might be thrown into a boiling hotpot with the sack on!?

’’I! I! I-If you eat me, your stomach will break!’’

However, Tohka who was carrying Natsumi did not even twitch. The sound of sways resounded to her and it was telling Natsumi that she was gradually reaching the targeted place.

After how long has passed since then, Natsumi got tired of shouting and when she started to leave her body lifeless on Tohka's shoulder, Tohka suddenly stopped and slowly lowered Natsumi on the spot.

The rope and sack was taken off next. A soft light flew towards Natsumi's eyes which has gotten used to the dark.


While making a shadow on her face with her hand, she waited for her eyes to get used to it and------Natsumi *pokan* opened her mouth from the unexpected scenery that unfolded.

’’Wha-what, is this...............’’

Over there, she was not on top of a giant chopping board nor was she on top of a boiling hotpot of hell.

Inside the room shined by lines of warm light, there was one bed fit for one person to lie down and there were slight scents of flowers floating nearby. It was a calm space enough to be anti-climatic.

When Natsumi was being blank, a girl wearing a nurse outfit standing beside the bed swung her small hand.

’’Okaay, a one-day limited beauty salon, welcome to [Salon do Miku]’’

After saying that, the girl gave her a smile. It was a face she knew. Her name should be------Izayoi Miku. Her selfishly voluptuous breasts were ostentatiously dangling. She was a type of girl Natsumi hates.

’’Wai-wait a second, what is this.........?’’

’’What do you mean by what? Didn't Miku say that just now? It's a beauty salon. We're going to have you get a skin care.’’


Shidou's reply was clear but, Natsumi got even more unnecessarily confused.

’’Wait a second. I don't understand. Why--------’’

At that moment, Natsumi suddenly twitched her shoulders. She got an idea of Shidou and the girl's real motives.

’’Ha..............haha................I see.............after making me do something like this, you all were going to laugh at the humorous appearance of an ugly girl in a misunderstanding? Ahaha...........You people sure have one heck of a hobby. Having the same rotten character like me............’’



In the middle of Natsumi's words, Kotori gave a chop on her head. She groaned after pressing her head in reflex.

’’What was that for?!’’

’’Other than that appearance, we have to do something about that negative persecution complex. Anyways, hurry up and lie down. We are pressed for time.’’

’’I don't want to..............! Why should I do that even though I know I will be laughed at.........!’’

’’Oh you...........’’

Kotori sighed while scratching her head. And at that moment, Shidou placed his hands on Kotori's shoulders.

’’Well Natsumi, how about this? For today, we will use the methods we thought off and show you we can [Transform] you. If that succeeds then it is my win. We want you to listen to what we have to say face to face.------but, if you think nothing has changed at all then, we will lose. You can do whatever you want later.’’

’’............whatever I like, what do you mean?’’

’’Let's see.................for the time being, how about letting you run away to a place you like?’’


Natsumi opened her eyes wide at Shidou's words. That plan was very unexpected for Kotori but, Kotori poked Shidou's elbow.

’’Hey, Shidou..’’

’’Why not? We have no other methods.------how about it, Natsumi? I think it doesn't sound bad.’’


Natsumi narrowed her eyes to find Shidou's intentions.

In any case, once her body recovers, she can run away using <Haniel>. But, as long as there are spirits like Tohka and Yoshino beside Shidou and the group, she can't deny that there is a possibility they might hinder her.

Also, the challenge was not a challenge at all. No matter how hard they try, it is impossible to do something about this shabby appearance. It is irritating that she will be laughed at once she follows the cajolery of her opponent but, she felt that if she was able to run away safely, then it isn't a bad deal.

’’............I understand. Then it's okay.’’

’’I see.---------then for now, please follow Miku's instructions.’’


Natsumi glared at Shidou silently. But, Shidou did not falter even for a bit and send his sights back at her.

’’Think about it, Natsumi.’’

’’...........huh? About what?’’

’’--------About the fact that a girl can [Transform] without using an Angel.’’


That manner of speaking pissed her off very much, Natsumi *pui* looked away from Shidou's face.

’’-----alright, I'll leave this to you Miku.’’

’’Okay okay. Leave it to mee’’

Shidou made a small swing with his hand and went outside through the door deep inside the room. When he did that, Miku turned her body around and crawled her sights on Natsumi's body.

’’Alright, let's begin. For the time being, please take off the clothes you are wearing right now.’’

After saying that, Miku repeatedly opened and closed both her hands while approaching her. For some reason, she felt that the shine in her eyes were different if compared to when Shidou was here.


Natsumi stepped back unintentionally. Even in death, she will not show her seedy-looking body to this girl whose breasts are like a Holstein's----more importantly, she sensed a danger to her body with her instinct.

But, Kotori who was standing-by behind her, *gaaa* grabbed her shoulders and she lost her movement.


’’You don't know when to give up, seriously. Please keep quiet.’’

’’It's going to be okay. It won't hurt.’’

’’Kyaa! Kyaaa!’’

Miku's breathing gotten heavier while stripping off Natsumi's hospital gown. Natsumi struggled but, the resistance was futile and she was turned naked without a single thread of string on her before she was to lay her body downwards onto the bed.

’’Wha-what are you planning to do...........!?’’

’’Uufufu, I did get scared a lot thanks to you. I will properly have my pay back okay?’’

After Miku said that, she made a grin and took a bottle placed on the shelf before starting to smear that strange liquid inside that bottle on Natsumi's back.

’’Kyaaaaaa! What!? What are you doing!?’’

’’Come on, don't struggle. It's the best grade of aroma oil you know.’’

Miku moved her fingers while gently brushing Natsumi's skin.


Towards a new sensation she has not experienced before, weird voices could be heard leaking out from Natsumi's throat.

’’Ufufu, it feels nice right? As expected, it isn't in a pro's level but, I am quite good at this. It is no good you know? You have to treat your skin properly’’

’’Ev-even if you........tell me that...........’’

’’First, it seems you say you have no confidence in yourself but, there is no way I could be convinced if you told me that after not putting in any effort. Well, there are natural born beauties like Tohka-san in this world but, all the girls you are jealous off in this world has worked hard to try to become beautiful.’’

’’That's because, no matter what I do............’’

While saying that, Natsumi felt her consciousness getting hazy. Maybe because of the accumulated fatigue on her body or maybe it's because of Miku's massage feeling too comfortable, a sudden urge of sleep attacked her.


At the end of those words. Natsumi fell asleep.

’’-----Okay! Done and done!’’


Because of Miku's voice, Natsumi immediately woke up.

Wondering of when she changed her body position, she was right now sleeping on the bed facing upwards. Tentatively, there is a bath towel placed on her chest but, it was somewhat embarrassing.

’’How is it? What's your impression?’’


Asked by Miku, Natsumi lightly brushed her own skin.

And then-------she opened her eyes wide in astonishment.

’’! Wha-what, is this.........?’’

It was unexpectedly unbelievable. Her dry skin has turned fresh like a baby's skin.

’’Ufufu. Every one that first experiences a beauty salon gets surprised. Well, of course, that condition will not go on forever but, it is deeply moving as expected.’’

’’, really my hand............?’’

’’Yes, It is without a doubt real. Ufufu, if I got such a nice reaction, I look forward to the next room.’’


’’Alright, once you wear your clothes, this time it's this way.’’

And thus, Kotori who appears to have been waiting on the chair placed on the edge of the room, stood up while saying that. Incidentally next to her, Tohka and Yoshino were leaning on each other sleeping.

Natsumi put on her the hospital gown she took off just now following what she was told before, passing the door deep in the room and advancing to the next room.

’’Kukuku, glad you came. This is us Yamai's territory!’’

’’Admiration. I'll praise you for that courage.’’

When Natsumi entered the next room, the identical twins were taking a somewhat cool pose while welcoming her.

It was the gapless lineup of the slender Kaguya and the glamorous Yuzuru. Like she guessed, they were the type of girls Natsumi hates.

’’Wh-where is..........’’

Natsumi opened her eyes wide while looking around the room. There was a big mirror on the wall and facing towards it, there was a big chair placed there. She understood from one look. Over here------was a beauty parlor.

’’Guiding. First off come this way’’

After saying that, Yuzuru pulled Natsumi's hand.


Just like that, Natsumi sat on the chair deep in the room, and a big cloth was placed on her, covering her from her neck to below.

The chair then fell, and she was made to face upwards.

’’Wha-what are...........’’

’’Resuming. You will know soon’’

After Yuzuru said that, she twisted the faucet near her hands and soon, there were warm water pouring on Natsumi's head.

When she did that, the shampoo foamed bubbles and she started to gently wash Natsumi's long hair.

’’Uh, ah.............’’

Towards the unfamiliar sensation of having her head washed by someone, Natsumi slightly stirred her body. Looking at that manner, Kaguya who was standing beside them raised a loud laugh.

’’Kukakaka! Yuzuru's shampoo is extremely comfortable right! That's because she has the skills that was able to take away my victory without taking even a minute during the 71st competition- shampoo battle!’’

’’Smile. That's because Kaguya is ticklish.’’

Yuzuru quietly said that while washing the bubbles off, the nice smelling treatment coated Natsumi's hair. Thanks to it being so comfortable, Natsumi felt like sleeping again.

’’Substitute.----------okay, from this point on, it is Kaguya's domain’’

The treatment then finished and after blowing Natsumi's hair, Yuzuru stood up from the chair while saying that before, pulling out scissors meant for hair-dressing from her waist and skillfully turning it before preparing it in both her hands.

’’Kukuku! Leave it to me!’’


’’Affirmative! However, rest assured! Looking at the results in the 72nd contest- Hair care contest, my skills are obvious!’’

’’ two really went with all kinds of random contests.’’

Looking from the side, Kotori made a wry smile while saying that. Kaguya proudly bent her chest before answering [Yep!] and standing behind Natsumi.

’’What, I don't plan to randomly cut down everything. However------the pain coming from the hair tips and heavy bundles of hairs! I will not let you off! Fall like flowers from my scissor skill - Kaizer Scheele wind!’’

After shouting, Kaguya rang the scissor she was holding rhythmically, and the end of Natsumi's hair flew to the surroundings.

After several minutes, Natsumi's hair which was filled with split ends was arranged beautifully until it was shocking.


’’Fuu........well, it's about this I guess’’

Just like a gunman who finished his match, Kaguya blew the tip of the scissor before hanging the finger hole with her finger and after *kuru**kuru* spinning it, she tucked it away in her waist.

After doing that, she then took out a dryer and comb next, carefully blowing Natsumi's stiff hair.

’’Kuku...............It looks like the habit is strong with this one but, it's not like there is no way. If I handle it during the time it is wet, they will not go on a rampage.’’


Natsumi let sweat flow down her cheeks while nodding.

But, it's true that her skills are worth bragging. Natsumi's hair which usually has bed hair has turned unbelievably lighter. Somehow, it looked a little bit dazzling.

’’Kuku, perfect. You are allowed to move to the next area.’’

’’Consent. This way please.’’


Next area. Hearing those words, Natsumi raised her eye brows anxiously.

But, she could not retreat back since she came until here. While being urged, Natsumi opened the door located deep in the room. Following from behind was Kotori, the Yamai sisters, Miku, and Tohka and Yoshino who apparently woke up when Natsumi was having her hair cut.

Across the room was the biggest space until now. Everywhere in the wide floor that was being laminated by an incandescent lamp, there were beautifully folded shirts, coats being hung with hangers and skirts there.

Yes------it was a space resembling the shops like the so-called Select shop or Boutique.

’’Whe, where is...........’’

Natsumi looked around restlessly. When she did that, at that moment, her eyes met with Kotori's who was behind her.

’’Fufuun. If there is a Beauty salon and beauty parlor, then the next would definitely be clothes picking.’’

Tohka and the group *un**un* nodded at Kotori's words.

’’ Wait a bit, I don't really like those-----’’

’’Okay okay, I'll listen to you later.-----okay, everyone!’’

As if to interrupt Natsumi's words, Kotori *pan**pan* clapped her hands.


When she did that, who knows when they prepared it, everyone was holding clothes of their preference and quickly approached Natsumi. Tohka was holding a cute one-piece and pushing it at Natsumi's body while raising a cheerful voice.

’’Isn't that nice!? It's cute!’’

’’Un, that's true. It's not bad. But, it might be a little cold for this season though’’

Kotori stroke her chin while saying that before, Yoshino and Yuzuru showed up with an outer garment and hat this time.

’’Alright, together with this..............’’

’’Plan. This is recommended too.’’

’’Hn, why not. Okay, put those on for now, Natsumi.’’

After saying that, Kotori pushed Natsumi towards the changing room like it was natural.

’’Wai............why are you all talking without my concern!’’

When Natsumi shouted, [Yeah yeah] Kaguya showed her agreement.

’’It's just as Natsumi says. Hold back.’’

After saying that, Kaguya showed a black outfit with many chains and belts attached.

’’Ahh, that one is no good you know. I say this is more suitable on Natsumi-chan’’

And, as if she was raising her objection, Miku showed another outfit. But this one in its own way has a lot of frills attached, and it looked like a dress made for dolls.


Silently, Natsumi took the clothes from Tohka, Yoshino and Yuzuru before, walking heavily to the changing room and closing the curtain vigorously.

’’W-why! Why would you refuse my jet black outfit...........!’’

’’Aaahnn! I definitely thought this would be cute!’’

Across the curtain, Kaguya and Miku's voice could be heard.

’’Damn, what, what is this................’’

Natsumi mumbled while facing at each other, placed her hands on the hospital gown she was wearing.

She totally does not like this but, if she were to continue grumbling there, she might have been forced with Kaguya and Miku's choices. While feeling gloomy, she took off the hospital gown and wore the one piece and outer garment, before putting on the hat.

’’Mu, Natsumi, are you done yet?’’

’’If you are holding back, then Tohka and I will open the curtain!’’

Tohka and Kotori's voice could be heard at the opposite side of the curtain. Natsumi made a big sigh before preparing herself and completely different from the time she closed the curtain, she slowly opened the curtain up.

Tohka, Kotori, Yoshino, the Yamai sisters and Miku's sights, all gathered at Natsumi.


Natsumi closed her eyes as if she was resisting the urge to vomit, gradually rising up from deep down her throat, and gritted her teeth. And the sneering laughs from the girls were----.

’’Umu! It's good!’’

’’Uuun, personally I feel that a little more chic is better but, I wonder.’’

’’ this?’’

’’Eeh--, let's make it more daring. How about this?’’

not heard.


She opened her eyes wide at the unexpected voices shaking her eardrums. When she did that, there were 6 people and 1 object looking over at her with fun and serious expressions.


She hesitated at the unexpected response. When she did that, Kotori handed her a good quality blouse and a monotone skirt.

’’Alright, Natsumi. Wear this, this time. I think this suits you better.’’


’’Come on, hurry up’’

---After 3 hours, Natsumi kept changing and changing her clothes.

Speaking specifically, clothes weren't the only ones. Shoes, hats and several small accessories like watches and spectacles (Of course, it's just for show.) Incidentally, she was made to take poses in the final stages. She felt like a dress up doll or maybe an avatar from those online games. She had no idea what was going on anymore. By the time everyone showed satisfaction at the clothes chosen, Natsumi has totally tired out.

’’-------Okay! There is no mistake now.’’

’’'s wonderful.’’

’’Un Un, it's good.’’

’’Umu! I think it's good!’’

Tohka made a pleasant smile and *un**un* nodded. Next off, she moved her sights to Kotori.

’’Okay then, it's finally the last room.’’

After Kotori said that, everyone twitched their eyebrows. Looking at that weird manner, Natsumi let sweat flow down her cheeks unintentionally.


When Natsumi made a worried face, the Yamai sisters were laughing happily.

’’Kuku, you'll know once you get there. Well, this way’’

’’Affirmative. The last assassin is waiting for you there’’


Hearing those unrest words, she gulped down. Honestly, she did not really want to go on ahead.

’’Come on, let's go.’’

’’Ah, wait.............!’’

But, she was pushed on the back by Miku semi-forced, and the next room opened.

The last room, or what it's called, was a small space compared to any of the others until now. There was a chair isolated in the middle of the room--------and beside it, there was a girl facing her back towards them. She has not seen that back before. She is probably the last assassin the Yamai sisters were referring about.

When Natsumi moistened her throat, the girl slowly turned around.

The hair enough to cover her back was being stopped with a four-leaf clover hair accessory, and she was a tall girl with neutral facial features. But, for some reason, she was somewhat in self-abandonment or desperate and she felt as if she was forcing herself a lot. Looking carefully, there were tears oozing at the edge of her eyes.

’’----------Glad you came! This is the last room of the Natsumi transformation plan!’’

’’Wha-what are you planning to do...........’’

When Natsumi asked, the girl muttered [.................Eeei, it has already turned to this] with a soft voice before raising the edge of her lips and immediately cross both her hands in front her chest.

Looking carefully on the girls fingers, there were makeup products like lip gloss, eye-liner, and concealers put in between.


’’Yes. I will transform you with my makeup.’’

The girl *pii* pointed the lip gloss at Natsumi. Natsumi took a step back in reflex from that intensity.

She then *Buun**Buun* swung her head.

’’Wha-what are you saying. There is no way I would change from that................’’

’’You will!’’

’’Do-don't say something so random! Someone like me.........!’’

’’Do you really think that? That a person will not change with makeup?’’

’’I-isn't that obvious!’’

When Natsumi said that, the girl put the makeup products interposed between her fingers into the pouch attached to her waist. She then slowly carried her hand to her neck.

’’That's, even if’’

The girl then vigorously pulled off the small bandage sticking on her throat.

’’Even if I'm a guy haah!?’’


Natsumi twitched her shoulders at the sudden male voice suddenly echoing out from the girl's throat.

’’Eh.........? What's..............’’

Natsumi was in bewilderment for a while but, she immediately noticed a certain fact.

Yes. Natsumi has heard that voice before.

’’Do-don't tell are Shidou........!’’

’’Aah, that's right!’’

The girl (?) nodded strongly.

When she looked carefully on the face, she found out Itsuka Shidou's face could be seen. The moment she recognized that, Natsumi raised her voice unintentionally.



’’Ah, he got hurt, he got hurt.’’

’’Well, we can't deny that though.’’

Kotori and Miku's voice could be heard behind. It seems they knew everything.


Collapsed on the ground, Shidou pulled himself together and looked back at Natsumi again.

’’Although it was not planned, my makeup skills have reached to a level where it is enough to mistake a guy with a girl! If it is me right now, I can make you have confidence!’’

’’No, well, it's true your skills went up but, the person itself had the characteristics to a certain extent.’’

’’Yeah--. I seriously thought he was a girl the first time we met.’’

Kotori and Miku once again started a conversation secretly. Shidou *kii* sharpened his sights.

’’Ou-outsiders keep quiet! Anyway, it's a challenge Natsumi! I will use all my soul, body and skills! And [Transform] you!’’


Natsumi stiffened her face-------however, she gritted her teeth in oppose to that.

’’..............okay. Let's do this. But, don't forget. If I don't agree then, you lose the match!’’

’’Aah, I get it.------okay’’

Shidou took a bow and urged Natsumi to the chair. He was like a servant waiting upon his princess.

Natsumi obeyed him and sat on the chair. When she did that, she was able to see Shidou's face closer. While Shidou's characteristics were left, it was finished up as a lovely girl. She could only say it was magnificent.

---Maybe, me too...........

’’...........n-no, no...............’’

*fuu* she swung her head as if to shake off the imagination floating across her head.-------no matter how superior Shidou's skills were, it's going to be useless anyway. If that is the case, then it's better not to have any expectations from the start. A half-hearted hope would only turn into deep despair.

When she thought that, Shidou shaped a smile with his mouth as if he guessed Natsumi's thoughts.

’’It's okay.’’


After Natsumi's cheeks turned red, she faced downwards.

’’.........errr, can I say something?’’

’’Aah, what is it? Say it.’’

’’.............It's disgusting to hear a male voice coming out with that face.’’


In depression, Shidou stuck back the bandage he stripped off just now back onto his throat.

’’We-well let's begin! First off, basics of the basics, face cleansing. If we neglect this then, it'll be bad when the makeup goes on!’’

Shidou's voice turned a little high pitched but he said that to regain his composure.

Natsumi followed Shidou's instructions and washed her face carefully before, putting a proper amount of lotion on her hands and smearing it everywhere on her face.

’’-----------Okay, Leave the rest to me.’’

After saying that, Shidou quickly applied a make-up base on Natsumi face, and started making a light foundation using a puff.

’’I'll say this first, Natsumi.’’

In the middle of working, Shidou talked to her.

’’I am not remaking your face into someone else with makeup. I am just pushing your back. I am just helping you to get out of your fanatical [I am useless] thoughts’’

’’.................Fu-fuun, you're only good at talking.’’

Even though Natsumi said that unhappily, Shidou was only smiling silently.

He then applied blushes on her cheeks and eye makeup------he then smeared lip gloss on her lips for last.

’’----------Okay, complete.’’

After Shidou made a small sigh, he put all the cosmetics back into his pouch and stood up on the spot.

’’Thi-this is complete? It's quite simple.’’

’’Like I said. There is no meaning if I kill off her original face. But-------this is enough. Look’’


When Natsumi turned around, Tohka and the girls were lined up there. And in the middle, she saw some-kind of giant board covered with a cloth. She immediately noticed. It was a giant dresser mirror. They were probably going to show her own appearance using that.

---and at that moment, Natsumi noticed the expressions of the girl standing beside the dresser mirror. Everyone was opening their eyes wide in surprise.

’’Wha-what, what is it............’’

After Natsumi said that in a shaken manner, Tohka made an exaggerated nod and grabbed the edge of the cloth that was covering the dresser mirror.

’’Umu! Just see!’’

She then pulled it off in one swing. The big dresser mirror was exposed.


She looked at the girl being shown on the mirror.

Natsumi lost her words in an instant.

Her hair which was bulging uncouthly was beautifully settled with the natural habits remaining and was dazzling from the bathing light. As if she was mistaken with her skin, her skin with bad complexion was glossy and was coupled together with cute clothes;her appearance makes her think of a young woman prided with grace.

But more importantly, the reason why Natsumi felt shock was because of the face.

On the face with more exposure from the combed down forelocks, it was certainly Natsumi. If she were to raise the difference then, it would be the faint orange-red pigment visible on the cheeks, her eyes with the outline a little clearer, and the pale sakura colored lips;she could only find small changes.

But, those single differences have turned the impression on her face lovely. In an instant, she doubted that it was a screen projecting another image instead of a mirror.


’’Aah, without a doubt, it is you Natsumi.’’

In a manner of looking at something unbelievable, Natsumi kept touching her cheeks while muttering dumbfounded, Shidou then placed his hand on her small shoulder.

As if to continue from that, the girls lined up started to raise their voice all at once.

’’Umu! You're pretty!’’

’’A-ra, isn't it good? How is it? Your impression.’’

’’Oh my, oh my.............hey Natsumi-san. Would you come to my house to play next time?’’

In a certain extent, she felt that only one person was dazzling in her eyes compared to the others but, Natsumi was standing rock still there dumbfounded and she was not that attentive.

’’------How is it? Natsumi. What's the result of the match?’’

After saying that, Shidou looked at Natsumi's eyes from the mirror.


Natsumi gasped unintentionally. Just now for an instant, Natsumi thought of the girl in the mirror------

---thought she was cute.


Natsumi's eyes spun round and round, and her legs trembled.

She should be happy. She should be in joy. She never would have thought that her appearance which she has hated a lot would change this much. But within that short time, such an unexpected event happened and she was unable to process the situation in her mind.

---What? What just happened? Who is this? M-me? Rather, what is with these people? Why would they do so much for me? Even though I did those bad things. Aren't they having problems with their head? Match?

What match? I will lose if I was cute, that kind of lose. Then it's a big defeat. Because, it's a little cute. Eh, but, this, eh................?

’’O-oi, Natsumi.............?’’


She does not understand anything anymore. After Natsumi scratched off her head, she raised a loud shout and started running towards the original room.

Part 3[edit]

In the end after that, Natsumi slipped on the [Salon Do Miku] floor and fell down showily, she then hit her head on the wall and lost consciousness. She probably was really surprised. The hair that was arranged got messy and the stitches on the clothes came apart.

Natsumi who was unconscious was made to change into a hospital gown now, and she was sleeping in the quarantine space again. Maybe she was seeing a bad dream because, she would squirm around on the bed sometimes and *un**un* groan painfully.


Outside the room while looking at the monitor, Kotori was placing her hand on her chin. Looking at that suffering expression, Shidou scratched his cheeks.

’’Maybe we forced her too much as expected. I didn't think she would hate it that much...............’’

’’, it seems that isn't the case.’’


When Shidou tilted his head, Reine who was sitting beside Kotori, showed the screen near her hands. There were several numbers displayed including Natsumi's face.

’’.................Mental state, mood, affection level...........all of it has left the worst situation. Of course, it's not in the level where sealing is possible’’

’’I-is that so?’’

’’.............aah. She, by all means does not hate her transformation. Well, it seems her discomposure and bewilderment was big’’


Hearing Reine's words, Shidou [I see] nodded. It's true that he felt that Natsumi's panic was not normal.

’’.......most likely, she is not used to being praised in her untransformed state. The thought of her not being bothered by others unless she transforms is the reason for calling herself useless. Deep inside her heart, despite wanting [Herself] to be accepted, she does not have the confidence for that.’’

Reine continued on while making one finger stand.

’’..........from the interview and analysis, it seems compared to the other spirits, we found out that the number of Natsumi's silent coming to this world is extremely high. She must be a spirit with a high curiosity. She is also acquainted with this world's knowledge too. It's not an admirable method but, since she was able to forge money using <Haniel>, it seems shopping wasn't a problem to her.’’

’’I see............but, if that was the case then, why doesn't she have confidence in herself like that?’’

’’, isn't that the reason why?’’

Reine groaned difficultly. After listening to that, Shidou recalled back Natsumi's words.

’’Now that I think back, she said no one would bother about her if [Natsumi] remains as [Natsumi] in this world’’

’’...........Mostly likely, those accumulated experience has probably distorted Natsumi's value view. Since she changed the appearance thoughtlessly at her will, it seems it has gradually started to make her deny her normal self..................the important factor is not about personal appearance but rather, it is whether we can make her think that someone would accept her.’’

’’That's suffering.’’

Kotori sighed while shrugging her shoulders.

’’But well, since there is an acknowledged desire then, there is a chance for the capture. We just have to make her have confidence in herself right? If we do that then, she would probably take in words honestly. It would probably soften her attitude too.’’

’’It'll be nice if it would go that well............’’

’’Nothing will start if we become pessimistic. Anyway, let's try this. We will immediately begin Natsumi's rehabilitation tomorrow.’’

’’Rehabilitation............huh. What are we going to do specifically?’’

When Shidou asked, Kotori *fuumu* groaned as if she was immersing in thoughts.

’’Well let's see...............anyway, we just have to make her believe that [She herself is cute] so, a direct evaluation to her from a 3rd person might be good.’’

’’No, but no matter how many times we called her cute.............’’

’’Like I said, a third person. Shidou and the spirits were related to Natsumi's [Transform] so it's going to be hard. Even though we planned to give her a legitimate evaluation, it will be meaningless if we make her think that we were looking at her through a tinted glass. --------I could prepare people from <Ratatoskr>but, I would hope for someone that has no relations with our motives if possible. Shidou, do you have anyone you can think of?’’

’’Eh? Let's see............’’

After Shidou scratched his cheeks, a face of one friend popped up, and [ah] he let out his voice.

’’No--, you said you will introduce me a girl? As expected a friend is something we should have!’’

Next day. In a manner of totally forgetting the turmoil that happened few days ago, he was hitting Shidou's back in a good mood.

Yes. Shidou's classmate Tonomachi Hiroto was the person he called over to work as Natsumi's rehabilitation. Within Shidou's friends, he is the best in going with the flow, and good with his words. Since he was a victim in the previous incident, he should be someone Natsumi was familiar with. Shidou thought this would soften the nervousness of meeting someone the first time even if it is a little.

’’It's not like I am introducing her to you but.............well, how should I put it, she is a little shy so. Will you be a talking partner with her?’’

’’Okay okay. Leave it to me, my best friend. I will definitely call you to the ceremony.’’


Tonomachi *don* hit his chest while nodding. Shidou felt that his idea about her has leaped too far before even meeting her yet..................Did I pick the wrong person?

’’By the way Itsuka, where is this place? You went through the trouble of blind folding me and riding a taxi. Honestly speaking, my heart was pumping hard thinking about where I was being taken................’’

Shidou and Tonomachi were currently in a space that looks like a small stylish hotel lounge. Naturally, since they can't let Natsumi to the ground, it was a corner of the underground facility that was remodeled. Customers and staffs could be seen but, all of them were <Ratatoskr>'s members.

’’W-well, don't worry much about it. I'll send you back too.’’

When Shidou said that while having sweat streaming down his cheeks, Tonomachi sharpen his eyes.

’’I think this is impossible but, that girl..’’


Looking at that Tonomachi's gaze who looks like he saw through everything, Shidou twitched his shoulders.

Tonomachi has no idea about Spirits but, he had probably gotten suspicious as expected. It's bad if he has a preconception of Natsumi before even meeting her. Shidou search through his thoughts to trick him. But,

’’Don't tell me, she is an Ojou-sama from a very rich family!?’’


Hearing Tonomachi saying that in an excited manner, Shidou replied back with a hysteric voice.

’’A sick young woman that is not often outdoors.................she got really excited from the school picture my friend (Itsuka) showed her day, she saw one boy inside the picture............aah, she wants to meet this gentleman............! The girl then mustered her courage and requested the friend to call that particular boy...........! It's about that right!?’’

’’O-ou, well............right about there I guess.’’

When I matched up the conversation with something random, Tonomachi [Kuuuuuuu] twisted his body as if he was overcome with emotions.

’’The youth of my world is here! Thank you Itsuka! I'll still be your friend even though I become a gold-digger.........!’’


Tonomachi shook his hands. It was somehow conscious but, it hurts.

But, Tonomachi did not notice Shidou's manner and looked around.

’’So? Where is my sweet heart?’’

’’Aah.............over there’’

After saying that, he pointed to a seat. Over there, wearing cute clothes and with beautiful make up-------a very unhappy Natsumi was sitting there.


Natsumi was sitting down on the chair while making a disappointed face.

When she woke up in the morning, Kotori suddenly came over and without any explanation, brought her to a place like this.

Where on earth is this? Since she was not used to appearing in front of people in her un-transformed state from <Haniel>, it just felt uncomfortable. Each time the surrounding customers had a friendly chat, she felt uneasy that they might be laughing at her.

And, at that moment.

’’Hello, nice to meet you!’’

An unusually happy voice echoed from the front and Natsumi twitched her body.

When she looked over, she found out there is one young man there. She has seen that face somewhere before.------yes, it was Shidou's classmate. His name should be------

’’..............To-Tonomachi Hiroto.............why are you here?’’

Without looking at him, when Natsumi said that suspiciously, Tonomachi opened his eyes wide in surprise.

’’Yo-you know my name!? Tohka-chan and Kaguya-chan won't remember it no matter how long passes!’’

After saying that, he choked in tears of gratitude. It somehow felt disgusting, so Natsumi pulled the chair a little.

But, Tonomachi did not notice Natsumi's actions and sat on the opposite seat with that high tension still present.

’’How do you do! What is your name called!?’’


’’Natsumi-chan! That is a wonderful name!’’


Natsumi looked at him suspiciously at Tonomachi's over-familiar words.

This man, just when she thought he appeared suddenly, just what is he saying? Maybe he was told to praise Natsumi in a request from Shidou or Kotori..............?

Yes. There is no mistake in that. If it is not that then, there is no way he would know Natsumi at the beginning of his speech.

’’No---, I didn't think you would be this cute. I seriously have to thank Itsuka.’’

During the time Natsumi was thinking about that, Tonomachi continued bouncing his words in fun. Natsumi snorted.

’’ much?’’


’’How much were you bribed for this request? It must be a good sum of money.’’

’’....................? What are you saying?’’

Tonomachi wrung his neck. He looked as if he was not hit with a bulls-eye.


Natsumi raised her eyebrows................what is going on? Normally, when a person got a bulls-eye, a response would appear from the body at the very least. And, there is no way Natsumi who's strong point is observation would not notice that.

Which means....................don't tell me this man called Natsumi cute seriously.


When she got conscious about that, Natsumi felt her heartbeat going up. No, impossible. It has to be an act. But, the current Natsumi was different from the Natsumi from yesterday. It was the Natsumi who has transformed thanks to Shidou and the girls. Just maybe---------

And, after Natsumi's eyes started to swim around, Tonomachi hit his forehead with his head while continuing his words.

’’No, I am seriously surprised. You really are cute. I got dizzy unintentionally seriously!’’


Natsumi suddenly stiffened her face, at Tonomachi's words.

I got dizzy.

To get dizzy.............Meaning: Close to collapsing from dizziness.

I am about to collapse from dizziness by looking at you.

I feel sick just by looking at you, ugly.

’’I knewwwwwwwww ittttttt!!’’

Natsumi raised a loud shout before flipping the table.

’’U-uwah!? Wha-whats wrong Natsumi-chan?!’’

’’Don't [what's wrong?] me! Screwing with me, screwing with me! Even I don't like to become this!’’

When she started rampaging while shouting, the staffs in the surroundings jumped in and restrained Natsumi.

’’Cal-calm down, miss............!’’

’’An-anyway, time to withdraw! We will take her like this!’’


’’What are you doing bastard! Let gooooooo!’’

Natsumi was then pulled deep into the lounge just like that.

Part 4[edit]

’’ good.’’

’’.............That was no good.’’

Around the time when Natsumi managed to calm down, Shidou and Kotori sighed at the same time.

Incidentally, Tonomachi has been sent to the upper ground already. After Natsumi's sudden rampage, he was feeling shaken the whole time but, [Like I thought, that is a serious sickness.............but, I will support Natsumi-chan..........!] he said those strange words but, it was unknown whether he was being rude or manly.

’’Well, what are we going to do?’’

’’I thought of the next way just in case.----Kannazuki.’’


Kotori clicked her fingers and a tall man who was standing-by from who knows where, *Shuta*! Appeared over there. He was Kotori's assistant and also <Fraxinus>vice commander, Kannazuki Kyouhei.

Looking at Kannazuki who he has seen many times already, Shidou unintentionally raised his eyebrows. However, that was only normal. Right now, he was wearing light brown sunglass while sporting a cardigan on his shoulders without putting his arms through the sleeves and instead had it tied in front of his chest;it was a fishy stereotypical producer style.

’’Kannazuki-san............? Why do you look like that?’’

’’Fufu----------this is my secret plan. Let's teach that negative kitten her own charm.’’

When Shidou said that, Kannazuki gave a thumb up in confidence.

’’............What is it this time?’’

It has been 3 hours since the event with Tonomachi. Having regained her composure, Natsumi was now left alone in a place that looks like a café.

It seems there is a place she was going to be dragged to later so, they want her to wait here for a while but....................where on earth was she going to be brought to? While looking downwards a little to avoid the sights from the surrounding, Natsumi thought that.

And-----at that moment.


When she thought she heard such a voice, a man with a suspicious appearance like wearing sunglasses and a cardigan on his shoulders approached Natsumi as if he was peeking at her face.

’’........uh, wha-what is it.........?’’

When Natsumi's face was oozing out wariness, the man *pechin* hit his forehead in an overreaction manner.

’’Ooootoo, I beg my pardon! I am always like this.’’

After saying that, the man took out a business card from his pocket and handed it to Natsumi.

’’................Ratatoskr production, team manager, Kannazuki Kyouhei.’’

’’Yes! It's a company that produces movies and television shows, or even modeling and talent managements.’’

The person called Kannazuki took an exaggerated bow and continued on in an excited manner.

’’This may be sudden but, miss! Do you have any interest in becoming a model!?’’


Natsumi opened her eyes wide at the words that were suddenly let out.

’’Mo-model...........wait, the ones that are on magazines............?’’

’’Yes! That model!’’

Kannazuki energetically nodded. But, Natsumi sighed coldly as response.

That's because it's modeling. Natsumi recalled the magazines and television shows she saw in this world. If Natsumi's memories are correct, being a model means being a girl with good style and slender tall body.

If it was Natsumi in her <Haniel>transformed state then it would be acceptable but, it was clear that it wouldn't be fit for Natsumi's current condition. This guy must be [that]. There was no mistake he was a corrupted contractor that would trick girls with sweet talking and obtain big sums of money by using the pretext of being a lesson specialist.

’’.........I'm sorry but, I hate jokes. Modeling is something that belongs to people with good style and the right height. Someone like me would not---------’’ In a manner of self-mockery, when Natsumi said that, Kannazuki *buun**buun* swung his head.

’’It is not a joke! Good style? Hah, what meaning is there with boobs only being big! No none at all! Rhetorically! A real beauty means an immature body like a bud in preparations of blooming under the presence of spring! Wonderful! The current you is really wonderful! You are the one with the nice body! Stay that way forever!’’


Towards Kannazuki who was approaching closer to her with his breathing getting wilder, Natsumi backed off in reflex. Just like Tonomachi from just now, he does not look like he was lying.

It was a little disgusting but, he might really think of her like that. Do humans that love people like Natsumi exist in this world...............? No, but calling the current Natsumi having a nice body is just........


Natsumi opened her eyes wide.

Natsumi has a nice body

Natsumi's body is good

Your looks are regretful but, there are no problems with the functions.

Seems like your organs would sell pretty well.


After Natsumi raised a screaming-like voice, she stood up from the chair.

’’Oya, what is wrong?’’

’’Do-don't come closer! I will not be fooled! I will not be fooled!’’

’’I am not fooling you! Alright, since we are at a place like this, if you like could you come to the office---’’

After saying that, Kannazuki grabbed Natsumi's arm.


After Natsumi raised a high-pitched shout, she gave Kannazuki a slap on his cheeks and ran deeper into the shop.

Part 5[edit]

’’............still no good.’’

’’............that was still no good.’’

After looking at the circumstances, Shidou and Kotori sighed once again.

’’No haha, I'm sorry.’’

Not looking any sorry, Kannazuki laughed. He had a distinctive autumn colored mark on his cheeks, and one of the sunglasses lens was broken.

’’Well, there is Kannazuki being too disgusting, but it seems Natsumi's negative thoughts are over our imagination. It might be better if we lower the level here.’’

’’Are you saying...........drop the level?’’

’’Let's see.............first off, rather than praising her, let's start by making her understand that people won't laugh if she has a normal conversation with someone.’’


’’Something like making her place an order in a fast food shop.’’

’’............The level sure dropped a lot.’’

Shidou made a wet smile while scratching his cheeks. Looking at the responses until now, it's true that that might be better for Natsumi. Getting her to gradually get used from there is probably more reliable.

’’Okay, let's move to the next set. We are going to bring Natsumi out from the room so, please prepare for that.’’

When Kotori said that, she made the rod of the chupa chups she was eating stand up.

’’, what is it this time?’’

Natsumi made a stern expression while glaring at Shidou and Kotori who were sitting opposite her.

Natsumi was brought to a place that is thought to be a hamburger shop. In the surroundings, there were students heading back home from school and parents bringing their children along;the place was lively.

’’Nothing, just a little hungry that's all.’’

’’Aah, yeah yeah. Just hungry.’’

Kotori said that nonchalantly while Shidou said it unnaturally. Natsumi looked at them in doubt.

’’So, I'm sorry but, I will hand you the money so please go make the orders. I'll leave the menu to you.’’

’’Ha...........hah!? why should I...........’’

’’It's alright. Here take this. Don't drop it okay?’’

’’He-hey wait..........!’’

After Natsumi was forced to hold the paper money, she headed to the order counter.


There were a lot of things bothering her, but she had no choice. Natsumi headed there and stood in front of the register while looking downwards. ’’Welcome! Have you decided what to order?’’

The girl with hair bangs standing at the register talked to her with a smile. Natsumi calmed her ringing heartbeat while talking with a shaky voice.


’’Okay! 3 hamburgers!’’

’’.............Ye-yes correct.’’

’’Would you like potatoes with that?’’


Even though the staff asked with a smile, Natsumi opened her eyes wide.

Would you like potatoes with that?

Potato in this case = Fried potatoes.

Getting fat is very easy with the combination of carbohydrates and oil.

That seedy-looking body might become a tad better if you add more flab won't it?

’’God. Damn. Ittttttttttt!’’


When Natsumi gave a cork screw punch at the register, the staff member twitched her body.

’’I know that without you telling meeeeeee! It's not like I love having this kind of bodyyyyy!’’

’’A wait..........mi-miss!?’’


’’Shidou! Restrain her!’’

Shidou's and Kotori's voice could be heard behind. After Natsumi was immediately caught, she was brought back to the original room.


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