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Date A Live - Volume 9 - Chapter 2


Chapter 7: Head HuntingBeckoning From The Darkness[edit]

Part 1[edit]

There is a heavy atmosphere being filled right now in the meeting room of the DEM industry Britain HQ.

It was as if the atmosphere really has the aspect of viscosity in it. Breathing would feel hard as if the lungs would be filled with a muddy feeling in just one breath. If someone was thrown into this room without knowing anything then, they might seriously get dyspepsia.

All of the males sitting in the row have several things in common. One of it was, all of them were British. Another one was, all of them are board directors in DEM industry. And one more-------all of them had gypsum bandages covering either their right arm or left arm.

’’.............Damn it!’’

A man at his prime and wearing glasses- board member Roger Murdoch was the one who broke the long silence.

’’Everyone, is it alright to leave it like this!? Are you planning to keep quiet even though we are done in like this!?’’

He shouted in detest and showed his right arm which was being hoisted from his neck just like everyone else.

---The arm which was cut off during the board meeting a few days ago.

Yes. All of the board directors here right now pushed a dismal request on the Managing director of DEM industry a few days back and-------- it overturned with physical violence used.

Their lobbed off arm was already connected back beautifully using the medical Realizer and they are able to move their fingers as they like. However, the scenery of their arm disappearing in an instant still remained in their minds and even now;none of them has removed their gypsum yet. ’’.............Even if you say that’’

A man with a beard------Simpson, looked towards Murdoch. His sights looked slightly scared------ and it's filled with criticism towards Murdoch. Nonetheless, this was not limited to this man. Although everyone in the meeting did not voice it out, it was not hard to imagine all of them hold the same feeling.

But that was only natural. In the first place--------Murdoch was the one who drew the plan for the request of Westcott's dismissal.

Westcott invented the revolutionary machine known as Realizer and build up the company known as DEM industry, his achievements are immeasurable. But, to the board directors of DEM Company now, his arrogant existence which swings his absolute authority without thinking about external influences was just a nuisance.

At that time, outrageous news about Westcott causing deplorable events in Japan came over.

Not only did he cause the destruction of the DEM's japan branch 1st and 2nd office building and connected buildings, he also caused the deaths and injuries of several Wizards. It was a good opportunity to question his responsibilities.

But-----The result was this.

Simpson ooze out a given up expression while swinging his head.

’’You should have renewed your thoughts from this matter. He is a monster. He is different from us. His thoughts, value system, and his authority to make that reality..............Everything. We were the foolish one for looking at a dream even if it was for an instant’’

Murdoch grasped his left hand while looking back at Simpson.

’’..................but even so. I am planning to have him receive the appropriate punishment’’

The board directors made a small sigh at Murdoch's words. Most likely, it could be taken as a brave front from Murdoch.

’’Punishment........huh. What are you planning to do?’’

Simpson said that while shrugging his shoulders. However he did not say it with a front or in an act of courage. He shook his throat after glaring at the board directors lined up.

’’Westcott MD right now is in Japan if I am correct. It seems he is at a place where Spirits frequently appears at an extremely high rate’’

’’Is there a problem with that?’’

’’This is worrying.-----it would be a big problem if he is by any chance, dragged into a space quake or some kind of accident’’


The board directors gasped at the words with the deep meaning and strong accent.

’’Murdoch, don't tell me you..............’’

Simpson said that in a terrified manner.

Not only him, but everyone in the spot probably understood.

---Murdoch was suggesting the assassination of Westcott.


After a while, silence flowed into the meeting room. Everyone was swimming their sights at other board directors to await their responses.

Nonetheless, it was easy to imagine his plan of [Taking away someone's life] was not something he was hesitant about. If he did not have that kind of admirable emotions then, he would not be sitting in the seats of DEM company board directors.

Fear was simply the only thing they were worried about.------the thing is, by the occasion the assassination has failed, they were scared that Westcott's might take revenge on them.

But. After some time, one of the board directors raised his voice.

’’..............that's right. It is worrying. Very worrying’’

Those unnatural words could only mean he agrees with Murdoch's plan.

’’.............Aah, it is just as you say’’

One person after another then states words of worry for Westcott-----and soon, everyone showed approval to Murdoch's plan.

Murdoch raised the side of his lips. It was just as he aimed.

Normally, there might be board directors that won't ride on Murdoch's plan. But, the recent experience of having their arm chopped of during the previous board meeting has changed their thoughts.

Which means-------the fear of them having to continue accompanying the monster known as Westcott from now on, has won against the fear of opposing against him.

However, even though he managed to get the consensuses of everyone, there were still tons of problems. Simpson made a difficult face.

’’...........but, even if that is the case, do you have a way?’’

That question was normal. For the DEM Company, in order to fix a problem which is expected to be unable to be concluded with peaceful means then, the ones that would execute that on that occasion would be none other than the wizards affiliated with the 2nd executive team even though this method is rarely used.

’’The wizards in the 2nd executive team are all Westcott's sympathizers. Mostly likely, no matter how much bait we scatter out, none of them would betray him’’

Towards Simpson's words, a white hair board member nodded.

’’And even if we managed to get their cooperation..............she is always beside Westcott’’

She. Just with that simple word, all of the board directors gulped.

Ellen M Mathers. She is Westcott's trusted retainer and also the culprit who chopped of Murdoch and the group's arm off.

Inside the DEM-------no, out of all the humans, she is probably prided as the strongest wizard. As long as she is beside Westcott, But, even though they want to attack Westcott, they could not forget about her existence. Murdoch distorted his lips.

’’-----do you all know of the artificial DEM produced satellites, currently on the satellite orbit?’’


Simpson raised his eyebrows doubtfully. It was as if he was trying to say, what are you saying all of a sudden.

However, Murdoch did not stop to bother and continued on.

’’Accurately speaking, there are 23 units. And sooner or late, 8 of them will finish its mission and is in a condition of waiting to be disposed of’’

’’Wait for a moment. I can't see what you are saying. how is that related to this?’’

The board directors made confused expressions on their face. It seems there is still no one that understood him even though he said that much. Murdoch made a fearless smile.

’’--------We drop the artificial satellite <DSA-IV>which is planned for disposal onto Tenguu city’’


The board directors stiffened their faces in an instant.

But, Simpson swung his head after a while.

’’Just when I was thinking what you were going to say................are you seriously thinking that is possible? The earth has an atmosphere you know. Something like an artificial satellite would just burn off before even reaching the ground. Even if there are wreck parts left, there is no way you can drop it accurately at the spot Westcott DM is located’’

’’------Is that really the case’’


’’Let me explain the plan. First off-----’’

Simpson dubiously raised his eyebrows. Murdoch *nii* made a grin while continuing.

When he did that, the color of the board member faces changed colors in a blink of an eye. The moment they started hearing Murdoch's explanation, they probably noticed this plan was not a dream story.

’’----That is all. Any questions?’’

Murdoch said that, and one of the board directors raised his voice while having sweat flowing down his face.

’’................I see, it's true this might be possible if we do this. But, won't this method cause an enormous damage to Tenguu city’’

’’That's right! it's true that this might get rid of Westcott but, the damage is too big! Even if this succeeds, how are you going to explain it to the world!’’

A bald man raged his voice in agreement. But, that response was within expectations. Murdoch made a leisure nod while replying.

’’On an applicable time, we will dispatch one ship in Tenguu city's sky and have it constantly deploy its territory;we will use it to conceal the existence of the artificial satellite from the observation device on the land. And after that, we will have the spacequake alarm ring, and have the surrounding citizens evacuate. Well of course, I don't know how long a shelter made for a spacequake would withstand that’’


’’Oh what a tragedy. The Tokyo metropolitan Tenguu city was attacked by a grand spacequake again after 30 years. What's more, it is a grand disaster strong enough to blast off the shelter’’

He continued on as if he was in a drama

’’On top of that tragedy, our firm's MD was there. Aah, how heartbreaking. Losing a genius like him is a very big loss to DEM. But, we cannot keep grieving over it. Let's succeed his dying wish and devote ourselves in advancing DEM Company to a higher growth’’

After Murdoch ended his speech by saying that, the faces of the board directors turned pale and looked at Murdoch.

But---------no matter how long it took, there was no one who insisted it was a very inhuman method.

Part 2[edit]


1st November. Shidou was tired.

Although he managed to avoid getting reported, Natsumi's harassment continued persistently after that.

On one occasion when he went out shopping, right in the middle of the shopping district, Shidou's attire was transformed into a youthful leather jacket and briefs making him look like a pervert, the nearby pedestrians would report to the police when they saw young girls turning fully naked around Shidou and by the time he returned home, his house was turned into a se* shop decorated with pink neon lights this time. If he did not have <Ratatoskr>'s support, he would not have the slightest idea on how many times he would be obliterated by society.

’’Shidou, you don't look energetic, are you okay?’’

Tohka then, peeked at Shidou's face uneasily. When he looked carefully, Tohka wasn't the only one, Yoshino, the Yamai sisters, Miku and also Kotori hiding behind the shadows of the pillar too were sending their sights at Shidou.

Shidou swung his head to avoid making everyone worry before sighing.--------even though the one having the hardest time were Tohka and the group who has their body transformed, Shidou would be losing face if he was the one getting tired out.

’’Aah, I am okay. Sorry everyone’’

’’Umu...........I see! It's okay if you are alright’’

When Shidou said that, Tohka made a satisfied smile in a relieved manner. He somewhat understood the feeling of a father who has a daughter. *pon* *pon* she nodded her head.

It's true that Natsumi's harassment becomes even worse as day's passes but, at another perspective, this is a chance.

At the very least, during the time Natsumi was transforming Shidou's clothes and surroundings, she would have to be within <Haniel>'s effective range. Of course, pin pointing where she is was difficult since she can transform into various objects but thanks to that, they could finally see a pattern from analyzing the reiha readings which was occurring these past few days. Right now, the <Ratatoskr>analyst squad starting with Reine was currently placing a net around the Itsuka house as its center. It seems they would be able to catch Natsumi soon.

Rather, the thing that Shidou should be cautiously prioritizing himself with was;Natsumi getting satisfied or maybe bored from harassing Shidou and concealing herself somewhere else.

Like that---------right at that moment.


Shidou saw a glitter from outside the window and gasped.

It was the light he saw several times for the past few days.---------it was the sign of <Haniel>'s transforming ability activating.

In the next instant, the Itsuka house interior inside Shidou's view and Tohka and the groups figure;every one of them started glowing and their appearance changed.

And then after a few seconds.


After looking at everyone's appearance changing completely different from a few seconds ago, Shidou opened his eyes wide astonished.

That's because, the clothes on the small girls in front of him, has turned into leotards that looked like bunny girls with net tights.

Looking carefully, the shape of the ears on their head and of the tails attached onto the leotard's butt. Tohka was dog, Kotori was cat, Yoshino was rabbit, Yamai sisters were monkey, and Miku a cow.

Even under normal circumstances those were lascivious attires and adding on to that, their bodies were currently transformed into those of a child. Somehow, the stinking smell of a crime floating in the air was amazing.

What's more, that was not all.

The familiar living room of the Itsuka house was transformed from the power of <Haniel>into a giant cage like the ones in a zoo, surrounding the girls. Incidentally, Shidou has a gorgeous attire on which often appears in manga, and he was holding a leather whip in his hand.

Naturally, the house walls were removed and they were being exposed to the neighborhood. On top of the cage, a sign board [A zoo belonging only to me] was courteously hanged.

He now looks like an inexcusable pervert.

’’Wha-what is this!’’


The girls noticed their appearance and their face turned red immediately. Kaguya was the only one [Wait, why am I a monkey?!] roaring unsatisfied. Maybe they were surprised by the sudden light, people from the neighborhood looked towards the [A zoo belongings only to me] and started gossiping about something and was about to call the 110 report number but, Shidou pretended to not look at them and placed his hands on the Incam equipped on his ear.


’’.......Aah, I know.-----we captured it. It's Natsumi's reading’’

’’! Really!? Where is she now!?’’

’’She is around 1 kilometer away from the place you are at-------in a building under construction in the town area.’’

’’1 kilometer away............she done this from that far.’’

Shidou faced towards the window (The spot which it used to be at) he saw the light from and muttered.


Probably guessing what kind of reply would come from looking at Shidou's reaction, Kotori gave a serious look at Shidou while nodding.

’’aah........let's go, everyone!’’

Shidou made a big tilt forward with his head as if to reply that.

...............somehow looking from the outset, he felt that this scenery was very surreal but, Shidou tried his best to not bother about that.

Part 3[edit]


From far away, Natsumi was holding her stomach and rolling around in laughter after seeing Shidou in panic.

She was a beauty around mid twenties and was wearing an Astral Dress with the look of a witch. She has a small face and slender limbs. She was freely twisting that proportion which would make models run away barefooted while having tears at the edge of her eyes and echoing her voice. Natsumi was on top of a half-constructed building 1 kilometer away from the Itsuka house. She was enjoying peeking at Shidou's reactions from a giant telescope she transformed from a part of a steel frame.

’’Ah----, so cute. Take that. I won't forgive you all for living happily after embarrassing me like that’’

After saying that, Natsumi sharpened her sights.

Yes. A few days back, Natsumi's unrevealed secret was exposed by that boy, Itsuka Shidou.

She snorted and set the broom type angel------<Haniel>in her hands, upside down.

’’Well then..................I wonder how and what should I transform next’’

After Natsumi distorted her lips, she made a fearless smile. Inside her head, there were many types of harassment ideas popping out.

She would prefer for something that would wear Shidou's mental strength down as much as possible, and completely destroy Shidou's social status. She will make him until he is unable to walk under the sun any more. It might be interesting to scatter Shidou's shirt when he is passing by the police box, giving him a criminal record of obscene exhibition. No, rather why not just-------

That moment, while she was thinking such things and making a very nasty looking face, Natsumi unexpectedly brought her eyebrows closer and lifted her face.

’’.......................! Something is closing in.................?’’

She thought she was mistaken for an instant at first but---------it's true that, there was a presence of something getting closer to Natsumi's direction.

’’Don't tell me, Shidou-kun found me...............?’’

Natsumi clicked her tongue. It was not something impossible. She somewhat has an idea of there being a big organization behind Shidou. Even though if Shidou did not notice her, she could not deny the possibility of a web placed around that area.

’’I'm sorry but, I can't have myself get caught here’’

Natsumi showed her tongue towards the pursuer which has yet shown itself and straddled onto <Haniel>.

’’Fufufufu, See ya’’

*Ton* the same time she kicked the ground, Natsumi's body floated on the air together with <Haniel>. Natsumi then looked far away before, lowering her stance on the broom and flying towards the sky in high-speed.

The surrounding scenery was sucked backwards dizzily. A feeling like her body turning sharp like a drill was controlling her body.

Even though they knew Natsumi's position, it would be meaningless unless there is a human that can catch up to her. Natsumi imagined Shidou's comrade's flustered figures and *kusu**kusu* laughed.

’’--------well, I guess this place is good’’

Who knows how long has passed after she took flight. Just for pre-cautions, Natsumi flew here and there before landing on an inhabited mountain side.

However, now that there are nets placed around Shidou, it might be a good idea to change her methods a little from now on. Nonetheless, there are a lot of methods. Instead of transforming the objects around Shidou's surrounding, Natsumi would transform herself and play pranks on Shidou. For example, she would transform into a girl who has her clothes forcefully ripped apart and say [Tha-that person did it............!], it would be a one-shot out for Shidou.

’’Ahaha, but, I won't let it end like this. I'll take my time slowly------’’

Thus. The moment she said that, Natsumi felt a pressure directly grabbing her heart and jumped backwards.

In the next instant, the place Natsumi was standing at was blasted with light and made a deep hole on the ground.

There was no mistake, that attack was aimed at Natsumi.


---I was tailed? With that speed!? Natsumi's face was covered with astonishment-------she however, made a fearless smile. She does not have the courtesy to purposely show her discomposure to the opponent.

’’............What is this, for Shidou-kun's comrades, that was one stimulating greeting’’

She said that and snorted while looking up-----towards the origin of that attack.

When she did that, a floating shadow was looking at Natsumi with a cold gaze while slowly landing to the ground.

It was a girl wearing a silver armor around her body. She has memorable pale blonde hair, and blue eyes. Her face was well-featured like a doll but, it was not a fleeting atmosphere of a lovely lady floating from her body but rather an atmosphere of a strong warrior.

’’Too bad, I am not Itsuka Shidou's comrade’’

’’Fuun............? Is that so. Then the AST? Well, whatever works. Something you need from me?’’

’’Something you know’’

After Natsumi said that, the girl pulled out a giant sword equipped on her back while replying.

’’-----<Witch>. I will hunt you’’

After Ellen announced that, the opposing Spirit <Witch>opened her eyes wide for an instant, before immediately laughing.

’’Hee? Well, I think it's useless.------more importantly, I don't really like that <Witch>name. Will you call me Natsumi properly?’’

<Witch>------Natsumi shrugged her shoulders while saying that. Judging from that expression and gesture, it could be perceived that she isn't really that cautious of Ellen. She might have done that to hide her confusion or maybe she really thought it was impossible for her to lose.-------if it was the latter, then Ellen was really looked down upon. Ellen twitched her eyebrows unpleasantly.

’’I will know whether it's useless or not once I try’’


Natsumi pointed the broom she was holding towards Ellen after *Nii* she raised the side of her lips. It was just as recorded in the documents. <Haniel>. An Angel that holds the power to freely change the shape of its target.

It's true that it is an annoying power but------it cannot compare to Ellen. As if to oppose that, Ellen made a stance with the high-output laser blade <Caledfwlch>she was holding in her right hand.

Ellen and Natsumi's sights blended.

---and, in the timing as if to match with that, a few number of wizards landed behind Ellen. It was the group of DEM wizards that were chasing Natsumi with <Witch>. It seems, they finally have caught up to Natsumi and Ellen.

No, they came following Ellen's signal, that way of saying it is much more appropriate. If they were the only ones chasing Natsumi, then they would probably without mistake lose her.

’’You all are late’’

After Ellen said that while sending her sights towards Natsumi, the wizards *hii* gasps could be heard.

’’I-I am very sorry, Ellen-sama..........!’’

’’But, we can't keep up with that speed..............’’

Ellen made a small sigh from that predicted reply.

To her, the DEM wizards are supposed to be much more experienced compared to many wizards. But even if that is the case, they are like this in reality.

After experiencing the mobilization in a group in reality, Ellen fully realize the loss of Takamiya Mana and Jessica Bayley was very big.

’’..............I see, now I get what Ike meant’’

She said that to herself while patting the large tear scar on her stomach with her left hand. Even though that person could not compare to Ellen in a stand-alone, at the minimum level there is only one person that is fit to work as Ellen's support and it would probably change the success ration of battle plans.

’’Executive chief, did you say something............?’’

’’..................nothing. Please focus on the battle’’

’’! Haaaa.........!’’

After Ellen said that, the wizards pulled out their weapons they are pleased with at once and directed their sharp sights towards Natsumi.

After looking at that manner, Natsumi however, shrug her shoulders without fear.

’’Eeh? Don't tell me the origin of that confidence is from that? Did you think you will win if you come at me alone in numbers?’’

Natsumi said that to intimidate them. Ellen twitched her cheeks.

’’No. Do not worry. I will not disappoint you’’

’’Aah, I see. Well, I don't really care but------neh!’’

In an instant-----Natsumi sung the <Haniel>she was hanging.

At the same time matching to that action, a gush of wind pressure and reiryoku light attacked Ellen and the wizards lined up behind her.


However, after Ellen made a small snort while kicking the ground, she manipulated the territory and flew up to the sky. The Wizards behind too, separated themselves to avoid Natsumi's attack.

’’Why you........!’’

The scattered wizards fired several micro missiles at Natsumi . The cylinder filled with killing intent covered with generated Maryoku[9B 1], left white traces in the sky and approached Natsumi.


But, even though when the rain of missiles with huge power in it was exposed, Natsumi's fearless smile did not disappear. *ton* she hit the ground with the tip of the broom and raised her voice towards the approaching missiles.


When she did that, <Haniel>'s tip--------the part that looks like a broom was radially opened up and the mirror fixed on it released a very strong light.


They immediately found out that it wasn't a cunning blind. The moment the missiles approaching Natsumi touched the light released from <Haniels>mirror, they were transformed to countless sweets like candy and chocolate.


At the same time with the Wizards' dismay, the candy landed nearby and *pon*! Shoot off with a comical sound produced. A sweet fragrant was floating around.

’’Oh my oh my, presenting candy to me? I am so happy’’

Natsumi *kusu**kusu* giggled before once again hanging <Haniel>.

’’Well, I have to repay you all back.------<Haniel>!’’

After Natsumi shouted, <Haniel>once again shined and a dazzling light covered the area.


Ellen slightly frowned her eyebrows from the weird feeling attacking her body. It's not like she was bending down but, she felt her sights become a little lower.

At the same time, screams were coming from left and right from the wizards deployed in the area.


’’Wha-what is this..........!’’

She looked over there by only moving her eyeballs. She confirmed several unfamiliar children there.

No-----wrong. When Ellen looked carefully, she found out all those children had the characteristics of her subordinates. Most likely, they were changed into a child appearance from <Haniel>'s ability.

Ellen lowered her sights towards her right hand holding the laser blade.------it was only normal but, rather than the hand inside Ellen's memory, she confirmed a much more smaller palm there. Just like the other wizards, Ellen was also turned small. It seems the wiring suits also became smaller with her but, the CR-unit size remained the same and because of that, it was oddly unbalanced.

’’Ahahahahahaha! That is more cute right?’’

Natsumi made an exaggerated laugh by hugging her stomach while laughing.

’’The match is still not over.’’

’’Heee? What can you do with that small form? How about going back home and get spoiled by your mother quietly. Fufufufufu’’


Ellen quietly narrowed her eyes. She made an order in her mind and manipulated the Territory. She scanned her own body and confirmed her condition. Muscle mass, bone density, metabolism function, nervous system, various more, she grasped all that in an instant. I see, it's true that all my abilities has lowered. Maybe because the muscle strength to move her tongue has regressed too, even her pronunciation was obstructed. It was a very annoying ability.


’’--------this is enough. In order to kill you.’’

After saying that without a lisping tone, Ellen re-gripped <Caledfwlch>'s handle and kicked the sky. She then closed in at Natsumi within an instant.


With her guard lowered, Natsumi let out a dumbfounded voice from Ellen's sudden attack and opened her eyes wide.

Ellen did not care and swung the <Caledfwlch>.

’’Eh................, Eh...............?’’

Natsumi opened her eyes wide in shock while squeezing out that voice from her throat.

---just now, she did not know what has happened.

Natsumi sealed her opponent's power with <Haniel>as usual.

But, within one of them, came one person who came swinging her blade at Natsumi without caring about her.

’’Eh, Ah..............’’

Her head was in chaos from the situation which has never happened before.

Yes. The moment the girl called Ellen brandished the light sword, a *kaaaa* hot feeling passed through her chest to her stomach-------and Natsumi fell backwards.

Inside her hazy sights, Natsumi slowly placed her hands on the part of her stomach which was hit-----and a scary amount of blood was sticking on to the palm of her hand.


The moment Natsumi saw that, an extreme pain which has not still appeared somewhere in her feeling of reality, ran through her body.

---It hurts. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts ........................!!


Natsumi screamed from the extreme pain that she has never felt before until now. It felt like a sharp thorn piercing into her body. Inside her hazy consciousness. Inside her cloudy view. However, the repeatedly attacking furious stimulation did not allow her to pass out. The cycle of hell kept continuing endlessly.

’’No-way.........wha, what is this..........’’

The attack Ellen made by swinging her light sword has caused a deep cut on Natsumi's body together with her Astral Dress. Even though she confirmed that reality in her brain, Natsumi still remained not believing on what had happened.

However, reality will not change whether Natsumi accepts it or not. Fallen down, within Natsumi's view, Ellen holding the light sword was being shown in it.

’’-------I see, my power seems to have lowered as expected. To think I would miss the fatal spots at this close distance’’

And the moment she said that, Ellen's body gave out a pale glow--------and turned back into her teenage adult years.

Most likely, since Natsumi has gotten damaged, the target with the lowest priorities will have its transformation reverted. In reality, Natsumi's body transformation was still preserved.

’’Oh, I turned back to normal’’

Ellen opened her left hand and closed it again to confirm her body feeling before, dropping her sights onto Natsumi again.

’’Well then, what should I do. Personally I want to capture you alive but, killing you and taking out your Saphira crystal might be good too’’

Ellen said that with an indifference in it. Natsumi squeezed her voice out from her throat desperately.

’’............., me......., I don't.....want to.....die-----..........’’

’’I don't mind that but, I think that is a choice that will increase your pain even more’’

At the same time Ellen said that, the other wizards who has their transformation reverted just like Ellen, grouped together.

’’Executive chief. What should we do?’’

’’Let's bring her back alive. I think she would not go on a rampage with that injury but-----’’

Ellen once again re-gripped the handle of the sword while saying that.

’’It seems she has an annoying ability so, let's cut off her limbs just in case’’


After Natsumi gasped, she moved her hands and legs as if to get away from Ellen. But, she can't put in any strength like she wants.

When she was doing that, Ellen slowly raised her sword and-------

’’It will end soon. Please do not die mid-way’’

Ellen said that in an unconcerned manner and swung down her sword.


She closed her eyes in reflex and grinded her teeth to withstand the pain that was going to immediately attack her.

Right hand? Left hand? Right leg? Or maybe the left leg.........? The pain has not come yet. Even though she opened her eyes to confirm it, she was even scared to move her fingers. But-----


Natsumi heard Ellen's slightly shocked voice and she opened her eyes timidly.


She then let out a dumbfounded voice from the unexpected scenery.

There was a small girl's back right in front of her. The girl wearing a pale glowing Astral dress, was holding a giant sword which was as big as her, and was protecting Natsumi from Ellen's attack.

She immediately found out she was familiar with that girls appearance.------Yatogami Tohka. She was the girl which was turned into a child because of Natsumi.


Tohka's giant sword swung pass together with a spirited shout. When she did that, Ellen did not resist against that but rather, she jumped backwards to take distance.

Tohka did not lower her guard and glared at Ellen while raising her voice.

’’Are you alright!?’’

’’Wh-why are’’

When Natsumi said that, there were more changes happening in the surroundings as if to match up with her action.

At the same time she heard a melody of valor, the surrounding temperature suddenly dropped and the water in the atmosphere started freezing while producing a crackling sound. The trees and ground nearby and also on the invisible wall around wizards, had thin frost starting to form on them.


’’The Territory is freezing ............!?’’

’’This is getting dangerous! After releasing the Territory, reactivate it and escape to the sky!’’

The wizards released their Territory for an instant because it was starting to get frozen and was about to reactivate it immediately.

’’Kukuku! That is a good strategy! Well, that would be the normal choice in normal situation!’’

’’Bad luck. However, that is only a bad move now that we have arrived’’

An instant faster than the Wizard reactivating their Territory. Those voices could be heard and a storm occurred nearby, causing the bodies of the Wizards with their defense lost to be easily blown away.


’’Kukakaka! Slow! Too slow!’’

’’Scorn. How pitiful’’

While producing a pleasant laugh and a flat tone voice, the identical twins landed to the ground. They were the Yamai sisters. These girls were also girls that were turned into children because of Natsumi's ability.


Natsumi's head was now being controlled in a different kind of bewilderment compared to just now.

I don't get it. Why---------the girls who has suffered several types of damages because of Natsumi was now trying to save her.


However Natsumi's thoughts were interrupted the instant she was suddenly called out.

Itsuka Shidou appeared behind her and bends his knees beside Natsumi.

’’The blood............! Natsumi! Are you okay!’’


---Why are you too.

She did not say it to the end. Maybe it was because she lost too much blood, she could not put any strength into her body.

’’Kuh............, I will have you treated soon..............!’’

’’------Did you think I would let you?’’

Ellen was the one who interrupted Shidou's words. She was the only one in the wizards that was not blown away from the Yamai sisters wind and still had her Territory preserved. It seems she was able to prevent herself from freezing by increasing her Maryoku density.

’’<Princess>, <Berserk>, this cold air belongs to <Hermit>I see. And this song------It looks like <diva>is hiding somewhere. I see, although it might be a surprise attack, it seems this is the reason why the powered down <Princess>was able to fight against me.’’

Ellen narrowed her eyes while saying that.

’’There are 6 Spirits, 5 are in a child state, and the remaining one is heavily injured..............I was told to look around the situation by Issac but, it would be a different story if it was this much of a good opportunity.’’

Ellen prepared her sword. Shidou opened his mouth while glaring back at her with a sight filled with nervousness.

’’ it really okay, Ellen-san. Your comrades are out of the count. You are outnumbered.’’

’’Not need to worry about me. I did not count them in the numbers in the first place anyway.’’

Sweat could be seen flowing down Shidou's cheeks from Ellen's words.

Actually, from Natsumi's perspective, Ellen's superiority was obvious. No matter if Shidou has more numbers than her, Ellen's power was very abnormal.

However, after Shidou licked his lips with his tongue, he shook his throat by shouting.

’’I see. I'll use the great numbers without your concern then.-------Miku!’’

As if to respond to Shidou's words, the melody tune echoing in the surroundings changed.

The song before was like a marching song to give encouragement to the body and the song this time was elegant and calming;this song had a mysterious charm to it as if a musical note was going into the heart.

’’Whatever you do is useless. Something like that won't work on me-------’’

’’Ahh, it's probably ineffective. To you that is’’

’’What did you say?’’

The moment Ellen raised her eyebrows in doubt, the wizards that were blown away to the surroundings all woke up in a weird posture as if they were puppets, and started to group around Ellen.


She clicked her tongue in detest and stepped firmly with one of her legs. When she did that, the invisible wall activated around Ellen expanded and stopped the wizards who were approaching her like a zombie.

But, it seems Shidou had that in his prediction and placed his hands on his ear.

’’----------now! Kotori! I'm counting on you for the retrieval!’’

The instant Shidou said that, Natsumi felt an odd floating feeling wrapping around her body.


’’Your wound might hurt but, please bear it.............!’’


While hearing Shidou's voice, Natsumi felt a pull on her upper body and the feeling of her transformed body turning back to normal-----she then lost consciousness like that.

Part 4[edit]


Inside her own house living room. Origami raised her eyebrows from the sudden odd feeling attacking her body.

When she thought her body started giving out a pale light out without any notice, her height was slowly but certainly getting taller and she return to her previous appearance, which was before she was turned into a child by the Spirit-Natsumi.

’’This is.............’’

To confirm her body senses, she tried gripping her hands and turned her shoulders around. It was very abnormal but it does not look abnormal. It seems she really turned back to normal.

’’.......what happened?’’

What could have happened? Did Natsumi get bored of playing this game? Or maybe Shidou has found Natsumi and succeeded in persuading her, or the AST was successful in exterminating Natsumi-------she thought up several reasons but, no matter which one it is, this is no mistake this was good news. Origami stood up from the spot.


Maybe it was the influence of her body turning back suddenly, just like the dizziness from standing up too fast, her head was getting giddy. She placed her hands on the table and supported her body.

But, that giddiness settled down after a few seconds. She lightly pressed her head while standing up again.

First off was to confirm all the facts. It was essential for her to head over to Shidou and hear about what has happened. Also, it was probably better to confirm if the Spirits has turned back to normal starting with Yatogami Tohka. If they remained as children then, there would be no nuisance entering Origami and Shidou's love nest.

Also, it might be a good idea to show up at the AST Tenguu garrison. Right now, since Origami was currently waiting for her punishment for defying her previous orders, she cannot join in missions but, she could hear the team's situation from her colleague Mikie and the mechanic Mildred. After establishing a plan for now, she pulled the collar of the shirt she was wearing. Since her body turned back to normal while she was wearing clothes meant for children, the size did not match her.

She headed to her room and chose random clothes from her closet. Origami quickly finished changing and headed to the front entrance. But--------------Origami twitched her eyebrows at that moment.

The reason was simple. Outside the front entrance, she felt someone's presence.

Origami's mansion has an auto lock installed at its entrance and unless the residence give out the permission, the person is unable to enter the mansion. It was hard to think it was home delivery service or sudden sales. Which means-----


After Origami hid her body behind the wall without saying anything, she payed attention to the front entrance while pulling out a small automatic gun from her leg holster.

Not long after she did that, *kachari* a sound like that was produced and the door was thrown open, several men then entered the room. But, at that moment, the wire installed at the door was pulled and the tear gas sprayed at the group of men vigorously.



The intruders would never have guessed that a normal mansion would have intruder prevention traps set up. The men raised dismay voices.

Origami brought her eyebrows slightly closer. There were more people than expected. Even if she was to fight them, winning against them in certainty was doubtful.

After making that decision in an instant, Origami crossed the room and exited from the window.

Thinking that this might happen, she installed (Done secretly from the landlord) a simple scaffold on the mansion wall.

’’She escaped using the window!’’

’’Chase her!’’

The voices from the group of men could be heard from above. She can't afford to stay here any longer. Origami took out the shoes she hid in the mansion's premise before quickly putting it on and running towards the city.

’’They are...............’’

Who could they be? While escaping, Origami muttered softly and tried searching for the reason in her head. But, she could not think of any violent visitors that would suddenly intrude her house.

Thus, after she thought of that, the cell phone in her pocket started to vibrate.

After searching for her cell phone in her pocket with her hand and taking it out while paying attention to not drop her speed, she found out the name [Kusakabe Ryouko] was being displayed on the screen. It was the name of the AST captain Origami was affiliated with.

She then pressed the call button and placed the cell phone up to her ear, and could hear a familiar voice immediately.

’’Hello are you there, Origami?’’


When Origami answered her while running, Ryouko gasped as if she guessed Origami's situation.

’’Origami, don't tell me you are running right now?’’

’’.................... How do you know that?’’

When Origami asked shortly, Ryouko kept quiet for a while before continuing her words with difficulties.

’’Calm down and listen to me.-----Your disciplinary punishment has been decided’’


Origami gasped at Ryouko's gloomy words.

But, Origami understood everything from that one sentence. The men that intruded just now, were agents dispatched to capture Origami. She heard that problematic targets will be captured so that they will not resist before the punishment could be told.

Last month Origami used the prohibited annihilation armor <White Licorice>to protect Shidou, and attacked their friendly troops, the DEM team. Until that matter is fixed, she was prohibited to join in any AST missions.

But that matter has the basis of the DEM going overboard and there are some in the upper-ranks that gave out opinions of sympathy for Origami. Then why would------

As if she guessed Origami's thoughts, Ryouko continued her words.

’’...............This matter was decided to be scrapped away as a special case because of many opinions from a great number of people. But, now you are going to be dealt with a punishment.-------there is no mistake there is some kind of power moving’’



Ryouko did not answer-------that silence has confirmed it.

’’-------anyways. I am going to try negotiating with the superiors now. Right now-----’’

’’Found her! Over here!’’

And, at that moment, a man appeared in the street in front of her and blocked Origami's path. It was hard to think how he arrived there before her. Most likely, there was another team from the start.


She entered a side road since she had no choice but--------it was a dead end. She immediately turned her back to the wall and was cornered. ’’You sure caused us some trouble, Master sergeant Tobiichi. Your punishment has been decided. We will have you follow us.’’

The male leader walked out and said that to Origami while glaring at her. Origami did not answer to him and looked at the surrounding situation by moving her eyes. Front, back, up, left and right-----however, she couldn't find any escape route from this number of people.

He might have guessed that, the male leader snorted.

’’It's useless. Stay down.’’


After Origami glared at the man in detest, the cell phone she was holding suddenly started vibrating.-------it was an incoming call. It seems, when she was running away from the group of men just now, she accidentally cut off the call. It should be Ryouko calling her back.

Maybe, she would be able to gain new information. Origami glared at the men without lowering her guard, while fumbling her hand to the call button without looking at the screen and pressed it before bringing her phone to her ears.


’’------Hello? Is there any mistake that this is the cell phone of Master sergeant Tobiichi Origami?’’

What she heard from the receiver of the phone was a much unexpected voice.

’’............Ellen Mathers..........?’’

Origami called out that name while bringing her eyebrows together. Ellen. DEM Company's Wizard.

After hearing that name, the men slightly moved their eyebrows.

’’What do you want?’’

’’Please don't be so unkind. Master sergeant Tobiichi.’’

Maybe she felt a little sharpness inside Origami's voice, so Ellen said that.

But, right now, Origami was going to lose her power by the hands of DEM. Not having any hostility to her is asking for the impossible.

Before even that, a few days ago, Origami recently just crossed blades with Ellen at the DEM HQ building. Although the difference in strength was clear-----Origami has also landed one hit on Ellen. At the very least, there is no way she would hold any good thoughts towards Origami too.

However, Ellen did not show any hostility towards Origami and continued talking in a very businesslike tone.

’’I am going to be straightforward with you.-----Master sergeant Tobiichi. Will you work under me?’’

’’............what do you mean?’’

Origami raised her eyebrows doubtfully from those unexpected words.

’’Just like what I said. Will you join the DEM industry's second executive team? I promise you better treatment---- more than any before in various kinds of ways.’’

’’------------I do not plan to lend a hand to an organization that would harm Shidou.’’

’’If that is the case, then don't worry. Regarding Itsuka Shidou, we do not plan to actively attack him for the mean time.’’

’’..........Do you think I will believe you?’’

When Origami said that, Ellen made a small sigh.

’’I see. How regretful. But, is that really okay? It seems, you are standing in a predicament. If you are caught now, it would mean that you will lose your powers to go against the Spirits for eternity.’’


Origami sharpened her sights from Ellen's words.------she knows Origami's current situation.

Everything connected in an instant. The reason why Origami's punishment was decided was because DEM intervened.

’’ don't have any resentment towards me for getting injured by me?’’

’’I won't say there is none. But the desire of wanting a useful subordinate has won against that now. -----And one that is strong enough to land a hit on my body.’’


Of course, Origami's expression could not be sent to the other side of the receiver, but Ellen continued on as if she saw through Origami's reaction.

’’Inside DEM industry, there exists many powerful CR-units that could not be compared to the ones deployed to many nations.--------Don't you want to clear your parents regrets?’’


It seems Origami's past has been investigated. Origami leaked a breath unpleasantly.

But, Origami was made to stop her unpleasant voice from the next word Ellen said.

’’----5 years ago, a great fire attacked the Tenguu Nankou town. At that time, there were several Reiha spotted on the spot. Naturally, that information is DEM's top secret but--------if you become a wizard in the second executive team then, I would not mind disclosing that to you’’


She opened her eyes wide and gasped.

Several Reiha readings. Those words supported Shidou's claims.

Shidou's sister <Efreet>- Itsuka Kotori. Origami has chased that fire spirit for her parent's revenge.

But, Shidou said there was another Spirit existing at that spot during that time------and said that Kotori was not the target for revenge for her parents. And as if to match up with that, the man standing in front of her, let out an irritated voice.

’’What are you talking from just now?! Never mind already, catch her!’’

Listening to the leader's order, the group of men filled in the distance as if to surround Origami.


’’----------well. How about it? Tobiichi Origami.’’

’’..........., ...............’’

After a few seconds of silence.-----Origami voiced out her conclusion.

’’--------I understand. Give me power.’’

And at that moment.


’’Kuh, ah---------’’

The group of men, who filled in the gaps between Origami to capture her, all let out a painful groan at once and started collapsing to the ground.

’’This is.............’’

When Origami raised her eyebrows, one Nordic blonde girl pressing a cell phone onto her ears slowly walked from behind the collapsed group of men.

She then extended her hands towards Origami.

’’-----------Welcome, to DEM industry’’

From the front and her phone receiver.

Ellen Mather's voice shook Origami's eardrum.


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