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Dai Densetsu No Yuusha No Densetsu - Volume 6 - Chapter 2


Chapter 2: The Heroic King[edit]

’’It seems like the war between Geihlficlant and Gastark is starting.’’ A subordinate said.

The king of Roland Sion Astal looked at his subordinate.

Long silver hair that seemed to be very noble, steady but depressed golden eyes.

He used these eyes, to look at his subordinate.

A cold-eyed man stood there. Black hair, and a pair of black eyes that seemed to be as cold as looking into a black abyss.

He was the Lieutenant General of the army, Miran Froaude.

Froaude said: ’’Finally the seeds of war in the middle have been lit too.’’

Sion nodded.

Then he looked at the map on his desk.

It was a map that illustrated the whole of the Menoris Continent.

The northern continent, the central continent, and the southern continent were illustrated in different sections of this map. The northern continent had been taken over by Gastark, and now they had started to invade the divine City of Elon in the central continent that was the accurate information that Sion had. But if what Froaude said was true, then Gastark had conquered the divine City of Elon, and they were marching deeper in.

So Sion asked: ’’...Is it too late for us to appear?’’

But his subordinate shook his head, disagreeing. Then the red mouth smiled, ’’It should be fine. Anyway Geihlficlant is a large country too. I don't think Gastark will defeat it so easily.’’

’’But Gastark will use Rhule Fragmei?’’

’’Even so, it's impossible. Furthermore Geihlficlant has already detected the presence of Rhule Fragmei.’’

Sion nodded, ’’Gastark that is only a small country, had defeated the northern giant Imperial Stohl, this news stunned the world.’’

But basically every country had investigated that war. So every country should know of the expansion of the weapon that they had never heard of before, the truth that it could easily change the situation of war.

So the search began.

Everyone had started to search and gather Rhule Fragmei.

So before the other countries found the way to handle the Rhule Fragmei, and strengthened their own countries


Sion looked at the map on the table again.

But this time he moved his eyes to the southern side of the map.

Previously other than the Roland Empire, there had been the Estabul Kingdom, Runa Empire, Imperial Nelpha, Autonomous Holy City of Cassla, Southern Country of Ali, People's District of Urd, the southern continent with these seven countries, had now landed under the control of the Roland Empire.

Before the whole world had discovered about the presence of Rhule Fragmei, things had progressed to this stage.

But it probably wouldn't be so successful in the days after this.


’’...Perhaps we can make it just in time?’’ Sion murmured.

Then he raised his head.

He was now in the most northern country in the southern continent this country's borders were right beside those countries in the central continent.

On the most northern fields of the country that had been called the Southern Country of Ali not long ago.

Further north from here, would be one of the countries in the central continent, the territory of the Republic of Belis. Sion had commandeered Roland's army to this plain.

Although they had sent a messenger to Belis advising them to surrender, but they had not received any reply.

And the deadline was this afternoon.

If Belis had not surrendered before noon, Roland's army would attack the central continent.

Even if Belis ignored the advice to surrender and had gained the Rhule Fragmei at the same time, even if they prepared to use the Rhule Fragmei, that wasn't a huge problem.

In situations where both parties had the Rhule Fragmei, this war wasn't any different from a normal war.

That meant that which side had more soldiers and stronger soldiers, would win.

Then Belis did not have the power to go against Roland.

No, it should be said that the only one who could fight with Roland that had gained the southern continent, was only the Three States and Gastark.

So what Roland needed to take note of now, wasn't the Republic of Belis that they were going to defeat, but the Remrus Empire that was by its side.

Of course Sion had made preparations to fight with Remrus, and he had come to the conclusion that there would be a great number of sacrifices.

But for some reason the Remrus Empire had sent a letter that it had no intention of fighting with Roland. And it wished to join hands with a strong country like Roland in the war between the three countries again.

Roland had prepared to accept this suggestion. Because now that it was a time where it was warring against countries that was large countries. Even when they may become enemies one day, but now there was a stronger need to defeat the strong enemy.

Geihlficlant Empire, Ertolia Republic and Gastark Empire.

If they needed to fight against these three countries, Roland and Remrus allying wasn't a bad decision Sion had thought.

Furthermore if they allied with Remrus, it would be easier to enter the central continent.

If they entered the central continent without having the need to fight with Remrus, then they could temporarily avoid Ertolia which was in the distant north east, and Geihlficlant was now busy fighting with Gastark. If they allied with Remrus to attack now, it would probably be easy to gain its territory.

Defeating Belis just like that, entering the central continent faster than Gastark.


Sion used his finger to move the chess piece shaped like a coin on the map.

This chess piece symbolized the army of Roland. Then he moved that chess piece over the Republic of Belis, pushing it towards the Remrus Empire.

Froaude smiled, ’’Ah, as expected Your Majesty too, towards the request to be allied from Remrus Empire...’’

Sion nodded, ’’It's probably a trap. Remrus wouldn't allow us into the central continent so easily...’’

’’Then what about allying with Belis?’’

At this moment another subordinate walked in.

It was a tall, strong man. He had red eyes and hair that were like burning flames. A man called the death god on the battle field.

Field Marshal Claugh Klom.

Claugh looked at Sion, saying: ’’It's time.’’

Sion looked to the sky.

The sun was shining in the middle of cloudless, blue sky.

’’It's noon.’’

’’Yeah.’’ Claugh nodded.

Sion looked back at Claugh, asking: ’’Then, Belis's reply?’’

Claugh shook his head, ’’None.’’


Sion just finished speaking, when Claugh turned around. Looking at the boundary line that was empty of people, said: ’’The idiots have started to gather their forces opposite the boundary.’’

Froaude smiled too, then used a cold gaze, to look at Claugh's back.

Two men who were like Claugh, they were field marshals of the army.

One was a man who had once been a major of the Estabul Kingdom. His age was around Claugh's, around twenty four, twenty five. Slightly green hair, tea-coloured eyes. He looked slightly disdainful.

Field Marshal Bayuuz White.

And a man who was slightly older than Bayuuz and Froaude.

He wore Roland's army uniform, had a strict face, no, it could be said to be a dangerously sharp expression.

Field Marshal Rahel Miller noticed Froaude's glance, said: ’’According to the report from the Remrus Empire's subordinates, Remrus doesn't seem to have any intentions of ambushing Roland, but...’’

Froaude looked at Miller, ’’...But, what?’’

Miller replied: ’’But anyone who would trust Remrus in this situation, would be an idiot.’’

Froaude smiled slightly, nodding, ’’I agree. Perhaps they will take the opportunity to suddenly attack us, when we are increasing our forces to fight against Belis. They probably would attack from the lands that used to be the People's District of Urd. No matter what, Remrus is waiting for us to show a weakness. It can be possible that they allied with Belis...’’

But Miller denied his assumption, ’’No, they didn't ally with Belis.’’

’’How do you know?’’

’’My subordinates gained trustworthy information on this aspect. Although the Republic of Belis has requested assistance from Geihlficlant Empire and Remrus Empire, but the two countries rejected it.’’

’’That means you trust this source?’’

Miller smiled which was rare, seeming to look down on Froaude, saying: ’’Because the man who told me is better than you.’’

But Froaude didn't get angry, only nodding his head simply, saying;’’...It's Sergeant Luke Stokkart right.’’ After saying that, he seemed to be thinking about something, turning to Sion as he said: ’’If Remrus didn't combine forces with Belis, then it means that they'll probably attack from the place that used to be the People's District of Urd...’’

But he stopped, suddenly turning his face to the sky.

The blue cloudless sky, had suddenly lost its colour.

The sky, air, land, everything lost colour, their surroundings were starting to be shrouded with darkness.

Sion raised his head to the sky, muttering: ’’Demonic Beast Destroyer...’’

That was what happened when the Rhule Fragmei that absorbed light, causing destruction was activated.

Sion asked: ’’What about the counterattack?’’

Bayuuz answered: ’’We can still make it. Are we going to use up a Rhule Fragmei?’’

Sion nodded.

Bayuuz instructed his subordinate, allowing them to counterattack.

After they used Rhule Fragmei to neutralize the Demonic Beast Destroyer's power, the sky quickly returned to normal.

Then Sion asked: ’’...Where did the attack come from? Belis?’’

Before his subordinate could answer, the answer appeared in front of their eyes.

The sky, started to turn dark again.

And the center of the darkness, was in the eastern direction.

It probably was from the north east an attack from the direction of the Remrus Empire.

Claugh said: ’’The second wave is coming.’’

Froaude smiled, ’’But they haven't seem to completely grasp ahold of how to use the Rhule Fragmei. If they attack from such a distance, we need some time to prepare a counterattack. If they use the Rhule Fragmei like that, then it wouldn't be enough no matter how much they have.’’

But Miller looked at the darkening sky, saying: ’’Perhaps they hold such a great number of Rhule Fragmei that they do not regret it even if it's used for nothing. No matter what, people who underestimate their opponent, will die immediately?’’

Froaude looked at Miller, narrowing his eyes, ’’...That's true, I will remember that.’’

At this moment, Bayuuz looked at Sion. Sion nodded again. The preparations for the counterattack began immediately.

After the darkness was chased away, the sky returned to normal.

But the scene in front of them after the darkness disappeared, was different from earlier.

On the plain that had been empty just now, it was now covered completely with soldiers.

As if moving over from some place in a blink of an eye, the horizon was covered with a large number of soldiers.

Sion said: ’’Use the Jaded Sight...’’

But another subordinate's voice spoke, ’’You don't have to use it. That's only a mirage.’’

Sion turned around, seeing a twenty year old young man, sitting on a horse. Loose curly hair, adorable green eyes.

That was Major General Calne Kaiwal.

Looking at Calne, Claugh said: ’’Ah? Why are you here?’’

Calne stuck out his tough like a child that had been caught playing pranks, ’’Ah that, because I lost terribly.’’

Sion turned his eyes to Calne's body.

He found that his uniform was stained with mud and blood. And because of his deliberately bright expression and flighty behavior, it made him seem more depressed.

Calne should have been on orders to deal with the administration in the People's District of Urd that had been defeated.

Froaude asked: ’’You wouldn't have been defeated by the rebels from the people of Urd.’’

Calne nodded, ’’You gave me twenty thousand soldiers, of course I wouldn't have been defeated by the remnants of Urd.’’

’’Then it was the Remrus Empire?’’

Calne nodded, then looked at Sion apologetically, saying: ’’I'm sorry, Sion. I lost half of our comrades.’’

This was a serious situation.

Calne who had was left in the old People's District of Urd not only had Rhule Fragmei, and there were twenty thousand soldiers with him, had actually been defeated so easily.

And this matter, was not even heard by Luke who had infiltrated Remrus, what was more was that they had not alerted Roland that was in the neighbouring country of the old People's District of Urd the old Southern Country of Ali, and had set the soldiers there under their noses. Something impossible as that, wasn't something that could be done by a human.

Sion said: ’’That means that Remrus has used Rhule Fragmei that we do not know of?’’

Calne nodded, ’’Yes. And he used many.’’


’’Yes. Especially many illusion things, so I was defeated.’’ Calne said with an apologetic face.

But Sion shook his head, saying: ’’It's not your fault. It is very fortunate that you were able to report to me alive. Go rest for a while, alright?’’

Calne shrugged, ’’Although I rode for the whole night, I want to rest if I could, but...’’ After he said that, he turned to the soldiers that had appeared in the east, saying: ’’...That army is a mirage. But that mirage means that that army is in another place.’’

Sion asked: ’’Where?’’

Calne pointed a finger, pointing at Sion, ’’It's right behind Sion.’’

So Sion turned around, the other subordinates turned to look behind Sion.

But at this moment, Calne's finger started to glow.

He said: ’’Goodbye, Sion.’’

Calne's finger released a purple light towards Sion.

’’...Damnit.’’ Sion muttered.

Froaude flew forward, to protect Sion.

But before anyone else had moved, Claugh had moved.

He jumped towards Calne who was on the horse, stepping on the other's wrist. And he used his hand to chop at Calne's neck.

But Calne received this attack easily. Using a slim wrist that wasn't even half of Claugh's to accept the karate chop.

But Claugh used a hand to grab Calne's hair and stood on the horse's neck, smiling hardly, ’’...Oh~ Amazing amazing. I really wanted to kill this person, but I didn't think I would be held off. That means, you, aren't the real Calne, right? Calne couldn't accept the blow earlier.’’

Calne smiled as if playing coy, ’’That's annoying, Claugh. I am Calne~’’ As he said that, he looked at Claugh. A red liquid suddenly flowed out of those adorable eyes, glowing. In the next moment a red beam suddenly flew out from his eyes.

’’Oh oh!?’’ But Calne dodged with an unbelievable speed.

But Calne pointed his finger at Claugh again, wanting to proceed with the attack.

’’I wouldn't let you gain the advantage.’’ Claugh raised his foot above the horse's head, then stomped hard. The horse's neck bent in a moment, then lost consciousness, falling down.


But Calne let out a voice that was devoid of panic, trying to jump off the horse. But Claugh stopped him, pulling his hair, pinning him on the horse. So Calne's foot was crushed under the horse.

But even so Claugh didn't stop. Breaking both of Calne's wrists, grabbing his head and pinning him on the ground, ’’Then, Calne's imposter. Tell us what you...’’ Claugh suddenly stopped.

A perverted smile that would never appear on the real Calne surfaced on Calne's face, then his skin started to dissolve. In the next moment, a white jade appeared on Calne's face, giving off a strong light.

Although they didn't know what effects the jade would have, but thinking about the likely conclusion to this situation, it was easy to guess what would happen next.

So Claugh muttered ’’damnit, it's self-destruction’’ as he checked Sion's position. Then he grabbed Calne's neck and the white stone and threw it in the opposite direction of Sion.

And in the moment he threw it out, Froaude chanted: ’’Darkness, appear.’’ Then stretching out a slim finger. A glow suddenly appeared from the obsidian ring on his finger.

The shadow beneath Froaude's feet suddenly lengthened. Then a beast made of shadows that seemed like a wolf appeared.

That beast bit down on the head of that thing that was looked like Calne, ripping the body into shreds.

Claugh used his strength to throw that white stone that was lightened without the burden of the body to the sky.

And Miller and Bayuuz had finished their incantations, releasing their own magic.



A water pillar appeared from Miller's magic, and Bayuuz's glowing words made the earth rise suddenly.

At this moment, the jade exploded.

The stone released a strong light in that moment. Then a loud impact and sound was released. Everything in its surroundings was destroyed.

But, Claugh looked at the sky, saying: ’’...The explosion was smaller than I thought.’’

Then Bayuuz's finger moved slightly, the earth that had acted as their shield fell with a clattering sound, said: ’’...Calne Kaiwal betrayed us.’’

Claugh smiled, ’’That person, can be drawn back using women.’’

’’Perhaps surprisingly that person doesn't like a senpai like you who only has muscles for brains?’’

Claugh laughed as he looked at Bayuuz, saying: ’’Ah? Do you want to quarrel with me?’’

Bayuuz replied with a straight face: ’’I have always wanted to fight with you.’’

’’Oh? Then let's fight here...’’

But Bayuuz interrupted Claugh, saying: ’’Your Majesty.’’

’’Hey hey, you're talking to me now...’’

But Bayuuz ignored Claugh, saying: ’’It seems that Calne Kaiwal has been captured by the enemy.’’

Sion nodded, ’’...Yeah, that seems to be the case. The assassin pretending to be Calne earlier ’’ He paused, then corrected his description, ’’That monster that is some sort of Rhule Fragmei, pretending to be Calne, clearly knew about Calne. That means that Calne has already been caught by the enemy, or he could have been...’’

He could have been killed.


Well, no matter which one, there was no way to verify it. Because what was most urgent, was that Remrus's soldiers were before them.

They were about to start the slaughter.

They were about to start slaughtering a country that was using an unknown Rhule Fragmei that Sion and the others did not know about.

’’Claugh.’’ Sion called his subordinate that was like his right hand, ’’we probably don't have the time to save Calne...’’

But Claugh replied immediately: ’’No need. That person wouldn't be defeated so easily.’’ After he said that, he looked in the direction where his own squad would be. The soldiers in the distance had started to pass out warning shouts.

The enemy was coming.

The enemy was before their eyes, without them knowing it.

The army that had hidden themselves like how that person disguised as Calne had used the Rhule Fragmei to disguise himself, had come before them. The soldiers at the frontline were fighting with them already.

Claugh smiled, saying: ’’Well, Calne's position, let's ask the person who was kidnapped himself... Anyway, my team has gone to the frontline. Watch me kill them all.’’

Then without waiting for Sion's reply, he walked towards his own squad.

Froaude used his cold eyes to say: ’’...That was an unexpected attack. Let us retreat this time...’’

But Sion shook his head, ’’There's no problem. Anyway we would have met them sooner or later. Let us observe the enemy's strength this time. But we don't have to win. Repress the victim to the smallest degree, then confirm what Rhule Fragmei the other party is using.’’ He ordered.

His subordinates bowed their head, then prepared to return to their positions.

Sion suddenly said: ’’Wait Miller.’’

So Miller stopped, looking back, seeing that Sion seemed to be thinking about something, said: ’’Going to rescue Calne Kaiwal?’’

Sion nodded, ’’Tell Luke. Calne is probably...’’

’’In the Remrus Empire?’’

’’Yeah. If he's still alive. And also tell him to listen out for more information about Remrus. As expected, Remrus is challenging.’’

He said, then thought of the information that Luke had already given him.

That was news about the Remrus Empire.

No, only half a year ago, information about the country when it was a religious country called the Holy Land of Veiohl.

Yes. This country called the Remrus Empire, had been a country called the Holy Land of Veiohl that had built itself upon the religion called Veiohl.

But half a year ago, a large political change occurred in this country.

But it wasn't invaded by another country, or had a bloody conflict like the normal reforms. Perhaps to another country, this was only a change in the name of the country, everything was still the same. So as if gave this impression to other countries, its name had been changed quickly.

But according to the information from Luke after he infiltrated, no matter how he saw it there were stranger matters, that made people feel like something was wrong.

It was even more abnormal that when he first saw the report he had thought that Luke had been joking with him.

That report that Luke had handed in, was written like this.

One day, a rip in the sky suddenly appeared, and a baby dropped down from there. The priests of the Veiohl religion, had treated this child as the son of god and the hero that would save the world, bringing him up with care.

And the growth of that baby was very fast, within three years, he seemed to be around twenty years old.

Then he inherited the throne.

The people danced in celebration because the son of god had finally became their king.

And the name of this son of god was Remrus Remuld Aarqued.

The people decided to use his name as the country's name, in the end even the country's name had changed.

Then Remrus Empire had become a country had had been chosen by divinities, being blessed with eternal peace.

Because this was a country that was governed by the son of god. A perfect world where there would be no hurt, no pain, had finally appeared in this land the people had celebrated.

Luke's report had this thing that was like a fairy tale, no, it should be said to be more of a new modern religion.

And Luke had written this.

’’This country is definitely strange. The whole Menoris Continent has clearly sank into war, but this country seems to be separated by a thin space from the rest of the world, submerged in a strange peace. I'm afraid there definitely is some secret. I want to continue to search.’’

A peace that seemed to be separated by a thin space.

It was a false steadiness, that made people feel chilled.

Sion had thought.

Perhaps that hero that had graced Remrus Empire had used a Rhule Fragmei that was able to affect the nervous system within a large range.

Or it should be said that that the Holy Land of Veiohl had been grabbed by a person who used Rhule Fragmei.

’’And that is a Rhule Fragmei that we do not know about...’’ Sion murmured.

At this moment, Miller had returned to his place.

Then the whole battle line started to move.

Fights appeared everywhere.

A blinding light and loud sound appeared on the battle field.

Although the war hadn't approached the degree where devastated cries could be heard.

But definitely, many people would have died.

Many companions died.

Sion clearly knew this point.

Because he knew with the death of Human α, the power of the Hero in his body would decrease.


Sion closed his eyes, then his subordinates brought over war horses. He mounted a war horse, then looked to the battle ground again.

’’...If the Rhule Fragmei that the central holds is different from the cheap objects that the southern continent discovered, then the more we should let them see the power of the Rhule Fragmei we have. So there should be an opportunity...’’


Sion raised his head to the sky.

He found that a small light had fallen from the sky.

But that light did not exist in reality.

As expected it was something that had come across from another world.

It was something that had appeared from the space between the two worlds that Sion lived in. The abnormal world that was chilling, where the Goddesses and the Heroes pranced in, suddenly had a light.

Sion who was in reality closed his eyes. ’’...’’

Then that Sion in the other world raised his head to look at the light, calling: ’’...Lucile.’’

There was a reply by his ear.


’’What is that?’’

’’What that is. It's only a thing that came out from the brain, after your companion's head exploded.’’

Sion's face tensed, ’’Calne hasn't died.’’

’’It doesn't matter what happened.’’


’’Annyway, the light from that white stone reached here. Only that I don't know what that is. It seems to be similar to the same wavelength as the Goddess and whatnot.’’

As Lucile finished speaking, that light dropped to the ground, giving out a stronger beam. Then in the light, a thing that vaguely resembled a human appeared.

But that human had no face.

No, it should be said that it had no humane face.

The features of that head that seemed like a human had seven eyes, and six arms on the body. Two arms were crossed in front of its chest, the other two were on its hips.

Sion said: ’’It looks impressive.’’

The seven-eyed monster replied: ’’Ahaha, because I am a king.’’

’’...Of the Remrus Empire?’’

’’Although it's a little late for my self-introduction, but I am Remrus Remuld Aarqued.’’

Sion said: ’’Isn't that a monster.’’

The monster laughed, saying: ’’You don't have the right to say that? Asruld Roland.’’

He shouted out the name of the monster, that hid in Sion's body.

Shouting out the name of the Fallen Dark Hero Asruld Roland.

So Sion asked: ’’You know about me?’’

Remrus laughed, but didn't reply.

At this moment Lucile muttered behind Sion: ’’You are arrogant.’’ Then prepared to attack.

But Remrus still laughed, opening his mouth to say: ’’You can kill me, but I am only an illusion! It's only a mirage. Because I'm very skilled at using this Rhule Fragmei that can cause illusions.’’

’’But it's only an illusion in the end. But to tell the truth I don't want to fight with you who is a war god tortured with hopelessness. You should understand this point?’’

Although Sion heard that, but he didn't understand.

No, maybe that Asruld Roland in Sion's body understood it. But now Sion's consciousness was not completely combined with Asruld's consciousness.

So now he still could not understand what Remrus was saying.

But, even so.

’’...I understand.’’ Sion answered.

Clearly towards this person who he did not know whether it was a friend or foe, no, he shouldn't say that he didn't even know who he was, his present self was too ignorant, he couldn't understand.

So Remrus smiled again, saying: ’’No, you completely don't understand?’’

’’Although you have been spreading your name just now, but you actually haven't combined with Asruld.’’ He said challengingly.

’’If you have really become one with Asruld, you wouldn't talk with me. Because you hate someone as traitorous as me. And you would kill me immediately. Because what I truly specialize in is not illusions, but spells. So if it were you who recognized me, you wouldn't give me this much time for me to use spells...’’

At this moment, Lucile moved.

An unbelievably beautiful blond man suddenly appeared before Sion, moving both hands, muttering: ’’White song of the corpse.’’

Many stems that seemed to have thorns appeared on his hands, these grass stems weaved together to form a long sword, swinging toward Remrus.

Remrus's head was chopped off easily.

But even so Remrus was still saying as he laughed: ’’Ah, I'm dead~. But, it's too late. The curse has been activated.’’

Then suddenly, the shadow beneath Sion's feet was stained white.

’’...What...’’ Sion murmured.

Lucile turned around, saying: ’’I wouldn't let you gain the advantage.’’

But at this moment, Remrus smiled even more happily, ’’I tricked you. This is my real motive.’’

Suddenly Remrus's body that had no head suddenly moved. Raising its palm, striking towards Lucile's chest, reaching into the depths of Lucile's chest.

And that the head that spun in the air said: ’’Annoying, I didn't think that it would go this smoothly, I can only say that it's great that I got the opportunity. Maybe I'll become the hero that kills Asruld. Well, anyway it's not interesting at all...’’

At this moment, Lucile released the sword in his hand. The sword split into many sharp points in a moment, flying toward Remrus's head. Then it easily destroyed Remrus's head.

But even so.


The curse didn't disappear.

Lucile pressed a hand to his chest, revealing a pained expression.

Sion looked at Lucile, asking: ’’Is it bad?’’

Lucile smiled faintly, replying: ’’Maybe. It takes some time to remove the curse.’’

’’But it can be removed?’’

’’Yes... If I concentrate on getting it removed. But in this period...’’

’’You can't protect me?’’

’’Yes... You alone, will you be fine?’’

Sion laughed, joking, ’’If Father's not here I can't do it.’’

Lucile laughed too, ’’Hahaha.’’

Then Sion moved his eyes away from Lucile, turning his consciousness back to reality.

And at this moment, the situation had been changed greatly.

He heard crying voices.

The soldiers of Remrus had attacked a nearby place.

Sion narrowed his eyes, murmuring: ’’We have been greatly tricked.’’

Lucile said: ’’It's my fault.’’

Sion smiled, ’’Yes, it's your fault. So quickly heal. If it is known by the Goddess that you aren't protecting me...’’

But Lucile said: ’’They already know. They're starting to come over. Perhaps this place will be where it all ends...’’

But Sion interrupted him, saying: ’’Enough, heal quickly. I will think of a way to handle it.’’

Lucile in the other world had a small smile, ’’Then, I'll leave it to you for the moment.’’ Then his figure vanished.

Sion nodded, then ordered his subordinate: ’’Tell Froaude and Miller immediately. Then hand all of the arrangements to them...’’

Sion suddenly fell silent.

No, he already could not concentrate his attention on reality.

Because in the other world, the figures of his enemy had appeared.

The clones of the strangely-formed Goddess had appeared.

And it wasn't only one.

Having hundreds of monsters appear suddenly, made Sion lose the luxury of being able to fix his attention to reality.

And there were other problems. He could feel the power of Asruld Roland deep in his chest had been reduced again.

Perhaps somewhere on this battle ground, Roland soldiers had died again.

The number of Human α who believed in Sion were decreasing.

Sion felt that.

He felt the deaths of his companions.

He felt that his strength was decreasing.

But even so.


Even so he still smiled.

Because there was no way to retreat.

Because there already was no place where he could return to.

Because he had given up on everything, coming here as he cried.

Then, should he stop in this place and not proceed?

In this place...

’’Ha, hahaha.’’

If he was defeated in this place...

’’Come, monsters. Let's compare which side, me or you, is the real monster.’’

Then I will not betray my companions and close friends...

’’But know this well. I wouldn't be defeated in this kind of place.’’

And he wouldn't cry and shout in pain every time he reflected...

’’I'm a monster. A monster that will swallow the world. I'll let you see, the power that I gained after I even betrayed the demon. Come, monsters. All of you ’’

He shouted.

As if crying he shouted.



The monster called the Hero King (Sion), shouted.


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