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Date A Live - Volume 3 - Chapter Prologue


Prologue: The Black Visitor[edit]

’’I'm a Spirit.’’

Monday, June 5th.

After hearing this statement from the transfer student standing in front of the blackboard, Raizen High School class 2-4 sank into silence.

But the reactions that everyone showed were not the same.

Most of the students could not understand the meaning to her words, and had expressions along the lines of ’’What's the matter with this person? A girl that loves to daydream? Or is there something wrong with her?’’ on their dumbstruck faces.

Furthermore, there were a lot of boys who were mesmerized by her stunning beauty, and as a result, were not able to hear what she just said.

However, Itsuka Shidou's reaction was totally different from his classmates'.


With deep wrinkles appearing between his brows and sweat dripping from his face, Itsuka Shidou observed the carefree transfer student standing beside the table.

It was a girl who tied her black hair into two ponytails. Her skin was as white and smooth as silk. That neck of hers exposed from her collar was so slender as though it would break if the slightest strength was applied.

The most significant aspect was her bangs. Although the girl had an astonishing beauty...... her bangs were abnormally long, almost covering the left side of her face.

However, Shidou could not help but feel lucky because of that.

Her right eye was not covered by the bangs the moment they made eye contact, Shidou was mesmerized akin to that of being tempted by a devil. Thus, if he was looked at with both of her eyes, Shidou would probably be the same as the rest of the boys mentioned earlier.

Shidou swallowed, and took a glance at the blackboard.

At this point, the girl took the white chalk at the blackboard and wrote her name.


Shidou said this name in a low voice that no one could hear.


Just now Kurumi had indeed said this term.

Right now in the classroom, only three people truly understood the meaning in those words.


Shidou glanced at the seats on his left and his right.

The girl seated to his right Yatogami Tohka showed a dumbstruck, surprised expression that was obvious at a glance.

In contrast, Tobiichi Origami, who was seated at Shidou's left, though her face did not show any change, cast a cold, murderous glance at Kurumi..

Afterwards after Shidou finished observing the reactions of those two, the moment he looked back to the front......


Shidou held his breath, while his shoulders trembled for an instant.

However, that was perfectly normal. Because Tokisaki Kurumi was using her right eye, which had long eyelashes, to stare at Shidou.

’’......Wha ’’

Shidou could not move his body. At this point, Kurumi's eyes and mouth changed to form a smile.

’’I hope I will get along with everyone in the future.’’

After finishing, she slightly bowed.

While no one sensed Shidou's fear, the classroom gave a resounding applause.


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