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Date A Live - Volume 13 - Chapter 2


Chapter 2: Akiba, I Have Returned!

Part 1

’’Kata-Kata* that small sound came from the ringing of their teeth. There's no time anymore.

But the atmosphere in this place isn't low at all. Certainly the place outside is being wrapped up by the cold weather of December, but the temperature here is pretty warm because the office is covered with thick glasses and completed with air conditioner. It keeps a comfortable temperature for everyone here.

Even so, Knox cannot stop his body from trembling. His hands and legs, which have been covered by bandages and plaster, are also trembling. Gradually, he takes a deep breath.

Though, it's not like Knox doesn't know what is happening here. Next to him is his subordinate Burton, who is also wrapped up by bandages and his face expression looks just as nervous as Knox's face. The reason was simple.


Right in front of them, there's a man sitting down on his chair;he lowered down his eyesight to the document on his hands.



With only such a little movement from that man, sweat begins pouring from Knox and Burton's heads.

The man is being assisted by an ash blonde haired woman whose appearance could attract every man. Her facial expression is as sharp as a sword which would cut them down, making those two fall into silence with their faces getting paler.

That man's appearance looks young. It seems like he's in the middle of thirties. But why does this young appearance suit with him despite his age? He doesn't looks like a middle age man at all. Actually, this year Knox is forty-eight years old, so you can say that this man's age is younger than him.

Of course that's only natural. The person over there isn't an ordinary man.

He's a man whose name is famous in the world as a world genius financial monster from DEM Industry, its first generation founder: Sir Isaac Westcott.

In normal situation, it would be impossible for a mere pilot like Knox and Burton to be able to meet up with him in person. For the two of them to be here right now, of course there's a certain reason for that.

’’...................Knox-san. What in the world will happen to us........’’

Right now, Burton is talking with a small voice that almost cannot be heard at all. Knox turns and glances to him. He replies back with a voice that can't be heard by Westcott.

’’...........Ssh! Shut up!’’

’’....................’’ After hearing Knox's words, Burton stopped speaking.

Burton's insecurities are understandable. However, having a small talk in their situation shouldn't be done. If they did, then the possibility of the situation becoming worse is pretty high. The only thing the two of them can do is to keep silent just like a stone and wait for what will happen next.

Right. Knox and Burton are being called here for some reasons. Anyway, that's not because the two of them will be given any work to do like usual. Instead, it must be because of the fatal mistake they had committed.

A few days ago, both Knox and Burton were sending <Material A>, which is a spirit captured by DEM Industries, from Neryl Island's experiment facility in Pacific Ocean, and in the middle of the way, they got attacked out of nowhere and that resulted in <Material A>escaping.

Though, it's not like Knox and the others let the <Material A>escape on purpose. It's was merely an accident or irregular event.

But knowing how much Westcott is attached to the spirits, no matter what the cause of this trouble is, dealing with this man means this has something to do with their punishment.

Westcott is without doubt, a man who could change the world's economy by only using his fingertips. Knox and Burton could be thrown away to the street if this man really wished to, that is something really easy for that man.

No, Knox throws away that thought inside his mind. He assumes something even worst is more possible, because the assumption he made earlier looks too gentle to be done by that man.


Knox took a silent glance to Westcott's side.

There's stood a young, blonde woman behind him;he takes a note of her.

Just by looking at her for once, it can be felt that she's different from an ordinary secretary. That woman is DEM wizard's supervisor, Ellen Mira Mathers.

She has power equal or even stronger than the spirits;the strongest human ever. If she's with Westcott since the beginning, that's means she's going to cut off Knox and Burton's neck as punishment.

  • Kachi-Kachi*, the sound of the clock attached on the wall resonates inside the entire office.

Because of the silence, Knox can hear the footstep sounds from the stairs above the office clearly.

’’-------I see.’’

Westcott comments upon looking at the report document. A dark gaze is pointed to Knox and Burton's faces.


He puts some strength inside his gaze;it feels like the gaze has pierced through their bodies. Knox, who cannot describe this unpleasant feeling, unintentionally frowns at this.

However Westcott doesn't seem to care about that at all, he throws the report onto the desk. Then, he stands up and walks towards the two of them.

After that, in front of the two of them, Westcott moves his lips and speaks in calm tone.

He is going to announce whether it's punishment or dismissal. Or, if the management thinks that they're not useful anymore, it will be an order for Ellen to get rid of them.

Knox averts his gaze away from Westcott and his words keep echoing inside his mind, then he bites his inner teeth and closes his eyes.

’’Thank you for your trouble. The two of you should use Realizer to treat your injuries, they'll recover in instant. Give your body enough rest before coming back to work.’’

Knox's body shivered upon hearing Westcott's words, it was truly unexpected thing.


’’Only that .........Sir?’’

Knox and Burton exchanged their glances for a moment, and then a voice came out to interrupt them.

It was Westcott himself who says it. It seems he still does not understand their reaction.

After that, he nods as if understanding something.

’’Aah, so that was the problem? Of course, the treatment will be under worker's insurance, so you'll both receive-’’

’’No, that's not what I meant.........!’’

Knox cannot keep his silence upon hearing Westcott's words. The reaction Westcott gave also looks unexpected, but Knox unintentionally continues speaking.

’’Because we let the <Material A>escape. About the punishment.......’’

’’Huh? That wasn't your fault judging from the report. Instead, I have high evaluation toward your calm judgment had during <Nightmare>'s attack. Do you think I'll be a fool that would choose my personal emotions instead and lose such talented staff like you two?’’

’’I-Is that so.........’’

The unbelievable sentence he just heard made Knox start to sweat. Then, Westcott says ’’Besides’’;adding another sentence as he continues to speak.

’’I already planned to free <Material A>anyway. Besides, it's better to let her be free for now. Thanks to you, I don't have to setup the stage.’’


Knox widens his eyes when he heard Westcott's unexpected words.

This man, he planned to release the Spirit <Material A>.............Then what was his true intention for delivered the spirit to Japan?

’’Director, what are you going to-’’

However, before he could finish his sentence, he can feel that someone is pulling on his clothes. . When he turns to see, it was Burton who face is pale. *Bang-Bang* a sound is made as he swung his head from left to right.

Looking at Burton face, Knox realized that he's going to ask something unnecessary for him to know. Then, Knox fixes his posture in confusion.

’’I understand. Well then, please excuse us......’’


Westcott raise one of his hands and replied with a friendly tone. Knox and Burton left the room together.

When they leave the room and pass the door, they expected Westcott to call out to them to come back but..........Nothing happened.

They walk along the corridor, once they reach some distance where their voice cannot reach the inner part of that room, Knox as well as Burton let out their breath *Buhaa*. Frankly speaking, up until now both of them felt as if they were breathing in underwater.

’’Just now.......What does that mean?’’

Burton asking while wiping sweats on his forehead using his cloth's sleeve, Knox also does the same thing as he replies to him.

’’.........I don't know. Perhaps, the way we think is far too different with him. That's impossible for us to understand him. No, rather...’’

’’Rather, what?’’

’’................No, nothing.’’

While Burton pauses, Knox gives a vague reply.

They are still inside the DEM Industry Company building. In this place, they won't know whether someone will eavesdrop on their conversation. Somewhere or not, right now something like that is floating inside his mind, so as expect that he shouldn't continue his words.

Apparently, ’’that’’ isn't a human being like him, that's what he though.

No, to be exact-----That man for sure, doesn't consider himself to be the same living being as Knox and Burton.

He remembered Westcott's eyes when he looked at them. He looked at them differently as if they were the eyes of some kind of reptile or insect. Knox shuddered involuntarily

’’...............Let's go, Burton.’’


Knox and Burton continue walking along the corridor.

Secretly inside his mind, he thinks of finding a new candidate to replace him in the workplace.

Part 2

’’Just now, what the-’’

Shidou creates a dubious face and stares at the girl in front of him.

Honjou Nia. A girl who had proclaimed herself to be the manga artist, Honjou Souji.

Shidou unintentionally answers back her question with another question. However, Shidou cannot abandon this girl's word after he had heard it. The reason was simply, for her to know this matter has surprised Shidou a lot.

Right, this girl just now said-------------<Spirit>.

That is, this world's source of calamity, the existence that is the true cause of the spacequake occurrence. But that existence was kept secret, only some people were allowed to know about their existence. Usually, they are government officials or the upper class department of military enterprises.

Moreover, it's not only that.

Not only has this girl known about Spirits' existence, she also knows Shidou's name and his objective to settle the problem through a peaceful way.

’’Nia.............How do you know about that?’’

Shidou questions her with a wary face.


After that, Nia remove the glasses she wore for work and then listlessly brush her hair up.

’’Well, I wonder why, how mysterious?’’

’’D-Don't dodge my question! You, who are you!?’’

As Shidou asks with a strong tone, Nia answers him casually while waving her hands.

’’No need to be so angry. Because~ I will tell you properly.’’

After answering him with a light tone, she calls out a name.

’’---------Yod<Heavenly Raiment>’’


Shidou held his breath.

At the moment Nia calls out its name, a light began to surround her body, and then Nia's body is wrapped up by the light.

’’This is................’’

Shidou suddenly let out a voice while narrowing his eyes.

There's no doubt. There's no mistake. This is----------

’’Astral Dress!?’’

The light has manifested as an Astral Dress. An absolute armor that a spirit always wears, that's it. The thick Reiryoku has formed into glowing clothes.

Soon the light has already wrapped around her body. The maid clothes Nia previously wears now has already completely changed its shape.

The transparent light gave radiance like an illusion. It is an astral dress that looks just like a priest's robe. The cross design gives it an important point, and her head is covered with a veil. Somehow, her appearance looks just like a nun.

’’Just by this you already understand, right?’’

Nia opens her shoulders and gives a fearless smile.

Shidou's looked at Nia's appearance from the top of her head. He lets out a trembling voice.

’’Nia, are you.............a Spirit?’’

’’Yes~ Well, if there's a living being that could do this kind of thing, as far as I know there's none other than that one.’’

After saying that jokingly, Nia laughs.

However, looking at Shidou's reaction, she saw that Shido is still shuddered at what happened. It made Nia dissatisfied and he puts her hands on her hip and her mouth creates a ’’へ’’ shape.

’’What's this~ There's no reaction at all? Even after I transform myself like this, it's only makes me look like a dumb.’’


Shidou scratches his cheeks at Nia's constant casual tone. It sounds the same as it did previously. He can felt that the high tension that had filled the room is starting to vanish.

’’I was though you would go [W-What the heck!?,] or something like that. Or perhaps you would change your pattern into *Doki!* upon seeing the figure of a girl who suddenly transform herself like this! And anyway, don't you think my Astral Dress is quite erotic? Just look at the slit over here near the joint of my legs. The whole dress is created by semi-transparent mysterious material which completely displays my body line.’’

While saying these words, Nia makes a pose by lifting her left leg onto a nearby chair. From the side, Shidou can see Nia's thigh clearly through the cut of the slit. Shidou's face also went red and he averted his gaze away from her.


’’Ah~ That one, that one! That reaction~ Ehehe. It's fine, it's fine~ boy. Perhaps you have leg fetish? I see~ You're still young, so it's alright for being a bit greedy~’’

Nia swings her hand as if trying to lure Shidou. Even though her outfit looks like a virtuous nun, her personality is completely different from her looks.

’’....................Aah, it's enough!’’

Shidou scratches his head out of irritation, and then he turns back towards Nia again.

’’Stop making fun of me! I'm still confused with current situation. Nia, I already understand that you are a spirit. But how do you know about me? That I um, persuade the Spirits.’’

’’Aah, that one?’’

After Shidou asked, Nia moves down her leg from the chair, slowly she raises one of her hand in front of her body.

’’Even though I don't really like giving any spoiler due to my profession, but I'll make an expectation for this time.’’

After that, along with her movements, she moves her lips-------Suddenly, she called out for its name.

’’Rasiel<Tome of Revelation>’’

The moment she calls the name, something appeared in Nia's hand, it was a book.

It was a large book which looks like a scripture. Its cover is made from mysterious material which is neither leather nor metal. Just like Nia's astral dress, the book has a cross design applied on it.

’’That' angel?’’

’’Right. My angel <Rasiel>, the omniscient angel that knows everything in this world.’’


Hearing Nia's words, Shidou knits his eyebrows.

’’Omniscient.................? What does that mean?’’

’’Well, even if you ask me. It's just like reading a book. <Rasiel>can tell me all things in this world. It knows what occurs in this world. It also knows who and what they're doing. For example-----Right, at that time when you finished your shopping, I knew that you would pass through that street.’’


Shidou inclined his head upon hearing Nia's words.

Nia found his reaction pretty amusing, so she chuckles and laughs.

’’----Don't tell me, you're really thinking that our meeting was just a real coincidence? You meet with a girl who collapsed on the street by chance and then you look after her, and also by any chance too that girl is actually a Spirit. Do you really think something like that is possible? No-no, generally thinking something like that is impossible, right? If it were me, I won't create that kind of prologue for a story.’’

’’................In other words, you knew that I would help you, so you collapse there on purpose?’’

’’Well, sort of.’’

Nia answers while nodding exaggeratedly. Shidou becomes nervous after hearing her words.

’’............Then, did you also let me help out with the manuscript for some reason-’’

’’Ah, that one I was really asking for your help.’’

’’So, there isn't any reason!?’’

Shidou yelled at her. ...............No, if there were any hidden meaning behind that act, then it would definitely something terrible. Somehow he feels as if he's falling down from a plane or such.

However, that's means in fact, since the beginning Nia invited Shidou to her room because she already knew about him. Shidou shakes his head in order to calm down his mind before turning to Nia again.

’’Because of that---------Nia. What is your real objective? Why...........I'm in this place?’’

Being asked, Nia's face looks so calm as opposed to Shidou's. Then, she replies with a light tone while shrugging her shoulders.

’’No need to be so wary. It's not like I have any particular business with you. But if you really wanted to know why, boy, I only wanted to see you myself with my eyes. Some information I know about you I get them from <Rasiel>. However, it still cannot match with meeting you in person.’’

Nia touches the front cover of <Rasiel>with her fingertip and then it's floating on the air, she then continues her sentence.

’’And then-------That's right, I wanted to say thanks to you.’’


Shidou shrugs his shoulders in wonder. It might be true that Shidou already help Nia out, but that was all according to Nia's plan. It made her story somehow feel strange.

Noticing Shidou's thought, Nia shakes g her head to brush off his thought.

’’Aah, that's not it. Not that one. That's because you saved me in the beginning of this month.’’


Shidou paused for a while.

There's no doubt. This is the first time that Shidou has meet with Nia. Besides, on the beginning of this month, Shidou had lost control of his Reiryoku because the path became narrow. Rather, it was the time when he was saved by everyone.

’’Heee, you don't remember? Listen, you answered my call back then, and you shot the airplane down for me, didn't you? It was thanks to you that I was able to escape.’’

’’Your call.............That's, ah-’’

After saying that, Shidou's shoulders begin shaking.

It's true that at that time his consciousness was blurred and he cannot remember clearly what happened. However, he can remember that somebody was calling out to him back then. That's why he released his Reiryoku.

’’That's means that was your call........? But the transportation........’’

’’I was locked inside the transportation plane, DEM Industry's transportation plane.’’

’’.............! DEM!?’’

Upon hears that unexpected name, Shidou's facial expression sharpened. Deus Ex Machina Industry. The headquarters are built in England. Unlike Kotori and the others from <Ratatoskr>, this organization's main goal is to capture Spirits. Actually, Shidou and the others had already faced them several times already.

’’Why was Nia inside DEM's transportation.....?’’

Seeing Shidou asking her with serious looks in his face, Nia answers back with a flat tone.

’’Ng-----? That's because, I was capture by those guys of course. No---, I was lock inside the basement for a long time. Thanks to that my body is all stiffen. And what's make it so awful is that I had to put my serialization on hiatus for a long time.’’

While saying these words, she put her hand into her cap to scratch her head.

Hearing her casual tone, Shidou almost ignored what she just said. However, Shidou begins to understand her sentence right away and widens his eyes in surprised.

’’Captured? By DEM.......!?’’

’’Yes. That's right~ I think it was 5 years ago? Well, who's that again, that sickly girl.’’

Next, Nia points her left hand's fingertip to touch the front cover of <Rasiel>gently.

After that, <Rasiel>shook a little to show that it was reacting back. The page glows a faint light and automatically flipped its own pages.

Nia takes a look at the page, then *Pon!* she claps her hands.

’’-----Aah, that's right. It's Ellen. Ellen Mira Mathers. I can't do anything to against her. I was seriously beaten up by her. She was waiting to ambush me and suddenly she went *Don!* and attacked me.’’


Hearing the name, Shidou's face getting stiffens and his eyes sharpen.

Ellen Mira Mathers, the top executive of DEM Industry and the strongest wizard of humanity. She and her companions are destined to be Shidou and <Ratatoskr>'s enemy. Certainly, just using her power will be enough to capture a Spirit.

’’A-Are you really.........alright?’’

’’Ng--, actually I can't remember very well. They tied me down to various machines and such. -Ah, no, let me correct it. There's one thing really harsh they did to me. Back then, those guys didn't allow me to draw any manga at all. Come on......If I'm not grasping a pen in a long time like that, then my drawing sense would become dull. How could they compensate if the manga sales fell down?’’

Nia folded her arms in an irritated tone as she said that. Shidou knits his eyebrows at the moment. Even though that this person was involved in a serious problem...........for a peerless, heartless company like DEM to treated her like that can be considered as pretty gentle. Besides, there's only one thing still stuck inside his mind. Shidou turns back to Nia and ask,

’’In short, Nia. Your angel could know everything, right? Then why you didn't know about the ambush......’’

After Shidou asked, Nia points her fingertip and swings it to deny his question.

’’Ah, no~. That's not how it works.’’

’’What do you mean by not...........?’’

’’Even though my <Rasiel>is certainly an omniscient angel;in the very end, I could only get information I wish to know. It's not like I'm capable of knowing everything that will happen in the future, nor could it warn me whenever danger is around. In short, I can't avoid something that I don't know. It's quite similar to a super-powerful search engine.’’

’’I think.............I can see it now.’’

Shidou gulps down his saliva, seemingly believing in what Nia just explained to him.

’’Even though I think it has amazing ability........... It also has its own limit, huh.’’

Then Nia went ’’Fuun?’’ and narrows her eyes.

’’Didn't I already say it, boy? Right now, you don't know that my <Rasiel>has another ability.’’


’’Everything you write on <Rasiel>will become a truth. On the other side, that's means-’’

Nia creates a fearless smile, slowly she raise her left hand overhead. After that, she uses her finger to take the ornament that was attached on the veil on her head. Then, the edge of decoration that was hidden finally can be seen, the full shape of the decoration looks similar to a pen.

Then Nia sets up the pen and starts drawing something on the page of <Rasiel>, which is still floating in the air.




’’............That's.... what are you doing?’’

A few minutes later, Nia who still had not finished her work, let out a voice.

’’Wait. Please wait a minute.’’

Nia answers with a serious look, and then continues drawing something on the page again.

And few minutes later after that,

’’-----------Okay. I think this is enough.’’

Nia shows such a determined face. She returns the pen to its original place, Nia taps her fingertips *Ton* on <Rasiel>. Not so long after Nia does that, <Rasiel>starts to glow a faint light.

’’W-What the-?’’

’’You'll soon understand. Look, it will begin soon.’’

’’Eh? E, Uwaah!?’’

Shidou screamed at that instant.

But that was only natural. Anyway, his body is moving against his will.

’’W-What is this!?’’

Aah~, right-right. Over here-over here.’’

Saying those words, then she lays down on the bed. After that, Shidou mounts on her back and begin massaging Nia's waist skillfully using both hands.

’’Aah~................Over there...Over there. This feels good~’’

’’Wa-Wait a minute! What is this...........!?’’

While Shidou is trying to protest, Shidou's hands suddenly move on its own and start rubbing Nia's butt.

’’Kyaa! Boy, you're so perverted!’’

’’N-No, just now that wasn't me-!?’’

Shidou screams in a high pitch. Then, Shidou regains the ability to move his body accordingly again. He jumps back from that spot, ’’Haa-haa* He lets out a sigh while shaking his shoulders.

Upon seeing his reaction, Nia raises her bodies up and then starts laughing.

’’Well, in short, this is it.’’

And then she taps <Rasiel>front cover lightly, intending to show the page to Shidou.

In the page, there's an illustration which style is similar to a manga that Nia drew moments ago. Furthermore, there's a character resembling Shidou and Nia drawn, ----Not only that, there's also drawn a detail that's even similar to what just occurred moments ago.

’’T-This is..........’’

’’Future describing. I already said it, right? Everything written on <Rasiel>is a truth. ----Right. For example, something newly written on it is as well.’’

’’...........!? W-What did you say..........!?’’

Shidou lets out a surprised voice. Of course he would. If something like that really exists, that's means Nia can create the future according to her will. That's even isn't something on a terrible level anymore, but on the level of a God instead.

However, something popped up inside Shidou's mind.

’’.............Then why is it a manga? Wouldn't it faster if you just write it down?’’

’’Ng~, because if I do that, I can't grasp the feeling very well. But, if I have time to create few second events just by drawing on this book, I'd rather use that free time for work instead. It's not that convenient you see?’’


Shidou doesn't seem to believe her. Nowadays, to think that she has the power which level reaches the point where she could control the world...........Why is such an issue just passing by Nia's filter? Seemingly, she doesn't think this serious matter that far yet.

Judging from Shidou's thoughts, Nia creates a face showing dissatisfaction.

’’Ah. You created a face as if you're looking down at me again. If boy still does that then, I wonder if I should show you this too~ About how scary it would be to know everything already happened in the past.’’

’’Eh..............?’’ Hearing Nia's words, Shidou knits his eyebrows. After that, Nia did something similar that she had already previously done. She taps the front cover of <Rasiel>and the page starts flipping again.

Then, she looks at the page and puts her hand on her chin.

’’Fufufu.............I see. Instant Lightning Blast? Hee, isn't that cool?’’


Unexpected words came out from Nia's mouth, Shidou coughed as a result. Come to think of it, that was an original final move created by Shidou back then.

Nia, continues reading the page while giggling.

’’Ah, I found your original character. The Black-Clothed Fighter Lieven, eh? Ah, I agree. Black is cool don't you think. Ah, but if you're going to create a story with him as a main character, I'd suggest to give him some weak point that the reader could sympathize with and to add tension to the story. Also I think it may because of your age that you may feel ashamed about writing a female character. But you should give more thought into main girl's settings, since her character will directly be associated with the sales.’’

’’Please don't give me opinion from a pro view poiiiiiiiiiiint!?’’

Shidou scratches his head and bends his body while bursting in tears. To think that he would experience another person learning about the original character that he created. He feels a pain similar to being stabbed by an unseen knife.

Shidou stays in that spot for short while, *Haa-haa* he breathes heavily while trying to stand up.

Then, Nia made a triumph smile.

’’How was it? About the terrible power of <Rasiel>did you learn your lesson already?’’

’’................Yes. It's really great. I am terribly sorry for underestimating it.’’

Shidou bows his head while apologizing, as Nia looks satisfied.

’’Good. ------Well, like I said earlier. It was thanks to you that I could escape and resume the serialization again. I'm truly grateful for that.’’

Nia looks directly at Shidou's eyes and continues.

’’------But, well, I think you and the others wouldn't be satisfied with only this and then saying good bye. <Ratatoskr>.........Right? You save the Spirits by making them dere. It's quite interesting, don't you think so? Doesn't that mean you should persuade me too?’’


Perhaps, that's right. Even though Nia looks like a spirit who has already adapted to society, they still wouldn't know when she will create a space quake. Frankly speaking, Shidou also wanted Nia to get protection under <Ratatoskr>.

Besides, she had been captured by DEM once, and there's still one more problem left. Above else, there's no guarantee that she won't get capture by DEM again. It's too dangerous to leave this girl alone.

Understanding what Shidou is currently thinking from his looks, Nia nodded exaggeratedly.

’’As expected, as expected. Like I said it's quite amusing. A secret organization feels super interesting. -----Moreover, I already said it, that I wanted to say thanks to you, didn't I? That's why;I will give you one chance as my gratitude.’’

’’Chance--------you say, ah..........’’

Shidou opens his eyes wide. Then he remembers what Nia said earlier.

Right. Nia said it herself. Because now the manuscript is already finished, she will have a day off.

’’But, the place should be Akiba. I won't change my decision on this one, okay? Since I'm already lock up for five years, my body is already longing for 2D. My withdrawal symptoms are really bad. I'm shivering from wanting to read serialization of this and that manga, as well as new work from this and that author.’’

Nia embraces her own shoulders while saying that, then *Kata-Kata* she shakes her body on purpose.

’’After I finish, I'll have to work on the next series, since I'll be busy at Comico in the end of year, I had to put some spare times for you, so you have my regards. Because I'm pretty popular, you know?’’

Nia raises her fingertips. Sweat comes pouring from Shidou's cheek.


’’Comic Colosseum. It's the so-called doujin event where they display and sale doujinshi. No-, I thought that I couldn't participate since I didn't rent a space this year, but there's someone who already rented a booth but cannot come due to sudden illness, and that person rented the space to me. I still have the manuscript I drew before I got captured by DEM. Well~, I also haven't participate in Comico for a long time~’’[1]

Nia folds her arms, as she nods to herself while thinking about that. Then, she notices that Shidou was being left behind in the conversation.

’’Aah, sorry-sorry. Well in other words, it's something like that.’’

Nia points to herself with her thumb on the chest.

’’-----I'll give you a chance. If you can make me get dere at you, then do it.’’

Along with that action, Nia lifts up the tips of her lips. Upon hearing her self-confident words, Shidou gulps down his saliva.


’’Of course, I won't peek at your strategy session, so don't worry. I dislike creating spoilers for someone, and I faaaaaaaaaar more dislike getting spoilers from someone. That's why please set up a strategy with.....Err.’’

The pages of <Rasiel>flip as they follow Nia's eye movement.

’’Aah, yes-yes. Kotori-chan, being a commander at age 14 is really impressive. Please feel free to set up a proper plan with your little sister. But anyway, even if I was the one who invite you, it's really difficult to make me fall for you. Please come with your best preparation~’’

Then, Nia gave a *Ahaha* laugh while waving her hand.

’’-----Well, let's end the conversation for today. I also should finish the manuscript, and doesn't boy also have to cook dinner for everyone?’’


’’Well-well. Let's continue the talk in the promised day. I'll tell you the place and the time later. ----Ah. Is it alright if I search your mail address by myself?’’

’’A-Aah.....That's alright.’’

’’I see. Thank you~. Well, see you later~. I'm looking forward to it~’’

Before Shidou could let out his opinion in the conversation, Nia already ended the conversation and pushed Shidou out from her room.

Part 3

’’-----------The Spirit that had been captured by DEM?’’

After return back to home, Shidou made a contact to the underground facility. He tells them of the unbelievable event that had occurred previously, Kotori immediately returns back to the Itsuka residence.

After hearing the entire situation from Shidou, Kotori holds the chupa-chupa cups stick while knitting her eyebrows.

’’Moreover, she has been working as Manga artist a few years before in this world........? This is such an unexpected truth.-------Well, this is similar to Miku's case. We can't say that it's impossible for this to have happened......’’

Kotori places her hand on her chin. Izayoi Miku is the same as Tohka and the others, but before Shidou sealed away her Reiryoku as a spirit, Shidou and the others knew her existence as a super popular idol in the currently blooming times.

That's why, compared to that, the circumstances right now share some similarities.

Then, when Shidou and Kotori are deep in conversation, a voice can be heard from behind.

’’.......Mu? Shido, what are you talking about with Kotori?’’

Standing there is a girl with long night-colored hair with pair of crystal-colored eyes. ------Yatogami Tohka. A Spirit who's Reiryoku had also been sealed by Shidou, now she has become his neighbor and classmate.

’’Aah, Tohka. Ng....... We're talking about work for a bit.’’

’’Ooh, I see. Sorry for disturbing you.’’

Tohka apologizes and bows her head. After that, another voice could be heard from the people who are currently in Living Room.

’’-----Shidou. I'm seeking an offering. Quickly show your dedication by offering a good feast to me.’’

’’Translation. Kaguya says she's hungry, I want to eat Shidou's delicious food Nyaa~. That's what she said.’’

’’Can you not put in a strange suffix!?’’

The Two girls were leaning on the sofa, mutually exchanged such words.

It was just like looking into the reflection of the mirror, those girl's faces as alike as two melons. One girl is dressed in black shirt with a red English letter on it, while the other one is dressed in pastel colored cardigan. They are twin Spirits similar to Tohka who live in the mansion next to Itsuka residence: Yamai Kaguya and Yamai Yuzuru.

’’Aah, sorry-sorry. I'll prepare the dinner soon, wait a minute.’’

Shidou replies with a wry smile, he opens the fish grill which is today's main dish, he decided to cook Saba Shioyaki.[2]

That's right. Right now, Shidou is currently preparing dinner for the spirits while discussing something with Kotori. He continues the conversation while he is holding the chopsticks. Shidou wears the apron and holds chopstick with one hand, and uses the other hand to hold the ladle. Just by looking at it, no one would ever think that they're discussing an important matter that would affect the world's fate.

’’Nm, this smells good. Oi~, have you already prepared the table?’’


After Shidou raises his voice, Kaguya, Yuzuru, Tohka, and the other two girls who were talking with Tohka in the Living Room answered him.

Yoshino is the girl who has a rabbit puppet equipped on her left hand and has a gentle personality. Natsumi is the other one is a girl who bends her back while looking with displeasure. These two are the same as everyone else. They're spirits who had their Reiryoku being sealed by Shidou.

The spirits follow Shidou's instruction, and they begin to tidying up the table. Then, they return all magazines and newspaper to its original place. They also wiped the table, and lined up every dish nicely on the table as each food starts to arrive.


Then, while watching the scene, Kotori lets out a heavy breath.

’’The omniscience angel <Rasiel>..................Huh. Not only is she capable of gather any information she wanted to know, but she's also capable of drawing the future to follow her will. A terrible angel has appeared.’’

Hearing Kotori's words, Shidou nodded deeply.

’’Come to think of it...............Even Kotori too, has an embarrassing past.’’

’’Huh? Wha-What are you talking about!?’’

Shidou averting his gaze away while saying that. Kotori knits her eyebrows while her cheeks turn red.

’’For example, when we slept together back then, I said that I was the one who wet the bed because you cried so much. But thinking back now by looking at their face back then, I think both Father and Mother knew what actually happened................’’

’’Kyaa--------------! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!’’

While Shidou was speaking and folding his arms, Kotori screams made Shidou's mouth stop.

Yamai sisters, who are getting interested by the scream, turn their faces to Shidou and Kotori at the same time.

’’Ng? The two of you, what are you talking about? The topic seems pretty interesting?’’

’’Consent. I thought I heard something about wetting something just now-’’

’’W-Wetting the table! That's it, look! After finish tidying up the table, let's arrange the foods, Kaguya take care of the fish, Yuzuru take care of the stew, alright?’’

Hearing Kotori answer in a strong tone, made Kaguya continue her work as she hands over a ladle to Yuzuru.

’’I-Is that so?’’

’’Acknowledgement. I understand...............’’

Judging from the current atmosphere, the two of them follow Kotori instruction obediently. They begin to arrange the foods.


After the two of them continue their work, Kotori turn her face to Shidou once again. Looking at that terrifying facial expression, Shidou went *Hiiii* then held his breath.

’’...................Starting from now, if you dare to say that in public...........You know what will happen, right?’’

Talking with chill voice, Kotori said that. Thinking about it carefully, Kotori is just like Nia. She knows a lot about Shidou's past. If he tries to disobey her, he won't know what will happen to him.


Shidou raises his both hands as if trying to say that he's giving up, Kotori then made a *Pun* sound as she lets out a breath as she is sitting on the back on the chair.

’’..................That's not what I meant. If that kind of angel really exists, then every kind of security will become useless. Moreover, doesn't that mean she can leak out a country's military affairs and top secrets? Depending on how you use it, it could easily trigger a war. To think that this kind of thing was in DEM's hand until recently--------I think it's very dreadful.’’

’’P-Perhaps...........I think so too.’’

Agreeing, Shidou started to sweat.

But according his impression to her, there's no way that Nia will use her angel for that kind of thing..........If that power were to fall in the hands of someone with ill attention, the world will receive another damage beyond what is caused by a space quake.

Kotori takes the chupa-cups in her hand, and swings it just like a conductor's stick, and she continued.

’’And it's not only that.’’

’’Ng? What's it?’’

’’If that kind of angel really exists, perhaps we will also be able to know something about <Phantom>.’’

Kotori said that while holding chupa-chups stick.

’’! You're right...........’’

Shidou widens his eyes in surprised and let out a voice.

The one who had turned Kotori into spirit, an unidentified Spirit: <Phantom>.

Certainly if it was <Rasiel>, they might be able to figure out something about that unidentified Spirit.



Shidou asked in return, Kotori averted her gaze a little before continuing.

’’............Maybe, we can find about Shidou and Mana's forgotten past memories.’’


Hearing Kotori's words, Shidou widens his eyes again.

That's right. Shidou and Mana are blood related sibling............That is something they already know. However, they have no recollection of the memories during the time they were together at all.

Kotori for some reason is making a complex facial expression. She rests her elbow onto the table.

’’...Well, but that's only a big if. We are not sealing Spirits in order to abuse their power. The primary objective is to put Nia under our protection. Of course, I'll support you as usual, but give it your all, Shidou.’’

’’A-Aah................I understand.’’

It's just like what Kotori said. Whether it's about <Phantom>, or about his personal motives, he should make that as his secondary motive. If he keeps thinking that way, Nia will surely be able to sense that an ulterior motive.

Shidou swings his head to brush away that kind of thought, and then he grips his fist.

Part 4

Two days afterward. Shidou is standing near the electric town ticket gate in Akihabara, waiting for Nia.

During weekdays, the station is filled with crowds of people. In recent years, since the station has gained fame as a sightseeing-area, there are a lot of foreigners that can be seen around.

Shidou pays attention to the ticket gate in order to foresee Nia's arrival. The appearance of the surroundings is somehow pretty different.

Even until now, he's already visit this station so many times, no doubt this is an eccentric station. Over there, there's countless number of advertisements related to Anime and Game stuff. He feels like he's coming into a completely strange world. Today, he feels like he's going for a trip. However in this street, people gather only for one reason.

’’----------A-Ah, can you hear me Shidou?’’

Then, Kotori's voice can be heard coming from intercom attached on his right ear. The surrounding of the ticket gate area is really noisy, but thanks to the great technology developed by <Ratatoskr>, the voice is ringing inside Shidou's eardrum clearly.

’’Aah, I can hear it.’’

’’It's almost the promised time-------- This time we cannot use <Fraxinus>, so we cannot use the transmission to transfer you from the town at all. Even though, hearing from your story she's likely not a spirit type who like fighting------- But you still have to be careful, Shidou.’’

’’I understand. She also said that she has not much time. Somehow, I have to raise her affection level within today.’’

After Shidou said that, a voice can be heard coming again from the intercom. Minowa's voice is ringing from the same place as Kotori the temporary control room in the basement.

’’Commander, Shidou-kun, she's coming! Our target..........Nia!’’

’’...........! So she's coming.’’

’’Well then, let's go, Shidou. -----------Let's start our Date <War>.’’


After Shidou gave his consent, he pokes the intercom using his finger to confirm. Then, he went to search for Nia at the ticket gate.

After that, crowds of people are coming from the opposite direction of the ticket gate. Each person is lining up from the train at the same time as they pass through the ticket gate.

’’That's, Nia is.................Err.’’

Then, Shidou is looking at each person who passing the ticket gate from edge to edge. Inside the crowd, he finds a girl that looks familiar to him. The spirit whom he has appointment with today: Nia.

Even though he can recognize her.........The girl's style is somehow different today. Right now, Nia who had collapsed few days ago hasn't dressed up in Nun-style Astral Dress or denim room wear like before. Instead, she wears a down jacket and a scarf which covers her mouth. Whenever Nia takes a breath, the glasses she wears become slightly foggy.

In addition, she is pulling some kind of property with her. Nia is carrying a big rucksack on her back, even though it looks like empty and flat. And then in her left hand, she is rolling a suitcase as if she's going to go on vacation abroad. No, it's not only that. Taking a look carefully, there's also some small size carry cart tied up onto the suitcase by using several belts made from rubber.


Shidou made a wry smile upon seeing Nia's appearance, which abandons cuteness and attractiveness in order to bring her luggage.

After that, Nia notices Shidou appearance. Waving her hand to him, a *gara-gara* sound can be heard as she rolls along the suitcase with her while walking to Shidou.

’’Hello-hello, boy. Good morning. This is such a nice morning’’

’’................Ah, yes. Nia is, how should I say...............Fully equipped, aren't you?’’

After Shidou said that, Nia widens her eyes in surprised. Then, she made an ’’Ehehe’’ sound as she shakes her shoulders and started laughing.

’’No-no, what are you talking about? We haven't even begun buying items yet, right?’’

’’O-Ooh, you're right.’’

Shidou replies with a vague answer, and then Kotori's voice is heard ringing from the intercom on his right ear.

’’------------Shidou, the choices have already appeared.’’

Inside the temporary control room in the underground facility, the crew of the airship <Fraxinus>had already gathered.

The commander, Itsuka Kotori is sitting on the center seat, while the vice commander, Kannazuki Kyouhei is right behind her. And each of the six members of organization sits in front of the computer, gazing at the monitor intensely.

On the large monitor installed in the wall of the room, Nia's figure who dress up with no se* appeal at all being displayed on it. Some choices then appeared on the screen before them.

1. [Your clothes look very cute. It looks good on you.]

2. [What kind of clothes are you wearing? Let me choose a new one for you.]

3. [Hee~ you sure are wear are something that is worth trying to take it off?]

Even though the original equipment isn't present here, the choices appearing in the commanding room right now are connected to the AL from <Fraxinus>, which is still under repair. Then, they begin to select the choices on the system.

’’Everyone, select your choice!’’

Following Kotori's command, all crew members begin operating the console on their hands.

Soon, the result is displayed on the screen.

No. 1 has lowest vote, while no. 2 and 3 are competing with each other.

’’Hee, what a surprising result. I didn't think that no. 1 would have the lowest vote.’’

Kotori said that while moving the chupa-cups stick in her mouth. The crew member who is sitting on the front seat begins to raise his voices.

’’That's because, it's hard to describe, but Nia-chan's clothes is a bit...........’’ ’’You're right. It would be a sarcastic insult if he praises her clothes.’’

<Nail Knocker>Shiizaki and <Deep Love>Minowa then throw their gazes to the monitor while placing their arms on their cheeks.

Perhaps it's just like what they said;Nia's clothes aren't attractive enough to be given praise.

’’In that case, isn't no. 2 is a good choice? Initially start from harsh words, and then reveal your kind side behind those words. You can raise her affection by helping her choosing clothes for her. If you do this for a girl, I'm sure they'll definitely fall for you.’’

<President>Mikimoto said that while pointing his finger upward. However, someone objects to his statement. <Dimension Breaker>Nakatsugawa and <Bad Marriage>Kawagoe raise their voices.

’’No, please think twice. Nia-chan didn't come today to buy clothes! Manga, Light Novel, Figurine and Blu-ray! She came to buy such things! Going to the clothes shop will be nothing other than torture!’’

’’That's right. Besides, judging from story I heard from Shidou-kun, she's obviously okay with such topics. This will be good to shorten the distance between them.’’


Listening to everyone's opinion, Kotori takes a microphone connected to Shidou's income.

’’Shidou, its no. 3’’


Receiving such an instruction from the control room, Shidou frowned. Although he had already talked with Nia before, but there's no way he could say such a thing to her in a meeting like this, even Nia probably put on her guard for today. Even so, he cannot afford not to say anything forever. Shidou takes a deep breath, he turns to Nia and takes a look at her whole body, and then he rubs his chin and says,

’’H-Hee~ Aren't you wearing clothes that are worth to take off?’’


After that, Nia widens her eyes in surprised.

’’Uehehe, what's that, boy? Do you plan to do that to me today? I was thought you're a herbivore judging from your appearance~’’

After saying that, Nia pokes Shidou's belly using her elbow.

’’Ahaha................No, that's not what I.................’’

’’Eh? Does that mean we need to go that far in order to seal my Reiryoku? No~, I thought we only need to kiss to finish it off. Oh, no~ Seems like I didn't collect enough information beforehand. Hey, is it okay if I change my panties first?’’


Shidou raises his voice hysterically, Nia laughed upon seeing it.

’’Only joking~, joking~.’’

Say that, then Nia made a *Pan-Pan* sound by hitting Shidou's shoulder.

Shidou feels relieved, he relax a bit while showing a wry smile. But,

’’I am already wearing my lucky panties.’’

’’So that was the joking part!?’’

In response to Nia' words, Shidou screamed once again.


Then, Nia couldn't help but to laugh while holding her stomach..........Apparently, that was also a joke.

’’The tension is pretty high, huh~................’’

From the income, Kotori's voice can be heard.

’’But well, it doesn't seem to be a bad reaction at all. We'll keep going at this pace.’’

’’Y-Yes.......... That's right.’’

Shidou replies back with a voice that couldn't be heard by Nia.

But, upon noticing Shidou's state, Nia came closer to him, and she looks into Shidou's face.

’’Ng~? Ah, perhaps you're currently talking with the command room?’’

’’Eh!? No, that's-’’

’’I was wondering if that strange flying thing is actually a camera. Hey~, Kotori-chan~, can you see me~?’’

Nia gave a *Peace* pose while looking upward. Looking at her strange behavior, all the pedestrians are looking at Nia for a moment. But soon they avert away their gaze immediately as they lost interest.

’’..................Yees, I can see you. Close-----ly~’’

After receiving such action, such a sentence can be heard ringing in Shidou's ear.............Somehow, just by hearing her voice, Shidou can imagine Kotori's depressed expression.

But that was obvious. After all, with the power of Nia's angel <Rasiel>, she could figure out what Shidou and the others are going to do.

Making her Dere during the date and then sealing away her Reiryoku, those things have been known by the target. Even though they had already prepared everything beforehand, the opponent seems to be hard to take down.

Upon looking at the situation, Shidou lets out a sigh.

’’...................... She is looking at you closely.’’

’’Aah~. There's no single camera that can be seen at all. How Hi-tech~’’

Then Nia observes her surroundings to look over the hidden camera. Afterwards, she express her admiration and bends her body before making a ’’Yosh’’ sound after giving a raising her hands out into the air. Then, Nia turns towards Shidou and bows to him.

’’Well, please take care of me today. You can try to persuade me as you like.’’


She said that while facing him directly, making Shidou somehow feels terribly embarrassed. Shidou then replies back to her with a red face.

However, Nia doesn't seem to noticing this and just looks towards the town.

’’Well then................. Let's go to my old Akiba.’’

Then, she begins to walk while rolling the suitcase.

’’-----------Hey, I'll take that. It must be hard to take that just by yourself.’’

’’Ah, really? Yah ~, boy really is a gentleman~’’

Then Nia made a *tsun-tsun* sound by poking his upper hand. Shidou laughed while taking the suitcase from her.

After that, Nia opens and closes her empty hands.

’’Heh? My hands have become empty now. What should I do? Do you want to hold hands?’’


Nia let out her words with such a casual tone that Shidou widens his eyes. Who would've thought that he would suddenly be offered such thing?

Upon seeing Shidou's reaction, Nia creates an ’’Aargh----face’’, then she begins to poke her own head in comical way.

’’Sorry-sorry. That's right;in this timing it should be boy who says that.’’

’’O-Ooh..........That's right.’’

Shidou reaches out his hand while somehow feeling embarrassed.

’’Nia............Do you wanted to holding hands?’’

After that, Nia hunches her shoulders for some reasons and averts her gaze away.

’’Eeh, suddenly doing that in our first meeting is a bit.........’’

’’Aren't you the one who said that first!?’’

Shidou replies back to her with a high-tone voice. Nia laughs while holding her stomach.

’’No~, hahaha, I'm joking, joking.’’

And then they hold hands. Since Nia didn't wear any gloves, Shidou can sense the coldness of Nia's hand.

’’Well, let's go.’’


Nia pulls Shidou away as they begin walking alongside the suitcase that is being rolled.

A high-pitch voice can be heard coming from the intercom blaming Shidou for that.

’’Wait Shidou, you shouldn't be led by the girl!’’

’’Even if you said that.............’’

Then, Shidou keeps walking with a bothered face. Nia suddenly stops walking after they arrive in certain street.

After that, Nia releases Shidou's hand and starts running forward. In the middle of the street, she takes a deep breath.

’’Ng~! It's been a long time~ Akiba! I have come back!’’

After saying that, Nia begins looking around.

’’As expected, there's so many things that have changed after a long time~! How fresh!’’

’’Didn't you already know about the changes from <Rasiel>?’’

Shidou asking her while rolling the suitcase, Nia replies to him with a small voice.

’’No, I don't want to use <Rasiel>as much as possible if it's not for something important.’’

’’Eh? Is that so? Why is that?’’


Hearing Shidou's question, Nia seems to hesitate to answer for some reason.

However, she come back to her usual mood and placed her hands on her hip, then she went *Tch-tch-tch*, while swinging her finger.

’’Didn't I already tell you before? I dislike spoilers. Besides, there's a big difference between knowing everything using <Rasiel>and looking and hearing the real one by myself.’’

’’I-Is that so...................’’

’’That's it. ------------Well then, let's go start with books as planned................’’

Then, Nia stops her words;she begins thinking as if remembering something.

’’Ah~...............That's right, ng~’’

’’Ng? What's wrong?’’

’’Nothing, it's just, isn't this date a reward for boy? So, we shouldn't start it with my shopping first, right?’’

’’No, I don't mind at all.............’’

’’No~! That's no good! I'll feel bad if we do that.’’

After Nia says that, she takes Shidou's hand again and begins walking.

’’Wait, w-where are we going?’’

’’Ehehe, that's something you'll can look forward to~’’

After Nia arrives in a certain street, she stops her feet right in front of a building.

’’Yes, it's here~’’

’’This is................’’

’’Yep, this is a Cosplay Shop.’’


Shidou raises his voice hysterically, and then Nia laughs as if she's enjoying it.

’’What's that...............You get it, right? Look, let's go, let's go.’’

’’Wah............D-Don't push me.’’

Shidou is forced inside the shop while being pushed by Nia.

Inside the store, there are multicolored clothes being on display in different sections. Starting from anime character's costumes, to profession costumes, there are a lot of costumes they can choose.

Nia said ’’Ho-Ho!~* with sparkling eyes, and then she comes back to Shidou with three costumes on her hands.

’’~Alright! Well then, start choosing!’’


Nia speak in similar way as Kotori when she gives Shidou an order. Shidou shrug his shoulders.

’’Boy, which costume would you like me to wear!’’

1. Nurse cosplay.

2. Maid cosplay.

3. Valkyrie Misty's Midnight Final Form cosplay.

Well, select your choice!’’

Shouting, Nia said *Tik-tik-tik.............* to create a time limit sound.

On Nia's hand, there's a nurse costume and maid costume, and a fancy looking costume which looks more revealing.

’’Eh, well, if you asked me so suddenly like this...............Anyway, isn't the last one is from a completely different genre?’’

’’Shidou, for now just play along with Nia. Just choose something!’’

From the intercom, Kotori's voice was ringing.

’’Damn it! Whatever............!’’

In the middle of confusion, Shidou points to a certain costume on Nia's hand.

’’Then no.1! It's no.1!’’

’’No. 1, right?’’


’’Really? You're not going to regret it?’’


’’Are you sure you don't want to choose Midnight Final Form instead?’’

’’No, if you really wanted to wear that yourself, then why you give me the option of choices in the first place?’’

Shidou raises his voice, and then Nia waves her hands.

’’Joking-joking. Now is service time anyway~ I'll wear your preference then.’’

’’It's not like I really wanted to see that....................’’

’’Is that really because of that? Back when you were hospitalized, a beautiful nurse played a prank on you, and since that day you'll awaken your passion whenever you see a white nurse robe?’’

’’Can you stop making up a story like that?’’

Shidou shouts and Nia responds in laughter.

’’Then, wait a minute. I'll change my clothes.’’

Nia went into the dressing room right before her while carrying the nurse costume on her hand.

After closing the curtain, the sound of her changing clothes can be heard. Shidou feels awkward;he averts his gaze away while his cheeks turn red.

After a while, Nia lets out a voice.

’’-------Ah, boy-boy. If you're going to peep, now is the best timing. I just realized it when I was looked into the mirror;a half-wear stocking is really super erotic.’’

’’No, what are you talking about!?’’

Hearing Nia's words from behind the curtain, Shidou shouts.

’’Eh~, but look, isn't this great? This unexpected synergy.’’

After Nia voices her opinion, for a moment, the curtain of the dressing room is opened from inside.


Upon the unexpected situation, Shidou's body froze.

Anyhow, Nia has still not finished changing her clothes. The nurse cap she wears is still unbuttoned, revealing her underwear inside. Moreover, the half-wear stocking on her legs, just like she said, looks super erotic.

’’Hey~, isn't this erotic? This is a new discovery.’’

’’Forget that, change your clothes properly!’’

Shidou screams at her, he closed again the opened curtain.

’’Well~, since I already achieve my quota, let's go visit the books stores!’’

’’..................Y-Yes, let's go.’’

Shidou reply while sweat runs down his cheek...........Somehow, even though the date was just about to begin, Shidou already felt so tired.

However, Nia didn't notice Shidou's state. She places her finger on her chin and is thinking about something.

’’Which store should we start~? ~Ah, just for reference, which is boy's faction? Mate? Gema? Tora?’’[3]


Suddenly being asked, Shidou flickers his eyes.

’’Ah, that's not it. I meant Animate or Gamers or Toranoana. Ah perhaps, Melon Books or COMIC ZIN or Shosen Book Tower?’’ 3

’’.....................That's, may I know, what is the difference?’’

’’Ng~, they're quite different, you know? Well, basically the books they sale are the same, but each store offer different bonuses, even their advertisement are also different. Whether its handwriting PoP, or a special corner according to the staff's ideas, they make you always look forward to it. In case you wanted an old published series, there's some good recommendations..............Ah, Tora and Melon are also selling fanzine;they even keep stock for limited edition works from certain circles. In short, both of them are a must to visit.’’

Suddenly, Nia became so talkative. Sweat fell down on Shido's cheeks while saying ’’I-Is that so......’’ to reply her.

’’Well, if don't have any preference, then we'll just go to a nearby one. Is it alright?’’

’’Aah, of course.’’

After Shidou replies her, Shidou walking along with Nia.

Then Nia stops her legs for a while, from the station, a certain store can be seen right away. In the front shop, there's various character paintings from the new books all lined up in a stack. There's manga, game magazines, magazine about seiyuu, and any many more all spread around the wall.[4]


When they went inside the store, Nia's eyes let out shining flare as she gives out a scream at that moment. Suddenly, all the customers who were shopping inside the store begin looking at their direction out of surprise.

However, Nia didn't even notice this, and she begins grabbing manga with her hand.

’’Uwah, uwah, seriously? Kasamura-sensei's drawing style has changeeeed! And this is even already at volume 25!? Time really passed so faaaaaaaaast!’’

Nia takes the manga while screaming out of excitement and then Nia widens her eyes in surprised as if she just found something.

’’T-This is............Kurauchi-sensei's new work!?’’

’’Ah, that one. Right now it's currently serializing. Do you like Kurauchi-sensei's series?’’

’’No, it can't be express with only word 'like'~, in fact, my life changed because of [CHRONICLE] from Kurauchi-sensei~. That's why I wanted to become a manga artist in the first place~. Tokiya is my waifu! Even if he's a male character, he's my waifu!’’[5]

Upon looking at Nia sudden strange behavior, Shidou made a sly smile.

Even though Shidou already knew already that [CHRONICLE] is a famous series that is getting animated.............But he's not as enthusiastic as Nia is about this.

Then Nia piles up the books and prepares to bring it to the cashier with a cheerful face.

’’H-Hey, hey.’’

After that Shidou rushes toward Nia, and he takes half of the mountain of books from her.

’’O-ouch, sorry boy.’’

’’Are you going to buy all of these?’’

’’Of course! Because of DEM, I haven't read anything for these five years. Since I've already finished my work, I'll be enjoying my whole day~. Ah, of course I'm not intending to buy the newest volume only, I'll collect the entire volumes, you know?’’


Sweat ran down Shidou's cheek. Nia smiles while paying for the books at the cashier. Nia put those books into suitcase that Shidou brought along.

’’Well, then let's go to the next floor, the next floor.’’

After that, Nia and Shidou went on the elevator.

Compared to the first floor, the second floor is filled with even more books. Not only are the latest books and special corner already setup, there are also various genres of manga lined up on the bookshelves.

’’The first floor is basically for newly released books. The main force is here..........Eh, fu-fuaaaaaaaah~. This one is already released too!? I must buy this~...............’’

’’W-what's that, out of the blue............Eh, that is-’’

Shidou looked at the book on Nia's hand and knits his eyebrows.

However he cannot see it clearly. Nia is holding one copy of the novel book, but..........On the front cover, there's an illustration of two beautiful men half naked and tangled each other. There's a title written on its Obi which he has never heard before. What does 'My Caleidbluf' means?


Even though Shidou doesn't know every detail, he already knew such a genre really exist. His reaction seems a bit bothered by it until the point where he lost the ability to form coherent words.

Upon seeing his reaction, Nia let out a sigh while smiling nihilistically.

’’Fuh, those who doesn't have otome circuit won't understand.................’’[6]

’’.................That's, do you know the right way to use it..................?’’

’’Of course I do. That's because a pro would be able to judge an attribute of an object just by looking at it once.’’

After saying that, Nia put the books to the self temporarily and creates a peace sign with both of her hands. Between her fingers, she is looking at Shidou while pausing. And then, she seems to be analyzing something.

A few seconds afterward, she widens her eyes and continues her words.

’’---------[Oblivious - Sou-uke]’’

’’Hey, wait, what did you just classified me as!?’’

Even though he doesn't understand very well the meaning, somehow he feels like it's not something good. Then, he shouts in protest at that instant.

’’Ahaha. That's fine, that's fine. Since I'm not an expert, my accuracy level isn't high anyway. The real expert can find the hidden potential from you.’’

Even though Shidou doesn't know what she means by its fine, Nia explains that with full-confidence. Somehow making Shidou cannot object to her;he lets out sigh.

’’But.......... Nia sure has large extent of interests;you read books from various genres. Just now too, you bought shoujo manga and a hard-boiled manga.’’

’’Well~ since I'm quite omnivorous. Basically there's no genre I cannot read anyway~. If I should explain, I like something being written which holds the author's passion~.’’


’’Yes-yes. That one is amazing you know. It's in a fantasy world, even though in the beginning the prince and the knight give it a clichéfeeling, but actually it's an NTR story. The author's passion of [I wanted to write this, do you have any complaint!?] can be felt~. No~, the scene where Orpheus becomes a prisoner of the enemy in volume 3 is truly great. I never thought it could be use that way................’’

Then she takes again the book she had placed on the shelf moments ago. Nia begins her speech again. Shidou, who cannot really follow her, can only reply back with ’’I-Is that so...............’’.

Noticing Shidou's state, Nia sticks out her tongue.

’’Aah, sorry-sorry. Maybe it's still too early for boy. Wait a minute. After I finish paying for these, I'll show boy a fun place to go.’’

’’Fun place...............?’’

Shidou titled his head, while Nia smiles. She brings along huge amount of books that she just picked for the cashier to pay.

And then after a walk out from the store, they are now walking along the street. Nia stops in front of a store;seemingly, it is a PC Shop.

’’Looks, it's here.’’

’’Here is................., I'm not really into PC or something like that............’’

’’Aah, that's not it-that's not it. Come here.’’

After Nia said that, she pulls Shidou and leads him to come into the store.

And then, they stop in a certain corner. She turns back to Shidou.

’’Come, choose anything you like boy. Since today is a special day, I'll buy you anything you really want from the display goods lined on that corner.’’

Then, Nia points to a package with a girl wearing dangerous clothes illustrated on it.

’’T-This is........’’

’’Yep. Eroge.’’

’’I'm still a second year high school student!?’’

’’Eeh!? A high school's student cannot play eroge?’’

’’Which world did you live in?’’

Shidou shouts, while Nia went, ’’The culture is different~!’’ with hyperbola surprised face.

’’I see~........The times have changed.’’

Nia said that while nodding to herself and folding her arms, her facial expression began to change right away.

’’But~, you too are a little bit interested, aren't you? Eeh? High school boy. With so many treasures in front of you, hasn't that part of your body started to go out of control due to being moved emotionally?’’

Nia smirks while saying that, and then she pokes Shidou's ribs with her elbow.

’’Wait............S-Stop it already.’’

’’Ehehe. What's that~. This isn't something you should embarrass about. Aren't se*ual desire one of three human's biggest desires apart from appetite and sleeping?’’

’’Even if it's true, but still!’’

’’But, even though human will die if they don't eat or sleep, they don't die if they didn't have se*. se*ual desire really is strange, isn't it? Even though leaving a descendant is important enough for sure, why it included in the three categorizes? 'Isn't it just like the strongest man of four heavenly kings hasn't really had any special powers?’’

’’No, isn't it you who brought up about the three biggest human desires in the first place?’’

’’If se*ual desire really is an essential's element for life, then the virgin male and virgin girl in society should be set free.’’

’’That's what are you talking about since then!?

Shidou screams, while Nia just laughs in response to him.

’’Ah~, sorry-sorry. Somehow I derailed my speech~’’

Nia said that without any hesitation, then she creates a serious facial expression while holding her chin with her hand.

’’................Anyway, what kind of girl someone like boy likes? Naki-ge? Chuuni-ge? Ryoujoku-ge?’’[7] [8] [9]

’’No, like I said............’’

Then, Shidou scratches his head while replying to her;a voice can be heard ringing from the intercom.

’’----------Wait a minute, Shidou. Choices just appeared!’’

’’Right now!?’’

Shidou rises up his voice without caring it can be heard by Nia or not.

A few minutes after that, the two of them have not had lunch yet, so they visit the nearby hamburger shop.

’’Waa~! I'm satisfied-I'm satisfied. I'm really satisfied~’’

’’Aah. Although this is the first time that I've walked around Akiba for this long, this is surprisingly enjoyable.’’

Shidou let out a sigh and replies back to Nia. By the way, the rucksack Nia brought and the suitcase Shidou's keep rolling has been full, the weight is several times heavier than before. Since the figurines and stuff are already filling the suitcase, they should expand the carry cart by folding the rubber's belt around suitcases.

Somehow, rather than looking like a shopper, now they looks like a vendor instead.

But of course that was only natural. Anyhow, after that Shidou and Nia went to the figurine store and visited several books stores that held limited edition sales. There, Nia spent her money freely on manga, light novel and material books. Afterwards, she also bought several Anime Blu-ray disks, particular figurines, and they even went to visit the Hobby Shop to check the latest version of analog game.

Of course, that doesn't mean Shidou only got pulled by Nia all the way. With support from <Ratatoskr>, he did several actions to raise Nia's affection level, and all of them got the best response in return.

’’See~? As expected, treasures must buy in direct way~. Although buying online using mail order is convenient, in the end the sensation we feel is incomparable with buying directly.’’

’’Aah~.............Somehow I can understand a little bit.’’

Shidou says his agreement while nodding to her. ............Well, In Shidou's situation, what is floating in his mind is related to food instead. Although the order that being delivered to his home is very convenient, but going around the store while thinking what kind of menu he should cook is one thing that he could always enjoy.

’’Ehehe, boy also understands, huh. Something convenient is good, but they cannot surpass the sensation coming from the real thing.’’

After saying that, Nia smiles widely.

Being associate with her all day, Nia sure like laughing.

Even though sometimes she brought up a topic that he doesn't know how to respond, but she's frank and open, and he feels that she's such a good girl. Looking at her smile, Shidou think that way unintentionally.

At the same time, the sensation of mission that had been fading away begins to float again inside his mind and is getting stronger by the second.

Right, Shidou must protect this girl no matter what.

In order to do that, he must raise her affection level and kiss her.

And then, as if sensing Shidou's feelings, Kotori's voice can be heard ringing from the intercom.

’’---------That's good. Anyway, it's been a while since the date has going smoothly, right?’’

Kotori said that jokingly.

But thinking about it carefully;certainly (except after the sealing), he has never gone on a date this smooth before. There's no affection level drop because of the wrong choices, nor did he get attacked by her. He is just purely enjoying conversation while shopping. Actually, this made Shidou forget about his mission for a little bit.


’’...............!? C-Commander! Look----’’

As if following the atmosphere, the other crew members also raise their voices.

’’What happened, Minowa?’’

’’Please take a look at this value rate........! This is Nia-chan affection level graph, but..............This whole day, her affection level didn't change from the initial value.........! This is at best the friendship level.........! Even if he kisses her now, perhaps he won't be able to seal all of her Reiryoku!’’

’’W-What did you say!?’’


Upon hearing unexpected words from the income, Shidou knits his eyebrow.

Noticing this, Nia became surprised and changes her facial expression.

’’................Ah~, perhaps, something happened to Kotori-chan and the others?’’

’’Eh? No, that's-’’

After she hits the bull's-eye, Shidou couldn't answer back. Nia scratches her head as if she could guess everything.

’’Ng~, perhaps I'm right? Affection level. You can't seal me if my affection level doesn't surpass certain level.’’


Shidou paused for a while, and thought ’’How did she know?’’ Such question appears in his mind. But---------Right away, he remembers that any secret is meaningless in front of Nia.

’’Well~...........You know, I, it's uneasy for me to keep living while being targeted, I would appreciate it if you could seal me...........But as expected this is useless. I'm sorry;I made you go through this useless errand.’’

’’D-Did I do something that hurt your feelings?’’

After Shidou said that, Nia scratch her cheeks as if it's something hard for her to say, then she continue hesitantly.

’’No~............., that's, that's not it. It's more like it's because of my own problem..........’’


Being asked back, Nia made a wry smile and replies.

’’------------The truth is..........I've never fall in love with anything but 2D.......’’


Upon hearing such unexpected words, Shidou widened his eyes in surprise.

Translation and Reference Notes

  1. Dōujin (同人) a term used to refer to amateur self-published works, including but not limited to manga, novels, fan guides, art collections, music and video games.
  2. Grilled mackerel dish, often used a side dish used in bento boxes.
  3. Animate, Gamers, Toranoana are all real anime stores in Akihabara, Japan.
  4. Seiyuu is a Japanese voice actor.
  5. A waifu is a fictional character from non-live-action visual media (typically an anime, manga, or video game) that one is attracted to and considers a significant other.
  6. An Otome game is story based video game that is targeted towards the female market. There is the occasional yaoi genre involved in Otome at times.
  7. Naki-ge is ’’crying game/sob story game’’, which usually refers to games with depressing stories that get resolved in the end.
  8. Chuuni-ge, refers to chunnibyou. It's a game genre with self-obsession and sudden surge of egotism that occurs in teenagers around the ages of 14-16. Typically, they tend to develop an overblown sense of and desire for their own importance.
  9. Ryoujoku-ge refers an 18+ genre where NTR are a common occurrence.


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