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Date A Live - Volume 11 - Chapter 5


Chapter 10: The Angel Of The Night With Falling Stars[edit]

Part 1[edit]

The time was 6:30 Pm. The sun will set faster during November. The city sunk into darkness already.

The atmosphere was cold as if the warmth during the day was a lie, and If he *haaa* exhale, a white mist will form and disappear. The pleasant breeze shook the trees and the falling leaves flew up to the sky.

Within the sounds of winter's footsteps, Shidou and Origami visited the high ground park which has a clear view of the city. <Ratatoskr>ordered him to go there since it was a place filled with the mood to end a date.

Many stars could be seen at the outer edge of the park.-----Well, the electronic lights sparkling on the ground were more amusing since they were more in number than the ones in the sky.

’’It's a little cold at this time as expected’’

After Shidou said that, Origami, who was looking at the night scenery, tilted her head slightly forward.

’’Unn, I was unprepared since it was warm during the day. I should have brought my gloves’’

Origami said that before making a wry smile while rubbing her hands together.

She was on a rampage during the afternoon but, she has finally calmed down.............Well, she would sometimes point her cell phone lens at Shidou, smell Shidou's neck smell, and even though she was not holding anything, she would take on a posture as if she was pouring into the cup Shidou was drinking but...............Shidou did not worry too much about it. From what he heard from her, it seems that her body moves by reflex. As expected,Origami is really Origami huh;Shidou felt a little relieved knowing that.

’’Haha..........That's true. Ah, oh yeah. We can use a can coffee from that vending machine----’’

Kotori's voice echoed in his right ear just when Shidou was about to finish his sentence.

’’--------hey, that's a wrong choice, Shidou. A girl is saying that her hands are cold you know’’


After looking around silently for a moment, Shidou nodded to make his resolve and placed his hands over Origami's hands.------either it was from the nervousness or cold;Shidou's hands were slightly trembling though.


Origami widens her eyes in surprise for an instant. But, she immediately realized Shidou's intentions. Her cheeks slightly blushed and slightly looked downwards.

’’FuFuun, why not. Her affection level isn't bad. We might be able to end this today.-----but, I guess we need one more push to fully seal her’’

Kotori said that with a groan. Reine's reply then echoed in the Incam.

’’............aah, one more thing, there is something inside her pulling her back. This reading....... It's close to anxiety. I guess it's about her not knowing about Shin's acceptance to her’’

’’Anxiety.........huh. Well, it's right after causing all those eccentric actions after all..........’’

Kotori made a dry smile and said that.

’’Well, that just makes things simpler. All we have to do is make her anxiety disappear right?’’

’’...........well that's right but............what are we going to do?’’

Kotori snorted when Shidou asked with a soft voice.

’’Isn't it obvious? Origami is feeling anxious because she doesn't know if Shidou accepts her right? Then, it's the best and fastest way to tell her through words’’

’’Which means.............’’

’’The confession of love is the only choice’’

He could somewhat predict that. A stream of sweat droops down his cheeks.

He recalled back the time he confessed to Origami in the previous world. Thinking back, that was also ordered by Kotori with the goal of training him.

Now that he thinks about it that was the reason why the Origami of the previous world started getting very assertive to Shidou. Is this Origami the same as her?

Kotori's suddenly echoed when Shidou was wondering that.

’’Why are you hesitating? This is the best chance to seal the Spirit hunter <Devil>? If we miss today's chance;there might be the possibility that the other Spirits might meet danger the next time the next chance comes’’


Kotori's right.

Whispering of love even though Shidou has not made up his mind was just plain dishonest. But, there might be casualties if he doesn't seal Origami here. They might be the girls that have already been sealed, and it might even be Spirits he hasn't met before. Or maybe-----there's the possibility that Origami might hurt herself.

That's something Shidou must not allow.

After Shidou *Suuu* exhaled, he looked towards Origami while still holding onto her hands.


’’Yes? Itsuka-kun?’’

’’Err..........There is something I want to tell you’’

When Shidou said that, Origami looked back at Shidou's face with a meek face.

The moment he and Origami were looking at each other, he found out that his heart suddenly started pumping harder.

He reconfirmed her loveliness once again when he looked at her face again. Hair bangs covering her forehead. Transparent clear eyes paired with long eyelashes. Cherry lips that might steal his heart just by even touching it------ the thought of how lucky he was at the previous world for being loved by a girl like this grazed his mind.

But, he can't stay engrossed in such emotions. After Shidou gulped, he set aside the anxiety inside his heart and was about to open his mouth.

But, right before Shidou was about to say that.

’’Actually, I......have something I have to tell Itsuka-kun too’’

Origami quietly said that.

’’I-is it something you have to say.......?

Shidou replied back because the timing for confession got slipped out.

Origami then looked away hesitantly for a few moments before slowly moving her mouth.

’’You know that I was a part of the JGSDF Anti Spirit team----the AST right?’’

’’Yeah.......I know’’

’’But, I quit AST just recently’’


Shidou spoke ambiguously. He has already heard from Kotori that Origami has resigned from the AST but, it's just unnatural for Shidou to know that here.

’’Is that it because that your consciousness gets cut off from Anemia, like what happened last time?’’

When Shidou said that, Origami *Fuu* looked downwards.

’’Un. That is one of the reasons. That's because that sickness is critical in a job that uses dangerous weapon. But------ever since I get that sickness. I, no longer understand something’’

’’No longer understand? What.........?’’

After Shidou said that, Origami made an awkward wry smile.

’’..............even the AST's job is to defeat the Spirits, which is the cause of the Space quake........i was just wondering, if that really is the right thing to do’’


Shidou gasped in reflex.

That's normal. Speaking of the Origami, Shidou knows about;she hates spirits, and lived with the goal of killing Spirits.

As expected, maybe because the influence of her parents not killed by the Spirits was big or maybe, she started feeling that because she became a Spirit, even though it's unconsciously--------he doesn't know about the details but;he never thought he would hear those words from her, even in his dreams.

However, just what did she take on Shidou's reaction;Origami brought her eyebrows closer apologetically.

’’.........I am sorry. The Spirit's were the ones that killed Itsuka-kun's brother’’

’’Do-don't apologize!’’


Origami made a surprised look at Shidou's words. His brother-------it was actually Shidou-----was killed but, she probably didn't thought he would say something like that.

’’I don't think that Origami's way of thinking is wrong at all, not even a little. I----not that;my brother must have thought that way too!’’


Origami said that with a trembling voice;her shoulders trembled slightly and she looks as if she was about to cry anytime soon.

’’Ah, So-sorry......what have I’’

After saying that, she looked away to play it off. Shidou did not pry into the matter anymore and poured strength into his hands which were holding Origami's hands harder.

And at that moment.


A fanfare could be heard suddenly in the Incam in his right ear.

’’---Affection level, sudden burst up!’’

’’Point, it has reached the top!’’

’’............Fumu, looks like that was the reason for her remaining anxiety’’

Reine's voice could be heard afterwards. No wonder;Origami was worried about Shidou's thoughts regarding Origami's different emotions towards the Spirits which were sprouting inside her.

’’Alright...........! Shidou, this feels good! Finish it in one go!’’

Kotori gave the Go sign.............this somehow messed up the mood. Shidou made a wry smile while holding Origami's hands.

Nevertheless, this was a great chance. Shidou arranged his breathing to calm his heartbeat which increased from the nervousness before quietly looking back at Origami.

’’Origami, err-----’’

’’Ah! Itsuka-kun, look at that!’’

But, Shidou's confession was interrupted once again. Origami hang out to the wooden guardrails installed at the edge of the park and pointed her finger up to the sky. At the direction she was pointing to, a glittering star was falling down.

’’It's a shooting star, a shooting star. I have to make a wish’’

’’Eh? E-even if you tell me that all of a sudden----’’

Even though he says that, Shidou started making a wish in his head.-----he wished that he could seal Origami's Reiryoku properly. And also, Origami and the girls to understand each other......well, the shooting star was long gone by the time he reached that point but-------

And, at that moment.


Just when Origami, who hang out at the guard rail to look up at the sky, suddenly gasped;she suddenly pulled his hands which was holding onto hers.


Kotori's warning shook his right ear's eardrum.

He did not know what happened there for a moment. But-----he immediately understood.

Maybe because the guardrail was too old;the part that was getting stressed by Origami's body weight, *Meri* bent.

Of course, Origami's body who was hanging on it fell off the park's outer edge which was by the way located at a high location, as if to match up to it.



Origami shouted loudly. Shidou shouted and at the same time he was surprised from her voice and the event that just happened.

But, luckily or not;Shidou was still holding onto Origami's hands. His arm's tendons were about to be torn off when it was pulled from the sudden weight but, he somehow managed to pour strength into it and hang onto Origami. When he did that, his left hand felt a sharp pain maybe because he scratched the cross section of the broken guardrail.


Together with an odd shout, he fell backwards together with Origami. Origami then [Kyaa] let out a short shout before covering Shidou, who fell upwards by riding on top of him.

’’Ouch....A-are you alright, Origami’’

’’U-un..........thank you, Itsuka-kun’’

Origami replied back with a trembling voice at Shidou's words. She was probably quite shocked;he could feel her heartbeat pumping violently through her chest which was pushed onto him.

Shidou then noticed something.

He found out that he was so close to Origami that he could feel her breathing.


’’-----it's a chance, Shidou! The affection level is enough. Finish it!’’

Kotori's voice echoed. It's true that, Origami's head position could be reached if Shidou slightly raises his head. Judging by the situation where they just escaped danger;this was the best chance there is.



Shidou, felt something was off when he was about to kiss Origami.

Origami was not looking at Shidou but more was directed towards Shidou's left hand.

Shidou followed her and looked to his left hand before gasping.

There was a painful wound on Shidou's left hand when he pulled Origami up but...........Flames of Reirokyu were flickering on his wounds as if it was healing it.

Instantly----an ear-piercing loud siren echoed in his right ear's Incam.

’’............!! Shidou! Run!’’

The same time Kotori's shout shook Shidou's eardrums, Origami, who was covering Shidou slowly rose up as if she was being pulled by strings from the sky.

After she stood up, the impression of her soulless eyes looked different from the ones she showed just now and mumbled something.



Shidou widen his eyes.

It was the same scene he saw when they were on the school roof a few days ago.

---that time Origami saw the Spirit-Kurumi.

The [Speculation] Reine said, grazed his mind.

Whenever Origami sees a Spirit;she will regain her memories of the previous world----and turn into a Spirit.

And, the flames licking Shidou's arm, belongs none other to the Spirit <Efreet>.

’’A-a-Aaaah-ah Ahh..............’’

Origami looked up at the skies with her soulless eyes while her body twitches with intervals in between. Saliva flow down from the edge of her lips and it shows that something unusual was happening.

’’O-Origami, wait--------’’

Shidou tried calling Origami even though he was flustered. But, right before he was able to finish his sentence, the strong Reiryoku veil surrounding Origami easily blew Shidou back.


Even though his back and his face fell flat onto the ground, he somehow managed to kill the momentum and lift his face in a crawling manner.

With Origami in the center, black spider nest spread out from her and wrapped around her body.


A black Astral dress like a mourning dress.

That appearance-----was genuine.

It was her Inverse form that trampled over his previous world.

Part 2[edit]


In a room of the Spirit mansion;Tohka was hugging a big cushion while rolling on the sofa.

Tohka wasn't the only one in the room. When she took a glance over to the television, she could see the Yamai sisters competing in a game with ice cream as the prize and when she looked behind, she could see Yoshino and Natsumi chatting.

Yes. The Itsuka family house was empty since Shidou and Kotori has a big matter to attend today so, all of them gathered in Tohka's room.


After giving out a groan for who knows how many times;Tohka switched her sleeping side on the sofa.

It's not like she was unsatisfied about staying at home. This happened many times already in the past.

It's true that she feels a little lonely because she can't eat Shidou's food but, since Shidou and Kotori were busy;Tohka just can't trouble them because of her selfishness.

However..............just what's going on? Her heart has been on a rampage today for some reason.

No, it didn't start today more specifically. A few days ago------ever since the transfer student came to the class, Tohka has been feeling something fuzzy around her chest and couldn't do anything about it.

And, when Tohka was shaking her throat difficulty, *Nyuuu* Miku's head popped up behind the Sofa's backrest.

’’Ufufu, what is wrong Tohka-san. Feeling cranky that darling isn't here?’’

’’That's not true. It's just that............’’

After Tohka made a sullen face, she immersed herself in thought to find the words that fits her current feelings. But, she could not express anything at all.


[Aahnn] Miku relaxed her face while it turned red before she jumped over the sofa as if she was a running high jump player jumping over a bar;she then dove in between the gaps behind Tohka.

’’Hnnnmoou! Tohka-san's troubled face is too much! *Cohoo*! *Cohoo*!’’

She wriggled her body while saying that. Incidentally, the mysterious voice at the last half of the sentence was the sound of her rough breathing when she was pushing her face onto Tohka's back.

’’What are you doing, Miku, its ticklish!’’

’’Muuun, why not? It's not something that will decrease anyway’’

Miku wrapped her hands around Tohka and passionately rubbed her cheeks on her. After Tohka placed her hands on Miku's forehead, she then pushed Miku to pull herself away from her.

---at that moment.


Tohka raised her eyebrows in reflex.

She does not know the exact reason why. But------her body felt something. It felt like fireworks sparking inside her head.


’’Shock. That was-----’’

It seems that Tohka wasn't the only one who felt that. The Yamai sisters, who were competing, also raised their face at the same time. The moment they did that, image of the car crashed was shown on the television screen maybe because they made a mistake in the controls.

Further behind her;Yoshino and Natsumi brought their eyebrows closer and looked around;Miku clinging onto Tohka also looked surprised.

’’W-what is it.........’’


After Tohka felt danger with her instincts, she jumped off the sofa and opened the window before heading out the veranda barefooted.

She then hung out at the guardrails and looked left and right before, she saw a dim light released around a cliff far away in the night skies.


A normal person would not stop to bother that level of brightness. However, Tohka the Spirit noticed it in one glance. That glow was from Reiryoku. -----there is someone with tremendous power at that place.

’’Fuun, something feels fishy. This feeling is......’’

’’Consent. A----Spirit’’

The others followed Tohka out the veranda. They then looked towards the direction that Tohka felt the Reiryoku coming from, as if they were prearranged to do so.

’’Err......that place is’’

’’Ahh, I think the park is around the area?’’


The moment Miku said that;Shidou, who was not here appeared inside Tohka's mind.

That's right. Now that she mentions it, Shidou brought Tohka to that place before last time.

The moment she recognized that, Tohka's heart rang like an alarm bell.

It's not like she was certain that Shidou was at that spot. But, the face of Shidou floating in her mind, mixed in with the odd feeling that has been lurking in her heart until now and caused Tohka's heartbeat to rise.




Within her half-conscious state, Tohka placed her legs on the veranda guardrail before jumping into the darkness.

Part 3[edit]

’’Reiryoku value, category E! Tobiichi Origami has inversed!’’

’’Kuh----Like I thought, Reine's speculations were correct huh........!’’

Kotori ,her crews voice and the continuous sound of the alarm which call forth danger instinctively, could be heard from the Incam in his right ear.


Shidou heard those sounds while quietly looking at Origami alone.

Of course, Shidou was in chaos. Origami inversed again when she could finally be saved and he was scared to his wits.

However within those emotions, an extremely calm situation judgment was formulating somewhere in his head.

Shidou dashed towards Origami.

But, he was blown away by the wall of swirling Reiryoku surrounding Origami, right before he could reach her.


’’Shidou!? what are you doing!’’

’’I have to stop, or else something terrible will happen!’’

Yes. Origami's inverse was because she saw the healing flames which activated unconsciously;if that is the case then, her inverse will not settle down unless her target Shidou disappears in front of her.

However, naturally;Shidou can't make a clone of himself like Kurumi.

Which means-----Origami will continue rampaging until Shidou is dead and once that condition is fulfilled and Origami's inverse settles down;the method to seal Origami's Reiryoku will forever be lost in replacement for that condition fulfillment.

Of course;Shidou has Kotori's protection- the power of healing flames. It would immediately heal all half-baked wounds.

However, there's a limit to that. It's true that Shidou replaced Origami's parents with himself 5 years ago but, it was still unknown that he survived because of Kotori's healing Reiryoku or [Yud Bet]'s power was depleted right before he received the attack.

Even if the healing power was possible;there's a possibility that Origami will continue staying inversed as long as she knows that Shidou's alive.

Then----the chance is only now.

This was the only chance to get close to Origami since she has not manifested her [Wing].


While calling out her name-----Shidou recalled back the scene he once saw.

The scene that the city was messed up from the rays of darkness shot down from the Inversed Origami.

He can't have that happen ever again. He can't let Origami do that ever again.

After Shidou clenched his fist, he once again dashed towards Origami.

’’Stop, Shidou! Hurry up and get away from Origami!’’

But, at that moment, Kotori's shout shook his eardrums and Shidou stopped his legs in reflex.

’’Wh-what are you saying! This is the only chance-----’’

’’Like I said;get away from her. Don't tell me you're trying to breakthrough a Reiryoku wall with your body?’’


Shidou widens his eyes in reflex.

The same time Kotori's voice echoed in his right ear;several glows appeared around Origami and within them, sharp metallic clusters appeared.

It has a form that looks like a metallic diamond with stretched sides. Putting it into words;it looks like a giant [leaf]. All of it deployed invisible walls and were surrounding Origami with its tip pointed at her.

’’This is..........’’

’’------<Yggd Folium>, deploy!’’

The moment Kotori said that, the [Leaf] increased the size of the invisible wall set up and restrained Origami by crushing her, who was wearing a black Astral dress, from 8 different sides.


’’<Yggd Folium>. They are <Fraxinus>all-purpose automated units with Territory in each of them. Sorry but, we set them up around you. I didn't thought we would be using them though’’

*Fuun*Kotori snorted before saying that.

Afterwards, the moment Shidou thought a glow appeared far up above the park that he and Origami was in, the airship <Fraxinus>appeared as if its mirror skin got torn off. Before he knew it, it seems that it has reached to a location that could be seen by the naked eye.

Normally, <Fraxinus>would deploy its invisible camouflage with its Realizer and hide its existence from the surroundings.

The only time the ship would expose itself was when it needs to release the Realizer's output outside the Territory deployed around its surroundings.

More specifically;it was to retrieve personals or objects outside with the teleporter, or to dispatch the <Yggd Folium>outside.

And also----when it's about to fire <Mystletainn>.

’’Kotori, don't tell me!’’

After Shidou shouted, <Fraxinus>slowly lowered its bow downwards at the sky as to respond and pointed its cannon at Origami. This action cannot be performed unless the airship was controlled with a Territory because it was a really unstable position.

Maryoku light glowed inside the cannon.

’’Relax. We adjusted the power. <Mystletainn>will break the Reiryoku wall for a few seconds so, take that chance and get close to Origami!’’

’’.........! O-okay!’’

’’------I didn't want to be rough but, we can't have the city to be destroyed’’

’’Commander, Maryoku charge complete, we can shoot anytime!’’

The voices of the crew echoed in response to Kotori's voice.

’’Alright. Target, Tobiichi Origami on the ground! Don't miss this, Kannazuki!’’

’’Leave it to me’’

<Fraxinus>vice Commander-Kannazuki Kyouhei shook his right eardrum with a calm voice.


However, it occurred right before Kotori was about to give out her order. Shidou gasped in reflex.

’’Kotori! Ruuuuuuun!’’

He then shouted so hard that he might break his throat.

The reason was simple. Up at Shidou's view-------several [Wing] giving out a black glow surrounded <Fraxinus>which was floating up at the dark sky, it's just like how they surrounded Origami with the <Yggd Folium>------<Satan>has appeared.


The sound of the danger alarm and Kotori's unguarded voice could be heard through the Incam.

After <Satan>pointed its tip at <Fraxinus>, it shot highly-dense black beams that look like concentrated darkness, all at once.

<Fraxinus>'s white frame was covered with darkness from all direction;there were explosions, there were scraping and some pierced through. Loud explosions and their screams echoed into his right ear's Incam.


’’Kotori! Kotori......!!’’

There was no answer even though Shidou shouted. Instead;smoke puffed out from every places of the <Fraxinus>floating up in the sky and at the same time, the <Yggd Folium>restraining Origami, flickered weakly before falling around her.


Shidou widen his eyes in horror while letting out a short voice.

The <Fraxinus>falling down from the night sky. That scene resembles the one he saw in the previous world.

The <Fraxinus>got shot down by Origami at that time too.

’’Why......just why............!’’

Shidou shouted half-consciously.

The history that was supposed to be changed, the world that should have been rewritten, all of it were flowing back to its original form, one event after another. ------it's as if, this was forcing Shidou to know that no matter how much he struggles, the ending that has been decided cannot be changed.


Having her shackles released, Origami floated up from the spot without saying anything and bend her body to look like an embryo.-----it's like she was trapping her heart from the outside world.

At the same time, the tips of the countless [wing] started brimming with darkness as if it was going to continue attacking the <Fraxinus>which was slowly lowering its altitude.

’’.........! Origami!’’

Shidou called out her name, and dashed to the spot again. But------he was obstructed by the Reiryoku wall and could not touch Origami.

During the time he was doing this, the black [Wing] waiting in the sky, was launching its attack to <Fraxinus>.

<Fraxinus>was already half-destroyed from the previous attack. He had no idea what would happen to the crew and <Fraxinus>if it receive the next attack now.

’’Stop, Origami! Please Stoooooopppp!’’

However, Shidou's call did not reach Origami.

Black beams were released from the tips of the countless [Wing].


But-----at that moment.

When he thought a sudden gust blew past;the black [Wing] got shaken and slightly diverted its direction. The beam shot by <Satan>scratched <Fraxinus>'s frame before disappearing into the empty sky.

No matter how strong that wind may be;there was no way a normal wind would shake <Satan>. Shidou noticed the identity of the wind and twitched his shoulders.

’’This is........’’

In the next moment, when Shidou thought several [Wing] appeared around Origami, it pointed its tip at him. It seems that she judged Shidou as a potential enemy.


He can't dodge this number. Shidou prepared himself for the incoming attack and stiffen up.

But;faster than Origami able to fire her Angel's-[Wing] by a beat,


When that voice echoed above from the sky;a Spirit, who manifested her limit Astral dress, swung her giant sword and blew the [Wing] away.

’’Are you okay, Shidou!’’


Shidou said the girl's name. Yes. It was Tohka that was supposed to be in the mansion beside the Itsuka family house, was the one that appeared here.

No, she was not the only one. Following after Tohka, the Spirits in their Limit Astral dress started appearing in the park one after another.

Yoshino sitting behind a giant rabbit puppet, an Adult Natsumi, and Miku, who manifested a light keyboard around her. And in the sky, it was the Yamai sisters that caused that typhoon just now to save <Fraxinus>from critical danger.

’’You girls----why are you all here!?’’


’’Ufufu, it's normal that I would run over here to save darling from a pinch’’

’’Well, you followed after Tohka-chan afterwards anyway’’

’’Ahhhh, you mustn't say that!’’

Miku [Shhh] made one finger stand. The behavior of the adult version Natsumi changed completely as she leisurely shrugged her shoulders.


After Tohka prepared the Angel <Sandalphon>as if to protect Shidou, she glared at Origami without lowering her guard and moved her lips.

’’............I feel a very strong Reiryoku. Just who is it?’’

Tohka asked him. Shidou clenched his fist enough for his fingernails to bite into his meat and answered her.


’’What............? That is the transfer student?’’

Tohka asked dubiously. However, it was only natural for her to do so. The days Tohka and Origami met in this world was little-------more importantly, it was probably hard to believe if she was told that it was her classmate that's floating up in the sky while wearing a black Astral dress.

She has an overpowering majestic appearance that will make anyone freeze in fear even just by confronting her.

DEM's Isaac Westcott named Inversed Spirits as Devil kings but------that right now in front of Shidou, has tremendous power that does not make that expression sound over the top.


But. After Shidou clenched his teeth, he took one step forward.


Tohka raised her eyebrows when he done that. She most likely was telling him that it's dangerous.

He's fully aware of that. But, Shidou has to reach Origami.

If Origami is left unleased in the sky then, the Tenguu city spread out under his eyes will once again turn into the ruins that are inside Shidou's memories. And for Origami------she will probably never return to the normal self ever again.

That has to be prevented no matter what.

Even though it's a small possibility;Shidou was the only one-----that has to take Origami's hands.

However-----Shidou's power isn't enough.

Shidou's power was just too small in front of the powerful devil king in front of him.


Shidou faced over to everyone who flew over her;before letting out his voice.

---was he going tell them to run away?

Was he going to tell them to avoid fighting Origami?

But, Shidou

’’------Please help me her......’’

Even though he felt apologetic for doing this, he had no choice but to say this.

Tohka, who was standing in front of Shidou, made a surprised face for a moment before replying back.

’’What are you saying? Of course I will’’

After saying that, she gripped <Sandalphon>'s handle harder.

’’Shidou saved me. You taught me the beauty of this world. Shidou was the one that made my world----then it's my turn now to help Shidou’’


Following after Tohka, the other Spirits also nodded.

’’Me and Yoshinon.............want to be useful to Shidou-san....!’’

’’Yes yes, be honest and count on Onee-san. Shidou-kun isn't very strong so you shouldn't be reckless’’

’’Rather, even if it's darling, I would be angry if you told us to [Run away] you know?’’

Yoshino, Natsumi and Miku *Nii* smiled while saying that. Kaguya and Yuzuru's voice echoed down from the sky.

’’Kaka, very well then! I have received your determination properly! The child of the typhoons-Kaguya will lend you her power!’’

’’Undertaking. Leave the sky to Yuzuru and Kaguya’’


Shidou gripped his fist when he heard everyone's words.

’’Thank you all.-----Let's go to Origami’’

Part 4[edit]

---[Origami] has lost her composure.

After getting saved by Shidou when she was about to fall off the edge of the park, her consciousness got far away like usual the moment she saw the flickering light on Shidou's arm but...........

She was standing at an unknown place when she noticed.

As far as she could see, the empty space was completely pure white. Is that thing the sky or ceiling above her head? She doesn't even know if the view in front of her was the horizon or not. Tentatively, she was [Standing] at the spot but;the feeling of stepping on the ground feels a little fuzzy and the hallucination of her floating will attack her when she relaxes. It's as if she slipped into a Manga coma that has not been drawn yet.

(What is this place...)

She mumbled blankly while looking around.

(This is a matter how much I think)

It didn't take long for Origami to make her judgment. However, it was not impossible. There was no way this kind of space would exist.



Origami widens her eyes unexpectedly.

That's because, further up Origami's view. One girl appeared in the space which was empty just now, before she noticed.

A slender girl wearing a black dress that looks like darkness. She was crouched down while hugging her knees and was making a soulless look.

(You are..........)

Origami noticed it when she said that far.


Yes. Because the scenery looked very impossible to happen, she did not understand for an instant but no matter how much she looks, the girl there looks similar to Origami.'s a little different if it was put into more correct words. Unlike Origami, whose hair was reaching half-way down her back;the hair of the girl crouching down in front of her, only reached the length until it tickles her shoulders.

Nonetheless, in an opposite sense, that was the only difference they had other than the clothes she was wearing. Sweat flowed down Origami's cheeks in reflex when she felt weird feeling as if she was looking at a mirror.

(What is this......)

Even though she judged that this place and feeling was just a dream, Origami could only raise her eyebrows dubiously.

However at that moment.


Unfamiliar scenes and words flowed into Origami's head in one go.

No.........more specially, it was a little different.

The same time Origami instantly gained all that information, a conviction was born inside her.

(This memories......are mine......?)

Yes. They were.

Those few years worth of memories, were probably what Origami would experience if she walked a slightly different path from the current one.

---[Origami] closed her heart.

Information was born inside Origami, the moment she saw the flames of swaying Reiryoku. They were Origami's memories of the previous world, she has forgotten.

When those memories devoured her consciousness, Origami's felt her body and heart getting dyed in pure black.

5 years ago.

Yes, 5 years ago on that summer day;Origami's parents were the ones that were killed in front of Origami.

And-----the Spirit that killed her parents was Origami.

The moment she recalled that, Origami could not think anymore.

That might be her defensive instincts kicking in to protect herself.

The fundamental factors that made her current self.

The meaning of her life that became her goal of life.

Inside her head which felt those thoughts returning to the void in the worst possible way;those memories separated itself from the Origami of this world as if her ego was completely destroyed.

That was this world's rule. The Origami of this world will have her consciousness separated away the moment her Reiryoku appears and the Origami with the memories of the previous world will gain the authority to control.

Origami can no longer feel anything. She can't think of anything. She can't sense anything.

Only one------Origami will only use her powers to kill the Spirit in front of her.


A small light suddenly appeared inside Origami's head which should have disposed of everything.

She does not know what happened. Even if it was recognized, the current Origami was not conscious of it.

---It should have been so.

However;that light expanded a certain memory inside Origami's mind.

Yes. That's.

It was the memories of the Origami who has lived in the world where both of her parents did not die 5 years ago on that day.


Origami let out a very soft voice.

And at that moment.

The consciousness of [Origami] and [Origami] started mixing together like a whirlpool.

Part 5[edit]

’’Kaka! I am the child of the typhoon loved by the wind!’’

’’Respond. There is no one in this world that can follow us’’

After saying that, the Yamai sisters both kicked the air at the same time and easily flew in the sky. In the next moment, beams passed by the spot that the both of them were at. It seems that <Satan>which was attacking <Fraxinus>identified them as threat.

’’Fuun! No matter how strong the power may be, it means nothing if it doesn't hit!’’

Kaguya said proudly while dodging the approaching beams with a paper thin difference using acrobatic movements.

’’Advice. Now, Shidou. Go for the main body while we are attracting this attention’’

Yuzuru told them while dodging the beams like Kaguya. Shidou nodded before looking back at Origami.

’’I am counting on you all!’’


The Spirits replied back all at once when Shidou said that.

However at the same time, Origami, who was released from the binds of the <Yggd Folium>slowly ascended up to the sky.

He can't let Origami get away. Shidou shook his throat.


’’Okay Okaaay, leave it to me!’’

Miku then slid her fingers on the light keyboard that she deployed around her, and started playing an elegant song.


To match with her actions, several pipes appeared around Origami and pointed its tips at Origami. Miku's song turned into an invisible power and after making several layers;Origami who was ascending to the sky, got pushed down to the ground.

’’Fufu, not bad Miku-chan’’

Natsumi made a bewitching smile from watching her.

’’But, if Miku-chan gets pressured by that girl;she won't be able to do her original job. Then-----’’

Natsumi raised her right hand and manifested a broom Angel. She then------


The moment Natsumi said that name, the broom in her hand bent like soft clay and formed the shape of pipes and a keyboard.

’’Eh!? That's...............!’’

Miku, who was playing her keyboard, looked shocked. It was natural for her to be like that. That's because the Angel Natsumi manifested looked exactly like Miku's <Gabriel>.

’’I'll be borrowing this, Miku-chan. Actually;I wanted to [Act] this once, ever since I saw this last time’’

After saying that, Natsumi crossed both her hands and after playing the keyboard powerfully;she started playing a valorous song.


The group was brimming with energy the moment they heard the song. Although the power was slightly lower, it's definitely Miku's [March].

’’Ahhhhn! Natsumi-chan you copycat!’’

’’Fufu, why not. This is for Shidou-kun’’

’’Buuuu. I'll have you pay for copyright infringement later. I'll have you know that an Idol's privileges are really strict’’

Miku *Pukuuu* puffed her cheeks. It looks like she is a little frustrated that her exclusive Angel has been manifested. Nonetheless, <Gabriel>'s existence was very important for the group in a battle. Tohka and Yoshino tilted forward as if they were going to head to Origami.

However, several more [Wing] appeared from Origami when the space around her started to distort as if to counter them.

All of it flew around in random trajectories and shot beams at them.




Yoshino and the Angel-<Zadkiel>who was [Yoshinon] transformed;let out her voice and went forward to protect Shidou. Instantly, the water particles in the air condensed and froze to divert the trajectory of Origami's beam.

’’Sorry, Yoshino, Yoshinon! That was a great help!’’

’’No........more importantly, please be careful, more is coming!’’

Yoshino looked at the [Wing] flying in the sky without lowering her guard and said that.

Yoshino's right. There were still countless small [Wing] floating around Origami.

Not only did they not manifest their perfect Astral Dress, the Spirits will receive critical wounds if they are hit in their current Limit Astral Dress. The Yamai sisters and Yoshino were dodging the attacking skillfully but he doesn't think that it will last long. He has to reach Origami as fast as possible------

And, when Shidou was immersed in thought, the [Wing] all pointed its tips to Shidou's direction as if they sensed him doing so.



A flash appeared in Shidou's view together with a loud shout and all the [Wing] got blown away.


Shidou shouted. Yes. Tohka used <Sandalphon>and attacked the [Wing] before they fired.

But, the power from a limit form <Sandalphon>will not suffice to destroy the [Wing]. The undamaged [Wing] started concentrating darkness on its tips again with a behavior as if it has its own will.

’’------Yoshino, I leave Shidou to you!’’


Yoshino answered to Tohka who said that while facing her back to them.

’’Shidou-san, let's go! Please come behind me.

After saying that, Yoshino covered <Zadkiel>'s back with cold air as if to make armor.


Like controlling a marionette, Yoshino pulled both her hands and made <Zadkiel>move forward. Shidou hid behind the shadows of the giant rabbit and advanced towards Origami.

But, without even giving a few seconds;<Zadkiel>march was stopped. -----when he looked over there, he saw new [Wing] manifested around Origami and a strong Reiryoku shield was made around them as the core. All they have to do was to dodge the [Wing] trajectories if it attacks them. However, they had no choice but to force through if they were devoted into defense.


’’Uguuoooooo! This sure is tough!’’

’’Yoshino, Yoshinon! Are you two alright!’’

’’I am.........okay..........!’’

Yoshino replied back painfully. She doesn't sound okay no matter how much he hears her.

However, after Yoshino sharpened her sights, she clenched both her fist and bent <Zadkiel>'s body.

’’I am.......weak and a crybaby but.........I will send Shidou-san to that person’’

<Zadkiel>'s body glowed.

’’------The power to break the wall’’

Yoshino spread out her hands. The control strings from <Zadkiel>'s back extended out to her 5 fingers and were sparkling.


The moment she called that name;<Zadkiel>'s big body distorted and was absorbed through the control strings connected to Yoshino's fingers.

The dense light stored in the strings coiled around Yoshino's body.


Shidou let out a shrill voice in reflex at the scene he has not seen before.

However, in reply to him,

’’-----Yes, Shidou-san’’

It was Yoshino's firm voice filled with clear intentions.

The light settled down and she finally can be seen.


He mumbled blankly.

Yes. Yoshino was there wearing a white armor.

No------if a more specific word was insisted, it was a question on whether or not to call that an armor. The weird material that cannot be taken as metal or resins has joined together with clear ice to cover Yoshino's Astral dress;it's as if she was wearing <Zadkiel>.


After Yoshino was fully covered with cold air, she thrust both her hands forward and joined her fingers.

A blizzard tornado covered her arms covered with the white armor and formed a gigantic cone.


Yoshino twisted her joined arms with all her might. Instantly, the drill of cold air swirling around Yoshino's arms, opened a gap between the [Wing] and [Wing] like a drill.



After Shidou replied to Yoshino, he slipped through the path Yoshino opened and ran towards Origami.

Origami, who was pushed down by Miku's [Rondo] was still stopped above 1 meter off the ground. Of course, if the Inversed Origami uses her power, she can easily get rid of Miku's sound since she can only use her Limited powers------not even a little of will and energy can be felt from Origami now.

Since her attacks uses the black [Wing] too, Origami does not need to let her voice. It's as if it was going around exterminating enemy against her will, like a body's immunity system.


Shidou raised his voice and called Origami's name.

But, Origami did not even show a little respond as expected. Her eyes filled with despair only looked soulless and was directed up to the empty sky.


Shidou recalled back the scene from the previous world and clenched his teeth.

At that time. Just like what happened here, Shidou managed to reach to Origami thanks to everyone's hard work. However, Origami's heart was completely closed and would not respond to any words Shidou says.

Things will end up like last time, if this goes on.

Shidou's power wasn't enough.

Something--------he needs something that he didn't have at that time.

Shidou shouted. He extended his hand.

That's why, what's next------he needs an impact inside Origami to make her take Shidou's hand.

Part 6[edit]

2 memories mixed inside Origami minds.

There's another self inside her, it feels as if she was looking from both sides at the same time.

That should be so. The Origami from the previous world and the Origami of this world was still Origami.

By having 2 memories at the same time, Origami understood everything.

The weird feeling that occurred during today's date with Shidou. The feeling when her body moved with another will that does not belong to her. It occurred because Origami's body and subconscious was reacting to Shidou's existence.

This situation is the same too. Originally, the Origami of this world right [Now]------should not be awake when she was in a condition where Spirit powers was active.

However, thanks to the influence from Shidou's existence, the boundary of the memories of this world and the previous world turned fuzzy----and in conclusion, the irregularity of Origami coming in contact with the 2 memories has occurred.

And that caused Origami to be in a terribly chaotic state. With her hearts closed, the Origami that was trying to throw everything away and the Origami that was trying to stop her, were inside one container entangled complexly.

(I killed my father, and mother, 5 years ago------)

(----that event did not happen in this world! Itsuka-kun's brother saved father and mother 5 years ago...........!)

The image of the young man who saved them from the beam floated up the same time Origami said that. Aah, now that she thinks about it;that wasn't Shidou's brother but rather it was Shidou himself. She was able to confirm that because she currently possesses the memories of the previous world.

Next off, the gentle 1 year she passed with her parents after the fire, started spreading in her brain. Her smiling father and mother. Those warm gatherings. That irreplaceable time that those 3 spent together.

If she had those memories. If these scenes were left in her mind. Then, Origami would probably live a different life.


(Then......what is this? Just what is the memories inside me.........!?)

The surrounding scene was in flames. The scene of the city covered in flickering flames popped up. A crater carved in the road. Human parts scattered around. Burnt blood that did not have time to even flow. A young Origami looking up the sky.

That was exactly the experience Origami went through 5 years ago in the previous world.

Origami felt a series urge to vomit and drowsiness at that hellish memory.


A vivid sense of reality. Of course it's real. That's because the person that experience that was none other than Origami herself.

(I-----can't go on anymore. longer......)


Even though she was about to be crushed by the mixed emotions of sadness, anger and deep hatred;Origami tried calling out to her.

However, another memory floated up to interrupt her.

The events of the previous world, which was unknown to her. The inversed view. The darkness expanding in the sky. The destroyed city. She was about to scream from those gruesome scenes.

That did not happen in this world. But that scene was definitely caused by Origami.

Origami felt her view distorting. It became hard to maintain her consciousness from that hallucination as if her whole existence was being tainted with black.

---but, it was no use. If Origami loses consciousness here then, there will be no one else to stop Origami.

She won't tell her to stop worrying about it just because the event from 5 years ago has been made to [Never happened].

She won't tell her to forget about it just because that the grand disaster that occurred in the previous world did not happen.

However, if Origami gives up everything here then, this world that has nothing occurred in it will turn out like the Origami's previous world.

She must have destroyed several cities. Many people probably died too.

If that really happened then, Origami will never return back to normal. That has to be stopped no matter what.



Origami finally fell to her knees from the torrents of heavy emotions pouring into her, one after another.

Origami probably knows this too. The mistake that Origami committed does not exist in this world. And the fact that she can change things in this world too. That's because just like how the memories of the previous world was shared with her, Origami also has the memories of this world too.

However, even though she recognizes that, the emotion that there was no way that she could live in this world, was rampaging inside Origami.

(St........Stop me-----A-aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh............!!)

Origami shouted.

---Origami's voice was not enough.

The Origami of this world can't save the Origami of the previous world alone. The most she could do was share the memories of this world to open Origami's eyes.

Yes------Origami could not push Origami's back.

In order to save Origami, someone from outside has to call out to her. Someone has to take her hand.

But, just who would extend their hands out to Origami, who inversed and spread despair into this world-------



A voice suddenly echoed.

Origami lifted her face.


Yes. The voice that echoed in this empty world belongs to none other than Itsuka Shidou.

*Creak* a crack opened in this white space.


Origami's voice won't reach Shidou. However, Shidou continued shouting. So that he could call out to Origami.

’’Don't take on everything alone! I told you 5 years ago right!? That, you aren't alone.......!’’


Origami recalled back the memories from 5 years ago from within her when she heard Shidou's words.

---I will take on your sadness.......! I will stop your anger........! If you are in loss, come to me! Use me if you face a hopeless situation! I won't mind if you throw everything at me! So, so-----


’’Whatever you do----please don't feel despair........!’’

Shidou's voice in her memories, and Shidou's voice entering her ears, piled up.

Origami felt the crack formed around the space getting larger.

’’No matter how many times you destroy this world, I will definitely do something about it! No matter how many times you fall into despair, I will definitely save you.....!’’


’’That's why, extend your hands! I----need you!’’


The moment she heard those words-----

Origami felt her body move from another will that does not belong to her.

Right;now that she thinks about it.

It's quite similar to the weird feeling she felt during the date with Shidou today in this world.

During that time, the memories of the Origami of the previous world unconsciously moved the Origami of this world.

But, now.

On the other hand, the memories of the Origami of this world were the one that made Origami extend her hands out to Shidou.

It's as if------She's telling Origami to live.

---the world with nothing inside, started breaking down while making noises.

Part 7[edit]


A small light lighted, in the eyes of Origami who had the face of a corpse. Shidou opened his eyes in reflex.

’’.......! Origami!!’’

After Origami slowly moved her eyes to see her surroundings, she opened her trembling lips.



Shidou hugged Origami at her suppressed words.

Just like that day 5 years ago.


Origami continued with a soft voice.

’’ For...........calling me’’


’’If Shidou wasn't here irreversible event might happen again’’

Tears fall off Origami's eyes and warmly moisten Shidou's shoulders.

’’The fact that i...............killed my father and mother, will not disappear...............the crime that I killed the citizens of the city in the previous world will also..........never disappear.------even if it was made into something that [Never happened]..........’’

’’............uh that's------’’

He couldn't say something simple like '''''wrong'''''.

Those were events that did not happen in this world. Most likely;no one remembered those tragedies. ------those were events that [Never happened] thanks to Shidou.

Shidou clenched his teeth before groaning out his words.

’’.............That's right. That's..............something you have to carry from now on’’

It was the cruelest announcement.

Shidou might not have the right to say such a thing. Even though it was to save many lives, it was Shidou's crime to change history by his own convenience.

However, Shidou could not fake his words. He felt that lying to himself to make it sound beautiful would be a terrible insult to the Origami's parent of the previous world, the citizens of the city and also to Origami.


After Origami's body trembled,


She clung onto Shidou's body and started crying loudly.

It's like that day, 5 years ago.

The length of 5 years was just too long for a girl of 10 years old, and within those 5 years, Origami has been continuously disciplining herself.

Shidou talked with Origami many times until now. He also spent a long time with her.

However, at this very moment---------Shidou felt that he finally got to see the face of the real Origami.

---After who knows how long passed,

Origami quietly let out her voice while still clung onto Shidou.

’’............Shidou, I have something I want to apologize’’

’’To me...........? What is it?’’

Origami let go of Shidou when he asked and continued while looking at his face.

’’The emotions........i had for Shidou was definitely not------love nor all’’


’’I.............just wanted something to rely on.........I just threw that role to you, since you were coincidentally at the spot where I lost my parents. I just relied on you just so that I can lie to myself about my weakness..............Just for that selfish emotion, I caused many problems for you...........I apologize to you from the bottom of my heart’’


Shidou *Fuu* exhaled before lifting the side of his lips.

’’-----Well that's an honor’’


Origami unexpectedly opened her eyes at Shidou's reply.

’’At the very least, glad that I met Origami.....that's how my heart feels. Well, I do suffer some problems but............if the reason why you rely on me is because of that emotion then, I should be thankful for that’’


Origami said it with a trembling voice. Tears ooze out from her eyes again.

After seeing her tears-----Shidou made a small nod.

’’That's right......I have to return it back to you’’


Origami tilted her head in wonder at Shidou's words. Shidou [Aah] replied.

’’Your tears weren't the only things-----you left with me’’


It seems that Origami remembered when she heard those words.

5 years ago on that day. Origami remembered the words she said. She remembered the things she left with Shidou.

’’Err, I’’


When Shidou looked at Origami's eyes and said that, Origami twitched her shoulders for a moment before her cheeks blushed in embarrassment and------

Making, an awkward but definite----smile.



After Origami opened her eyes in surprised, the black Astral Dress covering her body released a blinding glow and turned pure white.

It was the original appearance of the Spirit-Origami, he saw in the previous world

At the same time, several [Wing] floating nearby turned into light particles and disappeared.


Her appearance when she was making a smile while wearing that wedding dress Astral Dress,

Made her look like a real Angel.


Shidou gripped the hands supporting Origami's shoulders and pulled Origami over to him.


Origami let out an unexpected voice.

[This] was his final goal from the start. No matter how much he increases the Spirit's affection level;a Spirit's Reiryoku won't be sealed unless this action was done.

However, Shidou might be the one that poured strength into his arms but;was it because of his sense of duty to finish his mission?----Or was it because of his own desire? He couldn't decide which was correct.

Shidou's lips piled on top Origami's lips.


Although Origami's body trembled for a moment, she entrusted her body to Shidou and placed her body weight on him.

The moment she did that;the pure white Astral dress Origami was wearing left a path of glitter before dissolving into the sky.

’’This is...........’’

Their lips separated and Origami widens her eyes at her Astral dress that disappeared into light.

After she did that;the Spirits, who fought with the [Wing] descended behind her.

He slightly raised his hands to tell them that everything was over. Everyone then, let out a exhale of relief.


Tohka slightly frowned her eyebrows when she saw a half-naked Origami leaning against Shidou but, *Fuun* she snorted before folding her arms.

’’Fuun........oh whatever. This exception is only for today, Origami’’


Shidou made a wry smile at Tohka but...........he immediately felt something off.

Tohka's word patterns were not to a transfer student who just came to the class a few days ago-----it felt more towards a rival that she has known for quite a while.

’’Tohka, you..........remembered Origami?’’

’’Mu? What weird thing are you saying................Nu, but yeah. I think I forgot about her for a while..........’’

Tohka tilted her head in wonder. The other Spirits also made the same expression.


At that moment, shidou recalled the moment he sealed Kotori. The moment he kissed Kotori, he recalled back the memories sealed by using the pass.

There's an invisible pass in between the sealed Spirits and Shidou even now. If that's the case then, by sealing Origami's Reiryoku, they might have shared the memories of the past using the pass.


Shidou made a wry smile at the unforeseen present. For a moment;it would be easier to build their relationship with Origami since everyone has no memories of her................this thought grazed his mind but, he swung his head and threw that thought away.

With all that included-----it's still Origami. Well..........the future looks tough though.

When Shidou was thinking about that, Origami slowly turned her head and looked towards the Spirits.


’’-----Thank you, Tohka, everyone. For fighting for me’’

Origami said that.



’’You, what did you just say?’’

’’Question. You're not sane yet?’’

’’Uuun, an honest Origami-san is cute’’

’’Oh my, this is rare’’

Starting with Tohka;the Spirits (Except a few) looked shocked.

But.........oddly enough, Shiodu was not surprised.

That's because, the Origami over here has both the memories of the previous world-----and this world too.

However, it might have been too unexpected for her. Tohka looked away in panic and *Pui* faced aside.

’’Do-don't misunderstand! Err, I was just, doing that! I just did it because Shidou asked me to!’’

Even though Tohka was worried about Origami too, she said it in a dishonest way.


’’-----I see. Then I won't thank you. What a selfish Spirit. How ugly’’


Tohka brought her eyebrows closer at the words Origami said while opening half her eyes.

’’You bastard, aren't your words different from just now!’’

’’There is no difference’’

Origami looked away while Tohka shouted.

Shidou made a wry smile at that scene by reflex.

The future looks tough as expected.


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