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Date A Live - Volume 2 - Chapter 1


Chapter 1: Mission: Under One Roof[edit]

Part 1[edit]


Shidou let out a long and heavy sigh.

Walking upon the residential street as the sun slowly set, he dragged his legs and knees like an old man as he slowly moved forward.

Fatigue had set into his face, and somehow, even the fringe that was almost entirely covering his eyes had lost its luster.

Although he was only a 16-year-old boy......he looked older than his age.

But, that was something to be expected!


He sighed one more time.

In the end, Tohka and Origami had started quarrelling, with Shidou having to intervene.

Plus, the conflict between the two of them wasn't new.

Although Tohka enrolled just a month ago into the same Raizen High School that Shidou was attending, the two of them (Tohka and Origami) would have competitions like this every single day.

However, if it was simply about normal schoolgirls having some verbal quarrels, Shidou probably wouldn't be in such a critical condition.


Shidou recalled Tohka and Origami's forms from last month.

On one side was an evil [Spirit] that people thought as a disaster that would wreck the world.

On the other side was an Anti-Spirit Team wizard belonging to the JGSDF.

They were both girls with abnormal powers beyond that of humans.

For the time being, it was a normal human being, Shidou, who was acting as the mediator between these two girls.

’’Seriously, can't those two just get along...?’’

After saying that, Shidou lowered his head gloomily, realizing his own dumb remarks.

Until a month ago, both of their goals would have been to take each other's life.

Right now, in order to prevent Tohka's Spirit from going berserk, Origami and the rest of the AST openly avoided aiming for her life according to the [Orders]...Naturally, forming a good relationship was not going to be a simple task that was obvious.

However, if this were to continue on, then Shidou's body wouldn't last, as one would expect from this situation.

Shidou then released his biggest sigh yet


Suddenly, he lifted his head up.

Unexpectedly, standing alone, he felt something cold drip on his neck.


He said it like he was groaning, and a frown appeared on his face.

Before he knew it, the sky was getting covered by heavy gray clouds.

’’Rain, huh? Hey, hey, didn't the weather forecast say it was going to be clear [fine day]?’’

He ranted against the weather forecaster whose recent predictions have been off the mark.

And with an unbelievable timing that made it seem like this was planned from the beginning, *splash* *splash*, large water droplets started to stain the asphalt road.

’’Argh, damn it...’’

In a hurry, he raised his bag that he was holding onto above his head. He then hurriedly jogged to his house.

But, as if the rain was laughing at Shidou, it intensified in a blink of an eye.

’’Hey, hey, you can't be serious...’’

As he felt the cold sensation spread all over his uniform, Shidou frowned his eyebrows in annoyance.

Now that both of his parents were overseas on a business trip and the housework was thus left to Shidou, the latter, instead of thinking of matters such as ’’my clothes are sticking to my body, how uncomfortable’’ or ’’it'd be bad if I were to catch a cold’’, was rather concerned about whether his uniform would get dry the next day. A concern that is usually left to the housewife. Trying as much as he could to avoid getting his clothes wet, he ran toward the direction of his house even though he knew that it would be a futile effort.

However, immediately after turning right at a T-junction...


In the middle of the downpour, Shidou suddenly stopped running.

He resisted the numbness in his legs. It wasn't like his legs were tired, or that he stopped caring about being drenched.

But because in front of him was --------

Instead of the water jewels that were falling from the sky, there was something else that bothered him that appeared from afar.

’’A girl...?’’

Shidou's lips spoke those words.

Yes, it was apparently a girl.

A mantle with a cute design, wrapped around her body, was forming a small shadow.

Her face was not visible, mainly because her hood with decorative rabbit ears was covering her entire face.

What was standing out the most was her left hand.

An amusing-looking rabbit-shaped puppet was equipped on it.

Such a girl, in an area which was empty of people...

*pyon* *pyon*

...was hopping around cheerfully in circles.


Shidou scrunched his eyebrows and watched the girl.

In his head, questions were being processed.

'Why was that girl not holding an umbrella but jumping up and down under the rain instead?' No, that wasn't the question.


Why did he feel like as if his eyes were being stolen by that girl?

It was a question like that.

She was certainly wearing an eye-catching attire.

But no, it's wasn't about that.

Although he couldn't put it into words well, an uncomfortable sensation was overflowing in Shidou's mind.

It was an incomprehensible sensation. Plus, he recently felt something identical to that.


The cold rain clung against his skin as his clothes were wet, but he no longer cared about this discomfort.

He could only stare at the girl, who was dancing freely in the middle of the downpour of cold raindrops



He opened his eyes, bewildered by what just happened.

...The girl lost her footing.

Her face and stomach hit the ground hard, splashing the water puddle. Incidentally, the puppet on her left hand slipped off and flew forward.

And then, lying face-down on the ground, she had stopped moving.


Shidou in panic rushed over, and turned her over while holding her small body.

’’A-Are you okay? Hey!’’

For the first time, he was able to see the girl's face.

Her age should be around Shidou's sister's - Kotori's age. Her azure, fluttering hair was blue as the sea. Her soft lips had a pink color and she was a girl that looked like a beautiful French doll.


And then, the girl opened her eyes, revealing her long eyelashes and her sapphire-like pupils.

’’Ahh...I'm glad. Are you hurt somewhere?’’

After Shidou said that, the girl's face turned ghastly pale and her eyes were spinning round and round, then she sprung up as if she was trying to escape from Shidou.

After that, she pulled a certain distance between them;her whole body started to faintly tremble. She looked at Shidou with fear in her eyes.


Well, although it was simply in order to help her, he did suddenly touch her body, which might have been a careless act...despite that, Shidou was still a little shocked.

’’Ab-About that. I was just ’’

’’ ! Don't, come closer... please...’’


Just as Shidou made a step forward, the girl timidly said:


The girl followed with those words.

Did she see Shidou as someone who would harm her? It did seem that way, and she looked like a trembling little animal.


And, to Shidou, who had no idea how to react to that, noticed the puppet that fell on the ground.

It should be something that previously fell off the girl's hand. He slowly bended over, picking it up, then presented it to the girl.

’’Is this...yours?’’


The girl widened her eyes and wanted to rush towards Shidou, but suddenly stopped.

Although she wanted to retrieve that puppet, she made a face that expressed her fear of approaching Shidou, so she restlessly kept waiting for a better timing.

When Shidou saw the girl's state, he made a bitter smile. He then brought forward his hand that was holding the puppet to slowly shorten the distance.


The girl twitched her shoulders maybe because she realized Shidou's intentions, she crept forward and approached slowly.

And then, she snatched the puppet from Shidou's hand and wore it on her left hand.

Suddenly, the girl started manipulating the puppet's mouth to open and close it.

’’Yaahh , sorry 'bout that bro. You're a life-saver ’’

It was probably ventriloquism Shidou thought, as the rabbit made a strange high-pitched voice.

Tilting its head to the side, it looked at the girl's face as though it was questioning her...And as if it wanted to barge between Shidou and the girl, the rabbit puppet continued talking.

’’ Hmmm hey , when ya were waking me up, it looked like ya touched Yoshinon in lots of places. So, how was it hmmm? Be honest and tell us how was it?’’


The puppet made an impression as if it was laughing *kara* *kara*, clattering and moving its body accordingly.

’’Oh you're kidding Don't pretend, ya lucky pervert...Well, for the time being, ya did help me up, so treat this as a special service that’’

’’...Haaa..., yeah.’’

After the puppet said those words, he gave back a bitter smile.

’’Umm, well, see ya. Thanks, sir.’’

After the puppet said those words, the girl turned on her heels and then ran away.

’’Ah hey!’’

Even though Shidou called to her, the girl did not respond.

She continued running and followed the bending road. Her figure instantly disappeared.

’’What was...that?’’

A few seconds had passed after watching the strange girl retreat. Shidou was still standing at that same spot;he said that while scratching his cheek.


And then he realized.

He didn't realize it when he was having his attention taken away from the girl, but Shidou's whole body was now totally dripping wet.

To top it off, because of the place where his knees touched the ground, his trousers were left magnificently dirty.

’’Gosh really...’’

While wondering whether there was any more stain remover left at home, he disheveled and scratched his hair. Droplets of water left his hair and flew in every direction.

There was nothing he could do since he was already this wet. Thus, Shidou conveyed his current mood through a side, wanting to cheer up, and continued walking back home.

’’Ahhh...I'm soaking wet.’’

A few minutes have passed since he started grumbling while walking.


After finally arriving in front of his house, as he inserted the key into the house entrance, Shidou slightly frowned.

After turning the doorknob, he pulled the door.

As expected, the door that was locked after he left opened without any resistance.

’’ Kotori...that girl, she finally came home.’’

After taking a deep breath, Shidou's expression faintly stiffened.

Shidou's sister, Itsuka Kotori, attends the junior high school in the neighborhood, as a 13-year-old second year junior high school student.

And at the same time, she was also a commanding officer in the organization that neutralized Spirits through peaceful means. <Ratatoskr>.

Since his sister had to help the Anti-disposal unit with some matters concerning the protection of the Spirit Tohka, she has not come home during the previous month. Shidou sighed as the image of Kotori's face came to his mind.


Even though he understood that she was busy on Tohka's case, he still couldn't forgive her for sleeping outside of home without his consent.

Although she managed to attend school a brother, he had to lecture her for a while.

’’Besides ’’

Shidou gulped.

There were a lot of questions that Shidou had to ask Kotori no matter what.

Shidou went through events that were hard to believe just a month ago.

Kotori had an important role to play in them.


Although it's just meeting up with his sister, it was extremely heart throbbing.

Shidou strengthened his resolve and *eei!* slapped his own cheek. Then, he stepped foot into the house.

’’ I'm home.’’

He took off the shoes and socks that were soaking wet because of the rain, rolled up the cuffs of his trousers before leaving wet footprints on the wooden floor as he walked.

From the corridor, he could hear sounds coming out from the television;there was no doubt that Kotori should be in the living room.

Shidou changed his direction to the bathroom and tip-toed towards it.

It was impossible to have a conversation when he was soaking wet anyway. It should be better to enter the living room after drying his body and changing his clothes.

While holding his bag and socks with one hand, Shidou opened the bathroom's door like he always used to.


’’ !?’’

In an instant, Shidou's body froze.

In the bathroom was the figure of a girl.

Covered under the long night-colored hair were eyes that shone like crystals.

Even by adding the ten most grandiose adjective he could think of, they would not be enough to represent 10% of the beauty of this beautiful girl that gave off an overwhelming presence.

That girl was the only one in Shidou's memory.

It was the Spirit who was supposed to bring destruction to the world. But also the second year, class 4, student number 35 of the public school Raizen High School.

Yatogami Tohka was there.

There was not a single cloth that was covering her body.


Shidou muttered, dumbfounded.

Her limbs could be qualified as artistically beautiful. In an instant, Shidou's retina, optic nerve, brain cells, vibrated, became feverish and exploded.

She had breasts that could be entirely covered by his palm, a slender waist, and buttocks that looked soft. All the girls in the world would hold a reverence that would pierce through the boundaries of envy or jealousy to this charming yet mysterious naked body.


And finally, Tohka twitched her shoulders and turned her face towards his direction.


’’ ! Ah, Er, No , this is a misunderstanding...! It's because ’’

Although he didn't know what was wrong, those words automatically came off Shidou's mouth.

’’E-Enough. Just get the hell out...!’’


Shidou took a magnificent right straight punch to his stomach, causing him to fly backwards, hit the wall behind, and fall hard on the floor, butt-first.

In a flash, *Slam!*, the bathroom door tightly closed.

’’*Cough*, *cough*...gosh, that girl, she punched me seriously.’’

He said that while coughing violently, but his mind brought a little correction.

If Tohka were to punch him seriously, Shidou's body would already become a convenient container that could be detached into two parts.

Gradually, the pain inflicted on his stomach, mind, and retina started fading away altogether with the skin-color corrosion from the impact he also somehow took back his heart's composure.

Then, the bathroom door opened by a little bit. Tohka poked her face through the gap with her cheeks flushed bright red.

’’...Did you see, shidou?’’

’’ !’’

Shidou shook his head furiously at Tohka, who was staring him intensively.

...He actually did see a little, but if he were to be naively honest and tell her, this time his whole body would become able to fit into a suitcase.

Tentatively she understood that and came to an agreement, after Tohka made the sound [muu...], she fully opened the door.

Of course, Tohka has already put on her clothes.

But it wasn't the usual school uniform. Kotori probably lent it to her;it was Shidou's favorite dressing gown.

Due to her size being slightly bigger, her skin was showing from her collar until her collarbone, making it oddly erotic. It was a little troubling for Shidou to know where to place his eyes.

However, now wasn't the time to worry about that. He pointed his fingers at Tohka, and shouted.

’’Wh-What are you doing over here, Tohka...!’’

But Tohka tilted her head to the side, wondering what Shidou was talking about.

’’What? Didn't you hear from your little sister? I think that, hum it was something about some sort of training. I was told that I'll be staying here for the time being.’’

She said that nonchalantly.


After Shidou had brought his eyebrows together, he set his sight towards the corridor.

He then stood up, walked briskly, and slammed open the door in confusion.

’’Kotori! What the hell is this about!?’’

’’Oh ’’

When he did that, the little twin-tailed kid that was sitting on the sofa, watching the television, turned around, bringing those round eyes that looked like an acorn towards Shidou.

’’O-Onii-chan. Welcome back!’’

’’H-Hey I'm home...Wait, that's not it!’’

He replied normally without thinking, and then furiously shook his head.

’’You brought Tohka here, didn't you...? Oh, and training, what on earth is this about...!?’’

’’Now, now... Calm down, calm down.’’

’’How can I calm down!? W-Why did you bring Tohka here...? Isn't she supposed to go home with Reine-san as usual!’’

’’Eh? Well about that ’’

Kotori stretched a finger in the direction of the kitchen.


Shidou brought his eyes towards the direction that Kotori was pointing at and again, he stiffened.

’’...Ah, I'm coming in.’’

That's what she said.

There was a woman with an excessively sleepy face, arriving at the dining table that was separating the living room and the kitchen. She was adding many sugar cubes into a steaming hot cup.

She was Murasame Reine, the analysis officer of [Ratatoskr] and also the assistant homeroom teacher in charge of Shidou's class.

Incidentally, she was not wearing her usual military uniform, a white robe, but the pajamas of Shidou's mother while having a towel hang around her neck. Her hair was somehow a little moist.

’’Re-Reine-san? What are you doing...?’’


After reflecting on Shidou's question for a short while, she scratched her head and said:

’’...Ah, I'm sorry. Am I using too much sugar?’’

’’No, that's not the problem!’’

He couldn't help but shout.

Reine definitely put enough sugar cubes in that cup to worry about getting hyperglycemia, but that is not important now.

To calm down his own heartbeat, Shidou lightly patted his chest and then continued, saying:

’’What is this about? Shouldn't Tohka be currently living in <Fraxinus>?’’

Tohka, who was currently being protected by [Ratatoskr], should now be living in the isolated area, which also happened to be a part of the airship interior the organization owned called <Fraxinus>. It was said that she also commuted to school from there.

Though she had her powers sealed, she was previously known as a Spirit that bringing destruction to the world.

It was made this way so that if, per chance, anything were to happen, immediate actions could be taken. Not only there was that, in order to conduct a regular inspection efficiently, it seemed a strong seal was placed in that isolated area which also had rooms prepared.

Therefore, when Tohka finished school, she should have returned with Reine to <Fraxinus>...

’’...Aah, that's right. I should've given you an explanation.’’

Reine said that while rubbing her eyes, that had dark circles around them.

’’...But, before that.’’

’’Before that...?’’

’’...Wouldn't it be better if you change your clothes first? The floor is getting wet.’’


After being reminded of that, Shidou let out a brief sound.

Part 2[edit]

’’...So? What is this all about?’’

Shidou, having changed into his casual clothes, set his sights towards Reine and Kotori, who were sitting on the other side of the table.

These three people were currently on the second floor of the Itsuka residence, in Kotori's room.

The space was about the size of six tatami mats. The room was filled by pink dressers, a bed, and there was a crowd of fancy accessories and dolls that were placed everywhere.

He originally wanted to continue the conversation in the living room, but due to some sensitive topics that should not reach Tohka's ears, they relocated here.

Incidentally, Tohka was under a trance, watching rebroadcasted anime in the living room. She should be quiet for the next 20 minutes.

’’Well about this.’’

Kotori poked her soft cheek with her finger, pushing it upward.

’’From today onwards, Tohka will be temporarily staying here in our house!’’

Then, puffing her chest out with pride, she made an innocent smile.

’’That is why I'm asking how it turned out to be like thiiiiiiiiiiiiiis!’’

’’......Now, please calm down, Shintarou.’’

As Shidou was shouting, Reine spoke out.

Whether or not it was a matter of course, she had still mistaken his name.

’’It isn't Shintarou, but Shidou.’’

’’......Ah, you're right. I take it back. Sorry about that, Shin.’’


It was not taken back. It just became a nickname.

He couldn't help but think it was on purpose he looked closely at Reine's face, he couldn't help but think that she might have really mistaken his name.

However, Shidou could not corner her about his name any more than this.

’’......The reasons can be more or less classified into two parts.’’

Reine started speaking with a seemingly calm voice.

’’......The first part is about who will continue to take care of her afterwards.’’

’’Take care of her afterwards...what do you mean?’’

’’......Shin. Last month, you kissed Tohka and sealed away her powers, right?’’

’’...Ugh, Ye-Yeah...’’

Shidou lowered his head in defeat.

At the same time, the feeling from that time resurfaced, and his face reddened a little.

’’Ah Onii-chan's face is getting red- How cute~~’’

’’Sh-Shut up!’’

Kotori, who seemed to enjoy that, said it cheerfully from the depths of her heart. Shidou averted his sight awkwardly.

’’...Well, that's fine, but there's a problem...There's currently something like an invisible connection running between Shin and Tohka.’’

’’Connection? What does that mean?’’

’’...To put it into simpler words, when Tohka's mental states becomes unstable, there's the chance that the spiritual power that is sealed within your body will reflux.’’


Shidou's body froze in fear.

So the seal that was placed on Tohka's spirit powers would let them get back to her...?

Does it not mean that Tohka will once again have the power to slice heaven and earth in a single swing?

If by any chance that was the case this was a possibility that can make people shiver just by thinking about it.

’’......As you know, Tohka is now living in the isolated area of <Fraxinus>.’’

Whether she was aware or not of Shidou's panicked state, Reine continued talking in a soft manner.

’’......Although we are usually monitoring Tohka's condition......Somehow, when she is on <Fraxinus>, the levels of stress measured are higher compared to the levels when she is at school.’’

’’I-Is that so?’’

’’......Yes. Moreover, it seems she doesn't like the regular inspections that occur twice a day. Although it is within her tolerance for now, it would be hard even for an expert to say whether we could continue on like this And that's why ’’

Reine touched her chin with her fingers.

’’ considering that the results gained from the inspections have been stable, we will be changing Tohka's living quarters to outside of <Fraxinus>for a while.’’ ’’ that so.’’

’’......Ahh. Due to these circumstances, it has been decided that Tohka will be staying in this house for the time being while the special Spirit residential building is being built.’’

’’Please wait.’’

Shidou put his right palm on his forehead, his face twitching.

’’......What's wrong?’’

’’Wh-Why does it have to be my house...?’’

Reine made a small groan at Shidou's question.

’’......Well, to put it bluntly when she is with you, Tohka's mental state will be at its most stable condition.’’


As soon as those words were said, he held his breath.

’’......That is to say while this is hard for us to judge, Tohka hasn't put her trust on any human other than you. Whether it's me or Kotori, although we had many opportunities to be in contact with her that wasn't the case ......Firstly, even if it's by a little, we will secure a safe place. Then, we will test whether if Tohka is capable of living a normal life.’’

’’...I see...’’

Shidou wiped the sweat on his forehead.

Certainly, after the explanation, everything seemed to be clear to Shidou.

What more well, he was told that Tohka trusted him.

...He didn't hate it.

But, as if he was going to change his mind, he lightly shook his head. This wasn't a request he could easily accept. As if he was trying to dodge it, he asked a new question that was directed at Reine.

’’So...What is the other reason?’’

’’...Ahh, this one is more straight-forward Shin, it is for your training.’’


The words that were mentioned when he had changed his clothes a while ago were repeated.

Training. With that single word, many unpleasant memories surfaced in his mind.

’’Oh yeah, that topic did turn up...But, there is no need for any more training right?’’

’’...Huh? Why is that?’’

’’Why is that...'cos the the Spirit's power has already been sealed...’’

When Shidou said that, Reine turned into a wobbly state which made her swing her head to the side.

’’......Who told you that Tohka is the only Spirit?’’

’’Eh...? What do ’’

’’......It means exactly what I said. A special trait of the calamity designated creatures also known as Spirits are causing spacequakes. But Tohka isn't the only one. At this current time, we have confirmed that there are other ones beside her.’’

’’Wha ’’

Shidou suddenly felt like his heart was getting pulled and squeezed.

The Spirits. So Tohka wasn't the only one?

Wondering whether it was nervousness or fear, whirlpools were forming in the bottom of his stomach. It was an emotion hard to describe. The constant trembling that his whole body was releasing could be felt from his hands and legs, all the way to his fingertips.

But Reine didn't care about the stiffened up Shidou, and went on.

’’......Shin. We want you to continue taking on the role of conversing with the Spirits. That's what the training is about.’’

’’...Y-You're kidding ’’

Then, just as he shouted and struck his thigh...

’’ Huh?’’

Kotori, who has been quietly listening to the conversation, raised her small voice.

Before anyone noticed, the color of the ribbon that had been tying her hair in twintails had changed from white to black.

’’ !’’

...Shidou felt like he had already seen this before. Kotori was now in Commander Mode.

’’You don't want to, Shidou? Are you saying that you hate dating Spirits and making them fall for you?’’

Her tone was totally different from a few seconds ago. While giving off adult-like vibes, Kotori had spoken.


[Ratatoskr] proposed to use this method to subdue the Spirits, which is through peaceful and non-violent means

That is for Shidou to get in good terms with the Spirits, and then seal the powers in his own body even to put it in words, this was a stupid thing to do.

’’Uh, o-of course I don't!’’

Shidou having said that, Kotori bent her body slightly forward while opening her lips.

’’Geez If that's the case, then there's nothing we can do anymore.’’


’’We can either quietly watch the world getting messed up by spacequakes or patiently wait for a miracle-like event by letting the AST kill the Spirits. It'll probably be one of those two.’’


After being told that, Shidou was left speechless.

It was not like he has forgotten about it but having that reality facing him once again made his heart struck by a prickly pain.

The Spirits, who exist in the alternate dimension that is said to be the neighboring world, would rarely appear in this world.

On these occasions, there would be a large fluctuation with the walls between the dimensions, causing a phenomenon known as a spacequake to occur.

Whether it was on a large or small scale- as long as Spririts appear in an area, the latter would be absurdly destroyed, as though a bomb had exploded.

After that, the Spirits would be known as dangerous existences, and people would be attempting to eliminate them by any means with the help of members of the JGSDF's Anti-Spirits Team's, the AST's, military powers.

’’The unusual power that can seal the ones of the Spirits away you are the only person in the whole world that holds that. And yet, you're saying that you don't want to do this. Doesn't it mean that there is no possible alternative anymore?’’

’’...Wh-What's with...that...’’

Shidou looked as if he was in pain.

A heavy responsibility was put on him without him knowing. His stomach started to ache due to the heaviness of his duty.

But back to the original topic...

There were still a lot of things that Shidou had to confirm no matter what.

’’ Kotori.’’

’’What is it?’’

As if she somehow managed to guess what Shidou was about to ask, Kotori leisurely replied.

’’...First of all, will you tell me what on earth is [Ratatoskr]? When did you enter into such an organization? And about my power, what on earth is it?’’

Yes. That was what Shidou always wanted to know.

Due to Kotori always being away from home, he wasn't able to ask her that

Kotori sighed, and took out her favorite food a Chupa Chups from her pocket. Only after unwrapping it and putting it in her mouth that she began to talk.

’’ I guess you're right. This is also the right opportunity to tell you, so let me get straight to the point.’’

After saying that, she let the back of her body lean on the cushion behind her.

’’[Ratatoskr] was formed by volunteers...Well, to put it simply, it was something like a kind of nature conservation association And of course, its existence was not publicly announced.’’

’’Nature conservation association huh...’’

Somehow, he felt like it was something that didn't make sense, and because of that he hesitated to interrupt the talk. As if he wanted her continue talking, he continued making only agreeable responses.

’’Yup...What's more, the main goal and the reason for forming [Ratatoskr] is to shelter the Spirits and to provide them with a blessed and happy life......Well, it also seems like there are corrupt people in the biggest leadership group, the ROUNDS, that want to do something like obtaining the enormous powers of the Spirits.’’

’’Ah...? Wasn't it to prevent the spacequakes?’’

’’Well, of course there is that. But that is a secondary goal. If that's how you see it, then we are the same as the AST.’’

’’...Hmm, well, I guess you're right. So...such an organization exists. When and why did you become the Commander there? I had no idea of what you were.’’

He said those words in displeasure.

Although he didn't have any intent to say 'Don't keep secrets from me', this was something important that is to be hiding a secret like being involved in something that can endanger her life. He was a little unsatisfied as an older brother.

Having guessed his feelings, Kotori snorted.

’’I was appointed as the commander of the combat unit of [Ratatoskr]...around five years ago, I think.’’

’’Five years ago......Huh Wait, WHA...!?’’

After Shidou finished making simple calculations in his head he lifted his tilted head back to its normal position.

’’Stop spouting that crap. Five years ago...weren't you just an 8-year-old girl?!’’

Shidou was hit by a feeling of disbelief.

Even though it was not an ordinary organization, still, to have a girl that is about as old as an elementary third year student be its commander, that is just plain crazy.

’’Well, during those few years, it was something like training. In reality, it was only recently that I have taken the command post.’’

’’N-No, it isn't about that. Why would they take a small girl in the first place ’’

’’Well, how do I put it? [Ratatoskr] realized that I possess an overflowing intelligence.’’

’’How can I be convinced by something like that!’’

’’Even if you tell me that, nothing can be done since it's the truth. Why can't you just believe in the words of your little sister more obediently? Do you think you will look smart if you doubt other people's word?’’

...Her behavior was completely different from the usual cute Kotori's. Sweat was drooping down Shidou's cheek.

’’......That double personality of yours, is it [Ratatoskr's] fault?’’

After Shidou said that, Kotori snorted.

’’That's simplistic and rude. Think a little before you say anything. In the first place this is ’’

’’This is...?’’


After Kotori looked at Shidou with a difficult expression, she swung her head away and ignored Shidou's words.

’’ That matter isn't important. Right now, we are talking about [Ratatoskr]. Plus, about five years ago, some incidents happened and became the turning point for the organization.’’

’’Hey, don't just change the ’’

But, Shidou words were stopped halfway.

It was because Kotori put her fingers around the rod of the Chupa Chups she was eating, took it out of her mouth and pointed it at Shidou.

’’ Due to the discovery of the boy who can seal the Spirits'power with a kiss, [Ratatoskr] thereafter has positively shifted its objective towards protecting Spirits.’’


Shidou's eyebrows were deformed in shock.

’’An-And that boy, right?’’


Kotori nodded, and once again, put the Chupa Chups back into her mouth.

And as for Shidou, things were chaotic in his head. Having all kinds of information being given to him in one shot, it became impossible to process all of it.

’’Wait, please wait a moment...First of all, why was I provided with this kind of power?’’


’’Huh...? N-Nononono. Don't try to deliberately mystify that matter.’’

’’I'm not deliberately mystifying it. I really don't know. Through the medium of a kiss, it can rob and take away the Spirit's power, and seal it safely inside one's body. I only know that you had this ability. As for the reason why you have these powers, I personally have no idea.’’

’’Th-Then, how did you know that I have this kind of power! And five years ago! What on earth happened back then!’’

The moment Shidou said that while scratching his head...

Kotori averted her gaze to the ground.


After seeing that she seemed different than usual and took on an expression of grief, Shidou was shocked.

She looked as if she was feeling deep sorrow. As if she recalled some painful memories.

It looked like she felt remorse because of something wrong that could not be undone.

On that face.


When Shidou called her name, Kotori came back to earth, and her shoulders slightly trembled.

’’Eh yeah, it was discovered through [Ratatoskr]'s observation device. That's how it was. And I also managed through the same method.’’

She was completely different compared to her usual Commander Mode. Plus, Kotori said those vague words in an evasive manner.

But he...for some reason, he didn't have the heart to pursue this subject any longer.

’’A-Anyway ’’

After Kotori coughed and cleared her throat, she pointed at Shidou with her finger.

’’Right now, the most important information is that [you have the powers to do something about the Spirits]. Got it?! So make your choice From now on, will you accept or not to capture the Spirits'heart for us?’’


Shidou pressed his lips together in displeasure. It was a question that has quite a bad disposition.

Shidou was the only one that could seal the powers of the Spirits.

If Shidou doesn't do this, the Spirits the thing is, their existence and circumstances are the same with Tohka's, so Shidou has thoughts of wanting to save them. Every time they come over to this side of the world, the AST would attack them.

Even though it's not the intention of the girl to destroy this world.

Having a one-sided conclusion, deciding they are a disaster and aiming for their lives.

And there's that problem with the spacequakes.

If the Spirits powers aren't sealed, someday again, there was a chance that the large-scale great disaster level of that Eurasia might happen again.

Shidou made a big sigh and scratched off some of his hair.

’’...Give me a little time, to think about it.’’

’’ Well, that is okay for now.’’

Kotori said that with a sigh, and directed her gaze towards Reine, who was sitting beside her.

’’Well then Reine, the preparations.’’

’’...Okay, leave them to me ...Or rather, everything is already complete.’’

After Reine said that while wobbling her head, Kotori whistled.

’’As expected. You work fast.’’

’’...Preparations? What is that about?’’

A bad feeling resurfaced when those two made that restless conversation. Shidou asked them while sweat was dripping down off his cheek.

When he did that, Kotori replied like it was a natural thing to do.

’’Eh? Therefore, Tohka's room preparation was already decided. She is going to use the second floor's guest room.’’

’’Wai-Wait a minute! Didn't you say you will let me think for a bit!’’

’’Yes, that's why you shouldn't worry about things here. Take your time and think.’’

’’Don't speak the impossibleeeeee!!!!!’’

When Shidou shouted, Kotori blocked her ears in relief.

’’You're noisy. Either way, until the specially designated residential area is finished, we have no choice but to let Tohka stay here. By the time you'll make your decision, it'll be too late for training.’’

’’Even If you say something like that...I think there's something wrong with having a young girl and boy of the same age living in the same house...’’

As Shidou's face was beet red when he said that, Kotori coldly laughed at him.

’’If you were able to make such mistakes, we wouldn't have any hardships at all.’’


It was a little saddening that he couldn't deny it.

’’But, even so...!’’

And, as Shidou was still clinging onto opposition, from Shidou's back the door that installed in Kotori's room entrance, *Kachin*, opened.


His shoulder twitched, and then turned around.

While he was wondering how long has she been there, from the corridor Tohka gave him an anxious look.

’’...shidou. As I thought, I can't? I...can't stay here?’’


With eyebrows that are shaped in the form of a 八, Tohka looked over with sad eyes, causing Shidou to be left speechless.

...If there was any human that can say no in this situation, he would really like to meet him.

Shidou, made a loooooong sigh.

’’...I-I understand...’’

Part 3[edit]

’’...So, speaking of this training, what is it? What on Earth are you going to make me do?’’

Shidou, after having his head forcefully dragged around about three hours ago

After finishing his dinner, Shidou asked Kotori, who was sitting on the living room sofa.

The only ones in the Itsuka family living room were Shidou and Kotori.

After all that, Reine returned to <Fraxinus>. As for Tohka, after eating dinner, she proceeded towards the guest room. The accessories she used while staying at the isolated area of <Fraxinus>were delivered a little while ago. It seems she was unpacking her luggage now.

’’Nothing in particular, it's OK to do nothing.’’

Kotori, who had her hair tied up with the black ribbon, said that while moving her lips, which had a finished rod hanging from her mouth (of course, it was not tobacco, but a Chupa Chups).

’’Huh...? What do you mean? After saying all that stuff about training.’’

’’Un , speaking accurately, the theme this time is to lead an ordinary lifestyle...I think.’’


’’Basically, your training, based on the assumption that you will be dating all the Spirits from now on, is to manage to have a conversation with girls without being nervous.’’

’’...Ah, now that I think about it, you did say something like that.’’

After he recalled having to train with galge last month and to undergo training in the art of flirting his cheek twitched.

’’This time, we will be making the best of 'living together with a girl'as live combat training. The point is that even if you suddenly encounter a chest tightening situation with a girl, you will stay calm and be able to behave gentlemanly and act accordingly.’’


’’That's why Shidou, during the time that you are living together with Tohka, no matter the kind of naughty event that will happen, it will be best if you can cope with the situation without being flustered.’’

’’Wha...What's up with that...’’

Shidou's brow formed a grand wrinkle, and he moaned.

Suddenly a new question floated into his mind.

’’...Speaking of which, why must I seduce the Spirits in the first place? You can just seal the Spirits'powers by kissing, right? In that case, there's no need to abruptly strike ’’

’’Oh my, is forcing yourself on others what you prefer, Shidou? Good luck in not having your name appear in the morning newspapers.’’

’’I won't be in them!’’

As Shidou shouted, Kotori shrugged her shoulders in a relieved manner.

’’ It's useless. If the Spirits don't open their hearts to Shidou, they won't let you seal their powers completely.’’

’’Is-Is that so...?’’

’’Yes, and I don't particularly mean that they have to be deeply in love. At the very least, it will be hard if they don't trust you enough for them to not refuse the kiss. That's why Reine monitors the Spirits individually on their mood and positive feelings.’’


The more he hears about this, the harder it is to understand what his ability is.


And Shidou twisted his head.

For Kotori, it seems she began moving her lips normally.

’’...I see, I understand. Un...later...’’

If he looked closely, in Kotori's right ear, he could see she was wearing a small intercam.

’’Kotori? Who are you talking to?’’

’’ Aah, it's nothing. Don't worry about it more importantly Shidou.’’

Thus, Kotori jumped off the sofa and stood up.

’’I want to go to the toilet.’’

’’Huh? Why don't you just go then.’’

’’From what I saw a while ago, the light bulb is out. Could you go on ahead and change it?’’

’’ ? Ahh...I don't mind.’’

While Shidou was thinking that Kotori was being very suspicious, he pulled out a spare light bulb from one of the shelves.

He then took a stool meant for this type of work and headed towards the toilet.

And then, after he put the stool on the floor he proceeded to open the door

’’ !?’’

His posture froze accordingly.

But it was a natural thing to do. In any case it was because his guest was in there, on the toilet.


Tohka was currently sitting there with her panties below her knees.

’’To...To-To-To-To-To-To-To-Tohka...!? What are you doing over ’’

Shidou squeezed out that voice, while he felt his pulse rate suddenly accelerate.

Weird. The toilet door was not locked.

In addition, the light bulb which Kotori said was out was shining brightly and dazzlingly. Incidentally, the light switch that was installed beside the door was off.

This was absurd, for someone that entered abruptly to be able to see through this ploy.

’’Tha-That's my line!, hurry up and close it!’’

With Tohka's cheeks turning beet red, at the same time as having one hand pulling down her gown's hem, she violently grabbed the toilet paper that was installed on the wall, and then threw it at Shidou's face with all her might.


Although it was just soft toilet paper, but if it was thrown abruptly, it would still have a decent amount of impact.

Shidou emitted a groan, and collapsed facing up on that spot.

*Roll**Roll**Roll*......and, the toilet paper that had commenced a kamikaze [2A 1] attack on Shidou's nose drew a white line along the corridor.

’’Wha-What happened...?’’

And while Shidou was gazing at the ceiling, Kotori appeared overhead.

’’That was pathetic. Even though I just told you not to panic and get flustered.’’

Because of her daunting pose as Shidou laid on his back, her underwear was fully exposed. Well, even if it was Shidou, because it was his sister's panties, he was not panicking.

’’...Kotori. This is your fault...’’

As Shidou said that, Kotori took the Chupa Chups by the stick, popped the candy out of her mouth and held it up beside her lips.

...What happened was that they had estimated when Tohka would enter the toilet, before sending Shidou to attack. And what's more, they politely played with the door lock and the light switch.

’’ Shidou's condition is always being monitored by the <Fraxinus>. Then the crew and AI will judge each of Shidou's corresponding success rates individually And of course this time, it's a failure.’’

After saying that, Kotori showed Shidou something that she was hiding behind her back.


It was a small-sized radio.

Kotori inserted a battery into it, and matched the frequency. As she did that

’’ This world, it is filled with deceit. The adults are all rotten. We can't be like that. Show them the power the overflowing wonder. We can't stop our legs that will face the future ’’

...It was a poem he had heard from somewhere being blandly recited out loud.

Yes. It was something that Shidou wrote when he was in middle school.


Shidou screamed as if he had ceased functioning, pulled out the radio's battery and dropped it.

’’Even if you do that it's useless. After all, it is already being aired.’’


Shidou's face was completely dyed red.

’’It is the Penalty's successor from last time. It will be a problem if you don't take it seriously just because this is training well, relax. As long as you don't get it all wrong, something like revealing the author's name will not happen.’’

’’Isn't that saying that if I get all of it wrong, it will be revealed!’’

’’That's why I'm saying that before it happens so you can get used to it. It's not like I told you to make her get all lovey-dovey. No matter how nervous you get, if you calm down and are able to act correspondingly, you pass.’’

’’Tha-That's unreasonable...’’

The galge was much better. The training this time had a degree of difficulty that was too high for Shidou, who had no immunity.

’’Spe-Speaking of which, didn't you say we shouldn't make Tohka's mental stability even worse...!?’’

’’Ahhhh, well that's not a problem. There are a lot of things that will cause her emotions to swing. In these sorts of events, the chances that the Spirit powers reverse back to her are very low.’’

’’Bu-But even so...’’

And, while Shidou was saying that, from his back a - *screech* - sound echoed.

Tohka opened the toilet door by a bit, and half of her fully red face peeked out.


Even though it was Kotori's fault in the first place, but for someone who was caught doing something like peeping just a moment ago, it was hard to face each other. Shidou averted his gaze and said in a soft voice.

’’ wasn't on purpose. Please forgive me...’’

After he said that, Tohka, with cheeks that were blushing in embarrassment, pointed at the white line along the corridor that she was focusing on.

’’...I will forgive erm,, could you please get me the paper?’’


Which reminded him that the toilet paper that was meant for emergency use might be out.

Shidou took the toilet paper that fell on the corridor with his hands, rolled it back and handed it to Tohka.

Part 4[edit]

’’Shidou, it seems that the bath is ready, so go on ahead.’’

What kind of traps did you set up this time...?

Shidou braced himself, when Kotori threw those words at him, it was around 8 P.M.

’’...The bath, huh.’’

Shidou answered in a hollow voice, and was creeping his head into the living room.

While Kotori was lying down, she was holding a controller from a game console connected to the television.

As expected, Tohka's presence was absent.

Yes. Just a while ago, when Shidou stepped away for a few minutes, Tohka's figure had disappeared.

Kotori said that she went to go get something from her room...having reached this stage, Shidou wasn't that naïve to believe that.

’’...No, I'm okay with taking it afterwards. How about you going ahead, Kotori?’’



Kotori, who was enjoying swaying along in sync with the game's BGM, halted her fingers for a moment. Shidou did not overlook it.

’’I'll pass. Right now is the good part.’’

! She said that with a poker face while looking at the screen.

Shidou was certain of this.

This is a trap set by Kotori.

While Shidou wasn't there, they made Tohka enter the bath, same as with the toilet incident just moments ago, and they would then have Shidou barge in. They were probably planning to produce a happy and embarrassing situation.

A commander with many stratagems in her head like Itsuka Kotori would never overlook an opportunity such as the classic bath scenario.

However, Shidou had already experienced the bathroom incident when he returned home. There was no way he would fall for it a second time.

While making a small shrug with his shoulders it was time to play his prized, hidden card.

’’Oh well, don't be like that especially today, since we are going to use the bubble bath melt.’’

’’ !?’’

In an instant. Kotori's twin tails twitched and ruffled up.

Everyone in the Itsuka family have the opportunity to enjoy the carbonated gas when bubble bath melt were to be used. However, only the first person to take a bath was assigned to put them.

As such, Kotori had almost never missed this role before.



A moment of silence after an evening meal.

If a person that doesn't know anything sees this, they would probably see a quiet scene of a brother and sister.

But right now, severe psychological warfare (?) had unfolded between these two.

-Well, what are you going to do now, Kotori?

Right now in Shidou's mind;Kotori's impregnable castle was being assaulted by bubble bombs, a downright surreal scene unfolded.

Kotori, in a calm manner, moved her toes. Shidou was sure of his victory, and raised the sides of his lips.

Fu,hahahahahaha! Don't look down on me, you little brat. For I, Itsuka Shidou, have been your brother for many years, it isn't just for show.

But, for a brief moment, Kotori replied with a shaky voice,

’’He...Heeeeeeeeeee, Yes......That's nice......Shidou, go on in...first.’’


From that unexpected response, Shidou raised his eyebrows No matter how much she is in Commander mode, there was no way Kotori could fight back against the magical powers of the bath bubbles!

...And, looking closely, Kotori's shoulders were trembling, he understood that by seeing that and from seeing her right hand tightly gripping her left hand.


She was completely holding it in.

And-at that time,

’’Kotori, sorry to make you wait. Well, it's a challenge!’’

From behind a voice echoed, Shidou turned around in shock.

Over there was, Tohka standing there while holding something that looked like a blanket.


’’Nu, what's wrong shidou? Making such a weird face.’’

’’N-No...where did you go?’’

’’Un. Kotori asked me to play a game with her, but today was a little cold after all. So I went to find something that can cover my knees from the inside of my room.’’


From Tohka words, Shidou reflexively staggered. He felt like his sight began to distort and blur.

-Was Kotori speaking the truth? Shidou, had gotten himself all worked up for nothing...!?

’’...I'm going to take a bath...’’

For some reasons it felt like he had lost. Shidou exited the living room all wobbly.

’’ ? shidou, what's wrong?’’

’’...I wonder.’’

The voices of these two were heard behind him as he left the corridor. He prepared clothes and a bath towel randomly, before opening the changing room door of the bathroom.


Just in case, he knocked on the bathroom door before opening it.

’’...What, there really is no one.’’

He let out a sigh of relief, and quickly took off his clothes before entering the bath. The moment he grabbed the bubble solution in his hand he suddenly felt like he had done something bad to Kotori.

He thought of letting Kotori use it tomorrow instead. He tossed in the ordinary bathwater additive that doesn't produce bubbles into the bathtub.

And then he quickly washed his body before sinking his body into the bath dyed in a milky white color.


A long and slender sigh. Many repeated echoes resounded off the bathroom walls and returned back into his ears.

’’Today was again...Tiring......’’

He sunk his shoulders into the hot bath, and let out another sigh.

From the pores of his body, it felt like his entire body's fatigue melted away.

Shidou, took his time and slowly closed his eyelids.

...And now, he wondered how much time past.


The sounds of someone humming, brought Shidou out of his daze.

’’Ah...? What...?’’

Shidou rubbed his drowsy looking eyes, and faced towards the direction where the humming was coming from

’’ !’’

His body stiffened, and he cursed himself for letting his guard down.

But that was natural. Because right now, facing the glass that separates the bathroom from the changing room, he saw the faintly visible figure of a black haired girl.

’’Thi-This was your aim huh, Kotori !’’

Shidou groaned while holding back his stomach.

Making it look like it was the same pattern as last time and then using a surprise attack.

It wasn't to have Shidou move towards where Tohka was, but the reverse.

While being simple, it was an effective strategy. Because currently, Shidou has no place to run.

’’I've been deceived. Kotori !’’

Right now in Shidou's mind;Kotori was wearing sunglasses while making an inappropriate laugh and saying, [Because you're a little boy] while sipping on a glass of whiskey. That scene floated across his mind.

Having finished removing her cloths, Tohka put her hands on the bathroom door.

’’ !’’

Shidou in confusion, and without thinking, dove into the bathtub and shut the lid before he could be found.

And then as if in an appearance of someone who was passing by, the sound of the door opening was heard.

Next, with a *rattling* sound, the lid of the bathtub was removed. And then-



And, without checking the inside of the bathtub, Tohka vigorously jumped into the bathtub.

Splashing into hot water- and at the same time, Shidou felt something soft land his on stomach.


And finally, Tohka felt something was unusual.

Thus...Shidou could no longer continue holding his breath and broke from the surface of the milky water with he made 'a good day pose'on his face.



After that in just a few seconds.

’’ !?’’

Tohka, face was glowing as red as a tomato, and raised a scream that doesn't sound like a voice.

’’Ca-calm down, Tohka...!’’

’’-! You idiot! D-Don't come out...!’’

Tohka grabbed Shidou's head with all her strength, and plunged him down into the water.

Naturally, Shidou who didn't take a good breath, didn't have sufficient oxygen in his lungs.

’’ ! ............!’’

And then having been locked in this grapple in the bathtub for a while.

Shidou finally lost consciousness, *plop*...and began floating in the bathtub.

Somewhere in his mind;Kotori said [yes, it's a No], he felt like he again heard a long voice from the radio but there was nothing Shidou could do.

Part 5[edit]

’’That was a comp completely......bad experience.’’

He somehow brought back his consciousness. Shidou after coming out of the bath, washed the accumulating pile of dishes in the sink and prepared tomorrow's rice. Finally returning to his own room he was completely tired out.

The clock hand turned to 11 O'clock.

The good children, both Tohka and Kotori, were already sleeping in their respective rooms.

Although for a healthy young high school boy it was still early today's fatigue wasn't normal at all.

As expected, even for Kotori, today was exhausting.

Shidou entered his room and then dived into his bed. He immediately fell asleep.

’’......ri. Kotori, please wake up. It's time.’’

Everyone has already fallen asleep it was long into night. She felt that her right eardrum vibrated and Kotori twitched her eyebrows.


But, to be woken up by something like that, a 13-years-old sleep (such as Itsuka Kotori) wasn't that shallow.

On top of her bed she twisted her body around, rolling up the blanket and winding it around her body before turning over to the side, and once again started to give out calm sleeping sounds.

’’...Kotori. Kotori. Please do not go back to sleep’’


Kotori used her hands to rub her weak blinking eyes, and sluggishly brought her body up.

’’Whaaat is it...Oniii-chaan...’’

’’......Sorry but I am not Shin. It's me, Reine.’’

She made a small twist with her neck, and ’’Fuaaaaaaaa.........’’ giving one big yawn.

’’Reine...? What's wrong, at a time like this...’’

While Kotori was rubbing her eyes with her one hand, and the other was swinging at the bedside, finding her hand phone while groping with her hands, she turned on the lights on the menu screen and squinted her eyes towards the display.

It was 3:20 A.M. It was the time when, all good and bad kids were inside their dreams.

’’...The preparations are ready. We're leaving the final instructions to you.’’

After being told that, Kotori [ah] opened her mouth with a small gap.

’’Un...Oh yeah...I asked help me...wake up...’’

While Kotori was bobbing her head like Reine, she once again reached towards the area around her bedside.

And she took into her hand, a mouth-sized rod attached candy that she had placed there. She then tore open the messy wrapping and shoved it into her mouth.


At that instant, on her tongue something like an explosive-like feeling was transmitted to her brain. Kotori jiggled her whole body. And at the same time, a refreshing and stimulating fragrance passed through her nasal cavity.

Yes, that wasn't the usual Chupa Chups. It was her secret weapon, the super refreshing Super Mental Candy that Kotori uses only when she wants to hold back her drowsiness.

Kotori took her black ribbon in her hands, and tied her hair in her usual twin tails.

’’Ah- I have woken up. Sorry about that, Reine.’’

’’...I don't mind- without delay, this is the report. Shin is currently in a sleeping state.’’

’’I see. And, how about the other members?’’

’’...I told them to be on stand-by as ordered. We can go at any time.’’

’’That's sufficient.’’

When Kotori said that, she killed the sound of her footsteps and left her room, descended down the stairs and reached the front door.

And then, with the sound of *kachinn*, the door was unlocked.

In front of the front door there were black battle uniforms and Balaclava.[2A 2], There were several men in this American Special Forces-like attire ready on stand-by.

’’The target is on the second floor. I'm counting on all of you.’’


The men obeyed Kotori's instruction, and invade the Itsuka house without making any sound with their feet.


Shidou let out a small moan, and on top of the bed he lightly stretched his spine.

His eyes greeted the morning sun light coming from the window, and the sound of birds chirping was entering into his ear.

’’Un...It's already morning huh.’’

He spilled out a yawn, while blinking his eyes, he turned to the other side of the bed.


’’Ah...? What is this...?’’

The felt like his cheek touched something soft. Shidou raised his eyebrows a little.

In order to find its identity, he slowly placed his hand around his head, and felt around.

When he did that, from the direction above his head.


What the

A cute voice was heard.


Shidou stopped his breathing for a moment, and gathers his thoughts.

He took a glance of his surroundings. In front of his eyes was a thin fleece cloth. And on the ceiling, he could see a lamp, that was different from his own room.

Over there This was not Shidou's room.

Judging from the room's interior...It looked like it was the guest room on the second floor which he seldom entered.

’’Whi~ch me~ans...’’

He slowly, very slowly turned his face to look up above his head.


Over there, as expected, was Tohka's beautiful appearance.

She probably woke up moments ago. The instant Shidou raised his sights upwards their eyes, met.



After a few seconds.

’’Hiiiiiiiii ’’


Shidou and Tohka choked at almost the same time and quickly they both got up from that spot, as if a gong was rung initiating the start of a competition, they split themselves apart and took some distance one towards the pillow side and the other towards the leg side of the bed.

’’Wha-What are you doing, shidou! Why are you on my bed...!?’’

’’I-I Do-Don't know! Wh-Wh-Wh-Wh-What am I doing here...!?’’

’’The one asking should be me!’’

’’You're righttttt!’’

Shidou, while in an unexplainable tension shouted.

And, at that timing the door of the room opened, Kotori appeared.

’’Okay, Out! Calm down a little more, Shidou.’’

’’......Kotori......!? Do-Don't tell me, this was your doing!’’

’’Let me see, what this is about. Isn't it about Shidou being unable to restrain his overflowing blue libido of puberty, so he crawled into Tohka's futon? Stop making weird accusations on me.’’

Kotori shrugged her shoulders while acting dumb, and said that with a small smile on her face.


From those words, Tohka face blushed, and pulled the blanket to cover her chest.

’’I-I'm innocent!’’

He shouted, Kotori didn't care and for some reason, started to take out a hand phone from her pocket.

But that was, for some reason Shidou's property.

’’You...Isn't that my phone. What are you doing?’’

’’Eh? Aah.’’

Kotori made a small grin, and turned the phone screen so that it could face Shidou.

On that screen a mail had been written. And the receiver's name Tonomachi Hiroto, Shidou's friend, was being displayed.

’’ !?’’

Shidou choked. That's because the mail's article was about

’’There is an incredible radio station. Try listening to it. It seriously causes my heart to tremble. This will change your view on life.’’

After writing something like that, she had placed the URL of a web page onto the end of the message.

’’Huh...? Wha-What is that URL...’’

’’Aah, yesterday's show started its transmission on the internet radio. With this on the internet, anyone can listen to Shidou's masterpiece anytime they want to.’’


Shidou, his eyes opened wide with fear and stretched out his arm.

’’St-Sto ’’

Before Shidou finished his word, Kotori pressed the send button.


He shouted and snatched back his cell phone, and was desperately pressing the cancel button too late.

Due to the convenience of the modern civilization that transmit information quickly, a disastrous piece of information had been sent to his friend.

’’Wha-What the hell did you do...!’’

’’It's a Penalty. It's going to be troubling if you are going to panic from just touching Tohka's breast with your cheek.’’

’’Un, Even if you say’’

He sensed an uncomfortable feeling after hearing Kotori's words, he then twisted his neck.

...Come to think of it, the moment he gained his awareness, he felt like he touched an unusually soft object.

He timidly looked towards where Tohka was, her eyes were filled with circles.

And then, for some reasons she remembered a feeling from just now and started touching her body after touching the area where her breasts are, her whole body stiffened up.


Poof! It appeared almost as if smoke were about to rise, Tohka's face was completely red.


And then Tohka raised a tremendous scream, and started grabbing things around her and throwing randomly.

’’Uwahh.........Ca-calm down, Tohka!’’

Shidou dodged somehow, and tried leaving the room but, he was hit by an Akebeko[2A 3] ornament, and fainted.

Translation Notes and References[edit]

  1. Jump up↑ A suicidal attack used in the World War, where airplanes crashes into the enemy, also known as God Wind
  2. Jump up↑ is a form of cloth headgear that covers the whole head, exposing only part of the face. Usually only the eyes or both eyes and mouth are left exposed.
  3. Jump up↑ toy from Fukushima prefecture in the shape of a red cow, also used as a talisman against smallpox


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