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Date A Live - Volume 5 - Chapter 3


Chapter 3: Double Approach[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Time had passed, and it was now 18:50.

As expected even the sun had fallen, and the heat and humidity oppressing the day time had got a little better. And as if to match with that, the voice of the cicada echoing in the afternoon immediately switched to crickets.

Later, the group that moved to the hotel after waiting for Tohka to wake up, brought their luggage to their own respective rooms, and finished off their dinner before enjoying their free time.

Yes everyone but Shidou that is.

’’Haa............why do things have to turn out like this again..................’’

Shidou placed his hands on the hotel corridor wall while walking tiredly.

That was only normal. That's because 2 unsealed Spirits had appeared and both entangled themselves with Shidou. And what's more, it was accompanied by the condition where not even a single person has evacuated.

Kaguya and Yuzuru, both of them became surprisingly obedient after receiving some kind of explanation from Reine in the museum but................... that was not enough to erase his anxiety.

’’I have to something about this.’’

He made a sullen face while groaning, and continued dragging his legs forward.

Right now Shidou was heading towards Reine's room. He was going there to have a discussion about the objectives from now on, he was told to meet her in her room when he was about to exit the museum.

However, Shidou stopped his legs when he was about to reach a T-junction.

.............Two heads were coming out of the corner of both sides of the road that was separated into two and they were firmly sending their gazes towards Shidou.

Immediately, he noticed those living things. After Shidou nervously swallowed his saliva, he opened his lips.

’’Wha, what are you doing, Kaguya, Yuzuru?’’

When Shidou said that, both of them walked out from the deepest part of the road.

’’Kuku.........not bad for noticing my presence. Or should I say it is to be expected from you.’’

’’Pointing out. It's only because the one hiding was bad.’’

’’.............! I,I don't want to be told that by Yuzuru! I was hiding better than you!’’

’’Objection. There is no reason that Kaguya can hide better than Yuzuru.’’

...............both of them were obvious from Shidou's perspective but, he refrained from saying it.

’’So the both of you, what were you two doing?’’

When Shidou asked, both of them looked at each other for an instant before looking back at Shidou.

’’Fu............let me tell you. You may follow me.’’

’’Guarantee. Please come this way.’’

And at the exact same time both of them pulled Shidou's arms respectively.

’’Wha, what's going on, seriously?’’

While looking left and right with a perplexed feeling, Shidou was being dragged before long, they reached a certain place.

There were two blue and red flags hanging together next to each other at the entrance, and the words [Male] and [Female] were written on them respectively .

It was the entrance to the hotel's famous outdoor bath.

’’.........The baths?’’

When Shidou tilted his head, Kaguya exaggeratedly nodded.

’’Kuku...............the impure darkness has accumulated too much on your body. I permit you to purify that body.’’


’’Translation. Please go in the baths and wash away your sweat, was what she was saying.’’

’’ that's what it means. But, the bath time is a little later right. I also haven't prepared any change of clothes or towels yet. And what's more, there is a place I have to go right now...............’’

When he said that and about to turn behind, both of his arms were grabbed even tighter.

’’Ouch ouch............wha, what was that for?’’

’’Did you think someone like you has the right to choose? Stop grumbling about trivial matters and purify those impurities.’’

’’Appeal. Please go ahead. The preparations for bathing are all assembled here.’’

Yuzuru lowered her sights downward. And there were bath towels, towel and a yukata folded there.

’’Wh, why do you have to go that far...............what on earth are you two planning?’’

’’Fu............there is no way my noble and mysterious thoughts, could be understood and grasped by an ordinary person.’’

’’Proposal. Something like a big bath-house with no people in it is a nice thing.’’


After Shidou alternated between looking at the two of them with doubtful eyes, *Haaa* he made a big sigh.

It was not like Reine had set a strict specific time, there was a chance that the both of them would start acting violently if he were to refuse their instructions now.

’’..................I understand. Then I will let myself go on in first.’’

’’ long as you understand.’’

’’Praise. Yuzuru respects Shidou's decision.’’

Although he had not a single clue about what these two's intentions were but, well it was true that he wanted to go to the baths and have his fatigue and sweat washed away. He grabbed the towels and such that were prepared, and entered the male baths.

At that moment when he took a glance behind, for some reason, Kaguya's cheek was red as if she was a little shy and Yuzuru was placing her hands towards her mouth.

While feeling suspicious towards their behavior, Shidou took off his clothes in the undressing room;he then carried a towel in one hand and pulled open the sliding door that had been fogged up by steam.

’’Oooh...........this is amazing.’’

And thus, he unintentionally leaked out admiration towards the scenery that was expanding in front of his eyes.

At the gigantic bathtub formed by stones, it was filled with slightly brown hot water and thick steam was floating out of it. Furthermore, the sea was just a little further ahead, the bathtub and the soft sound of ripples echoed.

Due to it still not being bath time, there were no people other than Shidou. I see, this might be the best location according to what Yuzuru said.

Shidou quickly washed his head and body, placed the towel on his head and sunk his body into the hot water.

’’Aah ’’

And thus, he leaked out such a voice that stinks of the elderly. When he extended both his legs and hands, he spread his whole body into the slightly hot water.

And, it was at that time. The sound *Roll* appeared and the sliding door for the bath house opened.

He brought his eyes towards the entrance wondering if someone entered Shidou stiffened up in the water.


That was probably a normal reaction. That's because, Kaguya and Yuzuru whom he had separated from just now in the corridor, were now standing there with one bath towel wrapped around their body.

’’Yo, you girls what the hell are you doingggggggggg! This is the male baths you know!?’’

Unable to hold back Shidou shouted, just like that both of them dipped their feet into the bathtub and walked beside Shidou.

Because of the steam the thin bath towel stuck onto their skin, and both of their body silhouettes distinctively came outwards. When Shidou face turned red unintentionally, he sunk his face even deeper into the water.

Seeing Shidou's reaction, Kaguya folded her arms while blushing.

’’Ku,kukuku...............ho, how about it. As expected even you have no choice but to grovel upon my charm.’’

Hearing those words, Yuzuru stood in a manner as if confronting Kaguya *Fusu* , leaked out a breath.

’’Sneer. Charm (laugh). That's the first time Yuzuru heard Kaguya possessed something like that.’’

’’...............fuun, I will immediately make that face of yours cry. By making that Shidou over there fall for my charm!’’

’’Challenge accepted. Yuzuru will take it on.’’

After saying that, both of them slowly bent their legs, and enter the bathtub as if to squeeze Shidou.


Originally wearing a bath towel while entering the baths was a violation of manners but, there was no way he could point something like that out.

Shidou's stiffened up his body nervously, and instinctively closed his eyes.

’’'s okay to resolute yourself Shidou. Allow me to make that body of yours unable to be satisfied unless it's me.’’

’’Objection. Yuzuru will have Shidou become the victim of my body.’’

’’Wha, what are you...................’’

Hearing both of them Shidou's body stiffened up even harder. Aah, I wonder what kind of amazing things they will do to me. Being captured by the little anticipation from an unknown fear, his mind was spinning.



Nothing happened, even after a while passed. Shidou slowly opened his eyes.

The both of them were positioning themselves on Shidou's left and right side, and were only mixing their sights as if they were provoking one another.

’’Fu........., Oh kind Yuzuru, I allow you to go first.’’

’’Objection. It's unnecessary. Rather Kaguya is the one that needs a handicap. I will at least give you the right to start first.’’

’’Kaka, you're someone that doesn't get it. Shidou's eyes will be nailed onto me the moment I lay my hands on him. How about trying to understand my concerns to allow you to make a moment for yourself?’’

’’Doubt. In reality you have no idea what would be a good thing to do right?’’

When Yuzuru said that, *Twitch* Kaguya's shoulder twitched.

’’Th, there's no way that's true! I'm very ero ero! Wha, what are you saying! I have many adult techniques that someone like you could never think of!’’

’’Suspicious. Well, then please show it to me.’’

’’Wha...............ah, fu, fuun! Alright, watch carefully!’’

When Kaguya stood up from her spot, while looking at Shidou's direction, she placed her right hand on her head and placed her left hand on her hip and,


She took such a pose that even out-dated gravure models would not.

At that moment, Yuzuru placed her hands on her mouth and, * Puuukusukusu* leaked out a breath.


Shidou scratched his cheeks not knowing what is a good thing he should be saying., it was not like it wasn't se*y. The wet bath towel sticking onto Kaguya's skin was certainly se*y.

However............. compared to before, an unbearable feeling was filling Shidou's heart.

Looking at these two reactions, Kaguya's face dyed red and once again dived into the bathtub.

’’Th, the two of you together, what's wrong!’’

’’Sneer. As expected from Kaguya's charm (Laugh) it's different.’’

’’Wha, what did you say!? kuh, I mean isn't that it? And what about you, in reality aren't you the one that has no idea what to do!’’

Kaguya pointed her fingers while saying that. When she did that, Yuzuru *twitched* made the edge of her eyebrows move.

’’.................. Objection. There is no way such a thing is true.’’

’’Haa, I wonder! Then how about doing it now and showing me!’’

’’Acknowledged. you wish.’’

When Yuzuru said that she turned around and faced Shidou,

’’Bewitch. Chuuu.’’

And, she blew a flying kiss with the posture of an olden time idol.

’’.............ah, un.’’

And again, while wondering how to give a proper reaction, Shidou let sweat ooze out of his forehead while making a wry smile.

Seeing that pose, Kaguya held her stomach under her arms and laughed out.

’’Kyahahahahahahaha! What is that, whaaat is that! Were you seriously planning to bewitch him with that?’’

’’Disappointed. I do not want to be told that by Kaguya.’’

’’Haan, that goes for you too!’’

’’Objection. With Kaguya's child-like figure, something like seduction is not possible in the first place.’’

’’.............! Yo, yours isn't that much of a difference from mine!’’

’’Objection. Even if it close by a narrow margin from using arithmetic's, the massaging feeling is different.’’

’’Ku, kuku..................looks like you don't understand the charm of a slender body.’’

’’Sneer. Slender (laugh). Reality won't change no matter how much you sugarcoat it.’’

’’Fu, fuun...............! An object like that is nothing but a mass of fat after all!’’

’’Resentment. Yuzuru cannot pretend to not hear that. I treat that as Kaguya's jealousy.’’

’’Don't treat that like jealousy! I'm not envious or anything! It's obvious that Shidou thinks I'm the much cuter one compared to the fatty Yuzuru!’’

’’Objection. It is a fatal handicap for a woman to have no breasts when they are trying to appeal to a male. A chicken bone like Kaguya would not be accompanied.’’


’’Challenge accepted. Who is a fatty?’’

’’What's wrong, despite having more split ends than me! Hoo-ra~ Shidou, you don't like a woman like that right!’’

’’Pointing out. Kaguya is the one that smells more like sweat compared to Yuzuru. You fall behind in charm as a woman.’’

’’Wh ,What the hell!? Even you have higher fat percentage than me!’’

’’Pity. In the end Yuzuru now knows pity towards Kaguya who only knows how to point that out.’’

’’Shut up! Look! Puyo Puyoo! Puyo Puyoo![5C 1]’’

’’Return fire. Peta Petaa! Peta Petaa![5C 2]’’

The both of them started quarreling. And


Shidou twitched his shoulders. The sliding door made a sound once again;it was probably someone else coming in.

’’O,oi...............somebody entered. Shouldn't you two hide?’’

This was the male bath. And naturally, the new intruder would obviously be a male student.

But Kaguya and Yuzuru said it in a calm and relaxed manner.

’’Kuku...............what are you saying, Shidou?’’

’’Objection. There is no problem. There is no need to worry.’’


Not understanding what these two meant, Shidou tilted his head. And,

’’Toryaa ’’

With a very energetic voice, the new bathing guest energetically jumped into the bathtub.

And then Shidou, who had entered the baths earlier saw that person.

It was a dignified voice tone which he has memories of. Night colored long hair. Painted by a beautiful curvy body line, that could not possibly be thought to belong to a male. Yes, that figure was

Belonged to none other than Yatogami Tohka.


And at that moment, Tohka also seem to have noticed the previous guest. She then looked at Shidou blankly.



And thus.



Both of their faces met, and at an exact timing both of them raised a scream.

Tohka moved her hands hastily in panic, and immediately covered her chest and lower parts.

’’Wh,whwhwhwhwhwhwhwhwhwh what are you doing here shidou!’’

’’N,nononono why did you enter here! This is the male bath!’’

’’What are you saying! I followed exactly what everyone taught me, and entered the red one!’’


At that instant Shidou's body suddenly twitched. A cold chill passed through his spine.

’’Don't tell me, you girls...............!’’

When he said that and brought his eyes to his left and right side, Kaguya and Yuzuru replied back blankly.

’’Umu, I switched the entrance flag just before Shidou entered. As expected from me. I'm such a tactician.’’

’’Question. Is there by any chance, a problem?’’

’’Y.o.u. giiiirrllllllllsss...............!’’

Shidou's voice was filled with resentment and he glared at the both of them.

He was almost close to bearing a grudge but now was not the time for that. He turned around to face Tohka and lowered his head with vigor as if he were dipping his face into the bathtub.

’’Tohka, believe me. I swear I didn't plan to do something like this!’’


While Shidou was desperately trying to appeal to her, Tohka made a confused face.

’’Th,then what are you doing here in a place like this................’’

’’I got tricked! Sorry, I'll immediately get out now............!’’


When Shidou was about to get out of the bathtub while trying his best not to look at Tohka's body, Tohka unexpectedly grabbed his hands. It was like;she was trying to restrain Shidou.

’’Wha, what's wrong Tohka.’’

’’No.............that way, is a bad idea I think.’’


The same time Shidou's eyes turned to dots, the sliding door again opened, and a group of girls entered.

’’Wha ’’

He quickly sank back into the bathtub in panic, and hid behind the shade of the rocks.

If this was pondered carefully, this was a normal occurrence. It became bath time and Tohka had entered the bath, which means, the other girls would all come in to the bath at the same time.

’’Yaa , isn't this wideee~! The sea is just right theree~~!’’

’’Ah, transfer student-san, both of you already entered. So fast~~’’

’’Are, Tobiichi-san aren't you going into the baths?’’

’’ there is, something I have to do no matter what.’’

’’I, I see..........good luck.’’

He heard the high-pitch voices of the girls. It was probably only a matter of time before he would be found.

’’Thi,thithithithi this is bad...............! Wha,what am I going to do ............!’’

From a pinch that he never experience before, Shidou held his head between his hands and made his eyes swim around.

If by any chance he were to be found hiding there, he would most probably be ganged up and beaten.

No, if that happens it would still be okay. Being pasted with the label of a se* offender that will never disappear in a lifetime, there is no mistake that he has to live his remaining school life, being told it was a mistake of his youth or labeled as a pervert or even being called the incarnation of se*ual desire. Rather than that, in a worst case scenario there might be a chance this event would involve the police

And, while Shidou was trembling, Tohka was moving around as if she was hiding Shidou.


’’It's not like its shidou's fault right..........? Then, hurry up and run away using my shadow to hide.’’

’’..................! So,sorry. I owe you one..........!’’

Luckily, thanks to the steam of the reddish brown water, it became harder to look at Shidou's figure. With Tohka acting as a wall, there might be a chance to escape outside of the girl's baths.

’’Okay............. let's go then.’’

’’O, ou..................’’

He nodded at Tohka's voice. When he did that, while being submerged in the bathtub, Tohka began walking like a crab.

While hiding behind her back, he continued advancing beneath the water. However,

’’Ah, Tohka-chan spotted~!’’

’’What's wrong? Why are you at the edge?’’

’’More importantly uwaah, your skin is so pretty. You bastard let me massage it!’’

In front of Tohka, the Ai Mai Mii trio appeared. Inside Shidou's head, the BGM of encountering an enemy in a RPG rang and echoed.


’’N,no, nothing is wrong! Don't worry about it!’’

Even as Tohka said that, the Ai Mai Mii trio was totally interested in her. If this keeps up, they might notice Shidou's figure hiding behind Tohka.

And, at that moment.

’’Haaa...............! What is a giant wheat bread doing at a place like that!’’

Tohka suddenly shouted, and pointed somewhere far. At that moment, the 3 of them turned their attentions towards there.

’’ !’’

Chance. When Shidou turned his body around, he dived into the sea from the edge of the rocks.

At the same time, a few gentlemen were gathered in the corners of the male bath in a circle. They were exchanging conversation with soft voices.

’’Oi Tonomachi, it better be true right?’’

Being asked a question from a classmate, Tonomachi's *Grin* corner of his lips went up.

’’Aah, there is no mistake. Although it is usually unnoticeable when someone enters the bathhouse but, a part of the fence acting as a wall between the female and male baths, has a doubtful gap opened in it’’


The comrades of battle that had the same motives raised their voices at the same time. *Un**Un* after Tonomachi nodded, he suddenly held out his hand in the middle of everyone. And naturally, everyone else's hands piled up on his.

’’Have you all finished your preparations and resolution?!’’

’’’’Of course!’’’’

’’Understood! Then follow me! I will show you this world's paradise..........!’’


Rough voices echoed around, and everyone raised their hands high.

After Tonomachi cast his eyes downwards as if to taste the lingering thin intoxicating feeling, he then slowly walked. And thus he advanced towards the bath house fence making as little sound as possible, until he reached the target point.

’’Okay, now then..........’’

After Tonomachi looked at his comrades of war, everyone gave him a nod.

’’You go first, Tonomachi.’’

’’You gave all of us courage. You guided all of us.’’

’’Burn the view properly, into your eyes and soul.’’

’’You guys...............’’

After Tonomachi energetically wiped away his tears using his arms, he replied back by giving a big nod.

’’Well then, let's go.............look closely at, my way of life!’’

Tonomachi said that and stretch his back to make himself taller;he then peeked inside the part of the fence which has a small gap opened on it.




He met an eye.

Looking over carefully to this side from the female side and belonging to Tobiichi Origami.

’’................So,sorry to have bothered you.’’

Tonomachi said it with a dry voice and returned his foot to its original place.


Reine was operating the small terminal in her room, unexpectedly wrung her neck. Coming from outside the door, *step**step* she heard the sound of footsteps.

And following with the thought of the sound stopping in front of the room, *knock**knock* someone knocked on the door.

’’...............Go on ahead.’’

When Reine said that, the door slowly opened, Shidou, wearing a single towel wrapped around his hips entered the room. For some reason his whole body was dripping wet, *clatter**clatter* and was trembling with his hands holding his shoulders.

Looking at that state, Reine was immersed in thoughts for a few seconds before *Pon* hitting her hand as if she got it.

’’............isn't it a little too early, for you to be doing a night visit?’’

Part 2[edit]

’’ inferior humans. Think of it as a privilege to live in the same room as me. It's alright to carve my name highly into your heart. The name of the child of hurricanes, Yamai Kaguya.’’

The girl that had turned up in room number 40, which is the room Tohka and the others were staying in, was sitting on top of the table and was arrogantly making a greeting.

Although she was extremely rude but, probably because of Kaguya's high-pitched voice and proud face, her unpleasantness was not that oppressive. She was giving out a pleasant feeling like a little kid acting as their favorite character.

’’Umu, let's be friends. Nice to meet you!’’

*Yup**yup* Tohka nodded while folding her arms. And as if to match up with that, the group members Ai, Mai, and Mii who were sitting beside her, all smiled.

In a hurry, when Reine said let this girl stay with all of you for one night, the three of them were shocked but, basically since all of the members here like cute and fun things, they immediately agreed to it. [Kyaaaa!] They made smiling faces as if to make it lively and started to poke Kaguya's cheeks or even patted her head.

’’Iyaaa Moouu, Kaaawaaaaiiiiii. Sooo cutee!’’

’’Her hair's so silky. Her cheeks are so squishy.’’

’’Do you like sweet things? Do you want to eat some Pokey?’’

’’St,stop, You bastards! You all are disrespectful! *munch**munch*...............’’

Kaguya unbearably raised a shout. And by the way she was eating Pokey.

’’Ah! Mii, I also want some Pokey!’’

’’Hai~ Hai~, it's alright Tohka-chan. .................., ah , so sorry. The one I gave Kaguya-chan just now was the last one. Do you want to eat YanYanTsukebou[5C 3]instead?’’

’’Wha.............what is that!?’’

When Tohka was making a serious face and was taking a good look at the cylindrical object handed to her, Ai Mai Mii threw another question at Kaguya.

’’Ne Ne , so, where did Kaguya-chan come from?’’

’’It's kind of rare to be transferring schools at a time like this.’’

’’Is Group 4 okay if you enter the new school term?’’

Ai Mai Mii threw question after question in rapid succession. *Swish*and Kaguya crossed her legs.

’’Where.........huh. Fuu, that's a good question. The place I came from is from the summit of the heavens and also the bottom of the ground. It is in the farthest part of the afterlife and just beside the edge of the present world. It is not in the realm of the likes of you people to be able to understand with that category of thoughts.’’

’’After-life.............present world..........?

Tohka tilted her head. However, she could understand that something amazing was being said.

’’Muu. I see, Kaguya is amazing to know so many hard words!’’

’’Kuku.............looks like you understands. I took a liking to you. What is your name called?’’

’’Umu, it's Yatogami Tohka.’’

’’Tohka huh..................kuku, it's a nice name. Here, let me pat you.’’

For some reason Kaguya's mood lighten up, and *rub**rub* patted Tohka's head.

’’Nu? What, what is it, it's ticklish.’’

’’You seem to be promising. By the darkness of baptism, I will add you into my kinsman.’’

’’Kinsman? What is that?’’

’’Kuku...............that is the allowable qualifications to be in the line of battle as I am the general. It means that you are able to put your name into the list of the world's greatest clan.’’

’’OOu.............! Although I don't really get it but, are you willing to do something that amazing for me!?’’

For some reason, when Tohka said that honestly, Kaguya's finger trembled as if she was overcome by emotion. Somehow, it was as if it was the first time she met someone who understood her. Much like an inventor or an artist.

’’Ou, of course! I will use my whole body and soul to protect you! Think of it as an honor!’’

’’Umu, I feel honored!’’

Looking at these two, Ai Mai Mii placed their hands on their cheeks and [Yaan~!] raised their voices.

’’Uwah I seriously can't take it anymore. Tohka-chan and Kaguya-chan are too cute.’’

’’Wait, can I take one photo? Eye's over here please~’’

’’It makes you think that gender is only a trivial thing.’’

Saying that, for some reason they would twist their body, make poses with a digital camera and even lick their lips while gazing towards them with sparkling eyes.

Kaguya frowned her eyebrows towards those gazes, before her eyes stared into wonder as if she realized something.

’’You said you are called Tohka right. Don't tell me you.....................are that girl that was bearing Shidou's back at that time?’’

’’? Did something happen to shidou?’’

When Tohka answered that, Kaguya squinted her eyes, pulled Tohka's hand and walked to the corner of the room.

’’Arere~, Kaguya-chan where are you going?’’

’’Right now, I am attempting to share very important information with my kinsman. Due to the words having a curse that no normal human can bear, if heard by a normal person's ear that ear will become sore and fall off. But if that is still okay with you, you are allowed to listen.’’

’’Ah, A secret talk. Ahaha, we wouldn't do anything like eavesdropping.’’

Ai said that while making a cheerful smile. However, Tohka did not bother with that. While pushing her earlobes with both her hands, her body was trembling.

’’E,ears will drop off............?’’

’’Do not worry. It's not a problem for me and my kinsman such as you, since we hold mysterious powers inside us.’’

’’I see...............a kinsman is something amazing.’’

When Tohka mumbled while making a quiet expression, Kaguya nodded satisfied and asked her with the volume of her voice lowered.

’’Tohka, you, look like you are close to Shidou.’’

’’Nu? Umu, I know a lot if it is regarding shidou.’’

’’!, I see. Kuku..................if that is the case, there are some questions that I want to ask you.’’

When Tohka said that, Kaguya stood her fingers straight and let out her questions.

’’Appeal. I will be under your care for tonight, I am Yamai Yuzuru. Pleased to meet all of you.’’

Saying that, the girl with the listless half-eye pressed three of her fingers in each hand on the floor and lowered her head.

’’N,no, it's okay even if you don't have to be that formal............?’’

Reacting to Yuzuru's unnecessary politeness, it seemed like everyone in room 42 was being polite back to her instead.

Moving her hands in a panicked and un-calm manner, she made an awkward dry smile.

Originally this group, having the center as the class's most quiet group members, was composed of the remaining students that had failed to find a group. Since the group members themselves did not have much conversation from the start, the conversation did not advance any further than that.


However, Origami was not bothered by the awkward atmosphere at all. But rather she was quiet as always, due to her usual habit of not making unnecessary conversation, she seemed to have taken a liking to this group.

Sitting at the corner of the room, she was making regretful sighs while looking outside the window.

The result of careful research beforehand, she had discovered a gap in a part of the fence acting as a wall between the female and male baths but................she was unable to find Shidou's figure anywhere.

And, she heard a member;probably unable to bear the silence, call out towards Yuzuru.

’’E,errrr............doesn't your leg hurt? If it's okay with you, we have a zabuton[5C 4]..................’’

’’Grateful. I will take you for your word.’’

She said it shortly, and Yuzuru walked towards the group members.

Because of that, the group finally exhaled in ease. The atmosphere of the room turn softer just by a little.

’’I am sure you have a lot of problems because of the sudden transfer, just ask if you have something you aren't sure about okay?’’

’’Many thanks. I am greatly obliged to your considerations.’’

Yuzuru said that, and again lowered her head. The female student wearing glasses, made a troubled dry smile.

And, Yuzuru opened her lips at the same time as she was raising her head.

’’Question. Then there is one, question I want to ask but, is it okay?’’

’’Yes, of course. What?’’

’’Appeal. I wish for you to teach me the ways of attracting the affections of a male.’’


Hearing the question let out by the expressionless Yuzuru, the group members stiffened up.

’’E,eerrrr............? What did you say just now?’’

’’Repetition. The ways of attracting the affections of a male. I hope that you will instruct me in the art of coaxing that leads him unable to endure anymore, and release the shackles of reasoning.’’


The group member's faces were dyed red. This was the gathering of a group of nothing but girls that are comparatively plain even in class. They might not have the immunity to this kind of topic.

However, maybe unable to back away after saying she could ask anything, the first girl that called out to Yuzuru opened her mouth nervously.

’’Let's see ............something like, coincidentally pretending to touch each other's hand.............?’’

’’N,no, that kind of Shoujo manga is.........’’

’’Eeh............then what am I suppose to say?’’

’’Errr, let's see.............something like, handing over juice that has been partially drank beforehand?’’

’’ Naïve.’’

At that conversation, Origami interjected from the side. The group members looked with a surprised face.

’’Eh? To,tobiichi-san...............?’’

’’What did you meant by naïve ..........?’’

’’It is not even worth talking about. You won't be able to make the target person to fall for you if you use those aimless actions.’’

When Origami said that, she found that Yuzuru's eyes were quietly shining.

’’Appeal. Yuzuru can see that you are no ordinary person. Please instruct me.’’


After Origami sighed, she changed her body's orientation towards Yuzuru, and used her fingers to point in front of her.

Yuzuru immediately stood up, and sat on the place Origami pointed to.

’’First, the most important thing is ’’

And then Origami started talking softly.

Part 3[edit]

Somehow managing to come out from the sea and reaching Reine's room, Shidou who was borrowing a spare Yukata, drank up the tea poured into the teacup before sighing loudly.

’’I'm sorry, for the help..................’’

’’ it looks like it was a disaster.’’

After saying that, Reine shrugged her shoulders.

Shidou unintentionally averted his eyes. Reine was wearing the provided Yukata but...............probably because the part where the Obi tied was done carelessly, every time she moved, he peeked towards her seductive chest. In the eyes of a healthy male student, it was a somewhat strong poison.

’’...............? Is anything wrong?’’

’’N,no. Rather than that, is communication with the <Fraxinus>restored?’’

’’, it's no use.’’

’’I............see. Errr, then about those two Kaguya and Yuzuru.........’’

Reine made a small nod, and started operating the small note personal computer placed on top of the table. On the screen, taken from a distance, the figure of 2 human shadows dancing in the wind, detailed numbers and sequenced words were being shown on it.

Although the physiognomy of the person could not be differentiated with just the picture, but

’’This is.............Kaguya and Yuzuru?’’

’’...............aah, most probably.’’

When Shidou pointed at the screen and raised his voice, Reine brought her head forward a little.

’’ reality, these girls are quite famous between us. Right when I heard you say you saw a two-person Spirit in the wind;I could somehow guess who it was.’’

’’What do you mean by............famous?’’

When Shidou asked the question, Reine lightly pulled her hands out, as if to talk in steps.

’’.............those girls are called <Berserk>. Just like what you saw, they are a Spirit accompanied with the wind.’’


’’..................aah. They are the two-person spirit confirmed in all around the world of this realm. Appearing into this world, both of them were only always joking around but...............the problem was the scale of it.’’


Shidou scratched his cheeks while remembering what happened in the afternoon. It was a strong storm that was able to knock down many trees and make the sea rage.

It would probably be unbearable if that occurred many more times.

’’It is probably those girls'fault for the number of outbreak-natured storms occurring around the world. On top of that, the amount of eye-witness information is unusually high. Having their photos taken in a American gossip magazine, it seems there is a little controversy whether it is an angel, UFO or even the flying spaghetti.’’

’’Eye-witnesses..............., ah ’’

At that moment Shidou realized. Speaking of which, even though there was a Spirit appearing nearby, the Space Quake alarm nearby did not ring.

In the northern part of the Arubi Island, it was a place with a high diffusing rate shelter that does not lose to Tenguu city that Shidou and the others are living in. If they were to confirm the omen of a Space Quake, there is no mistake that the alarm will ring.

’’Don't tell me, those two came to this world silently?’’

When Shidou said that in fear, Reine swung her head sideways.

’’, it looks like the omen was confirmed. but, it happened far above in the skies of the Pacific Ocean.’’

Shidou unintentionally stared into wonder.

’’The Pacific Ocean's sky?’’

’’......................aah. Both of the <Berserk>'s Space Quake scale is A is an explosion incomparable to Tohka and the others. But for some reason most of it, was confirmed in the middle of the sky with nothing in it.’’

’’Eh, then, why did those two come to this island...................’’

’’'s simple. They moved here, after appearing into this world from the sky. While both of them were locked in a grapple that was like a transporting cyclone, they moved a distance of a few hundred kilometers, in just a few minutes.’’


’’ is a hurricane that has the intentions of causing trouble for the world. Although it shows precise intentions of attacking humans, it is not because they hate this world;it is because the after-math of the two of them just quarreling will leave, the forests, mountains, rivers and towns in devastation, they are whimsical berserkers.’’

While Reine was saying that, she then hit the terminals enter key. When she did that, the image of a town wrecked into pieces appeared onto the screen.

’’..................the damage done by those girls is very serious. Adding on, having their figures being exposed to the public's attention, it is an annoyance to the organizations that want to conceal the existence of Spirits. Due to that, Kaguya and Yuzuru are appointed as priority targets, to <Ratatoskr>and to the AST. ......However, there were not many people that were able to get close to them so far.’’

’’Wh,why is that?’’

’’'s because of their movement speed and movement radius. There is no one that is able to chase them after they come over to this world. However it could be said that this is luck within bad luck, that you were able to encounter those two.’’

’’I, I see.........’’

Reine continued on after swaying her head a little.

’’'s true right now, we are in the situation where communications to <Fraxinus>are cut off and we can't get support from <Ratatoskr>. I cannot conduct a proper analysis, with only the equipment I have now. If we were to conduct the capture now, it would probably be much more risky than usual.

’’But it's not all bad.’’

’’And by that you mean.............’’

’’.............aren't those girls, the ones trying to gain your affection right now.’’


Shidou let sweat droop down his cheeks. Because of that, he experienced a hard time just now.

’’..................towards the extremely low encounter rate <Berserk>, this is a situation that cannot be wished for. If we were to let this chance get away, not joking, we might not be able to meet Kaguya and Yuzuru a second time again. That's why, I would like the seal to be performed before those girls change their minds.’’

’’Then, to capture them without the assistance of <Fraxinus> what you want to say?’’

After saying that, Shidou swallowed his own saliva as if he was nervous because of his own words.

Although the choices were 50% helpful is painful to be unable to know the targets'mental state. And most of all, having a backup support behind him, and to be able to have the recognition that he is not alone, makes his psychological state unimaginably calm.

’’..................I guess you're right. In truth there is one more thing that will be posing a problem to capturing those girls.’’

’’Something that will pose a’’

’’'s simple. <Berserk>has two people in it. What's more, they are now competing with each other on who will be able to seduce you. If by any chance you were to kiss any one of them what do you think would happen?’’


If he does the kiss for the sealing, those girls would probably take the kissed person as the winner of the match.

But the winner will lose their Reiryoku the moment she becomes victorious.

But if the loser does not agree with the conclusion of the match and starts rampaging there won't be anyone capable on stopping her.

’’..................although I am not doubting their pride and morals but...............I can't take it as a basis for exposing the residents of Arubi island and the students to danger.’’

’’I're right. Then, then, does it means that I have no other choice but kiss with one of them while hiding from the other?’’

Reine made a difficult groan, towards Shidou's proposal.

’’..................I can't say it is for certain. It looks like those two were originally one Spirit. Just like you, Tohka and the others, there might be a chance that there is a Reiryoku Pass between those two. If that is the case, the other side will probably notice the moment the other one is sealed.’’

’’Then, then, what on earth should I............’’

When Shidou made a difficult face and asked, Reine lowered her head forwards while folding her arms.

’’ is not like there is no way to do it. There is one, plan I have already worked on.’’


’’............aah. This afternoon, during the time we talked, I exchanged an agreement with them. On the last day of the school field trip which is until the morning of the day after tomorrow, they must make you choose which of them is more charming.’’

’’The day after tomorrow.........right.’’

’’...............aah. If they are able to get the results without fail in two days, those girls will probably not pay back the grudges that easily right? At the very least, we are able to gain an extension of one day. To us, this is a very precious Date time.’’

Hearing Reine's words, Shidou gasped.

’’Which means...............tomorrow, in just one day, you're saying................that I have to make Kaguya and Yuzuru fall for me? But ’’

’’, it's a little different.’’

And, in the middle of Shidou's words, Reine swung her head sideways.

’’............This time, I, will be the one making you fall for me’’


’’...............that's why you will go above that and will make them fall for you’’

For an instant he did not understand what Reine said, Shidou opened his eyes and mouth wide. Although he could not understand it by himself but, he was probably making a suitably idiotic face.

However Reine did not laugh at Shidou's funny state, but instead continued on with a soft voice.

’’...................I will hand incam's to Kaguya and Yuzuru and Shin I will help them proceed in giving them a helping hand in capturing you. All you have to do is show favorable responses, and act accordingly to the girls I am giving orders to. She is someone I can trust to support me, and thus, just like that, I want her to think that.’’

’’Eh, no, wait, I don't get what you are saying................’’

’’............if both of them were to get to the conclusion that the advice I gave them was accurate there is a chance that I can control both of their actions to a certain extent. Yes, for example I can make both of them kiss you at the same time, like that.’’


Shidou immediately twitched his shoulders.

Kiss both of them at the same time.

Naturally he had never even tried it before but if it were to seal both of their Reiryoku at the same time then, it was probably possible to reduce Reine's worries.

’’'s no different from a desperate plan. However..........if that's able to seal the two of them then, I think this is the only plan we have. So how about it?’’

Reine said it while giving Shidou a fixed stare.

’’How....... say.’’

While staring back at the eyes decorated on the bear, Shidou dampened his throat with his saliva.

It is true that this is an extremely difficult mission. Just one mistake and not only Shidou but, Tohka, Origami, everyone from school and the residents of this island will be dragged into it.

However if Shidou does not do this, there might be another outbreak natured hurricane appearing somewhere in the world.

What's more. Shidou bit his lips a little.

After hearing the nature of Kaguya and Yuzuru's relationship, Shidou felt an unbearably disgusting feeling.

They are quarreling for the sake of sitting on the seat of being the main personality the one that loses, will be absorbed by the other and disappear.

For the sake of surviving, they have no other choice but to kill their opponent, the worst plot.

The moment they were born, both of them were burdened with an extremely unreasonable fate of knowing one of them will vanish.

But, if Shidou succeeds in sealing both of their Reiryoku, there might be a chance that he would be able to change that fate.


Inside Shidou's mind, the memories of the Spirits he came in contact until now resurfaced.

Tohka. Yoshino. Kurumi. And also Kotori.

Whether it was dangerous or whatever, or things like what will happen to the world, he did not mind things like that being his second and third priorities.

The Spirits. He wanted to save those girls trapped and given the worst destiny.

That reason was more than enough for Shidou to extend his hands.

’’I understand...............I'll try.’’

’’................I'm sorry. That will be helpful.’’

When he said that, Reine suddenly removed her sights from Shidou and lightly lowered her head.

He will be troubled if she is that formal. Shidou made a dry smile while waving his hands.

’’No way. Even I want to save the Spirits ’’

And. When he was about to say it.

’’ Achhkkchooo!’’

Shidou made a flashy sneeze and shook his shoulders. Speaking of which, he felt that it was a little chilly even though it was summer time. It would seem he got cursed from diving into the sea just now.

’’ it a cold?’’

’’No...............I don't think it's a problem.’’

He said that and slurped his dripping nose.

And, at that moment Reine, *Pon* hit her hands as if she thought of something.

’’Reine-san? What's wrong?’’

’’..................aah, as expected it is not good if you don't take care of yourself. Just rest for today.’’

’’Eh? No, as expected that is a little.............’’

’’.............tomorrow, if by any chance you were to go down then, what are you going to do with Kaguya and Yuzuru?’’

Being told that, *Muu* Shidou groaned.

’’I understand. Then, I will let myself rest for today.’’

For some reason Reine grabbed Shidou's hand, when he said that and was about to stand up.

’’...............please wait, Shin. You are going to sleep here.’’


Not understanding what Reine's words mean, Shidou stared in wonder.

Part 4[edit]

Approximately 20 minutes had passed after that. Shidou completely understood what Reine's intentions were.

’’Kuku............Oh Shidou I have heard from Reine. It looks like you have gotten a cold. Kaka, a human is such a fragile thing. For their bodies to fall ill after that small degree.’’

’’Declaration. Please be at ease. If you are to take Yuzuru's nursing, then you will be at full health by tomorrow.’’

While saying that, the figures of Kaguya and Yuzuru wearing yukatas entered the room.

’’............aah, sorry about that.’’

Shidou said that and made a dry smile while inside a futon, having a wet towel placed on top of his head.

In an instant he wanted to leak out [who's fault did you think it was, who] words like this but, he locked it in the deepest part of his heart.

He heard the general idea from Reine. The point is to increase their intimacy points by having them nurse him and at the same time, understand both of their movement patterns.

With the purpose of avoiding infecting the other students, the teaching staff vacated the room and Shidou slept there alone. Incidentally, a hidden camera was installed in the shadows of the objects and was recording every single detail of these two's movements.

Kaguya and Yuzuru, will somehow try to gain some points here, and were probably enthusiastic about making Shidou choose. They were in an unusually motivated state.

’’Kuku..........then I will be bothering you.’’

’’Discourtesy. Yuzuru will allow herself to enter.’’

Both of them took off their slippers, and after they entered the room, they sat on the left and right side of Shidou as if to interpose him.

And then, they looked down at Shidou's face fixedly.

’’...............err, what is it?’’

When Shidou said that, Kaguya and Yuzuru immediately raised their face and mixed their sights.

’’Kuku............oh Yuzuru. I am going to say this first. You are going to hurt yourself if you think I am the same Yamai Kaguya from before. I have an excellent kinsman;thanks to her I have been reborn as the new me.’’

’’Sigh. Kaguya's bluffing started again.’’

At Kaguya's words, Yuzuru shrugged her shoulders like she gave up. It was a straightforward provocation. But Kaguya did not fall for it and distorted her mouth while leaking a fearless smile.

Yuzuru also sensed Kaguya's composure too. She squinted her eyes slightly.

’’Admiration. It looks like that is not an unnecessary lie at all. However, that goes for Yuzuru too. Yuzuru has gained a wonderful teacher. You are no longer Yuzuru's enemy.’’

’’Hou............? Interesting. Then let's have a fair fight!’’

She said that and Kaguya once again lowered her gaze back at Shidou.


After finishing taking a bath and changing into her sleep-wear, Tohka walked along the hotel corridor, and encountered Origami when she was just about to reach the crossroad.

Wearing simply designed sleep-wear, a small pouch-like object hung from her wrist and for some reason she was holding a plate with wrap on it. It would seem that Onigiris were placed on it.

Although Tohka was bothered as to why she was holding that but, honestly Origami was not someone that made her happy when she encountered her, but there was nothing in particular that she wanted to talk about. *Pui* Tohka turned her face away and walked towards her targeted location. but,


Tohka frowned dubiously. Origami was following Tohka's back silently.

’’Mu, why are you following me?’’

’’I am not following you or anything. We're just heading the same way.’’

Origami replied back without changing a single part of her expression. Tohka made the wrinkles between her brows even deeper.

’’, don't tell me you're planning to go to Reine's room.’’

When Tohka said that, Origami twitched her eyebrows for the first time.

Yes. Tohka was also, heading towards Reine's room in more accurate terms, she was planning to go look after Shidou who was resting in Reine's room.

Just now she wanted to play with Shidou, and when she reached Shidou's room, she was told that he was taking a rest in another room because of his cold.

However to think that Origami also knew the same information as her.

’’I am more than enough to look after Shidou. You can go back to your own room.’’

’’Don't joke with me;I'm the one who is going to look after shidou!’’

’’I do not think that is something possible for you.’’

’’What did you!’’

’’Well then, specifically what are you going to do?’’

’’Isn't that kind of thing already determined, first off ’’

Tohka, started talking with full confidence.

*Hiii* Shidou leaked out his breath. After Kaguya looked at his face lightly, she stretched her cheeks as if to strengthen her resolve and entered Shidou's futon cheerfully just like that.

’’Wai, Wait a second! What on earth are you !’’

’’Kuku............when someone gets a cold all they need to do is get warm, right? And Shidou, judging from the things I've heard, it looks like you love to share a bed with a girl.’’


Shidou kept his futon with both his hands while raising a shout. Shidou was also a boy now that he thought about it. Naturally it was not something he would hate, but..................

’’Wha,What is up with that. I don't remember saying something like that ’’

’’Am I wrong? My kinsman, said that you were in her futon when she woke up early on a certain morning............’’

’’...............sorry, there was.’’

Shidou replied while twitching his cheeks. Most probably, rather there is no mistake, that so called [Kinsman] Kaguya was speaking of probably referred to Tohka. Last time because of Kotori, there certainly was a case where he was thrown into Tohka's futon while he was asleep.

After hearing such a reply from Shidou, *Fufun* Kaguya made a triumphant smile towards Yuzuru and nodded with satisfaction. And just like that, she resumed pushing into Shidou's futon.

’’N,no, that's why ’’

And, when Shidou pinned down the futon as if to reject her, Kaguya [Ugu...............] made her shoulders into the kanji shape 八.

’’I,I' good?’’

’’...............! Tha,that isn't the.............AhhhhMou!?’’

Shidou, made a troubled face and placed his hand on his forehead.

’’ with the gist of it, you have to get warm by sleeping together!’’

Tohka, *Fufun* made a sound out of her noise while confidently folding her arms.

Yes. She remembered Reine and Kotori, saying that it is important to keep warm when getting a cold.

Adding on, she liked the warmth when Shidou crawled into Tohka's futon and slept together with her. Although she was surprised at the sudden event at that time but, right now in his current weakened physical condition.........................well, it was special now.

However, Origami swung her head sideways in a given up state.

’’As expected, you are unworthy for the role. You should quietly head back to your room.’’

’’Wha,What did you say!?’’

’’As evidence, you have not prepared anything.’’


When Tohka glared at her while saying that;Origami lowered her sights to the pouch hanging onto her wrist.

’’A medical thermometer, a cooling sheet, and also a towel meant for wiping his body was also prepared. There are no flaws.’’

’’Fu, Fuun! The towel is also prepared in the room right! Even that much I..................’’

She said that and Origami swung her head.

’’There's no point in doing that. Even if I wipe the sweat with great trouble, if it is the prepared towel, I can't take it back.’’

’’Mu, Muu............?’’

She did not understand a single word Origami said just now. She then rang her throat as if she was groaning.

’’What's more, you do not understand something very important.’’

’’A very important thing?’’

’’Yes. Using the towel is the last resort.’’

’’What? Then you can't wipe his sweat if it is like that?’’

’’If it was me I would.’’

Origami started talking plainly.

While the battle between Shidou and Kaguya unfolded, this time Yuzuru, took a step toward Shidou with a calm and easy movement.

And then, *Bazaaa* she pulled away the futon.

’’Uwaah!? What are you doing Yuzuru?’’

’’! That's right you, it's unfair for you to interrupt me from sleeping together with him.’’

As if agreeing with Shidou, Kaguya who was trying to enter the futon made a criticizing voice. However, Yuzuru was not in the state of stopping and caring about that and *twitch**twitch* moved her nose a little.

’’Confirming. Yuzuru can see sweating.’’

’’Eh? Aah............oh yeah, a little I guess.’’

Shidou made a small nod while answering. In order to act as if he had a cold, even though it was night time, he was covered in a thick futon in summertime. Naturally, he would sweat.

’’Pointing out. Your body temperature will drop because of the vaporization if you leave the sweat alone. You have to hurry and wipe it.’’

’’No.............well, that might be the case but.............’’

And, while Shidou was blankly staring in wonder, Yuzuru suddenly grabbed Shidou's yukata's awase[5C 5], and stripped him exposing his chest.

’’Ha ’’

Yuzuru then fell on top of Shidou, stretched her tongue out and licked Shidou's chest.

Soft and warm, the wet feeling was creeping around Shidou's chest as if tickling it. Because of the sudden event, Shidou unintentionally [Kyan!] let out a girlish voice.

’’Yu, Yuzuru!? wai.........!’’

’’Wha, whawhawhawhawhawha what are you doing Yuzuruuu!’’

Kaguya matched up with Shidou and shouted, Yuzuru tore herself apart from Shidou who was gripping onto her head.

When she did that, Yuzuru licked her lips and made a puzzled face.

’’Question. Why did you stop me?’’

’’Wh, why, what the hell are you doing!?’’

’’This is the best way to wipe the sweat, that's what my teacher taught me.’’

Shidou twitched his shoulders, from hearing Yuzuru words.....................somehow, there was only one person that came to mind.

But anyway, his first priority now was to find a way to deal with this situation. After Shidou fixed his exposed chest, he then covered himself with the stolen futon.

’’ And just like that, using the tongue to lick the sweat.’’

’’Wha,What's the point of that!?’’

When Tohka shouted while sweat was oozing out of her cheeks, *Hou* Origami sighed.

’’I feel pity for your lack of sensitivity.’’


Wondering why, although she was the one who was supposed to be the right, Tohka ground her teeth with an indescribable sense of defeat. However, she couldn't get overwhelmed by her opponent here. *Bun**bun* after Tohka swung her neck, she shook her throat as if objecting.

’’Bu,but in the end, sleeping together is needed after wiping the sweat off right!’’

’’That's true, you have a point. Sleeping together is a very important factor.’’

’’Look at that! Even I am useful!’’

However Origami, showed her denial again.

’’Even with that, just me is more than enough.’’

’’Do,don't joke with me! I'm the one who's much better at sleeping together!’’

Tohka and Origami's gazes met and *spark**spark* fireworks exploded all around them.

After Shidou covered himself with the futon, as if she was waiting for this to happen, Kaguya went on all fours while lifting Shidou's futon.

’’Kuku............looks like Shidou prefers sleeping together with me.’’

’’Objection. Yuzuru is much superior than Kaguya even in terms of sleeping together. If you want warmth then please allow Yuzuru.’’

’’No, it's weird! Something is weird!’’

When Shidou became desperate and stopped them, Kaguya and Yuzuru stared into wonder blankly.

’’What.......? Isn't skin contact the best way to get warm?’’

’’Agree. Yuzuru have heard that is the case.’’

’’I,It is not a snowy mountain so, I'm okay alone............’’

Shidou grabbed tightly onto the futon from his chest, and said that as if trying to escape from them. In terms the appearance, it was like the heroine getting attacked by hoodlums.

When he did that, Yuzuru *Pon* hit her hand as if she was convinced about something and made a small nod.

She then slowly stood up and she unraveled the obi that was tying her yukata together.


Kaguya's and Shidou's confusion were piled together magnificently.

But Yuzuru was not bothered and looked down at Shidou calmly. Peeking at her captivating skin and matching underwear worn on top and bottom from the slit of the unraveled Yukata, Shidou's heartbeat accelerated strangely.

’’Wha, whawha what are............’’

’’Understood. Speaking of which, teacher said there is no meaning unless there is direct skin contact if it is warming up.’’

’’What is with that super theory!?’’

Even when Shidou raised a scream-like voice, Yuzuru was not bothered and entered the futon.

She then took Shidou's trembling left arm and slid it into the middle of her Yukata.


Shidou's face turned red and he shouted. Although he couldn't see it by himself but, there was probably smoke coming out from his ears and head.

’’Wai, wha,what are you squirming around for!’’

’’Ignore. It's okay that Kaguya does not know. It is an adult space inside the futon.’’

When Yuzuru said that, Kaguya ground her teeth together in frustration.

’’Do, don't look down on meeee!’’

She then placed her hands on her obi with vigor and *BASAAT* removed it.


Shidou's eyes stared into wonder. Since she purged her obi more vigorously than Yuzuru, her Yukata got flipped up for an instant. What's more

’’Wh,why are you naked Kaguyaa!?’’

Yes. Even Yuzuru was wearing a bra and panties under her yukata, but Kaguya was right now, not wearing anything at all. He closed his eyes in panic.

’’..............! Shock. To go to that extent.’’

Yuzuru was also opening her eyes in shock. After looking at both of their reactions, Kaguya let out her voice while being confused.

’’Eh? Aren't yukatas, suppose to be something like this? Because what Tohka said was ’’

’’No, it may be the correct way but even so!’’

’’Eh, Eeei, I don't care anymore........!’’

After entering an excited state, Kaguya shouted in desperation, just like that, she dove into Shidou's futon.

She then took Shidou just like what Yuzuru did, and used both her legs to entwine Shidou's body.

’’We,well...........Shidou. Feel my healing powers...........! I am warmer than the likes of Yuzuru. Look, Yuzuru has a somewhat chilly feeling!’’

’’Objection. Kaguya is the one who has the lonely breasts;there should be less calorific value.’’


Caught up in the dispute between the two of them, Shidou tensed his whole body while exhaling.

But as long as he is imprisoned inside the futon, his body will be pushed from both sides. The gentle feeling of their skin clinging onto him, the feeling of breath coming to his ears, or the faint drifting smell of their sweat, if he were to feel all of that it would be bad. As expected it looks like he can't endure much longer.

’’Control. Kaguya, Shidou's face is turning very red.’’

’’What did you say? Even though both of us are warming him up, are you saying we made his condition even worse?’’

’’Hypothesis. The reason is probably because of a Kaguya allergy. Try taking some distance.’’

’’D,don't say it like someone is house dust!’’

’’Proposal. Leaving jokes aside, we must do something about this.’’

’’Do something................what are you saying we should do?’’

’’Proposal. Speaking of which, while saying to touch directly, don't you think the skin contact zone is limited?’’

And thus, when he thought Yuzuru said that, she released her hand that was entangled with Shidou's right arm unexpectedly.

*Hoou*.............he then relaxed a relief sigh. But in the next moment, Shidou stiffened his body once again.

The reason was something simple. Yuzuru's hands started to unravel the obi that was tying Shidou's yukata together.

’’Wai, Sto, wha,what!?’’

Shidou became teary-eyed and shouted but, Yuzuru's hand didn't look like it would stop. On the contrary, even Kaguya too had noticed Yuzuru's actions half-way, her face turned red while coming to strip Shidou's yukata undauntedly.

’’Ki, Kyaaaaaaaaaa! Kyaaaaaaaaaaa!?’’

’’Shut up, Silence! You're making it hard to strip!’’

’’Agree. It's not like you're an innocent baby anyway.’’

The futon stirred relentlessly, and coming from the side *Poi*, the yukata Shidou was wearing got thrown out.

Frankly speaking, he had no idea what was done to him. It was like a good magic trick.

However, the nightmare didn't stop there. The next thing that Yuzuru and Kaguya placed their fingers on was Shidou's last fortress;his pants.

’’We,well............This is the last.’’

’’Affirmation. Let's do it in one go.’’

While in an excited state, their breathing was getting rougher, both of them inserted strength into their hands.

’’I, Iyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!?’’

Shidou's high-pitched scream, echoed across the room.

While Tohka was facing opposite at Origami and was caught in a stalemate in the hotel corridor, she unexpectedly raised her eyebrows from hearing a scream like sound coming from somewhere and entering her ears.

’’ Didn't you hear something?’’

’’That must be an auditory hallucination. You should take care of yourself and head back to your room. Leave Shidou to me.’’

’’Are you saying that again..........!’’

Tohka pointed at the plate Origami was holding with her fingers.

’’Then, what is that plate!? That is exactly, not needed to look after shidou right!’’

When Tohka said that, Origami replied back in a very natural state.

’’It is for Shidou's supper. When infected by a cold, you have no choice in any case but to apply energy.’’

’’Fu,Fuun! You revealed your true character! The person that has a cold should be eating porridge!’’

Yes. It's true, it feels like Reine and Kotori said that last time.

But Origami was not that much surprised, and replied back uninterested.

’’When getting a cold, giving something good for digestion. Such a thing is normal.’’

’’What............? Then why would you ’’

’’This will, be made into a paste state by me and will be poured directly into Shidou's mouth on the spot. There is no problem.’’

’’Wha,what was that..........?’’

Tohka tilted her head. She could not find Origami holding any other utensil looking material;she wondered how Origami was going to make it into paste. And by directly what does it..................

While Tohka immersed herself in these thoughts, Origami started moving forward silently. She immediately opened her eyes wide, and grabbed Origami's shoulders in panic.

’’Wa,wait! I'm the one who's going to look after shidou!’’

’’Let go of me. Shidou is waiting for me.’’

’’Don't joke with me, there is no way that's ’’

And, while Origami and Tohka quarrelled in the middle of the hallway, three shadows approached them quickly from behind and crowded around both of their surroundings while lowering their postures.

’’Wha,what is it........?’’

*Twitch* Tohka shook her shoulders, and looked at the female students that were spreading around her surroundings. They were faces she remembered.

It was the Ai Mai Mii trio who were in the same room as Tohka.

’’Hey~ Hey~ both of you. Looks like both of you are working hard today too~’’

’’But in the hallway like this, it will cause trouble for other people.’’

’’If it is okay, how about entrusting that match to us?’’

Ai Mai Mii assumed a posture as if they were runners aiming for a theft, said that in order while moving left and right little by little.



Tohka and Origami, surrounded by the three of them looked at each others'eyes in curiosity.

Part 5[edit]

Ellen was clinging onto the wall of the hotel corridor, as if she was peeking. After confirming her target Yatogami Tohka entering the room, she used her finger and pressed the Incam.

’’ This is Adeptus 1. The target has been confirmed entering the room.’’

’’Understood. Should we dispatch the <Bandersnatch>?’’

’’I request at least three units outside the room just in case. However, it looks like master sergeant Tobiichi Origami is also in the room. Just to be sure, please be cautious about the activation radius of the Territory.’’

’’Understood. <Bandersnatch>unit 1 to 3, activate.’’

Obeying Ellen's orders, the Operator made the instructions.

And, when Ellen was about to give out the next set of instructions,

’’ HeBuu!?’’

She suddenly received something flying from the room towards her face, and toppled over on the spot.

’’Uh what was that.’’

She raised her body while pressing her nose and her body stiffened in an instant.

’’Don't tell me, I was noticed............?’’

Although it was not that much damage, that single hit was unmistakably targeted right at Ellen.

This should not be possible. Ellen shook her head at the thoughts in her mind. The <Bandersnatch>had not yet taken any action that stood out, and it was not like Ellen had done anything yet. No, however, if it is the Spirits perceptive abilities then............those kinds of thoughts were filling Ellen's mind for an instant.

Whatever it may be, it does not change the fact that it was a critical situation. Ellen tried to evacuate from that place and

’’Ah, Cameraman-san spotted~’’

From the carefree voice echoing from the room, her body was glared at.

’’Oh, it's true it's true. You are Ellen-san right?’’

’’Don't let her escape, secure heerrrrrrrrrrrr!’’

While shouting things like that, when Ellen was deep in thought those three girls came approaching towards her from the room, they started circling her as if they were surrounding her.


I got surrounded! Ellen grinded her teeth.

She remembered those girls. They were the students lodging in the same room with the target.

Ellen detested her own carelessness. Those girls were most probably robbed of their free-will from the Spirit. They were most likely in a controlled state. There was no other explanation for this strange behavior.

During the time she was thinking about those kinds of thoughts, both of Ellen's legs and hands were restrained by Ai Mai Mii, and she was carried into the room.

’’Kuh what are you........!?’’

’’Oi~ the cameraman said she also wants to participate too!’’

The moment Ai said those words, coming from the deep part of the room [Ooh!] Tohka's voice echoed.

’’I understand. I will bury all of you together!’’

’’Nice courage!’’

She shouted and Tohka and Origami who were staring in the deep part of the room, made a big swing, they seem to have thrown something.

’’Like I will let you! Cameraman barrier!’’

And, at that moment, Ai who was lifting Ellen's leg quickly let her hands go and shrank her body behind Ellen as if she was hiding. At the same time, at Ellen's face, a solid cloth like object made a direct hit consecutively.


She released her breath as if coughing blood and Ellen collapsed to the ground.


’’Are you okay? Your wounds are light you know!’’

’’Get a hold of yourself, you have your family waiting in your hometown right!?’’

They said such things, the real culprits that used Ellen as a shield were purposely showing themselves wiping tears away as if they were acting.

Inside Ellen's confused consciousness, she confirmed the true identity of the object that made a direct hit onto her face.


Together with Ellen's mumbling the war, had started again.

Part 6[edit]

After finishing the staff meeting, the homeroom teacher of 2nd year group 4 Okamine Tamae was stopping by the teacher, Murasame Reine's room, which was located right beside her own room.

From what she knew, it looked like a student from her class, Itsuka Shidou suddenly fell ill and they had him rest.

It would be best not to wake him up if he was sleeping, but..............just in case, she should at least check up on him and confirm the situation as a homeroom teacher. *knock**knock* Tamae knocked on the door conservatively.

’’Itsuka-kun? I heard you've gotten a fever, are you okay?’’

And while saying that, she slowly opened the door.

When she did, at that moment.


While raising such a miserable shout, the said Itsuka Shidou jumped out from the room.

For some reason, he was naked.

’’ ’’


Shidou saw Tamae's face and made a shocked expression.

In an instant


Shidou's and Tamae's scream, echoed throughout the hotel.


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