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Dark Mage - Volume 2 - Chapter 31


An urgent sound of deflating air came out of Dok-gosong's mouth.


The ogre's speed was faster than he imagined, so he used all his energy to move his thunder-stricken body.


The slab of stone he was standing on was broken into pieces, and it raised a cloud of dust. It had broken a huge slab of stone with a wooden club, so he could roughly guess its strength. The speed at which the ogre responded was very surprising. He thought it would be like the troll, who had a large body, but it was somewhat slow. How can such a large body move so fast..... The ogre's speed was almost comparable to a Murim expert using a movement technique.

Still he couldn't stay in place, so Dok-gosong continued to dodge. The situation basically boiled down to him departing this world the moment he's hit by the club. Of course, he didn't dare to attack. He just used all of his energy to dodge the club. Fortunately, he had honed his senses in the battle field. He could tell which angle the attack will come from so he could barely dodge it.

The food was teasing it by escaping by a hair's breath each time, so the ogre's roar rose to its peak.


It shouted out an elongated roar, and it chased after Dok-gosong. The ogre was 4.5 meter tall, and it had long arms to match its height. The ogre persistently swung the club at him.

Hweeeeeeek. (TLN: its the sound you make when you swing something really fast)

Accompanying an incredible destructive sound, the club came down like an enormous boulder. Dok-gosong correctly saw that it was falling toward his body, so in a flash, he spun his body. He pushed off his left foot to turn on a pivot, and he drastically changed the direction of his body.


He felt an enormous shock wave behind his back accompanied by an explosive sound. The pieces of broken rock flew towards his back, and Dok-gosong continued to move while he felt the rocks embed into his back.

He couldn't believe it, but the massive body suddenly changed direction and it started sprinting towards him. He changed his direction to go between the ogre's legs, and it tried to grab him.

Boo-oong. (TLN: sound of ogre grabbing empty air)

The cauldron lid sized hands missed him by a hair's breadth and it brushed by his body. Dok-gosong had avoided the crisis and he let his body fly after he passed through the legs.

'This monster is faster than me. I'll have to continuously change direction if I don't want to be caught.'

The ogre, who had lost his meal again, started roaring and it chased after Dok-gosong. It was unbelievable, but the massive body started changing direction and it chased after him. Dok-gosong was using all his energy to run, but the distance between the two became shorter.

He didn't want to get caught so Dok-gosong was continuously changing direction. However, the ogre chased after Dok-gosong without much effort. To complete his misfortune, he was running out of breath. Without regards to anything else, Dok-gosong only focused on running.

’’His movements are very surprising. He is able to easily escape the hands of the ogre.’’

Serge gave an honest reaction towards Dokgosong's movements. Currently, he was on the top portion of the underground prison with Benitez. They were viewing the on-going battle.

’’It really is surprising. The twin-headed ogre is fast enough to give even a decent knight a lot of trouble. ’’

’’However, I don't think he can last much longer. He is just dodging right now. He doesn't dare attack it.’’

While ogres possessed a terrifying amount of speed, this monster also had a very thick hide. If one stabs it with a pretty good weapon, then the sword breaks most of the time. Moreover, their vital spots were located on the upper portion of their body, so it was hard for a human to reach it. They weren't an existence one could capture without being an experienced knight. It was safe to say that this monster was powerful.

’’So, did he ask you about his fate?’’

’’Yes. He asked what would happen if he was victorious in this battle.’’

’’He did? How did you answer?’’

’’I answered him by telling the basic outline of what you said. If he survived, then he'll either be employed here or enlisted as a soldier.’’

’’Of course, this is only applicable if he survives. However, the odds of him surviving seems very low by looking at the bastard's situation. What do you think?’’

’’I agree with you.’’


Unlike the leisurely chat between the two, Do-gosong was moving his body with all his might.


The surrounding slab of stone was destroyed as if it was being bombarded. Blood was flowing from all over his body as the shards of stone wounded him. He was already at his limit. However, the ogre didn't show any signs of exhaustion.

’’Huk, huk.’’ (TLN: heavy breathing sound)

His body was like a wet ball of cotton, but Dok-gosong didn't give up. He continued to move his body. He wasn't afraid to die. However, if he became the ogre's meal then who would revenge the dead SWG?

Dok-gosong couldn't easily give up on his life, because of this thought. At that moment, the ogre's attack exploded next to him, and the shards of stone pelted his entire body.


Accompanying a sharp sensation, blood started running down his forehead. The blood covered even his eyes, so his vision became blurry. To make it worse, he could feel the harsh breath of the ogre behind his back. It had definitely approached him real close. In many ways, it was a hopeless situation, so he grinded his teeth.

’’Huk, huk. If this continues then I'm dead.’’

He used all his energy to run towards the wall that he could see in front of him. To survive this fight, he had thought all night to prepare this method. He squeezed every ounce of his leftover strength to pull this move off.

The ogre, who was chasing him, was as angry as it could be. If it was a normal human, the person would have given up by now. Only this human was making trouble for him until the end.

The ogre's eyes were furious. The ogre's attitude was as if it would chase his prey to the ends of the world. The human was running towards the stone wall, which was a dead end. The ogre decided the human didn't have anywhere else to escape, so the ogre also used all his strength to track him.

As he was running, the stone wall of the underground rapidly grew bigger in front of him. While laboring for breath, Dok-gosong kept running and running. He ran forth as if he wanted to die by bashing his head into the stone wall.

The ogre was tracking him very closely, and the distance between both of them was getting smaller.

’’It's finished.’’

Beintez was watching this scene and his eyes held a light of resignation. He didn't think there was any chance that the foreigner could hold on any longer. Serge had already decided the fight was over, so he gave up watching the fight and stood up.

Then an unexpected change occurred. The foreigner, who was running as if he would crash into the stone wall, kicked the stone wall. His body rotated once in the air.

He took advantage of his momentum, and his body movement was very surprising. The foreigner avoided disaster by a hair's breadth, but the unlucky ogre was so lucky. The ogre, which was following him closely, couldn't fight against his momentum, and it collided violently against the wall.

Ggwang. (TLN: boom)

As if there was an earthquake, the entire underground prison shook. The stone wall caved in and a massive cloud of dust was formed. The massive body of the ogre bounced off the wall, and it violently rolled to the ground. It was enough of an impact to kill a human in its track. However, Benitez firmly believe that the ogre wouldn't die just from this. Ogres were that strong of a creature. His eyes took in the foreigner, who had landed shakily. He saw a scene where the foreigner ran towards the ogre.

’’This is fun.’’

The unexpected turn of event changed Serge's mind, so he sat down in his seat again. Then he gazed at the grounds.

Dok-gosong quickly jumped on top of the ogre's body. The monster had fallen to the floor, so this was his golden opportunity. He had reached its body in one breath, and he raised the gauntlet equipped on his right hand. The single nail that was attached to the gauntlet gleamed as it boasted its sharpness.


Dok-gosong unhesitatingly stabbed the nail toward the ogre's eye. He tried to repeat the method where he had incapacitated the troll. The ogre's eyes were half way closed after the impact against the wall, but its eyes rapidly became wide.


The long nail pierced through its eye. Of course, it also pierced the brain located behind the eye. The ogre's body started shaking as if it was struck by lightning. Dok-gosong yelled in delight at this sight.

’’I've succeeded. It's done.’’

The panting Dok-gosong felt the tension release a little bit. However, it wasn't the end.... Accompanying a roar, he felt a great force flying towards him, so Dok-gosong crossed his arms reflexively to block. Afterwards, he felt a massive impact.


His small body was violently dislocated. All the pain was concentrated on his left arm. Dok-gosong flew a short distance before he was flung onto the floor. He was barely able to stay conscious when he saw the ogre sitting up slowly. The ogre's two hands were covering its other face while sitting up. It must have been trying to protect its eyes. The head that was attacked before was limp as if it had lost all its function.

’’Shit. It has two heads.’’

His pulse had slowed, but he would not give up. Once the ogre sat up, he had lost his opportunity to attack. He forced his broken body to stand.

Ooh-doo-doo-dook. (TLN: sound of bone grinding against bone)

He guessed one part of his body was really broken since he could feel an extreme amount of pain radiate all over his body. He did his best to ignore the pain, and he approached the ogre again. However, the target for his attack was already gone. The ogre had already thoroughly enclosed his hands over his intact head. It looked like the gauntlet's nail would not be able to pierce through the ogre's thick hands. Even if he was able to pierce through the thick hands, it was guaranteed that it would not reach the eyes. However, Dok-gosong wouldn't give up.

’’Eh-it.’’ (TLN: it's a sound you make, like a grunt of effort)

The ogre was on its stomach trying to stand up.(TLN: My best guess is he did a sit-up while his hand is over his face. Once he is sitting on his butt, he rotated to get on all four. Then he is trying to stand up.) Dok-gosong ran and used his momentum to jump on the ogre's back. Dok-gosong could feel the surprised ogre twist his body, but he stood firmly on the middle of its back. He scanned for a place to stab his nail.

’’Right here.’’

Dok-gosong chose the location where the ogre's shoulder joint met. If one compared it to a person, this was where the fatal acupuncture point called Myung-moon-hyul. (TLN: usually the myung-moon-hyul is said to be a gateway to your dantian. So if you attack it, it is fatal/destroy your dantian. The one mentioned here is usually located on the middle of your back, but author changed it to the shoulder joint. Not sure if there are multiple spots.) The time it took to make the decision was short, but it took him only a moment to act. The nail of the gauntlet ruthlessly embedded itself.


A scream filled with pain came out of the ogre's mouth. Just by looking at his massive body, one would think he would act like he was stabbed by a needle, but the ogre's response was very different. Dok-gosong was able to know one truth after seeing this.

’’This bastard has the same veins as humans.’’ (TLN: I think he is talking about dantian, and how it flows through the body)

Once he realized this important fact, he had no reason to hesitate.


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