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Date A Live - Volume 11 - Chapter 1


Chapter 6: The One Struggling[edit]

Part 1[edit]

’’........err, are you done yet?’’

Itsuka Shidou twitched his shoulders when a timid voice called out to him.

It seems Shidou dozed off for a while. When he looked towards the direction of the voice, he found out that the small girl wearing glasses----Teacher Okamine Tamae AKA Tama-chan was holding the memo towards Shidou while making a troubled expression. It looks like she couldn't move because Shidou was looking at it with a very serious look.

’’! Y-Yes.....Thank you....very much’’

After Shidou said that, he took a small bow before reverting back his posture.

Nevertheless, it was only natural for Shidou to have his eyes stolen by the memo.

The reason was simple. The date written there----was a date 5 years before [Today].

After Shidou gulped to wet his throat, he looked at his surroundings once more.

From what he could see, the buildings were slightly arranged different from his memories.

The different seasonal scenery from just now.

And also------Tama-chan-sensei does not know of Shidou.

Those factors slowly back up the unbelievable information written on her memo.

’’Then, I will be leaving now okay......?’’

Tama-chan tilted her head while asking. Shidou, who was immersed in thought while his eyebrows were closer, widen his eyes in surprise.

’’Ah, yeah.......Sorry and thank you’’

After Shidou said that, Tama-chan twisted her head in wonder while leaving the place.

After seeing her move away, he leaned his back against a fence.

’’..............5 years ago? You've got to be kidding me?’’

Shidou pressed his forehead and groaned. There was a conflict occurring in his head because of his common sense trying to laugh off this absurd situation, and the various proofs shown in his view were colliding.

That's normal. Time is unalterable and inviolable. It's impossible for a time that passed to return back once more.

However, Shidou could not deny that fact.

There was one possibility scratching his mind. Right before Shidou came to this world, he encountered a certain girl.


After squeezing out that name from his dry throat, Shidou vividly recalled back that girl in his mind. She has unbalanced eyes, black hair, and white skin decorated with a crimson black dress. She also has a clock dial on her left eye.

Kurumi. Tokisaki Kurumi. The name of the worst unsealed Spirit.

She has an Angel known as <Zafkiel>. Its ability---was controlling time.

Each of the clock-shaped Angel's numbers had different abilities and by pouring the shadow coming from the number into her pistol, she can choose to accelerate, decelerate or even stop her target's time.

And right before he came to this world, Shidou got shot twice by Kurumi's bullet. He touched his unwounded forehead while gulping.

The existence of the Spirit and Angel, which are out of the realm of reason.

With her powers, it might be possible----



And thus. When Shidou was immersed in thought, he could hear a small laugh coming from somewhere.

’’Wh-Who is it!?’’

’’Oh my, this is sad. Have you already forgotten about me?’’

Shidou gulped when he heard that voice and tone.

’’No way.....Kurumi!?’’

’’Yes, yes. Ufufu, I am glad you realized that’’

The owner of the voice----Kurumi, continued talking. It was a weird feeling. He could hear her voice clearly even though he couldn't see her anywhere. It's felt as if an invisible person was whispering into his ears or maybe, tiny people settled down inside his head.

He quickly looked to the right and left. However, he could not see any human shadows anywhere nearby. Kurumi giggled maybe because she felt that Shidou's state was funny.

’’Ufufu, doing that is meaningless.----That's because, I am currently in a different [time] from Shidou-san’’


Shidou gasped after hearing Kurumi's words.

[That] was the possibility that overheated Shidou's mind just now but, now that he was told this again, he could feel a strong squeeze on his heart. The feeling of getting lost into this unknown world and an indescribable anxiety spread out inside him.

However, after Shidou managed to fix his wild breathing, he threw his words to Kurumi, who he has no idea where she was.

’’Like I thought-----This is Tenguu city from 5 years ago.......right?’’

’’Oh my’’

Kurumi let out an expected voice.

’’You already found out [When] that place is? Ufufu, as expected from (of) you’’

’’.........I was just lucky. More importantly------mind giving an explanation?’’

After Shidou brought his eyebrows closer and said that, Kurumi replied back with a [Yes].

’’Just like what you thought, I sent Shidou-san back to Tenguu City from 5 years ago.-----That is the power of [Yud Bet12th bullet];Zafkiel's last bullet’’

’’[Yud Bet12th bullet]........’’

Most likely, it's one of the abilities <Zafkiel>owns. He recognizes that it's an Angel with immense powers but, he never would have imagined that this was possible.

’’Also, the reason why I am able to talk to Shidou-san now, is also because of <Zafkiel>'s power. The [9th bulletTet]. It's a bullet that allows me to connect to a person's thoughts in a different time axis. -----well, it's a bullet I don't use a lot so I'm not used to it and it takes some effort to connect my thoughts’’

’’Connecting......your thoughts?’’

’’Yes. Obviously for talking to you, I am able to share what Shidou-san hears and see too’’

’’ doesn't feel good though’’

Shidou looked down before closing and opening his hands. Is this scene being transferred to Kurumi too? feels like a remote control robot.

’’Ufufu, with that said, please refrain yourself from actions that no one can say (speak about). I don't mind it at all though’’

’’I-I won't!’’

He shouted back in reflex to Kurumi's joke. A girl coincidentally walking past him quickly passed by Shidou with a look as if she was looking at a suspicious person.

’’An-anyway. Hurry up and send me back to my time! I have no time for this farce! Right when I am doing this, the girls are.....!

Shidou shouted while clenching his fist.

Yes. Shidou has to go back to his time as fast as possible.

Right now in the Tenguu city of his original time, a great disaster was attacking. Countless beams were shot down from an inversed Origami, who suddenly appeared in the sky and was turning the whole city into rubble.

Tohka, the Yamai sisters, and Miku were trying to stop Origami while Yoshino and Natsumi headed into the city to save the people in the city. Adding on to the problem, <Fraxinus>got shot down by Origami when it came to help Shidou, starting with Kotori and the crew, he had no clue about their welfare. In that situation, Shidou, who has the power to seal a Spirit's Reiryoku was not present. Imagining the problems occurring at his world was not hard at all.

’’Well-----That's true;it's terrible on this side. It's only scorched earth from what I can see. No matter how hell looks, it probably doesn't look as gruesome as this’’

’’..........! Then hurry up and-----’’

However. Kurumi made a sigh as if she was fully aware of that.

’’Seriously, are you okay with that? Returning back to your time without doing anything. I even went through all the trouble and sent you back to the past with <Zafkiel>'s secret of secret-[Yud Bet12th bullet]’’

’’...........? you mean?’’

Without understanding what Kurumi said, Shidou groaned.

’’Just like what it means.------If Shidou-san wants to fix that despair-like situation, the only way is to do something about the Origami-san of 5 years ago’’

’’Origami, what.......? Wai-wait just a second. I don't get you. Well, obviously Origami is here too but, she's an elementary school student 5 years ago right? Just what-----’’

’’No, you're wrong. The Origami-san you will be meeting will the one that has already turned into a Spirit.-----I should have sent her back 5 years ago with my [Yud Bet12th bullet]’’


Shidou let out his inner voice in reflex.

’’ this time!?’’

’’Yes. There is still some time left since I sent Shidou-san further up the past so, she hasn't appeared yet, I will send her there after a while’’

’’What is going on? Why did you send Origami back 5 years...........’’

’’To kill her parent's killer. More specifically-----to kill the enemy before she became the [Killer]’’


Shidou felt his heart get squeezed each time Kurumi talked.

The information in his head reached one intersection point.

5 years ago, Origami's parents got killed by a Spirit. Origami gained the power transcending human knowledge. And-----Kurumi's [Yud Bet12th bullet].

’’Did Origami............come back to defeat <<Phantom>..............?’’

5 years ago. Shidou mumbled while recalling back the other Spirit at the fire disaster.

’’But, then why is Origami inversed when she came back to the original time! Just what the hell happened in this time!?’’

’’That...............even I have no idea. In order to find and stop that----I shot [Yud Bet12th bullet] at you’’

’’..........I see’’

Shidou placed his hand on his chest to suppress his heartbeat which was pumping wildly from just now.

Look into Origami's movements who came back 5 years, pinpoint the reason for her inverse and fix that problem. If what Kurumi says is correct, that seems like the only way.

However-----there was still one thing he doesn't get. Shidou sharpened his sights as if to glare at the invisible girl while moving his lips.

’’........Kurumi. If what you say is correct, then why are you doing this? Not only me. You got asked from Origami to send her back 5 years in the first place right?’’

Yes. That was the part that he doesn't understand.

Within a Spirit's outside reason, Kurumi was especially a different existence. It's true that Shidou was saved by Kurumi once before but, that was because it was within her interests too. It's unbelievable to think that she would use her Angel for someone else.

After Shidou said that, Kurumi made a moment of silence before replying back.

’’I don't particularly have any that what you mean? I don't have many chances to test shot [Yud Bet12th bullet] with someone else Reiryoku anyway. But...........let's see’’

After exhaling, Kurumi continued.

’’In a forced attempt to put it into words;I just wanted proof’’

’’Proof? What proof?’’

’’-----The fact that humans can change history’’

Kurumi's tone when she said that was a little different from her usual joking tone and Shidou gulped when he heard that.

’’Change history.......’’

’’Yes. I wanted to see it. I wanted to see if she could turn this hopeless destruction and tragedy, into something that never happened’’

’’ it possible for me? I heard that history.........has something like correction powers too but......’’

Shidou said it with a difficult face. It's not like he was knowledgeable about SF but, he heard of that theory before when he saw a time leap movie last time.

Basically, after returning back to the past with a time machine, even if a huge event that might change history occurred, a similar event will correct that change and form a world similar to the original history.

But. Kurumi laughed at Shidou's words.

’’That was a weird thing you said, Shidou-san’’

A charming breath echoed in Shidou's mind. If Kurumi was here, then she would've definitely lifted Shidou's chin provocatively.

’’Who was the one that proposed that? Did that person actually demonstrate time travel?’’


’’No matter how big the world is, Tokisaki Kurumi is the only person that can interfere with irreversible time. And also this <Zafkiel>. Please don't lend your ears to nonsense made by smart scholars and authors. The thing you-Shidou-san looking right now, is the only truth’’

Kurumi said it with a plain tone.

It's as if she was telling that to herself instead of Shidou.


’’ looks like I talked too much. Even though I shot [Yud Bet12th bullet] with time to spare, you can't stay there for too long. Let's begin the operation’’

Kurumi regained her composure and talked. Shidou clenched his teeth before swinging his head vertically.

There are many things still in the unknown. But, in order to stop Origami from inversing and save the city from turning into hell, it's certain that this was the only way.

’’Yeah.....let's go, Kurumi’’

After saying that, Shidou lifted his face and turned the direction of his toes.

Origami's goal is to defeat the Spirit that killed her parents. And that Spirit is most likely----<Phantom>. If that is the case then, it should be appearing at the Tenguu Nankou town which was the place of the fire disaster.

Shidou clenched his fist to make up his mind and ran to the destination.

He doesn't know the exact time but, the sun was already setting. However, Shidou's body was burning without him knowing that the summer sun has become weak. Each time Shidou moved his hands and legs, sweat will flow out and would mercilessly take away his stamina.

However, Shidou didn't stop. He had no idea how long he can stay in this age (time)----and more importantly, the girls were working hard in his original time so, he couldn't just stand still and do nothing.

After running for how long, Shidou reached a familiar place.

’’Nankou, town......’’

His speed gradually fell and he mumbled the name of the city in between his wild breathing.

Yes. It was the scenery of Tenguu Nankou town before it was covered in flames.

It was a weird feeling. His emotions were slightly shaken by nostalgia when he saw the city he used to live in.

And---at that moment.


A certain discovery stopped Shidou's legs by reflex.

’’Is there something wrong, Shidou-san’’

Kurumi asked him suspiciously. However, Shidou couldn't reply her.

The scene in front of Shidou, it was one house.

It was a double story house with a characteristic deep red roof. It wasn't really that special that it would attract someone's eye but.............the moment Shidou saw it, he couldn't move as if he got paralyzed.

That was the house Shidou lived in 5 years ago.

Nevertheless, the house itself wasn't the reason why Shidou stopped.

The moment he saw it, one thought grazed his mind.

5 years ago. Shidou was currently at Tenguu city from 5 years back. It was the day, Origami lost her parents to a Spirit and she vowed to kill that Spirit.

However, that wasn't the only thing that occurred 5 years ago. At that moment Origami saw her parent's killer, the city was covered in flames.

---It was the flames caused by Shidou's sister, Itsuka Kotori.

Kurumi said this. She told me to come in contact with Origami, who came back 5 years and make the inverse [Never happened].

Shidou accidentally thought it. might be possible to turn the fact that Kotori turned into a Spirit, into something that [Never Happened].

If Kotori is at home right now, he wondered if he could tell her not to go to the park today along with staying away from the spot where she encountered <Phantom>.

The moment that thought passed his mind, Shidou's legs unconsciously moved in front to his house.

It was faint memories but, 5 years ago on August 3rd;Shidou should have gone out to the city to buy a birthday present for Kotori. There was no chance for meeting his old self here. In a familiar manner, Shidou opened the gates and walked to the house's back door after passing the garden.

At that moment, the nameplate with the word [Itsuka] was reflected onto his eyes. At that point, Kurumi guessed Shidou's actions. She then said it with a little stronger tone.

’’Shidou-san, I understand your feelings but, please give up on Kotori-san’’

’’I don't plan on neglecting Origami......! But----’’

’’That is not it. If Kotori's never became a Spirit;even you know what kind of influence will happen 5 years later after [That moment]’’

’’....! Ah-----’’

Shidou widen his eyes when he was told that.

The possibility that Kotori wouldn't have to turn into a Spirit blinded his eyes and he didn't think about it. If Kotori did not become a Spirit----<Ratatoskr>wouldn't have found her.

If that happens;<Ratatoskr>wouldn't know that Shidou has sealing abilities and the fact that the powers of Tohka, Yoshino, Kaguya, Yuzuru, Miku and Natsumi were sealed would [Never happened]. That was something that must be avoided at all cost.

Shidou ground his teeth before swinging his head.

’’..........Sorry. Looks like blood rushed up to my head’’

’’No. The possibility to fix the past is a poisonous high-grade wine that will cause people to go crazy. I don't blame Shidou-san for that’’

Kurumi said it with an understanding tone.

Shidou slightly brought his eyebrows closer. Just like just now, he could not feel any self-admonition included in Kurumi's words.

However, it's only natural once he thought about it. The possibility to change the past. That is something anyone would wish for. Shidou could not even begin to imagine what kind of anguish and thoughts Kurumi, who has this authority, had until now.

’’Hey, Kurumi, you-----’’

The moment Shidou was about to talk to Kurumi, he could hear a voice coming from the back door.

’’Itsuka-san, it's Suzumoto from next door’’


Shidou twitched his shoulders when a voice suddenly appeared.

’’Not here I wonder...........lets go in and check’’

After saying that, the sound of the door opening could be heard.

It was Suzumoto-san, who used to live next door 5 years ago. She would often share vegetables sent over from the countryside that he think about it, he had memories of her often placing vegetables at the front of the back garden when Shidou and his family wasn't around.

He was thankful to her for doing that but, the timing now was just plain terrible. That's because right now, it the 5 years later high-school Shidou instead of the elementary school Shidou. He looks like an intruder from all angles. If he was reported to the police then it would consume much of his precious time.

’’Wha-what am I going to do........!’’

Suzumoto-san's footsteps were slowly approaching when he was doing that. Even though he looked around in panic, there was no place to hide. There was nothing to be done.

---and at that moment. A certain idea grazed Shidou's anxious mind.

’’-----Oh my?’’

The housewife next door-Suzumoto Naoko stepped into the Itsuka house's back garden and found one boy there.

He's probably in upper-level elementary school. His neuter and cute face was characteristic.

’’Oh Shidou-kun, you were here. Sorry. Nobody came when I rang the doorbell’’

’’............n-no! It's my fault for missing it...........’’

The eldest son of this family-Itsuka Shidou said it while making an uncomfortable smile for some reason. Naoko twisted her head in wonder before handing over the plastic bag she was holding to Shidou.

’’This was sent over from the countryside and if it's okay with you all, go ahead and eat it’’

’’T-thank you very much. It's really helpful’’

Shidou accepted the plastic bag and took a bow.


’’Err, is there something?’’

’’No, it's just that Shidou-kun's atmosphere is different from usual?’’

’’Eh!? N-no, I don't think that's true though..........’’

’’Really? was my imagination I guess.............well forget it. Give that to your mom okay’’

’’Yes, thank you very much’’

Naoko heard Shidou's voice while exiting the Itsuka house's garden.


After seeing Suzumoto-san leave the garden, Shidou made a big sigh.

’’Ufufu, that was a good idea, Shidou-san’’

’’.........aah, I'm glad it worked out nicely’’

Even though Kurumi said that, he replied back while wiping off his sweat. After he did that, he found out that his hand that he used to wipe off his sweat with was smaller than his usual hand in his memories.

It wasn't only his hand. His torso, legs and even the clothes covering his body has turned small.

Yes. When Shidou was about to be seen by his neighbor, the thought that grazed his mind was the other Spirits turned into children when Natsumi used her Angel <Haniel>that occurred once before.

If Shidou was an elementary school student, it wouldn't be weird for him to be there. And, Shidou already sealed Natsumi's reiryoku. Then, it was possible for him to try this out.............unlike Tohka's <Sandalphon>or Yoshino's <Zadkiel>, but, he somehow managed to make it work.

’’Sorry, I wasted some time. Let's go’’

After placing the plastic bag he just received on the edge of the garden, Shidou talked to Kurumi before pouring strength into his body.



’’Is there something wrong?’’

’’ do I revert back?’’

Shidou frowns his eyebrows while sweat was flowing down his cheeks. It's because he suddenly transformed, he has no clue on how to turn back.

’’Oh my, that is a problem. You have to head over to Origami-san now’’

’’Hn...........I have to revert back somehow or.......’’

When Shidou closed his eyes and groaned, Kurumi leaked a giggle in his head.

’’Shidou-san, before you turn back, can you please stand in front of a mirror just once?’’

’’Eh? Why?’’

’’I can't see Shidou-san face, which turned cute from this angle’’


Shidou half-opened his eyes while making a sigh.

But----at that moment.


The sky suddenly glow red and Shidou immediately turned over to that direction.

Opposite the well-ordered (organized) house roofs, a giant fire pillar soared and at that moment, it dispersed mid-air and attacked the whole area nearby with a wave of scorching heat.

The whole city was wrapped in flames instantly;trees and houses were burning. Several screams and shouts appeared nearby and the citizens started evacuating.

’’This is......Kotori's!?’’

’’It seems, that is the case’’

Kurumi replied to Shidou's question. Shidou clenched his teeth in regret. It seems, Kotori has already gone to that park.

And now, Kotori was turned to the Spirit <Efreet>by <Phantom>.


Shidou could not stand still anymore and ran from the spot. His body was still small but, he couldn't ask for any luxury. Kotori turning into a Spirit means that <Phantom>is there-----meaning that, Origami will travel through time to go to that place.

However, the group of citizens evacuating and destroyed houses from the flames was blocking the road making it hard for him to advance.

Shidou searched his memories from 5 years back to find an alternative road;and somehow managed to reach that particular park.

’’.............! That's------’’

The moment Shidou reached that park. There were already 3 people there.

One of them was a young crying Kotori. Another was Shidou from 5 years ago, lying on the ground face first.

And-----a noise-like [Something] was standing there looking down at the both of them.


And, the moment Shidou called that name.

A beam poured down from the sky and erased <Phantom>.


Shidou felt sparks in his head.

That's right. Shidou knows this scene. 5 years ago, it's true that <Phantom>was shot by a beam from the sky.

Shidou immediately looked up. He looked up at the direction of the source of the beam.

When he did that, he recognized a person there.

She was a beautiful girl covered with a magical white dress with several [Wings] accompanying her. However, her face right now looked frightening because of anger and hatred.


Shidou shouted in reflex. Yes, over there, was the Spirit-Tobiichi Origami who travelled through time to come here.

It was still a mystery on how Origami turned into a Spirit. However, Origami was still not an inverse-type yet.

Most likely----it was going to occur now.

Origami will turn, by an event that caused that firm girl stand into the abyss of despair.

Up in the sky with Origami, <Phantom>who had just disappear could be seen with her there. Most probably, it dodged Origami's attack and ran to the sky.

Once Origami swung her hand, the [Wing] surrounding Origami shot beams towards <Phantom>.

Like a signal, both of them started flying in the sky.

’’Shidou-san, please follow her. You will lose her like this’’


Shidou quickly replied to Kurumi's words and started running into the burning city to follow them.

Origami repeatedly shot beams to attack <Phantom>but, <Phantom>dodged all of them and it seems that it wasn't countering back. Just like a game of tag, it flew around everywhere in the sky.

’’Origami! Origami! It's me! Listen! You have to stop now, if this goes on you will !’’

Shidou desperately shouted at them while chasing them but, there was no response at all. However, that was natural. Not only were they far apart, she was right now in front of her sworn enemy who she has been continuously targeting her growing grudge at.

But, he can't just give up because of that reason. He desperately chased after the 2 while shaking his throat.

’’Origami! Origami!’’




Shidou stopped and looked back at the ground when he heard a sudden voice other than his echoed.

Over there was a male and female, thought to be a couple. Most likely, they ran out from their burning house. Both of their clothes were dirty and several small wounds could be seen on them.

In an instant, Shidou wondered why they called Origami's name but-----he immediately knew the reason.

At the direction that they were facing, an elementary school girl could be seen there.

She has a hairstyle around shoulder length and a smart face.

Yes.........that's Origami from 5 years ago.

’’Father, Mother--------!’’

Origami shouted, with tears at the side of her eyes from the happiness of knowing that her parents were safe.

But, immediately afterwards.


Shidou felt his view turned pure white.

Afterwards, a strong impact attacked nearby, and Shidou's body easily got blown away since it turned small.


Shidou slammed towards the block fence and leaked a painful voice.

’’Shidou-san, are you okay?’’

’’Y-yeah somehow. More importantly----’’

Shidou managed to raise his body and looked towards Origami and the couple thought to be her parents.



Shidou lost his words when he saw them.

There was a giant crater instead of the couple who were there just a moment ago, and several [Parts] which used to be 2 humans were scattered about mercilessly.

A normal person would probably throw up as it was such a gruesome scene. However, Shidou remained opening his eyes without moving.

That's because-----he saw it.

The scene Origami from 5 years ago, who saw it in a closer position than Shidou.


Origami made a blurry voice while crawling to the object that used to be her parents as if she was depending on it.

Next off, she grinded her teeth before looking up-----she lifted her face and glared at the source of the pillar of light.



Origami mumbled while looking up at the sky.

Shidou lifted his face as if he got flicked by Origami's voice----and mumbled.

’’.........! Do-don't tell me----’’

Shidou felt a chill as if a bug was crawling on his body while letting out a trembling voice.

Yes. The person over there was,

The Spirit Origami wearing a pure white Astral Dress.

He couldn't see the face of the Spirit that shot that light from there. The Origami from 5 years ago could probably just see a human silhouette. A person with no knowledge of Spirits will probably take that shadow as an [Angel].

’’It was you.........’’

Origami, who was sitting on the ground, twisted those pure eyes with tremendous rage and roared.

’’I won't forgive you........! Kill............I will kill you.....! I will----definitely.........!’’

There was no way that her voice would reach that high in the sky but, the same time she spat out those words, Origami in the pure white Astral Dress twisted her body and trembled.

A stranger might see her as laughing loudly.

But, there was no way for that Spirit to laugh-----Shidou knows that clearly.

’’What.........just......just what is this..........’’

It only took a few seconds. But, all of that only need that much, before ending------and Shidou understood everything that happened.

Origami went back 5 years to change the fact of her parents getting killed into an event that [Never Happened].

However, Origami found out.-----The real culprit that killed her parents.

’’..........I see’’

With her vision shared with Shidou, Kurumi's voice echoed inside his head.

’’I knew that something great must have happened to make a person like Origami turn into that.........’’

Half-way into Kurumi's words, the Spirit floating in the sky disappeared like it was melting into the air.

’’........!? Disappeared......?’’

’’[Yud Bet12th bullet] effects most likely worn off. She probably went back to the original time’’

’’........uh, no way! Then.........!’’

Shidou shouted in reflex. That was only normal. The goal of Shidou and also Kurumi, who sent him back into the world of 5 years ago, was to come back to search and also fix the cause for the inversion of Origami, who came 5 years back too.

It's true that they were at the best seat to see the reason for her inversion. But at the same time, their goal vanished too. There was no way that history would change like this.

’’Jus-just what should I-----’’

Shidou, who was in loss, suddenly gasped and stopped his words.

The reason was simple. A part of a burning building was falling towards the Origami from 5 years back when she was sitting on the ground.


After Shidou shouted, he jumped towards Origami faster than his words and both of them rolled on the ground like that. Next off, the burning building part fell onto the place Origami was at and caused a big spark and smoke.


Staying here was dangerous. Shidou made a light cough while taking Origami's hand and ran onto the red road.

Thus, they stopped once they managed to escape to a place which the flames had not touched. Matching up with that, Origami *gatan* folded her knees.

’’ you alright, Origami?’’

After saying that------he noticed his own mistake. It was a sudden action but, this Origami does not know Shidou. It might be bad to call her name.

Origami wasn't concerned at all when her name was called by a complete stranger;she just kept on trembling while looking up at the sky with soulless eyes.

No-------soulless, might not be the fitting word to put it.

Anger, resentment, loss and grief--------many of every human's negative emotions mixed together and tainted those eyes.

’’Fa.......ther, mot-her..........’’

Origami moved her dry lips and let out her disappearing voice.


Shidou distorted his face in reflex when he saw that painful scene.



He had no clue on what's the best course of action he should use (take). He had no clue on what words he should say. But, he can't leave her like this. Half-consciously, Shidou hugged Origami with both his hands. As if to suppress the waves of raging emotions, he held her tightly with his trembling hands;tightly and strongly.

’’..............., Y-ou.....are.............’’

And for the first time, Origami leaked out a soft voice as she noticed Shidou's existence.

’’It's going to be alright! It's going to be alright, so.........!’’

While still hugging Origami, Shidou groaned as if he was crying. He was fully aware that those were irresponsible words. But, he had to say it.

The world was just too cruel and merciless for this small girl in Shidou's small arms to face.

From now on, this girl will be walking a road full with hardships and she will find the [Truth] which lies at the end of her path. Shidou had to shout when he found out that cruel conclusion.

’’ will notice this someday. All of the truth......! But----please don't forget! You are not alone.......!’’

’’What, are you saying...........’’

Origami replied back with a troubled voice. That ’’was only normal. But, Shidou just couldn't stop his words.

’’I will take on your sadness.......! I will stop your anger........! If you are at a loss, come to me! Use me if you face a hopeless situation! I won't mind if you throw everything at me! So, so-----’’

While hugging Origami tightly, he continued.

’’Whatever you do----please don't feel despair........!’’


Origami blankly heard Shidou's voice but-----after a while, her body started trembling.


After Origami grabbed Shidou's clothes, she started crying in his chest to kill the volume.

Maybe the thread of nervousness broke when Shidou appeared or maybe the sadness of losing her parents was pressed onto her now after so long. He couldn't determine which one was correct but-----Origami was finally showing emotions fitting for her young age.



Shidou poured strength into his trembling hands to pat Origami on the back while she was crying.

And----after who knows how long.

’’................, thank you very much.........’’

After a period of crying, Origami said that with a soft voice before letting go of Shidou's shirt and stood up on the spot.

After wiping her tears with her sleeves, she directed her bloodshot eyes to Shidou.

’’Who.........are you?’’

’’Ah, e-err-------’’

It was extremely normal now that he thinks about it but, Shidou felt confused since he was suddenly asked. That answer suddenly flew out without a moment of thought for it.

Trying too hard to play it off won't do anything. Shidou made up his mind and looked back at Origami.

’’I'm......Itsuka Shidou. I live nearby here’’


Origami pondered Shidou's name by mumbling before turning around.

It was as if------she was trying to hide her expression from Shidou.

’’..........was what you were saying just now true?’’


’’That you will take anything?’’

’’A-aah.....! Yeah I am’’

Shidou made a big nod at Origami's words. Those words came out half-consciously but, the contents weren't lies.

’’I see. Then-----’’

Origami continued without continuing.

’’I will leave my tears with you. I will give you my smile. Please take my happiness, enjoyment, everything’’


Shidou widen his eyes at those unexpected words.

’’----This will be the last time I cry. This will also be the last time I smile’’

After saying that, Origami looked towards Shidou for a moment.

Shidou lost his words when he saw that smile, wet with tears. Origami looked away once more.

’’But, this anger is only mine. This ugly emotion is only mine.----I will kill. I will-----that Angel. No matter how long it takes. No matter what method it takes’’


Angel. Shidou twitched his fingers when he heard those words.

But, he couldn't say it. That the Spirit was Origami from the future. He couldn't bring himself to tell this small girl that.

’’So until then, please keep them for me. Until----I kill that angel’’

Origami said that while facing her back at him.


Shidou could only call her name blankly.

The young avenger ran off, leaving Shidou alone there.

Part 2[edit]


Inside the night with darkness falling. Kurumi let out a gloomy sigh.

’’So that's what happened.......’’

There were currently 2 scenes shown to Kurumi who currently was sharing Shidou's senses.

If she opened her eyes, she would see black beams pouring down from the Inverse Origami towards the completely destroyed buildings but, if she closes her eyes, she would see the Origami from 5 years ago run away after she vowed to have her revenge on the Spirit.

---Now. Kurumi and Shidou knew everything. The reason why Origami inversed when she went back 5 years.

’’This is ironic’’

She lifted her face and looked at Origami floating in the black sky.

The spirit was covered in a black Astral Dress that looks like mourning clothes but, she was arching her body like an embryo in a womb and was floating mid-air. Countless [Wing] in many sizes made a circle around her and was constantly showing its destructive will towards the ground below.

’’Oh----what are we going to do now’’

While stroking her chin, Kurumi mumbled.

It was good that she sent Shidou back 5 years but, the only thing achieved was they found the reason for Origami's inversion. If this keeps up-------


’’.......Oh my?’’

After Kurumi suddenly twitched the side of her eyebrows, she looked behind.

The reason was simple. Small footsteps appeared behind Kurumi.

’’Who are you? What kind of business do you have with me?’’

She said it as if the mysterious visitor was a bother to her.

After a beat, the person walked out in response to her voice.

’’......! You're-----’’

Kurumi widen her eyes in surprise when she saw the appearance of an unexpected person.

Part 3[edit]

’’.............., I------’’

Shidou, who just saw Origami go away, fell to his knees.

An extraordinary feeling of powerlessness filled his lungs. Shidou couldn't do anything in the end. When that happened, the view of the ground shown in his view slowly moved away as if to respond to Shidou's actions.


For a moment there, he thought that his body moved in contrary to his wills but-----he was wrong. When he lowered his sights, he saw his body which was supposed to be child-like until just now, reverted back to its bigger version. Maybe his Reiryoku was depleted or maybe the time limit was up, or maybe it was because of another reason............he doesn't know the details but, Natsumi's ability was completely released.

The sound of an annoyed Kurumi echoed inside Shidou's head.

’’............I don't like this’’

’’..........Sorry. You went through all that trouble to use [Yud Bet12th bullet] for me and I still........’’

’’That isn't the problem’’

But, Kurumi continued with words mixed with a tired sigh, as a response to Shidou's apology.

’’------Origami herself was the killer of her parents.....? I see, that reason might be enough to make her feel despair. However------that event clearly won't happen without my <Zafkiel>...........’’

He could hear the sound of teeth grinding. It was a rare event since Kurumi was usually so carefree.

’’Shidou-san. Let me ask you this, when was the first time you met Origami-san’’

’’Eh.........? class changed at the beginning of my 2nd year and at that time-----’’

’’Perhaps at that time, Origami-san already knows about Shidou-san even though it was supposed to be your first time meeting her, isn't it so?’’

Shidou recalled back after he was told that. It's true that, Origami knew Shidou's name.


Shidou noticed at that moment.

It was normal for Origami to know Shidou.

That's because----Origami met Shidou [5 years ago], which was [At this time].

Kurumi sounded even unhappier at Shidou's response.

’’This is not funny. This is displeasing. It is very-----disgusting’’


’’The reason on why Origami-san turned into her hated Spirit. The meeting of Shidou-san and Origami-san-----the primary factors used to construct the old world was entirely related to my power. If I didn't send Origami-san and Shidou-san back 5 years, the old world wouldn't have been created.........’’

Kurumi mumbled to herself.

It's true that, what she say is correct. If it wasn't for the Spirit known as Kurumi;if it wasn't for the Angel known as <Zafkiel>;their world would most probably be different in the first place.

’’B-but, Kurumi did not use <Zafkiel>to create this ending right..?’’

’’Yes, of course. My main goal is to use [An action that would change history] and make the world's new history. I was quite desperate but in the end, I was just dancing on top of the hand of an absolute existence known as the [World].-----that fact makes me very pissed’’


Shidou gulped in reflex when he heard Kurumi's pissed off words.

But at the same time, one thought floated in his mind before.........he opened his mouth.

’’ there something you want to redo?’’

’’.........oh my’’

After Shidou said that, Kurumi took a moment of silence before returning back to her carefree tone.

’’If that's true then, won't it be interesting to redo my first meeting with Shidou-san.----Ufufu, the current me can definitely, [Eat] you know?’’


Shidou shut his mouth after he heard Kurumi's words. Though, it was not because he felt fear from Kurumi's scary comment. It was clearly because she wanted to make Shidou confused.

He had no interest in forcefully making someone say the things they don't want to. Also, now was clearly not the time to be bothering about that.

’’..........., but, everything ended'

Shidou clenched his fist in regret.

Now that Origami went back to her original world, we can't stop her from inversing. Now that the Origami from 5 years ago saw her parents get killed, her revengeful heart will not disappear. Borrowing Kurumi's words, all Shidou has done was just dance on the world's palm.

He doesn't know how long [Yud Bet12th bullet] effect will stay in play but, he will probably head back to his world soon. To that nightmarish world with an Inversed Origami trampling the earth.

’’Yes......that's right’’

Kurumi talked to reply to Shidou's words.

’’That is true. Shidou-san did not stop Origami-san. You didn't change the world.---it looks like, that is the [End], [This world] has already decided’’


Shidou raised his eye brows. He felt that Kurumi's roundabout way to say it was a little weird.

Kurumi probably felt Shidou's feeling of suspicion before giggling.

’’It looks like it has already ended------I heard that just now’’

’’Heard.......from who?’’

’’----The Shidou-san after 10 minutes from now’’


Without understanding what Kurumi words meant, Shidou widen his eyes.

’’What do you.........’’

’’Just like what it means. 10 minutes from [Now]. The me from the [World of the Shidou-san that came back from 5 years without achieving anything], used [Yud Bet12th bullet] and send the Shidou-san from the future to the past. Well, we only talked a little since we only had 1 minute to use, maybe because I wanted to save on Reiryoku’’

’’............!? The Kurumi from the future of that world sent me.......!?’’

Shidou widen his eyes in shock but------thinking back carefully, it was not impossible.

Shidou and Origami came back 5 years thanks to Kurumi. As long as Kurumi is also at the future too, it was possible for her to send anyone from the future to the present time.

But----at that moment. Shidou felt a question pop up.

’’Why would the future me..........go through all that trouble to travel through time?’’

Yes. That was the unnatural part now that he thinks about it.

[Yud Bet12th bullet] should be Kurumi's secret move. It was hard to think that she would waste precious time to inform us about that hopeless future.

Kurumi replied [Yes], in his head to reply to him.

’’Shidou-san, who failed to stop Origami-san, met [Yud Bet12th bullet] effect limit in despair and came back to the original world. ----but, you reached a certain idea after that’’


’’Yes. But, it's something unachievable for the Shidou-san who returned back to the present’’

’’...........! I see----’’

So that's why the future Shidou asked Kurumi to tell the Kurumi from 10 minutes back his thoughts --- [While Shidou was still in the world of 5 years back].

In order to recreate history.

To break the future that was determined.

---he left his wish to his past self.

Shidou felt a flame rekindling in his cooled down body.


’’Yes, nothing ended yet. ----Let's do this, Shidou-san. Let's break this shitty-ass world’’

Shidou leaked a sigh when Kurumi said a comment that doesn't sound like her before lifting the side of his lips.

’’Yeah........I'll do anything. If everyone----can save Origami’’

’’Ufufu, now that's the spirit’’

She probably felt Shidou's enthusiasm. Kurumi made a pleasant laugh in Shidou's head.

’’So.........what is that method?’’

’’Yes.-----thinking about it know, it's something very obvious. But, it's true that it's an unthinkable method to the Shidou-san who ran into a state of deep despair and anxiety’’


After being told that, sweat flowed down Shidou's cheeks.

’’A-anyway.......we're running out of time right? Let's move’’

’’Yes, yes, that's right. Time is more precious than money’’

Kurumi continued after making a joke.

’’The biggest reason on why Shidou-san couldn't stop Origami-san. That's because, [You did not know what was going to happen], and we are going to use this to its full advantage’’

’’Yeah........that might be true’’

Shidou made a painful face while nodding.

Right after he noticed the Origami that came over from the original world, the fight with <Phantom>started and----everything ended, without giving him a moment to breathe. There will probably be still a way if he knows these details beforehand.

Kurumi sighed in a gloomy manner.

’’Honestly, I don't really want to do this but.........there is no other way’’

’’Eh........? Wha-what should I do?’’

’’The theory is simple.-----you should just restart’’


Shidou let out a dumb-witted voice at Kurumi's words.

’’W-well that's true but..........are you going to send me back 5 years with [Yud Bet12th bullet] when I get back there?’’

’’That method is not realistic. At the stage of just using [Yud Bet12th bullet] once, a significant amount of Reiryoku stored inside Shidou-san has been used. It might not be impossible but, it will be a problem to me since the portion for me to [Eat] soon might disappear’’

’’.....oh come on. Rather, did you use my sealed Reiryoku to help me travel back here?’’

’’Ufufu, well of course. No matter how whimsical I might get, I am not so kind as to give up my own Reiryoku to use’’

Kurumi said it with a tone of you got a problem? There was a lot about it he was unsatisfied with but, Shidou kept quiet for now. Kurumi then, continued.

’’But, you can gain something by slightly time traveling back from the time you are at right now’’

’’...........! Ah, i-I get it-----!’’

It's just as Kurumi says.

’’------piling up [Yud Bet12th bullet]. I see, that is one interesting idea. Well of course......Shidou-san will forcefully be sent back to this time if you don't achieve it during the effect of the 1st shot’’

’’Tsk, then, let's make it quick! Kurumi, hurry and shoot me with [Yud Bet12th bullet]!’’

But. Kurumi made a tired sigh.

’’All I can do now is to share Shidou-san's senses. I cannot interfere with your time from here. Let alone, a bullet from <Zafkiel>won't reach’’

’’T-then, what am I supposed to do!’’

After Shidou shouted because he could not bear it any longer, Kurumi make a small sigh as if she was blowing at his ears before continuing on.

’’-----Isn't there a way. Only one method’’


Shidou brought his eyebrows closer at Kurumi's words.

After a few minutes later. Shidou used the emergency stairs of a tall building which was located near the fire disaster.


His body which was been made to exercise since just now, has been screaming for a long time already. The summer and blazing heat mercilessly stole his stamina away.

But, he can't be complaining now. There's only a little time left for him to stay at this timeline. While making loud noises, he climbed up the emergency stairs.

’’Is this place...... Really okay....?’’

’’Yes, I think it's correct, probably’’

’’Probably, oh come on......’’

He opened half his eyes when he heard Kurumi's unclear words. Shidou arranged his breathing while moving his legs up to the edge of the roof to see the place which was at a dead angle from the entrance.

He could see Nankou town still burning from the building made to look down at the residence area. Sounds of the sirens from ambulance and fire trucks echoed and the evening town was really lively.


To avoid looking at that gruesome scene, Shidou averted his sights and moved his head to look at the roof again in case he missed something.

But-----he couldn't see anyone there.

’’Oi, no one is here. You sure this is the place....?’’

’’This is weird. That shouldn't------’’


Half-way through Kurumi's words, Shidou felt a chill at his back and stood still.

’’..........., ah-----’’

---someone was behind him.

Shidou felt that through instinct and gulped.

As if to match with it, an interested voice came from the visitor that appeared behind Shidou.

’’---Oh my’’

It was a familiar voice.


To prevent agitating the absolute predator standing behind him, Shidou raised his hands and slowly turned behind.

---Over there.

’’Why, look what we have here. It's rare to see a visitor at a place like this’’

After she said that, he saw Tokisaki Kurumi with a charming smile there.


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