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Date A Live - Volume 5 - Chapter 2


Chapter 2: Cyclone Girls

Part 1

’’A School trip? Aah, I heard about it. It's in Okinawa right?’’

Itsuka Kotori was on the bridge of the flying airship <Fraxinus>, moving the rod of the Chupa Chups in her mouth while responding to the report coming from her subordinate.

She was a girl with her long hair tied in two with black ribbons, and a crimson jacket was placed over her shoulders. She had round eyes like an acorn. Her facial features were still childish. No matter how much you looked at it, she was a young girl that was not suitable to be in a place like the bridge of an airship.

’’............No, the planned location was changed in a hurry. The destination is now Arubi Island.’’

The woman wearing an army uniform with thick shadows under her eyes Murasame Reine was, swinging her head around as if she were drunk while continuing her words.

’’A change? At a time like this? Why is that?’’

’’............Aah. A month ago, a travelling company called Cross Travel contacted the school authorities. It would seem they said that for the sake of the PR sightseeing, they would randomly pick a school, and give them invitations to the island. Although there is a condition of them taking photo's for their pamphlet, it looks like all of the school trip expenses are paid by the company's funds.’’

’’Ha , they are quite generous aren't they. ..............But, no matter how good the conditions are, is it okay for them to suddenly change the location at the last moment like that. Something like the lodging place was also decided right?’’

’’.............It would seem that, the Inn the school booked got crushed and it became unable to be used. And because of that, when the proposal came the school authorities flew to it immediately.’’


It was not a peaceful talk. Kotori frowned doubtfully.

’’......Aah. Although I don't know the full details but, I'm afraid the reason is probably due to aging.’’

’’Fuun................ Well, although I feel that the timing is too good..........isn't it okay if the latter party is okay with it? How about Reine go and release some stress too.’’

Kotori made a small shrug with her shoulders while saying that.

Murasame Reine, an analysis member of <Ratatoskr organization>, while at the same time she is also a vice-homeroom teacher for the 2nd year group 4 of the Raizen high school. It was planned that she will also be attending as a teacher for the school trip this time.

But, Reine suddenly lowered her face, and made a groan with a difficult face.

’’What's the problem?’’

’’.............No, it would be good if I was thinking too much but, it seems that the travelling company Cross Travel by tracing back to its origin, is affiliated with DEM industries.’’

’’What did you say?’’

When she heard that name, Kotori distorted her face in suspicion.

DEUS. EX. MACHINA Industries. It is the world's leading giant corporate that has its headquarters set up in the United Kingdom, if Asgard Electronics, which is the motherly existence of <Ratatoskr>, is left out of the equation, it will be the only company in the world that has the ability to manufacture the Realizers.

And, that organization has a principle that opposes Kotori and the team's <Ratatoskr>which uses peaceful means to seal the Spirits.

This means, they directly eliminate the Spirits.

’’............It smells suspicious, somehow.’’

Kotori made the Chupa Chups rod stick out straight and made a deep wrinkle in between her eyebrows.

As part of the many people of Raizen high school, that would be going on the school trip, Shidou and Tohka would be joining them too. They probably wouldn't be prepared for any worst case scenarios.

’’Although it might just be a coincidence, I will have the <Fraxinus>match its schedule to the trip on that day just in case. Well, it won't be a problem if we make it be able to move immediately when a crisis occurs, although it would probably be just like an essential holiday.’’

’’.................Hmm, that's true. That might be good. If any problems happen, I will contact you on that area. It'll be okay if you stand-by until then.’’

’’How many days long is the school trip again?’’

’’............From the 17th of July, it'll be a 3 days 2 night stay.’’

’’Geh. Is that so? On that day, I will be heading to the headquarters. This is bad.’’

And, when Kotori was placing her hands on her chin showing that she was troubled, coming from behind *Zan*, the sound of footstep echoed and a man with long hair appeared.

The <Fraxinus>Vice-commander, Kannazuki Kyouhei, was making a refreshing smile while making his thumb stand out. His teeth that were despicably white glittered.

’’I give up. What are you telling me to do?’’

But Kotori, did not look over to him and continued her words.

’’................Fumu, can't we just change the schedule?’’

’’It's probably impossible. Days when the Rounds directly gather others, is something that only occurs once in a year.’’

When Kotori said that, Kannazuki that was standing behind her took a step forward. Kotori felt like she heard dramatic sounds like [BOOOOOOOOOOM] or [Dodododododododo] coming from her back.

’’................Is that so. If that's the case.’’

’’Yes, there is no choice but to leave it to someone in the ship. If possible I would ask for Reine to do it but..........’’

’’....................I will also be directly attending too. It will also be bad if the contact personnel were gone from the area.’’

’’You're right. I wonder if there is anyone.’’

When she sighed while mumbling, *Spin* *spin* Kannazuki came out dancing in front the both of them. And like a swan, he spread both his hands with an elegant behavior

’’You're annoying.’’

’’Eyes are particle beams!?’’

Kotori dented her eyeballs and on the spot he got hit by a somersault before he fell down.

’’What is wrong with you, wandering around randomly from just now. If you're practicing an original dance, how about doing it somewhere else?’’

’’Nonono, what are you saying. From what I have heard from the conversation, the commander is currently looking for a substitute to look after <Fraxinus>while Shidou-kun is on his school trip.’’

Kannazuki immediately spread both his hands out.

’’That heavy responsibility, is there any other human more suitable than me! No there's none! Your response!’’

’’So, if this is the case, as expected it would be Mikimoto or Kawagoe.’’

’’...................I wonder. Although they are excellent crew members, I wonder if they are able to take command.’’

’’Ignore play! There was something like that.’’

When they ignored him and continued on with their conversation, Kannazuki started making *haa**haa* excessive breaths. As expected, since it was getting irritating, Kotori clicked her tongue followed by fixing her sights back on him.

’’.................During the time I was gone before, I've heard that you were making quite a mess?’’

’’It's okay! Because at that time I only went PigBang towards commanders agapelove! Oink! There is no problem this time! I will show you, that I will certainly make sure to see Shidou-kun's one page of youth through!’’


’’..................well, I am also at that area anyway, it'll probably be fine.’’

To brush away the feeling of uncertainty in her chest, Kotori *Haah* made a sigh.

Part 2

17th of July, Monday. After 3 hours of being rocked around on an airplane, Shidou and the other Raizen 2nd year group members were floating above the Pacific Ocean and had reached the island.

’’O, ooh...................!’’

Tohka, who had exited the airport, jiggled both her hands with her eyes opened wide in wonder.

But this might be something that couldn't be helped. That was because right now, in her view, a spectacular scenery was spread out, impossible to grasp unless you were to move your neck.

The ocean was spreading out across the road and sand, the horizon was expanding out like it was separating the sky and the earth.

The sky was clear.

The sun was pouring down magnificently, and painting the ocean with a beautiful gradation.

’’S-so this is the.................Ocean!’’

She shouted, and as if she were trying to measure the size of it, she spread her hands wide apart.

But of course, the ocean was not small enough to fit completely into her tiny arms. What's more, in an excited state, she bend back her body while her small shoulders started trembling.

’’'re full of energy huh.’’

Speaking of which, Tohka probably has not seen the sea directly before. Shidou made a wry smile looking at Tohka's overly excited behavior while shrugging his shoulders.

Arubi Island. It is located between the islands of Izu and Ogasawara;it was an island that had a total area of around 70 square kilometers.

Because of the consecutive Space Quakes from 30 years ago, the northern part of the island got scraped off. In the recent years it has been redeveloped into a new sightseeing spot. In a way it is a place that has a similar history to Tenguu City which Shidou and the others were living in.

The perfectly re-established towns in the northern block area, and without the exception of other redeveloped areas, are all installed with anti-disaster measures. And again, the beauty and rarity of the beach that was beautifully scraped off by the Space Quake, Japan is also originally, a place that calls many foreign tourists to visit.

Of course, it might be impudent if they think about the victims that lost their lives because of the Space Quake, but.............on this island that is continuing on with depopulation, it won't even be exaggerated to say that the Space Quake has accomplished to create a great tourist attraction.

’’Unn ..............’’

However, unlike Tohka, Shidou lacked the sensitivity to feel anything even by being in front of this superb view. He looked around the scenery, and took a good breath while stretching his body.

And at that moment unexpectedly, he leaked one yawn out.


It was probably because the gathering time was early in the morning, his eyelids were oddly heavy. Even inside the airplane, he was almost close to falling asleep.

Well, nonetheless.............

Still unable to get excited, Shidou swung his hands. While sighing he took a glance at Tohka and Origami who were coming out from the entrance of the airport.

Whether it was fortunate or unfortunate, because the airplane seats are made to 3 in a row, leaving Shidou right in the middle following from left and right, he managed to get Tohka and Origami to sit at that arrangement but.............

(Shidou, look. The view is pretty.)

(shidou! This side is pretty too achk! The window is far away!? Tobiichi Origami, you, tricked me!)

(It's your own fault for not sending out an application to reserve the seat.)


(Shidou. Look, you can see the horizon.)

(Kuh.............., shi-shidou! Over here too, err, it's that! It's amazing! The airplane's pathway is so cool! The beauty of it can't be compared with the horizon!)

(Look. You can see the mountain far away. Come closer.)

(Unuu..............., even over here too.........! shidou, look! There are gigantic mountains on Reine's chest!)

(We passed the clouds. Look. The sea of clouds. The clouds look like a carpet.)

(Ov,over here err...............Uh,ugahhh!)

...............because of the racket made by the stereo-like voices, he couldn't sleep even if he wanted to.


Immediately, Tohka who was making a ruckus made a weird voice and looked relentlessly around the area around her.

’’?, what's wrong, Tohka?’’

’’................No, I felt something or someone was looking at me.’’


And, during the moment Shidou tilted his head, *Chick chak* that sound echoed, and the both of them were covered in a flash.


Because of the sudden event, he unintentionally covered his face with his hands. When he looked towards the direction of the light while narrowing his flickering eyes, he found a woman standing there making a stance with her huge camera.

It might be called a Nordic blonde;she was a girl with a pale color blonde hair flying in the wind.

She had facial features that were clearly different from an Asian's and her white skin was her characteristic.

’’ there something?’’

When Shidou asked her while in a perplexed state, the girl lowered her camera and fixed her sights towards him.

’’I apologize for the rudeness. I am called Ellen Mathers, an attendant cameraman called and deployed by Cross Travels. Starting from today for 3 days, I will be applying everyone's travelling records. I apologize for the rude picture. Please allow me to apologize for hurting your feelings.’’

’’Aah, no, it's not like that.’’

Speaking of which, he felt like he was told that a cameraman was going to be sent to take pictures for the trip. To think it was a foreigner and what's more, a girl that made him think she had an age that was not much different from Shidou and the group.

’’Sorry to have taken your time. Well then.’’

And, after she looked at Shidou and Tohka's personal appearances with curiosity, Ellen made a bow once again, and walked towards everyone else.

’’What was up with that?’’

While folding her arms, Tohka tilted her head in wonder.

’’I wonder too...............but, you were right about feeling someone was looking at you.’’

’’Mu, umu.’’

She said that then turned her sights left and right, and for the ending she raised her head and faced upwards.

’’............still, I feel there is still someone looking at me though.’’


He raised his eyebrows at those words, and brought his eyes towards where Tohka was looking at but over there was, only the refreshing blue sky as if it were giving its blessing to Shidou and the group for their arrival.

Part 3

’’Telegrams received starting from Adeptus 1. The target has entered the island.’’

’’Camera number 6, north block, Akaru airport, target confirmed.’’

’’She is confirmed from here too. It's <Princess>.’’

The voices from the lower deck of a ship joined together and echoed, and on the monitor the figure of a girl was being shown.

An AAA rank Spirit. Code name <Princess>, a girl that holds quite a similar physique and appearance.


DEM Industries'500 meter class airship, the <Arbatel>.

A middle-aged man was sitting on the Captain's seat of the ship;he was making small nods while stroking the beard growing on his chin.

James A Paddington. DEM industries second executive head for colonel, and also the captain for <Arbatel>which was left to handle by Westcott.

’’This is disappointing beyond expectations. Is that really a Spirit?’’

’’ Please be careful not to let your guard down.’’

As if to answer his question, the voice of a young girl echoed from the speaker of the ship.

Call sign Adeptus 1, DEM 2nd head executive that was directly at that area, it was Ellen's voice.

’’She might be a Spirit. Just that possibility is enough of a reason to be at Level 1 alert.’’

On the right screen, Ellen was being shown while saying that. However, the answer came with shrugging shoulders.

’’I will bear that in mind.’’

Probably not satisfied with Paddington's response, Ellen slightly distorted her eyebrows.


He clicked his tongue, just loud enough for Ellen to not hear it.

He didn't care whether or not she was the strongest Wizard or whatever, but to be taking orders from a girl, whose age when compared to his was similar to that of a parent and a child, wasn't amusing at all. All the more, there were rumors about that woman being Westcott's mistress.

But Paddington wasn't that incompetent to not understand the post and situation given to him. He planned not to be childish and to use no words that might cause a bad impression without any reasons. After clearing his throat, he replied back to the girl on the screen.

’’So what are we going to do now? It doesn't matter if she's a Spirit. If it's the <Bandersnatch>team, it should be no problem for them to secure one little girl, right?’’

’’It is not as simple as that. Let's go in carefully. First off, please turn off the radio wave transmissions.’’

’’Roger. Perform a parallel start-up of <Ashcroft- Beta>from machine numbers 25 to 40, activate the Permanent Territory. The target is Arubi Island's entire area.’’

Responding to Paddington's voice, the crew moved their hands swiftly and operated the controls.

When they did that, on the image of Arubi Island that was being shown on the screen, the sight of a thin dome being painted around the island with CG patterns could be seen.

It can't be detected by sight;it can't be matched even by touching it, an invisible wall. The Territory.

Right now the <Arbatel>is floating 20000 meters above the sky of Arubi island.

From there, using the Realizer <Ashcroft-Beta>installed on the ship, the Territory used by them is on a scale where it can't even be compared to what the AST personals use, and that Territory is now activated around the whole island.

Which means, transmissions from outside or inside the island should no longer pass through and only the communication machine prepared by Ellen and the group would work. With that done no matter what happens inside the Island, the AST won't be prying their hands into this matter.

’’ and, speaking of which, how about that particular Wizard?’’

Paddington asked while stroking his chin. It's true that inside the same class as the target;there is a talk about one Wizard belonging to the AST being in it. Well, it would seem that she is forbidden from using the Realizer because of her current house arrest status, she does not pose a threat to them but...............the problem is, that particular Wizard had encountered Ellen.

’’That shouldn't be a problem. Since we met face to face only for a few seconds, and at that time I was wearing sunglasses. She doesn't seem to have realized ’’

And, in the middle of the conversation Ellen's words got interrupted. When he looked at the monitor, it would seem that her face got covered by the sudden wind.

’’Is everything alright, Miss executive chief?’’

’’Yes.'s a little weird.’’

After she said that, Ellen gazed at the sky.

At the same time, the image that was being shown on the big monitor on the bridge started to change.

Paddington unintentionally furrowed his eyebrows.

The reason was simple. With a velocity that was normally not thinkable.

The Sky, the clouds, as if it got whipped by an invisible arm, it started to whirl around.

’’Aahh mou, we got left by the others. Come on, let's hurry Tohka.’’

Shidou started walking quickly while turning back, and then threw his voice towards Tohka who was still tilting her head.

Yes, after that matter Tohka said that she was still bothered by it and went searching around, before they knew it their friends from school started to move.

’’Mu..........Sorry, but I really felt someone was looking at me.’’

While jogging, Tohka said that to him apologetically. Shidou sighed as if he had given up.

’’It's obvious, that you're going to get looked at after making all that commotion.’’

’’Muu, is it something like that.................’’

Tohka said that as if she were groaning, and kept silent.

’’Errr.........if I'm clear it should be this way?’’

He tried remembering the map he saw right before departure in his head, and moved left on a fork in the road. If I remember correctly, the museum we are supposed to visit first should be this way.

And at that time, he touched his right ear to confirm the small-scale In-cam he was wearing.

He was told to wear it just in case Tohka's mood collapses in the middle of the trip.

As she said, it looks like Kotori is heading towards the Headquarters and won't be here for today, but <Fraxinus>is floating above the island right now. In a worst case scenario, they probably wouldn't get lost if Shidou were to contact them with the In-com.


Then, he heard Tohka's suspicious voice coming from his back, Shidou stopped his legs.

When he turned back, Tohka was again looking at the sky.

’’Oi, stop playing around. No matter how many times you look ’’

’’No, it's different. Don't you feel something is weird?’’


He said that and turned his eyes to the sky Shidou lost his words.

’’Wha,what the that.’’

In the sky, that was pretty and refreshing just a moment ago, were grey clouds starting to whirl around.

Gradually, at a frightening speed, the surroundings changed completely.

The clear sky was filled with dark clouds. The calm wind turned into violent gales. The calm water surface turned into raging huge waves.

In terms of time, probably only a minute passed.

Within that time, the world around Shidou and the others drastically changed.

The sound of wind rumbling the ground could be heard echoing in the surroundings. *Rustle**Rustle* The trees that were growing near the area shook about. The storm could be said to be on the same level as a large-scale hurricane. A garbage bin probably got rolled over nearby, because newspaper and empty tin cans crossed by his sights.

Shidou immediately grabbed Tohka's shoulder, and lowered her stance. If he didn't do that, they might have gotten blown away by the wind.

’’What on earth is this............!’’

He frowned while using his arms to cover his face.

According to the Weather Report, the weather should be clear for the entire duration of the school trip. Of course Shidou didn't take it as a 100% prediction but, no matter how you look at the situation, this is too weird.

’’Tohka, are you okay!? It's dangerous so let's hurry to the museum ’’

’’shidou! Look out!’’

And, right in the middle of talking, Tohka thrust away Shidou's body.


The next moment, a garbage bin made of metal flew towards them, and made a critical hit towards Tohka's head.


She let out such a comical voice and Tohka fell down on the spot.

’’Oi ,oi Tohka! Tohka!’’

He shouted in panic, and shook her shoulders, but Tohka's eyes were completely spinning.

’’Kuh..............I got no choice.’’

Shidou, in an exhausted state, somehow managed to carry Tohka on his back, and walked towards the direction of the museum.

Slowly, but with certainty, he advanced one leg at a time.

’’We're almost there, Tohka............!’’

and, wondering how long had passed since he started walking.


Shidou, unintentionally raised his eyebrows.

In the middle of the raging sky.

Over there, he saw 2 human-like shadows in it.

’’That is............’’

Shidou suddenly gasped.

For human shadows to be flying in the sky, there were only 2 possibilities that came into Shidou's mind.

It would either be Spirits, or AST Wizards.

’’Don't tell me...........’’

A bad feeling appeared in his mind.

It was a sudden outbreak of a big storm which was normally unthinkable under normal circumstances. If by any chance, this is something brought out by the power of a Spirit then

’’No, but................the Space Quake alarm didn't ring at all. Then what on earth.....................’’

After Shidou encircled himself with thoughts for a few moments, he continued moving onwards on the route he planned out.

If by any chance the human shadows really belong to Spirits then, he could not just leave it alone. But it's not like he has any proof for his claims and the most important matter right now is to move Tohka to a much safer place as he had planned before. He fixed the fainted Tohka properly on his back, before heading towards the museum.


’’ !’’

Shidou gasped. The shadows that were clashing with each other many times up in the sky, in that moment when both of the noticeable big shock waves clashed together, an extremely violent wind which could not be compared with the others blew towards him.

’’U, Uwah...........!’’

To avoid getting blown away he stood firmly, and took a stance that curled his body.

And thus, the two shadows that were clashing up in the sky, blew each other away and both of them fell towards the ground.

both shadows fell just exactly to the left and right of Shidou.


Sweat was oozing out of Shidou's forehead. The nervous feeling made his heart contract to its limits, and his throat rapidly turned dry.

The instant he did that, the big storm that was blowing hard around his area grew weaker.


He unintentionally raised his eyebrows, and looked around his surroundings.

The storm calmed down.................., To say that was a faulty expressive remark. Arubi Island is still, having strong winds blowing at it.

Only Shidou and Tohka's surroundings were, no It is more correct to say that only the surroundings of the two shadows that fell to the ground had a Calm Windless Condition like one in the eye of a hurricane.


And, from his right, a girl that had her long hair braided up, was walking out with a fearless smile.

Her age was no different from Shidou and the others. From her orange colored hair, to her mercury colored irises. Right now on the surface of her well-featured facial structure, was a shape distorted to a scornful smile.

And the most characteristic part of her was the outfit she was wearing. Covered by a dark colored coat, various parts of her body were tightened with something that looked like belts. In addition to that, locks were placed onto her neck, right hand and right leg, coming out from the locks were torn off chains. She looked like a criminal that had committed an outrageous crime otherwise, it would be an outfit that looked like a curiosity-seeking masochist.

’’ Looks like you can put up a good fight, Yuzuru. Or should I say, one would expect from my other half. It should be expected from someone who has a battle record of 25 victories, 25 losses and 49 draws from me. But that will also end today.’’

Whether to say it's exaggerated, or a little too dramatic, she was a girl that used strange words.

And this time, responding to those words, coming from his left side, the other shadow was progressing outwards.

’’Objection. The one with the right to control the count for this 100th battle, does not belong to Kaguya but to Yuzuru.’’

Coming from there, she was a girl that had her hair braided into 3. Although she had the same face as the girl called Kaguya, her expression was painted with half opened eyes that somehow made her seem listless.

The girl that was called Yuzuru was also, wearing the same weirdly designed outfit, she was wearing the same restraining clothes, the same as Kaguya.

But, the position of the locks were placed on her neck, left hand and left leg. They were placed on the opposite side compared to Kaguya.

’’Fu, you babble a lot. How about giving up, and admit that I am the Spirit suitable to be the real Yamai?’’

’’Denial. The one that will live on will be Yuzuru. Kaguya is not suitable to have the name Yamai.’’

’’Fuu.........what a useless struggle. My future predicting magic eye has already seen what would happen a long time ago. In the next attack, I saw a vision of your body being pierced through by my Sturm Lanze!’’

’’Pointing out. There are no examples of Kaguya's magic eye's hitting its prediction.’’

When Yuzuru said that, Kaguya hesitated, and shouted as if she had forgotten the exaggerated state she was in just now.

’’Shu, Shut up! My predictions came true before! Don't make fun of me!’’

’’Demand. Yuzuru demands an exhibition of a specific example of her claims from Kaguya.’’

’’Kuku.........that is, about that. Look..............I got the weather of the next day right.’’

’’Sneer. The results of a magic eye that is no different to a wrong side of a Geta[5B 1] Ridicule laugh(Laugh) Yuzuru can't suppress her snigger’’

Yuzuru placed her hands on her mouth, Fusu and leaked out a breath. It seemed that she was laughing.

’’Si, silence! I will sentence you to death, for ridiculing my devil eye techniques! I will have your body be payment for making me angruee!’’

It seemed that that was quite insulting coming from Kaguya eyes. She made her stance while shouting. But, since she failed to end the sentence correctly, there was no coolness following her.

However Yuzuru did not bother and continued asking questions.

’’Demand. Yuzuru demands another explanation regarding Sturm Lanze from Kaguya.’’

’’Fu........there is no vessels bound by logic that exists, on my Sturm Lanze. It is tangible yet intangible. It is visible yet invisible. But it has the power and general concept that only specializes in when it comes to piercing.’’

’’Summary. Which means it does not really have any special reason to it.’’

’’Wr,wrong! There is a reason! Yuzuru is the idiot for not understanding it!’’

’’Appeal. Then provide an explanation that can make Yuzuru understand. It should be possible for the smart Kaguya.’’

’’That, sudden. But don't be sad, for my black brain cells have ascended to a higher level, where your understandings will never reach. Yes, it is like no lion would tell its intentions to an ant ’’

’’Understood. This means you are saying you can't do it.’’

’’Kuku, you............better not make me angry.’’

’’Sneer. Sturm Lanze (Laugh).’’

’’Do, don't laughhhhhhhhhhhh!’’

Kaguya shouted with her face beet red, and immediately spread both her hands. The chains from her neck and right hand *Clank**clank* rang and the surrounding violent winds turned even stronger.

This time Yuzuru too, took a stance as if she were responding to that.

And then, both of them mixed their sights together without lowering their guard.

’’Sink into the darkness! Haaaaa!’’

’’Charge. Eiyaaa ’’

Together with the loud shout of fighting spirit and the flat voice, both of them kicked the ground exactly at the same time.


Shidou gasped. They would probably be helpless if they were to be dragged into a clash of 2 spirits in such a close distance. Although Shidou might be able to heal his wounds from the Reiryoku he took from Kotori, but it was not difficult to imagine what would happen to Tohka that had lost her consciousness.

Even when he was in a hurry, the both of them were approaching closer to Shidou's eye range at a tremendous speed.

There was no time to casually think of anything. Shidou took a good and big breath. And then



Because of Shidou's loud shout, both of them halted on the spot.

’’What, was that voice just now...............eeerrrr, yes, it is somewhat similar to the grief of the dead echoing down from the bottom of the Cocytus...............’’

’’Report. Kaguya, please look at that.’’

Yuzuru pointed at Shidou, and Kaguya distorted her eyebrows. It would seem that, they really did not realize Shidou and Tohka's existence until just now.

’’A say? Impossible. For someone to be stepping foot into our battlefield, who are you?’’

’’Admiration. Yuzuru can't suppress her surprise.’’

She said that, and poured her suspicious sights towards Shidou.

’’Ah, No...........’’

Shidou turned flustered and moved one step back.

Nonetheless he did manage to stop the two of them from clashing but, as compensation, he had gained their attention.

He swallowed down his saliva while, getting glared at with 2 pairs of sharp eyes.

Although he had no other choice, it was a careless action. That's because, he had purposely just called for the attention of (What's more, there are two of them) Spirits while he had no idea what their character and personality were like. If the case turns out that they are war-liking Spirits, then the situation had taken an incredibly bad turn.

And, at that moment a static-like noise shook his right eardrum and following that, he heard a sleepy voice coming from it.

’’................Shin, can you hear me, Shin.’’

’’! Reine-san!’’

’’..............aah, looks like it finally connected. Where are you right now.’’

’’Tha, that is ’’

Shidou lowered his voice while, explaining the situation in simple terms. He told her that, there are 2 Spirits, in front of him now.

’’............what did you say? Inside the wind there are Don't tell me.’’

’’I,is there something you know about........?’’

And, as if to interrupt Shidou and Reine's conversation, Kaguya that was giving him a sharp look opened her mouth.

’’ To enter and interfere with our sacred duel, you, what intentions do you have? Based on your answer I will............errrr, use Schatten Lanze and pierce through you.’’

’’Pointing out. The name is different from just now.’’

’’Wha, whatever! Yuzuru you just keep quiet!’’

’’Question. Yuzuru does not understand why she has to keep quiet.’’

When Yuzuru said it with a refreshing face, *Growl* Like a flesh-eating animal Kaguya............made that sound with her throat.

Shidou had a lot of things that were bothering him but, he repeated the improper word that was bothering him the most.


He asked, and Kaguya eyes turned sharp.

’’That is correct. How dare you just interrupt our scared duel that will determine our fate. What are you going to do to take responsibility for this?’’

’’Restraint. Kaguya, it is a threat if you put it that way.’’

’’Shut up! And when I thought it would go well this time....................’’

’’Confirmation. Did you say something.’’


Kaguya *Fuun* exhaled her breath, and looked away from Yuzuru.

’’Anyway, if this keeps up I can't settle my mind down. What am I going to do with this unhap ’’

But, as if Kaguya thought of something good, she opened her eyes wide.

’’! Aah I see, if it's like that then..............’’

She then once again faced towards Yuzuru, as if she were slowly evaluating her, she crawled her sights from the top of Yuzuru's head to the tip of her toes.

’’Question. Is there something, Kaguya?’’

’’Kuku.............I thought of a good method, Oh Yuzuru. Both of us have done many types of battles. That is to the extent, where I could no longer think of any other events we can compete with.’’

And it was as if she were performing in an opera show, Kaguya made exaggerated gestures while continuing talking.

’’But.............don't you think we have one more match that we have not decided who the victor of it is?’’

’’Question. What is the match that we have not determined who the victor is yet?’’

Yuzuru tilted her head, and Kaguya *kukuku*leaked out a chuckle before looking at Shidou.


Wondering why Shidou felt a rather cold feeling, coming from that expression.

Part 4

In the middle of moving, suddenly a violently strong wind blew, in an instant the scale of it increased, and it turned into a storm.

Since it had come to that condition, they no longer had the leisure to walk around nonchalantly. Every student from the Raizen 2nd years, following the teacher's instructions, they were evacuated to the museum which was the nearest place from the airport. but.


Towards the strong storm that was creaking the bulky glass window, Origami was clenching her fist while letting out her voice.

Inside, the number of students that were evacuated inside of the building, Shidou's (and one ground beetle) figure was not in it. They must have gotten separated along the way, and unmistakably were left outside.

Naturally she tried to rush outside to search for Shidou, but at the very last minute she was stopped by the teachers.

No if by any chance she had gone outside, she could not even advance forward inside this storm.


Right now, the only thing Origami could do was to pray for Shidou's safety. The feeling of being powerless turned into the sense of impatience and was circling inside her body.

’’...............oi, doesn't the sky somehow, look clear now?’’

And, a male student that was close to a window, unexpectedly let out those words. The bustling students then gathered towards the window, and started looking at the sky.

When Origami raised her face as if she were flicked awake from that voice, she weaved through the crowd of students and ran towards the museum entrance.

’’Ah.........! To,Tobiichi-san! It's still dangerous!’’

Origami shook of Tamae's restraint, and opened the door. And just like that, when she was about to go outside.


Origami unexpectedly stopped her legs.

In front of the museum, the figure of the person Origami wanted to search for was already there.

’’O, ou............Origami.’’

Seeming to have realized that Origami was there, Shidou opened his mouth. Probably because of the wind, his hair and clothes were in disorder but, luckily, there were no places injured.

But Origami, instead of being relieved she frowned her eyebrows, and sharpened her sights.

Shidou's condition is weird..............rather than that, it was more to Shidou having weird options following him.

The first one was Tohka that Shidou was carrying on his back. It would seem that she had lost consciousness.

Well, this was okay. No, it wasn't okay but, it was not a situation where Origami couldn't predict the reason behind it.

The problem was

’’How about it Shidou. Instead of that Yuzuru I am more charming right? If you were to choose me, I would not mind letting you make the kiss of contract on any parts on my body?’’

’’Seducing. Please choose Yuzuru. I will do something good for you. It is a very amazing thing. Kaguya's is not even close to it.’’

On his left and right, there were two uniform wearing girls with the same face standing there, for some reason they were over-familiarly touching Shidou's body, and were excessively trying to seduce him.

When Shidou was feeling despair, his body was then bathed with stares from the other students;he then remembered the incident that happened around 10 minutes ago.

Inside the area covered with a hurricane, the thing that Kaguya said out with a fearless smile was was this.

’’ The thing that we have yet to determine the victor of. Namely that is..........[Charm]!’’

While suddenly making a cool pose, Kaguya declared that loudly.

’’Yamai, the real Spirit and the child of hurricanes, does not only have power and intelligence but also has, loveliness and beauty enough to make the creator of the universe jealous, don't you think that is necessary?’’

’’Pondering. ....................................’’

After a few seconds of keeping silent, Yuzuru also, crawled her sights at Kaguya. From the top of her head to the tips of her toes, as if she were evaluating her, she slowly looked.

And after doing that, Fumu, she nodded.

’’Reply. I see, is what I would answer. It is certain, that we have not competed with each other regarding this yet.’’

’’ I right. But that is only normal. The number of people that have force their way into our conflict is non-existent that's because there wasn't supposed to be an appearance of a 3rd person that we have to entrust the decisions of the conflict to. but, right now.’’

While leaking out a low chuckle *Point*! ,Kaguya pointed her finger towards Shidou.

’’ You, what's your name.’’

’’Eh? I-Itsuka.........Shidou.’’

’’Shidou. Fumu. A frail name suitable for the sacrifice. Very well then. Right now you, will be left with the role of being the judge.’’

’’Huh...............? Eh, no...................’’

He could not grasp the meaning of what she said, his eyes turned to dots.

But Kaguya did not seem to care about Shidou's will on this matter. She raised her chin as if to laugh it off and continued on with a provocative tone.

’’How about it Yuzuru. This match, do you have the courage to accept it? Kuku, well, I can already see who the victor is, if I were to use my charms that are able to force the creator of the universe into submission. If you were to coil your tails now, you will not receive the vilifications of a coward.’’

’’Negative. That kind of thing is impossible. There is no reason Kaguya can win. Yuzuru was always the one more charming. All men would easily be beaten hands down.’’

’’Kuku, only your high spirits are full-fledged.’’

’’Declaration. Yuzuru is the one cuter. Honestly speaking, Kaguya's worth is only the upper part of her lower half.’’


In that moment Kaguya threw her winning state into the lapse of her memory, and shouted with a seriously threatening attitude.

Incidentally although Shidou had his own opinions but, Kaguya was quite beautiful. If she is worth only the upper part of her lower half, then it would probably mean that the females of this world are compelled to enter a tough fight.

’’Isn't your face the same as mine! Why are our evaluations so different?!’’

’’Pity. Only facial features are not enough to determine a person's charm. Even if the materials are the same, the ambiance seeping out from us is too different. But do not worry. In the ugly world you are quite high-ranked.’’

’’What ugly world?! Isn't your attitude the ugly one for saying that with a calm manner?!’’

’’Reconsideration. I have forgotten that reality does not necessarily become the truth for the person in concern.’’


When Kaguya was about to scratch her head in a mess, she remembered Shidou's existence. She immediately swung her shoulders and *Kohon* coughed.

’’An,anyways! If you were able to say that much then I have no objections!’’

Kaguya pointed her finger at Yuzuru.

’’ this is the last duel! The one, who wins this match, will absorb the opponent and become the real Yamai! The rule for the match is simple and clear! This man Shidou, the first one that makes him fall wins!’’

’’Agreement. that match, I will gladly accept it.’’


.........and thus, coming to the present.

He consulted Reine at that spot, since it was dangerous to flat out refuse their demands it turned into the reason where he had to bring them here, but................the stares coming from his school friends hurt as expected.

’’I,Itsuka-kun? Who are those girls on your left and right? I have not seen them before...............’’

’’Eh? Hitting on the local girls and cosplaying? Itsuka were you walking around while holding onto girl uniforms?’’

’’I thought of a good part-time job Itsuka. Marching in the school while holding a signboard with [1 minute 1000 yen Punch all you want] written on it. We definitely will get enough people to build a house.’’

*Noisy**noisy**noisy*. The students were making a commotion. That was probably normal. That's because, the supposedly lost Shidou, came with two unfamiliar girls with him while they were serving him.

Incidentally by following Reine's instructions, he made both of them release their AstralDress, and had them both wear Raizen high school's Summer uniform. Just like that time with Tohka, he had them create the clothes by gathering the information from sight.

Even though he was in an emergency situation but, if he were to continue to let them wear the AstralDress that looked like a restrainment outfit, there might be a chance for Shidou to be misunderstood as someone who holds a special fetish.

And, Origami that was standing in front of everyone else from the class, after looking at Kaguya and Yuzuru, she quietly opened her mouth.

’’Shidou, who are they?’’

’’Errrrrr, about that...............’’

While averting his line of sight away, Shidou let out his voice awkwardly. He was able to self-consciously admit that there was cold sweat floating closely on his face.

But, at that moment as if to take control of the commotion, coming from behind a sleepy voice echoed across.

’’..............aah, I was waiting. It's the transfer students Yamai Kaguya and Yamai Yuzuru.................right?’’

Over there was the vice homeroom teacher of 2nd year group 4, Murasame Reine, she was standing there while wobbling her head.

’’Transfer students?’’

When Origami asked a question, Reine [ahh] consented.

’’................originally they were supposed to transfer in at the end of the holidays but.............since they said they wanted to attend the school trip, it was planned for them to join up with us when we reached the area. I contacted them when we reached the airport just now, so I had him go pick them up.’’

From hearing Reine words, standing beside her Tamae blankly stared into wonder.

’’Eh? Tra,transfer student? Murasame-sensei, I didn't hear any of that.............’’

’’.................since it was on short notice, they were probably too late to contact you about this case.’’

’’Ha, haaa.............’’

While making a bewildered face, Tamae withdrew. Well, if Reine, the vice homeroom teacher, was informed about the transfer student instead of the homeroom teacher herself, then such a face was not strange.

After Origami looked at Reine with doubtful eyes, she returned her sights back towards Shidou.

’’Is that true?’’

’’I, It's true.............’’

He replied back with a nervous voice. And, as if to match with that, Kaguya and Yuzuru that were sticking onto both of Shidou's sides nodded.

’’'s exactly true. Human, think of it as a privilege to welcome the child of the hurricanes, which is I.’’

’’Affirmative. There is no mistake of what he said.’’

Just in case, as long as they are here, with the condition that Shidou would be the judge for their duel, he told them to match their speech together when it was needed.


Origami was still in a state of incomprehension but, since both the teacher and the people in concern were agreeing, she probably decided that it was no use to say anything. She made a small sigh and [I see] said that.

But once again, Origami sharpened her sights while opening her mouth.

’’............then, why are both of you sticking yourself onto Shidou?’’

’’Ahh, it's that.’’

’’Reply. That.’’

’’Lo, look! Since there was a strong wind, they did it so they would not get blown away!’’

As if to cover Kaguya and Yuzuru's answers towards Origami's question, Shidou raised a loud voice.

If they were to say something untactful here, the false information they gave with great trouble would lose its meaning. In order for the answer to successfully work, he continued to talk.

’’In,instead of that, Sensei, Tohka got hit on the head by a flying garbage bin and is now stretched out. Is there a place where I can let her sleep?’’

’’.................ooh I see, that is a big problem. Come over here. The transfer students too, there are some important things I have to explain to both of you. Please follow us.’’

Reine said that like she were reading in monotone and as if to call Shidou and the others to her, she beckoned them to come over.

Shidou was gathering stares from the surroundings while, walking into the deeper part of the museum following Reine.

Guided by Reine, Shidou that had entered the office located deeper in the museum, after laying Tohka down on the sofa he lowered his heads towards Reine.

’’I'm sorry, having you help me like that.’’

’’, don't worry about it. Instead ’’

She said that, Reine looked at Shidou to be accurate, she brought her eyes towards the two girls that were coiling themselves onto both of his arms.

They separated themselves once when Shidou was dropping Tohka off, but they stuck themselves onto him once again.

And in the state where they did not bother about the change of the environment they were in, they started whispering to Shidou.

’’Well Shidou. All you have to do is to choose me. Swearing your loyalty to this Yamai Kaguya, this body, and even this heart, it will even be okay if you say that you want me to give you all of the above.’’

’’Negative. Nothing good will come if you choose Kaguya. By all means give Yuzuru a clear vote.’’

As if Reine and Tohka didn't exist in their eyes, both of them were blowing their breaths at Shidou's ears. And each time, cold sweat would flow down Shidou's face and he would twist his body.

’’...................looks like it turned into something troublesome.’’


He said it with a heavy voice and nodded. Reine then scratched her cheeks.

’’Kuku...............rather this is beneficial to you, right? A human like you, although it is only for a while, but you are getting affection from me. Go ahead and cry at your good fortune, there is necessity to weep.’’

’’Skeptical. If it's Yuzuru I can still understand but, are there guys that would be happy if they are advanced from Kaguya?’’

’’Fu, fun............... it's useless no matter how many times you try to provoke me like this. All of it will be clear when you see the conclusion of the duel. Well Shidou, its okay to say it. Me or Yuzuru, which one of us is more charming as a woman?’’

’’Question. Yuzuru or the spoiled Kaguya. Which one of us is cuter?’’

’’Wait, what is up with that weird sense of insult!’’

’’Ignore. Instead of the cry-baby Kaguya, Yuzuru is much better.’’

’’Are you somehow making it worse!?’’

While quarreling, Kaguya and Yuzuru were getting closer to Shidou. As if trying to calm both of them down, Shidou *MaaMaa* swang his hands while saying that.

’’Wai,wait for a second. The two of you have been saying 'duel, duel'for awhile now....................why are both of you fighting in the first place anyway?’’

’’............hmm? Aah ’’

When Shidou asked, Kaguya exaggeratedly raised her chin up.

’’Didn't I tell you? both of us were originally one Spirit called Yamai.’’

’’Consent. However, coming to this worlds several times, made Yamai split into two.’’

’’Into, how did something like that.............’’

He raised his eyebrows while looking at the both of them alternately. Other than the difference of hairstyle and facial expression, both of them had very similar features. They were so similar that, rather than calling them twins, calling them clones might also sound believable.

’’Wh, why did something like that happen?’’

’’The only one that knows about this is the goddess of fate that sits in the heavens. Fuun, that ill-natured goddess probably tormented us because of her boredom and fatigue. Occasionally, there are times she uses unsystematic dices to make decisions and ignores following truth and reasons.’’


’’Summary. I'm not exactly sure, is what Kaguya is saying.’’

’’Aah..........I see.’’

’’There are no feelings in that.’’

When Shidou nodded from hearing Yuzuru's explanation which finally led him to an understanding, Kaguya raised her voice in dissatisfaction.

To return back to her normal state she *Kohon* coughed, and continued on with the explanation.

’’And thus both of us, that were separated into two, came to seeing each other's face, and in our body, we came to a realization that our mission and fate was carved into our blood. Yes we came to the understanding that there could only be one true Spirit, the Yamai!’’

’’Explanation. We understood that Yuzuru and Kaguya that were separated into two, would eventually join back into one.’’

’’I understand, so.............’’

’’Supplement. [We knew it] is probably the better way to put it. Yuzuru and Kaguya, the instant our existence was split into two, we came to understand what will happen to our own body.’’

After Yuzuru pointed her finger at her head, she continued.

’’Explanation. However, the original Yamai has already lost her personality. Which means when the occasion comes, either one of us will become the main personality for Yamai.’’

’’Uh, so that's why.............the duel.’’

Both of them nodded at the same time. Shidou let sweat ooze down his cheek while letting out his voice.

’’In other words, that storm was caused by you two fighting................?’’

When he asked, Kaguya proudly folded her arms.

’’That would be the case. Our competition has been going on for a long time. Yes, on the current stage 99 battles have passed.’’

’’99 battles...............Were you two fighting that many times!?’’

’’Correction. Even if we said battles, it does not actually mean that we are doing fist fights all the time. Sprinting, Gendama, eating contest, etc, there were many-types of method for our matches.’’


They were somehow, peaceful matches.

No, if these two were to do a sprinting contest, serious damage might appear in the surroundings.

’’By the way, the battle results are 25 wins 25 lose and 49 draws. The winner for this 100th duel was supposed to become the real Yamai. although that was the case.’’

Kaguya gave a glare, and Shidou shorten his words. 'I see', Shidou seemed to have interrupted their important final duel.

But, he had no other choice even if he was told about something like that. If Shidou had not stopped the both of them at that time, he had no idea what would happen to Tohka.

When Shidou kept silent, Kaguya and Yuzuru entwine their arms onto Shidou's once more.

’’'s okay to no longer bother about that. I should be thankful to you instead. Because of you, we were able to do a battle that we have not done before.’’

’’Positive. It's true that Yuzuru thinks that our final battle to be a fist fight which always ends with a draw is a problem. Yuzuru has no objections if this is the match.’’

They said that, and as if to seduce Shidou, both of them continued entwining their arms with Shidou's.

’’N,no, even if you tell me something like that..............’’

Shidou felt his face getting hotter while, as if wanting help, he sent his sights towards Reine.

But the requested Reine was sitting on a chair while operating a small terminal, she made a difficult *Fumu* and groaned.

’’ expected, it is no use.’’

’’Wha, what is no use?’’

When Shidou asked, Reine made a small nod before turning her face to him.

’’....................aah, communications from <Fraxinus>has been stopped.’’

’’Eh? Wh,why again...................’’

’’.............the current reason is unidentified. I will try investigating a bit.’’

After saying that, Reine closed the terminal and stood up from the chair.

And after giving a good glance at Kaguya and Yuzuru who were attached to Shidou, she quietly moved her lips.

’’ said you were, Kaguya and Yuzuru right. Both of you, in order to become the real Spirit Yamai, are now competing for Shin as a match. ..............there is no mistake in that?’’

When Reine said that, Kaguya and Yuzuru turned their eyes towards Reine for the first time.

’’Aah, that is exactly right. I don't mind if you're sightseeing but, if you try to be a hindrance then I will not hold back, you know?’’

’’Question. You are?’’

’’..................A school teacher.’’

After Reine replied with a random lie, *Turn around* she turned to her back.

’’...................Shin, you take care of Tohka. Kaguya, Yuzuru. There is a little talk I want to have with you two. Please follow me.’’

’’Uh, Reine-san.’’

It's dangerous, he sent his sights towards Reine filled with that kind of intentions. Even as a joke, these two are Spirits.

However Reine, no worries needed, as if to say that she raised her hands.

’’Kuku..................and when I thought what you were going to say. Why does someone like me, have to take orders from a mere human.’’

’’Reject. Yuzuru wants to stay with Shidou.’’

But, both of them stubbornly refused to move. However Reine shrugged her shoulders as if this was within her expectations, and talked as if to make them believe.

’’...............unlike his appearance, Shin is thick-headed. Hearing your conversations, I think this has no disadvantages to you two.’’


’’..................judging by his reactions, it is clear right? From my eyes, you two are very charming and cute girls. But even so, he still does not choose any one of you.’’


Kaguya and Yuzuru, stared in wonder and looked at each other's faces.

’’.....................what will you do now? From my standpoint, I don't mind whether it is from one of you two.’’

She said that, and opened the office door.

When both of them looked at each other once again, they reluctantly separated their hands from Shidou, and followed Reine.


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