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Dai Densetsu No Yuusha No Densetsu - Volume 6 - Chapter 3


Chapter 3: The Courageous King[edit]

Opposite the slim telescope, they could see a large army.

They could see an astounding large number of soldiers that they had not seen before approaching them.

Looking at the approaching army that was so big that they seemed to be shaking the ground as they came, the young overlord of the northern continent that had entered the central continent the king of Gastark Empire Riphal Edea said: ’’Oh oh, oh oh~, it's magnificent.’’

Slightly curly pink hair, one remaining eye.

He moved his eye away from the telescope, turning around, with a troubled smile, ’’It seems~, they are much stronger than Stohl, that Geihlficlant.’’

The companion standing behind him nodded expectantly.

That was a twenty two, twenty three year old man, around the same age as Riphal. He had pink hair that Gastark people had and a pair of uncaring blue eyes. And he wore a blue army uniform that complimented his eyes, and it was also the colour of the uniform for the Gastark Mage Knights.

He was the Chief of General Staff and the Leader of the Mage Knight Squad of Gastark, Reeglewaz Pentest.

Reez spoke blandly: ’’According to our investigations, the power of Geihlficlant is around three times of Stohl's.’’

Riphal frowned, saying: ’’Wow, then we can't win at all.’’

Reez nodded, ’’Yes. And it seems the enemy has a mercenary group called the Azure Princess Mercenaries following them. And that means that they will use Rhule Fragmei.’’

Riphal tried to imagine of the scene of Rhule Fragmei going against each other.

He tried to imagine the scene of the mad battle that would grab away thousands of lives in an instant.

No, that was probably a devastating scene that would not be called war.

So Riphal said: ’’...This time, there will be many sacrifices again.’’ He looked at Reez's back, looking at the bottom of the small hill they were on there, there were the figures of tens of thousands comrade soldiers, from the northern continent.

That means, I have to bet on these companions' lives, start the slaughter from now.

And the opponent was a large country that had ten times the military power as him.

Furthermore the Gastark soldiers had been fighting all the way till here, they were already very tired.

Even the rations were not enough.

What was worse, this place was the enemy's territory.

Riphal and the others hadn't even familiarized themselves with the surrounding geography.

Looking at this battle where they didn't seem to have a chance of winning, Riphal suddenly muttered to himself: ’’But we can't escape.’’

They couldn't escape.

They couldn't escape, he couldn't escape he repeated that continuously in his heart.

Before the battle began he would sink into this mood.

He didn't want to see his companions' deaths.

He didn't want to see humans dying either.

Men dying.

Women dying.

Old people dying.

Children dying.

I don't want to see the fresh blood stain my whole body red he couldn't help but want to shout like this.

But he didn't have the right to say that.

Because the voices echoing in his mind, the cries of those countless companions following him and died, the cries of the countless people that he had to kill up till today, those voices echoed until it completely covered his own cries, then reverberated in his mind.

So I can't stop.

And I can't turn back.

So he looked in front, saying: ’’Then let's start.’’

Reez nodded too, then he had a sad expression, looking at Riphal, ’’I'm afraid this battle...’’

Riphal already understood what he wanted to say, so he nodded as he replied: ’’...I know.’’

Then he looked at the curse that he bore across his shoulders.

It was a black long sword that was so long that it didn't seem like humans could use it.

He looked at the black long sword that was cursed and called the Sword of Regeneration.

This sword would activate its power after it had swallowed part of Riphal's body.

The reason why he had one eye left was because he had offered the other eye as an offering to it.

The reason why he had a prosthetic was because he had offered his leg to it.

Then, probably in this battle, he would continue to offer his body to it.

But, he was never afraid. It was fine if this happened.

What he was afraid of, was after he swung the sword, how many people would die.

He was afraid that he would be bearing the burden of the large number of deaths that he could not bear.

So if possible, he would wish that he would not have to use this sword to end the battle. He wished that the other party would surrender before he had to use this sword.

But it seemed that it was impossible this time.

Because it was clear that the enemy was stronger than him.

Because the enemy was a country that was much stronger than Gastark that had gained the whole of the northern continent.

So it seemed that is was necessary to use this sword.

And there was a need for the other side to see how scary he was.

He had to let the other side see that Gastark had a weapon that could take away tens of thousands of lives in one hit.

He had to let the other side know that if they continued fighting, they would lose, and the humans living on this piece of land, would all be killed, let them know the taste of terror.

One hit.

There was a need to use only one hit, to pull up the curtains of terror on this land.

So for this point, there was a need for the Geihlficlant king to see his strength.

Or it should be said, there was a need to pull this king in to be killed too.

So Riphal called his subordinate no, the name of a friend who had walked into hell with him, ’’...Lir?’’

Reez answered: ’’He has already infiltrated the Geihlficlant army.’’

’’Then from which place, at what timing would using Glovil cause the least amount of sacrifice for the enemy to admit defeat...’’

’’Lir will tell us. Before that, we only need to minimize the number of sacrifices, pretend to be fighting.’’

Although Reez seemed to say as if it were easy, but this was definitely not an easy task.

Because the other party had ten times more manpower than them, and they could use the Rhule Fragmei to attack.

It wouldn't end with the smallest amount of sacrifice.

The soldiers that were his comrades would die.

Of course the enemy soldiers would die too.

Then in the end Riphal would swing this sword, then a shocking number of humans would die.

Tens of thousands.

No, this time there could even be hundreds of thousands.

But no matter what, this place would become a scary slaughter place.

And there was no way to stop it.

Even if he wanted to shout for them to escape, but it couldn't be stopped.

So Riphal looked at the soldiers at the bottom again, asking: ’’...How is the morale of the soldiers?’’

Reez had a slightly sad expression, saying: ’’Everyone trusts Your Majesty.’’


Riphal smiled, he smiled while frowning. Then he used a weak voice that he would only show to Reez his childhood friend to say: ’’...Really, I really can't bear it.’’


But Reez didn't answer, only stood by Riphal's side. Bearing the deaths of a large number of humans with him.

Then he looked back at the soldiers, saying: ’’Even if we have to go to hell, I will follow you.’’

’’Then, it's about time we left to walk to hell.’’

Riphal smiled as he complained: ’’Hey this place is already hell.’’

Reez smiled too, ’’It's hell. Or do you know a more cruel place than hell?’’

Riphal's shoulders dipped, then he hit his palm, raising his voice, so that the other soldiers could hear him and said: ’’But before, didn't the brothel that you mentioned, filled with old women in their fifties, seem like heaven to a person like you who likes older people. But no matter how I look at it, it's hell...’’

Reez also raised his voice to deny: ’’I am not in the mood to talk about something as false and silly like that with you.’’

There were laughter from the soldiers who couldn't help it.

So Riphal nodded, saying: ’’Alright, the soldiers aren't so nervous.’’

Reez smiled as he looked over, ’’That's true. The soldiers are slightly less nervous. As expected of Your Majesty, how amazing. But afterward I will hit you, remember that, idiot Riphal.’’

He suddenly used a childish tone to say that.

But Riphal smiled happily, ’’You think you can win me?’’

Reez smiled too, ’’Until the present, I have won one hundred and twenty seven times out of two hundred and fourty four fights, it's clear that I have won five times more than you, why do you say those kind things that make you seem stronger.’’

’’Hey I say, you really remembered everything.’’

’’Of course.’’

’’Ah, ah why do I feel that you are super pessimistic...’’

’’I'll kill you!’’ Reez tightened his fist.

Riphal laughed again, saying: ’’Joking. Well, let's leave this fist until later. After we survive this battle, I'll fight with you.’’

Then he moved his gaze away from Reez, starting to walk down the slope.

Looking at Riphal's back, Reez returned to his normal tone, saying: ’’...That's my line. If we survive, you will still go to that brothel that you like that only has old grannies.’’

Because of this sentence, the soldiers laughed again.

Looking at these laughing soldiers, Riphal smiled again.

Although he didn't know among these people, how many would continue to live, how many would die.

But even so, Riphal still breathed in deeply, letting out a voice as if he were shouting, ’’Then you guys, it's about time we let those idiots in the central see how powerful we are!’’

His voice fell silent, when there were enthusiastic shouts and cries from the whole army that seemed to be able to shake the earth.

Then Reez who was standing behind him said: ’’Then Your Majesty, let's proceed.’’

Riphal nodded.

’’Men, move forward!’’

Reez shouted loudly.

So the war began.

So the war began.

The war that had a mad strong power no matter how you looked at it started, then the world structure would soon change.

Anyone would despair.

Anyone would cry and shout.

The war that could even be covered with cries and blood, was starting now.


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