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Date A Live - Volume 9 - Chapter 1


Chapter 6:Little MonstersThe Children[edit]

Part 1[edit]

29th October, Sunday.

There is an uproar right now inside the Itsuka house.

’’shidou! I am hungry, shidou!’’

’’Shidou, I want to pee. I can't go alone. Follow me, Shidou’’

’’Darling! darling!’’


’’Everyone calm down! Wait, ah! Kaguya, Isn't that my chupa chups!’’

’’Shidou! I want to eat rice, Shidou!’’

’’Kuku, you baby. Don't be bound to such trivial matters, you will be disclosed as a pygmy you know?’’

’’Consent. Isn't one okay’’

’’Wait, you two! Give that back!’’


’’Aaaaah, here, it's okay, it's okay’’

’’Shidou, it's going to leak’’

’’Ku-kukuku! I will not return it back once it has fallen to my hands!’’

’’Escape. Catch me if you want it back.’’

’’Darling! Darling!’’


Naturally, Itsuka Shidou was carrying his head while letting sweat drop down his cheeks.

Even though he has a headache from the lack of sleep under normal circumstances, the continuous echoing high pitched voice, and *bata**bata* footsteps were mercilessly hitting it. Incidentally, 4 sides of his shirts hem was being pulled from just now and is seemingly being stretched.

Inside the Itsuka house living room right now, there were 7 small demons............rather, small girls there.

Everyone's age is most likely around 10 years old. It is an age which causes a lot of problem even under normal situation. In addition, each one of them would cry, shout, pull Shidou, and chase each other as they please. Being charged to look after these girls starting from a few days back, Shidou's fatigue can easily be guessed.

But, that was only normal. It's not like the girls wanted to be like this. Shidou made a small sigh before lifting his face, looking at the little monsters rampaging in the living room.

One was calling him repeatedly because she was hungry, and is a beautiful girl with long black hair and crystal eyes.

One has been persistently trying to invite Shidou to the toilet from just now, and is an expressionless girl that looks like a doll.

One is a girl wearing a puppet in her left hand and looks like she is about to cry any moment soon.

One is a proud looking girl with her hair tied into two sides while eating chupa chups.

One is prank loving girl which is in the middle of escaping from the previous girl because she stole a candy.

One is a girl with a blank expression and has the face similar to the prank loving girl.

One is a girl with a very beautiful voice and is a little taller than everyone else.

Everyone would be very cute girls if they kept quiet. But--------the important thing wasn't that. Shidou looked at the girls by order and gulped. Shidou was familiar with these girls' faces.

Tohka, Origami, Yoshino, Kotori, Kaguya, Yuzuru, and also, Miku.

Yes. These girls are Shidou's friends or sisters, and completely have the same body characteristics.

If others who does not know anything about the situation sees this, they would probably think they are relatives or possibly someone else who miraculously look like them.

But, Shidou knows. These girls are unmistakably the real persons themselves.

If thinking normally, this would be an unthinkable phenomenon. Normally, the body of living things will, grow or age as time passes. But even so, Tohka and the group were turned into children as if their time was turned back by a few years' worth.

No..........more specifically, that representation might not be a random one.

Shidou does not know whether if the Tohka, Yoshino and the others spirit bodies grow just like humans as time passes. He has no confirmation whether Tohka and the group looked like this few years back ago.

Which means, rather than them having their times turned back, their bodies were [Transformed] into bodies of a child.

’’Why would.........Natsumi do this..............’’

My mind turned towards the witch figured girl and I muttered to myself.

Few days from right now. Shidou had a match with a spirit called Natsumi-------and achieved victory.

However after that, Natsumi transformed the body of everyone in that area before disappearing to somewhere.

As a result, from that day onwards, the situation in the Itsuka house has simply become a nursery.

’’Shidou! Shidou!’’

’’Shidou, I am almost at my limit’’


’’Why you, stop right there!’’

’’Fuhahaha! Come over here!’’

’’Scorn. Is that all?’’

’’Darling! Darling!’’

’’I get it! I get it so everyone please calm down for a while.............!’’

Being pulled in four sides, even though his body was being swayed, he shouted. However, everyone totally did not quiet down.


’’...............sorry to bother you’’

When Shidou was in great perplexity like a homeroom teacher in a chaotic class, the living room door opened suddenly and one woman came in.

Having hair settled randomly and sleepy eyes decorated with splendid shades. In her chest pocket, there is a teddy bear with many scars stuffed in there. She is Shidou's class vice-homeroom teacher and also the analyst officer of the secret organization <Ratatoskr>, Murasame Reine.


’’ looked troubled, Shin’’

After Reine said that, she looked around the living room to understand the situation before, slowly extending her hands out forward slowly. She then caught the nape of the neck of the Yamai sisters running around the living room and stopped their movements.


’’Impact. Kuhah’’

Suddenly having their movements stopped, Kaguya and Yuzuru opened their eyes confused. But, after Reine gone down to her knees in a cool manner, she gently persuaded them by looking both of them at the eye.

’’...................Kaguya, Yuzuru. It's not good to take someone else's belongings. You wouldn't like it if someone else eats your candy too right?’’

After Reine said that, both of them hesitated unpleasantly.


’’...........Reflection. Sorry’’

’’................okay, both of you apologize to Kotori’’

Reine* Pon* hit Kaguya and Yuzuru shoulders. When she did that, they looked back at Kotori's direction and lowered their head.

’’Fuun.............I'm sorry’’

’’Apology. I won't do it anymore.’’

’’ about it, Kotori. I will replace the candy taken away later. Will you forgive them?’’

Saying that, Reine looked towards Kotori's direction, Kotori then snorted while folding her arms.

’’I-I don't care anymore, really...........I am also sorry for not sharing’’

’’.............hnn, 3 of you are good kids’’

Reine patted Kotori, Kaguya and Yuzuru's head in order. The 3 of them averted their sights away when she did that.

’’........alright then, I wonder what's wrong with that side’’

Next off, Reine walked over to Shidou's side and looked at Tohka, Origami, Yoshino and Miku, these 4 who were clinging onto Shidou. She then heard what the 4 of them had to say before continuing her words slowly.

’’...........Tohka, Shin is a little busy right now. Can you wait for your meal a little more? As exchange, I will specially give you this cookie...........Origami, Shin said he prefers a girl who can go to the toilet alone..........Yoshino, please be assured. Shin doesn't mind you accidentally breaking tableware during the morning..........Miku, Shin can hear your voice clearly. It's not like he was ignoring you’’

And so on, she talked to them one by one and easily calmed everyone who was making an uproar. It was a very skillful wile.

’’I'm saved me. I couldn't do anything alone.............’’

’’, I felt sorry for leaving everyone's care under you’’

’’No, I understand you are finding Natsumi's readings. But even so-------’’

Shidou gazed at everyone who has completely calmed down while making a wry smile.

’’That was amazing, Reine-san. It's like you're a mother’’


Reine slightly twitched the side of her shoulders quietly, when Shidou said that casually.

At that moment, he immediately was taken back. It's not like he had other intentions but............rather, those were words filled with pure thoughts of respect but, thinking back calmly, it might be something not appropriate to be told to a woman who is unmarried yet. Shidou swung his hands in panic and take it back.

’’I-I'm sorry. It's wrong. I don't mean it that way.............’’

’’, I don't mind’’

However, Reine said that like she wasn't really bothered about it...............since she is a female with an un-examinable expression normally, it was hard for him to make out if she was really not bothered about it.

’’N-now that I think about it, Reine-san. Have you found Natsumi?’’

In order to change the topic, Shidou let out his voice and Reine immediately cast her eyes downwards before swinging her head.

’’ expected, it seems Natsumi is able to conceal her Reiha. We have sent observation bots to go around in a vast range but, we have yet to find her readings............naturally, there is a possibility she was Lost to the other world already’’


As long as they are unable to find the reason which is Natsumi, it was certain that the situation will not get better. Shidou once again, gazed at the girls who have completely changed before looking back at Reine.

’’But............I wonder why Natsumi would do something like this’’

’’................Let's see, it might possibly be an emergency measure to escape from the spot, or maybe it might be she wanted to leave some kind of precaution behind by slicing off the battle assets of the Spirits. And----------’’


Shidou tilted his head before Reine erected one finger.

’’...............It's just simple harassment I guess’’


Hearing Reine's words, Shidou twitched his cheeks. Although it does sounds like a joke but, Shidou has no choice but to believe that is correct.

Part 2[edit]

It takes approximately 3 hours from the British Heathrow airport to reach Japan's Narita airport.

Having finishing the remaining simple business inside the private jet, Isaac Westcott came out from the VIP entrance of the airport and rode the car waiting for him before heading towards the lodging area in Japan's Tokyo metropolitan Tenguu city's hotel.

He was a characteristic tall man with dark ash blonde hair, and a pair of sharp eyes like naked blades. His age should be around in his mid-30 but, the dangerous atmosphere covering his body was disrupting the appropriateness of his age. At the least, he was somewhat too young to be burdened with a world class enterprise known as DEM industry---------such an impression was probably impossible to someone unless they have met with him directly.

’’However, if we continue to have trips like this in short term, as expected it would be tiring. How about it, Ellen. Why not build a residence here in Japan?’’

Wescott turned his shoulder while saying that before sharpening his eyes towards the Nordic blonde girl sitting beside him.

’’Originally, the trip here to Japan this time was supposed to be postponed to later. Even though something like that just happened, I feel admiration for you to be able to leave your castle empty.’’

The girl said it with a strong tone. Ellen M Mathers. Westcott's direct subordinate and the captain of the 2nd executive division of the shadow execution team in DEM industry.

’’Don't praise me like that. I'll feel embarrassed’’

’’I wasn't praising’’

Ellen said it flat out. Westcott slightly shrugged his shoulders.

Nonetheless, it's not like she doesn't understand what he was saying. Actually a few days back, there was a request for Westcott's dismissal in the board of director meeting that had taken place in the DEM industry main company HQ in Britain.

At that time, things were managed without any problems because of Ellen's physical persuasion but, if we were to leave the HQ this frequently then, the hated directors who do not think comfortably of Westcott will be given some sort of preparation time. The possibility of those people once again forming some kind of way to wave the flag of revolution is enough. It was only natural for Ellen to be nervous.

However, Wescott slightly distorted the side of his lips.

’’Not really, if that is the case then I don't mind. I prefer humans filled with ambitions enough to bite off my neck when they get a chance’’

’’It might be okay for you but, please try placing yourself as someone that has to do the clean up afterwards’’

When Westcott said that, Ellen pouted a little unsatisfied.

’’More importantly, did you investigate that matter?’’

’’..............yes, over here’’

Ellen made a small sigh and took out a bundle of documents which were restrained with a clip. Westcott received that before lowering his sights at the printed photo and row of literature.

It was an investigation document of the boy Itsuka Shidou and the environment around him.

’’.................I see. He became an adopted son in the current house from 10 years ago, huh. And his sister is being suspected as the Spirit <Efreet>.............well it's quite amazing you gathered this much. No..............I should have it completed huh’’

Westcott giggled and flipped the documents. In the next paper, photos of a number of girls were printed on it.

’’<Princess>, <Hermit>, <Berserk>, <diva>------and the <Efreet>from just now. From what you have confirmed, there are really 6 spirits gathered around him. Ellen, what do you see in this?’’

’’................There is no mistake <Ratatoskr>is in this’’

Towards Westcott's question, Ellen took a slight peek unsatisfied while opening her mouth.

’’There is probably no mistake in that. The boy who is able to seal the Spirit's power---------there is no mistake <Ratatoskr>is using that. No matter if he has that power, unless there is a back-up from a big organization then, sealing this number of Spirits, before that, it is even impossible for him to attempt contacting the spirits. But-------’’

After Westcott cut his words, *pin* he flicked the documents with his finger.

’’But, is that really all?’’

’’And, by that you mean?’’

Ellen asked dubiously. Westcott shrugged his shoulders.

’’Just like what I meant. Was it really our sworn enemy <Ratatoksr>'s will only, which has really resulted in this bringing up of such a beautifully distorted situation’’

’’.........are you saying there is someone behind the scenes controlling the strings?’’

’’Well I wonder. But, even if that is the case, there is no change in the things we have to do.----------am I right? Ellen. Ellen M Mathers. Humanity's strongest wizard.’’

When he said that, Ellen took a few seconds staring at Westcott's face to find his motives before, lowering her head forward.

’’Of course’’

On her face, hesitation and confusion could not be seen at all. Westcott nodded in satisfaction.

’’That's the way.-----I'll have you move immediately once you have finished the preparations.’’

’’--------roger. So, who should I start with. As expected, the <Princess>?’’

Ellen said that while lowering her sights at the documents on Westcott's hands. But, Wescott replied [No] and swung his head.

’’I am thinking of letting the spirits on this documents go free for a while.------of course, if there is a good chance then it's alright for you to capture them’’

’’What do you mean?’’

Westcott showed <Princess>Yatogami Tohka's photo towards Ellen who asked.

’’<Princess>inversing is new to your memories right? The fact that our beloved [Demon king] has shown itself in front of us’’


’’The reason for that------is none other than the boy, Itsuka Shidou. During that time you tried to kill him, <Princess>was consumed by the pool of despair and strongly desired a power crossing her own domain-------as a result, she was able to hold the grip of the Demon king <Nahema>’’

Westcott placed the documents on his lap and spread out both his hands.

’’The [Demon King] we have not stopped yearning appeared so easily, I wonder who on earth has imagined that. The Spirit-------at the very least <Princess>, values, trusts and loves him to the depths of her heart. Isn't this wonderful? They will probably deepen their trusts even more. For the time that will come.............neh’’

At that moment, it seems Ellen also guessed Westcott's intention. Her expression did not change and I see, she lowered her head forward.

The more Itsuka deepens his relation with the spirits, the more the spirits relies on Itsuka Shidou, the deeper and bigger the despair will become once they loses it. From there-------it might be enough for them to extend their hands towards a power not within their domain.

’’I am planning to use Itsuka Shidou as a [Key]’’

’’A [Key] huh. I see, that's a good way to put it’’

Westcott made a small smile at Ellen's words.

’’This is ironic. To think the secret anti-spirit weapon <Ratatoskr>came up with, would become our joker too’’

’’It isn't particularly rare for medicine to become poison. However-------’’

He was able to guess what Ellen was about to say without her finishing the sentence. The thing is, which Spirit Ellen should capture then.

Westcott made an exaggerated nod before continuing.

’’Aah regarding that, I have already established a new priority target. Yesterday, just perfectly, we received an Intel from the AST. The spirit who has the power of transformation------<Witch>has appeared in the vicinity of the Tenguu city, and has not been confirmed to be lost that’’

Part 3[edit]

’’..............Good Morning’’

Next morning. While making a big yawn, Shidou entered the Itsuka house living room.

In the end, everyone who has turned into a child didn't return back to the mansion next door, and it has been made to sleep together in groups;consisting of a group in Shidou's room (Shidou, Tohka, Yoshino, Miku) and the other in Kotori's (Kotori, Kaguya, Yuzuru) but.................during the night, Yoshino and Miku would cling onto Shidou and incidentally, since Tohka was riding on top of Shidou's chest, he has not really slept.

Although, it was not like everyone stayed in the Itsuka house. There was only one, only Origami said [I have something to do] and returned back in a very reluctant manner.

Thinking back for some reason after that, Shidou's underwear, toothbrush and several personal belonging couldn't be found but...................when on earth did he lose them?

’’Good morning Shidou’’

’’Good morning darling’’


’’U-n, what a nice morning’’

Like that, Kotori, Miku, Yoshino, and also [Yoshinon] who were already in the living room, turned towards Shidou's direction and greeted him.

’’Ou, everyone sure woke up early’’

When Shidou said that, 3 of them and 1 object made expressions as they pleased.

’’This is the minimum self-management’’

’’Err, this is my normal waking’’

’’Being early to bed and early to rise is the comrade to the skin. It is only normal for an idol’’

Kotori folded her arms while opening half her eyes, Yoshino narrowed her shoulders shyly, Miku said that proudly while patting her cheeks. I see, it seems these 3's daily life rhythm didn't break even though they were transformed into kids.

Shidou recalled back Tohka's happy sleeping face when he exited his room and unintentionally smiled. Since they are not here, it means the Yamai sisters are still sleeping in Kotori's room. How should he put it, it was oddly pleasant.

’’----alright then. Wait for me a bit. I'll make breakfast soon’’

After Shidou said that, he tied the apron around his body and washed his hands before starting to cook breakfast.

After mixing sugar into milk and egg, he dipped an easily edible slice of bread into it and pan fry the slice on the frying pan with butter melted in it. Simple and delicious, it was a simple French toast. Naturally, during the time when flavor was soaking into the bread, he did not forget to prepare the salad and soup. Not even taking 20 minutes, the Itsuka house living room was drifting with an appetizing smell.

’’Okay, I'll be done soon so go clear the table’’


The 3 girls in the living room started moving when Shidou called out to them. Yoshino cleaned up the things on the table, Kotori wiped the table with a table cloth and Miku carried the plates with the food on it. It wasn't particularly a weird sight but, since the girls looked young right now, it oddly feels like they are [Helping out][9A 1]

’’Well then, let's eat. Itadakimasu’’


The 3 of them followed Shidou and joined their hands together before lowering their head.

’’! It's........delicious’’

’’Hn, well just average’’

Yoshino opened her eyes wide after carrying the French toast to her mouth while, Kotori *fufun* snorted. Although she complained, he was honestly happy that they were enjoying his cooking. Shidou relaxed his cheeks while poking into his French toast with a fork.

’’Nee Nee, Darling, Darling’’

And thus, when Shidou was about to eat his toast, Miku who was sitting beside him pulled his sleeves.

’’Hnn, what's wrong Miku?’’

After Shidou said that, Miku joined her both her hand near her chest while closing her eyes, she then [Ahhn] opened her mouth.


’’Hn Mouuu, feed me, Ahnnn’’

Miku made an angry posture before opening her mouth again.


After cutting the toast to a mouth size piece, he brought it to Miku's mouth. After he did that, Miku used both her hands and pressed her cheeks while bouncing her voice happily.

’’Uuun! It's delicious. It becomes even more exceptional when I had darling feed me.’’

’’Haha.........well, I think the taste doesn't change though.’’

When Shidou looked back at his place while making a wry smile, he found out Kotori sitting in front of him, and Yoshino sitting diagonal from him was making a shocked expression.

’’Both of you too?’’

After Shidou said that, Kotori and Yoshino [Mumuu.......] frowned their eyebrows difficultly.

And, at that moment.



Wondering what on earth was it thinking, [Yoshinon] quickly gave Yoshino's right hand a sharp chop and made her dropped the fork she was holding.

’’O-oi, Yoshinon?’’

’’Aaan! Sorry Shidou-kun. Yoshino dropped her fork from Yoshinon's mistake. I am sorry but, will you feed Yoshino too?’’

’’Huh............? I don't mind but more importantly, you can get a new fork.............’’

’’Will. You. Feed. Her?’’

[Yoshinon] brought its face closer, and said it threateningly. Shidou [O-ou..............] nodded as if he was overpowered.


’’No, it isn't Yoshino's fault right? Here, Ahnn’’


After Shidou brought out the fork with toast pierced on it, Yoshino hesitantly opened her mouth as big as possible.

Yoshino then stuffed the toast into her cheeks and *amu**amu* chewed it before making a smile in a little embarrassed state.

’’ very much. It really is........delicious’’

’’I see. That is good’’

Shidou smiled and changed the fork Yoshino dropped before once again facing back to his plate. But------


At that moment, he saw Kotori sitting in front of him with red eyes as if she was going to cry any moment and it once again obstructed him from eating.


As expected, Shidou knows it too. Maybe it's because she turned into a child, he felt it was easier to read her expression's ups and downs easier than usual. Just like what he did to Miku and Yoshino, Shidou directed a mouth size cut toast towards Kotori.

’’Here Kotori, Ahhn’’

’’............! I-it's not like I asked you for that. Please don't treat me like a child!?’’

’’, you're a child.’’


Kotori, *muuu*...........groaned before stuffing her cheeks with the toast.

And after gulping it down, she pouted her lips and averted her sights before letting out a soft voice.

’’............Thank you’’

’’Aiyo, you're welcome’’

After Shidou said that, he finally shoved the toast into his mouth.

But, at that moment, *Chari* the living room door suddenly opened------and Tohka with a very sleepy face came into the room.

’’, it seems there is a nice smell..............’’

After saying that, *Fuuaaa*............she made a big yawn.

It was a very Tohka-like waking up pattern. After Shidou and the group looked at each other, everyone laughed.

’’--------now that I think about it, what are you planning to do today?’’

After some time passed, they finished their breakfast and Kotori who has completely regained her composure looked towards Shidou and asked.

Incidentally, right after Tohka finished eating her French toast, she layed down on the sofa satisfied and once again went traveling into the dream world.

’’Aah, today, I thought of going to school for now. There is Natsumi and I feel uneasy leaving Tohka and the rest alone, so I plan to finish school early in the expected, I am also worried about Tonomachi and the rest too’’

Shidou scratched his cheeks while saying that. Yes. Actually Tohka, Kotori and the group wasn't the only ones that got dragged into the problem a few days ago.

That's because Shidou's classmate Tonomachi Hiroto, Yamabuki Ai, Hazakura Mai, Fujibakama Mii, and also the class homeroom teacher Okamine Tamae these 5 people were temporarily trapped inside an Angel because of the Spirit Natsumi.

Luckily, they were not turned into children like Tohka and the rest but, it doesn't change the fact Shidou dragged them into something dangerous. Having their consciousness regained, he wanted to confirm their safety directly with his own eyes.

’’I see. I understand. But even so, the current situation is, we don't know where Natsumi is right now. Please be careful’’

’’Aah, I get it.------I'll be off then, once Kaguya and Yuzuru wakes up, heat up their breakfast for them. Actually, it would taste good right after freshly made but, I am afraid of letting you use fire’’

’’Like I said, stop treating me like a ...................’’

Kotori stopped her words until there and distorted her mouth unsatisfied while nodding.

Shidou [Good girl good girl] patted Kotori's head (Naturally, Miku and Yoshino pestered him too) before putting on his blazer and arranging his outfit, he then put on his shoes and placed his hands on the front door knob.

’’Well then, I am leaving the rest to you all. I will wear the Incam just in case so, please call me if there is something’’

’’Yeah yeah, I get it’’

’’Have a safe...........trip’’

’’Darling, what about the Chuu[9A 2]? What about the goodbye kiss?’’

Kotori and Yoshino waved their hands while, Miku brought out her lips and pestered him for a kiss. After Shidou made a wry smile while waving back to them, he opened the door and exited.

It was a clear weather. Opposite of the complex Shidou and the group were placed into right now, it was a day with comfortable clear autumnal weather.


Shidou made a stretch as if he was exposing his body to the sun before starting to head towards the school.


But, after a few steps outside his house gate, Shidou suddenly stopped. He then brought his eyes left and right like that........and tilted his head.

’’There is no one........right?’’

For an instant, I felt someone's sights's probably his imagination.

He might still be very nervous since Natsumi's matter has not been solved yet. Shidou took a deep breath to calm his heart beat and once again walked towards his school.

’’Listen to me Itsuka! I had a very superb, weird body experience!’’

Shidou entered the 2nd year class 4 and a boy with ruffled up hair using wax approached Shidou in an excited manner. It was the mentioned student------Tonomachi Hiroto.

From what he could see, there was nothing wrong with his body. Shidou pat his chest after seeing his close buddy looks lively while *Goodness sake* opened his mouth.

’’What on earth happened Tonomachi. You remembered you are a descendant of Bigfoot?’’

’’That's right, the hair on my arm has been growing fast recently.........wait, nononono’’

Tonomachi took an overreaction from Shidou's joke before, *Vuun*Vuun*swinging his head.

’’That's not it! An alien an alien!’’

’’Alien? I see, I thought you are a UMA on earth but, I never would have thought you are an alien..........’’

’’Wait, wrong wrong! That's not it! When I fell asleep on the night of the 25th, the next time I woke up was on the 28th!’’

’’Oi oi, don't you think you have been sleeping too much?’’

’’Yes! It's weird right!? It was actually that weird! Several days passed when I woke up and what's more, when I asked my family, during that time, it seems I disappeared somewhere! Once I noticed, a police search for me came out! I was scared!’’

’’So, an alien?’’

’’Aah! That's because there is no other explanation right!?’’

Shidou *pori*pori* scratched his cheeks. Tonomachi was unmistakably talking about the time he was captured by Natsumi's angel. But, there was no way he could tell him about that and more importantly [No Tonomachi, it was the work of a spirit instead of an alien. You were captured by a spirit's angel. Incidentally, the spacequakes are the works of spirits too. And actually, I have the power to seal the spirits power too] even if he was frank and honest, Tonomachi would [Ah, I-i see...........well, I have to prepare for class so..........] probably take an oddly distant attitude and would probably end up running away too. Shidou remained looking at Tonomachi with doubtful eyes. Anyways, it was good he was okay.

Maybe they heard Tonomachi's high tension talk, 3 female students entered Shidou's view.

’’Oou, hey wait wait’’

’’That's one interesting talk’’

’’So Tonomachi is in the weird body experience group?’’

They are Tohka's friends and------just like Tonomachi, the trios were also dragged into the incident from few days ago and, from the tallest they were Ai, Mai, Mii.

’’Oh? Judging from the way you put it, you girls too?’’

When Tonomachi asked, Ai Mai Mii *un**un* nodded.

’’Yes yes, that's right. No one would believe us’’

’’We also have no memories of these past few days’’

’’Doesn't this really mean aliens? Or maybe the work of a secret mysterious organization?’’

All 3 of them said that and, *yanyanyan* became excited.

’’Speaking of which, Tama-chan said she had the same body experience too’’

’’Eh, seriously? Then this isn't a coincidence anymore’’

’’So this is the 5th person..............I sense the smell of some kind of plot........!’’

’’Don't tell me, we were really kidnapped by a secret mysterious organization!?’’

’’We have powers transcending humans from receiving the reconstruction surgery!?’’

’’What's more there are 5 people..............this flow is the teaming of a hero sentai[9A 3]!’’

Ai Mai Mii [Tou!] took a cool pose as if the arranged this beforehand.

’’Come on, Red too!’’


Tonomachi was also pulled in. He then took a cool pose in front of those 3.

’’Alright, let's combine our powers and defeat the bad monsters spreading out in the world!’’

’’Bad monsters.........?’’

’’Yes, nearby us there is one already, a human disguised monster living and doing bad things!’’

’’Specifically, one that would suddenly fondle girl's breast as it likes, flips up skirts and would steal girl's lips!’’

’’Prepare yourself! Obscene monster Itsuka Shidou!’’


Suddenly pointed at, Shidou twitched his shoulders.

Now that he thinks about it, a few days ago Natsumi disguised exactly as Shidou and played several pranks in the school. They probably still have a grudge from that time.

’’S-so that was it huh Itsuka............I thought no wonder you were acting weird recently’’

’’As expected, you have something that comes to mind Tonomachi-kun!’’

’’A-aah............a little before my memories were cut off, I was oddly bothered about Itsuka's sights........then when I got called to the sauna, he then touched my body..............’’

’’Kya! Kya!’’

’’I-Itsuka-kun, you were someone from that side...........!?’’

’’Ogi-chan! The committee chief of the [The School's selected best fujoshi couple] Ogi-chan! A circumstance to rework the ranking has occurred!’’

’’ I guessed, was it really stuff like that...........?’’

’’No, why is Tonomachi following them too! Forget that look;it's almost time for homeroom’’

At the same time with Shidou saying that, *Kin**Kon**Kan*.............a familiar chime echoed across the classroom.

’’Look look, Sensei is coming’’

’’Don't play it off! Itsuka, you really..........!’’

Tonomachi ignored the chime and said it enthusiastically. But,

’’Ah, it's already time for homeroom’’

’’I have to get back to my seat’’

’’What was today's first period’’

Ai Mai Mii left easily. They probably don't acknowledge this but, that was an amazing example of pretending to help somebody and pull away the ladder away under him. After a while with sweat flowing down his cheeks, Tonomachi said [W-well, later...........] and went back to his seat.

Not long after that, the classroom door opened and a petite glass wearing female entered. She was Shidou's class homeroom teacher and one of the people that got dragged into the previous incident, Okamine Tamae, for short Tama-chan.

It seems, Sensei is okay too. Shidou released a relieved sigh and------raised his eyebrows.

The reason was simple. Tama-chan-sensei looks weird. Sweat was oozing out her forehead, her eyes was swimming around and from what could be seen, it looks like she was feeling shaken. What on earth happened to her?

When Shidou was looking at her state suspiciously, Tama-chan suddenly sends her sights towards Shidou. She then hesitantly opened her mouth.


’’W-what is it?’’

After Shidou replied, Tama-chan-sensei made a bewildered face.

’’Err,errrm, There are visitors for Itsuka-kun but, err...........’’

’’I have visitors.............?’’

Shidou wrung his head. He has no one that comes to mind that would purposely visit him in school. He first thought it was someone related to <Ratatoskr>but if that was the case then, they would probably contact him about that.


And at that moment, 2 possibilities passed Shidou's mind.

Which means, the DEM industry and........Spirit-Natsumi.

’’Where are the visitors?’’

’’Ah, yes, they are right now in the staff room...............’’

But, the instant Tama-chan-sensei said that.


A very lively voice could be heard at the classroom entrance.


Shidou brought his eyes towards there------and gasped.

Over there was not an assassin from DEM industry nor was it was the small Tohka that was supposed to be sleeping at home.

Tama-chan-sensei quickly stopped Tohka.

’’Aah, you can't! Didn't I tell you to wait in the staff room!’’

’’Mu? Why is that Tama-chan-sensei? I can't be inside the classroom?’’

’’Errr about that, this is a place for Onii-san and Onee-san[9A 4] to study so.................’’

’’I will study with Shidou too!’’

’’Errr, like I said, you have to wait until you get older.............’’

Tama-chan-sensei tried calming Tohka down while making a troubled face.

When she was doing that, more small silhouettes appeared behind Tohka.

’’Kuku, what are you doing?’’

’’Disturb. We will attend to that later.’’


Same as her, Kaguya and Yuzuru who were supposed to be asleep in the Itsuka house and Origami who went back home, entered the classroom in groups with Tohka.

The classroom started making a commotion from the unexpected visitor. The reactions are largely separated to 3 types. [Why are elementary school students here...........?] people wringing their head, [Yaaan, so cute!] people raising excited voices, and also [A-re? I feel like I've seen these kids somewhere.........] people raising their eyebrows, about there.

At that instant. Kotori's voice could be heard from the Incam he equipped on his ear.

’’-----dou! Shidou! Can you hear me? It's an emergency! Tohka and the group disappeared from the house!’’

’’........aah, they came here’’


At that moment, Tohka looked towards Shidou and her face lighted up, *tetete* she then run towards Shidou and jumped at him.

’’Oo Shidou! You are here like I guessed!’’

And next, Kaguya and Yuzuru came running towards Shidou.

’’Oi Shidou, go and get through the head of the homeroom teacher of our 2nd year class 3. That person wouldn't believe us even though we told that person we are the Yamai's’’

’’Sigh. That is one adult that decides everything from appearances.’’

After saying that, they made a tired sigh. When they were doing that, there were whispers secretly going around Shidou's surroundings. He could not hear what they were saying but, [lo*ic*n] [Criminal] [Hell no] he was only able to hear such words.

It was clear that they were negative whispers but, now wasn't the time to be bothering about that. He looked back at Tohka and the group, and let out his voice.

’’...............why are you all over here?’’

’’Mu? You asked something strange. We have school today. Although we slept together, I got shocked once I noticed that Shidou disappear!’’


Everyone in the class made shocked expressions from Tohka's words and directed their sights toward Shidou.

’’Hey Itsuka-kun, who are these children........?’’

’’What kind of relationship..........?’’

’’Forget that, are you sleeping together.......?’’

Ai Mai Mii raised their eyebrows doubtfully and looked at Shidou and Tohka's face respectively. Shidou ran through his thoughts to think of an excuse in panic.

But, faster than Shidou's voice, a small shadow *tsu**tsu**tsu*..............came closer to Shidou before, hugging onto Shidou like Tohka.------it was Origami.



She said something like that so, the class turned noisy in an instant.


’’Papa!? She just said papa right!?’’

’’L-little girl, what is your name..........?’’

Ai folded her knees, looked directly at Origami and gently (Her eyes was swimming around from agitation) asked her. When she did that, Origami then took a bow politely before continuing her words.

’’I am Itsuka Chiyogami. Thank you for taking care of my father all the time’’


’’My mama is Tobiichi Origami. I am the fruit of my papa and mama's love’’


An impact ran through the class. Agitated voices like whispers and uproars expanded throughout.

’’No-now that you mention it, you do look like Tobiichi-san............!?’’

’’Eh, you're joking, Tobiichi-san gave birth in high school............!?’’

’’No but, you can get married once you reach 16 so, it is legal........’’

’’It has to be 18 for the male! Itsuka is in the out!’’

’’Rather, doesn't this child look like Yatogami Tohka-san? And that one looks like Yamai-san next door!’’

’’Eh? Don't tell me 1 husband and many wives!?’’

’’B-but, won't that be weird!? These children look 8 to 9 years old right? That means they gave birth to a child when everyone was 8 years old........!? Itsuka-kun, you impregnate girls at 8 years old.........!?’’

’’No, but the youngest record for giving birth is 5 years old and 7 months so, it is not impossible..........’’

’’Wa-wait a second! It's a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding!’’

He refuses to have more weird rumors spread out than this. Shidou raised a shout from the depth of his stomach and stopped the limitlessly excited topic.

’’These children are........err, that! I have been entrusted with these children from a relative! What they meant by papa is you know, a form of nickname!’’ ’’Ee h........?’’

Suspicious sights closed in on Shidou when he made the excuse. Honestly, I thought the excuse was hard but thinking logically, they probably knew it was impossible for Shidou, a high school student to have children, although everyone in class made faces as if it doesn't made sense, they showed agreement tentatively.

’’U---n............I see.

’’Hey--. It does sound plausible’’

’’But it is true you slept with these children right? Your lo*ic*n suspicion isn't gone’’


When he opened half his eyes from the several suspicious murmurs, everyone in the class *ahaha* purposely laughed. He made a tired sigh.

’’Seriously, saying whatever they want...........look, everyone. I plan to quit school early today too so, let's go back together’’

When he looked back at them and said that, Tohka opened her eyes wide from the unexpectedness.

’’Nu? Going back already?’’

’’Aah, I accomplished my goal. I will go immediately once homeroom is over so, will you wait in the staff room?’’

’’Muu..........I understand. If Shidou says so, I'll wait’’

Tohka said that and nodded honestly.

’’Sorry. Alright then, for the time being------’’

The moment Shidou placed his hands on Tohka's shoulders.


Shidou frown his eyebrows in reflex. He felt something shined outside the classroom window.

But, that odd feeling immediately disappeared.------thanks to Tohka's echoing voice from below and the commotion the classmates filling his surroundings.


’’? What's wrong, Tohka------’’

Shidou returned his sights from the window back to Tohka and stopped his words.

But that was only normal. That's because, the sewing on the clothes Tohka was wearing, untied itself starting from the part Shidou touched.

’’Wh-what are you doing Shidou!’’

Tohka's face turned red and crouched down on the spot to cover her exposed shoulders.

’’Hey Itsuka-kun, what are you doing!?’’

’’You showed your real self you lo*ic*n bastard!’’

’’Eh.........? Heh............?’’

However, Shidou has no idea what happened. The moment Shidou touched Tohka, her clothes scattered........? There is no way that is possible-------

But at that moment, one possibility popped out in Shidou's mind. The light that shined in from outside the window just now. That might be------

’’No way, Natsumi........!?’’

Shidou said that in a voice which no one else can hear before once again looking at the window's direction.

Yes. The Spirit-Natsumi who holds the Angel that can transform objects to anything she pleases. It should be possible to her. Which means, rather than untying the sews, its more towards transforming the [Clothe] to [scattered cloth].

The moment he recognizes that, Shidou directed his legs towards the window.

But, it seems to be displayed as a runaway of a criminal to everyone in the class. Ai Mai Mii made a wall and blocked Shidou's advancement.

’’Wait you bastaaaaard!’’

’’Where are you running away after shaming a pure girl!’’

’’We caught you red-handed! We won't let you go!’’

’’W......wrong! I beg you, don't block me!’’

However, no matter what Shidou said, it seems Ai Mai Mii does not plan to back away. They linked their shoulders and stood in front of Shidou.


Shidou had no choice but to push aside those 3. But the moment he did that, a light was produced outside the window once again, and the clothes of those three scattered, resulting the girls to show their soft fair skin.


’’Wh-what is thiiiiisssssssss!’’


3 of them raised a scream and crouched on the spot. Terror expanded throughout the classroom.

’’O-oi, that's too much Itsuka.............!’’

Tonomachi then placed his hands on Shidou to stop him. But, Shidou couldn't do anything even though he was told that.

’’No, I didn't really-------’’

Like that for the third time, a light flickered from outside the window and Tonomachi's clothes blasted off this time.


Tonomachi screamed and fell down facing up just like that. Incidentally, a part of his raveled clothes skillfully hid his crotch. It was a miracle.

’’O-oi, what was that..........!’’

’’The clothes in an instant..........!?’’

’’People will be stripped the moment they touch Itsuka-kun!?’’

’’No, like I said, i-------’’

The moment Shidou tried to make an explanation for himself, Tama-chan-sensei in front of Shidou's sights had her clothes scattered this time.


Tama-chan used the attendance record to cover her chest while directing a blaming gaze at Shidou.

’’Wha-what are you doing Itsuka-kun! I'll have no choice but to make you marry me and take responsibility.........!’’

’’No, I didn't touch you right!?’’

Even though he shouted it was a serious false accusation, it seems everyone in class did not listen.

’’Don't tell me, just by his sights only..............!?’’

’’Oh my god! Is he a monster!?’’

’’Aaaah mou...........!’’

After Shidou scratched his head, he placed his blazer on top of Tohka.

’’Everyone! It's Natsumi! We are heading back for now!’’


Tohka, Origami, Kaguya and Yuzuru these four people guessed everything just from Natsumi's name. They then nodded and left the classroom with Shidou.

’’Hey wait Itsuka, you bastaaaaaard!’’

’’Remember this the next time you come backkkkkkkkk!’’

’’I'll strip you fully nakeddddd!’’

’’...............That was hell’’

Right after separating with Origami half-way through. Shidou walked heavily on the road towards his house while making a big sigh.

’’Are you okay, Shidou’’

Tohka who was rolling herself in Shidou's blazer looked up at him worried. Shidou then pat her head gently before, making a smile to Tohka to make her relieved.

But, it did not do anything to solve the situation. Shidou immediately contacted Kotori right after that, and had her search the place Natsumi appears to be at but, it seems there was not even a single speck of clues found. If these types of sly harassments were to continue from now on, Shidou might be killed by society.

Naturally, even with that left out, he could not ignore the problem of her forcing Tohka and the group into such inconvenience. After Shidou looked at the 3 of them, he renewed his determination by grasping his fist tightly.

’’We have to..............quickly find Natsumi’’

’’Kuku, that's right. We'll have her pay for her life for making us look like this.’’

’’Consent. We'll beat her violently.’’

’’No, I won't do something that dangerous you know........?’’

Shidou made a wry smile while taking a turn, and reached the front of the Itsuka house. But.


Shidou wrung his head. His house was not in the place which was at according to his memories.

No. Putting it correctly, another building has been built on the spot which was supposed to have his house there;that seems to be a better way to say it. It was not fitting for a quiet residential area and it has a shape of a castle-------

’’Ooou! It's a dream park!’’

Tohka bounced her voice. Yes, for some reason Shidou's house has transformed exactly into the resting hotel which is located at the outskirts of the city.

’’Thi-this is.............’’

After a few seconds, his eyes were blinking in panic from not being to understand what happened but, he immediately noticed. There is only one possible Spirit that can do this that comes to mind.


Shidou said that with sweat flowing down his cheeks before touching the Incam on his ear.

’’........oi, Kotori, Kotori’’

After calling like that, Kotori's voice could be heard not long later.

’’What? What's wrong. If it's Natsumi's trace, then we haven't------’’

’’No, it's not that...............will you show your face outside from the window?’’


After a few seconds from then. Kotori brought her face out from one of the windows installed on the hotel wall.

’’Wh-what the hell is this...........!? The shape of the house is............!?’’

It seems she did not notice this. Kotori raised a shocked voice. It seems only the appearance was transformed.

’’..........aah, it's most likely Natsumi's work’’

’’*Tsk*............that's one annoying power. Anyways, the inside is okay so come back’’


After Shidou nodded, he was about to bring Tohka and the rest into the house which could only be seen as a hotel.

However at that moment, the wifes gossiping on the road raised their voices.

’’A-re, Shidou-kun from the Itsuka house? What is with those children..............’’

’’Eh!? N-no, this is eerrrr..........’’

’’Oh my? Was there such a building built here before.............?’’

’’Rather, Shidou-kun..........? Were you trying to bring those children in there?’’

’’Eeeh! This is bad! Police! Police!’’


He can't have himself be reported. Shidou brought Tohka and the rest and ran away from the spot.


  1. Jump up↑ Referring to when children helps their parents in the household.
  2. Jump up↑ Kiss
  3. Jump up↑ Imagine power rangers
  4. Jump up↑ Refering to teenagers with a tone used to talk to children


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