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Dai Densetsu No Yuusha No Densetsu - Volume 7 - Chapter 4


Chapter 4: The reason for birth[edit]

I had a dream again.

I am frequently dreaming.

I am not dreaming alone.

A dream where he wasn't abandoned by the world, and did not have cursed eyes, where he was loved by everyone, laughing happily.

But that was a fantasy, if he opened his eyes emerging from dreamland, he was always labelled as a monster.

The Alpha Stigma monster.

The disgusting, cursed monster.

These words had made me very hurt in the beginning.

But what could I do?

I was still a child at that time, a normal child. Then, I thought, why was I a monster?

I was the same as everyone.

Because I'm not able to survive alone, so I want to be by everyone's side.

I hate to be alone.

I hate to be alone.

I hate to be alone.

I shouted, cried every day.

I cried as hard as I could

But, no one approached me.

They looked at me with expressions of disgust as if they had seen a disgusting insect.

They looked at me as if they were seeing an ugly monster.


So I slowly stopped crying.

I didn't say that I was alone anymore.

I didn't say, but that didn't mean I was not lonely.

That didn't mean I didn't love humans.

That didn't mean I didn't want the warmth from others.

But, even so, I still didn't say that I was lonely.

I shut myself in a shell, building countless, countless walls to prevent others from coming in.

Then, slowly, slowly tolerated the loneliness.

Then lied to myself, always laughing, keeping my distance from others.

Even if someone said they liked me, I didn't believe it.

Even if someone said they wanted to be my friend, I didn't believe that too.

Then lastly, learning to be like this was good.

Because I was a dangerous monster, if I went berserk once people would die.

I will destroy all of my important things.


So I, must keep my distance from everything.

Give up on exchanging heart felt words with other people.

Because the deeper the contact, the deeper the hurt.

Because the deeper the contact, the deeper the pain.

So I, gave up on interacting with people.


But even so, he would dream occasionally.

My dream self, loved girls.

My dream self, laughed with my friends.

My dream self, was loved by my parents.


When I woke up I always cried.

I thought that my tears had dried up, but I was always crying in my dream.

How weak.

How terribly weak.

In the end, no matter how I lie to myself, I am still lonely.

Who will come and see me, see me, see me, I cried in my heart, but everything was killed.


Because of my birth, I hated that I was something like a god.

But, because Roland didn't have a religion, so I completely didn't understand what was that thing that was like a god.

I completely didn't understand the meaning of the birth of such an ugly monster.

Although it was a complete failure.

Although it was a failure that I couldn't tell anyone about.


So this time, I started to hate my parents.

I hated my parents who gave birth to something like me.

But I completely didn't know my parents' face.

I had lost my memories of when I was before five years old, I completely didn't have any memories of my parents.

Had my parents abandoned a monster like me?

Or did this monster, have no parents from the very beginning?

I didn't know.

No matter how I thought about it, because I had no memories, I was unable to find the answer.

But I probably was abandoned, that was because I wasn't loved. I only knew this point. Of course, such an ugly being that only knew how to hurt others, there wasn't any need to let him live.


He had initially always, always thought that.

If he thought of it that way, he wouldn't be hurt.

If he came up with that sort of theory, he wouldn't be hurt again.

But even so he would still dream.

A dream where he was loved since his birth.

A dream where everyone anticipated his birth.

There wasn't anything that needed to be special.

Normal was fine.

A dream where everyone was laughing happily.


But at this moment, he suddenly found his memories.

His memories that had been sealed for some reason suddenly returned.

Himself in the memory, was like what he had seen in the dream, laughing.

Gentle mother who watched my figure laugh happily, father who always kissed me, hugging me tightly, and found my favourite books to read by my bedside.

He always saw this scene in his dreams.

He only thought that this was something that could be seen in dreams.


Because of some reason now, he had appeared in front of Ryner's eyes.

It was night.

A very dark night.

In the quiet night where everyone was sleeping, he saw that person appear.


He saw the figure of the man he only thought he could see in dreams, in the beginning, Ryner was doubtful about whether he was still dreaming.

In the darkness of the night a man had suddenly appeared before him.

That person had similar tired eyes as him. Very unmotivated blue eyes. Soft golden hair. He wore a black outfit on his slouching body. He carried a pouch.

That man said.

He looked at Ryner, gently speaking.

’’Ah, we finally meet....... My dear son’’

That voice, it was indeed the voice that he only heard in his dreams.

The gentle voice of father who always read to me.

Then Ryner narrowed his eyes.

’’.......Then, it can't be you're my father?’’

Then the golden-haired man laughed, opening up his arms.

’’Yes~ You can call me father, then come over and hug me~’’

He said jokingly.



Then, Ryner scowled. Of course, he didn't plan to run to that chest.

He looked at the back of the man who had the same features as his father, then looked at the cloud-like thing that was maintaining the mist of 'sandman'.

It was easily seen, that person was attacking directly.

He had anticipated that other than Ryner, the others would be defeated by this mist, and enter a deep sleep.

No, not only that, these few days, the reason why Ryner wasn't able to wake up, was because of this person.

So he tensed his whole body to maintain his nervous appearance and asked.

’’The mist behind you...’’

Then, the man who looked like this father replied.

’’Yes, it's created by me. Although Ryner can see it because of those eyes, that structure is very interesting? This, was actually created by me~ I can teach you how to create this.......’’

But, Ryner interrupted him.

’’Compared to the creation of this, I want to ask you, why are you using this here? Why do you want everyone here to sleep? No, the one who made you sleep, is you?’’

Being asked that, the man shrugged.

’’......Eh, that's right. I made everyone sleep because, you see, so that no one interrupts the reunion between me and my son who I have not met for a long time.’’

To that, Ryner said,

’’Don't speak nonsense!’’

’’Eh~? That, is a little surprising. I'm not speaking nonsense, this sort of thing...’’

But Ryner continued.

’’And you are not my father. Don't let me see such a boring illusion. Who are you? Are you the companion of the Goddess or the monster called 'α'?

He asked.

Then the man raised his eyebrow with a slightly troubled look.

’’Eh? Why would you think that? No matter how you look at it, I am your father......Unless it's because your memories haven't returned?’’

He asked.

It seemed that this person knew about the fact that Ryner had lost memories of his parents.

And, this person really did resemble his father.

That gentle father.

The appearance of Lieral Lieutolu.

But Ryner looked at this man's appearance.

’’No matter how I look at it, it's my father's appearance. And it is the appearance of my childhood memories. But how long do you think it has been since then? It's been more than ten years. But why do you still look like you are twenty years old’’

Saying that, the man who had the appearance of Lieral looked at his hand, then looked at his chest.

’’...and, thinking what would happen if we didn't separate, although I appeared with the appearance of that time...’’

’’Huh? You searched my memories, right? Then, you copied my father's appearance...’’

’’It's not that’’

’’How can it not be...’’

’’It's not that, Ryner. I am your father. And you, don't you understand this point? This isn't an illusion. If it were an illusion, you would see through it. Now your eyes, aren't the Alpha Stigma of the past. Your beautiful black eyes that are like your mother's, can see through everything of this world. Then, from what you see, am I an illusion?’’


To this, and, the power of Ryner's eyes had had already been activated. To analyse the sandman's cloud surrounding them.

So the power of these eyes were already activated.

Then he used these eyes to look at the man before him.

But, that wasn't an illusionary magic.

Only the man was standing there.

There was only the man who had a lethargic expression.


That, this was weird.

If this person was really his father, and was not using any magic, then why, was his appearance the same as the past?

This, as if he read his thoughts, that person said.

’’...Ahah, of course I used a special power. To become like this, I used power, although it's not any magic’’

’’Then, is it the Rhule Fragmei?’’

’’No no, Ryner's eyes should be able to see the structure of Rhule Fragmei already.’’

’’Then, what did you do...’’

Then the man questioned in return.

’’...Your mother, has she aged?’’

Then, Ryner recalled.

He remembered his mother as she died in the demon's arms. His mother had young, beautiful features too. Like his gentle mother that he had seen when he was younger.


’’...Are you immortal?’’

Asking that, the man laughed. He smiled as he snapped his fingers.

Then the man's appearance changed.

A appearance of a short youth.

An appearance of an old man who was over seventy years old.

A study appearance of over forty five.

Then back to the youthful appearance of over twenty five, smiling gently.

’’Because I worked too hard, I became something that isn't a human... Compared to saying that I wouldn't age, it should be said I don't have an actual body anymore. Then, although using various means, I worked hard in Roland... Well, it doesn't matter. Anyway the me now, and Iruna ahh, that would be your mother. I turned myself into magic, so I wouldn't turn old.’’

He said this.

He turned himself into magic.

To be with his mother, he turned himself into magic.


Then, mother died.

She had always desperately shielded her son to protect him, and died.

Ryner looked at the man before him and said.

He looked at the man his father,

’’...Then, you don't have an actual body, it's because of me too...’’

But father shook his head, speaking with a gentle expression.

’’It's not because of you. It's because I wanted to do that. I wanted to protect my son, to protect the family important to me... Your mother and I thought about it ourselves, and did it ourselves...’’


’’Well, listen to me, Ryner. You must listen to your parents' words’’


Then Ryner fell silent.

Because his father's voice had turned even gentler.

Because it was as gentle as that in his memory, so he was quiet.

Then Father had a happy smile,

’’Good, what a good child. Well, from the past, you have always been the best child in the world to me.’’


’’Then, you don't have to blame yourself for this. What their parents do shouldn't be held accountable by their child. We gambled our lives on protecting our son, that was a happy matter. This is something that we can raise our chests up, and proudly tell everyone. So you don't have to blame yourself.’’

Father said gently.

Father seemed to say it with a tone that forgave me for what I did so far.

But, Ryner's expression was still contorted. He looked at his father with a sad expression.

’’But, I...’’

’’Killed many people?’’


’’Have you killed many people?’’


’’But, you couldn't help it?’’


’’If you can't help it, then you can't help it. Humans are not gods, they are not so omnipotent and strong. But so what? Because you have special eyes, so you decided to become god?’’


Of course, Ryner wasn't planning that. Not only that, he had never once felt happy because he had these kind of eyes.

If it weren't for that. If he didn't have these eyes then no one would hate him. He wouldn't kill his companions.

No, compared to that, the lives of his parents wouldn't be so messed up.

So Father looked at Ryner's face with a slightly sad expression.

’’It seems I let you have painful memories. I'm sorry, for being unable to be by your side.’’


’’But I saw what happened to you. And you are always very hardworking. Even though you have been left alone on this world, you have always walked on the most accurate, best path. So, raise your chest!’’

’’.......But, I did many.....’’

’’There was a need to do that’’

’’And for this mother...’’

But his father interrupted him.

’’I know. Then I thought, your mother would be very proud. You have grown up exceptionally well. You have grown to the stage where you wouldn't lose to the demon. So, we are very happy.’’

He said.

He looked there, he said, because you have grown up exceptionally well so we are happy.

He looked at me who had always been cursed as a monster.

He looked at me who had been called a monster who spread ill omens, he smiled gently.

So Ryner's expression contorted.

But he couldn't take it anymore. Although he was unable to resist crying when he reunited with his parents, because he had cried too much, because he was no longer childish, he thought that he could frantically hold it back, but he couldn't hold back the tears any longer.

But Father didn't laugh and say I'm foolish.

He only laughed gently.

’’You have really, grown gently. Father is very happy. To have bet my life on this.’’


’’Well, although it was because if it was too gentle and turned out like this... so I needed to use the magic of sandman. If you had felt guilty because you killed too many people and committed suicide then that would be troubling. Before meeting me, if you died it would be very troubling. But, I have been a little too over-protective. Ryner has already felt it? That he is not a monster, but a human a human that has parents and companions, loved by everyone, have you felt it?’’


To these questions, Ryner couldn't reply. His voice seemed to be trembling. It seemed too bad to talk now, his voice seemed to be shaking.

Then father smiled.

Then he raised his head to look at the sky, seeming to give a little time to Ryner to calm down, then opened his arms again

’’Ah, talking about which there has been no time to have a hug for our reunion. Come? I'll hold you tightly, come’’

He smiled at Ryner as he said that.


’’Why?! We've not seen each other for fifteen years. I don't think it's weird to have an emotional hug now’’

’’But ’’

’’You're embarrassed?’’


Looking at Ryner who said this softly, Father seemed to feel deeply,

’’As expected as a person in his youth.’’

’’No no, I'm not of that age anymore.’’

’’Ahaha, you're already twenty years old.’’


’’You grew up well.’’

’’...Thanks to you two.’’

’’Talking about which do you have lovers?’’

’’Huh?! Why did you suddenly mention that... there should be other things that have to be discussed.’’

Then Father tilted his head,

’’Others, what else?’’

Then Ryner replied.

’’Ah? Ah~ Like, what have been doing so far and others... and, what have you done to suppress my Alpha Stigma. Then, I actually don't know anything about Goddess, α, Demon’’

Father heard that, shrugging.

’’Those aren't interesting, aren't they?’’

’’No, not being interesting and whatnot...’’

’’To me, I'm more interested in my son's love relationship’’

’’That, so it's not a question of whether it's interesting...’’

’’Then then, that pretty child called Ferris, and that cute child called Kiefer, which one is your real...’’


Father laughed.

’’I'll mention, your Father, I fell in love with your mother when I was nineteen years old!’’

’’I don't want to know!’’

’’No, you want to know. Or are you saying, you don't want to hear about your parents’’

’’I was speaking nonsense’’

’’Ah, what are you doing. Even if you're suddenly facing Father you shouldn't... You have grown too much in the time we did not meet, dealing with you is such a trouble’’

Ryner sighed, wanting to use his hand to rub at his face that was wet because of his tears, then he noticed again that he had lost his right arm.


’’Ah, it's inconvenient not having a right arm, right. Who was it, who hurt my darling son’’

Father said, raising his left hand. He took his left hand as a knife, and cut his right arm.

Then there was the sound of meat being chopped, then Father's right arm broke, dropping to the ground in an instant.

Ryner's eyes widened,

’’Huuuuuuuuuuuhh!? What, what are you doing...’’

And Father muttered something with a seemingly calm and steady expression as if he couldn't feel the pain. And a small black thing that looked like an insect appeared from his mouth. But upon closer look it wasn't an insect. It was something made from complex words that he didn't quite understand.

Then it stuck to the right arm on the ground, sticking to the part that was severed. Then suddenly, the limb floated up, flying towards Ryner.


Ryner quickly planned to dodge.

But Father spoke.

’’Don't move, Ryner... Ah, you can... Klei, Telude Sierala’’

He said something that couldn't be understood.

In the moment he spoke that, grass grew out from under Ryner's feet and stopped him.

His body was controlled.

This was probably, all magic.

And if looked clearly, if he used these eyes that could see through everything to look closely, he could understand what this magic was too.

Ryner's eyes could see through all these complex structures.

But, because everything had progressed too quickly, he didn't have to time read what that magic was about.

But, Ryner had been cast on.

He was restrained by the grass, unable to avoid the flying arm.

That arm, father's severed limb, approached where Ryner had lost his right limb. And the black words on the severed area of the limb crawled up Ryner's arm, the severed limb starting to invade Ryner's skin.

’’...It, it hurts, this...’’

And his words stopped there.

In the next instant, the shoulder implanted on him, moved according to his own consciousness.

Ryner looked at that limb, he looked at the arm that had just belonged to his father.

It was a limb that had skin of a paler tone than his, but it was still similar to his own.

Slim long fingers, even the feeling of the skin was similar to his.

Ryner tried to move the arm and fingers, then found that it moved faster that he thought they would. The movement of the fingers were faster than that when using his own hand.

Looking at his father's arm that had been forcefully implanted, Ryner said.

’’...What is this for...’’

So his father who had lost a limb,

’’That, is for you. It can cast faster magic than your own limb.’’

He said simply.

But Ryner looked at the right arm his father lost.

’’No no no, that, your... what about father's limb’’

Father had a surprised expression for some reason,

’’Ry ’’

’’...Ah? Ry? What is that?’’

His father replied.

’’Ara, Ryner is asking after Father!’’

’’What? I say, it's not that topic?!’’

’’Ahaha. Because it doesn't matter if I don't have that arm, so don't worry, just use it’’

’’No, it isn't that sort of problem... That, how did you do it? Transplanting another person's arm in a moment... this magic, can't be found if you search the world’’

Ryner said, moving the right arm that seemed like his own arm. Then Father said,

’’It was created’’

He said this.

Then Ryner frowned.

’’So, because it can't be done so simply, so this world hasn't been able to expand it properly... Well, that sleeping magic too, was that activated by Father alone?’’


’’Really, you're joking... It's completely, monstrous... Well, there seemed to be something like this, I remember Father was called the genius at magic academics... but it can't be till this stage’’

Then Father held up a finger, saying.

’’Hu hu, actually other than the nickname of being a genius at magic academics, I have another more commonly used moniker. If I used power, then magic like this is simple’’

’’There is another more commonly used moniker?’’


’’That is the secret to your power?’’


’’Then, can you tell me what that moniker is?’’

Hearing Ryner ask that, Father said.

’’Of course, do you want to know?’’


’’Then I'll tell you, I'm called this by everyone.’’


’’The gentle father who loves his child terribly...’’

’’Uh... why are you saying that now?’’

Father nodded.

’’I want to be spoiled by my son.’’


’’Then I want to be praised.’’

’’So I said...’’

But, it seemed to slowly become troublesome, Ryner looked at Father with half lidded eyes.

’’Ah Yes, yes, I know. Father is amazing... Will that do?’’

Then Father laughed and said.

’’Yes, it will, I'm happy’’

Then Ryner fell silent.

No, actually he already understood, the man before him, was an unbelievable genius.

Uncovering the secret of Alpha Stigma that no one else was able to understand, tricking the Goddess, α and the Demon, even using complex magic that the modern magic academia was unable to chase after.

The things that this person did, were abnormal.

The things that this person did, didn't seem to be done by a human.

And he said that everything was for his family.

He said it was for his son.

Ryner didn't know what sort of expression he should have, when he was told so straight forwardly that he was loved.

He had been so certain of his own birth, and had been frustrated of his birth, and now he was like an idiot.

Then Father looked at him and said,

’’Although I'm incomparably happy at meeting my son after a long time... but before this, I have to tell you a surprising news. So to this, can you not be too nervous?’’

He suddenly said this.

’’Surprising news?’’

Ryner asked in return, so Father nodded.

’’Yes, but I don't want you to be too surprised, can you promise me?’’

’’No, then isn't the same as not listening...’’

’’Then I'll not tell you’’

’’I say...’’

Although it was a little sudden, but it was as if he did not promise then he would really say nothing, so Ryner nodded in agreement.

’’...Yeah, but, I understand, then I'll try not to be too shocked. Although I said that, but you're going to say something surprising? Then I would really be shocked...’’

Father laughed.

’’Ahaha, that's right. It may be a little difficult. I told you not to be surprised, but I think that can't be done too... so I didn't want to say’’

He had a slightly sad expression, an expression that seemed to consider this, using a slightly strong tone,

’’But, withstand it, I think you are a strong child... I trust that you will have no problem, so I'll say it’’

’’Why are you becoming more dramatic... It's fine, tell me quickly. Anyway, it's something that needs to be said, right?’’


’’Then you can only say it’’

Father nodded at this, then raised his head to look at the sky again, looking at the night sky. In such a dark night, stars couldn't be seen, and he didn't know what kind of scene the night sky was reflected in his father's eyes.

Father looked at the sky, with a dark, sad expression.

’’...Actually, it would have been better if we didn't meet. If I met with you, the monsters would sense your existence, and our relationship. So, it would be better not to meet, but...’’

He didn't understand what those words meant.

Who was he referring to as the monsters? Ryner thought.

Was it the Goddesses?

Or was it, that snake monster that the Gastark king used, that was called Glovil and activated by using his body?

He completely didn't understand. Although he didn't understand, Ryner did not ask any questions.

Everything, this person Father will probably tell me.

So Ryner looked at Father's warm expression, listening.

’’Then’’, he asked.

’’I will try not to feel too shocked... tell me.’’

He said.

’’Generally, Father and Mother, have hidden too many things. To protect me, they have sacrificed their lives by themselves...... Tell me these quickly. You have to tell me quickly. You have to tell me these quickly......Don't take me as a fool.’’

Father smiled after he heard that.

’’There are some things that children shouldn't know about...’’

’’I'm already not a child’’

Ryner interrupted him.

Then Father smiled and nodded, saying that's right.

Then Ryner looked at Father, saying,

’’So, say it quickly. Even if I am shocked I will take it, I'm already used to this kind of things. So, don't mind it, tell me. Don't reveal such an expression of suffering by yourself, alright? Although I can't really talk well, that, I will help too... Ah, damn it, what point are you going to let me talk until’’

Ryner pressed his sleep-mussed hair, using the digits he had gained from his father to hold a hand to his head.

Then Father laughed. But even so, Father still had a slightly dark, worried expression.

’’...Is it something that hard to talk about?’’

Ryner asked, Father muttered, perhaps.

’’Because you are very gentle’’

’’...That means, something that became worse because of the things I did...’’

’’No, although I said it earlier too, you haven't done anything wrong. But, there is something that you do not know about. So I came to tell you’’

’’Something I don't know about?’’


’’There are a lot of things I do not know. Until recently I didn't even know what my parents looked like.’’


But Father didn't continue.

He seemed to think about how he should say it.

Then Ryner stopped talking.

But, like what Father said, so that he didn't waver when he heard it, he prepared himself.

Then, Father looked at him and spoke.

’’......In that, battle with Gastark, you used the power? Then your power awakened, the power of the Demon in your body awakened.’’

He said.

Then Ryner nodded.

’’The matter about the appearance of the clown (jester), the Solver of All Equations?’’


’’What is that person?’’

To that question, Father replied.

’’It is the Demon that I added in. Originally it was a strong monster called the Lonesome Demon. I split this Lonesome Demon into two, and placed it in your body.’’

Then Ryner asked.

’’That is to ensure that when my Alpha Stigma went berserk, I wouldn't die.......?’’


’’If you add in the Demon, the Alpha Stigma wouldn't go berserk?’’

Father raised his eyebrow slightly troubled.

’’Because this is a long story, can we leave it till later?’’

’’Although I do mind’’

’’But let's talk about the important things first’’

'The thing that will make me shocked?’’

To this, Father had a slightly sad expression.

’’Yes, this will be something that will shock you.’’

Ryner nodded.

’’...It doesn't matter, I understand, say it’’

’’All right.’’

’’I'm sorry for interrupting you, please continue’’

Father nodded again, continuing.

’’The part placed in you, was the Lonesome Ryner of the Lonesome Demon.’’


’’The power of the Lonesome, is a strong power that can even make Goddesses fear it... Ryner you saw it to, is isn't easily controlled?’’

Ryner nodded, recalling.

What happened on that battle field.

To destroy αwho had gone berserk on the battle field.

To destroy the dancing Glovil in the air, Ryner released energy, but was unable to control it. No, before he released it he understood, it couldn't be controlled at all.

Because his strength was too powerful, so there wasn't anything that could govern it.

In the end it had,

’’......I, used that power to kill many people......Although I knew I would be unable to stop it, I still....’’

’’I know’’

Father interrupted him.

’’Then I said earlier, that was something that couldn't be helped. Because you were doing that to protect your companions. If you didn't do that, you, and your companions, everyone would have died.’’


’’So, don't blame yourself’’

’’No, it's impossible to stop blaming myself completely......But, I understand. Because of this reason that it couldn't be helped, I understand.’’

Then Father nodded, as if wanting to confirm that I had understood so far he wanted to say something.

That meant, there was something more serious than this.

Something more serious than killing over hundreds of thousands of people.

So Ryner,


He started to feel a little scared of what his father was going to say next.

Although he had been notified that he had to bear it, but in the end he still felt scared, and wanted to escape.

But, he already couldn't escape, he had to withstand everything. Although there were many painful things, but he decided to withstand everything. To work hard to progress. Like what Sion had did, like what Mother had done, like what Father was doing.

Even if he was scared, he couldn't escape.

So, Ryner asked.


Then Father spoke.

’’When you were using that magic... After you awakened, and decided to use that power, in actuality you were activating my magic. So as not to let you collapse, I installed a magic in your body.’’



’’What kind of magic?’’

’’Eh, although there's a lot, it's too troublesome to talk of them one by one. Like not letting you die because you blamed yourself for killing too many people before you met me and letting you sleep and the likes.’’

Ryner said.

’’Yeah, that over-protective magic.’’

’’Yes yes, that over-protective magic.’’

Father laughed as he said.

Then he continued.

’’In the future, so that you wouldn't be devoured by the Demon after you retrieved your memories, I cast a magic that would reduce the Demon's strength... But that doesn't seem to have activated. It seems that for some reason, the Demon likes you a lot, it's allowing its consciousness to be devoured by you.’’

Hearing that, Ryner thought of that time again.

The matter of the Demon who had looked exactly like him, dressed in jester's clothes.

The Demon that had gently hugged Mother's body to his chest, telling Ryner who was surprised at his mother's death what he felt.

It said, let me protect my companions.

’’Because, wasn't that what you had decided?’’


’’Saving everything reflected in your eyes. Myself who is a monster, if I can save people or something, then in that case, I want to save everything, didn't you decide that?’’

The Demon said that.

Then the Demon lent me power.

No, perhaps something like lending me its power, can't properly express the feeling at that time.

The Demon was already in his body.

Everything about the Demon had merged completely with myself.

Then Ryner seemed to use the Demon's power as if he were using his own power.

Then using that abnormally large power.

He killed many people.

’’But at the moment you used that power...’’

Father said.

’’In actuality your memories had been changed slightly. Originally the things that you should be able to understand, have become incomprehensible.’’

Father said.

Then Ryner asked.

’’...Is that, because of Father's magic?’’


’’That changed my memories?’’

’’So as to not allow you to see the truth saying this would be better.’’

Then Ryner looked at Father's face, asking,

’’What, do you want to hide from me?’’

But Father didn't instantly reply. He seemed to hesitate, and paused.

’’.......Because Ryner has already learnt magic theory, you should know that when using large powers you will pay a similar price.......’’

Ryner interrupted him.

’’Don't talk about such introductions, quickly get straight to the point. If not, because you told me not to be shocked, I'm all nervous... tell me this straight in one breath.’’

Hearing Ryner say that, Father stopped, then went silent. No, perhaps his silence was a slight moment. But because of some reason, Ryner felt this moment was exceptionally long.

Then Father opened his mouth again.

’’...Glovil, that the Gastark king uses, will swallow the user's body to activate power. Have you seen that structure?’’

Ryner nodded.

’’I saw, that snake will take the user's body......Wait, then the power I'm using too....’’

Father nodded.

’’There is a price too.’’

’’But, but I, haven't lost anything? When using that power, the structure of what will be taken in exchange didn't turn me.......’’

’’It didn't?’’


’’But that's because it was caused by my magic. So as not to let you see that structure, I cast magic on you.’’

’’Then, than, I have lost something? When I myself was unaware.’’


’’What, is that? That, is it really something like life? Like shortening ten years of my life, something like that?’’

Father had a sad expression.

’’It's something worse than that.’’

He said.

Then Ryner,

’’.....Something, worse....? Even more, than losing my lifespan....?’’


’’That.......that, what is it. Although I'm very scared...... When Father speaks he's very hesitant, that, what is, it that I will be really shocked by....’’


’’Ah, no, but, if I don't listen....worse things.....have been done before.......Ah~ Damn. I don't care, just tell me. I am mentally prepared, is that okay, tell me.’’

Then Father looked straight at Ryner and replied.

’’When Ryner uses that power.......’’

He said.

’’When you use that power, in exchange.... It will take away the life of a human that you deem important.’’

Then Ryner was unable to understand his father's meaning in that instant.


He foolishly let out that sound, then asked.

’’.....The life, of a human, I deem as important?’’


’’That means.......’’

’’Under that situation, your mother....’’

In a moment,

’’It can't be!?’’

Ryner shouted.

Although he was warned to not waver, Ryner was still,

’’You're j-joking... Don't speak nonsense. Then, then to Mother, I....’’

But Father interrupted him, saying.

’’No, your mother wished for you to do that, that wasn't your fault.’’


’’It wasn't your fault, Ryner! So, calm down. You didn't kill her.’’

’’....How can this be’’

’’Your mother herself hoped it would be like this. Before you used that power, use her life first, she had asked me of that. Then I agreed to her.’’

Ryner glared at Father.

’’Why did you have to do that!?’’

He shouted.

Then Father replied.

’’To save you.’’

He replied that.

Ryner's expression contorted.

’’There's no such... request as that!? Did I say I want your help!? I, didn't want you to be that, that... sacrificial to help me....’’

But, he couldn't say anything. He wanted to puke, his chest started to hurt too. His head was aching so much that he couldn't seem to stand anymore.

He shook.

He shook hard.

He thought what am I doing, as he trembled.

Although I used the power to protect my companions.

Although I used the power to protect important things.

But Mother had died because of this.

I killed her.

’’I.... I've again......’’

Suddenly, Father moved, he stepped out, only a step.

It was only like that, the distance between him and Father had shortened in one breath. Father raised his left arm like that, raising his fist and hit Ryner's face.


Ryner fell back as he was hit, because of the previous blow, fresh blood trickled out of his mouth.

But he still raised his head to look at Father.

But at this point, he was punched again.


He was punched even more forcefully than earlier. He nearly lost his consciousness in a moment. But he stood up with all his strength, planning to go forward.

But that was already meaningless. This time, he was hit from the back. His consciousness left in an instant, then he awoke again. This time, he was already collapsed on the floor.

Father sat on his back, carrying a troubled expression.

’’.....Yes, it hurts, right, I'm sorry’’

Then Ryner raised his head,

’’......Get off.’’

Although he said that, but Father shrugged.

’’Because I haven't touched with my son who I have seen for a long time, I am very happy, so I won't get off.’’

’’I said to get off.’’

’’....Have you already, calmed down?’’


’’If you haven't calmed down, I won't get off.’’


’’Well, but, it isn't so easy to calm down that simply... then you can continue listening to me talk like this.’’


’’The one who killed your mother wasn't you. Ryner, it was me. I killed her.’’


’’But, I rejected it. I told her, give up on Ryner, let the two of us live on. But, we didn't have a choice.’’


’’But, this was our choice, we didn't tell you. You told me earlier, who was it who requested you two to do this... But, aren't parents like this? Even if not asked, they would still do this. Because we, love you from the bottom of our hearts.’’


Father said.

Then Ryner looked at Father,

’’But I... didn't ask for you to do that’’

Father laughed.

’’Do you understand~? Because Father is great, so listen to me.’’

He said that.

Then Ryner laughed bitterly with an expression that was almost crying.

’’....I....I'm still a kid, so I can't understand...’’

Father laughed again when he heard that.

’’Yes yes, so I told you to fall in love, then have a child.’’


’’I'll say this beforehand, those eyes wouldn't be passed on’’


’’No, or would it saying that it would pass on be better? If your child's eyes are really cursed, then at that time you will protect them with all your might. Gambling your life and protecting your child would be fine. Then, you should buck up. Being afraid of boring things, life will be have nothing accomplished. Think of what we gambled our lives for. To gain happiness, work hard for me. Laugh every day, give birth to a happy child, be more satisfied than anyone. If you don't do that, we... we who worked so hard... wouldn't we seem like idiots?’’

Saying that, his head was hit again, then his hair was stroked.


Indeed he couldn't say anything.

It was as if he had really became a child, he couldn't say anything.

Then as Father stroked Ryner's hair, he laughed again.

’’....Seeing this reaction, it seems that is has been passed through’’


’’Ryner is really a good child, like Iruna.’’



Father stood up, Ryner felt his back become lighter.

’’.....Then, the important things are finished.’’

He said.

Then Ryner frantically raised his head.

’’Wait, don't tell me you're already....’’

Then Father laughed smugly,

’’Ah, the words earlier, you thought I didn't want to come anymore? Then, are you lonely? Will Ryner be lonely without Father?’’

He said that with a mischievous expression, then Ryner's face tilted.

’’.....No, no...... But I still have things I want to know about.....’’

Father laughed.

’’It's alright, I will still be by your side for some time. Although it's only a while.’’

He said.

Only a while although he was slightly particular about the meaning of this sentence, but Ryner didn't plan to ask about this.

He seemed to be treated as a child since earlier, his own questions hadn't been answered. And, everything was controlled.

The movement of his heart.

Crying, laughing, feeling shocked, the healing of his wound, everything was controlled.

’’.....Parents and such, are really naggy’’

Then Ryner said.

’’But seeing them makes you happy?’’

Father replied.

Then Ryner stood up, patting the dirt from his clothes, knees, waist, chest, as he patted he whispered,


At that moment, what expression was that on his father's face, he didn't see because he was too embarrassed.

So he looked at the sky.

The sky was slowly lightening.

Night was about to be broke through soon.

Because he had been continuously sleeping because of the magic, he completely didn't know how long it had been since that battle, but, the night was ending.

Then Father said,

’’...Then, it's about time to release everyone from the sleeping magic...’’

He said.

Then he looked in the direction of the cloud of the sleeping magic mist,


He said.

Then Ryner asked,

’’Eh? What is it?’’

Ryner pointed in the direction of the cloud,

’’The magic, is disappearing.’’

’’Did Father make it vanish?’’

’’No, I didn't. As long as I don't cancel it, then that magic shouldn't be able to disappear... Why did it disappear’’

Ryner looked at the cloud that was producing the mist again.

Anyway the magic was released, who was it who did it?

He saw a man standing there and looking over here.

He seemed to be older than Ryner by two or three years.

Black hair, an outfit like a missionary, tidy black coat.

That man looked over here.

Using his glowing eyes.

A red cross appeared in his black eyes.

Then Ryner understood who this person was.

It was a man who planned to take Ryner away in the past.

The man who gathered Cursed eyes bearers, and took Ryner away.

His name was Tiir Rumibul.

A man who had different eyes than Ryner's Alpha Stigma.

The red cross in his eyes were called Iino Dwoe.

His eyes could eat people and magic. No, to be more accurate, it could eat the source of magic in human bodies.

Then he could take that as his power, that was his ability.

Father looked at those eyes, then had a slightly irritated expression.

’’Iino Dwoe...... I see, you devoured that sleeping magic’’

He said,

Then Tiir laughed.

’’Ha, a mere human using those eyes.... To look down on me, us, who do you think you are?’’

Ryner heard that, then remembered.

Tiir hated humans a lot.

So he frantically said.

’’No no, Tiir, this person is.... That is, this person isn't like that. That, he's my....’’

But Tiir continued.

’’Father, right?’’

’’Ah? You know?’’

’’I know, we all know.’’


But he interrupted Ryner.

’’But, don't be tricked, Ryner. We don't have parents. We're not human. We never had human parents...’’

’’No, I say’’

’’Even if it weren't like that, this person isn't Ryner's father’’


’’My leader said this person is the worst.... This person is the maddest. So if he's not killed.... Now, if he's not killed immediately.... Our important Ryner, can't let him be tricked....’’

Then this time it was Father who spoke.

’’Don't be tricked, Ryner. Or should I say, it's actually this person, the timing is not good...’’

’’Wait, I say the two of you, don't talk about something I don't understand...’’

But the conversation continued.

Father said,

’’No, or should I say that girl, found a good timing to send an assassin... After all that person can see the future, that Torch Curse. Then, it is the Torch Curse's order to kill me?’’

Tiir nodded.

’’Yes, monster.’’

’’Monster, huh... Well, although I was always called that, but, can you do it?’’

Then Tiir parted his red lips and laughed.

’’I can, because my leader, has already foreseen your death’’

In the moment he said that, Tiir moved.

And this movement was too quick that Ryner's eyes couldn't catch it. It was truly too fast, even faster than Ferris.

Father frowned.

’’.....Damn it, if I knew Iino Dwoe was coming, then I wouldn't have used magic....’’

’’It's too late, human.’’

The voice spoke from behind him.

Then there was a simple thump sound.

Ryner looked there reflexively.

Tiir's arm was stabbed through his father's back and chest.

He had grasped Father's heart.


Ryner made a pained sound, he made a pained sound at seeing this unbelievable scene.

But before that, Father spoke.

’’....Unfortunately, I wouldn't die like this, I'm already not a human.’’

He said.

’’So you wouldn't die!’’

Ryner shouted angrily without thinking, then relaxed slightly.

’’That, an-anyway calm down. I don't think this is a bad situation. Why do you want to fight?’’

He asked, but he didn't get a reply.

Only Tiir clutching Father's heart.

’’I know you wouldn't die. Your body has already lost its flesh, no one can act against you.... You wanted to do this, but that's not right, your body is completely made up of magic. Your soul is completely made from magic too. Then, my eyes.... Can devour magic, my eyes....’’

Then Father grabbed Tiir's arm, planning to pull it out from his chest. He seemed to be slightly panicked, wanting to escape.

But, he couldn't pull it out.

He wouldn't pull it out.

The arm that was stabbed through his chest, he completely couldn't pull it out.

’’....Isn't it troublesome? This is the reason why we Iino Dwoe are born, it seems to be so. We are monsters born to kill you who no one can deal with. We are monsters created by the Priests to kill you. Because you are a monster who caused their whole lives to be crazy. So, we would find you for compensation. Be devoured by me....’’

At this moment, Ryner said.

’’Tiir! Stop!’’

Ryner shouted.

But Tiir didn't stop, he widened his eyes. And the red cross appeared in his black eyes.

Ryner could clearly see the structure of that cross.

He could clearly see the special structure that devoured the opponent's magic, and absorbed it as its own.

And that eyes had already started to absorb, the magic and soul from Father's body.

Tiir went a step further and opened his mouth. Responding to that mouth, the power of his eyes increased. The power devouring Father increased.

’’Stop, Tiir....’’

’’Be devoured by me, disappear, human!’’

Tiir said.

Then he pulled his arm out from Lieral's chest. The arm that pulled out the heart, squashed it in an instant, then absorbed it into his eyes.

In that moment.


Father collapsed.

He didn't say anything.

He didn't even scream sadly.

He fell down as if his strings were cut



This time Ryner released a real pained moan.


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