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Date A Live - Volume 11 - Chapter 3


Chapter 8: <Devil>[edit]

Part 1[edit]


After making a soft moan, Shidou opened his eyes.

It seems Shidou was lying face down on a bed. His left cheek was pushed into the pillow and the pillow was obstructing him from opening his eyes. It seems that his body stayed in that position for too long, because he couldn't feel his left arm.


Shidou leaked one sleep yawn before turning around on the bed and raised his body after he faced upwards.

The same time he was released from his own weight, his left hand which he couldn't felt, slowly *Jiin**jiin* turned numb. Shidou [Ouch ouch ouch.........] frowned his face before looking around at the room.

Nothing was different. It was his usual room. It was his usual furniture's, wall, floor and ceiling. In a rare occasion, Shidou hung his school blazer on the chair, maybe because he was too tired yesterday.

At that moment.


Something was off, Shidou blinked his eyes.

The memories of how he went to bed yesterday were completely out from his mind. Rather, what month, what day and what day of the week is today? Before he slept, he was------


The fragmented information inside his head started to connect one after another. Inside Shidou's mind, he recalled back the scene before he fell unconscious.

A burning city. A beam poured down.------Shidou immediately looked down at his body.

From what he saw------there were no wounds or body parts missing. Shidou was completely healthy even though he took the strongest and absolute attack from an Angel. It might be thanks to Kotori's healing powers, or maybe------the moment the light was about to burn Shidou, [Yud Bed]'s time limit was reached and his body was forcefully sent back to his time.

Well, no matter which one it may be, it still doesn't change the fact that he was saved. Shidou made a big sigh.

But immediately, the next question floated into his mind. Shidou quickly got off his bed, pushed aside the room's curtain and fully opened the room's window.

’’Where is.............’’

He looked outside while mumbling softly. The view he saw was the familiar Tenguu city residential area. When he looked to the right, he could see the tall mansion where the Spirits live in.

’’----Kurumi! Kurumi!’’

Shidou placed his hands on the side of his head, and raised his voice to communicate with the inside of his head.

But, Kurumi's voice could not be heard no matter how long it took.

Nonetheless, that was reasonable. The [Tet] Kurumi talked about was a bullet to connect her conscious to a target that was in a different timeline. Which means, the bullet would probably not show its effect when the target exists in the same timeline as the Kurumi who shot the bullet.

Yes. Shidou came back.

He returned back to his world from the Tenguu city of 5 years ago.


Shidou leaked a mumble.-----more specifically it was different.

The view shown to Shidou was the scenery that he was familiar and used to.

The buildings, houses, roads were all the way it was supposed to be. Basically-------it was not the scene of the Tenguu city that got completely messed by the inversed Origami.


The same time he realized that, Shidou left the room with the window wide open and went down the stairs with a momentum that could make him fall. He then ran to the living room and opened the door with a loud bang.

When he did that, Kotori probably got surprised. A small girl---Kotori, who was sitting in the living room sofa while looking at the television, opened her acorn-like eyes even wider towards Shidou's direction.

’’Ohh? What's wrong onii-chan? You're so energetic this early in the morning’’

She's an active girl with 2 white ribbons tying her long hair. It seems she woke up earlier that Shidou and has already finished changing her clothes to her school uniform.

Shidou however shouted when he heard his sister's leisure voice.

’’Kotori......! You're safe!?’’


After Shidou shouted while breathing wildly, Kotori tilted his head as if she does not know what he was talking about.

’’.............Onii-chan, are you half-asleep?’’

After she said that, he twitched his shoulders.

Nonetheless, Shidou's actions can't be helped. In the [Old world], <Fraxinus>was shot down by Origami, and he had no way to confirm Kotori and the crews safety since they were in the ship.

’’...........Kotori, what is today's month and date?’’

’’Eh? It's obviously 8th of November’’

Kotori said that with worried eyes.

But, Kotori's response was the best information to Shidou. If Shidou's memories were correct, that date------was the next day after the inversed Origami destroyed the city.


Shidou walked over to Kotori with a face close to crying before [Hashii] hugging Kotori with both his hands. Kotori's eyes turned black and white at his sudden actions.


’’Kotori......Kotori.......! I am so glad......I'm really----’’

’’Gyaaaa! Gyaaaa!!’’

Kotori flapped her hands and legs. Shidou was kicked in his stomach and he crouched down.

But, this pain was so nostalgic. The sense of fulfillment and relief wouldn't stop over-pouring.

’’............What's wrong? You're kind of weird, Onii-chan’’

Kotori hugged her shoulders with red cheeks while saying that. Well, to her who has been seeing a different changed world since 5 years ago, Shidou's actions probably looks eccentric.

’’..........Hey Kotori. Would you believe me if I said I changed the world yesterday?’’


Kotori widen her eyes and frowned her eyebrows after a while.

’’What are you saying Onii-chan. The return of your delusions?’’

She then placed her finger around her chin while saying that. She's not believing Shidou's words..............rather, she looks like she has no clue what he was talking about.

But------That's okay. After Shidou made wry smile, he swung his hands.

’’Hnn.......Sorry, I was dreaming a bit I guess.-----I'll make breakfast in a flash so wait for me’’


Kotori nodded while making a dubious face. After Shidou made a small shrug with his shoulders, he headed to the washroom to wash his face.

He has to report to Kotori about the change of the world someday. That's because, it was a big event where, just like the meaning, he rewritten the world. Thinking about the future, there was no way he shouldn't tell the <Ratatoskr>about this.

However, just how is Shidou going to explain this experience which only sounds like a dream-like story? Shidou scratched his cheeks while *uuuh* making a groan.

After having breakfast with Kotori and leaving the house after he dressed up, a familiar girl was already in front of the gate.

’’Ooh, you're here huh Shidou! Good morning!’’

She was a beauty with night-color hair and crystal eyes but, she was swinging her hands energetically to him.-----Yatogami Tohka. Shidou's classmate and also his neighbor.

’’Ou Tohka. Good morning. Sorry, did I make you wait?’’

’’No, I just came out from home. Its perfect timing!’’

Tohka said it with a full smile on her face. Shidou laughed in reflex when he saw that innocent look.

’’Mu? What's wrong?’’

’’No.....more importantly, here’’

After saying that, Shidou handed over the lunch box he was holding to her. Making Tohka's portion together with his and Kotori's bento has become a daily routine to him. He was going to buy lunch today since he woke up late today but..............he quickly prepared everything so that it would be as close as the [Normal] days, which has been a while.

’’Oooh.........! Thanks, Shidou! If I am correct, there is that bite-sized katsu inside right?’’

But, Shidou tilted his head at Tohka's next words.


’’Nu.........? Am I wrong? I thought you said that when we separated yesterday............’’

Tohka placed his hand on his chin while bringing his eyebrows closer to recall back her memories.

In this world, Shidou saved Origami's parents 5 years ago and Origami did not become an inversed spirit.

Because of that, Tenguu city wasn't destroyed and as a result, they were going through normal days [Yesterday].

But for Shidou, who was back at 5 years just a few hours ago, does not have the memories of this world all the way to [Yesteday].

Judging by Tohka and Kotori, it seems that there wasn't a big change to the world but, there should be small events like this unknown to Shidou like this might be a good idea to confirm this with everyone as soon as possible.

’’Aah..........Sorry, Tohka. I am kind of out of ingredients. I made another menu’’

’’Muu, is that so. But, you don't have to apologize you know? Every food Shidou makes is delicious! So, what's inside?’’

’’Aah, minced meat, scrambled eggs, peas and 3 colored rice. The eggs are the sweet kind’’

’’W-wow........! That's the best!’’

Tohka's cheeks blushed and said that in an excited manner. It seems she's satisfied with this menu too.

And, when Tohka was dancing around while carrying the lunch box, he saw two shadows walked over from the mansion.

’’Kaka, good morning. Good work picking me up, my attendant’’

’’Bow. Good morning, Shidou, Tohka’’

Yamai Kaguya and Yamai Yuzuru, twins with similar faces. Both of them look so similar that they can't be distinguish in one glance but, after taking a good look, their faces are slightly different and also, a tragic difference of body shape which could only be thought to be god's prank, could be seen.

’’ Shidou, did you just thought of something really rude?’’

The slim girl with a proud face----Kaguya opened half her eyes with a posture as if she was hugging her shoulders.

’’N-no way. I didn't think of anything’’

’’Really.........? It's a sin to lie to me you know?’’

’’Warning. You are over thinking, Kaguya’’

And, the glamourous girl with her hair tied into 3-----Yuzuru, placed her hands on Kaguya's shoulder before saying that.

’’Even so, it was only for an instant but, I saw Shidou's eyes took a trip around our chest’’

’’Explain. That is normal reflex for a male’’


That isn't helping. Sweat dripped down Shidou's cheeks while he opened half his eyes.

’’I see. So he just reacted to my charming body huh. Kaka, then I forgive you. There is nothing as harsh as resisting the Yamai's charm’’

’’Consent. That is correct. No matter how much Kaguya has indecent delusions of Shidou every day, it's not like everyone would think like that’’

’’I-I don't have those delusions!!’’

Kaguya shouted with a red face. When she did that, Yuzuru looked interested at Kaguya's response and placed her hand on her mouth to [Small smile. Ufufu].

’’Regret. Is that true. Then, the diary Kaguya wrote yesterday night was----’’

’’Wait............! Kyaa! Kyaaaaaaaa!’’

Kaguya suddenly became noisy and *Poka**Poka* hit Yuzuru's shoulders.

’’Escape. Kyaa’’

After saying it in an un-nervous voice, Yuzuru ran away from the spot. Kaguya then immediately followed after and they started running around Shidou.


Shidou leaked a small giggle in reflex when he saw them.

Maybe they saw Shidou's reaction, Kaguya and Yuzuru made a wondering face.

’’W-what is it Shidou. Why are you making such a farsighted look........’’

’’Consent. Did you grow old in one night?’’

With Shidou in between them, both of them had their eyebrows closer to each other while saying that. Shidou swung his head to play it off.

’’No, nothing at all.----More importantly, we will be late if we keep this up’’

After Shidou said that, Kaguya and Yuzuru looked at each other before making a sigh while making shrugs with their shoulders.

’’Fuun..........the maliciousness is over. In consideration for Shidou, I will let you off. But there is no next time. Know that people who try to reveal my darkness, will be touched by the hands of the death god’’

’’Sneer. My darkness (Laugh). Is the darkness those objects hidden under Kaguya's bed?’’

’’Wha.......why do you know thaaaaaaaatttttttt!’’

’’Dash. I am going first’’

After Yuzuru said that, she waved to Shidou and Kaguya before running to the school.

’’Waiiiiiitttttt! Eh, no seriously, why!? Why do you knowwwww!?’’

Kaguya chased after her while shouting. Even though their Reiryoku were sealed, both of them immediately could not be seen anymore;just as expected from the Spirit of the wind huh.

’’............Let's go too’’

’’Nu? Umu, okay!’’

After Shidou shrugged his shoulders and said that, Tohka blinked her eyes before nodding to him.

She then walked beside him and they walked towards the school------they then reached the high school.

After Shidou passed the gates, he switched his shoes into indoor shoes and reached in front of the 2nd year group 4 after he passed the corridor and climbed the stairs.


But, Shidou's body stopped when he placed his hands on the classroom door.

The reason was simple. He was hesitant on how he should talk to the girl sitting at the left side beside Shidou----Origami.

The person receiving the biggest influence from 5 years back was definitely Origami. Unlike the small discord of memories that he have with Tohka, there might be a bigger change.

’’Shidou, you're not going in?’’

’’Aaah........Sorry sorry’’

After he was told by Tohka, Shidou poured strength into the hand holding the door.

And while feeling a mix of weird feeling of anxiety and uplift, he opened the door.



Shidou opened the door, and viewed the classroom before making a wry smile while sighing.

There was still no one sitting on the left side of Shidou's seat. It seems that, she has not come to school.

It somehow felt embarrassing for worrying about that. After Shidou scratched his cheeks, he sat on his own seat and took out the textbook and notes from his bag which are going to be used for 1st period.

But, Origami hasn't come to school even though he waited for a while.


Tohka suddenly made a difficult face.

’’Hnn, what's wrong, Tohka’’

’’Nu.........for some reason, I feel something is feels kind of weird’’

’’...........Something missing?’’

Shidou wrung his neck when he heard Tohka's words. But, faster than replying back to Tohka, the school chime rang nearby.

The classroom door opened immediately right after and a small girl wearing glasses entered the room while carrying the attendance book. It was Shidou's class homeroom teacher, Tama-chan;Teacher Okamine Tamae.

Shidou's cheeks relaxed in reflex when he saw her.

That's because, the Tama-chan he encountered when he returned to the world at 5 years ago, had the completely same appearance as now.

’’Itsuka-kun? Is there something on my face?’’

’’................! Ah, No, Sorry’’

He replied back in panic when Tama-chan asked in a dubious manner. Tama-chan coughed before she started to take the attendance.

Shidou's surname is [Itsuka] so;his attendance check will be fast. After Shidou quickly replied, he looked over to the vacant seat on the left.


In the end, Origami did not appear even though the home room started. Is she absent today. Or maybe, Origami was late for a rare occasion.

During the time Shidou was thinking that, Tama-chan was continuously calling out the student name.

’’Okay, Tonomachi-kun is present............then, Nakahara-san?’’


Shidou let out a dumb-witted voice in reflex when he heard the name Tama-chan called out.

But, that was only normal. Since the attendance numbers is mixed gendered, it was weird that [Tobiichi Origami] wasn't after [Tonomachi Hiroto]. Even if she was absent for today, her name should be called.

It seems that his voice was louder than what he thought. Tama-chan looked surprised and looked towards Shidou's direction.

’’Ah-re, did Sensei make any mistake’’


Shidou stood up with a thud.

But, Shidou was hesitant to say the words.

A thought grazed his mind for a moment there.-----That, in the previous world, Origami [Transferred to another school].

However, he won't know anything if he keeps quiet. Shidou made up his mind and shook his throat.

’’Sensei, what about......Origami?’’

*Babump**Babump* his heart pumped hard.

Origami [Transferred to another school] because she was recruited to DEM industries in the previous world. That should not be applicable to Origami now that she holds no hatred to the Spirits. Even though he knows that, the worst possible word that Tama-chan might say was swirling inside Shidou's head.--------That, [Origami-san already transferred to another school]..........

But-----Tama-chan's answer was different from Shidou's expectations.

’’----Origami.........san? Who is that?’’

Tama-chan said that with a surprised expression.


Shidou opened his eyes blankly while looking around.

Since he suddenly stood up and said that, Shidou was currently the attention of the class but..............everyone was showing weird responses at the name Shidou said.

’’............Origami? Who is that. A person's name?’’

’’Did Itsuka-kun fave 1000 paper cranes to Sensei as a present?’’

’’No, that would mean that Sensei is in the hospital. Rather, there's no way to make 1000 paper cranes alone’’

’’No, but it's that Itsuka-kun so’’


Everyone started talking.

Shidou looked at his classmates while feeling his breathing turn wilder.

They don't look like they were joking.

Everyone does not know. The girl known as Tobiichi Origami.

’’..............Aah---------That's right----’’

Shidou *Suuu* breathed finely. Strength left his body and both his hands drooped down.

---now that he thinks about it, this event was not unthinkable. The possibility was enough. However, somewhere inside Shidou might have made him avoid this.

If the young Origami and her parents escaped the fire, it was normal for them to look for another house to move to. They might still be living in Nankou town or they moved to another place just like the Itsuka family. If that's the case then, there was no guarantee that she would enroll into his Raizen high school just like the previous world.

5 years ago, Shidou definitely changed history. He succeeded to erase a tragedy that occurred once, before it happened.

But all of history did not change according to what Shidou wanted.

All the events existing in the world was connected with invisible lines.

The event Shidou achieved became the starting point and it was inevitable for an event outside his goal to happen in the world.

’’...........sorry, Sensei. It was my misunderstanding. Please continue’’

After Shidou said that quietly, he collapsed onto his chair.

Tama-chan looked worried for a while when she saw Shidou like that but, she soon started to continue taking down attendance.


While dazing off, Shidou listened to Tama-chan and quietly looked at the left seat.

---There is no problem at all.

5 years ago, he saved Origami's parents who were supposed to be dead, and Origami won't bear any hatred to the Spirits.

Origami should be living happily somewhere in this world. It's such a happy end that wanting more is going to bring bad luck.

To Origami, the previous world was unnatural to her. She was someone who should be living in a gentle world. She should receive more love from her parents and grow up.

Yes. It's okay with this.

The world----should be like this.


And. He suddenly heard Tohka's voice from his right seat. Her tone was sounded dubious but it also sounds like she was worried about Shidou.

’’Hnn.......What is it, Tohka’’

’’Err............what's wrong? Where does it hurt...........?’’


After being told that, Shidou noticed something for the first time.

---There were tears flowing down his cheeks and falling onto the desk.


He quickly wiped his tears with his uniform sleeves, before replying back [I'm alright] to Tohka.

Tohka distorted her eyebrows into a 八shape but, even though she looked fidgety, she did not say anything afterwards;she might have felt that there was no need to pry into it any further since Shidou told her that he was okay.


---should I be crying.

Shidou mumbled to himself.

Maybe he felt happy knowing that Origami was living happily. Or maybe------he felt lonely that he could no longer see Origami again. Shidou was not very sure.

But, there was one.

Yes.....only one.

Shidou thought of one thing.

Origami, who could not live her life as a normal girl because her heart was captured by revenge last time.

Origami, who placed herself into battles like it was normal and thrown away her tears and smile.

He ------wanted to see her smile normally even if it's just only for one time.

Part 2[edit]


Evening. Kotori with her hair tied with black ribbons, was sitting in a reverse position on the house living room's sofa while staring at something.

Further up her sights, she saw her brother's back----Shidou preparing dinner in the kitchen. The blue apron looks great on him, so much that it's displeasing.

Nevertheless, it's not like that scene was that rare. But, she felt that Shidou has been acting strange since today morning.

He ran down energetically down the stairs during the morning, he tried confirming the date, he then hugged Kotori and after saying something that only sound like he has not waken up yet, he suddenly changed completely now and came back from school with a really depressed expression. Just what could happen to make his tension fall this far all of a sudden.


After Kotori snorted, she moved around the rod of the chupa chups in her mouth while turning her body posture back to normal.

It felt disgusting.

---she was unhappy that an event that caused Shidou's heart to shake this much happened at a place where Kotori did not know.

After Kotori crossed her legs unhappily, Yoshino, who was looking at Shidou like her, let out a worried voice.

’’What Shidou-san’’

She has fluffy hair and sapphire blue eyes. It was a girl with a height close to Kotori's. She was currently wearing a light colored one piece.

’’Neee. He doesn't look energetic’’

Matching up with Yoshino's words, the rabbit puppet worn in her left hand-[Yoshinon] flapped its mouth.

And as if to reply to that, another girl sitting beside Yoshino----Natsumi was making a bored face (She actually wasn't that bored) by placing her hands under her chin while letting out her voice.

’’...............That listless look.----it's a woman’’



Kotori and Yoshino widen their eyes when they heard Natsumi's words.

’’Wa-wait, what do you mean by that’’


But, Natsumi immediately lost her confidence when Kotori and Yoshino asked her why.

’’........Ah, no, I might be wrong so, don't worry about it...........’’

’’Don't go weak on me now. Hurry up and say it’’

She grabbed Natsumi's head with both her hands and faced it towards her. When she did that, Natsumi's eyes looked away in uneasiness while she nodded.

’’............. If it comes to a worried high school male, the reason for it is most likely a woman’’

’’So that means, Shidou got dumped by someone........?’’

’’I didn't go that far but.........a boy at that age will basically be conscious on how his action vectors are, towards a girl..............maybe there is a strange rumor about him spread around the girls, or he might be treated coldly by the girl beside him;simple things like this will make boys depressed’’

’’I-I wonder if that's correct..........’’

After Yoshino made a meek face and said that, Natsumi made a big nod before continuing.

’’Yes. There is more;she would reply [Eeeh.....] in a serious tone when you say let's team up! Or, when you picked up the eraser she dropped, she would [Ah.......i don't need that anymore, you can have it.....] or things like that’’


’’Right when the club's encouragement was heated up, and you took your application form to her, she would tell you [Ah, but our morning training is seriously tough so are you alright with it? No seriously, you don't have to force yourself you know?] Or when we are having dodgeball during gym time and a girl ran away while shouting [Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!] in a serious tone when I was about to throw the ball;Ahh god damn it!’’

’’C-calm down!

For some reason, the last half turned into Natsumi's hateful complaints............somehow, she's a Spirit with quite a detailed knowledge of school life.

’’........A-anyway. Something definitely happened in school.........’’

Natsumi said that while her breathing was a little rough. Kotori also agrees with her on that opinion. She looked at Shidou, who looks somewhat lonely with the side of her eyes while making a small nod.

’’But well, I think its okay to leave him alone since it's not that serious.........’’

’’But, it's tough to see............Shidou-san not energetic. Can we do something about it.........?’’

After Yoshino said that, Kotori scratched her cheeks.

’’Well, even I want to do something about it but, asking me how is just..........’’

After Kotori sighed, Natsumi made a bitter face while saying this.

’’..........If a girl is the one giving a high school boy sorrow then, only a woman can heal it right’’

Kotori twitched her shoulders when she heard Natsumi's words.

’’A woman...........yes, that's.........Ah-re?’’


’’Kyaaa! Natsumi-san you pervert!’’

Yoshino and [Yoshinon] probably realized that meaning too. Yoshino's face turned red while [Yoshinon] covered its face with both its hands.

After Kotori brought her eyebrows closer, she *Ton**ton* hit the temple of her head with her fingers while making the candy rod stand.

’’Wait just a second. Why must I do something like that for Shidou-----’’

’’I-I.....will do it. If Shidou-san will get energetic with that then I will.......’’


Kotori replied with a screechy voice, when she heard Yoshino's unexpected words.

’’Hnn..........I understand. Then leave it to me. One shot from Yoshino, and Shidou will get lively. Okay, let's start.............’’

’’Wa-wait for just a moment!’’

Kotori spread out her hand to interrupt Natsumi's words.


Maybe she got surprised from her sudden voice, Natsumi froze.

’’I didn't say I won't do it, I didn't say no......!’’

’’I- I see.......then, Kotori too’’

’’.............Fuun, I have no choice huh. ----so, what are you planning?’’

When Kotori folded her arms and asked, Natsumi raised one finger and said her proposal.

’’.............because the imagination just now, it looks like I can use a bit of my Reiryoku’’


Kotori widen her eyes and let out a dumb-witted voice. However, she immediately realized the meaning of those words.

Yes. Since Natsumi's mentality is exceptionally low compared to the other Spirits, her mental condition will collapse easily even if it's something this simple, and that would cause her Reiryoku to counter-flow.

And-----Natsumi's power was a transformation power that allows her to change her targets appearance.

’’W-wait a sec. Don't tell me you're going to make us into children and make the [A zoo belonging only to me] again. That's no good. If Shidou enter guardian father mode then, it will cause more burden to him instead’’

Kotori warned her. Yes. Last time, the girls were turned to children because of Natsumi, and they were made to wear animal ears with a leotard too.

However, Natsumi swung her head.

’’This's going to be opposite’’



Kotori and Yoshino looked at each other in wonder.

’’................, that was close’’

Shidou, who was preparing dinner, suddenly twitched his shoulders.

Since he was cutting a cabbage while thinking, he was close to cutting his fingers.

’’Ahhh.......this is no good, I have to be careful’’

He exhaled and lightly swings his head. Unexpectedly, it seems Origami was filling his mind.

However, he can't stay like this forever. If he restarts cooking without focusing, the girls might end up eating vegetables mixed with Shidou's blood.


He calmed down by taking a deep breath and held the kitchen knife again.

At that moment.

’’----Shi-shidou. I'll help out’’

Kotori's slightly trembling voice could be heard from behind.

’’Hnn? Aah, thank you. Then, over there-----’’

Shidou turned around while saying that and-------froze. His hands were trembling from his loss of composure and that caused the knife to fall and stab into the ground.

However, it was unavoidable. Kotori and Yoshino------Both of them weren't in their familiar child appearances but have grown to girls who are about the same age as Shidou.

Both of them grown taller, and were covered with a special beauty to girls who placed their hands on the door to adulthood. Unlike Yoshino, whose breast grown accordingly too, Kotori's breast did not change much.

But, that was not all. It was their outfits.

He don't know the reason but, both of them were wearing an apron with frills over a swimsuit and a head dress on their head, making them look like summer maids which was out of season. What's more, it seems that they are embarrassed because, they were contracting their shoulders with red cheeks in an uncomfortable manner.

’’Wh-what are you two wearing, both of you!? Forget that, your body-----’’

After Shidou said that in a flustered tone, both of them looked at each other before cuddling into Shidou's arms with awkward movements.

’’W-why not’’

’’ right. More importantly, please let too’’

’’He-help out.........’’

Sweat flowed down when Shidou heard their words. Since they were joining Shidou's arms, he might accidently feel their breast if he made any movements. Especially, Yoshino's were dangerous. It seems that there is some room for him, in Kotori's side.

’’........Shidou? Are you thinking of something rude?’’


Kotori sensed something and glared at him. Shidou quickly swung his head. Now that he thinks about it, Kaguya said the same thing in the morning. For a moment there, he was about to leak out a question about ’’Do girls with small breasts have sharp senses?’’ but, Shidou will become today's Ikedukuri[11B 1] for dinner if he asked so, he gave up on the thought.

This situation was as if he was dreaming. But.............Shidou had an idea for this development.

That's obvious. That's because Shidou has experienced looking after this power just a few days ago.

’’Natsumi! This is your work huh!?’’

Shidou saw the top of her head twitch while it was poking out from the shadows of the sofa, when he shouted.

After a while of silence, Natsumi gave up and slowly revealed her face. As expected the Spirit-Natsumi, who has the power of transformation was over there.

Just like Kotori and Yoshino, Natsumi grew up to a high school girl. But..........she was wearing a normal maid outfit and was not like them, who were in stimulating outfits.

’’-------wait over there damn it!’’

Kotori shouted when she saw Natsumi.

’’Natsumi! Why aren't you in a swimsuit! We already agreed that all of us will go like that!’’

Natsumi looked away awkwardly at Kotori's words.

’’......No, well you see.............thinking carefully, it's kind of embarrassing and so uncool and somewhat idiotic..........’’

’’So you let us wear something this idiotic!’’

’’Ko-Kotori-chan.......calm down........’’

Even though Yoshino calmed her down, Kotori still looked pissed. She rolled up her invisible sleeves and jumped towards Natsumi.

’’Why you little;I'll make you like us!’’


Natsumi raised a screechy shout and quickly ran away from the shadows of the sofa. However, Kotori did not give up too. both of them then started running around the living room.

’’Wait right there! I'll tear off those clothes...!’’

’’Iyaaaaaaaaah! going. To. Get. Raped!’’

’’Who the hell is going to do that!?’’

Kotori shouted to Natsumi, who said that with teary eyes. Dust puffed up nearby them because they were running around vigorously.

’’O-oi, both of you calm down!’’

’’It's, not good ........ To fight........’’

When Shidou was trying to stop them, he took of his apron and walked to the living room. Yoshino with a troubled face followed him from behind.

But, that didn't go well. Since they were playing tag in the living room with many obstacles, Natsumi's leg got caught under the carpet and fell towards their direction. Of course, Kotori who was chasing behind her also had to stop suddenly. She dived to Natsumi's back with all her might.





All their voices mixed together and afterwards;they caused a grand crash with the sofa and table dragged into the process. Incomparable to the amount of dust when Kotori and Natsumi were playing tag, huge amounts of dust puffed out.

’’Ouch.........are you all alright-----!?’’

Shidou raised his body while saying that with a groan but-------his voice screeched.

That's because, his face was thrust into Natsumi's skirt when they fell. Natsumi's butt which was separated with one thin cloth expanded in his view, causing him to gasp.



The same time they shouted, Natsumi stood up as if she felt a backlash from something. Shidou's face got squashed for a moment there.

’’Hey, what are you doing Shidou!’’

’’A-are you okay, Shidou-san........’’


Shidou, who replied to their voices, stopped his words again. It probably got caught onto something when they fell;Kotori's bottom swimsuit was slid down------as for Yoshino;her bra part got unraveled, causing her voluptuous bust to peek out from the side of the apron (Yoshinon performed a fine save though).

They realized that a moment later. They dropped their sights onto their body and their face blushed red.


Both of them shouted at the same time and crouched down to hide their breast and buttocks.

At that moment, Natsumi was pushed over when she stood up and once again fell onto Shidou's face with her butt.



3 shouts and 1 voiceless shout echoed throughout the Itsuka living room.

’’Haaa............that sucked.......’’

After a few minutes. Shidou cool his nose with a wet towel while making a big sigh.

Kotori, Yoshino, and Natsumi already reverted back to normal. From what Shidou could see, they were dropping their shoulders apologetically.

’’Fuun..........I'm sorry’’

’’I am sorry.....Shidou-san’’


Starting from the right side;they started apologizing. Shidou made another sigh before making a wry smile.

’’It's okay. Don't worry about it.------it's my fault to make you all concerned about me. You wanted to cheer me up right?’’

After Shidou said that, 3 of them nodded while they were still apologetic.

Looking at them like that, Shidou scratched his head. It seems, he was so down that the girls could easily find out. Even though he was told not to break the Spirits mental state in a daily basis, this was the completely opposite of what he should be doing. After Shidou placed the towel on the table he *pan**pan* slapped his face to take focus.

’’-------Thanks, you girls. I am focused now. I am okay now’’

Shidou saw their cheeks relaxed a bit when he said that.

Kotori immediately opened her eyes before folding her hand to act tough.

’’Fu-fuun........That's good. I won't pry on what happened to you but, the Spirits will feel uneasy if you keep that up’’

’’Aah, sorry’’

Shidou felt that Kotori acting tough was kind of cute so he made a wry smile while shrugging his shoulders.

But, it seems Kotori does not like to be taken lightly by Shidou. She made her mouth look like a へ shape and continued.

’’It'll be a problem if you keep losing focus like that. We won't know when a Spirit will appear. Of course for unknown spirits, there is still Kurumi and also even <Devil>----’’


Shidou raised his eyebrows in reflex when he heard the codename Kotori said.

’’He-hey wait a second there, Kotori. <Devil>........? Who is that Spirit?’’

He looked back at Kotori and replied back.

<Devil>. At the very least, it was a name Shidou did not hear before.

However, Kotori brought her eyebrows closer in doubt.

’’What are you saying Shidou. It's that Spirit hunter <Devil>you know? Alongside <Nightmare>-Tokisaki Kurumi, she's the target we have to be the most cautious to. Don't tell me you forgot’’

’’Alongside.....with Kurumi?’’

Sweat flowed down Shidou's forehead.

This world has a slightly different kind of flow compared to the world Shidou knew. He was forced to know that today. If that's the case, there is a possibility that a Spirit Shidou does not know has appeared already.

However-----it was hard to believe that a Spirit worth being cautious alongside that worst Spirit-Kurumi would appear.

Kotori folded her hands with deeper doubt when she saw Shidou's reactions.

’’Are you.....seriously saying that? What is wrong with you today? It's as if your memories until yesterday completely disappeared’’

’’......aah, sorry’’

He slightly lowered his head when Kotori's words were close to the mark. Kotori then made a sigh before making the rod of the Chupa chups in her mouth stand.

’’, you really don't remember?’’

’’Aah.........can you explain to me if possible. Er-----about that <Devil>’’

When Shidou said that, Kotori sighed once more before nodding.

’’<Devil>. We confirmed her manifestation but, we have no success in contact;she's an unidentified Spirit. And-----’’

Kotori left one moment gap before continuing her words.

’’------This is just my speculations but, she might be an inverse-type’’


Shidou widen his eyes in reflex.

’’An Inverse type........? What do you mean? Are you saying that an inversed Spirit appears normally?’’

’’Like I said, I don't know the details’’

Kotori said it irritated. This information must be something the Shidou of this world has to know.

The question of----why an inversed Spirit appeared did not stop popping out but, there were mountain worth of things he does not know. He regained his composure and continued his questions.

’’.............what was that [Spirit hunter] you said just now’’

’’Just like what I meant.------<Devil>does not appear alone. She will only appear when other Spirits manifested as well.................and attack that spirit. For Natsumi, it would have been dangerous if the girls weren't there to save her’’

After Kotori said that, she looked towards Natsumi. Maybe she recalled back the events that happened then, Natsumi's shoulders were slightly trembling.

’’Wai-wait. Attack Spirits? That's............’’

’’Yes. It's just like the AST and DEM.------at first, we suspected her for being a part of their organization. That...........Just maybe, they tamed a Spirit to attack other Spirits. But from what we can see, <Devil>is not associated or aiding the neither DEM nor AST. Actually, both the AST and DEM also attacked <Devil>’’

’’Then why...........would <Devil>attack the Spirits...........?’’

’’Who knows. There might be a reason but we won't know until we ask her. She would immediately blink somewhere so <Ratatoskr>has not come in contact with her, not even once’’

Kotori shrugs her shoulders exaggeratedly. Sweat flow down Shidou's cheeks while he placed his hands on his chin.

The Spirit that hunts other Spirits, <Devil>. A weird odd feeling appeared inside Shidou's heart when he heard that.

’’Hey.............can I see an image or a video of that <Devil>.........?’’

’’We do have it but..............i think it's meaningless to see it okay?’’

’’Eh? What do you mean?’’

When Shidou asked, Kotori [Uuun] scratched her head while moving the candy's rod up and down.

’’Well...............a picture is worth a thousand words. Wait over there’’

Kotori left the living room, after she said that. She then immediately brought a B5 size terminal tab from her own room.

’’It's this. Take a look’’

Kotori placed the tab on the table and played the video.

A completely destroyed city was shown. There were smokes and explosions nearby and he could tell that it was in the battlefield.

--inside there.

[That] was there.

It was a human silhouette covered with darkness. I see, it's no wonder that Kotori said [it's meaningless]. Not only was it difficult to distinguish the human shape, her face was covered in darkness and could not be seen. But, the part where several wings were floating around that human provided enough convincement to give the name <Devil>to that silhouette.

When he saw that.


Shidou leaked a soft voice.

It was not because he saw the Spirit's strange appearance.

---it was because he knows this Spirit.

It's true that he can't see her face and expressions.

But, Shidou knew. He saw this Spirit before.


*Kata**kata* his teeth clattered. His whole body trembled with short intervals in between.

That's because, that's-----


Yes. That was Origami, who turned into a Spirit and inversed.

Part 3[edit]

The next day. After Shidou reached school with Tohka like yesterday, he let out a loud yawn, when he reached his own seat.

Tohka, who was sitting at his right side, opened her eyes in wonder.

’’Mu, are you sleepy, Shidou’’

’’Aah.........I didn't sleep enough yesterday’’

’’Muu, that's no good. Are you okay?’’

’’Haha.........well, I guess I'll take a nap before dinner after school’’

After Shidou made a wry smile, he simply wiped off the tear oozing out from his eyes and made a small sigh before absent-mindedly gazing to his left seat. The seat that Origami used, in the previous world.


---The reason for his lack of sleep was obvious. The reason was divided into two big roads last night.

For the first one;he went outside. Shidou slipped out of his house alone after dinner and head towards a certain place.

Yes. It was the mansion Origami used to live at the previous world, and the Tenguu Nankou town residential area where the fire disaster occurred 5 years ago.

There was one reason why he did that. He thought Origami might be there.

However, reality wasn't that sweet.

There was no one living in that mansion's room and the house that the Tobiichi family used to live had another signboard placed in front. He asked the people living in the house about the Tobiichi family just in case but, they don't know their exact location.


Shidou looked at the empty seat while mumbling to himself.

The video Kotori showed yesterday. The unidentified Spirit- <Devil>shown inside, was definitely Tobiichi Origami. What's more, she was not a normal Spirit-----but an inverse-type.

*Creak* he clenched his teeth.

---he doesn't get it.

In the world 5 years ago, Shidou should have succeeded in changing history. Origami should be living as a normal girl in a normal world.

But even so................Just what happened to make Origami turn into a Spirit. And why was she inversed.

Furthermore, judging by what Kotori said, Origami attacked other spirits. If that's the case then it's no different than the time she was with the AST.

And, <Devil>will disappear too when the Spirit got Lost. Thanks to that, the city won't suffer that many damages.

His head hurt because there were many things he don't know. Just what happened in this 5 years and this world. Shidou scratched his head.

’’Damn it............why is that the only..........’’

He recalled back another action he took yesterday while saying that in irritation.

The other action Shidou took. That was to collect as much information of this world as possible.

---The moment he found out about Origami in this world, endless amount of uneasiness and questions filled his mind.

He thought that just maybe;events different from the one in Shidou's memories might have occurred in this world and he does not know about it. Or maybe--------events that should happen never happened at all.

Shidou returned home and talked to the girls (Kotori looked quite suspicious though), and managed to peek into the <Fraxinus>database even though it's brief.

Conclusion;he found out that the flow of history in this world almost matches with Shidou's memories.

Kotori turned into a Spirit 5 years again, and found <Ratatoskr>.

On 10th of April, Shidou met Tohka and sealed her.

After that, Yoshino's sealing, Kurumi's and Mana's encounter, the Yamai sister's sealing, the battle with DEM and the sealing event for Miku and Natsumi. Everything matches exactly to what Shidou knew.

Yes------beautifully leaving out, his relations with Tobiichi Origami.

When he was thinking about that, the chime signifying the start of class time rang and the door opened with his homeroom teacher Tama-chan entering the room. We stood up when we were told to, bowed down before sitting back down.

’’Okay, good morning everyone. Let's work hard for today as well’’

Tama-chan said that with a smile. But, Shidou didn't hear most of her words. He looked out the window blankly while resting his chin on his hand.


---As expected, he had to see Origami one more time. After thinking for one whole evening, that was the answer Shidou reached.

When he found out yesterday that everyone didn't know Origami, and when he found out that the Shidou of this world has not even met Origami before, he thought that he would no longer be associated with Origami anymore. Actually-------he felt that this might be the best choice for Origami. There was just no way that, meddling with Origami's life when she is living a happy life was a good thing to do. Shidou felt that it was enough if Origami was living somewhere in this world in peace.

But, now that he saw that video, he could not say that any longer.

The ravages of war clinging around Origami weren't over yet. Shidou's mission wasn't over. This disgusting world was still burdening her with a cruel fate.

Nonetheless, Shidou was too unknowledgeable about this world.

However, even if he made his resolve, there were several walls blocking him from his goals.

In the first place, the Origami of this world does not know about Shidou. Even before that, he does not know where Origami is.

’’ I thought, I can't do anything alone’’

After Shidou mumbled that with an inaudible volume, he *Ton**Ton* tapped the table with his fingers.

As expected, he needs <Ratatoskr>'s help on how he should move. Once he gets back home, he has to explain the situation to Kotori and look for Origami.

.........believing something like changing history by slipping through time was doubtful but, they won't flat out refuse since this was related to the Spirit-<Devil>.


While looking outside through the window, Shidou gripped his fist to strengthen his resolve.

And----at that time.

’’Ah, oh yes. Today, I will introduce a friend to all of you. ------okay, come in’’

The same time Tama-chan said that as if she recalled back the matter, *Gara* the classroom door opened and a girl entered. It's a transfer student.

He felt that it was rare that a transfer student would come in at this time but, it wasn't the time for him to be concerned about that. Shidou did not look away and took a glance towards them.



Shidou opened his eyes in shock when he saw the girl walking to the teacher's desk.

It was a slim girl with a graceful face like a doll. The color covering her back was a little pale and it made her look like a princess from another country.

The moment the girl appeared, he noticed his classmates turned noisy. The males leaned forward with an [Oooooh!?] while the girls had sparkles in their eyes.

However, Shidou was the only one astonished within them and stared at the girl's face.

The reason was simple. He was familiar with that girl's face.

’’Okay, please introduce yourself’’

Tama-chan asked the transfer student.

The girl then nodded before facing forward and talked with a soft voice.

’’-----I am Tobiichi Origami. Everyone, glad to meet you all’’

She then took a deep bow. Everyone in class turned noisy.

A part of the students probably recalled back Shidou saying the rare name [Origami] yesterday. Some were tilting their head wondering why;maybe they read too much into it vulgarly, they looked towards Shidou with a prankster's smile.

But, Shidou didn't have the leisure to respond to that now.


He widen his eyes and a trembling voice leaked out from his lips.

Although her hair length was different, it was definitely Miss Tobiichi Origami inside Shidou's memories.

When Shidou couldn't let out his voice from the shock, Tama-chan moved her sights to look around the classroom.

’’Eeeerr, as for Tobiichi-san's seat..........The seat beside Itsuka-kun is empty I see. Can you sit over there?’’

’’I understand’’

Origami agreed and slowly walked towards Shidou's direction.

But, Origami suddenly stopped after taking a few steps.

The reason was immediately known. Their eyes met since Shidou was staring at Origami.



The same time Shidou leaked a short voice out from his throat, Origami widen her eyes in surprise.

Her eyes met with a boy who was staring at her. There was no way she wouldn't be surprised.

However, it was strange. Origami's reactions looked a little different from the said reason.

’’----No way. You're........’’

Yes. She said it as if she was familiar with Shidou's face.

But, after Origami immediately swung her head to regain her composure, she then changed completely by bowing down formally before settling down on the seat designated by Tama-chan.


Shidou looked at Origami series of actions while feeling his heart pumping faster.

---What was that just now? Origami knows Shidou?

It was impossible, thinking logically. However, then just now-----

’’Okay! Let's start with the attendance!’’

Tama-chan started calling the students name with a cheerful voice but, none of it entered Shidou's ears.

Translation Notes and References[edit]

  1. Jump up↑ 活け作り-Sliced fish rearranged back into a fish


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